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Trinity Health System cuts ribbon in Cadiz


So, when this location became available we were very quick to say we wanted a private spot here to bring these services into this exact location. Trinity Health CEO, Matt Grimshaw


CADIZ – e Ferguson property just off the U.S. 22 exit on Cadiz-Jewett Road is finally bearing some fruit. Monday, Trinity Health System cut the ribbon on their new facility surrounded by much promise as a seven-day-a-week health care facility. e target date for the actual opening is next Monday, July 9 and the health care facility will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. CEO Matt Grimshaw stressed that it would be open every day of the week. Grimshaw stated that discussions began over two years ago with Derek Ferguson, owner of the land that is being developed in that corner just beyond the U.S. 22 overhead bridge. Grimshaw wanted road access and centrally located within Harrison County and Trinity found what they wanted. “So, when this location became available we were very quick to say we wanted a private spot here to bring these services into this exact location,” Grimshaw explained. Grimshaw called it a “super clinic” and said it was indeed an extension of

the Trinity Health System in Steubenville. “It’s all about community,” he said referring to the new Cadiz facility and the people it will serve. Other benefits come to some of the staff in special ways as well in Dr. Porsche Beetham, who will now work full-time from the Cadiz facility instead of commuting to Steubenville each day as she lives locally. It was apparent that Beetham couldn’t be more thrilled to be back after a twoyear hiatus from working locally. “We’re thrilled to have her back in her community providing full-time primary care,” Grimshaw said of Beetham. But, he added that the big addition was the seven days a week availability to the public for its “express care clinic.” “We’ll be able to see patients without appointment from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week,” he said emphasizing that no appointment was necessary. He called the Wintersville, Toronto and Calcutta operations “very successful” and touted this new Cadiz facility to be no different. “It’s a much lower-cost option for care when you need it than going to the

emergency room,” Grimshaw explained. Sports medicine, physical therapy, xray and lab services as well as a full-time primary care clinic will be offered, according to Grimshaw. He said a specialty clinic, such as cardiology and nephrology will be included “and several other specialties we’ll begin providing out reach services here for the community.” Dr. Ramana Murty also stressed community and how much he loves it here. Murty has been working in the community for over 40 years and said they were “here to stay.” “We are all a part of this community,” he said to the crowd emphasizing the positive message he felt this would send, which mostly included local leaders. Ferguson, who has been developing this property for about two years with the plan of approximately seven businesses to round out the project, hasn’t changed that goal. e left side of the Trinity Health building is still not fully developed but Ferguson said they are close. He said predicaments with the EPA are over, which he said set him back two to three years. Ferguson plans to get the other half of the building leased out by the end of the year then begin on two more buildings to be up sometime next year. He added that he’s been “so close” on some things but to honor the businesses wishes he’s been dealing with would not disclose who or what they will be.

Trail plans moving towards final approval By JD LONG CADIZ – e Harrison County Commissioner’s meeting was moved up one day on account of the 4th of July holiday. On Tuesday, the board heard an update on the planned Trail Network, which includes five counties (Tuscarawas, Carroll, Harrison, Belmont, Guernsey) while encompassing six lakes (Salt Fork, Piedmont, Clendening, Tappan, Leesville, Atwood). Dan Rice of the Ohio-Erie Canal Coalition presented what he called the latest updates to the board and announced a final public hearing to be held on July 18 at 6 p.m., at the Scio Firehouse where final plans would be discussed. Rice said there are a potential of 206 miles of on road and off road hiking and biking trails within Harrison County. Among this is a sixlake loop trail Rice brought as an illustration where he called it only a concept but “very doable.” e Buckhorn Creek Trail covers 58 of those miles on the western side with the Buckeye Trail nearly covering the remaining miles except for the 11-mile Towpath at the northwest corner of the loop. Rice brought forth the coalition’s updated plan based on their latest input and asked to see if the board wished to submit any final changes along the loop that involves Harrison County. “And so this really is the final version pending any changes that you would like to give us today, or over the next week or so,” Rice explained. He told the board that Harrison County was “very uniquely positioned” in conjunction with the other counties including paths leading to the north as well as east towards Pittsburgh. “So, that’s why Harrison County is really in a key position,” Rice said as he accentuated the highlights of his 13-page presentation including a

New Athens swears in new police officer SeeTRAIL, PG. 2


Pictured left to right: April White (office manager), Amber Voytecek (nurse practitioner), Dr. Ramana Murty, Dr. Porsche Beetham, CEO Matt Grimshaw, Dr. Michael Scarpone and Dr. Aaron Orloskey. Dr. Beetham helps cut the ribbon with CEO Grimshaw on the new Trinity Health System, which is targeted to open on Monday, July 9.


