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January 2022

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Greek Goddess

Anastasia Ganias-Gellin of Fancy Peasant on the importance of family, building a business and why moms need to be kind to themselves

Kids on Instagram

The parental controls being launched this year

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Five Full Days In School 2022-2023 FIRST STEPS TO COLLEGE

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call the school office. 685 Tinton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10455 | 718-993-9464 |

January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family



January 2022

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FEATURES 26 | Kids & Sleep How to help your kids get a good night sleep 28 | Cover- Greek Goddess Anastasia Ganias-Gellin shares on her delicious olive oil, family and building a business

Stories & columns 6 | Editor’s Note

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Directories 16 | Catholic School Listings

10 | Mom Hacks Winter Skin: 5 of the best products for combatting seasonal dryness 14 | Family Day Out 7 great New York City ice skating rinks 22 | Camps Camp directors on meeting the challenge for today’s kids 24 | Tech Instagram’s new parental controls for 2022 30 | Craft How to save your kid’s artwork

4 | January 2022

on the Cover Photo: Ana Gambuto | Hair & Makeup: Stefano Antonaizzi | Cover Produced and Written by: Cris Pearlstein |

Thinking of of Thinking Changing Schools? Schools? Changing Experiencethe the Catholic Catholic School School Difference. Difference. Experience

SevenReasons ReasonsWhy WhyMore MoreFamilies Families Across Across New New York York Are Are Seven EnrollingTheir TheirChildren Childrenin in Catholic Catholic Schools Schools Enrolling Safe,nurturing nurturingenvironment environment— —proven provenhealth healthand andsafety safety measures measures 11 Safe, Focuson onthe thewhole wholechild child— —academics, academics,faith, faith,and andcommunity community service service 22 Focus Learningmomentum momentummaintained maintained— —through throughsmaller smallerin-person in-person class class sizes, sizes, tailored tailored 33 Learning instruction,regular regularassessments assessments instruction,

Preparationfor forhigh highschool schooland andbeyond beyond— —self-discipline, self-discipline, advanced advanced prep prep programs programs 44 Preparation Parent-friendly——extended extendeddays, days,welcoming welcomingschool schoolcommunity community 55 Parent-friendly Parentsupport support——free free counseling services, financial aid at participating schools counseling services, financial aid at participating schools 66 Parent Academicachievement achievement— — reading and math proficiency continues to outpace reading and math proficiency continues to outpace 77 Academic national performance in NWEA/MAP Assessments national performance in NWEA/MAP Assessments

Weinvite inviteyou youtotosee seethe theCatholic Catholic School School Difference! Difference! We Admissions for 2022-23 are open now. Apply online or call our helpline to arrange a phone or Admissions for 2022-23 are open now. Apply online or call our helpline to arrange a phone or in-person visit at participating schools. in-person visit at participating schools.

APPLY NOW! NOW! APPLY or call our bilingual helpline: or call our bilingual helpline: (646) 794-2885 (646) 794-2885

January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family


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It is a New Year, and parents know all too well that 2021 had its (Pandemic $#@&%!) challenges. Yet- we always have our stories. Our article on Skating Rinks in NYC (page 14) is rich with information. Features such as Kids & Sleep (page 26) and Instagram’s New Parental Controls (page 24) provide insight and tips on significant parenting issues. We are in this together, and reading about

other parents’ journeys connects us. Cover mom of 3 actress-turned-Greek-olive-oil goddess, Anastasia Ganias-Gellin (page 28), chatted with NYF contributor Cris Pearlstein about getting messy in the kitchen and why she thinks moms should stop feeling ashamed about it getting all the help they need. Heck yes!So hello 2022 — we’re ready for you.

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6 | January 2022

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SS ,



St. Raymond Elementary School NE

S OR AR O V EIs Part Where Your Child of Our Family R 150 YE


We offer full-day academic programs for Pre-K3 through Grade 8, advanced level math and science, honors and remediation programs, computer and science labs, sports, a fitness center, and a broad array of extracurricular activities.

Now accepting online applications for the 2022-2023 school year! Visit to apply online! FREE EARLY DROP-OFF

SS ,
















St. Raymond Elementary School Fr. James Cruz, Pastor | Eugene Scanlon, Principal 2380 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462

718-597-3232 • January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family




To provide a rigorous college readiness program and career preparatory learning environment that provides students with a foundation of the necessary skills to pursue college or a career in the architecture, engineering, and the construction industries.


• 98% Graduation Rate • Rigorous college course sequence that allows students to earn college credits while attending AECI. • Architectural Drawing, Drafting, Revit, and AutoCad classes prepare students for certification exams in the architecture field. • Robust Internships and partnerships provide our students with scholarships in the architecture field. • Six counselors on staff to support whole student development. • AECI Core Values of Perseverance, Achievement, Integrity and Respect develop our students into young professionals.


• Use of UV Lighting to disinfect classrooms daily • HEPA Air Filtration units utilized in all AECI classrooms PPE Equipment (hand sanitizer, masks, disinfectant wipes) provided daily • Digital temperature scanning performed daily • Tri-Fold screens utilized at every student desk • Every student provided with a Chromebook and Wifi connectivity device to support our hybrid learning model


Community School District 7, South Bronx 838 Brook Avenue, Bronx NY 10451


Jan. 22nd, 10am-1pm (bad weather date Jan. 29th) Feb. 19th, 10am-1pm (bad weather date Feb. 26th) March 19th, 10am-1pm (bad weather date Mar. 26th)



8 | January 2022


GRADUATION 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020

RATE 97% 95% 95% 98%



Escuela Secundaria Autónoma de la Ciudad de Nueva York para la Ingeniería Arquitectónica y las Industrias de la Construcción MISIÓN:

Proporcionar un programa riguroso de preparación para la universidad y un entorno de aprendizaje preparatorio para la carrera que brinde a los estudiantes una base de las habilidades necesarias para seguir la universidad o una carrera en las industrias de arquitectura, ingeniería y construcción.


• Tasa de graduación del 98% • Secuencia de cursos universitarios rigurosos que permite a los estudiantes obtener créditos universitarios mientras asisten a AECI • Las clases de dibujo arquitectónico, dibujo, Revit y AutoCad preparan a los estudiantes para los exámenes de certificación en el campo de la arquitectura. • Prácticas sólidas y las asociaciones brindan a nuestros estudiantes las herramientas necesarias en el campo de la arquitectura. • Seis consejeras disponibles en el personal para apoyar el desarrollo integral del estudiante. • Los valores fundamentales de AECI de perseverancia, logros, integridad y respeto convierten a nuestros estudiantes en jóvenes profesionales.


