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Oasis Park OasisSummer SummerCamp Campat atCentral Dobbs Ferry




PremierCamp, Camp,Uniquely UniquelyAffordable Affordable AAPremier Age-appropriate Expansive North Meadow Programs for Ages 3-15 Summer Private PlayẨ Specialized Athletics ground Program State of the art Air Expanded Visual Conditioned Premier and Performing Arts Indoor Program Exclusive Use Hands-on of Indoor Nature and Private Pool (Swim Science Program instruction)

Fun and Engaging Busing from Various Points Themed Special inWeekly Manhattan Events Wide Variety of Activities Including Arts andIndoor Crafts, Air Conditioned Sports, Theater, Swimming, and Lush Green Athletic and MartialFacilities Arts Outdoor

Instructional and 2-8 Flexible Enrollment Recreational Swim Weeks On-site At Our beautiful Carnival, Dress-up Days, Outdoor Pool Color war Daily Hot Lunch Included Daily Hot Lunch Included

Age-appropriate Programs Daily Travel Program for forTeen Ages 3-15 11-14 Ages

Athletics, Visual/ Performing Arts, Partnership with Central Enrichment, and Robotics Park Conservancy

Transportation Available Daily Travel program for Teens Ages 11-13

DiscoverThe TheDifference DifferenceatatOasis� Oasis� Discover

Mercy Park, College - 555 BroadwaySchool, Dobbs Ferry, 10522 Central Basis Independent UpperNY West Side

Scan Scan to to view view ourour website website

646-519-5057 646-698-1800

dobbs@oasischildren.com centralpark@oasischildren.com

oasischildren.com oasischildren.com



Thornton-Donovan School’s

Summer Challenge An energetic, exciting and well-balanced summer activities program of sports, recreation and education designed to meet Challengers from ages 3–14. oPen House Dates:

Sunday, April 24 & Sunday, May 1 • 2–4pm Program Dates:

July 5–August 19, 2022 8:30am–3:30pm • Ages 3–14 • Co-ed Rate: $650 per week. There will be a $325 discount on camp fees for all applications completed and paid in full by May 3rd for those signing up for six or seven weeks of camp. There will be a $100 total sibling discount on the 2nd (3rd and 4th) child in your family.

100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle, NY | 914.632.8836 I www.td.edu March 2022 | Westchester Family



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Thinking of Changing Schools? Consider a Catholic Education for Your Child.

Now is a good time to invest in a Catholic education! Are you interested in helping your child succeed academically in a caring, structured and safe environment? Or moving to a new home? If so, now is a good time to consider moving to a Catholic school. A Catholic education is the stepping stone to a child’s future journey. Beyond an excellent education, New York Catholic schools instill family values, spirituality, and a sense of community. For many, Catholic schools are a home away from home – a safe, nurturing learning environment in a rapidly changing world. Financial assistance is available at most schools. Families who apply early have better chances of receiving an award.

We welcome families from Pre-K3 through Grade 8 who are thinking about changing schools for the 2022–23 school year.

Admissions are open now.

APPLY NOW! Apply online or call our helpline to arrange a phone or in-person visit at participating schools.

CatholicSchoolsNY.org/apply or call our bilingual helpline: (646) 794-2885 March 2022 | Westchester Family


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March — Time to Plan! We are in that in-between time when Spring is a few weeks away, yet there are still cold days, but the warm days seep in and provide us with the promise of warmer days ahead. And now that COVID cases are dropping, some mask mandates are being lifted, which means parents can plan ahead! So head out and visit The Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden (page 20). Also (drum roll), our Calander of Events (page 34) is back after a two-year absence. This calendar is a sampling of events we share on our platforms; make sure to visit westchesterfamily.com and our new sister publication nymetroparents.com for daily

event listings and round-ups. We know that parents need support, especially as we enter year three of the pandemic. Check out our helpful round-up of Mental Health Podcasts for Parents (page 38). Lastly, our influencer and entrepreneur cover mom this month, Alexis Kristiana (page 32), shares on normalizing breastfeeding and her parenting life with her two young children, husband Tolu on her IG platform @alexiskristiana, showing us that mom wisdom is truly a gift for all.

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March 2022 | Westchester Family


mom hacks

Organize Your Nursery Like a Pro Tips and tricks for a functioning room

By Laura KinseLLa of urBan Organyze


elcoming your baby home is one of life’s most precious moments. And while it is true that all a newborn really needs is sleep, food, and love, they sure come with a whole lot of stuff! As a professional organizer & mom, I’m breaking down how to organize your nursery like a pro in order to gain more time, order, and sleep for you and your littles. Designate a Changing Station No matter their size, babies will go through a multitude of diapers. Setting up a proper changing station makes the process enjoyable, efficient, and safe. It’s also what you’ll be most grateful for when experiencing those unexpected (yet inevitable) diaper blowouts! Utilize a basket next to your changing pad (look for one that has wipeable components or a washable liner) for storing a handful of diapers, wipes, creams, hand sanitizer, and


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

any other essentials. When restocking, take items completely out of their packaging so you aren’t fumbling with plastic or cardboard when you need them most. If you’re low on surface space, nest items in a top drawer or on a 3-tiered rolling caddy. Having a designated home for these items makes changing your baby that much easier, and builds muscle memory when you’ve got one eye open for those early morning or middle of the night changes. Pro tiP: Nest your diaper pail and hamper within arms reach, so dirty items are disposed of immediately (no lingering piles of questionable clothes!) Divide & Conquer Dresser Drawers Dresser drawers can be quite large and deep for baby items. Subdivide the drawers with expandable drawer dividers or small bins to better utilize the space, and to maintain easy organization. These allow multiple categories to live in one drawer, without small items

getting lost in one big shuffle. While your space and items will vary, here are suggested ways to group and organize your dresser drawers: Top Drawers: Diaper necessities, medicinal items, toiletries & small accessories (ie: nail care, thermometer, nasal aspirator, hats, mittens, scalp brush, etc.) Middle Drawers: Clothing & cloths (ie: socks, short sleeved vs. long sleeved onesies, footed PJs, pants, bloomers, tights, sweaters, bibs, burp cloths, washcloths, etc.) Bottom Drawers: Linens & other items (changing pads, crib sheets, swaddles, etc.) Pro tiP: File fold your clothing for a birds eye view! This method allows you to see what you have, and grab items (with one hand) without disrupting the entire drawer. Maximize Closet Storage & Beyond There is nothing sweeter then itty bitty outfits on hangers! To keep items neat and orderly, swap out the free baby hangers for slimline vel-

March 2022 | Westchester Family


mom hacks

vet ones. Not only do they elevate the aesthetic and give a clean look, they grip the clothing so nothing slips to the floor. Add clothing dividers to separate by size (and later on by type or season.) This eliminates losing sight of precious items you were gifted so your baby can wear them when the time is right! Time is precious, and nap windows are that much more sacred. To avoid searching in every nook and cranny of the closet for that sleep sack, place everyday items in easy to reach areas, and everything else (like out of season or backstock items) in containment up high with labels. Work with your closet’s existing footprint and add components like baskets, stackable bins, or even a free standing drawer unit to maximize vertical space. Truth be told your baby’s items will naturally extend beyond the walls of the nursery. Carving a little space for your very important family member in multiple areas of your home provides flexibility as routines change. For example, creating a station for bottles or pumping gear in the kitchen keeps all parts just as easy to prep as they are sanitize. Future feeding gear will eventually replace the bottles, followed by sippy cups and your kiddos first lunch box! (I know, it’s all too much!) Pro tiP: When space is very limited, utilize a back of the door solution. These can be used for books, shoes, hair accessories, future potty training stations and so much more! implement a Donation Station & Keep Storage No matter how much we wish our babies will stay small, growth spurts will ensue. In order to keep up with the revolving door of clothes and gear, set up these 2 areas so systems stay afloat: Donation Bag: Hang a spare tote bag in a closet for items you no longer need. When something no longer fits and you don’t wish to keep it, resist the urge to toss it back into a drawer and instead place in your donation bag! When the bag is full, the bonus is it’s already totable to drop off at your local donation store or drop-box. Keep Storage: There is nothing wrong with


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

DesignaTe a Changing sTaTion

subDiviDe Drawers

maximize CloseT sTorage saving items to pass down or as your family potentially expands! Toss any items you wish to keep in clear closed bins to assess at a later date. When the bin is full, label it with your child’s age so you know when to pull it out again (0-6 months, 6-12 months, etc.) Pro tiP: Designate a separate box for sentimental items you wish to preserve for small baby keepsakes like their hospital bracelet or first blanket. tame the toys In the beginning months, the only entertainment your baby will need is you! Of course there will come a time when they will want to explore everything with their 5 senses (ie: shove things in their mouths) so keeping it simple is always best. Decorative baskets on the floor are a wonderful start for age appropriate toys, stuffed animals and books! They are accessible, childproof, and set your future toddler up for success in understanding basic organizing principles and clean-up. Modular cubby systems and bookshelves are great to grow into, just be sure to secure any furniture with straps as your little one begins to explore and grow.