Harrison County Beekepers welcome speaker at seminar e Harrison County Beekeepers welcome Dr. Kirsten Traynor to speek at their seminar on July 21. See Page 7


Hopedale Nationals bounce back after loss

e Hopedale Nationals baseball team got back on the horse after suffering a loss by besting the Richmond Reds 11-5. See Page 6


Buyers, sellers come together at fair

Another Harrison County fair is in the books and so far it looks like a huge success. See Page 6

NEW ATHENS – Last week, New Athens council saw its newest police officer sworn in and placed into uniform. Charles Hays became the latest officer for New Athens’ village after former Police Chief Jason Simmerman resigned last year. On Tuesday Mayor Joe Petro officially introduced Hays, who is from Bloomingdale, in front of council publicly. Hays, who has been a police officer since 2007 previously worked in Hammondsville. In related news, Hays said he would like to work with a more flexible radar as it only points in one direction. Council member Mark Arnold noted a request for a digital magazine for the Taser was put in at $40 per. He said it also needs cartridges at $69.99 and $38 for the holster. “We had a holster, the New police officer for the village of New holster’s gone,” he said Athens, Charles Hays, was sworn in last without further comment. week by Mayor Joe Petro. Hays was “So, we need to do that but officially introduced in front of council at can we actually let him go Tuesday’s regular monthly meeting. The ahead and get them. It’s part village had been without an officer since last year. of the job.” Village Administrator Tosha Giesey suggested that they purchase a new card for their digital camera and photograph every item they have and are to purchase, for the police


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Scio council members ask for financial help to fix water breaks HARRISON NEWS-HERALD | AREA


By JD LONG CADIZ – Tuesday, two Scio council members, Carol Davy and Betty Gotschall, presented their case on behalf of the village of Scio regarding several water breaks that have turned into a major problem. e breaks, in which one has led to a second discovery occurred at the bend on Main Street just before it straightens out near the municipal building. Davy said the initial break had been fixed with new pipe put in up to the sidewalk area. “But what they found once that was fixed is that there is a leak under 151 going over across the street…” Davy said adding that it is affecting three houses that sit at the end of that row along 151. She called it a “large loss amount” adding that the bridge, which was constructed in 1954, covers pipe that was inserted in 1903. “And it is 15 foot below the road,” she told them. She said just simply digging it up and repairing the line is “not an option” but they

have been working with several state entities such as, ODOT and the EPA, as well as Harrison County Engineer Rob Sterling, which she said could hopefully save them a little money. Davy explained that since it is a replacement of old lines that the valve near the bridge where 646 meets 151, will be replaced and a new line will be inserted under the street. “And what the plan is, is to cut across 151 where the new pipe came up to in the sidewalk, cut across 151 lay a pipe over to the sidewalk side and then put new pipe down in front of those houses down the sidewalk area,” she said. Further plans include cutting up the street one half at a time, in order to keep at least one lane open at all times. She said they would hope to begin prepping this week so when the new pipe arrives they can start right away. Davy said all plans are pending EPA approval, which she quoted at the meeting of a cost of $5,000 for submission. She also later said that there was some hope that they