• Uso de iluminación ultravioleta para desinfectar los salones de clases a diario • Unidades de filtración de aire HEPA utilizadas en todas los clases en AECI • Equipo de EPP (desinfectante de manos, mascarillas y toallitas desinfectantes) proporcionado diariamente • Escaneo de temperatura digital realizado diariamente • Pantallas de tres pliegues utilizadas en todos los escritorios • Cada estudiante se proporciona una computadora Chromebook y conectividad wifi dispositivo para apoyar nuestro modelo de aprendizaje híbrido


Distrito Escolar Comunitario 7, South Bronx 838 Brook Avenue, Bronx NY 10451


Jan. 22nd, 10am-1pm (Fecha de mal tiempo 1/29) Feb. 19th, 10am-1pm (Fecha de mal tiempo 2/26) March 19th, 10am-1pm (Fecha de mal tiempo 3/26)




GRADUATION 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020

RATE 97% 95% 95% 98%

WWW.TWITTER.COM/AECINYC January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family


mom hacks

Help for Winter Skin 5 of the best products for combatting seasonal dryness By Donna Duarte-LaDD


inter is here, and while often picturesque with snow days and ice skating what it can do to the skin, not so good. During this time of the season, many of us may find our skin dry and flaky. For moms, this can be compounded with already tired-looking skin- yup, not cool. And as many moms know, sometimes it is an internal factor. Meaning we need more sleep maybe should tweak our diet, and yes, we may need to add a product or two to make its way into our regular beauty routine. So we, the editors, test. We test what is out there and find what works for us and may also work for you. And here are the top 5 best products that we recommend to combat winter skin:

10 | January 2022

For Super Dry Skin: Cetaphil’s Moisturizing Cream

For the dryest skin, you will want to try a cream that will work on many levels. This cream provides up to 48 hours of hydration. It is rich but doesn’t feel greasy. And while I especially love to use it at the dryest of skin areas like my elbows, I also use it on my fiveyear-old, whose eczema flares up during these winter months. Dr. Lian Mack MD, a boardcertified dermatologist, says, “For my eczema patients, I always recommend using a product that you scoop out, not pump out. The moisturizing cream is a relief in a jar. Similar to the Moisturizing lotion, the cream has also been reformulated to include Niacinamide, Vitamin B5, and Glycerin. This heavier formulation works also helps to pull water to the skin, minimize trans epidermal water loss leaving the skin feeling smoother and more hydrated.”

Expert Advice:

Vitamins that Promote Skin Hydration: HUM Glow Sweet Glow – Skin Hydration Gummy Hearts Supplement

Body Oil that does Extra for Skin: BioOil Skincare Oil (Natural)

If you love body oil but are wary of products not having natural ingredients, you’ll want to give the popular Bio-Oil’s Natural line a whirl. It felt luxe while testing this oil, and my skin felt softer within a week. Bio-oil has a cult following as it also improves the scars’, and it is clinically proven to help repair skin damage and stretch marks, a big plus for us moms. Sunflower Seed Oil is beneficial during the winter months as it improves texture, smoothness, and hydration, while the rosehip helps with moisture and protects against inflammation.

Lip Balm that Locks in Moisture: Amala Beauty Moisture Melt Lip Salve

Keep your lips from cracking in the harsh winter weather- with this superfood salve of Acai Berry and Papaya Enzymes that help replenish and seal in precious moisture. Use this daily to lock in moisture to keep your lips moisturized.

It is said beauty comes from within, and these Glow Sweet Glow gummies do just that. Working with the key ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. Each gummy is tart and delicious, but the best part is within weeks of testing- my skin was, yes, glowing. And while a skin boost is something this tired mom loves, what is happening is that the vitamins work to lock in moisture into the skin, which promotes hydration, which stimulates collagen production, so your skin looks refreshed.

Face Mask for Deep Hydration: Ceramidin Facial Barrier Mask

When the air is dry and the heat is on, it can damage our faces. This mask is perfect when your skin deeps a deep reset. The mask works in three ways-rebuilds skins moisture barrier, replenishes moisture helping to soften skin, and prevents future water loss. It is also dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin!

Dr. Hope Mitchell, MD, FAAD an Ohio and Michigan boardcertified medical and cosmetic dermatologist and the founder & CEO of Mitchell Dermatology. Dr. Mitchell has extensive experience in general dermatologic education and treatment, acne/complexion treatment, skin cancer diagnosis, treatment and surgery, as well as cosmetic injectables. Dr. Mitchell shares her tips for the winter skincare with New York Family: Change your skincare regimen with the change of season. My common advice is to get rid of the cleanser that stripped the skin of natural oils and the summer shine or may even have “exfoliating” on the label and choose a creamy, “hydrating” cleanser that can gently exfoliate while starting the moisturization process and not leave the skin dry or tight after cleansing. The summer lightweight moisturizers may not cut it in the winter. Trade them in for creams that provide longer-lasting hydration and physical protection from harsh outdoor elements and dry environments. I recommend searching for hydrating creams like Neostrata’s Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream with its PHA technology that restores the skin moisture barrier and hydrates the skin. This moisturizer is fragrancefree, non-comedogenic and ideal for all skin types. Water loss is greatest at night so don’t skimp on your night routine. A nightly skincare routine should impart plenty of moisture to compensate for water loss while addressing your skin’s additional needs. I highly recommend applying creams at night with hyaluronic acid which lock-in and hold moisture in the skin.

January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family



15 , 2022



January 7th, 4:30pm - 6:30pm March 3rd, 4pm - 7pm January 22nd, 10am - 2pm March 19th, 10am - 2pm February 3rd, 4:30pm - 6:30pm April 1st, 4:30pm - 7:30pm February 19th, 10am - 2pm April 9th, 10am - 2pm For reservations, email

NYC Charter High School

For Computer Engineering and Innovation Mission

Instructional Model

The culture of our school is driven by our commitment to the school’s Core Values:

 Computer Engineering & Innovation course work  Intensive college preparation with college visits

PERSEVERANCE, ACHIEVEMENT, INTEGRITY, AND RESPECT. AECI II is a Computer Engineering & Innovation themed high school located in the South Bronx- District 9. Our student body is culturally diverse with an average attendance rate of 95%. AECI II emphasizes science and math proficiency, effective communication, and critical thinking skills through standards-based curriculum that meets or exceeds the New York State Learning Standards. Our school includes sports teams, after-school activities, and student centered clubs. For the school year 2021-2022, AECI II provides students with a rigorous program including Computer S 3D Printing and Web Page Design.