Tame The Toys Pro tiP: Rotate toys from their closet or other areas so everything isn’t always out at once. This tames the clutter, avoids overstimulation, and reignites your child’s interest and attention!

Laura Kinsella is a mom, wife and owner of Urban OrgaNYze, a New York City based professional home organizing company. Since 2015, she has helped transform hundreds of homes to be more efficient, elegant, and meaningful. She has been featured as a Professional Organizer on A&E’s Hoarders, and more! She loves color-coded closets, The Container Store, and everything about being a mama, minus the glitter.

We are focused on optimal oral health while providing a safe, comfortable, and FUN environment – come check out our submarine-themed office space!

Our dentists have specialized training to work with special needs patients

March 2022 | Westchester Family


ask the expert

Creating a Social and Emotional Curriculum Steps for parents to take with their school curriculum and lessons that can be adaptive By Donna Duarte-LaDD


t has been a little over two years since the first coronavirus case was reported in the United States. And as we enter into year three, parents, well, we are all still figuring it all out. While many facets of life- new variants, remote life, school class quarantines, inflation are just a few of those icky adult issues we are dealing with, we all know kids have had to adapt in a way that we frankly did not have to during our school years. Recently considerable health experts have shared that some children are experiencing a mental health crisis and learning challenges. How can parents know their child is struggling? What steps can they take with their school curriculum, for we all know that school is essential for their education and emotional state? I chatted with Elizabeth Fraley, M.Ed. The CEO of Kinder Ready Inc., who shared advice on adapting lessons as well as creating social and emotional curriculums for our kids. What behavior should a parent look out for in their kids when concerned with their child’s demeanor? Some behaviors to look out for in children that could be affected by the pandemic could include: restlessness, anxiety, lack of eating, or sleeping. Teachers, caregivers, and parents should keep a close eye on children to ensure that all of their academic, social, and emotional needs are not overlooked during this time. Parents and teachers can also work on communication techniques with kids. Eye contact, politeness, and the ability to engage are very important milestones in your child’s


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

development. It is important to look out for ways in which children communicate. Is the child communicating with a positive tone? Is the child using polite and proper grammar when communicating? Outside of school, children can work on techniques to build their demeanor and let their natural personalities shine around others, whether peers or other adults. The best we can do as educators and parents is model the behaviors we want to see in our

children, as children will usually copy or mimic as they are learning. The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. The more we can be aware of our communication the better impact we will have on our children. We are entering into year three of this pandemic; for kids experiencing learning challenges, where does a parent first start addressing these challenges?


Summer Portals

Make new friends, have fun, and learn by doing more.

JULY 2022

Join our learning community to explore a new interest, hone a talent and engage in a New England boarding school classroom experience. Summer Portals offers a variety of academic enrichment programs designed for middle school and early high school students. Explore our website to learn more about our distinctive courses that span all disciplines. Apply for a two-week program or combine two for a four week experience on campus! We hope you’ll join us to share your passion and inspiration with devoted faculty and peers from around the world.

To learn more or read about our other programs, visit: hotchkiss.org/summer The TheHotchkiss Hotchkiss School School ||| Hotchkiss Hotchkiss Summer Summer Portals Portals The Hotchkiss School Hotchkiss Summer Portals 11 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039 11 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039 11 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039 (860) 435-3173 | hotchkiss.org summer@hotchkiss.org (860) 435-3173 || hotchkiss.org hotchkiss.org March 2022 | Westchester Family


ask the Expert

As soon as any abnormal or different behavior is observed, parents and teachers should start addressing challenges and communicate them to each other as soon as possible. The main areas of concern could be lack of interest in schoolwork, fatigue, and fear of the virus that impacts school and life routines. Students need periodic assessment to monitor their learning needs. Checkin with your child’s teacher. The teacher can make recommendations beyond the classroom if more remediation or enrichment is needed. Some families are able to provide outside educational support focusing on early learning and social and emotional support through supplemental teachers, therapists, and outdoor schools and playgroups. That said, we are seeing families from low socioeconomic backgrounds being impacted the most with more Covid exposures and repercussions from the virus pointed back to children. For the families that cannot rely on such services, social and emotional programs through local schools and mental health facilities should be our communities’ top priorities during the pandemic. Literacy has been a thoughtful way to explain the pandemic to children. Children need to know first and foremost that they will be okay and have strategies to follow to avoid coming in contact with Covid. One of our favorite Covid books now in the Kinder Ready collection is Bray Bray Conquers The Coronavirus by Ashley Maxie-Moreman. I really loved this children’s book because it brought awareness that African Americans are disproportionately affected by Covid-19 compared to other cultural groups. Another children’s book Kinder Ready loves is called Together by Kevin Poplawski and Illustrations by Michael Rausch. This children’s book focuses on strategies to avoid and care for oneself and others after an exposure. Many students are experiencing tiredness from the stress created from the pandemic. To aid in all of the changes children are experiencing, they need to have consistent routines that ensure they’re getting plenty of sleep. Children also need to eat nutritious diets that are consistent and low in sugar and fat. Children can also participate in yoga and other mindfulness groups through private classes or online for free. Many students are fearful of the unknown and the extended time in which masking has been required in schools. While many students are unphased, some are


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

“With the lack of interactions and the broken chain of communication with mask-wearing, children’s overall learning abilities, social and emotional growth, and sense of normalcy has been greatly altered compared to what we had pre-pandemic.” dramatically impacted. Check-in with your child’s mental health, seek the guidance of teachers and mental health professionals. As soon as your child is observed acting differently or is under situational stress, seek the guidance of professionals right away. What are your own experiences and unique education from dealing with kids going through challenges? It is imperative for preschoolers and young children to be able to experience and recognize feelings and learn to express themselves, as these are the most important social and emotional fundamentals. But unfortunately, with a mask, many of these teachable moments and experiences have diminished, putting our children’s early development and readiness at risk. With the lack of interactions and the broken chain of communication with mask-wearing, children’s overall learning abilities, social and emotional growth, and sense of normalcy has been greatly altered compared to what we had pre-pandemic. However, schools and teachers can readopt social and emotional curriculums to cover ways in which we can communicate and express ourselves while masked in the classroom. Students need strategies to better communicate and grow during the unprecedented time from 2020 to current. Many outdoor playgroups and experiences can help keep children unmasked and safe during these unprecedented times. As an educator, I can be there for my students to make sure that their social and emotional needs are being met. During the early part of the pandemic, I worked with younger students and helped them understand how masks keep us safe. We used masked teddy bears to help young students practice putting on masks and help them learn the importance of keeping them safe. I have also reviewed with students the importance of proper handwashing and taking care of ourselves. Zoom has also been a great resource to see a child without a mask

in the comfort of their own home. What is your advice for parents on adapting lessons and keeping open lines of communication with your child’s teachers and at home? Keeping an open line of communication with parents is so important, especially during these unprecedented times. One way to keep an open line of communication is through a journal. I will write daily notes in a student journal that is sent home from the classroom each day. After each learning session, we also email parents to keep them in the loop on all things related to their child’s everchanging academic and social and emotional needs. Instagram is another easy tool for sharing pictures of learning and highlights from the day with parents. There are many ways in which lessons can be adapted. For example, on Zoom a lesson would be shorter than a live lesson where children have more interaction with their teacher. If lessons are on Zoom, tactile learning really helps to keep a child engaged. Materials for these lessons are sent ahead to the families. With the pandemic, we have had to adapt and resort to Zoom instruction time and time again with the surges in cases. Elizabeth is the current CEO/Founder of KinderReady, Inc. After spending over three years as a director of an early elementary program, Elizabeth started her own educational service company. Elizabeth is an education contributor for Huff Post. Elizabeth’s teaching philosophy offers a structured curriculum along with progressive approaches to highly, individualized teaching and learning. Elizabeth has over a decade of experience in early learning specializing in assessment, curriculum development, English Language Learning, and progress monitoring for grades preschool-6th grade. Elizabeth has specialized training in Love and Logic, a social and emotional curriculum. Elizabeth enjoys working with families and working with children to help them reach their fullest potential as learners.

Learning Together with Wonder

Kindergarten Application Deadline: March 15 With our progressive approach to education, we have been fostering confident critical thinkers for over 30 years. Our hands-on curriculum, infused with the arts, nature, and play, nurtures children’s love of learning and prepares them for a changing world. To learn more or schedule a private tour please contact us at

admissions@bluerockschool.org or 845-535-3353

BLUE ROCK SCHOOL Where Learning Comes Alive!

