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Find the Perfect Camp for Your Child Programs for Tweens & Teens

COVID’s Silver Linings for Camps

Thornton-Donovan School’s

Summer Challenge An energetic, exciting and well-balanced summer activities program of sports, recreation and education designed to meet Challengers from ages 3–14. oPen House Dates:

Sunday, April 24 & Sunday, May 1 • 2–4pm Program Dates:

July 5–August 19, 2022 8:30am–3:30pm • Ages 3–14 • Co-ed Rate: $650 per week. There will be a $325 discount on camp fees for all applications completed and paid in full by May 3rd for those signing up for six or seven weeks of camp. There will be a $100 total sibling discount on the 2nd (3rd and 4th) child in your family.

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FEATURES 8 | Top Ways to Find a Camp Tips on how to find the right camp for your child 12 | Covid’s Silver Linings for Camps How camps improved how they do things during the pandemic that will be in place long after COVID fades 14 | Camps for Tweens and Teens Options for your older child 16 | Should My Child Go to Overnight Camp with a Friend? Factors parents can consider when deciding if their child should go with a friend


Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 WestchesterFamily.com

18 | Mental Health at Summer Camp Camps know that the last few years have been rough for kids and are prepared to help

Guide 22 | Camp Directory Best resource guide for parents

20 | Getting Organized for Camp Pro organizer Laura Kinsella shares her expert tips 36 | Kid-Friendly Sunscreens Nine great choices for campers 38 | Choosing a Camp Last Minute Six tips for choosing an available camp

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

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Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


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Summer Camp Guide is Here! Summer is ON, and in a few months, it will be warm sunny days. A bit of parent truth? I can’t wait for my kids to go to camp this summer. Sure, it’s a bit of a mix of wanting a little time to myself during the day, but the most significant part is summer normalcy. My oldest would love to be on his tablet all day, so it is time for him to get out and meet new friends. For older kids, a good read is Camps for Tweens and Teens (page 14).

If this is your first time looking for a camp, check out, Top Ways to Find a Camp (page 8). Also, check out expert tips on Getting Organized for Camp (page 20). And will kids be wearing masks or not? Who knows?! But we do know that camps are ready and are functioning amazingly; learn more in Covid’s Silver Linings for Camps (page 12). Happy Summer!

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WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

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BETH EL DAY CAMP IS THE MOST FUN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE! We've been cheering, giggling, splashing, you-name-it-ing...since 1963.

AND...WE TAKE FUN VERY SERIOUSLY TOO Beth El Day Camp is a MOST-fun-filled summer experience for children ages 2–8, in a safe and caring environment. Our mission: positive values and traditions with physical, social and emotional growth for every camper—and every counselor too. All this...while having all this FUN.

HOW DOES ALL THIS FUN HAPPEN? It happens in swimming twice a day, sports, tennis, arts and crafts, yoga, karate, gardening, special events, fresh delicious lunch, and MORE. We can accommodate any schedule with After and Before Camp Care! For more information, call 914.235.2700 ext 256 or email daycamp@bethelnr.org VISIT BETHELDAYCAMP.ORG 1324 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10804 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


Top Ways to Find a Camp By Jess Michaels


hinking about summer camp for your child? There are many different ways to begin your camp search to find the right camp for your child. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process of finding a camp, but if you sit down and think about what kind of experience you want your child to have, what type of camp you are looking for and how long you would like your child to attend camp, you can start to narrow down the choices even before you begin your search! Once you do your research and narrow down the choices, make sure to involve your child in the process. You want your child to be excited and making them part of the process


will go a long way in having their buy in.

Websites & Social media Heard about a camp? Checking out a camp’s website and social media is a good starting point. Take a look at who the leadership team is, what activities are offered and what the philosophy of the camp is. Look at posted videos to get a sense of what the camp is like. But don’t end your search on the website. Make sure to connect with the camp director and have conversations before just registering your child for camp! Talk to the Camp Director Whether this is done at a camp fair, by Zoom, on the phone or in person while touring, one of the most important parts of your camp

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

research is to talk to the camp director at a camp you are interested in. When you choose a camp, you are forming a partnership with the director and you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them. Clicking with the camp director and feeling that you can be open and honest with them is imperative when choosing a day or overnight camp. Touring One of the best ways to get a feel for a camp is to tour the camp. Day camps offer tours all year long and overnight camps tour during the summer into the fall. Touring allows you to see the facilities and ask questions about the camp while in the camp environment. Touring during the summer allows you to see camp in action which can give you a good

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Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


feel about how the camp is run. If you are considering overnight camp for 2023, set up a few tours at camps you are interested in. It’s helpful to have an initial conversation with the camp director before scheduling a tour to be sure the camp is potentially a good fit for your child before traveling to see a camp. Camp Fairs At camp fairs, families can walk from table to table to find out about all the different summer camp options. The fairs allow families to talk to multiple camp directors all in one day to compare various camps and gather information. Find out about New York Family’s camp fairs here. Camp Open Houses Many day camps and some overnight camps offer open houses in the spring and fall so families can have a chance to visit the camp. During the open house, the camp will offer activities and provide families with a chance to walk around camp. These days are fun ways to visit the camp and give you the opportunity to talk to the camp director and

One of the most important parts of your camp research is to talk to the camp director at a camp you are interested in. When you choose a camp, you are forming a partnership with the director and you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them. leadership team in the camp environment. Home Visits Since it’s difficult to tour overnight camps in the off-season when camps are closed, camp directors are happy to do home visits to get to know your child and family. Home visits give both the camp director a chance to see if the camp would be a good fit for your family and for you to get a feel for the camp director. If you are more comfortable with a Zoom, you can set up a zoom call with your family as well. Word of mouth It’s good to talk to friends and neighbors

about where their children go to camp and to learn about their child’s camp experience, however, parents want to make sure to do their own research when it comes to choosing a camp. While one camp might be a perfect fit for one child, it might not be for another. Call the American Camp Association, NY and NJ The ACA, NY and NJ offers parents free, one-on-one advice in finding a camp. Whether you are looking for a day, overnight or specialty program, the American Camp Association, NY and NJ can help in your search! 212.391.5208 or visit acanynj.org.

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870 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale • 914-961-3497 info@crestwoodmusic.com crestwoodmusic.com 10

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

RegisteR FoR summeR 2022 NoW! Space is limited.


ore! Learn M


• • • • • •





2/27, 3/13 4/10, 5/22


or Learn M







2/20, 3/6 3/20, 4/24


WWW.FAIRVIEWLAKEYMCA.ORG/SUMMER Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


COVID’s Silver Linings for Camps By Jess Michaels


ver the past two years, COVID-19 has disrupted the way many businesses run—including summer camps. Camp directors have had to rethink and change the way they were doing things to ensure that campers and staff stayed safe while also maintaining the feeling of camp. While no camp director wanted COVID to change anything, some discovered that the changes they made improved how they were doing things and will keep some of these changes in place long after COVID fades away. Breezemont Day Camp in Armonk, NY had always used their indoor dining hall for campers to eat lunch. But when COVID hit in 2020, they moved lunch outside for safer eating and social distancing. “For the past two summers, campers have eaten outside under tents and it’s just so much nicer to be outside with a breeze,” says Gordon Josey, Owner and Director of Breezemont. Besides eating, Josey also feels they may never use their indoor spaces the same again. “We have moved so much outside because of COVID that we will likely only use our indoor spaces for campers’ cubbies and changing. Each camp group has their own outdoor area with a tent for shade, seating and ice water. Everyone just enjoys being outdoors.” When Breezemont didn’t run busing in 2020, the camp created a QR code system where each child had their own code. When parents drove to camp for pick up, the QR code on the car was scanned and a text went to the group leader to bring the camper to their parents’ car. “It’s something we had talked about for a few years but up until COVID, I didn’t feel a need for it. Now, we find it so useful. We can scan a camper’s QR code on their backpack and it brings up their swim level, any allergies a child has or who is or isn’t


eligible to pick the camper up from camp.” Like most overnight camps, Camp Walt Whitman in New Hampshire opened in 2021 after not operating in 2020 due to COVID. To ensure the safety of its camp community, Camp Walt Whitman didn’t do certain activities they had done in past summers, which allowed everyone at camp to recognize that less can be more. “When we weren’t able to bring in entertainment for events or have kids leave camp for trips, we rediscovered how nice it is to have campfires and do skits. Without our older campers going out on trips at various times, all our campers were together at camp and the bonding was incredible. We did so many more in house special events that were silly and just fun,” says Jed Dorfman, Director of Camp Walt Whitman. “These moments were so positive. We all were reminded that for community building, it’s the simple things that make camp so special—not the fireworks or big events.” Both camps will be holding on to some health and hygiene changes made. Last summer, Camp Walt Whitman set up tent triages for campers and staff outside before just sending them inside to the health center,

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

initially set up as a COVID mitigation protocol. “This didn’t occur to us before COVID but it makes much more sense to keep someone outside who may have a small cut then to bring them inside where they can be exposed to someone who may have a 103 fever,” explains Dorfman. “This is one thing from COVID we are happy to keep and it will help maintain a healthier camp community.” Breezemont Day Camp added additional hand washing and hand sanitizer stations throughout camp during COVID. “Everyone at camp is just healthier now because they are washing their hands and sanitizing constantly,” says Josey. “We will also continue to encourage parents to keep their sick children home. For the last two summers, we’ve had less colds and stuffy noses because parents kept their children home when they weren’t feeling well.” Because of COVID, camps needed to re-envision activities, health protocols and the overall way everyday things were done. Although they weren’t looking to make changes, these camps discovered some silver linings that might not have otherwise been considered.