 College counseling at every grade level  Social & emotional focus to support whole student  Hybrid platform utilized for in-person and remote learning  Every student provided a Chromebook and

Health and Safety  Digital Temperature scanning performed daily  UV Lighting to disinfect classrooms  PPE Equipment provided daily  HEPA Air Filtration units utilized in all Classrooms

Location 116 East 169 Street Bronx, NY 10452




12 | January 2022





ÚNETE A NOSOTROS PARA UNA CASA ABIERTA 7 de enero, 4:30pm - 6:30pm 22 de enero, 10am - 2pm 3 de febrero, 4:30pm - 6:30pm 19 de febrero, 10am - 2pm

3 de marzo, 4pm - 7pm 19 de marzo, 10am - 2pm 1 de abril, 4:30pm - 7:30pm 9 de abril, 10am - 2pm

Para reservas, envíe un correo electrónico a

Escuela Secundaria Charter de NYC

Para Computación Ingenieria e Innovacion Misión

Modelo Instructivo

La cultura de nuestra escuela está impulsada por nuestro compromiso con los valores fundamentales de la escuela:

PERSEVERANCIA, LOGRO, INTEGRIDAD Y RESPETO. AECI II es una escuela secundaria con temática de Ingeniería e Innovación en Computación ubicada en el Distrito 9 del Sur del Bronx. Nuestro cuerpo estudiantil es culturalmente diverso con una tasa promedio de asistencia del 95%. AECI II enfatiza el dominio de las ciencias y matemáticas, la comunicación efectiva y las habilidades de pensamiento crítico a través de un plan de estudios basado en estándares que cumple o supera los Estándares de aprendizaje del estado de Nueva York. Nuestra escuela incluye equipos deportivos, actividades extracurriculares y clubes centrados en los estudiantes. Para el año escolar

2021-2022, AECI II ofrece a los estudiantes un programa riguroso que incluye informática, programación, Microsoft Office, impresión 3D y diseño de páginas web.

 Trabajo del curso básico de Ingeniería e Innovación en Computació  Preparación universitaria intensiva con visitas a la universidad  Cultura positiva de altas expectativas y respeto mutuo  Asesoramiento universitario en todos los niveles  Enfoque social y emocional para apoyar el desarrollo integral del estudiante  Plataforma de aprendizaje híbrida utilizada para aprendizaje en persona y remoto

Salud y Seguridad  Uso de iluminación ultravioleta para desinfectar los salones de clases a diario  Unida en todas los clases  Equipo de EPP proporcionado diariamente  Escaneo de temperatura digital realizado diariamente

Ubicación 116 East 169 Street Bronx, NY 10452



Aceptando Aplicaciones Haga clic en REGISTRO January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family



Ice Ska�ing



ce skating has always been an iconic New York winter activity, and many ice skating rinks are up for the season! Whether you are a pro or are just learning how to skate independently, here are some great ice skating spots to enjoy this winter season! Bank of America Winter Village – Bryant Park Between 5th and Avenue of the Americas and between 40th and 42nd Street 212-768-4242 Open until March 6 Hours: 8 am – 10 pm, Monday – Thursday & 8 am – 11:30 pm, Saturday – Sunday (And Holidays)

Bryant Park Winter Village is the ultimate spot for some holiday fun! From food to shops to ice skating, this makes a great day out with the family. Visitors should know that masks are encouraged, and Bryant Park is continuing to implement additional cleaning protocols. Families will need to book these reservations in advance online. The Rink at Rockefeller Center – Midtown 5th Ave between 49th and 50th Streets 212-771-7200 Open: January 2 Hours: Daily 9 am – 12 am

The most iconic New York skating spot, this is one of the most picturesque spots to skate in the city. This year they are open from November through January and will be limiting the number of skaters on the rink to abide by public health guidelines. This is the ideal spot to take family photos while enjoying a classic New York experience. Riverbank Stare Park – Upper Manhattan 679 Riverside Drive 212-694-3642 Open through mid-March. Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 4 – 6 pm

14 | January 2022

Wednesday and Friday 4 – 6 pm, 7 – 9 pm Saturday 2 – 4 pm, 5 – 7 pm Sunday 2 – 4 pm, 5 – 7 pm

Riverbank is not just an ice skating rink; it’s also a 28-acre multi-level landscaped recreational facility, rising 69 feet above the Hudson River. This is an ideal spot to spend a winter day as a family, enjoying the skating rink, wandering around, and taking in views of the Hudson. The skating rink is outdoors but covered, making it Covid-safe but perfect for a rainy or snowy day. The Rink at Brookfield Place – The Battery 230 Vesey St. Open throughout the winter until March. Hours: Monday – Friday 2 pm – 9:15 pm, Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 9:15 pm

This beautiful New York rink is a spot where professional skaters train; it also has beautiful views of the Hudson and One World Trade Center. This is also among the largest rinks in the city. They also offer lessons and public skate hours by reservation. Face masks are required at all times.

World Ice Arena – Fresh Meadows Corona Park 131-04 Meridian Road 718-760-9001 Open: Mid-December and throughout the winter. Hours: Monday – Thursday 10:30 am – 5:15 pm, Friday 9 am – 5:15 pm, 7 pm – 9:50 pm Saturday 12 pm – 4:45 pm, 8 pm – 9:50pm Sunday 12 pm – 4:45 pm

This massive indoor skating rink at World Ice Arena offers great space to practice your skating and even has a coned-off area for practicing figure skating! Kids will love spending time taking laps around the ice or spending time in the coned-off section where they can practice their figure skating moves. This is a great way to get your family out for some fun adventures during the winter! Industry City Ice Rink – Greenwood Open: November 19 until March 31, 2022 Hours: Thursday 4-8pm; Friday noon8pm; Saturday 11am-8pm; and Sunday


Take in the beautiful views of Industry City while you ice skate with the family! Visitors will be able to skate on IC’s large open-air ice skating rink that is located alongside their local shops and eateries, when you take a break from skating, head over to Frying Pan Brooklyn, where they will be serving hot chocolate and snacks! LeFrak Center at Prospect Park – Prospect Park 171 East Dr, Brooklyn, NY Rink is open seasonally- check for rink updates Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm,Friday & Saturday: 9 am – 9 pm,Sunday: 9 am – 7 pm

Lace-up your skates and head over to Prospect Park for some ice skating! The LeFrak has not one but two open-air rinks that kids of all ages can enjoy. Before you go, make sure you and your family reserve a 90-minute skate session so you can guarantee ice time. Skates are available for rent, but you can bring your own.