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One One Cardinal Carrd dinal Spellman Spellman Place Place Bronx, Bronx, NY, NY, 10466 10466 718-881-8000 718-881-8000 x 206 206 I Fax: Fax: 718-5157 18-515718 6615 6615 cardinalspellman.org cardinalspellman.o rg org


March 2022 | Westchester Family


ask the expert

Bringing Home a Baby During a Covid-19 Surge By The BaBy Whisperers Jeri Ford, rN, BsN and Kayla loschKy, rN, BsN


onsistently throughout the pandemic we have heard how Covid-19 seems to effect children and infants less than adults. Although that may have previously been true, the recent Omicron variant has proven to effect children more than past variants. As pediatric nurses, we have seen a large spike in hospital admissions with this variant. Children younger than 5 have already consistently had the highest hospitalization rate of all children’s age groups for Covid-19 (Vox). Couple this with the already present


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

stress of bringing home a newborn, and new parents have a lot to worry about. Below are practical tips we have gathered from years of working with newborns and families as pediatric registered nurses. 1. Wash your hands….and often! This is not a new concept, but we cannot stress this enough. In nursing school, we would make the joke that if there was ever a multiple choice question with an answer of “hand washing”- that was always the answer. Handwashing is so important that nursing schools and post-nursing school exams continuously reinforce the topic. How you wash your hands matters, too.

Make sure you are washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap to kill the most germs. Make sure to get all the cracks and crevices! If a sink is not close, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be used. Hand sanitizer is wonderful if you are in a rush, but hand washing is always the most effective. 2. Wear your mask. After two years into the pandemic, we finally know that Covid-19 is transmitted through droplets. This means that you are most likely to spread the virus by speaking closely with someone or by being around someone coughing. The best way to add another layer of protection against this is by asking visitors to wear a mask, especially while holding the baby. 3. Get your Covid-19 vaccine. As of the time this article was written, the Covid-19 vaccine has not been approved

for infants. The best way to protect your infant is by having visitors and yourselves be vaccinated.

Learn more

For more information about preventing other newborn viruses (like RSV), visit our blog post (yourbabywhisperers. com/post/ahh-it-s-rsv-andflu-season-what-can-i-do) about RSV and more Covid19 newborn information at yourbabywhisperers.com/post/ caring-for-your-newborn-duringthe-coronavirus-pandemic.

4. Keep your newborn inside. It is often recommended if you have a newborn to keep him or her inside for the first two to three months of life. Infants are still adjusting to their new environment and there are many new germs around in general, let alone during a pandemic. If it is not realistic for you to stay inside for a couple months, keep your newborn covered. This means in the stroller with a cover over it or in a baby carrier with a lightweight cover to help block airborne germs.

the pandemic, visit our blog post about breastfeeding during Covid here.

5. Breastfeed if you can. If you have had the Covid vaccine or had Covid naturally (or both), your breastmilk is incredibly valuable to your newborn baby. Breastfeeding your baby as much as you can, even if just a little, can help them. You can even breastfeed your baby while you have Covid-19 as long as you wear a mask. For more information about breastfeeding during

6. Limit visitors. Limiting visitors can be an incredibly difficult thing to do during this time. Your newborn is here, and family is eager to meet him or her. Although difficult, limiting visitors can be key in preventing a Covid-19 infection in you or your newborn. We have spoken to many new parents during the pandemic who have said that this time to

focus on themselves and the baby, without constant distraction with visitors, has been a wonderful gift to them. Focusing on your health and the health of your newborn is the first priority. 7. Know the symptoms of Covid in babies. Reported symptoms in newborns with Covid-19 are fever, being overly tired, runny nose, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, poor feeding, and trouble breathing. If your baby develops symptoms, get in touch with your baby’s pediatrician as soon as possible. If your baby is having warning signs such as trouble breathing, call 911 or take to ER immediately. Baby Whisperers is the only private baby nurse agency that matches families with baby nurses who are licensed Registered Nurses. To find out about the different types of newborn caregivers, check out our Baby Nurse, Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, Oh My! blog here. For more information, visit our website at www. yourbabywhisperers.com.

friends Around the World


Summer Fun Activities

March 2022 | Westchester Family



Volunteer Opportunities for Kids in Westchester By Shana Liebman


y 12-year-old recently asked if he could visit the animal shelter where we adopted our rescue dog. It occurred to me that not only could he visit on a weekend or after school, but he could volunteer for the organization. Volunteering for kids is much more than a resume builder — the opportunity can inform children’s understanding of the world, and of themselves, and can make a real difference in the community. Fortunately, volunteer opportunities for kids are plentiful in Westchester — if you know where to look.

Lend a Hand to Volunteer in Westchester Get down and dirty cleaning up Westchester’s greenery. Join the Westchester Parks Foundation’s Green Squad (thewpf.org/ green-squad) to help preserve Westchester’s many parks including Croton George Park, Blue Mountain Reservation, V.E. Macy Park and county trailways in Yonkers, Millwood and Pleasantville, among others. Volunteers commit to two cleanups a month, from March through November, and students can get school credit for their work. Younger kids and their parents can volunteer to cook meals for the families at the Ronald McDonald House (rmh-ghv. org) of Greater Hudson Valley. The Meals that Heal program invites families (up to 10 participants) to bring their own food to cook for the families whose children are undergoing treatment nearby. The Creative heARTS program at White Plains Hospital(volunteernewyork.org) asks kids who dabble in arts and crafts to create a handmade item — such as origami, jewelry, small pictures and paintings, poetry, knitted or crocheted items and greeting cards. The creations will be distributed to patients in the Center for Cancer Care and to the hospital’s gift shops. Feeding Westchester(feedingwestchester.


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

org), which targets food insecurity in the Westchester area, welcomes children to organize and package food donations. The organization also encourages kids to host a food drive or start a fundraiser to raise money and supplies for local people in need. Help Rescued Animals in Westchester The SPCA of Westchester’s(spcawestchester. org)Rising Volunteers program is for kids ages 10 through 17 who want to help rescued animals. While kids under the age of 18 are not allowed to have direct contact with the animals, there are plenty of other ways to help, including making pet toys out of recycled materials, reading to the dogs and conducting a donation drive for items like towels, sheets and blankets. After the pandemic caused the Humane Society of Westchester(humanesocietyofw estchester.org)in New Rochelle to close for almost two years, the business is now open for adoptions and animal control services. While only adults can currently volunteer at the facility, kids can make a huge impact on the organization by soliciting donations and supplies — like cat litter, baby wipes, dog/ cat food, cleaning supplies, etc. Kids can also host a virtual dog walk challenge or hold a bake/lemonade/sock puppet sale and donate the money to the homeless animals, and the saintly folks who care for them. Kids who want to be hands on with foster pets can sign up for the Paws Crossed(pawscrossedny.org)Junior Volunteer Program (ages 5-10), which meets once a month at the private animal rescue center in Elmsford. Kids will learn about animal rescue,

engage in fun crafts and then spend some time with the rescues. Kids older than 10 can also volunteer by raising money for the shelter or making rice socks for the orphaned pets. Donate Clothes and Household Items in Westchester Gather the troops for a massive home purge, then take all those ill-fitting clothes and extra housewares to one of the many Salvation Army(easternusa.salvationarmy.org)outlets in Westchester — including Peeksill, Port Chester, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, White Plains and Tarrytown. Make sure your kids accompany you to the drop-off — witnessing the gratitude can have a big impact on them. You can also donate all those old clothes, shoes and winter jackets to the Sharing Shelf(sharingshelf.org/volunteer) in Port Chester. Westchester’s clothing bank for children was founded in 2009 to meet basic material needs for low-income children and families in the community. Kids over 14 can also volunteer to help sort, package and deliver the donations. And there are so many more opportunities for kids in Westchester to make a difference, including raising money or donating goods to local organizations like Family Services of Westchester (fsw.org) or Lifting Up Westchester (liftingupwestchester.org). Kids can help create birthdays for other children by donating party supplies to The Birthday Box(thebirthdaybox. org)or they can donate their own birthday gifts to organizations like the Children’s National Health System(childrensnational.org/giving). (Share Your Wish at shareyourwish.com can also connect little one to charities.) Wherever your family chooses to give, make sure your kids appreciate how much their effort matters.



SPRING SOCCER Westchester's #1 Soccer Program for 20+ years 10 locations across Westchester & Fairfield Parent & Me, FUNdamental, & Development Classes Private Classes &Parties – We come to you!



Green Meadow Waldorf School

Admissions Open Pre-K to High School

Now busing from Tarrytown and NYC | gmws.org Chestnut Ridge, NY

845.356.2514 x302 March 2022 | Westchester Family


family day out

Visiting the Orchid Show at NYBG


ake in all of the beautiful and colorful views as you and the family explore The Orchid Show: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope! This lifestyle icon designed the Orchid Show back in 2020, but because of the pandemic the exhibit was cut short. Luckily Leatham is back this year and is showcasing dazzling creations that have been reinvented for guests at NYBG! Leatham worked with the Senior Curator of Orchids, Marc Hachadourian, along with other amazing growers around the world to put together orchids that are sure to wow all of the exhibits visitors. While walking through the exhibit, gets will take in an array of orchids that come in every shape and provenance that are put together with artistic embellishments and a

kaleidoscopic tunnel of lights. “ My reinvention of Kaleidoscope will be totally different installations than two years ago. Every turn will display a new vision, while maintaining the thematic element of every gallery focusing on a different color experience. With this design, visitors will appreciate the beauty of orchids and see NYBG’s Conservatory in

exciting new ways.” said Jeff Leatham. To make this exhibit even more special, parents and guests 21 and older can experience this beautiful show at night that will be accompanied with music, cash bars, and food! This fun and colorful exhibit will be running at The New York Botanical Garden from now through May 1, 2022.