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would be given a break on that cost but nothing was definite at this time. Davy said the cost so far for repairs has risen to $20,000 without knowing what future costs will be. “Everybody’s working greatly, the county, ODOT, everybody,” she told the board. “We have no idea of the cost of this whole thing but we’re looking by the time you factor in the cost of materials, the cost of labor…we’re expecting at least $50,000…” She noted the real problem is that three homes have no water but did say later by phone that those residents, though not pleased, have been very cooperative and understanding. She noted in the meeting that emergency water has been provided for those residents. Commissioner Dale Norris asked why not boar under 151 consequently saving the village much more money, but Davy couldn’t say for sure. She surmised that it was something ODOT had already looked at but inevitably, it’s the EPA that would need to approve with gas and sewage lines to consider. Commissioner Don Bethel finally came out and asked how the county could assist with Scio’s problem. Davy answered with the word “money.” “I don’t know if we can take this big a hit right now,” she continued after Bethel asked what Scio’s current finances were. “I mean, we have to, we have to do it but it’s going to put us really in a hole. We laid out a five-year plan of line replacements…but this was unexpected. You know, we have a contingency fund but it’s no where near…”


From PG | 1 map showing the six lakes involved in the trail. One page highlighted various destinations to visit within Harrison County numbering over 20. He called the attractions around the county diverse with depth with the goal of connecting all those attractions. Rice said they were grateful to have the resources

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

A water break along 151 in Scio has led to another, and two Scio council members are asking for financial help from the commissioners. Council member Carol Davy said the cost for repairs could reach at least $50,000 and 151 would have to be dug up one half at a time. The water break currently affects three houses.

Bethel expressed concern when speaking in general terms where sometimes a village may have quite a bit of money built up in one fund but a lower amount in their “watersewer fund” citing a concern of helping a village out when they may really have money stowed away somewhere else. Davy speculated that the cost could come out of their water fund, which did not have enough to cover the cost, or come from income tax revenue contingency fund.

“But there’s no way we have enough in the water fund,” Davy said adding that without knowing the cost of other leaks “it’s going to take you down even more.” When Norris brought up the insurance angle Davy stated that that would take care of the retaining wall down below the houses that needs repaired but would not pay for “anything related to water.” Davy said anything the county could do would be of help even if it was not for the full amount of the repairs after Norris reeled off several

projects that were costing the county already. Bethel said this was something that they would need to discuss but also acknowledged a decision that could not wait “too long.” “I mean we have plenty available for things like this but we certainly don’t want to let Scio do this alone if they can’t afford to do it,” Bethel explained. Davy said if anyone had questions regarding the project to please call the village office.

of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD), which include Tappan, Piedmont and Clendening Lakes. Rice also touched on potential connections with abandoned railroad lines as one major source. He said many are actually built either along those lines or as part of the abandoned ones. “We suggest that it’s a possibility but again it’s really up to the railroad whether that’s a possibility or not,” Rice said. “But we at least want to be able to identify them.” Rice said they try to be respectful of private property owners as well and gauge their interest in developing those trails. Regarding non-railroad trails roads were also detailed as being accessible by bikes as well as cars. He said this also deals with both public and private ownership. “So, this really more than anything else actually starts to put the layers of the potential trail connection throughout Harrison County,” Rice explained adding that the Connotton Creek Trail, Tappan and Clendening Lake areas and those connections begins to make up the network

of on and off-road trails. When excluding the private sector, he called the potential 185 miles of trails within the county a “testament to the attractions that you have within the county.” He said this is what hikers and bikers along with their families are looking for. But he noted, those trails of up to 206 miles will be developed over time and not right away. Of the numbers provided 18 percent, or 37 miles of potential trails include abandoned railroad. Active railroad involves 5 percent with 4 percent being private ownership. Public ownership takes up 17 percent of potential/active trails with 41 percent, or 84 miles being public ownership that may involve right-of-ways. Lastly, hiking trails make up 15 percent, or 31 miles. He described the Tappan region as having momentum because of enthusiastic partners such as, the MWCD and the resources they have to offer as they are already developing trails to connect all their lakes. “But we think that there’s a really good strong potential to enhance those connections between the lakes,” Rice told

the board, but then connect them to the different cities and communities within Harrison County.” Commissioner, Don Bethel said the connections with the Connotton Creek Trail and other links to Harrison County and bringing in outsiders would be ideal but takes time. Rice added that he is seeing that now with Tuscarawas County after developing three miles of trails. He said they are beginning to see people from far out areas like Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and even Chicago. Rice said people aren’t just looking for a one-day experience as much as they are wanting a multi-day excursion in hiking and biking. He called the lake connections a potential national destination and not just state or local. “Because I think there’s very few places across the country where you would have this unique opportunity to visit all these different lakes and utilize all these groups of tail paths,” Rice said. He and Commissioner, Dale Norris labeled Harrison County in the center of it all. “You’re extremely well positioned,” Rice told them.

