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Nov/Dec 2021

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November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family



November/December 2021

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FEATURES 8 | Health Kids ages 5 to 11 can now get the COVID-19 vaccine, here’s what parents need to know 12 | Special Needs When the next step for your child is an IEP 16 | Education Changing your child’s preschool or daycare mid-year 24 | Holiday Gift Guide Our family toy guide for kids up to tweens

Stories & columns 6 | Editor’s Note November/December Magic

14 | Special Needs Listings 18 | Preschool/Daycare Listings

20 | Family Fun Family-friendly ski resorts for a winter getaway 22 | Spotlight Liz Dare offers fresh style for little ones with her online shop, Hey Sloaney 30 | Family Day Out Visit the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

34 | Cover - Phenomenal & Festive Our holiday bucket list


Directories | November/December 2021

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November/ December: Magic As this issue was going to print, the COVID-19 vaccine was approved for children ages 5 to 11. We are parents to kids in this age group and know that the decision can be easy for some families and not so for others. Hopefully, our piece on Kids & the COVID-19 Vaccine (page 8)will provide you with essential information on this vaccine. If you notice that your child is missing key milestones, our article on Missing Milestones (page 12) provides helpful tips on when your next step should be an IEP for your child. We also have an extensive guide on Special Need Resources (page 14) helpful to all parents.

We started scouring the toy front early as many parents are looking to order toys early this year. We have an excellent list, Gift Guide (page 24), for little kids to tweens. And for more guides (moms, dads, stocking stuffers, pets....), visit our Gift Guide 2021 at Parents know that having kids, other than their endless energy, is that how they see the world is eye-opening and invites back wonder into our lives. Our NYC bucket list (page 34) is full of fun-to-do’s and, yes, phenomenal and festive joy. Donna and New York Family Media

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6 | November/December 2021

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p on lo lin re e in op p ti ers on o fo n , o ry r a f u lly ou r c h il d .

Your child deserves a Catholic education We know that you want a great education for your child, with dedicated teachers that serve as role models with strong Catholic values. Catholic Schools in Brooklyn and Queens work to ensure that your child receives all the tools to excel in their future by providing them a Foundation for Life based on Faith, Character, and Academics.

As we start this new school year, it will be a joy to see all our returning students, welcome new children, and celebrate all we have accomplished together.

Ask about financial assistance & scholarship opportunities.

Visit to learn more or schedule a visit!

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family



Kids & �he COVID-19 Vac�ine As shots become available, here’s what parents need to know

vaccination in all eligible children as authorized by the FDA.


The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for kids ages 5-11 “We have enough vaccine — Pfizer vaccine — for every child aged 5 through 11. So the whole distribution plan that we’ve been talking about – 20,000 sites, millions of doses being shipped as we speak – is all Pfizer vaccine. We do not have [approval], as you know, for this age group for Moderna. So, we have, already, plans and are in the process of shipping 15 million doses out nationwide, with millions of more doses available each and every week,” Jeffrey Zients, a Biden administration official, said on Monday. “States have chosen where, within their state, to send vaccine supply.”


C.D.C panel met November 2nd morning into the early evening and overwhelmingly voted yes (14 yes, 0 no’s) to approve the COVID -19 Vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. And parents with kids in this age group are asking, now what? Like many substantial parenting issues, the decision to vaccinate your elementary school-age child is perhaps a quick “yes” and, for others, maybe it is a more complicated decision. So while the decision to vaccinate is the one for the parent to make, here is what we know so far in hopes it will provide you the information to help you decide what is best for your family. The government is ready to vaccinate kids ages 5-11 group


With the FDA and now CDC approval for the vaccine for children between the ages of 5 to 11, all levels of government have rallied resources for families to receive the Pfizer jab. At a White House briefing on November 1st- they announced 15 million doses would be transferred from Pfizer to facilitate immunizations at pediatricians’ offices, pharmacies, hospitals, and health centers across the United States. What is the American Academy of Pediatrics saying regarding the COVID-19 shot for kids ages 5 -11? During the CDC panel, the AAP ( American Academy of Pediatrics ) stated that they recommend children of this age receive the COVID-19 vaccination. The AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) also voiced that they strongly support | November/December 2021

What about our schools and the vaccine for this age group? Our sister site AMNY shared in late



November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family



Learn more

October,” ‘For now, the COVID-19 vaccine, once approved for use in younger children, will be made available on a voluntary basis — with all parents strongly encouraged to get their children vaccinated. But Hochul did not rule out potentially mandating the use of the vaccine among children if usage is low and COVID-19 cases begin to spike. “As I’ve said all along, I want to empower parents and the schools to do the right thing first. But if we’re not seeing adequate compliance, or we’re seeing the numbers start going up … if I start seeing infection rates going up, hospitalizations going up, more children being affected, I will have no choice. But right now, the numbers are good, you can get the kids voluntarily vaccinated, parents will hopefully do the right thing, and I will keep an eye on that situation.”’ Meanwhile, Governor Kathy Hochul has a state program that will provide 120 additional sites geared toward children, known as #VaxtoSchool, via mobile vaccination units that will be posted across the state. “We saw too many narratives and

Learn about v-safe (, a free, smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins after your child receives a COVID-19 vaccination. To find a vaccine: Call your pediatrician to see if they are administering the shot for ages 5 to 11-year-olds (orange cap)

pictures of children and other parts of the country struggling on ventilators in hospitals. It’s a scary spectrum for parents, and this is how we can protect them. We now have this available,” Hochul said last week. “We’ve been making preparations for weeks now. I had spoken to the New York Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to get all their pediatricians on board. We’ve been in regular communication with all the

providers. So it’s going to be various places that parents can go to, to have their children vaccinated as soon as it’s available.” What are doctors in the NYC community doing for this age group concerning the COVID-19 vaccine? As the CDC panel shared at the voting meeting, part of their Pediatric Vaccination Implenation Goals is to ensure access and availability to kids in schools and hospitals and establish programs in vulnerable and underserved populations. For New York, local community care sites are ready. Dr. Victor Peralta, SOMOS Community Care: “Over the last 11 months, SOMOS Community Care has administered more than 1.5 million doses of the Vaccine of Hope, meeting New Yorkers where they are, from subway stations to the community doctors’ offices they have been going to for years. With vaccines for children now within arm’s reach, we are mobilizing in the same way—focusing on education, busting myths, and building New Yorkers’ confidence in the vaccine.”