If your pre-schooler or school aged child’s ACADEMIC STRUGGLES, BEHAVIORAL, or EMOTIONAL REGULATION ISSUES continue to interfere in their ability to access the curriculum and academically succeed, January/February is the time to request the Committee of Special Education (CSE) to evaluate your child. now. Sign up for a Free 30 minute consultation at https://www.advocate4students.com/free-consultation-offer


Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange Counties NYC Connecticut


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Family Owned & Operated since 1973

March 12th Open House by appointment

Experienced Counselors

Serving children 2 months–14 years of age Licensed by the Health Department

Age appropriate activities including: tween trips, bowling, swimming, golf, drama, sports, water slide, zip-line, climbing wall, arts & crafts, computers, air castle and more!

Covid safety regulations are followed. Call for a Tour and Appointment!


2170 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY www.annandandychildcare.com

March 2022 | Westchester Family


Camps Directory | Special Advertising Supplement Acres of Adventure Summer Camp @ Ann & Andy’s 2170 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford 914-592-3027 acresofadventuresummercamp.com Acres of Adventure Summer Camp at Ann & Andy’s is a one to nine-week summer camp with an emphasis on outdoors for children ages 3 months to 14 years. They offer customized schedules, individualized attention and hot lunches including barbeque Fridays. All buildings are air-conditioned. Visit the website for more details. Call for open house dates.

Alcott Montessori School 535 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry 914-693-4443 27 Crane Road, Scarsdale 914-472-4404 alcottschool.org Alcott School’s Summer Fun program offers a variety of schedules for children ages 2-5. Weekly themes are incorporated into outdoor play, science and nature explora-

tion, water play in sprinklers and water tables, open-ended art, tricycle riding, and group games. The multicultural program is enriched by music and nature specialists.

Artistree Performing Arts 114 W. Boston Post Road Mamaroneck, NY 10543 914-835-2200 info@artistreearts.com artistreearts.com Camp Artistree’s 2022 season for grades K-9th includes: Bye Bye Birdie, Jr.,101 Dalmatians, Kids, Annie, Kids, and High School Musical 2, Jr. in our 3 week camps. Our 1 week camps will also see content from Wicked, Frozen, and even more Disney on Broadway! Instagram: @artistreearts Facebook: Artistree Performing Arts.

Chapel School Summer Program 172 White Plains Road, Bronxville 914-337-3202 directorofsummercamps@ thechapelschool.org thechapelschool.org

The Chapel School Summer Program was safely open for Care Bears (ages 3-6) and Explorers (ages 7-12) in 2020 and 2021, with record numbers of children experiencing fun and enrichment in a safe and nurturing environment! They are excited to be Back & Better in 2022! Online registration is LIVE!

Crestwood Music Education Center 870 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale 914-961-3497 info@crestwoodmusic.com crestwoodmusic.com Located in downtown Scarsdale. For over 35 years, CMEC has offered private lessons in piano, guitar, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, drums and percussion instruments for students of all ages and levels. CMEC has one of the most comprehensive chamber music and orchestral programs in the tri-state area as well as their well-renowned Suzuki and Jazz/Rock programs. CMED will now be hosting Starlight Starbright Music’s Music Together classes for

children from birth through kindergarten beginning this summer!

Gymcats Gymnastics Summer Camp At Equalize Fitness, One Odell Pl., Yonkers 914-965-7676 gymcats.net Unique, safe and fun summer program for children ages 4 1/2 to 12. Their high-energy camp includes gymnastics, arts and crafts, theme days, inflatables, gaga pit, and much more. NO experience necessary! Choose between one, two, or all eight weeks Full, half-or extended-day programs! Space is limited so secure your spot today!

Hoff-Barthelson Music School 25 School Lane, Scarsdale 914-723-1169 hbms.org registration@hbms.org Hoff-Barthelson is the ideal setting for a stimulating, funfilled summer for students in grades 1-10. Students choose

Loc ated in Sc arSdaLe

Providing World-Class Music Education Since 1987 for All Ages One-on-One Private Lessons

• Piano • Voice • Strings • Woodwinds • Brass • Guitar • Percussion/Drums

Free triAl leSSon! A Premier Music School with over 600 Students • Hybrid, Online and In-person Lessons Available • Toddler Classes & Suzuki Programs • Instrumental Ensembles; Chamber Music, Rock/Jazz Groups • Music Production

870 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale • 914-961-3497 info@crestwoodmusic.com crestwoodmusic.com 22

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RegisteR FoR summeR 2022 NoW! Space is limited.

M a k e O u r S t a g e Yo u r s

SUMMER CAMP SUMMER CAMP Full & Half Day Camp Boys Girls Full & Half&Day Camp Ages&4–13 Boys Girls 1-8 weeks available Ages 4–13 No1-8 experience necessary weeks available Gymnastics No experience necessary

Spring & Summer Ages 4-17

Enrolling Now!



playgroup.org Acting Classes for Kids Family Theatre (Live)

2019 2018

We’re honored. Thank you!

www.musicalmunchkins.com • (914) 771-7000

Games & Events Gymnastics Theme Days Games & Events Color Wars Theme Days Space is limited Color Wars Space is limited


Sign up now for our upcoming Camp 22’ Sign up now for our upcoming Camp 22’

GymCats Gymnastics &GymCats BirthdayGymnastics Party Center & Birthday Party At Equalize FitnessCenter AtOdell Equalize Fitness One Plaza, Yonkers One Odell Yonkers (Exit 9 off SawPlaza, Mill River Pkwy) (Exit 9 off Saw Mill River Pkwy)

914-965-7676 • info@gymcats.net 914-965-7676 • info@gymcats.net www.Gymcats.net www.Gymcats.net


35+ Years of Music & Fun!

Toddler and school Classes Pre


E Tr i al C lass






Ongoing Enrollment!

E a s y o n li n e






songs movement puppets

OBSTACLE COURSE OBSTACLE COURSE Classes for children and teens!

Classes for children and teens! Spring Registration is Open & Ongoing Spring Registration is Open & Ongoing CALL TO SCHEDULE A TRIAL CALL TO SCHEDULE A TRIAL CLASS FOR YOUR CHILD CLASS FOR YOUR CHILD NinjaCats Obstacle Course NinjaCats Obstacle Course At Equalize Fitness, At Equalize Fitness, One Odell Plaza, #190, Yonkers One Odell914-751-6655 Plaza, #190, Yonkers 914-751-6655 https://ninjacatswarriors.com/ https://ninjacatswarriors.com/ March 2022 | Westchester Family


Camps Directory | Special Advertising Supplement programs tailored to their individual interests, including instrumental classes, singing, chamber music, large ensembles, visual arts, composing with technology, popular music and jazz. Morning, afternoon, extended day options. Early-bird discounts through March 31.

Hudson Country Montessori Summer Camp 340 Quaker Ridge Road New Rochelle, NY 10804 914-636-6202 info@hudsoncountry.org hudsoncountry.org Hudson Country’s camp is an eight-week program (June 27 -August 19) for ages 18 months – 12 years. With themed weekly schedules, campers engage in indoor/ outdoor activities while learning and having fun. Activities include daily swim instruction (on-premise pool), sports, hands-on science, technology, art, field trips, music, dance and more. Flexible scheduling, full & half-day sessions and extended hours 7:30am-6:00pm available.

Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club 555 S Barry Avenue, Mamaroneck 914-698-1130 Mamaroneckbeachandyacht. com Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club invites you to explore the future of our modern day paradise. MB+YC has created a world where relaxed elegance meets a new world luxury lifestyle. Exceptional service, attention to detail, and unmistakable style will make MB+YC a recognized icon and a beloved destination for all.

sports, and more. Mosholu Day Camp makes memories!

Musical Munchkins Westchester County 914-771-7000 musicalmunchkins.com Musical Munchkins celebrates 40 years of sharing their joyful music and movement program Once again, classes are live and in-person, in all our locations. Virtual classes remain available. Their fun-filled activities are led by experienced nurturing teachers who tend young hearts and minds while engaging and building music skills in their upbeat classes.

Mosholu Day Camp 261 Arden Valley Road, Southfields, NY 845-243-0751 mmcc.org/camp/ Mosholu Day Camp offers a quality program at a low cost. With a strong emphasis on developing new relationships and experiences, their traditional camp day is filled with dynamic activities that include swimming, arts, trips, archery, high ropes, rock climbing, boating, dance,

NinjaCats Obstacle Course At Equalize Fitness, One Odell Plaza, #190, Yonkers 914-751-6655 ninjacatswarriors.com The NinjaCats Obstacle Course will be offering classes for children through teens and open to adults at select times throughout the day! This camp offers spring and fall classes as well as a summer camp. EQ’s NinjaCats Obstacle

Courseprograms are designed for all abilities to enjoy exercise in a safe, clean, and family-friendly atmosphere. The spirit of EQ’s NinjaCats Obstacle Course is one of inclusivity and support.