HCCC and Harrison County students prepare for Survivors Luncheon By ED BANKS Nh Staff Writer

CADIZ - e Harrison County Cancer Crusaders (HCCC) enlisted the help of Harrison County students for an art project. e work on the project was performed during the last few weeks of the 201718 school year. LeAnn VanCamp took the lead in preparing and guiding the students from both Harrison East and Harrison North, while Superintendent Scott Bardall assisted by guiding the students at Lakeland Academy. e project was to design tiles to be used during the HCCC Luncheon in August. e brightly colored tiles will be a gift to those in attendance at the Survivor/Caregiver Luncheon to be held on Aug. 4 at Wallace Lodge. e program will start at 1 p.m. and last until 2 p.m. If you are a Harrison County cancer survivor and would like to attend, please RSVP by calling or texting Julie McPeak at: (740) 491-2407. Please RSVP by July 15. HCCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to provide financial assistance to residents affected by cancer. Your donations are tax deductible, and will stay in Harrison County to support our local residents. For more information may be obtained by visiting their Facebook page.

Local farm celebrates 200 year anniversary HARRISON NEWS-HERALD | AREA

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tippecanoe where the original barn and farmhouse still stand along Norris Road. e white house, which is not the one that dates back to 1818, sits alongside an ancient old barn that was moved from its original site log by log. Old things can be seen in the dilapidated barn through openings like an old sowing machine that probably dates back to the early part of the 20th century. ere’s nothing of value in there until maybe a youngster of

the McConnell family stumbles onto a very old newspaper that details Lincoln’s Assassination as she did some years ago. Robert McConnell took the tour of the original foundation into woods across a sloped field. ere, moss covered stones laid out in various corners of this patch of land note the rough life his early family must have lived. He said there was water there and that’s what drew them to the spot, which was surrounded by trees even then.

ese stones marked the original land Robert McConnell brought his family in to settle handing it down to John, eodore, Howard and another Robert. Remarkably, the original deed not only exists with the family’s possessions but it was signed by then President James Monroe and they have it encased, proudly displaying it for family and guests. Outside their current home in the backyard, Robert pointed to an old rusty-looking pump that sits atop a makeshift waterfall. It was in the kitchen sink and used to pump water at the home on Norris Road. He also explained to the family certain tools from the 1800s they still had and what their purpose was like an old, wooden mallet, two-man saw and a large handled sickle. Robert said livestock was raised on the original farm but today, they only lease their land out for some cattle raising. Robert said the family wasn’t without its own characters noting an amusing story of Sam McConnell who carved his own initials in a rock alongside the road back in 1876, which is clearly visible today. Sam was on his way with a bucket of salt for the sheep but never returned. “ey found the bucket up in a tree somewhere,” he said. Sam returned two weeks later with a story of how he ended up in Colorado. “He probably took a train,” Robert guessed. “He danced to the beat of his own drum,” Robert said with a grin calling Sam the irresponsible one in the family. Another McConnell, Mary Lou shared a story of her mother once teaching

connections would too often not be made and hence, the need for the change in ordinance. “We’re supposed to tap our own lines not you, you know what I’m saying?” Arnold said to Village Solicitor Travis Collins where he and Arnold disagreed as to whether it actually authorizes a resident to do a tap-in themselves. “It kind of does,” Arnold said but Collins read it as allowing a resident to install a meter and water line. Arnold said it was changed back in 2005 and the work was not being inspected as Collins noted it should arguing that if inspected problems would be caught anyway. “So people are tapping our line

and making connections and not letting us know,” Arnold said. “Before they’re allowed to tap they’re supposed to come to this place, sign the contract, pay their money and then it’s okay for us, or us to hire a contractor to tap that line. It’s not up to them to get some contractor to tap the line then let us look at it. “at’s our responsibility, our water system. ey all have to be consistently,” Arnold done continued. “And they run from the pit to the house, that’s their baby.” Arnold said they had to do something, either write a new ordinance up and have it reviewed by Collins but could not just let it go.