10 | November/December 2021

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


special needs

Missing Milestones When the next step for your child is an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) By Emily lEvy


ave you noticed your child struggling in school? Perhaps they are having a hard time learning to read, can’t grasp multistep math problems, or are having difficulty staying focused in class. Their self-esteem is plummeting as schoolwork becomes increasingly challenging, and their struggles seem insurmountable. Your child may have special needs and, if so, the sooner you can identify these needs and address them, the better it will be for their overall confidence and academic performance. So what can you do? For starters, if you see your child struggling, talk to their doctor and teacher. Discuss milestones they may or may not have met and determine if their teacher notices the same challenges you see at home. If you feel these struggles are getting worse or think they may benefit from additional accommodations at school, you might consider having them tested. This testing can be done for free either through your state’s early intervention program (if your child is under age three) or through your child’s school district. The evaluation and specific tests administered may range, but evaluators will typically test your child’s IQ and will likely also test language, motor, behavior, and achievement skills. IEP or 504 plan Depending on the evaluation results and your child’s needs, your child may qualify for either an IEP or a 504 plan. An IEP details your child’s specific goals and a plan for what your school will do to help meet those goals, including specific services, like speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and academic support. A 504 plan helps provide accommodations for support within the classroom, such as additional time on tests, an aide in the classroom, preferential seating, and/or modified homework. Typically students who have a less severe disability (like anxiety, ADHD, etc.) and not a diag-


nosed learning disability will receive a 504. Students who need more services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education teacher support services, etc., would receive an IEP. Know Your Rights Federal law indicates that every child is entitled to a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment possible. Three specific federal laws apply to children with special needs, including the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Ace, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These laws’ specifics can vary by state, so it’s important for you to understand the procedures and criteria specific to your state. IDEA stipulates that a child’s issues must fall into one of 13 categories to be eligible for special education services. Section 504 mandates that schools cannot discriminate again students who have disabilities and are required to provide appropriate accommodations to them. Students covered under Section 504 usually have less severe disabilities or do not fall into one of the categories stipulated under IDEA. The ADA indicates that children with special needs cannot be discriminated against and must be provided appropriate services and programs suitable to their needs. If your school district refuses to provide appropriate services to your child, you may initiate a due process | November/December 2021

hearing to challenge their decision. Focus on Your Child’s Strengths It is easy to go into a bit of negative space when dealing with your child’s educational support. Remember to focus on your child’s strengths; they may struggle with reading and writing but may excel with math computation. Or maybe your child is incredibly social, empathetic, and ‎kind. Perhaps they are a beautiful artist, a great storyteller, or a whiz at building Legos. Praise your child for small accomplishments, like sitting next to a friend at lunch who seemed sad, drawing a beautiful flower, or creating an elaborate Lego tower. As you help your child academically with areas where they may struggle, continue to build their self-esteem, and explain that no one is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas we need to work on improving. Your special needs child can still have dreams and aspirations that can be achieved with support and guidance. Dr. Emily Levy is the founder of EBL Coaching, a tutoring program that specializes in oneon-one home and on-site instruction for students in grades PreK-12 in NYC, NJ, and Westchester. She is also the author of Strategies for Study Success, a study skills workbooks series emphasizing test-taking, note-taking, reading comprehension, writing, and executive functioning strategies, and the Flags and Stars Orton Gillingham student workbook series.

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


special Needs Directory | Special Advertising Supplement Academy for Young Minds

applied behavior analysis applied behavior analysis applied behavior analysis applied behavior analysis

applied behavior analysis

applied behavior analysis academic intervention academic intervention academic intervention applied behavior analysis academic intervention academic intervention applied behavior analysis academic intervention applied behavior analysis

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academic intervention behavioral & social support family guidance behavioral & social support academic intervention behavioral &guidance social support family guidance academic intervention family family guidance family guidance family guidance behavioral & social support family guidance friendship skills family guidance friendship skills havioral & socialfamily support guidance friendship skills behavioral & social support transition approaches family guidance friendship skills friendship skills friendship skills friendship skills friendship skills transition approaches friendship skills family guidance transition approaches friendship skills transition approaches transition approaches transition approaches transition approaches transition approaches family guidance approaches friendship transition skills transition approaches transition approaches

friendship skills

Hiring BCBAs - RBTs - ABA Therapists Hiring BCBAs - RBTs - ABA Therapists transition Hiring BCBAs - RBTsapproaches - ABA Therapists Hiring BCBAs - RBTs - ABA Therapists Hiring BCBAs - RBTs - ABA Therapists Hiring BCBAs - RBTs - ABA Therapists BCBAs - Hiring RBTs - ABA Hiring BCBAs -Therapists RBTs - ABA Therapists Hiring BCBAs - RBTs - ABA Therapists Hiring BCBAs - -RBTs - -ABA Therapists BCBAs RBTs ABA Therapists 718-316-8057 718-316-8057 718-316-8057 Hiring BCBAs - RBTs - ABA Therapists 718-316-8057 718-316-8057 718-316-8057 16-8057 718-316-8057 718-316-8057 718-316-8057 718-316-8057

11-20 46th Road, Long Island City 646-670-5999, AYM is an independent private school for mid-high functioning school-age children on the autism spectrum. Led by Board Certified Behavior Analysts®, the school focuses on social and functional language skills and provides personalized, rigorous curriculum using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. AYM’s core philosophy strives to ensure that all learners on the autism spectrum can achieve their potential and successful integration into society. The school’s educational model is deeply rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis, personalized instruction, and the multidisciplinary approach. They value working in partnership with families, professionals, and community to ensure diverse learning opportunities in collaborative ways.

Extended Home Care 7 Penn Plaza, Suite 422 New York, NY 10001 212-356-4200, Contact: Sean Chen, 347-372-0101 Extended Home Care specializes in servicing the intellectual/developmentally disabled popula-

tion age 3 and up in all 5 boroughs. They provide home based services such as Skilled Nursing, Home Health Aide, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy. Their rehabilitation program will help your child gain the skills and confidence that he/she needs to live safely at home, avoid hospitalization and remain engaged in the community. Your child can get their services in addition to those he/she receives at school.

The 13th Child Autism & Behavioral Coaching, Inc. ABA Therapy New York City, Long Island, Westchester County Rebecca McKee, MSED, BCBA 718-316-8057, The 13th Child Autism & Behavioral Coaching, Inc. is an ABA consulting company focusing on individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Building pro-social skillfulness & interpersonal inclusive behaviors remain the targets. Families can benefit by learning the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis, in order to create harmony in their homes. The 13th Child Autism & Behavioral Coaching, Inc. believes all people are entitled to a high quality of life including achievement, creativity, friendships, mental reliance & wellness.