Summer Camps 2 5 Y E A R S AT ATC


Choose your interest for a fun, instructive experience!

AGES 5-17 Details and online registration at armonktennis.com/summer-camps

CONTACT US FOR A VIRTUAL OR IN-PERSON TOUR : 546 Bedford Road q 914.273.8124 q desk@armonktennis.com

Enroll today!



Photo credit: ©Geoffrey Goodridge

Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


Camps for Tweens and Teens By Jess Michaels


ooking for a camp program for your tween or teen? From traditional camp programs to specialty camps, now more than ever before, there are so many different summer camp options to choose from for your older child. While many older children go to sleepaway camp or on teen tours, the overnight experience isn’t for everyone. “There are older kids who want to participate in activities and do some traveling, but just don’t want to be away for multiple weeks at a time,” explains Sam Borek, Owner and Director of Woodmont Day Camp in New City, NY. “Many private day camps offer programs that evolve as you get older. Our program for rising 7th and 8th graders includes an elective based program where campers choose their own activities and go on a weekly out of camp day trip such as an amusement or water park and do an overnight trip. They also participate in community service. Teens entering 9th and 10th grades spend their time out of camp traveling to amusement parks, water parks, sporting events and museums. They also do short overnight trips to places such as Washington, DC or Niagara Falls.” If your child has a particular interest or is focused on a specific sport, a specialty camp is a good option to look into. Specialty camps focus on a specific activity or activities where children spend their time honing a skill. At Berkshire Soccer Academy in Otis, MA, rising 4th – 12th grade girls spend 1-2 weeks (or more) in a hybrid camp program where girls receive high level soccer training combined with a traditional overnight camp experience. “We are different than other soccer specialty camps because of the community building that happens here,” says Katy Kreiner,


Director of Berkshire Soccer Academy. “Girls live in a cabin with 8-12 other girls along with a counselor, unlike at other soccer programs at universities where girls are housed in dorms in a single or double room. Often girls dabble between soccer camps. They go to one camp one year, another camp a different year. Here we have girls really connecting with each other and returning for years, asking to bunk with their friends.” Girls at Berkshire Soccer Academy are competitive athletes at home, often under pressure to make varsity or the next team. Kreiner says, “The off the field activities like camp fires and performing in a bunk skit allows girls to let their guard down and have fun which leads to more confidence. This confidence amplifies their playing on the field and helps takes them to the next level.” You don’t need to be a competitive athlete to enjoy a summer at a specialty camp. For kids who love to cook or just have an interest in cooking, Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp in Copake, NY offers Culinary Camp, where kids can go for 12 days to 7 weeks. Aspiring chefs live in dorm style rooms with private

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

bathrooms along with 1-2 other campers which can be appealing for kids who aren’t into bunk life. “Culinary campers spend the morning doing long form culinary such as making and decorating a cake to making fresh pasta to roasting or barbequing meat. In the afternoon, they can take electives like arts & crafts, paddle boarding or zip lining or can choose an elective in the culinary camp as well,” explains Adam Weinstein, Executive Director of Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp. “Campers also take advantage of the creative food scene in the Berkshires with trips to farms where they learn about milking cows and then making ice cream or picking organic strawberries and making jam. Exploring the culinary scene gives them the opportunity to try and recreate what they saw when back at the culinary labs.” No matter what type of program you choose, know that there are a ton of options out there for your older children. Whether it’s their first camp experience ever or they are ready to try something new, there is a great summer camp out there for your tween or teen.







Coding. Game dev. Robotics. Digital arts. This isn’t just a camp. It’s an experience unlike any other. Here, you push past the boundaries of school, finding your squad and bonding over the latest tech. Led by expert instructors, you will build the skills needed to forge a brilliant future.

ONLINE AND IN-PERSON CAMPS HELD AT 75+ CAMPUSES NATIONWIDE: Adelphi | Manhattanville College | Stony Brook Marymount Manhattan | Fairleigh Dickinson - Madison

Request your camp brochure today!

iDTechCamps.com | 1-888-709-8324

Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


Should My Child Go to Overnight Camp with a Friend? By Jess Michaels


ne of the questions that often arises for parents when considering overnight camp is whether to send their child to camp with a friend or not. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, however, there are certainly many factors families should consider when making this decision. Camp is all about making new friends and parents shouldn’t worry that if they don’t send their child to camp with a friend that they will have difficulty. “Kids can come to camp with a friend from home but it isn’t necessary. Camps create so many ways for children to feel comfortable, even before camp begins, with a big brother program or new camper picnic,” explains Matt Jackowitz, Director of Camp Winaukee, an all-boys overnight camp in New Hampshire. “The decision of whether to go to camp with a friend or not comes down to personal preference. If you do decide to send your child to camp with a friend, it’s important that all the parents involved partner with the director and everyone knows what each child needs to be successful.” Stacey Landman, Owner and Director of Camp Kennybrook, a coed overnight camp in the Catskills, says that going to camp alone is often the best way to start camp. “Almost everyone doesn’t know anyone so they are starting in the same situation. We also do a lot before camp even begins to encourage connections and to help campers feel comfortable by the time they get to camp. We do new camper zooms and will also connect kids from the same group or bunk so by the time they arrive at camp, they have 2-3 familiar faces.” Landman feels that when you go to a camp with a friend from home, you don’t necessarily learn how to socialize without a crutch which can inhibit the social piece of camp. “Often times, one friend is more outgoing while the other is timid. There can be a sense of dependency on the outgoing friend which is a big responsibility for that child. This dynamic doesn’t necessarily lead to personal growth."


Renee Flax from the American Camp Association, NY & NJ works with hundreds of families each year looking for a camp and says that camp can sometimes change a friendship from home, and not always for the best. “A child can go to camp believing that their friend from home will also be their best friend at camp. Sometimes they are but sometimes they aren’t. Camp is a place to grow and expand your horizons which includes making new friends. If your child’s friend from home begins to pair off with another child in the bunk, your child may feel very hurt. Conversely, your child may want to pair off with another camper and feels guilty doing that to their existing friend.” Flax also feels one of the benefits of going to camp without a friend is that children get to reinvent themselves at camp. “If they no longer want to be considered the shy one or the non-athletic one, they can present themselves however they want to be perceived. It is one of the greatest gifts camp can offer a child— the ability to spread your wings and truly soar.” Sometimes going to camp with a friend is

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

the only way a child will agree to go. “Going to camp with a friend is often a jumping off point to get a child to experience overnight camp. Sending a child with a friend can also sometimes be easier for a parent who never went to camp themselves. If going with a friend is how to get them to camp, we are mindful of that,” adds Landman. Jackowitz says the more information they have from families when children come to camp together, the better. “There is no one size fits all. It comes down to the relationship between the two friends and how they work. We will set them up for success either way which might mean separating them and putting them in different bunks or maybe it’s best to keep them together. With good communication from the families, we will put a plan in place to ensure that everyone in the bunk has the opportunity to branch out and get to know everyone.” For parents unsure of what to do, Flax suggests talking to the camp director. “The camp director will be able to give you wonderful advice and tools you will need to make camp successful for your child.”