1260 Franklin Ave. Bronx, NY 10456

The mission of the Mott Hall Charter School is to prepare our scholars in mind, body, and character to succeed in top high schools, colleges, and careers by becoming inquisitive, open-minded, and compassionate citizens of the world.

The Mo� Hall Charter School is Accep�ng Applica�ons! Scan code or go to h�ps://mo� to apply The Mo� Hall Charter School is accep�ng applica�ons for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. We will also provide transporta�on via MetroCards for all eligible students. For more informa�on, please contact Erica Flores at eflores@mo� or 917-991-9139

RISE TO THE CHALLENGE! January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family


Catholic Schools Directory | Special Advertising Supplement

Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York New York, NY Elementary Catholic schools across the Bronx offer a unique combination of academic and spiritual development that helps children get the best start in life. Our students consistently meet or exceed proficiency standards in Math and English state exams. Beyond an excellent education, Catholic Schools instill faith, self-discipline and a sense of community. Tuition assistance is available at most schools for grades K-8.Apply online now.

college preparatory school, was founded by the archdiocese in 1959. Cardinal Spellman offers College Credit, Advanced Placement, Regents, Honors, and Elective Courses. Located on a 13-acre campus equipped with two all-weather athletic fields and track, a fitness room, a weight room, and an auditorium that has stage facilities and seating capacity comparable to professional theaters in NYC! The Class of 2021 earned over $48 million in college scholarships. If you missed the TACHs Exam, register for Spellman’s Admissions Exam! More information is available at

benefits of a faith-based education to children who learn differently. Children of all faiths are welcome. JCOS is dedicated to providing an affordable learning experience backed by a skilled teaching staff. Their commitment to well-rounded schooling for students with learning differences has made their private Catholic school one of the foremost in Westchester County. JCOS looks forward to the opportunity to help your child acquire important life skills during these critical years. Please feel free to contact the school with your questions and concerns.

Preston High School

Cardinal Spellman High School 1 Cardinal Spellman Place, Bronx NY 718-881-8000x206 admissions@cardinalspellman. org Cardinal Spellman High School, a co-educational

John Cardinal O’Connor School 16 North Broadway | Irvington, NY 10533 914-591-9330 JCOS, a Catholic school located in Irvington, NY, is dedicated to providing the


2780 Schurz Ave., Bronx, NY 718-863-9134 A school with a longstanding tradition of academic excellence and commitment to empowering young women. The co-curricular program includes honor societies, service clubs,

choirs, and special interest groups. Those interested in growing artistically have many options, including the school musical produced by the Preston Players. The Athletic Department sponsors varsity and junior varsity teams including soccer, basketball, softball, cheerleading and volleyball. Their goal is to help students become women of dignity, honor, respect and compassion.

St. Anselm School 656 Tinton Ave. Bronx, NY 718-993-9464 Founded in 1908, St. Anselm School continues to proudly serve in the same tradition of faith and academic excellence that has marked its success for more than a century. The school’s staff, faculty and administration aspire to create a safe and nurturing learning environment, teach integrity and values in the Catholic

We have faith in Your future



2780 Schurz Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465 • 718-863-9134 •

16 | January 2022

St. Helena Elementary School A Total School Program Virtual Tour available on our website. • Full Day UPK • Schedule: 8:00 am to 2:35 pm • Breakfast Program Available (beginning at 7:00 am) • After School Programs to 6:00 pm (FREE for grades 6, 7 & 8) • Academics - According to New York State Board of Regents Requirements • Foreign Language Instruction in grades K-8 • Accredited by AdvancEd • 2 to 1 ratio of laptops to students • CYO Sports, National Junior Honor Society • Last year our 8th Graders earned $300,000 in H.S. Scholorships • Free 3K Classes

A Safe Passage Through Childhood/A Solid Religious Foundation As seen in the Daily News on December 19, 2006 - Catholic school keeps faiths “All God’s children” welcome “There is a wonderful family atmosphere here. In the Parkchester area, you have all these faiths. It doesn’t matter if your neighbor is Muslim or Catholic. They’re still your neighbor.” — Richard Meller,

2050 Benedict Ave.

School entrance on Benedict Avenue between Pugsley Ave. & Olmstead Ave.

Bronx, NY 10462 718-892-3234

January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family


Catholic Schools Directory | Special Advertising Supplement

tradition, and foster selfconfidence and school spirit. Students are taught to not only develop a mastery of academic skills but also an enthusiastic and wholesome attitude toward learning. Applications for admission to Kindergarten through Grade 8, as well as their FREE Universal PreK For All, are being accepted. Contact the school office for more information.

St. Brendan’s School 268 207th St. Bronx, NY 718-653-2292 Serving grades pre-K through 8th- this school strives to educate the spirit and develop the intellect. Set in an environment that emphasizes Christian values and creates an atmosphere fostering responsibility and courtesy. Your child will receive a strong academic education in structured surroundings. Self-discipline, responsibility, and self-

motivation are among the benefits of the school’s program. St. Brendan’s offers an exemplary academic curriculum supplemented with visual arts instruction, weekly music lessons, physical education, and technology classes. An early drop-off breakfast program and aftercare services until 6:00 are offered. Scholarships are available.

their charge. The school provides before and after school programs, breakfast and lunch programs, choir, art, music, Italian language studies, computer classes, physical education and an accelerated mathematics program. St. Theresa’s offers children a place to blossom with discipline and guidance.

St. Theresa School

2050 Benedict Ave. 718-892-3234 A culturally diverse Middle School Accredited Catholic school that educates children from full-day pre-K to 8th grade in the Park Chester/ Castle Hill section of the Bronx. The school motto is “It’s Fun to be Good!” Students in grades 1 through 8 have a schedule from 8 a.m to 2:35 p.m. daily. Students enjoy two periods of gym, computers, and library each week in state-of-the-art facilities. Extracurricular

2872 St. Theresa Ave., Bronx 718-792-3688 The program reflects an integrated learning experience for PreKindergarten three year olds, Universal PreKindergarten four year olds, kindergarteners and students in grades one through eighth. Teachers, administrators, aides and other professionals impart their knowledge and extensive experience with enthusiasm and a truly caring respect for the children in

St. Helena Elementary School

activities include boys’ and girls’ basketball, track, bowling, volleyball, Cub Scouts, and summer camp. The graduates have earned over $300,000 in college scholarships.