Extended Home Home Care Care can can help help each each individual reach reach their individual their maximum maximum potential potential

Our specialty is caring for people with Developmental Disabilities Our specialty is caring for people with Developmental Disabilities You want your family member, young or old, to have the best 718-316-8057 You want your family member, young or old, to have the best possible quality of life. But accessing all the right services for Extended Care for Quality of Life Extended Home Care serves Special Needs patients of all ages: • • •


Special Needs diagnoses include: • • • • • • • •


We accept Medicare, Medicaid and a variety of other insurance plans.

possible quality of life. But accessing all the right services for people with Developmental Disabilities can be very challenging. people with Developmental Disabilities can be very challenging. Extended Home Care is specially licensed to serve cognitively Extended Home Care is specially licensed to serve cognitively and neurologically impaired individuals. We are a CHHA, or and neurologically impaired individuals. We are a CHHA, or Certified Home Health Agency, serving all five boroughs of New Certified Home Health Agency, serving all five boroughs of York City, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties. New York City, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We offer in-home support to meet your family member’s health, We offer in-home support to meet your family member’s developmental and safety needs by providing Skilled Nursinghealth, developmental andAides, safetyplus needs by providing Skilled Nursing and Home Health Physical Therapy, Occupational and Home Health Aides, plus Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Social work, as needed. Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Social work, as needed. Our culturally diverse staff speaks a variety of languages, including: Our culturally diverse staff speaks a variety of languages, including: Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Creole, Korean, French and others. Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Creole, Korean, French and others.

Contact Us

Contact Us Manager at Sean Chen, Business Development Lana Matsko, Director Business Development at 646-751-9300 or 347-372-0101 orofemail at Nellya Khaimova, Director of Intake Services at 212-356-4200 ext. 3366 7 Penn Plaza, Suite 422

1200 South Ave., Suite 205

360 West 31stNY Street 2617 Staten East 16th Street 900 South Avenue New York, 10001 Island, NY 10304 New York, NY 10001Tel: 212-356-4200 Brooklyn, NY 11235 Staten Island, NY 10314 (212) 356-4200 (718) 891-0808 (718) 982-1360

14 | November/December 2021

Wrong time for the flu. Right time for a flu shot. COVID-19 has taught us that we all need to be protected.

A flu shot helps protect you and your family.


Childen under 5

If you are over 65

For more information and to find a location to get your flu shot, visit or call 311.


If you are or may be pregnant

If you have other medical conditions

Bill de Blasio Mayor Dave A. Chokshi, MD MSc Commissioner





November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family



Changing a Preschool or Daycare Mid-year How to make the decision to switch schools for your child BY DONNA DUARTE�LADD


e’re nearly at the mid-term of the school year, and it’s time to take stock of how things might be going for your little one. While your child might be blissfully happy, it can also be the case that sometimes their school isn’t working and you may be considering a mid-year jump to a new school.


Figure Out What Isn’t Working The first step is to check in on why you want to move to another pre-school or daycare. Listing what isn’t working will help you assess the kind of school that will work for your child. Whether you physically write it down or verbally work them out, list the pros and cons of staying or moving to a new school. There doesn’t have to be any finger-pointing or negativity; this is about what your family and child need in their schooling. No one or | November/December 2021

one thing has to be the bad guy; sometimes, it just isn’t working. In many ways, parents learn a lot in these early years of education on what type of school path their child needs. Talk to Your Child’s Teacher or School Principal Reach out to your child’s class teacher or school principal to schedule a meeting or a time for a phone call. Be honest that you’re considering a change of environment and bring up your concerns about the school. Keep in mind that you only see one side of the story as a parent and that they might have valuable insights to share about your child’s life at school. Once you’ve laid out your concerns, listen carefully to their response and ask them whether they have any suggestions for improving the situation. If you aren’t convinced that change will be possible and still have the same

In many ways, parents learn a lot in these early years of education on what type of school path their child needs.

desire to make a move, ask what the process for leaving mid-year might be. If you’re at a private school, understand your billing notice period and how you will retrieve school records. Research, Research, Research It’s time to spring into action. Talk to friends, contact a school’s expert, call schools’ admissions departments, and arrange visits whenever possible. Try to identify your options considering academics, travel time, curriculum, cost, and pastoral approach. Most importantly, have an honest discussion with parent coordinators, teachers, and directors about the probability that they will have a space for your child. Don’t necessarily take an initial “no” as a final answer but probe to understand whether there are circumstances in which spots might open up or perhaps get on a waiting list. Once a new school has beenchosen, mentally prepare your child for the move Alicia Sharpe, a New York City-based Education Consultant, says, “Mental

preparation starts at home. Speak with your child about this new coming transition; even if the child is too young to communicate with you verbally, they will understand. If possible, bring your child to visit the new school, meet the teachers, and introduce them to their new classroom before the start of the new school term. If you have an older child, help them understand that moving schools are not abnormal, but it will be an exciting fresh start. Reassure them that it’s possible to maintain friendships even when they’re at a new school, and consider how you can help

them to participate in activities that current friends take part in.” What sort of behaviors should you address that would lead you to make a move to a new daycare or pre- school? • Negative social and emotional behaviors • Academic challenges or academic boredom • If your child expresses they don’t feel safe • Lack of support with special needs • Overcrowded classrooms • Poor relationship with the teacher or discipline challenges What are some criteria to look for when deciding to move to another school in the mid-year? • School curriculum • Teacher certification • Staff turnover • Genuine and sincere staff • Children appear happy when you visit the school • Location • Cost • Likelihood of admittance

Brand New Park Slope Location Opening Fall 2021 - Enroll Now for Preschool!

Flexible Full or Part Time Sessions

• • • •

Montessori Early Childhood Program After School Program Summer Camp Birthday Party Space

Clinton Hill: 148 Clinton Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

*New 2nd Park Slope Location* 242 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

347.996.2688 • 718.858.8961 •

Since 1977, MDS has followed a Montessori philosophy to guide and inspire a joy of learning both in and outside of the classroom. We are an inclusive preschool program that values diversity, excellence in early childhood education, and continuous learning. We are located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. We’d love for your family to join us! AGE 2- 5 Years Old Schedule a Virtual Tour Today!

(718) 398- 2322

237 Park Pl. Brooklyn, NY 11238

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


Preschools Directory | Special Advertising Supplement A. Fantis School 195 State St., Brooklyn, NY 718-624-0501 NYC’s first Greek Dual Language UPK4 Program. This program will propel early learners in the acquisition of a language that will benefit them in middle school and beyond. The A. Fantis School is a small, private, and inclusive Greek Orthodox school in Brooklyn Heights for PK3 to 8th grade. Our Greek Dual language program will have instruction split between English and Greek, classroom blend of English and Greek-speaking families, play-based instruction within thematic units of study, daily outdoor play, music and movement, full-day, in-person learning, and daily after-school clubs, and extended day program.