Customizable Five-Week Session for Students Entering Grades 1-10

JUNE 27 - JULY 29, 2022 0251Ζ1* 21/< ȏ (;7(1'(' '$< ȏ $)7(51221 21/< Group Instrumental Instruction ȏ Orchestra ȏ Chamber Music ȏ Chorus Jazz and Popular Music ȏ Piano for Non-Pianists ȏ Music Technology Workshop World Drumming ȏ Chimes ȏ Musicianship ȏ Drama ȏ Visual Arts

ENROLLING NOW! Early-bird discounts available through March 31

www.hbms.org 914-723-1169 | Scarsdale NY




summer camp

one-week sessions for ages 3.5 yrs-18 yrs

ART AR A R RT T m a C p


KAC offering classes for all ages and levels 40 Radio Circle Drive Mount Kisco, NY 10549 • (914) 232-4843

REGISTER NOW! 914-606-7300 or peekskill@sunywcc.edu

sunywcc.edu/peekskill Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


Mental Health at Summer Camp Camp directors on meeting the challenge for today’s kids By Jess Michaels


ith more children and young adults experiencing mental health challenges, summer camps have needed to adjust over the years, especially during COVID, to help meet the needs of their campers and staff. Jamie Sirkin, Owner and Director of Summer Trails Day Camp in Westchester and President of the New York State Camp Directors Association, has advocated for almost a decade along with other camp directors to get a law passed that would allow camps in the state to hire licensed professionals such as social workers to work at camp. This past July, the law passed,


giving camps the option to hire licensed professionals for their campers and staff. “Camp directors have seen more children arriving at camp with eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Then there are just the things that happen during a typical summer such as a child being upset about their favorite counselor leaving,” explains Sirkin. “This law will give camps the option to have a professional on hand to help children, along with young adult staff, deal with the baggage they come to camp with and to process the things that happen during the camp season.” When children are prepared before heading off to camp, they feel less anxious about the new experience and ease into camp life easier. “Children who go to camp with

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

positive expectations go into camp excited. We have ramped up a lot of what we do prior to camp to help kids have a smoother adjustment,” explains Matt Krouner, Owner and Director of Camp Schodack, a coed overnight camp in NY. “There are new camper days, home visits, and each camper has a big brother or a big sister. We are having more contact with parents and zoom calls for new parents leading up to camp which is above and beyond what we have done in the past. Our goal is to set positive expectations so campers feel a sense of place before getting to camp.” Camp Schodack also tells campers before the summer that within the first week of camp, they can choose a staff member to be their check-in person. “Campers can identify a person on the leadership team or a counselor that they can go to if they need support. When a child picks the person, it

also makes a staff member feel amazing and connected to the person that chose them,” says Krouner. As camps opened up last summer after a year of COVID, they were prepared for children to come to camp with limited social interactions from a lack of get-together with friends, few extracurricular activities and remote learning. “We knew kids were desperate for social interactions that they couldn’t have for the 18 months prior to camp,” says Krouner. “We went into the summer with a plan to have increased check-ins with campers but most of those weren’t necessary. Children found their stride quickly and felt protected and safe at camp. Staff on the other hand felt more limited at camp without their normal days off out of camp due to COVID and it effected their experience. We’ve made some changes to make sure our staff feel supported. I’ve hired a staff liaison, which is like a staff cruise ship director, to focus on the needs of our staff and to adjust things as the summer goes on.” Sirkin explains that as kids were back at camp after many months in isolation, simple

“Children who go to camp with positive expectations go into camp excited. We have ramped up a lot of what we do prior to camp to help kids have a smoother adjustment.” things like dealing with disappointment, learning to share or taking turns was a struggle for them. “These were things we always taught at camp and now half of the group was having difficulty and the

counselors had to manage things on a different level then previous summers. These are not necessarily part of a counselor’s skillset. For next summer, we will enhance this part of our staff training to include mindfulness, taking a break, behavioral management and communication skills.” The camp director and leadership teams at both day and overnight camps are there to help both campers and staff, however, it’s important for parents to be honest with the camp about any challenges a child may be having. “When you send your child to camp, you are forming a partnership with the camp director. You want to let the director know if your child has had any recent changes in their life or is experiencing any issues that would be helpful for the camp leadership team to know ahead of time. Being upfront with what is going on will help the camp set your child up for a successful summer. If you leave them in the dark, they won’t necessarily be able to support them in the best possible way,” says Davina Angus, Executive Director of the American Camp Association, NY and NJ.

“The best thing about Mosholu Day Camp is everything!”

A traditional day camp where more is less!

Located at Lake Cohasset in Harriman State Park 261 Arden Valley Road, Southfields, NY 10975 CALL 845.243.0751��VISIT CAMPMOSHOLU.COM��EMAIL MOSHOLUDAYCAMP@GMAIL.COM

Est. 1942

Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


Getting Organized for Camp! By Laura Kinsella of Urbanorganyze.com


ummer camp is an incredible opportunity for your child to learn, socialize, and grow! And while you may be feeling a lot of conflicting emotions (overwhelm, excitement and tears to name a few), having an organized plan will make you feel more in control, and set your camper up for a seamless summer of fun! Start early Your camp will provide a packet of useful information well before summer with good reason! Shopping and gathering camp specific items takes time. Give yourself a few weeks so there is time to run to the store, order online, and exchange (did their feet really grow a whole shoe size over winter?!) Choose an area in your home where you can start to assemble everything. There will be some things you need to purchase new, and others you are simply collecting from your home. Having a spot for everything to land and review before you pack, avoids neglecting items or packing the same thing twice. Set appointments Just like the start of the school year, there will be required medical forms that need to be submitted. Make sure your child is up to date with checkups, and you have updated records from their pediatrician. If your child is gone for the full summer, it may also be important to see the dentist, get a haircut, and refill any necessary prescriptions. Add what matters to the list Consider what items are important that may not be on the provided camp list. Perhaps


your child wears contacts, takes fiber gummies to stay regular, or has a favorite stuffed animal that they simply cannot be without. Including their specific essentials will make your child feel “at home”, especially if this is their first camp experience!

der and ensure everyone has what they need! Adhere fabric labels (or use a name stamp customized with your child’s first and last name) to everything in your pile. If you’re in a bind, a simple sharpie from your junk drawer will do the trick too!

But more importantly, subtract. Camp lists are guidelines, not strict regulations. If you know your child will never remember to use conditioner or a washcloth, save your money and invest in a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner & body wash instead. Avoid sending anything that holds irreplaceable value. Camp is particularly rough on clothing, so hand-me-downs or second hand items are ideal!

Group like items and pack! Now that you’ve gathered and labeled your custom camp list, it’s time to group like-withlike and pack! For day camps: A lightweight backpack with the following: Daily water bottle, swim gear & towel (or tailor to your camp’s specific activities), ziplock for wet items, ziplock with a set of dry clothing, hat/sunglasses, SPF, & bug spray. If you’re required to bring lunch and snacks, choose an insulated bag to help keep items cool. Don’t forget to label everything from their sunglasses to their goggles. For sleepaway: A rolling trunk with the following: Packing cubes or ziplock bags (the 2-3 gallon kind) for each individual category (la-

Label everything (yes, even their toothbrush and underwear!) As responsible as your child may be, items will inevitably get mixed up in a bunk or during a water activity when clothes are coming on and off quickly. Labels are the only way your child and counselors will maintain or-

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Daycamp List:

*Take note of Covid-19 policies, such as masking, vaccination requirements, testing, etc. • Backpack • Water bottles • Ziplock bag for wet items to come home in • Ziplock bag for dry clothing • Swimsuits, towels & goggles (*tailor this to your specific camp if water sports are not offered) -Footwear (sneakers & waterproof shoes) • Back up set of clothing • Sunglasses • Sunscreen & bug spray • Special costumes or clothing for themed days • Insulated bag for lunch or snacks (*if required)

beled of course!) You want to keep it simple so your child doesn’t need a treasure map to find their socks. General categories can include: socks & underwear, sleepwear, tees, bottoms, swim & rain gear, toiletries, bedding, theme days, & bunk junk. Store larger bedding in a separate duffle, or large clear bag. Pack a bedside organizer (to mimic a nightstand) so your camper has a place for the little odds and ends to land, especially when it’s time for lights out! Walk your child through their trunk so they know what they have, and more importantly where to find it. For extra measure, tape their custom camp list on the inside of their trunk. This serves as a little “cheat sheet”, as well as a reminder of what they’ll need to pack when it’s time to come home. If your overnighter is interested in sending camp letters, it doesn’t hurt to prestamp and pre address the envelopes. Let’s put it this way: if you want to increase the odds of actually receiving a love note over the summer, it’s a must! For daycamp, streamline your morning and evening routine Hang the camp calendar near the family command center so you remember things like “wear your PJs” day, or “silly hat” day. The same goes for if your child will be going on field trips where they may need a solid colored shirt or special shoes. Keep a caddy by the front door of SPF, bug

Sleepaway Must Haves:

*Take note of Covid-19 policies, such as masking, vaccination requirements, testing, etc. • Trunk & large duffle (with inventory list & family photo taped inside!) • Packing cubes and/or ziplock bags • Fitted sheet, sleeping bag/ blanket & pillow • Hanging organizer for bed • Lightweight backpack • Water bottles • Clothing (plenty of socks & underwear, and approximately 1 week’s worth of clothing: pjs, tees, long sleeved shirts, shorts, pants, themed/event clothing, sweatshirts, weather specific items, etc.) • Footwear (sneakers, waterproof shoes, boots, event shoes) • Swimwear (swimsuits, goggles, towel, etc.) • Sunscreen, bug spray & bug bite cream • Rain gear • Hat or sunglasses • Flashlight or headlamp • Hanging shower caddy that drains • Toiletries & shower items (towel, shampoo/conditioner/body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic cup for rinsing, hair brush, hair ties, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, aloe vera, etc.) • Laundry bag • Extra batteries • Medications (*check with camp policy regarding who collects and handles these)

spray, a brush, hair ties, etc. to make mornings a little more manageable and efficient. When your child arrives home, encourage them to clear out their backpack to ensure food containers don’t spoil and those wet items have time to dry without getting smelly. Teach problem solving As much as we want to think summer camp will be all peaches and cream, there will be times our children will get hurt, find them-

Sleepaway Nice To Haves:

• Snacks *check policy on food and care-packages • Bunk decor (photos, strings lights, etc.) • Tape or sticky tact for hanging photos or decor • Pens, pencils and a notebook • Stationery, stamps and a list of names and addresses. (Pro tip: pre stamp and pre address envelopes!) • Clip-on battery operated fan • Bunk junk: small cards, games, fidget toys, binder for trading cards, etc. -white t-shirts and bright colored shirts (for tye dye or color war) • Waterproof watch • Books • Polaroid or disposable camera • Camp chair

selves in a situation where they need something, or are working through something upsetting. Communicate with your child who they can turn to (friends, counselors & staff) no matter the circumstance (whether they’ve wet themselves, are in need of feminine hygiene products, or are just missing home.) If your child is attending sleep away, sending a letter in advance of their arrival is another way to combat homesickness and to remind them you are always there for them, even from afar! Let go! Camp is a unique experience in which your child is discovering the world through a different lens (parent-free!) It is more likely than not that they’ll come home with paint under their fingernails and a whole trunk of missing socks. But they’ll also come home with gained confidence and independence, and for that, it’ll all be worth it! Laura Kinsella is a mom, wife and owner of Urban OrgaNYze, a New York City based professional home organizing company. Since 2015, she has helped transform hundreds of homes to be more efficient, elegant, and meaningful. She has been featured as a Professional Organizer on A&E’s Hoarders, and more! She loves color-coded closets, The Container Store, and everything about being a mama, minus the glitter.

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Acres of Adventure Summer Camp @ Ann & Andy’s 2170 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford 914-592-3027 acresofadventure-summercamp.com Acres of Adventure Summer Camp at Ann & Andy’s is a one to nine-week summer camp with an emphasis on outdoors for children ages 3 months to 14 years. They offer customized schedules, individualized attention and hot lunches including barbeque Fridays. All buildings are air-conditioned. Visit the website for more details. Call for open house dates.

Amadeus Music, Theater and Art Camp 201 King Street, Chappaqua amadeusconservatory.com amadeusconservatory.com/programs/ summer-camp/ amadeusconservatoryofmusic@gmail. com 914 238 0388 OLIVER! Performing arts musical theater, music and art camp for ages 3 - 15. Sing, dance, act in a musical, study two instruments with Amadeus faculty, create and exhibit fine art, design and paint sets. Have fun with outdoor play and sports. Culminates in a musical performance in a theater. Camp fosters the joys of self expression and creativity. Half day 9:00 - 12:00, Full day 9:00 - 3:00. Session 1 June 27 - July 15 . Session 2 July 18 - Aug 5. Weekly sessions available.


Armonk Tennis Club Summer Camps 546 Bedford Road, Armonk, NY 914.273.8124 armonktennis.com desk@armonktennis.com No matter your interests, Armonk Tennis Club has a summer program for you. Looking to raise your tennis game? Armonk International Tennis Academy’s Advanced and Junior camps allow players of all levels to improve in a fun and challenging environment. Wanting to experience a variety of different sports? Camp Armonk Sports mixes up the lineup each week so kids constantly learn new athletic skills. Hoping to expand your mind? Mad Science uses science experiments and art activities to broaden campers’ horizons. Programs run June 27-August 25 for ages 5-17. Learn more and register today at armonktennis.com/summercamps.

Beth El Day Camp 1324 North Avenue, New Rochelle 914- 235-2700, ext.256 bethelnr.org Beth El Day Camp is the place to be for ages 2-8! This fun camp is widely recognized as the best-in-class day camp in Westchester. Activities: Sports, Tennis, Swim, Music, Art, STEM, Yoga, Karate, and much more. Delicious fresh lunch and towel service included. Beth El Day Camp is known for its nurturing environment and commitment to safety. They have the best-trained professional staff and a low child-tostaff ratio. Whether this is your child’s first camp experience or not, at Beth El everything begins with love and ends in fun. Before and after care offered 7am-7pm. Visit betheldaycamp.org for program information and dates.

Artistree Performing Arts 114 W. Boston Post Road Mamaroneck, NY 10543 914-835-2200 info@artistreearts.com artistreearts.com Sing, dance, perform, and have the greatest summer theatre experience at Camp Artistree! Artistree Performing Arts puts on exciting musicals for grades K-4th and 5th-9th in their 3-week programs, and also has weeklong options for Preschool-9th graders! Our Summer 2022 season includes: Bye Bye Birdie, Jr., 101 Dalmatians, Kids, Annie, Kids, and High School Musical 2, Jr.! This summer you will also see content from Wicked, Frozen, and even more Disney on Broadway! Artistree Performing Arts can’t wait to spend the summer with you at Camp Artistree! Instagram: @artistreearts Facebook: Artistree Performing Arts.

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

Camp Combe Summer Day Camp 684 Peekskill Hollow Road Putnam Valley, NY YMCA-cnw.org campoffice@ymca-cnw.org Located on the YMCA of CNW’s beautiful 100 acres facility in Putnam Valley, the Camp Combe Day Camp serves campers ages 4-14. Their mini-camp, big camp, and leadership development LIT/CIT programs provide campers with the opportunity to participate in all the traditional camp activities such as swimming, hiking, ziplining, archery, and so much more. Camp Combe provides campers with the opportunity to grow and explore while surrounded by a community of friends that will last a lifetime! One thing we know for sure: Kids need Camp Combe now more than ever! There’s No Place Like Combe!

Independent Lake Camp is a premier overnight camp in the Pocono Mountains of PA offering an impressive array of activities. ILC is dedicated to being a diverse community with powerful individualized programming, and top-notch facilities & staff. We have been cultivating respect, creativity and understanding in a challenging and nurturing environment since 1992. · 2-8 week sessions · Ages 6-17 · Elective Program

Session 1: June 26th - July 10th Session 2: July 10th - July 31st Session 3: July 31st - August 21st

Independentlake.com 800-399-2267 info@independentlake.com

Circus & Flying Trapeze - Performing Arts - Dance - Magic - Music & Recording Studio Sports & Fitness - Pool & Private Lake - Fine & Digital Arts - Movie Making - Skateboarding High Ropes & Climbing - Role Playing Games - Nature - Horseback Riding

Spend the summer with Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson

Rock Hill Camp Mahopac, NY

Camp Addisone Boyce Tomkins Cove, NY Visit www.girlscoutshh.org/camp for more details. Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


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Camp Half Blood 929-397-9393 info@plato-learning.com Myths come to life, monsters attack, and heroes must rise! Welcome to CampHalf-Blood, where every day is a new adventure. From swordplay to potion-making, campers build the courage and learn the skills needed to become the champion of their own story. Join this summer for a camp experience unlike any other. Locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island provide kids all over NYC the opportunity to rise together as heroes and have a magical summer. Visit the website for dates, pricing, and more information. Be a part of the adventure, sign up now!

Camp Ramaquois 30 Mountain Road, Pomona, NY (only 20 mins. from Mario Cuomo Bridge) 845-354-1600 campramaquois.com Camp Ramaquois is not like every other camp. Their day camp for boys and girls ages 3 to 15 in Pomona, NY (only 20 minutes from the Mario Cuomo Bridge) provides a truly authentic camp experience. Their magnificent 44 acres, 5-acre lake, nine heated swimming pools, and exceptional facilities and programs allow them to provide children with a dynamic and memorable summer filled with love, warmth, and being part of a special community. Campers are encouraged to take healthy risks, learn new skills, develop relationships with their peers and counselors, develop independence and assume responsibility.

Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning Summer Camp 1720 Crotona Avenue, Bronx NY 718-247-7420 caryleedsinfo@nyjtl.org The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis and Learning offers Summer Camp from June 20 to August 8, for junior ages 5 to 18 years old. All levels are welcome, from beginners in the development level program to the advanced players in the high-performance level. Players will train to develop necessary tennis technique, improve consistency and create basic patterns of play for effective point construction. Included is a fitness component designed to improve players’ footwork, balance, speed and overall strength. Camp hours run from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

ACT OUT THIS SUMMER! in coopera�on with The City of Stamford

For over 30 years, Curtain Call, Inc. has offered drama�c arts programs for young and old!

Our Summerstock Full-Day Workshops: Two-week sessions run throughout the summer! Students work in age-appropriate groups rota�ng between specialized instructors to build self-confidence, performance skills, crea�ve ins�ncts, stronger social skills and teamwork. Summerstock Programs for Grades 6 to 12 June 27 - July 8, & July 11 - 22; Mon. to Fri., 9:30pm - 4:30pm Summerstock Junior Programs for Grades K to 5: July 25 - August 5, & August 8 - 19; Mon. to Fri., 10am - 3pm 24

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

Located at Sterling Farms 1349 Newfield Ave., Stamford, CT 06905

www.curtaincallinc.com brian@curtaincallinc.com 203-329-8207

Crestwood Music Education Center Clay Art Center Challenge Camp Iona College 715 North Avenue New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-779-6024 info@challengecamps.com challengecamps.com Challenge Camp is an ACA accredited day camp focused on STEM and Arts enrichment for creative children ages 4-15 at a new location, Iona College in New Rochelle.Challenge offers over 100 STEM and Arts project based electives to engage and inspire campers. Courses range from 3D Printing, App Development, Art, Chess, Coding, Cooking, Drones, Dungeons & Dragons, Escape Room, E-Sports, Filmmaking, Game Design, Lego, Magic, Makerspace, Minecraft, Photography, Podcasting, Robotics, Rocketry, Theater, VR and more! Active sports options including on-site swimming allow campers to challenge their minds and bodies. To learn more about this innovative enrichment program visit: www.challengecamps.com

40 Beech Street, Port Chester, NY 914-937-2047 clayartcenter.org Have your kids unplug with mud at Clay Art Center’s award-winning, weekly, themed, half- and full-day summer camps for ages 7–15 from June 27 - August 19. Focusing on wheel throwing, hand-building and sculpture, campers will be shown a variety of techniques on and off the wheel. They will craft everything from mythical creatures, animals and world culture artifacts to handmade cups, bowls and plates.

Weekly enrollment for both Sleep-away and day camp sessions

870 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale 914-961-3497 info@crestwoodmusic.com Crestwoodmusic.com Located in downtown Scarsdale. For over 35 years, CMEC has offered private lessons in piano, guitar, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, drums and percussion instruments for students of all ages and levels. This worldclass faculty will be providing this summer, a premier music education experience! CMEC has one of the most comprehensive chamber music and orchestral programs in the tri-state area as well as their well-renowned Suzuki and Jazz/Rock programs. CMED will now be hosting Starlight Starbright Music’s Music Together classes for children from birth through kindergarten age beginning this summer!

Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Camp located IN rIVERHEAD, lONG ISLAND ny

Farm & Horticulture Archery High Ropes

Outdoor Skills Performing arts



Nature and Ecology


Dpf4hCamp@cornell.edu Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


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Curtain Call Located at Sterling Farms 1349 Newfield Ave., Stamford, Conn. 203-329-8207 curtaincallinc.com/summer-programs brian@curtaincallinc.com CURTAIN CALL’S SUMMERSTOCK FULL-DAY WORKSHOPS FOR GRADES K TO 12: Summer is a time for kids to ACT OUT and what better way than in Curtain Call’s Summerstock Workshops! Our full day programs offer intense focus in acting, improv, Shakespeare, voice and dance/ movement, and help build confidence and skills. In age-appropriate groups, students rotate between specialized instructors. Each session culminates in a showcase of student work and takes place at our professional theatre facility at Sterling Farms in Stamford, Conn. No experience required. Sibling discounts, scholarships and payment plans are available. Sessions run two-weeks June 27 through August 19, 2022.

Dorothy P Flint 4-H Camp

Fairview Lake YMCA Camps

3186 Sound Ave., Riverhead, NY 516-832-2591 Ext. 11 DPF4HCamp@cornell.edu This 140-acre property includes both a Day Camp and a Sleepaway Camp option. With fun programs in all diverse areas. Whether you’re on our Active Farm, on the Long Island Sound and Beach, or in the Woods, there is truly something for everybody. The mission of New York State 4-H Camps is to provide a positive learning environment (in an outdoor setting) focusing on community building, friendships, fun, healthy living, and give hands-on learning experiences that help campers grow, belong, and thrive. Being one of the oldest 4H camp in the state, Dorothy P Flint 4-H Camp is dedicated to ensuring your child’s safety and fun while offering high quality 4H educational programs. All in and environment that allows for personal growth in which diverse youth and adults reach their fullest potential as capable, competent, and caring citizens.

1035 Fairview Lake Road, Newton, NJ973-383-9282 airviewlakeymca.org Two Great Camps. One Great Summer! Fairview Lake YMCA Camps offers traditional, specialty, ranch, adventure, and leadership programs that will help your child learn, grow and thrive. New in 2022 is Lake in the Woods YMCA Camps – a 5-day-a-week sleepaway camp where kids are home on the weekend. Located in Northwest NJ, the main campus of Fairview Lake is a beautiful private 660-acre camp. Lake in the Woods is located just a few minutes away at the state-of-the-art Blair Academy Campus. Whichever program you choose for your child, they are in for an unforgettable summer!

Camp Combe Summer Day Camp


2022 SeaSon

June 13 – August 26 • Annie, Kids • 101 Dalmations, Kids • High School Musical 2, Jr. • Bye Bye Birdie, Jr. Enroll at ArtistreeArts.com • 914-835-2200


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Fieldston Summer Camps 3901 Fieldston Road, Riverdale, NY 718- 329-7300 summer.ecfs.org sap@ecfs.org Fieldston Summer Camps provide a fun, eventful summer for all ages. Fieldston Sports Camps, Future Leaders, and Mini Camp are all comprehensive programs covering a spectrum of subjects and interests designed to engage campers. Our programs and classes range from outdoor adventure to educational, sports, and S.T.E.A.M. All camps are held at on campus in Riverdale. To learn more about Summer 2022 registration, visit at https://summer.ecfs.org/

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, Inc. Rock Hill Camp (Resident Camp) 300 Wixon Pond Road Mahopac, NY 10541 Camp Addisone Boyce (Day Camp) 30 Mott Farm Road Tomkins Cove, NY 10986 1-855-232-GSHH (4744) girlscoutshh.org/camp Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, Inc. (GSHH) offers two summer camps for girls who will be entering grades 1-12 in fall 2022, a day camp and a resident camp. Camp Addisone Boyce in Tomkins Cove, NY is GSHH’s day camp, and boasts a large lake for boating, hiking trails, a low ropes course, and a pool. Rock Hill Camp in Mahopac, NY is the council’s resident camp featuring 190 wooded acres with cabins and platform tents, a lake for boating and swimming, hiking trails, an archery range, ropes courses, and plenty of space for badge work, crafts, and games!

Green Chimneys Summer Camps 400 Doansburg Road, Brewster, NY 33 Clearpool Road, Carmel, NY 845.225.8226 x603 greenchimneys.org/camps For 50 years, Green Chimneys has blended great camp traditions with dynamic outdoor experiences to create exciting and educational summers full of memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Serving youth from ages 4-15, Green Chimneys Summer Camps recognize each child’s individuality, his/her desire to discover the world, and who they are in it. Two scenic Putnam County locations (Brewster and Carmel) offer a full roster of activities that includes sports, outdoor adventure, arts & crafts, nature study, animals & wildlife, swim, boating, and more!

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Hoff-Barthelson Music School

Harvey Summer Day Camp 260 Jay Street Katonah, NY 10536 914 232 0581 cavaliercamp@harveyschool.org At the Harvey School Day Camp, children in grades 1-9 will participate in the arts, sports, science, music, and theater as well as games and campwide events. In addition, campers in grades 5-8 can also choose to take a more in-depth approach by attending their Art Camp, Dance Camp, or Sports Camp. Dates: June 27 through August 5, 2022, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are closed July 4th. They also offer specialty camps in Circus Arts, Robotics, and Basketball. See their website for program information and dates.