St. Raymond Elementary 2380 E. Tremont Avenue, Bronx NY 718-597-3232 This school offers a full-day academic program for PreK3 through Grade 8 in a safe, nurturing, and academically motivating environment and a broad array of extracurricular activities. Their offerings include Catholic faith formation; advanced-level math and sciences; Italian; honors and enrichment programs; academic intervention and remedial programs; a fulltime art teacher and strong music program, SMART boards in all classrooms; primary and middle-grade libraries; two science labs;

Spend the day at the Academy and see all that St. Raymond’s has to offer Virtual Tours available on our website

18 | January 2022


Where Boys and Girls With Dreams Become Men and Women of Vision


20+ AP & College Level Courses! 14:1 Student Teacher Ratio

50 Clubs & Activities! 1001 Seat Auditorium, 2 Theaters, 2 Art Studios!

30 Sports Teams! Multi-Championship Winning Teams.

$48+ million earned in college scholarships by Class of 2021! Cardinal Spellman High School

100% Graduation & College Acceptance! On Harvard's Preferred List

One Cardinal Spellman Place Bronx, NY, 10466 718-881-8000 x 206 I Fax: 718-515-6615 @SpellmanBX

January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family


Catholic Schools Directory | Special Advertising Supplement

two computer labs; a full sports program and fitness center; before-and afterschool programs. Moderate tuition and financial assistance for those who qualify.

St. Raymond Academy for Girls

Grades 2-8 8:20- -2:20 2:20 PM Grades 2-8||Hours Hours 8:20 PM JCOS offers Art, Music, Technology, Band and Gym Enrollment: basedonon availability Enrollment:Rolling RollingAdmissions, Admissions, based availability Small size Small class class size Certified Special Education teachers and specialists who provide on-site services Multisensory techniques succeedboth bothacademically academically socially Multisensory techniquestotohelp helpchildren children succeed andand socially 1616 North 105333| 914.591.9330 | 914.591.9330| | NorthBroadway Broadway|| Irvington, Irvington, NY NY 10533

1725 Castle Hill Avenue, Bronx 718-824-4220 A small Catholic high school for young women in an urban setting, this school inspires their students to reach their God-given potential in a safe, supportive, and diverse environment. Through a state-approved curriculum and extracurricular activities, they encourage their students to seek and value truth. By empowering them with an education that promotes a commitment to excellence, self-discipline, and strong Christian values, they challenge their students to become successful and accountable in a dynamic

UPK3 to 8th Grade After-School until 6PM Music, Art, Chess, Peer Tutoring, Dance Team, Coding, Engineering and Robotics

20 | January 2022

society. To learn more contact admissions office at 718-824-4220 ext 1052

The Montfort Academy 125 E. Birch Street, Mount Vernon, NY 914-699-7090 The Montfort Academy is a small, private, co-educational classical Catholic high school that offers a timeless, foundational, inspirational, and transformational education. Students study Philosophy, Theology, Latin, Greek, Logic & Rhetoric, and the Great Books to help them think clearly, write well and speak confidently. While it is classical in foundation, it is forwardthinking in application, with classes like Astronomy and Astrophysics and Economics and Foreign Policy. This is the #1 diverse school in Westchester County as well as surprisingly affordable!


Gives Your Child A Step Ahead With A Solid Academic Foundation, Catholic Values and A Warm, Caring Learning Environment

Spuyten Duyvil Preschool Spuyten Duyvil PRESCHOOL

Serving NW Bronx & Northern Manhattan since 1928



Experience the facilities and learn about the activities enjoyed by all our children. • • • • • • •

Before and After-School Programs Breakfast Program Lunch Program Children’s Choir Accelerated Mathematics Program Basketball and Cheerleading Active & Devoted Home/School Association

• • • • •

Italian language studies Boy and Girl Scout troops Mobil Computer Lab Smartboards in every classroom Physical Education — huge gym

• • Middle School Robotics Team


ST. THERESA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2872 St. Theresa Ave., Bronx, New York 10461 Telephone 718-792-3688 Visit our website at

Father Thomas Derivan, PASTOR | Mrs. Josephine Fanelli, PRINCIPAL

Par�ner wi�h Us


See NYC DOE Website for Application Process for September 2022 Engaging child-centered program including on-site gardening and arts integration with a strong social/emotional core curriculum

Check Website for More Information Virtual Tours Available

718-549-1525 • 3041 Kingsbridge Avenue, Bronx, NY

(Between 230 & 231 Street)

Clowns • Characters Face Painting • Balloon Art • Magic Games • Cotton Candy • Popcorn Paint Nites for Adults & Kids too!

Party Room available for Birthday & Baby Shower Celebrations! Call (917) 579-0867 to book your party today! /ConfettiPartyPlace /ConfettiPartyPlace 3190 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, New York 10461

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Mental Health at Summer Camp Camp directors on meeting the challenge for today’s kids BY JESS MICHAELS


ith more children and young adults experiencing mental health challenges, summer camps have needed to adjust over the years, especially during COVID, to help meet the needs of their campers and staff. Jamie Sirkin, Owner and Director of Summer Trails Day Camp in Westchester and President of the New York State Camp Directors Association, has advocated for almost a decade along with other camp directors to get a law passed that would allow camps in the state to hire licensed professionals such as social workers to work at camp. This past July, the law passed,

22 | January 2022

giving camps the option to hire licensed professionals for their campers and staff. “Camp directors have seen more children arriving at camp with eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Then there are just the things that happen during a typical summer such as a child being upset about their favorite counselor leaving,” explains Sirkin. “This law will give camps the option to have a professional on hand to help children, along with young adult staff, deal with the baggage they come to camp with and to process the things that happen during the camp season.” When children are prepared before heading off to camp, they feel less anxious about the new experience and ease into camp life easier. “Children who go to camp with

positive expectations go into camp excited. We have ramped up a lot of what we do prior to camp to help kids have a smoother adjustment,” explains Matt Krouner, Owner and Director of Camp Schodack, a coed overnight camp in NY. “There are new camper days, home visits, and each camper has a big brother or a big sister. We are having more contact with parents and zoom calls for new parents leading up to camp which is above and beyond what we have done in the past. Our goal is to set positive expectations so campers feel a sense of place before getting to camp.” Camp Schodack also tells campers before the summer that within the first week of camp, they can choose a staff member to be their check-in person. “Campers can identify a person on the leadership team or a counselor that they can go to if they need support. When a child picks the person, it

also makes a staff member feel amazing and connected to the person that chose them,” says Krouner. As camps opened up last summer after a year of COVID, they were prepared for children to come to camp with limited social interactions from a lack of get-together with friends, few extracurricular activities and remote learning. “We knew kids were desperate for social interactions that they couldn’t have for the 18 months prior to camp,” says Krouner. “We went into the summer with a plan to have increased check-ins with campers but most of those weren’t necessary. Children found their stride quickly and felt protected and safe at camp. Staff on the other hand felt more limited at camp without their normal days off out of camp due to COVID and it effected their experience. We’ve made some changes to make sure our staff feel supported. I’ve hired a staff liaison, which is like a staff cruise ship director, to focus on the needs of our staff and to adjust things as the summer goes on.” Sirkin explains that as kids were back at camp after many months in isolation, simple

Yalow’s New K-5 Campus!