Little Thinkers Montessori New Park Slope Location: 242 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 148 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 347-996-2688 A high quality Montessori edu-

cation to children ages 2-5 for preschool for the school year (September - June). LTM’s preschool curriculum is individualized, multi-aged, and thoughtfully guided to match each student’s needs. Children learn through the academic and experiential process, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, and influenced by the culturally diverse atmosphere of Brooklyn. The primary goal of LTM’s Montessori program is to use the “whole-child” approach to help each child reach their full potential in all areas of life. Enrolling now for preschool spots at the new Park Slope location for Fall 2021! Please contact the school to learn more.

Montessori Day School of Brooklyn 237 Park Place Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 718-398-2322 MDS is a community of families, children, and educators using the Montessori philosophy to guide and inspire a joy of learning both inside and outside the classroom. MDS is a welcoming community that

values diversity. They are committed to excellence in early childhood education and continuous learning. The school serves children ages 2-5 years and is divided into toddler and primary classes. Primary classes have mixed-age groups (i.e., 3-5 years of age) following the Montessori model in which young children learn from older ones and older children reinforce their learning by helping the younger ones.

Phyl’s Academy 3520 Tilden Avenue Brooklyn, NY 718-469-9400 All tall trees started as tiny seeds planted in fertile foundations. Phyl’s Academy is that foundation, a place to blossom. In an ideal environment for learning, creative play, and physical activity, we encourage intellectual curiosity, a love for learning and give students the tools they need to lead meaningful lives. Phyl’s students consistently perform in the top 90th percentile in standardized tests. 90% of our graduates attend Independent

Schools and Gifted Programs, and our Early Childhood program is noted as exemplary by Chancellor Porter and Mayor de Blasio. Call to schedule a tour.

Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery & Preschool 15 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn, NY bridgepark@ Kinder Prep Montessori is expanding and opening a brand new second location in Brooklyn Heights in December 2021. Now offering in-person and virtual tours! Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery and Preschool is committed to the development of the whole child, by fostering the love of learning and encouraging confidence through the acquisition of academic, social, emotional, and physical skills. They establish in children a strong work ethic, creativity, respect, and compassion for others. Kinder Prep offers a Montessori approach along with a creative curriculum that targets all your child’s developmental needs and prepares your little learner for a bright academic future.

Phyl's Academy

A Community of Passionate, Motivated Learners

Celebrating 42 Years of Service!



Making Friends

Schedule a tour today! 718-469-9400 3520 Tilden Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11203 718-469-9400

18 | November/December 2021

Kinder Prep Montessori Nursery & Preschool Brand New Brooklyn Heights Location Now Enrolling Children 3 Months - 5 Years Old


Breakfast, Lunch, PM Snack All Enrichment Classes Chess Soccer at the Park Dance

• • • •

Gymnastics Spanish Language Abacus Math Cooking

Contact us to Enroll or to Schedule an In-Person or Virtual Tour 15 Bridge Park Drive, Brooklyn, NY 11201 718-522-0777 November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


Family Fun


Ski Resorts Planning your winter getaway By Mia SalaS


re you looking for a winter getaway? Take a ski trip with your family at these family-friendly ski resorts. There are a ton of ski resorts and ski slopes to choose from, so we rounded up our top 5 picks. Many resorts have gentle slopes and “ski school” for kids and adults, so no prior ski experience is necessary to have winter fun. Don’t forget to check the website of your ski pick for COVID-19 guidelines and pack your bags for your next weekend stay at a New York ski resort! Smugglers Notch 4323 VT-108, Jeffersonville, VT 05464

For your next family ski trip, head to Smugglers’ Notch, Ski Magazine’s #1 resort for families for the last 20 years! The 78 trails, eight lifts, and the highest vertical drop in Northern Vermont at 2,610 feet is not only a winter wonderland - it is designed to deliver the ultimate ski experience. There are multiple terrain parks and 1,000 acres of skiing and riding. For Fall, enjoy the beauty that is Vermont with outdoor activities and crisp air fun. Come winter; kids will love snowshoeing, tubing, cross country skiing, swimming, Fun Zone 2.0, ice skating. The Smugglers’ Notch Resort’s mission is to give families an experience that they will cherish for life, and it is no wonder many make visiting it a yearly ritual. Smugglers’ condominiums are located in wooden spots with mountain views or make your home in one of the condos closer to the village. The convenient, cozy, family-style lodgings with fully equipped kitchens and more are perfect for the entire family. If you don’t ski (some of us prefer to lounge and drink hot chocolate, no guilt in that!), the “Winter Experience Package” offers you a Cat Trax ride to the top of the mountain for a view of the fireworks on Thursday nights. We all know kids can go


24/7 - there are activities for everyone such as Bingo, Family Feud, nightly hot chocolate by the bonfire, the fireworks we mentioned on Thursday night, and more. For those tweens who need extra, there is a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, nighttime tubing; a new Teen Center called The Alley with Virtual Reality quests and Xbox Live, Night School for Boarding, and Jibbing. Mount Peter 51 Old Mt. Peter Road Warwick, NY 10990

Mount Peter may be the only ski and | November/December 2021

snowboarding destination initially started (in 1936) by Macy’s Department Stores as a ‘showroom’ to sell their ski fashion. Very très chic and New York. As one of the oldest operating familyowned ski spots in the country, it is a special place for families to visit or newly discover each winter. Located in Warwick, NY, it is about one hour from NYC — making for a convenient day trip and a great spot to learn to ski or get in a day of skiing, snowboarding or tubing. Known for their free beginner ski and snowboard lessons on weekends and holidays, this is the perfect spot when the kids are

ready to ski or for mom or dad to learn the art of skiing or snowboarding. Super familyfriendly, this spot consists of a combination of locals, city peeps, and tourists worldwide. There is a reason Mount Peter is called New York’s family mountain! Mount Peter features 14 trails for skiing or snowboarding and a 600-foot tubing run. Rates are affordable, which parents will appreciate if bringing a large group. If you don’t own skis, no problem, as there is a daily ski rental barn where you can rent skis, snowboards, poles, and helmets. Tip- we suggest heading to the rental shop as soon as you arrive as the line can get long, and we all know that kids have little patience when the fun is around the corner. For tasty food, the lodge serves food and Pete’s Pub offers adult beverages as well as a gift shop! Belleayre Mountain 181 Galli Curci Road, Highmount, NY 12441