Petro agreed and stated that that’s what they would do with Collins wording it in the proper language. Arnold said it could be an option for the village to pay a contractor out of the tap-in fee to tap the line where he noted the tap-in fee to be $600. “is stuff all needs to increase anyhow,” Arnold shot back. “is hasn’t been done since 2005… these fees were done years ago.” Giesey stated that the in-town water tap-in fee is $35 and Arnold said, “this all needs updated.” Arnold said a new, or updated ordinance should be worded that the tap-in is to be under the direction of the village “not under the homeowner.”

Pictured left to right: Jim, Robert and Mary Lou McConnell hold up the original deed signed by President James Monroe in 1818.

By JD LONG TIPPECANOE – ey said it’s rare to see one family hand down its property to another and still keep it in the family for two centuries but that’s what the McConnell’s have done for 200 years. is week, family came from several parts of the country to celebrate the family’s 200th birthday of the McConnell farm in


From PG | 1 department. Petro also suggested getting a signature down for everything that is purchased on the village’s end. Also under Old Business, Arnold addressed the situation with how tapping in to a water source was worded in their ordinance, which was reported on from last month’s meeting. Arnold told council that it had been changed sometime in the past to allow anyone to administer the tap in but said they needed it changed to only allow the village’s supervision. e concern is that proper


at the old Billingsley schoolhouse not far from Robert’s current house. She said the family contributed the wood used to build the schoolhouse. She still possesses and old picture of the last class of 1936. Robert said the old brown barn and the white house was eventually moved to its current location and a second edition was built along its side with poplar. Chisel marks can still be seen in some of the stone at the original location in the woods as well as the brown barn. ere they made homemade ice cream right outside the backside door, as Robert pointed out. As far as those chisel marks go, the same goes for the old family cemetery that sits across the way from the old house. Robert’s son, Robert Jr. said maybe 11 family members are buried there but only four stones have been erected with the names: Sam (1860-1942), he’s the one who detoured to

Colorado; eodore (1850-1921); E.F. McConnell, brother of eodore (1864-1948) and little Johnnie who only lived for one year (1876-1877), though, no one knows what he died from. Another stop along the way was a plaque along another part of the roadway with the engraved year of 1818. e 1977 plaque seared into the rock was to honor the family’s long ownership with the words: Historic Ohio Homestead by the Ohio Historical Society. e heat was oppressive on that Wednesday tour but Robert and his son along with the gathering family, were unflappable and there was so much to share and probably more stories the family has forgotten than they could remember. “Hey, I’ll tell you what,” Robert said at the end of the tour, “the next 200 year anniversary comes we won’t call you,” Robert said in ornery fashion.

Keeping Our Promise... More Doctors, More Services

Ice Cream Isle in Cadiz, and Gable Care Center of Hopedale, have partnered for an ice cream Happy Hour every day from 3 to 4 p.m. Pictured from left to right: Caitlyn Rocchi (owner) Nancy Felton, Community Liaison-Capital Health, Ice Cream Isle employees Alexee Mcafee and Katie Heavilin. Front: Kinsey Hayes and Kendall Hayes.

Ice Cream Isle, Gable’s Care Center partner for free cones By ED BANKS Nh Staff Writer

CADIZ - Ice Cream Isle in Cadiz, and Gables Care Center in Hopedale have teamed up to sponsor an ice cream ‘Happy Hour’ at the Isle in which customers are treated to free cones. Nancy

Felton, Gable’s community liaison, said Capital Health is trying to be more visible in the community and, while they do a lot of sponsorships behind the scenes, they want to give back to the community on a more personal level by sponsoring events such as free cones at Ice Cream Isle, and free pie and

coffee at restaurants like Timi’s, e Mine, and Lou’s Fish. “We would like to thank Capital Health and Gables Care Center in Hopedale, for sponsoring a Happy Hour at the Ice Cream Island here in Cadiz,” said Ice Cream Isle owner Caitlyn Rocchi. Felton said the next free cone event is on July 16 from 3-4 p.m.