Oasis Dobbs Ferry Oasischildren.com 646-519-5057 (contact:Andrew) dobbs@oasischildren.com Oasis in Dobbs Ferry is an affordable premier Westchester day camp located on the beautiful Mercy College campus overlooking the Hudson. Children, ages 3 to 16, are invited to take part in activities centered around sports, the arts, nature, daily instructional and recreational swimming, and most importantly, socialemotional growth. Offering a variety of camp experiences, Oasis in Dobbs Ferry has something for everyone! The traditional summer camp program includes children grades K-6, Teen Travel & Jr. Teen Travel programs, as well as an ESIC (Early Start Imagination Camp) for the newest camp-

award winner 2017 inspectors choice! celebrating 49 years

Primary (Grades K-3) Choice (Grades 4-9) Offering Stimulating Courses Like: • Computers • Swimming • Robotics • Project Runway • Digital Photography • International Cooking • Baseball • Soccer • Grand Prix Racers • & Much More!

Maria regina hs, hartsdale

Transportation & Extended Day • Hot Lunch included

SquirecampS.com • 914-328-3798 24

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“This “This summer summer

I’mgoing goingtoto I’m learntotobebe learn strong!” strong!”

Build Build Strength and Lasting Friendships Build Strength Strengthand andLasting LastingFriendships Friendships at World Cup Gymnastics’ at World Cup Gymnastics’ at World Cup Gymnastics’      

Superior Gymnastics Training by Certified Instructors Superior Gymnastics Training bybyUSAG USAG Certified Instructors Superior Gymnastics Training USAG Certified Instructors Skills Training Training on on All All Olympic Olympic Events Events Skills Skills Training on All Olympic Events Traditional Camp Activities Including Weekly Field Trips, Traditional Camp Activities Including Weekly Field Trips, Traditional Camp Activities Including Weekly Field Trips, Arts & Crafts & Summer Games Arts & Crafts & Summer Games Arts & Crafts & Summer Games State-Of-The-Art, Fully Air-Conditioned, 19,000 Square State-Of-The-Art, Fully Air-Conditioned, 19,000 Square Foot Foot State-Of-The-Art, Fully Air-Conditioned, 19,000 Square Foot Complex Complex Complex

Call --238 --4967 Call 914 914 or online at Call 914 -238 238 -4967 4967 or register register online at

or register online at worldcupgymnastics.com worldcupgymnastics.com worldcupgymnastics.com 170 Joan Corwin Way · Chappaqua · NY

SUMMER ARTS PROGRAM Customizable Five-Week Session for Students Entering Grades 1-10

JUNE 27 - JULY 29, 2022 0251Ζ1* 21/< ȏ (;7(1'(' '$< ȏ $)7(51221 21/< Group Instrumental Instruction ȏ Orchestra ȏ Chamber Music ȏ Chorus Jazz and Popular Music ȏ Piano for Non-Pianists ȏ Music Technology Workshop World Drumming ȏ Chimes ȏ Musicianship ȏ Drama ȏ Visual Arts

ENROLLING NOW! Early-bird discounts available through March 31

www.hbms.org 914-723-1169 | Scarsdale NY

170 Joan Corwin Way · Chappaqua · NY 170 Joan Corwin Way · Chappaqua · NY

March 2022 | Westchester Family


Camps Directory | Special Advertising Supplement ers, ages 3-5. Oasis in Dobbs Ferry is a place to experience amazing summers & make lifelong friends!

Pine Brook Fitness 130 Rhodes St. New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-636-1019 info@pinebrookfitness.com pinebrookfitness.com Pine Brook Fitness is Westchester’s leading multisports fitness facility. They are home to The New Rochelle Racquet Club, The Rock Club and The Studios. They offer a variety of programs for children and adults, hold annual summer camps, provide gym rentals and are an excellent venue for birthday parties & corporate events.

Play Group Theatre Summer Camps One N. Broadway, White Plains, NY 914-946-4433 playgroup.org Get IN on the ACT this summer with The Play Group Theatre’s inspirational and innova-

tive Performing Arts Camps! With programs in Musical Theatre, On Camera, Improv, Sketch Comedy, Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Design/Tech and more, there is something for everyone at Camp PGT! From online to on stage and everything in between, Camp PGT offers the best in educational theatre year-round. Limited spots available for all PGT indoor/outdoor in-person summer 2022 camps for ages 4-17. Visit playgroup.org/summer to find the perfect PGT program for your young artist today.

Purchase Day Camp 3095 Purchase St., Purchase, NY 914-949-2636 camp@purchasehouse.com purchasedaycamp.com Purchase Day Camp offers a broad-based program in a low-key, non-competitive atmosphere. Flexible enrollment options for 3 through 16-year-olds include full-day, mini-day and half-day options. PDC has excellent camper-counselor ratios with 130 TEAM members for 330

campers and teachers leading the groups. Facilities include four heated swimming pools, two playgrounds, multiple playfields, gaga pit, tennis court, mini-golf and more.

River Friends Day Camp 371 S. Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591 914-366-7898 Riverfriends@shamesjcc.org shamesjcc.org/river-friendsday-camp/ River Friends Day Camp, at the Shames JCC on the Hudson, is all of the adventure and excitement of big-kid camp with focus on the needs of young campers, ages 2 to 6. Swim, sports, playground time, STEM, music, nature and animals, gardening, yoga, water-play, and crafts are just a sampling of what’s in store!

Squire Camps Maria Regina School, Hartsdale 914-328-3798 squirecamps.com A camp for the child who wants it all. Award winning programs celebrating 49 yrs

of locally owned operation. Children choose their own schedule. Choose from over 50 different activities including photography, cooking, swimming, arts, robotics, sports and more. Campers may choose four, three or a total of seven weeks. Hot lunch is included. Courses are taught by certified teachers. Transportation available. Director: Matt Davanzo.

Steffi Nossen School of Dance 216 Central Ave., White Plains 914-328-1900 steffinossen.org info@steffinossen.org Experience the Joy of Dance! Build communication skills and self-assurance and explore creativityWeek-long half-day Pre-School Storybook Camps June 27, July 25, August 15 Dance Camps & Intensives *July 11 and 18; Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Composition, Hip-Hop Musical Theater Camps and Intensives* August 1 and 8 Theater Dance, Acting, Singing *Join one week or both!


2022 SeaSon

June 13 – August 26 • Annie, Kids • 101 Dalmations, Kids • High School Musical 2, Jr. • Bye Bye Birdie, Jr. Enroll at ArtistreeArts.com • 914-835-2200


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

Flexible Schedules | Ages 2 – 6 | TARRYTOWN

River Friends Day Camp at the Shames JCC welcomes people of all backgrounds, faiths, genders, and abilities.


March 2022 | Westchester Family


Camps Directory | Special Advertising Supplement SUNY 914-251-6500 youth.pre.college@purchase. edu purchase.edu/youth The Purchase College Summer Youth & Precollege Programs in the Arts are much more than camps! Immersed in a variety of exciting, fun, and enriching learning activities, students in grades 4-12 gain new skills and meet new like-minded friends in acting, creative writing, filmmaking, photography, vocals, songwriting, and digital arts programs. Choose from 1, 2, and 4 week fully on-campus* programs that begin on June 27, 2022! *as COVID conditions allow.

Super Soccer Stars x Pro Soccer Kids Over 90 locations across NYC, LI, and Westchester 606 Columbus Ave. at 89th St., Manhattan, 212-877-7171 55 Front St., Suite 7, Rockville Centre, 516-740-7171 soccerstars.com info@soccerstars.com

Super Soccer Stars is NY’s #1 Youth Soccer Program for 20 years. Certified coaches lead small, age-specific group classes, promoting teamwork and offering individual attention, following safety guidelines. Parent & Me, FUNdamentals, Development Training, Multi-sport, and NEW Scrimmage Games programs. Private classes also available - anytime, anywhere. Ages 1-12+. Save $20 – Code: NYFSPRING

Thornton-Donovan Summer Challenge 100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle 914-632-8836 alicini@td.edu td.edu Celebrating its 53rd year! T-D has been a source of joy, entertainment, and enlightenment for boys and girls ages 3-14 for over half a century. Hundreds and hundreds of campers have learned to swim at T-D. Their in-ground pool allows all campers to touch bottom on the shallow end.

Instructional and recreational swimming occur daily as well as many other physical activities. OPEN HOUSES ARE SUNDAYS, APRIL 24 AND MAY 1ST FROM 2-4 PM.

not need to be potty trained. Their flexible program allows you to pick and choose your 2-8 weeks of summer camp.