Belleayre Mountain’s excellent skiing, reasonable pricing, and year-round activities

make it one of the best family-friendly ski resorts in Upstate New York. We love their heated gondola that keeps us nice and warm on the slopes. With a variety of downhill courses, a snowsports school offering classes for kids, teens, and adults, and summer activities like biking, hiking, and Belleayre Beach, this resort has something for everyone at almost any time of year. Located just north of Big Indian Wilderness, it is just over a two-hour drive from NYC. Plattekill Mountain 469 Plattekill Road, Roxbury, NY 12474

Located in the northwestern Catskills, Plattekill Mountain is a different breed of ski resort. This privately owned and operated resort, affectionately called “Platty” by the many ski enthusiasts who visit regularly each year, offers a unique family vibe that visitors love. Skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing fun can all be found on the mountain, but visitors will also find a welcoming atmosphere, plenty of smiles, and unique

experiences. At just about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the city, it’s a great option for getting in some great skiing and feeling like you found a second home. Gore Mountain 793 Peaceful Valley Road, North Creek, NY 12853

Located on the eastern edge of the Siamese Ponds Wilderness, Gore Mountain has something for everyone all year round. In the winter months, visitors can take advantage of 110 trails and 14 lifts on New York’s biggest mountain. The resort also offers classes and private lessons for kids, teens, and adults. With a variety of beautiful accommodation options and delicious dining choices, the mountain is an all-season resort destination that’s widely considered to be the best in all of New York and in the upper echelon of the northeastern US. It’s well worth the drive of just under four hours from NYC to get there

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family



Hey Sloaney Mama Liza Dare offers fresh style for the littles BY DONNA DUARTE�LADD


iza Dare has always loved fashion and was part of a group of boutique owners who helped shape the Williamsburg neighborhood’s popular style vibe years back. Liza’s kids’ store, Cute Attack, was stocked with brands from all over the world. The store captured the unique style of North Brooklyn, a vibe that frankly makes Greenpoint/ Williamsburg known for its unique fashion look. Now, as a mother of two-year-old Sloane, Liza has found her love for fashion reignited by her child’s joy of clothes and the fun she has in styling her every day. And like so many moms who reassessed what they wanted in work-life during this pandemic, Liza knew she wanted to start an online shop destination. Inspired by her own muse Sloane and her group of friends, Liza founded Hey, Sloaney (, a curated unisex line of clothing for little kids that is well made and, most importantly, meant for play. You owned a much-loved children’s boutique (Cute Attack) long before you had kids. What is it about children’s wear that inspires you? Today, much of children’s fashion is a fun reflection of adult contemporary fashion. It’s cool to see how styles change and how lately, many fashion feels inspired by children’s fashion! I’ve loved clothing since I can remember. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, and when I opened Cute Attack, one of my closest friends and my sister had just had children, so baby fashion was on my mind! Now that you have the ultimate style muse in your daughter Sloane how does she inspire you in how you curate Hey Sloaney? Sloane is very opinionated and has a lot to say. When I first started, she and her friends were the inspiration for everything I curated. Now, I know there are some colors or patterns she loves and some she would never wear. I’m not just buying for parents, I’m buying with for parents who want their kids to actually put their clothes on in the morning! I’m inspired by her strong will and independence, her love of snuggling and taking care of her baby doll, major dance skills, crazy laugh, and love of dirt. She takes after her mother in that she loves clothing, so I want her to have fun with her fashion! It’s


an honor to be her mother (and stylist). You have shared that community means more than anything to you now, did having a tight community especially during the height of the pandemic help you in how you made choice in work, like starting your own business? Absolutely! I felt so lost after having Sloane. I loved her so much, but I had postpartum anxiety which the pandemic did not help. In the Summer of 2020, I started to slowly form my community. Being around moms going through what I was going through, helped me find myself again. I started to slowly style again, style Sloane, and be transparent about what I | November/December 2021

wanted for my future. My friends gave me the confidence to take the first steps in opening my own business again. It felt like something for myself that I could also share with them. What are the next steps for Hey Sloaney? I will be hosting Pop-Ups so shoppers can see the clothing in person. The first one is in December at Parachute Brooklyn, one of our favorite buy-sell-trade shops in Greenpoint. I’ve also been doing postpartum styling and I’m considering somehow intergrading it with Hey Sloaney. It’s such a confusing transition and women deserve to feel supported and good about themselves.



Rivendell School provides a warm, creative environment where children develop independence, respect for each other, and a lifelong love of learning.


An inclusive Montessori school for children 2-6 serving the Park Slope/Gowanus community for forty years 277 3rd Ave. (bet. Carroll & President Streets)



Give the Gift of Clean Air or 212.239.6200 New World Stages 340 W. 50th St. November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


Holiday Gift Guide Toys that are perfect for the holidays and, most importantly, New York kids By Jana Beauchamp & Donna Duarte-LaDD

24 | November/December 2021

FOR AGES 1�4 1. Fisher-Price® 4-in-1 Ultimate Learning Bot A transforming playtime buddy featuring four ways to play and lots of fun music, lights, and hands-on activities. And with Smart Stages technology, you can switch up the learning content to best fit your child’s age and stage. Age: 6M+ $49.99, fisher-price. com


2. Camille Neighborhood Kids Collectioon If looking for a gift like the dolls you grew up with- this 34” tall handcrafted from 100% cotton is a beauty and ready to added to the holiday gift list. $50, 3. Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles This gift will keeps kids busy and learning through hand-eye coordination and motor skills all that help with problemsolving. The handy wooden box doubles as a puzzle board! Age 3+, $13.99,


4. Ada Twist, Scientist On-The-GoLab Set This set has everything curious kids need for a scientific playdate. Parents will love that this travel lab set includes an on-the-go lab case, goggles, beaker, flask, test tubes, removable ruler, six experiment cards, and more. Age 3+, $44.44,


5. Blue’s Clues & You! Kids will love using the play otoscope to check Blue’s ears and play thermometer to check her temperature, and using the play stethoscope to listen to Blue’s heart that makes real beating sounds! Age: 3+; $29.99, 6. Squishmallow Food Squad This ‘Squad’ features the lovable Carmelita the S’more and her collectible, delectable friends. Families will also love the smaller, budget-friendly Squishville Mystery Mini Plush. Age: 0+; Starting at $4.99, squishmallows. com 7. Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot Kids’ will love to pretend to cook, following the five step-by-step recipes to encourage learning with play. Age: 12 months+ $19.99,