25 School Lane, Scarsdale 914-723-1169 hbms.org registration@hbms.org Hoff-Barthelson Music School is the ideal setting for a stimulating, fun-filled summer for students in grades 1-10. Summertime is perfect for students to try new instruments, experiment musically, take daily lessons, and perform weekly. Students make great progress and form lasting friendships over the program’s customizable five-week session – June 27 – July 29. Students choose programs tailored to their individual interests including instrumental classes, singing, chamber music, chorus, large ensembles, visual arts, composing with technology, popular music and jazz. Their exceptional faculty provide personalized attention to each student. Morning, afternoon, and extended day options available. Early-bird discounts available through March 31.

Amadeus Musical Theater and Art Camp

iD Tech 1-888-709-8324 iDTech.com Register today for Summer 2022! iD Tech can’t wait for your child to walk the halls of their dream campus, bond with new friends and mentors, and experience the magic that’s made them the world’s #1 tech camp for over two decades. Held at Manhattanville College and prestigious campuses nationwide. Weeklong and two-week sessions for ages 7-18 in coding, game dev, robotics, creative arts, and more. Virtual Tech Camps and online courses also available.



Acting, Singing, Private Music Instruction, Ensembles Choreography, Art 3 - 6 week sessions

June 27 – August 5 Full or Half Day 914.238.0388 Chappaqua, NY amadeusconservatory.com amadeusconservatoryofmusic@gmail.com 28

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Register now at ryeycamp.org

Ages 3-14: Kinder, Discovery, STEAM, Sports & Gymnastics Camps

KAC Kisco Art Center

Independent Lake Camp 70 Clark Road, Thompson, PA 800-399-2267 independentlake.com Independent Lake Camp is a premier overnight camp in the Poconos for ages 6-17. ILC is dedicated to being a diverse community with powerful individualized programming, and top-notch facilities & staff. Independent Lake Camp has been offering respect, creativity and understanding in a challenging and nurturing environment for 30 years. The friendships and connections that are developed at ILC are what makes our community so special. They are a fantastic circus, sports, dance, performing arts, music, aquatics, fine & digital arts, skateboarding, high ropes, role playing games, nature and equestrian camp all rolled into one.

40 Radio Circle, Mt. Kisco 914-232-4843 kackisco.com Art & Imagination Camps (ages 3.5-5) geared towards the creative spirit of the young child. Kids Camp (grades 1-5) small groups enable students to receive individual attention in a family-like atmosphere. Teen Camp (grades 6+) each session will focus intensively on a topic, building the skills needed to explore the subject independently. After-school and weekend classes are also available!

Mosholu Day Camp 261 Arden Valley Road, Southfields, NY 845-243-0751 mmcc.org/camp For 80 years, Mosholu Day Camp has been providing affordable quality camping to children ages 5-16 from all over the area. Sitting on beautiful Lake Cohasset at Harriman State Park, they offer children a place to develop, experience, and enjoy nature, while taking part in unforgettable summer activities like swimming, boating, sports, music, rock climbing, high ropes, arts, and everything else you’d come to expect from an awesome summer day camp! Lunch & Snack Included - Free Transportation - Buses with A/C - 8-Week Summer Season - Weekly Options Available. Visit mosholudaycamp.com by April 15 for early bird specials.

award winner 2017 inspectors choice! celebrating 49 years

Primary (Grades K-3) Choice (Grades 4-9) Offering Stimulating Courses Like: • Computers • Swimming • Robotics • Project Runway • Digital Photography • International Cooking • Baseball • Soccer • Grand Prix Racers • & Much More!

Maria regina hs, hartsdale

Transportation & Extended Day • Hot Lunch included

SquirecampS.com • 914-328-3798 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022 | WestchesterFamily.com


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tor amie@mbyc-ny.com. For private event inquiries, please email Robert McSweeney, Director of Events robert@ mbyc-ny.com.”

Pine Brook Fitness

​ Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club 555 S Barry Avenue - Mamaroneck 914-698-1130 Mamaroneckbeachandyacht.com ​Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club invites you to explore the future of Mamaroneck Beach + Yacht Club. Under the stewardship of new owners with decades of experience in hospitality and architecture, MBYC is being reimagined as a private membership club with unparalleled service. ​Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club has created a world where relaxed elegance meets a new world luxury lifestyle. A place where tranquility begins from the moment you arrive. A place where you and your family will create cherished summer memories. Exceptional service, attention to detail, the warmth of their staff and unmistakable style will make MBYC a recognized icon and a beloved destination by its members. ​Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club hopes that you will join them and become a part of their new family and look forward to meeting you. “For membership inquiries, please email Amie Russo, Membership Direc-

Oasis Day Camps - Dobbs Ferry Oasischildren.com Oasis in Dobbs Ferry is an affordable premier Westchester day camp located on the beautiful Mercy College campus overlooking the Hudson. Children, ages 3 to 16, are invited to take part in activities centered around sports, the arts, nature, daily instructional and recreational swimming, and most importantly, social emotional growth. Offering a variety of camp experiences, Oasis in Dobbs Ferry has something for everyone! The traditional summer camp program includes children grades K-6, Teen Travel & Jr. Teen Travel programs, as well as an ESIC (Early Start Imagination Camp) for the newest campers, ages 3-5. Oasis in Dobbs Ferry is a place to experience amazing summers & make lifelong friends!


3-10 3-10

130 Rhodes Street New Rochelle, NY 10801 914-636-1019 info@pinebrookfitness.com Pinebrookfitness.com Pine Brook Fitness offers two summer camps: Rock climbing at The Rock Club and tennis at The New Rochelle Racquet Club. Their spacious indoor facilities keep campers cool on the hot days and dry on the rainy days. Campers are grouped according to age and skill level to ensure they get the most out of the summer camp program. Their friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate staff teaches the sports in a fun and supportive environment. Spend a day, week or the whole summer climbing, playing tennis, or both. They look forward to seeing you this summer!

M a k e O u r S t a g e Yo u r s


Westchester's #1for Youth Soccer Program Soccer Program for 20+ years 20+ years Half -Day Camps + Half -Day Camps + Weekly Classes Classes Weekly

Multiple Locations Locations & & Multiple Program Options Options Program Private Camps Camps Available Available Private – We We Come Come to to You You – Multi-week Discount Discount Multi-week




WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

Spring & Summer Ages 4-17

Enrolling Now!



playgroup.org Acting Classes for Kids Family Theatre (Live)

2019 2018

We’re honored. Thank you!

Play Group Theatre Summer Camps One N. Broadway, White Plains, NY 914-946-4433 playgroup.org Get IN on the ACT this summer with The Play Group Theatre’s inspirational and innovative Performing Arts Camps! With programs in Musical Theatre, On Camera, Improv, Sketch Comedy, Shakespeare, Stage Combat, Design/ Tech and more, there is something for everyone at Camp PGT! From online to on stage and everything in between, Camp PGT offers the best in educational theatre year-round. Limited spots available for all PGT indoor/outdoor in-person summer 2022 camps for ages 4-17. Visit playgroup. org/summer to find the perfect PGT program for your young artist today.

Purchase Day Camp

River Friends Day Camp

3095 Purchase St., Purchase, NY 914-949-2636 camp@purchasehouse.com purchasedaycamp.com Purchase Day Camp offers a broadbased program in a low-key, noncompetitive atmosphere. Flexible enrollment options for 3 through 16 year olds include full-day, mini-day and half-day options. PDC has excellent camper-counselor ratios with 130 TEAM members for 330 campers and teachers leading the groups. Facilities include four heated swimming pools, two playgrounds, multiple play fields, gaga pit, tennis court, mini golf and more. Program highlights include instructional and free swim daily, tennis, zip line, rocketry, woodworking, cooking, crafts, sports daily and more. Transportation and lunch are included. Check our website to see why everyone says, “I just LOVE it here!”

371 S. Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591 914-366-7898 Riverfriends@shamesjcc.org www.shamesjcc.org/river-friends-daycamp/ River Friends Day Camp, located in the heart of the Rivertowns at the Shames JCC on the Hudson, is all of the adventure and excitement of big-kid camp with focus on the needs of young campers. Swim (in a heated pool), sports, playground time, STEM, music, nature and animals, gardening, yoga, water-play, and crafts are just a sampling of what’s in store. River Friends offers flexible weekly schedule schedules, a staff of professional educators and counselors tailor the camp day to suit the unique needs of children ages 2 to 6.