Westchester Jewish Center

170 Joan Corwin Way, Chappaqua 914-238-4967 worldcupgymnastics.com This fun summer camp for youths ages 5 ½ to 12 combines superior gymnastics training with a traditional camp experience ensuring each camper has the best summer. Their state-of-theart complex allows room to engage in tons of recreational activities and gymnastics. Each week there are exciting themed activities involving arts & crafts, cooking, skills training and more. World Cup follows strict Covid-19 protocols and provides a safe, nurturing environment where campers can be active, build strength, learn new skills, laugh, play, make new friends and build summer memories that last a lifetime

Ann Pardes, Early Childhood Director Rockland & Palmer Avenues Mamaroneck, New York 10543 914-698-2767 Ext. 110 ann@wjcenter.org wjcenter.org Their Early Childhood camp provides a warm, nurturing and child-centered environment in which children can make friends, be active in the fresh air and enjoy the summer under the supervision of caring adults. Their program is designed specifically for children ages 18 months to 3 1/2 years old. If your child will be 2 by December 31, this is the perfect place for them. For first time campers, they specialize in guided, gentle separation from parent or caregiver. They are a diaperfriendly program. Children do

World Cup Gymnastics Summer Camp

Learn Experience Grow Connect

A progressive EARLY CHILDHOOD SCHOOL with an emphasis on play-based, experiential learning. Children receive a solid Jewish foundation centered around the celebration of holidays and values. Our parent-teacher collaboration enables an effective communication network that enriches the growth, care, and development of each child. WJC’s SUMMER CAMP teachers gear activities to young campers, ages 18 mos–3 years. Dance, music, art, soccer, cooking, yoga, nature, science, and outdoor water play provide a fun-filled day. We specialize in toddlers and are a diaper-friendly camp! Our gentle approach to separation prepares toddlers for our 2s class in the fall.

914-698-2767 | wjcenter.org for camp information and registration forms


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

sportimeusa.com 914.592.2111

380 N Saw Mill River Road • Elmsford

March 2022 | Westchester Family


Parental Burnout How to recognize it and expert advice on how to move on By Courtney Ingalls


e all know that life as a parent can be stressful. Some parent’s feel like they can never catch a break, especially due to Covid-19 keeping kids at home during the designated alone time that all parents need. If you have noticed that you have been in a constant funk or have been developing more stress,that could be signs that you are experiencing parental burnout. We spoke with Natalie Weder, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Child Mind Institute about some common signs of parental burnout and what steps you can take to prevent it. First off, can you talk a little bit about what parental burnout is? Typically as a parent you spend a lot of time taking care of your children, spending a lot of your energy making sure they’re safe, making sure that they are stimulated, making sure they have what they need. So sometimes parents,either because of environmental aspects like Covid or all of a sudden having to be teachers and tutors in addition to just parenting because they are studying from home, or you have less access to resources that you would access otherwise, have to spend so much time taking care of kids that sometimes they start neglecting their own needs. As a result, they can experience burnout, and burnout has different aspects to it: One is the typical you feel very fatigue, you feel very exhausted and it’s hard to feel that you recover from that exhaustion. There is also this sense of either shame or guilt because you know you’re not supposed to ever feel bad about being a parent or you’re supposed to always enjoy time with your kids and those types of things.


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

You can also start feeling kind of emotionally distant from your kids because there is so much exhaustion and it’s so constant that it’s very hard to then feel a sense of wanting to connect or being able to connect. It can also have a toll on your mental health because you feel more isolated, you feel sad, it’s hard to find the joy in things. What are some of the most common signs of a burnout the parents should look out for? The most common ones tend to be excessive fatigue, feeling that you are exhausted all the time, feeling like you feel more distant from your children that you can’t be emotionally present or that you can’t find the emotional resources or the emotional availability to be connected with them. And then kind of finding it hard to to enjoy things and enjoy being a parent, enjoying your time with them and feeling more joy in the moment. How has parental burnout been even harder since the start of Covid? I think the way we typically as parents balance the needs of our children and what we have to sacrifice and invest daily in their well being, is by having breaks and having them have their own structure while you do things that are important to you and taking care of your own needs and well being. Also using your community as your support. We know that in cultures where the role of parenting is to some extent shared or supported by family members, friends or the community and there tends to be less burnout because there’s a sense of shared experience and you tend to have more support. Whereas in more individualistic cultures where it’s typically just one or two parents- it can typically feel more intense.

So I think with Covid, not being able to first have our structure and routine which we all depend on so much for well being is totally destroyed or changed. Also the sense of uncertainty, not knowing when it’s going to end- we don’t have that. You never know when the new variant’s

this lack of being emotionally present or this lack of enthusiasm. And so the kids first start worrying about their parents because they notice that something is wrong. Secondly they many times tend to internalize things, saying “oh maybe this is my fault”, “maybe I’m not being a good child” and kids can feel guilty themselves. Sometimes kids also try to use their own strategies to help the parent and sometimes that makes things worse because they might demand even more attention because they are worried about the bond or they’re worried about the parent and that ends up being more stressful for the parent. Sometimes when a parent is experiencing burnout, they don’t have the same degree of emotional resources so they can lose their temper, they can be more irritable, they can snap or they can angry more and kids tend to feel that. What are some changes you can make into your regular routine to help prevent parental burnout? The first thing is to feel comfortable talking about it. Really work on the guilt and be able to vent to people that you trust or to other parents, whoever is in your support system that’s an adult. Being able to talk about your feelings, being able to talk about your problems just in itself can be a huge relief. The other piece is to evaluate your stress. Sometimes when we’re so stressed out we can just go on automatic and don’t stop to think and pause to see what’s happening. So get a sense of “How am I doing?”, “What do I need?”, “What’s missing in my life?”. Then to really work on consistency and self care. Sometimes parents feel like they have to spend every minute with their child and if they don’t or they go out to exercise, they are neglecting them when in fact the better the well being of the parent, the better the well being of the child.

going to come or when schools are going to shut down and someones going to get sick and you’re going to have to quarantine. Also not being able to use your support system- no playdates, no birthday parties, no visiting the grandparents, no letting them have a sleepover with someone- those are all

moments in which you would typically get some degree of rest. How could parental burnout affect kids? Kids are very perceptive and they know their parents really well. So they can sense this- they notice this fatigue and they notice

For parents that are trying to keep it all together, what kinds of techniques can they use to help with their parental burnout? Some of the things we have mentioned should help with the burnout that they have. Now if it’s going beyond- like sometimes it starts as stress and burnout and then it can end up in depression or extreme anxiety- to the point where it is impairing their wellbeing or the wellbeing of the family that they seek out professional help. There are ways and treatments available to help them feel less depressed or feel less anxious and so on. March 2022 | Westchester Family


A Mom’s Wisdom Alexis Kristiana on sharing her breastfeeding and parenting journey

By Donna Duarte-LaDD


first learned of Alexis Kristiana via mutual friend Denise Nicole (@abrooklybabe). She did what many savvy parents do these days and introduced a group of moms to each other on Instagram. I immediately gravitated to Alexis’s fashion IG @liquidgoldvintage, where she sells curated picks for nursing and onthe-go momsI also love Alexis for sharing her parenting experiences, such as breastfeeding, on her platform. When I started to follow her IG (@alexiskristiana) I was on child number two and felt a bit distant from other parents as my son was being diagnosed early with Autism, and I was not meeting other moms. It was refreshing to revisit the experiences I had with my first son and know that we moms are on a similar journey. I was not breastfeeding at the time, but I appreciated Alexis’s wisdom on breastfeeding. Along with her amazing husband, Tolu Adegoke, they have fun. Yet, they can still be frank and raw with their parenting experiences with their two children Zion, 2.5 years old, and new baby Zuri, five months. Any seasoned mom will tell you; moms need moms- Alexis Kristiana’s wisdom and shared journey is reminder that you are never alone. How has your journey of breastfeeding evolved from Zion to Zuri? When I first started my breastfeeding journey with Zion, I had no idea what I was doing. My mom did not breastfeed us because she was stationed away in the Navy and was not able to. I didn’t have any close family to look to for resources at the start of my journey. So it was a lot of learning and guesswork. That journey is what sparked me to start sharing more of my breastfeeding experiences through social media so that other first-time moms would not feel as lost as I did as well. With Zion, I experienced extreme oversupply and this additional supply led to some problems with nursing. I would have to pump or express