4 5


7 November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


FOR AGES 4�8 1. KidiStar DJ Mixer Kids will love to mix and jam with this DJ turntable, with its 15 built-in songs and 2000+ sound combinations. They can create custom sound effects and vocal tags to lay onto tracks, then save samples and add light effects. Age: 5+; $54.99, 2. Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron The adorable Mixie makes sweet sounds, lights up, and interacts with the wand to help create endless spells and fun. Age: 5+ $69.99,



3. The Young Scientists Club Future Veterinarian kit Your animal lover kid will learn what it takes to become a veterinarian and the hands-on learning of how a vet takes care of animals through the use of a working stethoscope, creating a plaster cast, suturing a foam dog, and more. $16.99, 4. Spirograph Animator Kids will love creating endless spiral art designs and then bringing them to life in mesmerizing motion with a spin of the animator. Every design moves in a different way with each of the rotating light effects. Age: 8+; $26.95, 5. Akedo Ultimate Battle Arena A game that takes a retro gaming look and combines it with kids playing one-on-one battles with small ninja, wizards, and warrior action figures using skill, force, weapons, and shields. Age: 6; $29.99,


3 5

6. Rainbow High House A fully furnished, 3-Story Wood Doll House playset that inspires creativity and endless play. Rainbow High dolls (sold separately). Age: 6+; Starting at $44.99, 7. We Wear Cute So Glittery Hand Spa A fun DIY manicure experience. Simply pour the Orbeez seeds into a bowl of water and watch as they grow and then add the Orbeez into the spa. Press the button and enjoy a soothing hand massage as the Orbeez swirl around. Next, design your manicure by using nail stickers and painting glitter. Age: 8+; $19.97,

26 | November/December 2021




“If you are looking to introduce your preschooler to musical theater, ������������������������������������


While Rescue Rue is geared for the little ones, it will also appeal to any grownup who has ever been adopted by a pound pup.”

- Talkin’ Broadway

A family-friendly musical about a little dog named Rue who realizes life is really about finding your happy beginnings, not endings! Told by a colorful cast of puppets and people. For all ages!

�������������� ��������������



November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


FOR AGES 8�TWEEN 1. YuMe Among Us Made of super-soft Velboa fabric, this plush is super soft, and yes, you can squeeze it. Sold separately . Age 3+, $24.98, 2. Beetle Taxonomy Paint By Number Banner Your artist will learn about each bug’s name, paint these cards, and have miniature art pieces to keep. Ages 13+, $44, Nathanandco. com 3. Ghosted Game Tweens love weird games and GHOSTED, a game of Boo-Dunnit definitely falls in this category. Ages 10+, $16, 4. Questions for Rebel Girls This book shares quotes and introduces extraordinary women throughout history, allowing the reader to answer questions and be inspired. Ages 6+, $9.99, Rebelgirls. com




5. Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebrations Elite Trainer Box This Elite Trainer Box includes 10 Pokémon TCG: Celebrations 4-card booster packs, five additional Pokémon TCG booster packs and more. Ages 6+, $93, 6. Artie Max The Coding Robot This robot directly connects to your child’s tablet, phone or home computer, where they can learn to code creatively. Ages 8-12, $109.99,



7. Sphere Dj-Style Headphones These headphones feature a builtin mic, comfy ear cushions, and an adjustable headband. Are compatible with iPhone®, iPad®, Samsung galaxy ®, android™ smartphones, tablets & other 3.5mm audio devices. $5,

7 6

28 | November/December 2021

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


family day out

Brooklyn Museum

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams An exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of creativity & style By Maya LaidLer


he Brooklyn Museum never disappoints with its exhibits, and the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams is just that. A gorgeous presentation that showcases the evolution of one the most prolific designers ever, Christian Dior.


With over 200 haute couture garments drawn directly from the Dior archive along with photographs, sketches, archival videos, accessories, and a variety of sights for the audience to immerse themselves in. Dior, who was born in Normandy, France, before moving to Paris as a small child, founded the brand in 1946. While Dior created the House of Dior, its fame only grew with the six successors who became designers for the line. The exhibition opens with Christian Dior’s New York Collections. Visitors walk | November/December 2021

through garments from some of his first collections, echoing the influences of his early life and his inspirations from American Women. The collection shown was deemed the “New Look” with its revolutionary style and attempts to bring Paris styles to New York. The show runs until February 19, 2022, at the Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn 11238. Adult tickets $25, Students & Seniors $16, Child (ages 4-12) $10.

Looking forward to next summer?

Meet with day & sleepaway camps in a safe environment to find a great camp for your child • New York Family and the ACA-NY and NJ will be hosting our Annual Camp Fair Series from January through April of 2022 • We will be hosting 10 camp fairs around NYC and in Westchester • This is an opportunity for you to meet one on one with Day & Sleepaway Camp Directors in a safe environment to learn about different opportunities next summer for your child • All events are indoors, to attend the camp fair you must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask while inside at all times

Locations include:

Manhattan Brooklyn Westchester Queens

Presented by

Find out more at

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


Family Day Out


A. The six successors of Christina Dior are all displayed with garments from their collections. These include designers Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Maria Garzia Chiuri.


B. As if walking into the eighteenth century, a collection of styles inspired by the femininity of the period is displayed with decor inspired by Dior’s design of the 30 Avenue Montaigne building. The dresses shown incorporate styles accentuated in eighteenth-century paintings that Dior drew inspiration from such as corsets and full skirts. This section of the gallery invokes a sense of awe at the gorgeous garments and is a full experience for anyone, whether or not they are interested in fashion. C

C. Throughout the exhibition, the dress-making process is portrayed, from full-scale 3D mockups of the finished designs to sketches, as well as photographs. Ateliers, the workshops in which these garments are made are shown here in a magical room encased in mirrors for an infinite illusion. D

D. For a display of color that will surely amaze the whole family, “Colorama” is a section that displays the full palette of colors used by the House of Dior. Each choice of color has a different meaning and is created to represent a harmonious vision. E

E. Further, into the exhibit, there is a section dedicated to photography where visitors will find many familiar faces of pop culture icons and celebrities.

All photos courtesy Brooklyn Museum

32 | November/December 2021

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


Phen�menal & Fes�ive NYC!