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becoming part of the Wheeling Hospital family a year ago, a promise was made to bring more doctors and services to Harrison County. We’ve kept RXUZRUGDQGZH¶UHQRW¿QLVKHG:DWFKIRUPRUHWRFRPH7KDQN you for supporting your community’s hospital.

Rediscover your community’s hospital: • 24-hour Emergency Room • Cancer Care (chemotherapy) • Surgical Services • Lab Services • Advanced Imaging Services, including MRI • Vascular Studies • Cardiology • Cardiac Rehab • Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy • Sleep Studies • Women’s Health/Gynecology • Mammography

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• Pain Management • Urology • Ear, Nose and Throat • Audiology • Podiatry • Pulmonology • Gastroenterology • General Primary Care Services • Family Medicine • Orthopedics • Plastic Surgery

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BOWERSTON By Mary Anna Cotter Vacation Bible School will be held at First U.M. Church July 23-27 from 6-8:30 p.m. e theme is “Praise." Age 3 through 6th grade are welcome. First Church will have the council meeting July 8  following worship service. July birthdays are Tracey Barcus, Danielle Caldwell, Damon Meager, Marina Sanders,  Grady, Griffin, Gerut, & Beth Monigold, Pam Dawson, Dan Chew, Dr. Josh Cotter, & Seth Healy.  Many happy returns. Happy Anniversary to Levi Shetler's, Derek Warner's, Nathan Warner's, and Ryan Caldwell's. Praying that everyone had a safe July 4th holiday. Trang Moreland will be at the Bowerston Library on July12 from 6-8 p.m. to tell about her book  "Smile and Say Hello.” Everyone is welcome to come & hear her story. UNIONPORT By Mary-Catherine Mull Business meeting of the Wayne Twp. Community center will be held Tuesday evening July 10 at 7 p.m. in the community center. Open to the public. Everyone is welcome. Rich Ault of Harrisburg, Pa. visited with Bonnie Ault and all of his relatives last week. Several from here attended and enjoyed the Harrison County Fair in Cadiz. Mr. And Mrs. Louis Caldrone of Wintersville visited recently with Scott, Tammy and Stone Birchfield. Members of the Jefferson County Pomona Grange 41 will meet at noon on ursday, July 12, in New Alexandra. Jim Hyndman is the grange master. FREEPORT By Deb Milligan Dan Snyder, of the Freeport water department passed out to Freeport residents the report on 2017 village drinking water consumer confidence. is includes "What is the source of your Drinking Water", "What are sources of contamination to drinking water", and Who needs to take special precautions.” As the 4th of July coming up council ask residents to clean up and mow around the properties. Antony Johnson will be at the Clark Memorial Branch for anyone who wishes to try the "Virtual Reality" on July 9, 16, and 23 from 1 to 3 p.m. Libraries Rock! Summer Reading 2018 program held Tuesday night with 14 children and 8 adults attending the bonus program where children can earn more tickets to put in boxes for what they want to win. On June 26 was "Dancing Rocks!" with a library dance and a cake walk where they gave away cupcakes to each walker and the winner was Violet Ourant. Next Summer Reading will be July 3rd with "Magic Rocks! special Guest Dennis Regling, local performer. Joyce Klinger was the winner of the "Cooler on Wheels with a Canopy" that was full of summer items which was a summer fund raiser for the Lakeland Democrat Women that was given away ursday night at Harrison County Fair. Lakeland Democrat Women will take the summer off and next will