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before every feed to make sure that he wasn’t choking while he was eating. It sounded like such a great problem, but it was a stressful time for us in our journey. This led to him also developing a brass preference because one of my breasts had more of a slow type of flow for him to take down the milk and this caused me to have uneven breasts for the remainder of my journey. And I only fed off of that one breast up until the birth of Zuri. With Zuri, everything is so much easier and stress-free. Our journey has been beautiful from the start. We have not had any issues this time- I know what to look for and what to do and what not to do. What’s been different the second time around is that I am tandem nursing. Zion is starting to naturally self-wean and I feel like our journey might slowly start coming to an end with tandem nursing. We are taking it day by day and seeing where we go. He only does 1-2 feeds a day now and there have been days where he doesn’t even ask to nurse. So we’ll see where we end up. Can you share how tandem breastfeeding works? Us mothers are being touched often, how do you know if it is for you? With tandem nursing, you definitely can feel an overwhelming sense of being touched out. As you mentioned, we are constantly being touched as mothers, which can leave one feeling just massively overstimulated and wanting to be alone at the end of the day. Tandem nursing can bring these feelings more to the surface and if you feel like that is something that might not be good for your mental health it might not be for you. If you feel like this is something you want to experience, go ahead and try it out, see how you feel, I believe that you won’t know if you want to tandem nurse until you start to do it. I had a whole different idea of what tandem nursing would look like before I started and it was completely impractical. You see all these pretty pictures online of women

tandem nursing - you think it looks calm and beautiful. The reality of it is that it can be incredibly stressful, tiring on your body and your mental health. You are feeding two children from one body, which is a lot on top of the day-to-day of motherhood. Some women choose to feed two children with both latched on. However, you can also tandem nurse without ever latching on both your children at the same time. What has worked for me to not feel overstimulated is to nurse Zion and Zuri at different nursing sessions. I adopted my second child, and breastfeeding wasn’t in the cards for my son and me. What about the mothers who can’t or choose not to breastfeed? How can parents not feel left out when there is so much emphasis on breastfeeding? My heart does go out to women who strongly want to breastfeed and, unfortunately, are not able to. My mother was one of them. For those mothers who cannot experience this journey, I hope they find comfort and joy in establishing other types of bonds that they can through motherhood. There are countless ways to bond and connect and feel one with your child, and yes, breastfeeding is one of them, but it is one in a long list of many. I know that there is a feeling that breastfed is best at times, but I firmly believe that feeding is best and that whatever way you choose to nourish your child- what matters at the end of the day is that the child is healthy, growing and loved. Your family unit is tight; we all fell in love with your husband Tolu at the cover shoothow do you two keep your relationship so strong? My husband and I have known each other since we were 18, so we have grown up together- we have seen each other through so many changes and seasons in life that we truly have become best friends and life partners. Having kids only solidified our bond and we have grown closer in parenthood. The

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days are long and hard, but we find solace in each other, at the end of the night, we make sure to tap in and check in with one another. It’s little things here and there that we do for you throughout the days just to remind one another that we care. My Husband is truly unique and I would not be able to do half of the things I’m able to do if it weren’t for him. It is about us always making sure we have each other‘s back and the beauty in this is it unifies you in a special way. One of the main

things that keep us strong is our faith - that right there is the foundation to it all. You share on your platform the unsolicited advice & toxic comments as a new mom. How do you deal with these comments? Do you have a bit of a thicker skin with baby #2? As a first-time mom comments like this got to me. And I took them all to heart, and as a result, I was always affected by things that I heard being said to me. But as you grow

into yourself as a mother, you learn to push things aside that you don’t need to hear. This is what I do. I keep moving. Someone can tell me whatever they want, give me (unsolicited ) advice they think I need to hear but I keep moving forward. I think this comes with time, as a mother as you feel more seasoned and comfortable in your role. Being a mom of two, you definitely can’t tell me anything right now that I don’t want to hear cause I’m just not having it! March 2022 | Westchester Family


calendar By Shara Levine

Sing and dance at the Westchester Children’s Museum with Fiesta with Flor on March 5. Music is Science WHEN: Saturday, March 5, 3pm WHERE: Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, 480 N. Bedford Road, Chappaqua AGES: 6-12 WHAT: This interactive concert introduces children to the orchestra and how scientific principles apply to the mechanics and sounds of musical instruments and answers the question…what


does science have to do with music? WANT TO GO?: $25. Orchestra914.org

The Rock and Roll Playhouse: Music of Grateful Dead for Kids & More WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 1:30pm, doors open; 2pm, show WHERE: The Capitol Theatre, 149 Westchester Ave., Port

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Chester AGES: Newborn-5 WHAT: Introduce your little ones to the music of The Grateful Dead with this kid friendly concert. WANT TO GO?: $17; $15 in advance; free for children younger than 1. 914-937-4126. Thecapitoltheatre.com

Imagination Movers WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 11am

WHERE: Paramount Hudson Valley Theater, 1008 Brown St, Peekskill AGES: All WHAT: The Imagination Movers, an alternative rock band for preschoolers, strives, and succeeds, in making their music enjoyable for the kids and the parents. WANT TO GO?: $23; $30 for meet and greet experience (separate from event tickets). 914-739-0039. Paramounthudsonvalley.com

March Yonkers AGES: All WHAT: Celebrate Women’s History Month and learn about traditional string art and create a small artwork with patterns of your own design by weaving the thread on a loom made of cardboard. WANT TO GO?: Included with admission: $8; $5 seniors 62 and older, students and veterans; $4 youth 3-18; free for members. 914-963-4550. Hrm.org

Plant seeds for the Spring Equinox at Muscoot Farm on March 9.

LEGO Pirates Hunt for the Golden Treasure

Sugaring Days

WHEN: March 18- April 24, Mondays-Fridays, 12-5:30pm; Saturdays-Sundays, 10am-5:30pm WHERE: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester, 39 Fitzgerald Street, Yonkers AGES: All WHAT: Help Captain Brickbeard on his hunt for the golden treasure and become a pirate along the way! WANT TO GO?: Tickets start at $26.99. 866-243-0770. Legolanddiscoverycenter.com

WHEN: Feb. 26- March 13, 11am, 11:30am, 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, 2:30pm, and 3pm WHERE: Teatown, 1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining AGES: 5 and older WHAT: Experience the sights and smells of sap bubbling into golden syrup and see how the tools for tapping are used, visit a tree, look in a bucket, and go to the sugar house.? WANT TO GO?: $15; $10 members. 914-741-0333. Teatown.org

Imaginary Creatures! Art Workshop WHEN: Sunday, March 13, 1-3pm WHERE: Pelham Art Center, 155 Fifth Ave., Pelham AGES: 5-8 WHAT: Young artists will create an imaginary creature out of plasticine and a background environment it lives in. WANT TO GO?: $40; $36 members. 914-738-2525. Pelhamartcenter.org.

Germbusters WHEN: Saturday, March 19, 11am-12pm WHERE: Westchester Children’s Museum, 100 Playland Parkway, Rye AGES: 5-12 WHAT: Investigate the world of germs and then observe them through a microscope. Ages 8-12. WANT TO GO?: $5 plus admission: $9; $8 seniors; free for members, children younger than 1, and active duty military

personnel and their families within the same household. 914-420-5050. Discoverwcm. org

Yonkers St. Patrick’s Parade WHEN: Saturday, March 19, 1pm WHERE: McLean Ave., McLean Avenue, Yonkers AGES: All WHAT: The Yonkers St. Patrick’s Parade will once again march up the Emerald Mile. Please join in this celebration of Irish heritage. WANT TO GO?: Yonkersstpatricksparade.org

ACT presents James and the Giant Peach WHEN: March 25-27, Friday 8pm; Saturday 2pm and 8pm; Sunday, 3pm WHERE: Actors Conservatory Theatre, 20 Buckingham Road, Yonkers AGES: 5 and older WHAT: James and the Giant Peach is the story of an orphan who goes on a magical journey (inside a giant peach!) to learn about courage, leadership, friendship, and family. This is a full length Musical production! WANT TO GO?: $25; $22 seniors and veterans; $15 students. 914-391-6558. Actshows.org

Family Studio Art Workshop: Threading Stories WHEN: March 5-27, Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4pm WHERE: Hudson River Museum, 511 Warburton Ave.,

Eastchester’s 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade WHEN: Sunday, March 13, 3pm WHERE: Eastchester IrishAmerican Social Club, 53 Winter Hill Road, Tuckahoe AGES: All WHAT: Salute the Irish and Irish heritage at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! WANT TO GO?: Eastchesterirish.org

Public Skate WHEN: Oct. 24- March 13, Fridays, 5:30-10pm; Saturdays and Sundays, 1:30-3:30pm WHERE: Ebersole Ice Rink at Delfino Park, 104 Lake Street, White Plains AGES: All WHAT: Come out for a cool time on the rink! WANT TO GO?: $10; $8 youth; $5 seniors; $5 skate rental . 914-422-1444 Cityofwhiteplains.com/358/ Ebersole-Ice-Rink

Curling Open House WHEN: Sunday, March 20,


3-4pm and 4:15-5:15pm WHERE: Ardsley Curling Club, 100 North Mountain Drive, Dobbs Ferry AGES: 13-17 WHAT: Spend 60 minutes on and off the ice with experienced instructors, learning the basics of the game - rock delivery, sweeping, strategy, and more! Ages 12 and older. WANT TO GO?: $35. 914-5918019. Ardsleycurling.com

Public Skating Sessions WHEN: March 1-31, Mondays, 12:30-2:30pm; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-5:15pm; Fridays, 1-5:15pm and 7:45-9:45pm; Saturdays, 1-4pm, Sundays, 11:30am-4pm WHERE: Hommocks Park Ice Rink, 140 Hommocks Road, Larchmont AGES: All WHAT: Lace up the skates and hit the ice for some cool family fun! WANT TO GO?: $10; $9 child 11 and younger; $8 seniors 62 and older; Residents: $8; $7.50 child 11 and younger; $6.75 seniors 62 and older; $5 skate rental for all. 914-8341069. Townofmamaroneckny. org/296/Public-Skating.