“Children who go to camp with positive expectations go into camp excited. We have ramped up a lot of what we do prior to camp to help kids have a smoother adjustment.” things like dealing with disappointment, learning to share or taking turns was a struggle for them. “These were things we always taught at camp and now half of the group was having difficulty and the

counselors had to manage things on a different level then previous summers. These are not necessarily part of a counselor’s skillset. For next summer, we will enhance this part of our staff training to include mindfulness, taking a break, behavioral management and communication skills.” The camp director and leadership teams at both day and overnight camps are there to help both campers and staff, however, it’s important for parents to be honest with the camp about any challenges a child may be having. “When you send your child to camp, you are forming a partnership with the camp director. You want to let the director know if your child has had any recent changes in their life or is experiencing any issues that would be helpful for the camp leadership team to know ahead of time. Being upfront with what is going on will help the camp set your child up for a successful summer. If you leave them in the dark, they won’t necessarily be able to support them in the best possible way,” says Davina Angus, Executive Director of the American Camp Association, NY and NJ.

Yalow’s Nuevo Campus 1-5

650 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NY 10451

650 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NY 10451



January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family



Instagram New Parental Controls for 2022! What parents need to know about the app’s new features By Donna Duarte-LaDD


ocial media might be a thorny topic in your household. This may be because many of our kids communicate with their peers via the latest social appsand getting kids off these said apps isn’t always easy as well as a handful of other significant concerns like mental health and cyberbullying. Last month Instagram introduced new features and parental controls that focus on teenagers and their safety as Instagram users. As Adam Mosseri, father of 3 boys, New Yorker, and Head of Instagram, shared on Twitter, “it’s not only important to me that people feel safe on our platform — that they feel good about the time they spend on Instagram.” This is what parents like to hear, especially from someone who makes the big decisions on this popular app. And we hope more safety changes such as these are not only made in the near future but become part of the norm for the social safety of our kids. Here are some takeaways about these new features including the new Parental Controls coming in March. Take a Break The Instagram version of a time-out? Kinda. While this is not limited to teens, it is a feature perfect for them. The “Take a Break” encourages users to pull back or, as the kids say, “chill.” It will be built into Instagram’s already existing Daily Limit. By selecting Take a Break, the user will be reminded that they have reached the time they set for the day. They can also mute notifications to not be bothered for the day

24 | January 2022

and set notifications with time limits. This is great for teens, for as much as they complain about what they cannot do, structure and rules are built into kids’ lives at home and school, right? So why shouldn’t it be part of their daily social media usage? No More Tagging Instagram will not be allowing tags on teens if that person is not following them. So this helps teens in multiple ways. It gives them control over who shares on their social imprint. No more embarrassing pics that great Aunt Mary took of them mid-bite at the holiday table; yup, many kids don’t always follow back all family members, but that is another post for another time. Your Activity Much like a digital dashboard on a blog, Instagram will move likes, comments, photos, and videos into one spot so you, the user, can be in control of your digital footprint. The Big One: Parental Controls Instagram is working with the first version

of parental controls with a goal of March 2022 in mind. These parental controls will allow parents to see how much time their child is spending on Instagram and set time limits. It will also allow teens to share any handles they report on Instagram with their parents. Education Hub for Parents To help parents, caregivers, and guardians navigate their kid’s usage in this social media world- Instagram will be sharing educational resources, expert tips, and tutorials on kids and their social media experience in what they’re calling their Education Hub. As a parent who has yet to allow access to their oldest child on Instagram, I will be keeping a close eye on the new tools being implemented by this top social media app (#5 in the world) — which will help me make my decision when the time comes. For more on Instagram’s Raising the Standard for Protecting Teens and Supporting Parents Online go to Instagram. com.

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Kids & Sleep and how to help them get a good night’s rest

By Donna Duarte-LaDD

Mediation for Kids: Insight Timer

hen it comes to our kids and sleep, parents know a good night’s slumber is golden. And while it’s essential for us, it is vital for our children as it helps them be present. How important? According to the CDC, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that children ages 6 to 12 years get at least 9–12 hours (per 24 hours); much younger kids’ sleep needs range from 12 -16 hours. Ummm, my kids never slept that long! But I am an optimist, and I am always searching and learning how to help my children sleep better. Here are a few things I tested that help with sleep as well as helpful tips from a sleep expert.

Many parents know that kids have worries just like us, and these days with COVID, school, and social expectations, their sleep may be carrying more angst than usual. Meditation can help all of us, and with kids, sleep meditation can teach kids to relax, learn to let go of the day, find comfort despite worries, and(hopefully) relax them enough to have a good night’s sleep. There are many great free mediation apps available. I love the Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Sesame Street for my youngest. I use Insight Timer (it’s free!). He loves the music mediations and less than five minutes mediations because, well, tweens. #IYKYK


Mattress: Helix Kids Mattress

If your child is complaining about their mattress, it may be time to consider investing in a well-made bed. The Helix Kids Mattress is backed by child and sleep experts, which us parents want when purchasing an essential item for our kids. This flippable hybrid mattress is designed specifically for growing kids. The mattress is designed with innerspring and custom foam layers so it feels sturdy and not all over the place as some beds can be. What is remarkable about the mattress is that the firmer side is excellent for younger kids who need more spine support. As kids get older (around ages 8-12), while the opposite side of the bed is still firm, this side has more cushion. My oldest is growing fast and complained of back pain; the Helix Kid Mattress has him sleeping better. I also like that all fabrics and foams that are CertiPUR-US certified., $550-560.