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Steffi Nossen School of Dance

Rye YMCA Camps

Squire Camps

camp@ryeymca.org ryeycamp.org Camps for ages 3-14 include: Kinder, Discovery, STEAM, Sports, Gymnastics and Leaders in Training. Rye Y Camps are ACA accredited and led by a team of full-time professional directors. RYE YMCA CAMPS has a dedicated summer staff that are selected for their strong character, maturity, enthusiasm and commitment to Y values and serve as Professional Role Models for our campers. (1:4 camper ratios for our youngest groups and up to 1:10 for our oldest campers) Extended care available. RYE YMCA CAMPS adheres to safety guidelines to keep your children safe. Learn more and register at ryeycamp.org

Maria Regina School, Hartsdale 914-328-3798 squirecamps.com A camp for the child who wants it all. Award winning programs celebrating 49 yrs of locally owned operation. Children choose their own schedule. Choose from over 50 different activities including photography, cooking, swimming, arts, robotics, sports and more. Campers may choose four, three or a total of seven weeks. Hot lunch is included. Courses are taught by certified teachers. Transportation available. Director: Matt Davanzo.

216 Central Ave., White Plains 914-328-1900 steffinossen.org info@steffinossen.org SummerDance for your child. One week or two, 9 am – 3 pm. In Summer Dance Camps (Grade 1-5) and Intensives Grade 6+) Weeks of July 11 and 18 Dance all Day all Week: Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Composition skills to make your own dances. Musical Theater Camp (Grades 1-5) and Intensive (Grade 5+) weeks of August 1 & 8, dancers, singers, and actors hone dance, voice and acting skills and perform musical theater scenes. Pre-School Story Book Camps explore favorite books in dance and crafts mornings **of June 27 and July 29 in White Plains; June 20-24 in Chappaqua; and July 18 at Greenburgh Nature Center. Happy to help with your dance needs.

FIELDSTON SUMMER CAMPS A fun, eventful summer for all ages Choose your own six-week summer adventures by selecting from a variety of activities offered across one of our three camps: Fieldston Sports Camps, Future Leaders, and Mini Camp are comprehensive programs covering a spectrum of subjects and interests designed to engage campers. Our programs and classes range from outdoor adventure to educational, sports, and S.T.E.A.M. All camps are held at our campus in Riverdale. Ask about transportation.

To learn more about Summer 2022 registration, please contact Keeniun Brumskill at sap@ecfs.org.



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Super Soccer Stars Multiple Locations 212-877-7171 info@soccerstars.com Soccerstars.com Super Soccer Stars is New York’s #1 youth soccer program for over 20 years! We use the ball as a vehicle to help children not only improve their soccer skills, but also develop selfconfidence, teamwork, and socialization skills. Highly trained, certified coaches work in small groups using an agespecific curriculum, providing each player with individual attention. Choose from FUNdamentals, Advanced Training, or Amazing Athletes multisport program. Half and full-day camp, plus weekly classes available. Private Camps also available – set your own schedule and our coaches will come to you! Save $20 – Promo Code: NYFSUMMER

Thornton-Donovan Summer Challenge

Westchester Community College Peekskill Extension 27 North Division Street Peekskill, NY peekskill@sunywcc.edu 914-606-7300 sunywcc.edu/youth The Youth Arts Technology Program at the Center for the Digital Arts, Peekskill Extension of Westchester Community College is a STEAM program focused on engaging youth in arts technology integration that will better prepare students for advanced study and work in the 21st century. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) focuses on the hybridization of art and science and develops critical creative thinking. These courses are designed to encourage self-expression, collaboration, and innovation. Students will combine manual and digital skills to realize a take-away portfolio project.

100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle 914-632-8836 td.edu Celebrating its 53rd year, the Summer Challenge has been a source of joy, entertainment, and enlightenment for boys and girls ages 3-14 for over half a century. Hundreds and hundreds of campers have learned to swim at T-D. The in-ground pool allows all campers to touch bottom on the shallow end. Instructional and recreational swimming occur daily as well as many other physical activities. OPEN HOUSES ARE SUNDAYS, APRIL 24 AND MAY 1ST FROM 2-4 PM. Contact Annemarie at alicini@td.edu or call 914632-8836 for red carpet treatment.


Friends Friends Memories Memories Art Art


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With our award-winning, weekly-themed summer camps for ages 7 – 15!

CAMPS RUN JUNE 27 – AUGUST 19 Register before March 15th for a 10% Discount!

40 40 Beech Beech Street, Street, Port Port Chester, Chester, NY NY || www.clayartcenter.org www.clayartcenter.org || 914.937.2047 914.937.2047 40 Beech Street, Port Chester, NY | www.clayartcenter.org | 914.937.2047

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WCS Camps 800-433-4149 WCS- Bronx Zoo 2300 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY bzeducation@wcs.org wcs.education/bzcamp WCS- Central Park Zoo 64th Street & 5th Avenue New York, NY cpzeducation@wcs.org wcs.education/cpzcamp WCS- New York Aquarium 602 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY nyaeducation@wcs.org wcs.education/nyacamp WCS- Prospect Park Zoo 450 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY ppzeducation@wcs.org wcs.education/ppzcamp WCS- Queens Zoo 53-51 111th St, New York, NY qzeducation@wcs.org wcs.education/qzcamp Your Child Deserves the SUMMER! Summer Camp is back and in person at all 5 WCS parks. From immersing in a Week of Wildlife at the Bronx Zoo to intimate, community-enriching animal and nature play at our Central Park, Prospect Park or Queens Zoo camps to exploring ocean mysteries as an Ecolo-

gy Detective at the New York Aquarium our camps offer limitless possibilities to young campers of all ages. With exclusive access to exhibits like Dino Safari and Ocean Wonders, unique up-close animal encounters and keeper chats your camper will have an unforgettable adventure! Sign up TODAY!

can be active, build strength, learn new skills, laugh, play, make new friends and build summer memories that last a lifetime

YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester World Cup Gymnastics Summer Camp 170 Joan Corwin Way, Chappaqua 914-238-4967 worldcupgymnastics.com This fun summer camp for youths ages 5 to 12 combines superior gymnastics training with a traditional camp experience ensuring each camper has the best summer. Their state-of-theart complex allows room to engage in tons of recreational activities and gymnastics. Each week there are exciting themed activities involving arts & crafts, cooking, skills training and more. World Cup follows strict Covid-19 protocols and provides a safe, nurturing environment where campers

515 North Street White Plains, NY 10605 ywcawpcw.org For decades, children from the greater Westchester community have grown up at this summer camp. Our program continues to evolve. Children turning four years old through teenagers (coed). Early drop-off and late pick-up until 6:00 pm are available. Eight (8) week program. Minimum of 2 weeks required.

Family Owned & Operated since 1973 Experienced Counselors

Serving children 2 months–14 years of age Licensed by the Health Department

Age appropriate activities including: tween trips, bowling, swimming, golf, drama, sports, water slide, zip-line, climbing wall, arts & crafts, computers, air castle and more!

Covid safety regulations are followed. Call for a Tour and Appointment!


2170 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY www.annandandychildcare.com


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Thinking About Summer? Your Child Deserves the SUMMER! Summer Camp is back and in person at all 5 of our WCS parks.

wcs.education/camps (800) 433-4149 @wcseducation BRONX ZOO



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Superior Gymnastics Training by Certified Instructors Superior Gymnastics Training bybyUSAG USAG Certified Instructors Superior Gymnastics Training USAG Certified Instructors Skills Training Training on on All All Olympic Olympic Events Events Skills Skills Training on All Olympic Events Traditional Camp Including Weekly Field Trips, Traditional Camp Activities Activities Including Weekly Field Trips, Traditional Activities Including Weekly Field Trips, Arts & Crafts CraftsCamp & Summer Summer Games Arts & & Games Arts & Crafts & Summer Games State-Of-The-Art, Fully Air-Conditioned, 19,000 Square State-Of-The-Art, Fully Air-Conditioned, 19,000 Square Foot Foot State-Of-The-Art, Fully Air-Conditioned, 19,000 Square Foot Complex Complex Complex

Call --238 --4967 Call 914 914 or online at Call 914 -238 238 -4967 4967 or register register online at



Build Build Strength and Lasting Friendships Build Strength Strengthand andLasting LastingFriendships Friendships at World Cup Gymnastics’ at World Cup Gymnastics’ at World Cup Gymnastics’


or register online at worldcupgymnastics.com worldcupgymnastics.com worldcupgymnastics.com 170 Joan Corwin Way · Chappaqua · NY

170 Joan Corwin Way · Chappaqua · NY 170 Joan Corwin Way · Chappaqua · NY

The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning offers a full range of Junior Pathway Programs for kids ages 5-18. Each program is designed to improve player skills using age appropriate equipment, and ensures transition throughout the NYJTL pathway. nyjtl.org/caryleeds/programs/juniors

Learn the sport of a lifetime this summer! Play at the state-of-the-art Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning situated in Crotona Park, conveniently located in NYC.