Our Holiday Bucket List BY DONNA DUARTE�LADD


he holidays are here, and we are all about enjoying our city with a magical bucket list for this month’s double issue. Yeah, I said it, magical! For NYC with its pack subways (again) and gridlock traffic somehow always comes out shining during this time of the year. And perhaps it isn’t magic per se, but it’s the people that make this city so phenomenal during the holidays. So whether it’s heading to a favorite museum, enjoying Central Park, or checking out the holiday windows, we’re all in, and we have all the ways you and your family can enjoy this time of the year as well!

Free Ice Skating! The Rink, located at the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park: Nov 16 March 2022

Get your skate on at the only free-admission ice skating rink in NYC. Go online to reserve your spot, and keep in mind that new reservations are open throughout the season. Skate rentals are $15 if you have you do not have skates. Located at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue. The Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes: Nov 5 -Jan 2

The Christmas Spectacular is back. Staring the famous Radio City Rockettes, this show is iconic New York, and the entire family will enjoy gorgeous dance numbers and the unity of the Rockettes. Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Ave. Visit for time and tickets. North Pole Express by Top View Nov 13 – Jan 2

34 | November/December 2021

Visit this satellite Santa location (wink, wink) and take a journey with Top View for a holiday adventure on the North Pole Express. Dress warmly, sip on hot chocolate, eat delicious cookies all while enjoying the sights of New York. Meet the Express Conductor, an elf, and Santa! Located at 2 East 42nd Street, visit topviewnyc. com for tickets and details. Enjoy Central Park Zoo and Carousel

Surprisingly, when winter permits, the Central Park Carousel ($2.50 a ride and located mid-park at 65th street) and Zoo ( East Side between 63rd and 66th)) are both open. Visiting this park never gets old, and enjoying it during the holidays is extra—tickets for the zoo range from $14.95 to $19.95 with kids under three are free. Holiday Lights at Bronx Zoo: Nov 19 – Jan 9

A family fun favorite is this iconic light show of animal lantern safaris, ice-carving demonstrations, holiday treats, costumed characters, wildlife theater, stilt walkers, and more! Visit Africa, Asia, Latin America, and more on a fun and safe tour of this seasonal celebration. The event is on select dates from November 20-January 10- and tickets must be reserved in advance. The New York Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show: Nov 20 – Jan 23

Visit this popular model train show of 175 landmarks re-created with bark, leaves, and other natural materials. The train show is located at the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, making for a lovely day with the kids. New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx. Visit for price packages.

Photo by Yumi Matsuo

November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


Queens County Farm Museum Illuminate the Farm: Nov 25 – Jan 2

The Winter Lantern Festival located in Queens is a perfect family holiday activity where dazzling lanterns in fantastic shapes such as tractors, farm animals, and flowers illuminate the night. This year- kids can purchase (for $5) a wish lantern of their own to decorate and take home. Queens County Farm Museum7 3-50 Little Neck Parkway, Queens, NY. Visit Lighting Largest Hanukkah Menorahs: Nov 28 – Dec 25

Head over to this joyous (and free) lightning of The Largest Menorah lighting in Brooklyn. Every night of Chanukah- New Yorkers commemorate and celebrate this event with music, hot latkes to mark the Maccabean victory of right over might and light over darkness. Located at Grand Army Plaza. Visit NYBG GLOW: Nov 24 – Jan 22

Explore the gardens after dark with a 1.5-mile colorful adventure—the GLOW show. Will light up the gardens on 25 designated nights—visit for dates and tickets. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Nov 25, 9 am-noon

Bring the family together to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which celebrates its 93rd year lining the streets of Manhattan. Central Park West, Columbus Circle, or Sixth Avenue between Central Park South and 38th Street in Manhattan, Holiday Windows

A fun and free holiday tradition is the unveiling of NYC holiday windows. Windows go up around the third week of November. Some of the must-check-out windows are Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Macy’s: Herald Square, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Louis Vuitton, and American Girl (Midtown). Central Park Horse and Carriage Rides

If looking for indulgence this season, take a horse and carriage ride in Central Park. Visit well-known attractions like Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, and more. For more info visit George Balanchine’s “The Nutcracker”: Nov 26 – Jan 2

A seasonal classic and a New York holiday tradition where beautiful costumes, a growing tree, and exceptional choreography by New York City Ballet entertain the family. David H. Koch Theater, 20 Lincoln Center Plaza in Manhattan, Macy’s Santaland: Nov 26 – Dec 24

36 | November/December 2021

Visit Santa in IRL! Reservations will open at 5:30 am five days before the date of your wish to visit to minimize wait times and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Macy’s Herald Square, 151 W. 34th Street, 8th floor(across from Au Bon Pain). Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree: Dec 1, 6 am – 12 am

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is *Free* to view. If you are in town on Christmas Day, the tree will be lit for 24 hours. On New Year’s Eve, the tree shines from 6 am to 9 pm. 45 Rockefeller Plaza. ‘Twas the Night Before by Cirque du Soleil: Dec 9– Dec 27

The theatrical ‘Twas the Night Before by Cirque du Soleil features acrobats, dancing, and more at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Visit bit. ly/3GFH1V3 for times and tickets. 12th Annual Jackson Heights Winter Caroling Sing & Stroll: Dec 18

Layer up, gather the family and head over to this popular outdoor caroling event. Sing your heart out with winter and holiday songs of all faiths, languages, and cultures as you stroll through Jackson Heights. Meet in front of Cassidy’s Ale House, corner of 31st Ave & 75th St in Queens. 7 pm – 10 pm. Dyker Lights – Dyker Heights

A New York ritual is heading to Dyker Heights to enjoy the gorgeous neighborhood lights. This Brooklyn neighborhood goes all-out on its holiday decorations. Here, you can expect to see life-size Santas, stunning light displays, and possibly even hear Christmas carols. These light displays are between 11th to 13th Avenue or 83rd Avenue to 86th St. Kings Theatre Hip Hop Nutcracker: Dec 11

The Kings Theatre is like no other, meaning they often give a classic-a new spin, literally. The Hip Hop Nutcracker, a contemporary dance spectacle set to Tchaikovsky’s timeless music, is pure joy. Bring the entire family for this show that features a dozen all-star dancers, a DJ, a violinist, and MC Kurtis Blow (yes!), who opens the show with a short set. The theatre is located at 1027 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn. Showtimes are at 2 pm and 7 pm. King Theatre The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Musical: Dec 26

If your family is obsessed with The Elf on the Shelf, then head to Brooklyn for this fun The Elf on the Shelf: The Musical spectacle of music and dance at the North Pole and check-in with Santa’s Scout Elves. Kings theatre brings the family an original story and score, beautiful sets and costumes on this dont miss production. 1027 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn. Showtimes are 2 pm & 7 pm.