26 | January 2022

A Clock That Promotes Snooze: Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant With Sound Machine and Sunrise Alarm Clock

If your child hates getting up in the morning- the Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant With Sound Machine and Sunrise Alarm Clock creates the perfect relaxing setting with ambient sounds and dim lighting until they fall asleep. The Hatch Restore will also gently wake you up with its sunrise light effect and soft noises such as birds chirping., $129.99 Melatonin: Mommy’s Bliss Kids Sleep Chewable Tablets

When babies are in the infant stage, we might sleep train them or set their nighttime routine with a

bath and pajamas, signaling that sleep is near. When my younger son’s doctor suggested melatonin, I was pretty nervous, but I soon learned that melatonin isn’t a sleeping pill. I tested many melatonin products, and my favorite is the Mommy’s Bliss Kids Sleep Chewable Tablets; I also use the liquid formula. I love that this melatonin blend of magnesium, organic chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower works within the hour. My kids are not groggy in the morning, and my oldest only gets it occasionally. Of course, speak to your pediatrician if you need more guidance or advice when using melatonin. As mentioned, my youngest now takes melatonin. He is five years old, is on the ASD spectrum, and is given it at least four nights a week on his doctor’s recommendation. Mommysbliss. com, $7. Weighted Blanket: California Design Den Chunky Weighted Blanket

I learned the benefits of weighted blankets with my youngest son, who loves a nice midweight blanket. When kids are feeling anxious, a weighted blanket is a bit like a hug and the weight offers a pressure that can be quite calming. Think of it a bit as pressure therapy. This is especially true with my youngest, who is Autistic. This %100 cotton by California Design Den Chunky Weighted Blanket is soft, and while chunky, it isn’t bulky. The measurements are 40” X 60” and weighs 8 pounds. The brand suggests the weight of this blanket is most suitable for kids who weigh 80 lb to 100 lb. Since my kids are like little heaters when they sleep, I place it on my child so it’s nice and snug, and once asleep, I move the blanket about halfway down. Tip: weighted blankets are not only for kids with sensory issues; they actually can help all of us sleep well., $132.

Helpful Expert Sleep Tips! The Sleepy Mama-Nicole Cannon is a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and a mom of four based in NJ tips on helping your kids have a better night’s sleep! 1. Start shifting your schedule

If your child is staying up too late, then, just like with Daylight’s Savings, you can try to shift your child’s schedule back day-by-day. Start waking your child about 15 minutes earlier every day or two. Also, put your child to bed 15 minutes earlier. By the end of the week, your child should be back to waking at their normal time, and bedtime should be back to where it was. (PS-shift meal times and nap time back too if they’ve crept later). 2. Remove electronics before bed

We hate to admit it, but electronics have been

the key to successful parenting over the past couple of years. But, blue light from electronics can delay the production of melatonin. So, if your child is struggling to fall asleep at night, consider removing screens about an hour before bedtime. Studies have found that melatonin production starts to increase fairly quickly once the blue light is removed.

4. Set realistic basics

Start talking to your child about what’s expected of them in terms of sleep. For your preschooler, this may mean reading them a book about staying in bed or purchasing an Ok to Wake clock. For an older child, this may mean telling them to get in bed at a given time but allowing them to read a few books on their own before calling “lights out.”

3. Get back to basics

Remember when your child was a baby and everything you read told you to establish a nightly “routine.” Well, the same holds true for older children. Create a bedtime routine that is predictable and consistent. A nightly routine helps a child wind down before bedtime, and also removes some of the parent’s stress. Start with a bath or shower, followed by the brushing teeth and pajamas, then onto books and cuddles, and lastly, getting into bed.

5. Get outside help

Sometimes, even with the best planning and routine, children still have trouble. If you’ve tried all the tricks above and your child is still struggling to fall asleep at night, talk to your doctor about supplementing with melatonin for a few days. Although it is not a long-term solution, melatonin supplements may help reset your child’s internal clock when they first start back at daycare, camp, or school. January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family


Keeping It Simple

Anastasia Ganias-Gellin (aka @Fancy_Peasant) opens up about building a business and why she thinks moms should stop feeling ashamed about getting all the help they need By Cris Pearlstein


first met Anastasia Ganias-Gellin in a writing class at the start of 2019, long before anyone knew anything about COVID or what would soon happen to the world. She wrote about food and family and the crushing sense of grief she felt after losing her father to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her stories were beautiful yet painful, and I remember relating deeply to how tightly she wound food into her family narrative, together with the love they share for each other (in my Italian culture, food is our love language, too). I remember thinking, this woman is going to do something with this. And not to toot my own horn, but I was right. A year later, after a self-proclaimed Eat, Pray, Love trip to Greece she started Fancy Peasant in the midst of a pandemic, all while pregnant with her third child. Read on to hear about her wild ride into entrepreneurship, and her experience with motherhood, which she describes as the hardest thing she’s ever done (“by a fu*kin landslide”). CP: First, can you tell me a little bit about your beautiful family? AGG: My dad used to describe them as his, “wild and beautiful brood” and I really feel like that’s what it is. I have three boys: Greyson is 6, Roman just turned 4, and London is 3 months old. Right now I’m really trying to spend some special time with each of them—if I can spend 15 minutes with each kid, focused without any interruptions, without any screen time, that means I’ve had a good day. That’s a mini victory for me. CP: I love that you said 15 minutes because that sounds doable, especially for a busy mom. Kids don’t need elaborate dates, they really just want your attention and your time. AGG: 100 percent. People ask me a lot about the transition to three, but for me the transition from one to two was a lot

28 | January 2022

harder. This time I set myself up with a lot of support. I went back to work right after having Roman, which was intense, but it wasn’t like having a growing business. It wasn’t the same pressure as having to get through 500 customer service emails in a day. CP: Can you tell me a little bit about that support system you set up? AGG: I didn’t have a baby nurse with my other two children. Greeks just don’t do baby nurses, [laughing] that’s what grandparents are for! My parents helped so much with Greyson, but this time around, with my dad gone and my mom living farther away and six years older, I needed the kind of support where I didn’t feel guilty about saying “take the baby, I have 5 hours of work to do, just bring him to me to eat.” I let go of all the stigmas. The first time around when it came to receiving help I was so ashamed, but this time I told my husband that getting support is something we need to do for our marriage and for the other two children. And it’s helped a lot. CP: If there’s a mom out there who is feeling that same guilt and pressure, what would you say to her? AGG: I get hundreds of messages on Instagram asking me how I do it all, and I always respond that I don’t do anything by myself. I would say to take as much help as you can possibly get—don’t feel guilty about it, feel supported by it instead. Oh, and be kind to yourself. I’m struggling a lot right now with my weight, holding on to an extra 25 pounds, but my mantra every day is be kind to yourself. Being a mom is really hard. If I die tomorrow it’s the best thing I ever did but it’s also, by a fu*kin landslide, the hardest thing. CP: By a fu*kin landslide is right! And I’m sure running your olive oil business, Fancy Peasant, makes everything different this