Shamrock Stamps WHEN: Sunday, March 13, 1-2pm WHERE: Trailside Nature Museum, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, 11 Reservation Road, Cross River AGES: All WHAT: In the spirit of St. Patrick?s Day, participants will find natural materials and use their creativity to make four leaf clovers. WANT TO GO?: 914-864-7322. Friendsoftrailside,org.

Blue Man Group WHEN: Ongoing WHERE: 434 Lafayette street AGES: All WHAT: Blue Man Group will rock your world, blow your mind, and unleash your spirit. Leave your expectations at the door and let three bald and blue men take you on a spectacular journey bursting with music, laughter and surprises. 35 million people

March 2022 | Westchester Family




of all ages, languages and cultures know what Blue Man Group is really about. Now it’s your turn. Hard to Describe. Easy to Love. WANT TO GO?: $54-102, Blueman.com

Bunny Magic Photo Experience WHEN: March 25- April 16, Mondays-Saturdays, 11am-7pm; Sundays, 12-6pm WHERE: Cross County Center, 8000 Mall Walk , Yonkers AGES: All WHAT: Hop on over to meet the Easter Bunny and take a special photo! WANT TO GO?: Photo packages start at $34.99. 914968-9570. Crosscountycenter. com

Bunny Photo Experience WHEN: March 18- April 16, Mondays-Saturdays, 12-7pm; Sundays, 12-6pm WHERE: The Westchester, 125 Westchester Ave., White Plains AGES: All WHAT: Get egg-cited to meet the Easter Bunny and take the photos of a lifetime!? WANT TO GO?: Photo packages start at $34.99. 914683-8600. Simon.com

Fiesta with Flor WHEN: Saturday, March 5, 11am-12pm WHERE: Westchester Children’s Museum, 100 Playland Parkway, Rye AGES: 3-8 WHAT: Children and families will join in the fun as they learn about different musical genres

through dance, storytelling and songs, traveling with Flor to the countries where the rhythms were born. WANT TO GO?: $5 plus admission: $9; $8 seniors; free for members, children younger than 1, and active duty military personnel and their families within the same household. 914-420-5050. Discoverwcm. org

Magic Tree House: Space Mission Planetarium Show WHEN: March 5-27, Saturdays and Sundays, 12:30pm WHERE: Hudson River Museum, 511 Warburton Ave, Yonkers AGES: 5-12 WHAT: Travel with Jack and Annie, stars of the Magic Tree House® as they search for answers to a mysterious riddle they discover in a written note signed “–M.” Recommended for ages 4–8; 25-minute show plus Q&A. Advance reservations are strongly encouraged. WANT TO GO?: $13; $9 senior and student; $7 Youth (3 to 18) . 914-963-4550. Hrm.org/ events/magic-tree-house

Sugaring Off Party WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 12-3pm WHERE: Trailside Nature Museum, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, 11 Reservation Road, Cross River AGES: All WHAT: Enjoy winter’s sweet rewards at this annual celebration that offers food, music and sugaring demonstrations all day.

Learn where maple syrup comes from at Sugaring Days at Teatown, through March 13. WANT TO GO?: 914-864-7322. Friendsoftrailside.org.

Mommy & Me Meet the Animals WHEN: Jan. 7- March 18, Fridays: 6 months and older 10-11:30am; 3 years and older 1-2:30pm WHERE: Westmoreland Sanctuary, 260 Chestnut Ridge Road, Mount Kisco AGES: 3-8 WHAT: Pet and learn about an animal friend followed by selfdirected play. WANT TO GO?: $10; $5 members. 914-666-8448. Westmorelandsanctuary.org

Spring Equinox WHEN: Saturday, March 19, 1-2pm WHERE: Muscoot Farm, 51 Route 100, Katonah AGES: 9 and older WHAT: Planting seeds is a wonderful way to start Spring, so join the farm to make your own seed bombs. WANT TO GO?: 914-864-7282. Muscootfarm.org

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Celebration of Spring WHEN: March 19-20, Saturday and Sunday, 1-3pm WHERE: Trailside Nature Museum, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, 11 Reservation Road, Cross River AGES: All WHAT: Go for a hike with our naturalist to look for signs of spring and make a craft to take home. WANT TO GO?: 914-864-7322. Friendsoftrailside,org.

JBFC Kids Screening: The Wizard of Oz WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 12pm WHERE: Jacob Burns Film Center, 364 Manville Rd., Pleasantville AGES: 5 and older WHAT: Go “somewhere over the rainbow” with Dorothy and company in this classic family favorite. WANT TO GO?: $10 (members), $15 (nonmembers), $8 (children 13 and under). 914773-7663. Burnsfilmcenter.org





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Mental Health Podcasts for Parents By Courtney Ingalls


fter the two-plus years we have had, I think many people can easily say that 2022 is all about focusing on mental health. While some people might try using methods such as working out or incorporating reading into your routine, listening to a mental health podcast has also shown to be a good alternative to try as well! Whether you are looking to get advice from a professional or are looking to get some comedic relief, these popular podcasts are a great starting point when it comes to bettering your mental health! The Hilarious World of Depression Available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts

Veteran Radio host John Moe wants to take the stigma surrounding depression away and give people a way to listen to others stories while also having a good laugh. Moe brings comedians on to his show to talk about their experiences while dealing with depression and hopes to give some comedic relief to those who listen.

Santos will bring you through a different misconception of what it means to be happy and helps her viewers realize what makes them truly happy. The Self Work Podcast Available on Apple Podcasts

After having 25 years of psychology experience, Dr. Margaret Rutherford is using her podcast as a platform to give her listeners a form of therapy or experience they need to continue bettering their mental health. Dr. Rutherford uses a compassionate direction when speaking about serious topics to give people both a soothing and educational experience while listening. Therapy for Black Girls Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed psychologist and created her podcast to encourage the mental wellness of Black women and girls. Bradford focuses on mental health and personal development and her episodes cover a variety of mental health topics that are all about becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.

The Happiness Lab Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify

Tara Brach Available on Apple Podcasts

Have you ever told yourself that you would be happy once you get your dream job, make lots of money, etc.? Well Dr. Laurie Santos proves that not to be true in her podcast The Happiness lab. During each episode,

If you are someone that can’t just listen to podcasts, but have to physically take action, then this is the podcast for you! Known for her meditation techniques and as a published author, Tara Brach uses her podcast platform


WestchesterFamily.com | March 2022

as a way to give listeners weekly guided meditations. These mindful meditations focus on spiritual awakening and getting rid of emotional suffering that many of us continue to hold on to. The Mental Illness Happy Hour Available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts

Creator and comedian Paul Gilmartin describes his popular podcast as “more like a waiting room that doesn’t suck,”. Gilmartin (who is a recovering alcoholic and was diagnosed with clinical depression) talks to people who are living with mental health issues and uses humor to hopefully encourage others to seek professional help. Although The Mental Illness Happy Hour is not meant to replace any kind of medical care, it does help normalize talking about mental health while also adding comedic relief to your day. Terrible, Thanks for Asking Available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts

Are you a person who constantly says they are “fine” when someone asks how they are doing, even though you know deep down you are not? Well Nora McInerny makes listeners think about how they really are with Terrible, Thanks for Asking. McInerny talks to real people who share their complicated and honest feelings to show others that it is ok to open up and show others that you might be struggling.

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Saturday, March 5th in Westchester at Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club Sunday, March 6th in Downtown Manhattan at The 14 Street Y Sunday, March 13th in the West Side, Manhattan at Congregation Rodeph Shalom Saturday, March 19th in the East Side, Manhattan at St. Jean Baptiste High School Sunday, March 20th in Cobble Hill Brooklyn at Kane Street Synagogue Saturday, March 26th in Long Island City Queens at The Plaxall Gallery Sunday, March 27th in Park Slope Brooklyn at Congregation Beth Elohim Sponsored by Blue Man Group

One family will win 4 tickets to see the Blue Man Group!

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To RSVP and find out more please visit: www.newyorkfamily.com/campfairs or email: summer@newyorkfamily.com

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Confidence. It’s built over time. Our students graduate with the courage to have a point of view and the skills to express it, honed through years of practice.

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GO BOLDLY. 635 Frogtown Rd, New Canaan, CT • (203) 801-5608 New Canaan Country School is a co-ed, independent day school for students in Pre-K (ages 3 & 4) through Grade 9 living in Westchester and Fairfield counties. Graduates excel at top day, boarding and public secondary schools and go on to lead lives of impact and purpose. For more information, please visit countryschool.net.