1720 Crotona Avenue Bronx, NY 10457 caryleedsinfo@nyjtl.org 718-247-7420

All levels welcome! (ages 5-18) nyjtl.org/caryleeds/programs/juniors/camps/

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Sunscreens! By Oceane Goriou


unscreen is essential for your kids’ sun protection; whether in day camp or sleepaway camp, pack some up for your child’s summer camp. These sunscreens are gentle on kids’ skin and are free from harmful chemicals. Here are our top picks!

Babo Botanical Baby Skin Mineral Sunscreen* SPF: 50 broad spectrum $16.99

This vegan sunscreen is another perfect choice for babies that have sensitive skin! Babo Botanicals is gluten, soy, and dairyfree. The sunscreen is ultra sheer and lightweight, making it easy to apply on young kids.


All Good Kid’s Sunscreen Lotion*

Babyganics Sunscreen Lotion

SPF: 30 broad spectrum $17

SPF: 50 broad spectrum $9.99

Having a sunscreen that will be gentle on your kid’s skin is something that many parents look for. All Good adds chamomile to their sunscreen which is perfect for soothing sensitive skin. This mineral sunscreen lotion is UVA/ UVB protected, water-resistant, lightweight, non-greasy, and is made with reef-safe ingredients. All Good makes sure that your skin feels great while also being protected!

This plant-based sunscreen seems to be a favorite for many parents! Babyganics is made with certified organic ingredients such as cranberries, raspberries, seed oils, and sunflowers. This sunscreen is a little thicker than other brands, so you only need to apply a small amount to your kids for full coverage!

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Anthelios Mineral Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50 SPF: 50 broad spectrum $33.50

If you’re planning on going out in the sun, don’t forget to bring Anthelio’s sunscreen with you! This sunscreen was made for sensitive skin, adults and kids alike. This sunscreen will protect you from the sun’s UV in and out of water. It is also parabenfree, oil-free and fragrance-free to name a few benefits!

Coola Mineral Body Sunscreen Lotion SPF: 50 broad spectrum $62

Check your pockets and make sure you have this sunscreen in your pocket before you leave! It provides protection for even the most sensitive skin and it’s so lightweight that you won’t even know you’re wearing it. Kids can wear it when they’re leaving the house or even playing in the water. No matter where you go or what you do, this sunscreen will keep your kids protected against the beating sun!

Badger Kids Mineral Sunscreen

Hello Bello Kid’s Mineral Sunscreen

SPF: 40 broad spectrum $17.99

SPF: 50 broad spectrum $13.99

Protect your kids from the grueling sun with the Badger Mineral Sunscreen. It’s water-resistant, hypoallergenic and uses organic ingredients to make sure that the skin is not only protected but nourished. This sunscreen effectively protects kids for 80 minutes in the sun. Plus, it smells like tangerine and vanilla so you won’t have any trouble convincing your kids to put it on!

Put your trust in Hello Bello this summer with their reef-friendly and water-resistant sunscreen! It contains cocoa seed butter, chamomile, cucumber, avocado and more that soothes and moisturizes skin while protecting your kids from the harmful rays of the sun. This sunscreen is reliable, protecting your kids against all three types of UV rays to ensure they stay safe.

Baby Bum Sunscreen Spray*

Tropic Sport SPF 50 Sunscreen*

SPF: 50 broad spectrum $13.99

SPF: 50 broad spectrum $24.99

Baby Bum is a 100% mineral-based and reef-safe sunscreen that protects against UVA/UVB rays. It protects and also hydrates the skin with coconut oil and shea and cocoa butter. This lotion is lightweight, non-greasy, and fragrance-free so parents can feel good about protecting their kid’s skin! When applying to kids, make sure you apply sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure.

This sunscreen is an eco-friendly aluminum tube outside which you can easily dispose of in a recycling bin. Kids can play all day, the sunscreen lasts 80 minutes before needing a new coat and you don’t have to worry about them getting wet because it’s water-resistant for up to 4 hours! Tropic Sport also adds ingredients like Tucuma Seed Butter, Boabab Oil, and Macadamia Nut oil that replenishes lipids to hydrate and moisturize skin.

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Choosing a Camp Last Minute Six tips for procrastinators By Jess Michaels


id you drop the ball on your summer camp research? Don’t worry—there are still some day and overnight camps with availability. Here are six tips to help you navigate the many camp choices and to find a camp last minute for both a safe and successful summer for your children. Do your research Just because you are looking for a camp last minute doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your due diligence. It’s important to find both a camp with availability and one that will be a good fit for your child. First, make sure to speak with the director at the camp you are interested in and be sure you feel comfortable with them. You also want to learn about the camp program and what is offered at the camp. Also make sure to inquire about the staff composition, staff training, safety procedures and if the camp is Accredited by the American Camp Association or at a minimum, licensed by the Department of Health.


Be Flexible When you wait until the last minute to find a camp, you may not be able to get first choice of sessions or even the camp you were hoping for. Please be flexible. You may have to switch your family vacation dates so your child can have a spot in the available session or look into a different camp than you had wanted. The more flexible you are, the better chance of finding the camp you want last minute. Schedule a zoom or tour Get to know the camp director before registering your child for camp. Overnight camp directors will schedule a home visit if possible to get to know your family or at a minimum, set up a zoom call. This will give you a chance to learn about the director and ask key questions about the camp. Day camps will happily schedule a tour for you to see camp and meet the director up until just a short time before camp begins! Think ahead to 2023 If you have an idea of where you want your child to be next year, whether at a day camp

WestchesterFamily.com | Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp 2022

or off to sleepaway camp, think about this now. You can schedule a tour this summer to see camp in action which is one of the best ways to get a feel for a camp. Looking early allows you to secure a spot and also helps you plan financially for camp and take advantage of early bird discounts.

Check references One of the best ways to find out about a camp last minute is to check references. Ask the camp if you can speak to 1-2 families with children the same age as yours. Ask questions about the camp and their family’s experience to learn how they feel the camp is run. Not sure where to start? There are many ways to find a camp. You can talk to friends and see where their child goes but make sure you do your own research based on your own child’s needs. Check out a spring camp fair to speak with numerous camp directors all in one day to find out who still has availability and when. You can also contact the American Camp Association, NY & NJ for free, one-on-one advice in finding a camp. www.acanynj.org

Presented by


Y�u’re Invi�ed!

Meet with day & sleepaway camps in a safe environment to find a great camp for your child.


Saturday, March 5th in Westchester at Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club Sunday, March 6th in Downtown Manhattan at The 14 Street Y Sunday, March 13th in the West Side, Manhattan at Congregation Rodeph Shalom Saturday, March 19th in the East Side, Manhattan at St. Jean Baptiste High School Sunday, March 20th in Cobble Hill Brooklyn at Kane Street Synagogue Saturday, March 26th in Long Island City Queens at The Plaxall Gallery Sunday, March 27th in Park Slope Brooklyn at Congregation Beth Elohim Sponsored by Blue Man Group

One family will win 4 tickets to see the Blue Man Group!

(Must be present to win)

To RSVP and find out more please visit: www.newyorkfamily.com/campfairs or email: summer@newyorkfamily.com

All events are indoors, to attend the camp fair you must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask while inside at all times.

Oasis Park OasisSummer SummerCamp Campat atCentral Dobbs Ferry




PremierCamp, Camp,Uniquely UniquelyAffordable Affordable AAPremier Age-appropriate Expansive North Meadow Programs for Ages 3-15 Summer Private PlayẨ Specialized Athletics ground Program State of the art Air Expanded Visual Conditioned Premier and Performing Arts Indoor Program Exclusive Use Hands-on of Indoor Nature and Private Pool (Swim Science Program instruction)

Fun and Engaging Busing from Various Points Themed Special inWeekly Manhattan Events Wide Variety of Activities Including Arts andIndoor Crafts, Air Conditioned Sports, Theater, Swimming, and Lush Green Athletic and MartialFacilities Arts Outdoor

Instructional and 2-8 Flexible Enrollment Recreational Swim Weeks On-site At Our beautiful Carnival, Dress-up Days, Outdoor Pool Color war Daily Hot Lunch Included Daily Hot Lunch Included

Age-appropriate Programs Daily Travel Program for forTeen Ages 3-15 11-14 Ages

Athletics, Visual/ Performing Arts, Partnership with Central Enrichment, and Robotics Park Conservancy

Transportation Available Daily Travel program for Teens Ages 11-13

DiscoverThe TheDifference DifferenceatatOasis� Oasis� Discover

Mercy Park, College - 555 BroadwaySchool, Dobbs Ferry, 10522 Central Basis Independent UpperNY West Side

Scan Scan to to view view ourour website website

646-519-5057 646-698-1800

dobbs@oasischildren.com centralpark@oasischildren.com

oasischildren.com oasischildren.com