time around, too. AGG: It makes everything different, in a good way. With my first two, Spielberg could have called me on the phone to star in his movie and I would have said no, I’m with my new baby. This time around, I’m so happy to have an identity outside of just being a mom. After six years I’ve learned that I need a bit of separation to be a better mother, and I’m finally accepting that. CP: Let’s talk about this separate identity then. How did the business come to be? AGG: A few years ago I took a writing class where I wrote a lot about my dad and food and sickness and mourning, and how coming together as a family and remembering these meals was a very big deal. I was very connected to our Greek cuisine, but I could never find any Greek cookbooks that broke down recipes for a visual learner like myself. When my dad was very sick I told him I wanted to come out with a cookbook that makes it easy for people to cook Greek food. He was born into poverty, living in a peasant village until he came to the United States at 16 years old. He was able to give me every opportunity in the world, and so I said, “It’s called The Fancy Peasant, I’m like the fancy version of you”. After my father died I started cooking and talking about grief on Instagram. People wrote to me saying they haven’t been able to get back into the kitchen after a loved one died, and that eating is the most lonely and painful part of their day—I didn’t know how much the worlds of food and grief combine. I found myself teaching people how to cook, talking to strangers, and healing my own pain. I went to Greece to find olive oil for the few people who were asking me to sell it. I sat with that idea, kept cooking, and then the pandemic hit. My mom, sister, her week-old baby, and her husband moved in for the next 10 months. My sister had run operations for a start-up before and she helped me launch

in November 2020. The response to the oil was crazy, we sold out immediately. But I had never started a business, I had no idea what we were in for. We got it off the ground with Stephanie’s background in operations, but we still don’t have any PR, we don’t have marketing. The oil is organic and the growth of the company is organic. My dad has a lot to do with this. I feel his energy all around me. Yes we sell oil, but Fancy Peasant is also a place where we teach people how to cook healthy Greek cuisine. CP: So do you feel like the strategy for getting them to love the food you do is to get them involved in the kitchen? AGG: Yes, I think moms need to move past the the-kitchen-is-going-to-get-dirty mentality. I say this because once you let yourself have fun with food your children will, too. Moms get really flustered because there’s a lot going on, but you have to go into it accepting the worst case scenario, that the whole counter might get covered in flour, or there’ll be egg shells on the floor. I also don’t believe in a kids menu, I don’t believe they should eat a totally different meal. Sure I veer from that, like when I incorporate kale chips with dinner instead of broccoli, or give them a green juice in the morning when they refuse to eat vegetables, but I really think it’s important to get them involved in the kitchen and also to make dinnertime a sacred ritual. No phones on the table. We’re connecting, we’re talking about our day, and we’re going to eat. CP: On Instagram you have this large and incredible community. What does that mean to you? AGG: The community is unbelievable. I screenshot messages every day of people telling me things like I’m able to cook a very simple dinner for my entire family because of you, or thank you for making everything so simple. People tell me they’re feeling a lot better, they have more energy. I’m very honest on my platform and I talk about whatever is on my mind, but I try to keep it specific to food and sprinkle in my family. I really struggle with the social media thing, but I know people like to see the three boys and my husband. I try to give them what they want while maintaining privacy. If I’m having a hard week I let myself take a break, because I know my followers will be there. They’re incredible. Photo by Ana Gambuto

Follow @Fancy_Peasant Visit the Website! January 2022 | Bronx/Riverdale Family



How to Save Your Kid’s Artwork! By Donna Duarte-LaDD


e love our kids’ artwork, but let’s be honest, the school folders start to get out of hand by this time of the year. What should we keep, toss, and for those treasured pieces we want to showcase, what are the best ways to showcase our little ones’ talents. Bt what to do with it? We touched base with Disney+ star and YayDay Paper Co. founder Amber Kemp-Gerstel. Amber loves DIY; just check out her IG; it is full of crafty creative projects, from sewing up a designerinspired bag to partnering with family-favorite juice brand Juicy Juice to share some easy and fun crafts to get kids excited for the season. Kids have been back at school for four months now, and so are the work pages and artwork. Most parents, including myself, hate to throw out kids some of their schoolwork and artwork. How do you decide what to keep? What are some crafty tips on saving the work that makes the parent edit? When your kiddos come home from school with handmade projects, it can be tough to toss them into the trash. Afterall, they made it with their own little hands! Eventually, you end up with a drawer filled with projects and there just isn’t enough room to keep everything. Thankfully, there are some creative ways to preserve those creative memories and conquer the pressure to save every single thing. Ask for your child’s input! You’ll be surprised how many projects they’re happy to discard. They don’t always have a strong emotional attachment to those projects and they can easily let you know which ones they can say goodbye to. Additionally, you’ll learn a lot through this process about which projects do have a special place in your child’s heart, and those creations will, in turn, become even

30 | January 2022

Disney+ star and YayDay Paper Co. founder, amber Kemp-Gerstel

more special to you! Make a memory book! Once you’ve decided which projects are special and worth keeping, use a large 3-ring binder to save them. In our home, we like to use a binder for each school year. Inside the binder, I insert a bunch of page protector pockets, then slide each project into the pocket. When you’re done, you have a fun way to flip through all those projects. Outsource it! Life gets busy and it’s okay to enlist a little help sometimes. There are several apps and websites that offer services to memorialize your child’s artwork into a professional book. Services like Artkive or Plum Print are awesome resources for saving those special handmade creations. Can you share creative tips on how to showcase kids’ artwork? I think the easiest way to do that is to provide seasonal or themed craft ideas that can

be repurposed as holiday décor. For example, decorated pinecones could be strung into a festive holiday garland that becomes a staple in your holiday decoration collection. For example, this Lucky Leprechaun Trap or this Valentine’s Day Kaleidoscope could become staples for the upcoming winter/spring holidays. Some of my favorite holiday decorations that we use year after year were handmade by my son. It’s also a fun way to get into the holiday spirit, whichever holiday that may be, and spend some quality time with your little one. Is it okay to recycle your kid’s artwork? Are there ways to creatively do this? Artwork itself may be difficult to recycle, but you can certainly create more sustainable artwork by using upcycled items from around your house. My son loves Juicy Juice, so we always have extra bottles and juice boxes around the house, so we use those, along with other items we already have around home, for crafts! It’s as simple as putting some paint, construction paper and/or googly eyes on an item to give it new life. Some of our favorites are these Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet, this Bottle Bird Feeder and Bottle Planter.

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