Spend a day at the

American Museum of Natural History New & Special Exhibitions The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter Opens Saturday, November 20

The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter, an annual favorite, returns to the Museum. Celebrating its 23rd year at the Museum, this popular attraction transforms the coldest day into a summer escape, inviting visitors to mingle with up to 500 fluttering, iridescent butterflies among blooming tropical flowers and lush green vegetation in 80-degree temperatures. Origami Holiday Tree Opens Wednesday, November 24

The delightfully decorated 13-foot Origami Holiday Tree will welcome visitors to the Museum throughout the season. As a celebration of the Museum tradition that started in the early 1970s, the theme of the 13-foot tree is Gems of the Museum, featuring 50 specially created gold-colored models for the “golden anniversary” 50th Origami Holiday Tree. Among the more than 1,000 origami pieces decorating the tree will be models of dazzling specimens from the new Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals, jaw-some pieces inspired by the new special exhibition Sharks, and those depicting iconic Museum exhibits like the Blue Whale, Titanosaur, and T. rex. Sharks Opens Wednesday, December 15 with Member Preview Days Friday, December 10 – Sunday, December 12

Fixed in the public imagination as toothy, fearsome predators, sharks are far more fascinating, and more complex, than their depiction in popular culture. Sharks brings to life the incredible diversity of this ancient group of fishes and offers visitors a unique look at pre-historic and modern shark species, their habitats and hunting styles,

Photo by Yumi Matsuo

and the conservation threats these magnificent animals are facing today. Featuring fossils, touch-free media, and a spectacular “parade” of sharks with 30 lifelike models ranging from 33 feet to 5 inched long – including the mega-predator megalodon that’s known as the “Tyrannosaurus rex of the seas,” – the exhibition brings visitors face to face with the incredible diversity of this ancient and misunderstood group of fishes.

Inside the AMNH’s Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals.

Ongoing Exhibitions Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals All-New Permanent Hall Now Open

The all-new Halls which opened this summer offer a brilliant showcase for one of the world’s most important collections of gems and minerals and an engaging guide to our dynamic planet. The exhibits tell the November/December 2021 | Brooklyn Family


fascinating story of how the vast diversity of mineral species arose on Earth, how scientists classify and study them, and how we use them for personal adornment, tools, and technology. Thoroughly redesigned and reinstalled, the 11,000-square-foot galleries feature more than 5,000 specimens from 98 countries, including a pair of towering, sparkling amethyst geodes from Uruguay that are among the world’s largest on display and a wall-sized panel of fluorescent rock from Sterling Hill in New Jersey that glows in shades of orange and green. Worlds Beyond Earth Hayden Planetarium Space Show Now Open

The Museum’s most recent Space Show is currently screening in the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater. Viewers can journey beyond our own blue planet

Visiting the AMNH! Hours The Museum is open Wednesday-Sunday, 10 am–5:30 pm. The Museum is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admission Museum admission is free to all New York City school and camp groups. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut residents (with ID) have the option to pay what they wish for General Admission; the reservation must be made online and the transaction must be completed at a Museum ticket counter. General Admission, which includes admission to all permanent exhibition halls and the


to marvel at the latest discoveries from our cosmic neighbors. Narrated by Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Worlds Beyond Earth takes viewers on an exhilarating journey that reveals the dynamic nature of the worlds that orbit our Sun and features immersive visualizations of space missions and breathtaking scenes depicting the evolution of our solar system. Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker Giant-Screen Film Now Open

The giant-screen film is now showing in the Museum’s LeFrak Theater, which features a 40-foot-high, 66-footwide screen with a state-of-the-art digital sound system. The film follows the journey of an endangered Australian sea lion pup named Otto as she learns to navigate her beautiful but harsh coastal environment with the help of her mother and others in her colony.

Rose Center for Earth and Space but does not include special exhibitions, giant-screen 2D or 3D film, or Space Show, is $23 (adults), $18 (students/seniors), and $13 (children ages 3–12). All prices are subject to change. General Admission Plus One includes general admission plus one special exhibition, giant-screen 2D or 3D film, or Space Show: $28 (adults), $22.50 (students/ seniors), $16.50 (children ages 3–12). General Admission Plus All includes general admission plus all special exhibitions, giant-screen 2D or 3D film, and Space Show: $33 (adults), $27 (students/seniors), $20 (children ages 3–12). Please visit the museum’s website at amnh. org for current health and safety protocols.

Ice Skating

Music Lessons

Steeplechase Ice Skating Center

at the Abe Stark Skating Rink West 19th Street & Surf Avenue Ages 4–Adult

718-253-8919 • 347-628-0663


Classes Saturdays 1:30-3:30 pm

Basic Skills 1-8, Hockey 1-3 Adult 1-4, Freestyle 1-6 & More Weekend classes • Credit cards accepted

Have Fun While Building Strength, Confidence & Coordination 38 | November/December 2021

Piano Lessons For Everyone 135 Eastern Parkway

across from the Brooklyn Museum

Experienced, friendly teacher with MA in Music Student recitals twice a year • Six foot concert grand piano Near 2, 3, 4 & 5 Subways

Call me and let’s talk about what you or your child would like to learn Call Beth Anderson-Harold: 718-636-6010 or Email:

Give kids’ dreams a head start. Youth Savings



On balances from $5 - $10,000

$5 to open and earn interest �����������maintenance fee Set up recurring transfers

Open a Youth Savings account today!


Member FDIC

������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������


fun takes

T H G I FL Welcome to the ܳצ¹ × Ż¦º ÀÀÍŻ å º×ÜÍ ŻÊ ͱň With attractions that cater to any level of adventurer, there’s something fun for everyone. Here your mini warriors can conquer obstacles, show gravity who’s boss and have a blast any day of the week. Let ‘em fly during open play or take their next birthday party to new heights at Urban Air Adventure Park!

@Ê ºŻ ¦³ìŻ ÀÍŻ@Ê ºŻJ³ ìŻ º Ż ¦Íפ ìŻJ Íצ ÑňŻŻ ³³Ż ÀÍŻ'º Àň South Hackensack 69 Wesley e Street, t, S South Hackensack

201-212-6454 2 01-21 -2 - 454 45

AvenelŻ A ven

1600 Saint Geo 16 G Georges ge Av Avenue, ve Avenel

732-640-8847 40-

Milltown M lto tow own wn wn 39 396 96 6 Ryd R Ryders de ers L er Lane, an ne e, Ryders Cro Ryde Ry Crossing ss sin ng gS Sh Shopping hopp ping Center, Milltown

732-286-1994 32 2-2 28 8 19 86 99 94

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