be September 10th when Club's family picnic for Central Committee, elected officials and those campaigning for office in November. Over 75 people enjoyed the Free Dinner at the Freeport United Church June 28 with lots of laughs and a good outreach. e dinner was followed by Movie Night at the church where they showed the movie "I Can Only Imagine" that was a good movie and brought a lot of tears. Happy birthday Wanda Ruth, Steve Piatt, David Dunlap, Curry Bloom, & Jeff Miller. anks for the blessings God gives us, for miracles, and faith. We pray for the many in the area that are suffering, in pain, and ill-Alma Faye Brill, Louise Floyd, Bob Bardall, Nancy Clendening, Paul and Sandy Luyster, eresa Tidrick, Tricia Bardall, Nelodee Reicosky, and Bonnie Cunningham. We welcome home from the nursing homes-Billie Borland, and Jason McConnell. Family & Friends enjoyed a baby shower for Jessica Barnhart at Tusky Village Community Center June 30. Everyone had a good time when they attended the 1st birthday party for Brazedyn Sunday. Pastor Jim McConnell of the Freeport Presbyterian Church presented a musical program at the Inn at Northwood Village in Dover. e enjoyed the meal with Joyce Lannum. Harrison County Fair is now over and we wish to congratulate our area winners from Blue Ribbon General 4-H Club, Tri-County 4H, and Freeport Friends 4-H Clubs. Sandi ompson-Puskarich Public Library Director, Ashley SmithPuskarich Public Library Children's Librarian, and Mary Howes, Clark Memorial Branch Library Manager along with Fair Board members and various 4-H members provided a Library Experience at the Harrison County Fair on June 30. Children were treated to books, music, teamwork, and directional related games and activities. All children got a free book and music library related supplies as well as free entry to the fair on that morning. anks so much to Huntington Bank who was the sponsor for Library Day at this Fair Event. Happenings at West Chester Senior Center includes July 9- guest speaker at 9:30 a.m. followed by snacks, July 11 Tour Hospice House at 11am, and July 13 the best breakfast around will be served at 9 a.m. at the Center. In celebration of Baker's IGA 100th year in business, they are putting together a recipe & story book highlighting customers' and associates' go-to recipes and favorite memories from Bakers IGA. Submit your recipes and stories at Bakers by July 15. July 17 will be auditions for the July 28 Jamboree Variety Show at the Deersville Community eatre. August 21 will be auditions for October play. SMITHFIELD By Esther McCoy It's over for another year but for the 4-H members who worked so hard on livestock, poultry and still projects for the Harrison County Junior Fair it is a moment of pride for the work accomplished and the responsibility for helping to keep

the Junior Fair segment running smoothly. It is a sad time for those who are leaving 4-H due to their 4H age. ere has to be a sadness but a time of happy memories as well. Members in their final year were: Gracie George, Garrett Rice and Zack Stubblefield, Tri-County Show Stoppers; Cody Smith, Silver Spurs; Bailey Everhart, New Rumley; Zack Stubblefield and Keller, Tri-County Abby Showstoppers; Alexia Dowdle and Jalyn Jones,  Green Valley; Stephanie Birney and Dillon Dodds, Hopedale Town and Country and the junior fair queen and king; Tate Bardall and Kealy Ghezzi, Freeport Friends; Alleigh Amaismeier and James Forrester, Germano Community; Rachel Morrison, Cadiz Ranchers; Riley Bardall, Blue Ribbon General; Evan Carlson, Royal Riders; and Olivia Craig and Cassie Wright, Country Cousins. e booths decorated in the 4-H building were  very "thought inspiring" and winners of the rosettes for the top decorations were the New Rumley, Tri-County Showstoppers, Cadiz Ranchers and Horses and Such clubs. One booth was called "Uncle Billy's Road Kill Café” with their motto being "no shoes, come on in anyway." Food is locally grown and run over to serve our customers. Employee of the month for April was Cassie Wright; Raelyn Taylor, May; and Olivia Craig, June. eir motto is "All meat served in this establishment is Goodyear approved." e sandwiches are served with cow chips and one of the sandwich selections was flattened frog. Two desserts were road apple dumplings and hedgehog apple pie. Something for 4-H'ers to still look forward is summer camp, with Explorers Camp on July 26 and 27 and Junior Camp on July 26 to the 29. e 4-H building had a montage of junior fair kings and queens starting  in 1954 with Mary Lou and James McConnell Clendenning. e last one shown was for 2000 with Bill Birney and Rebecca Turner. e present royalty can think about being club history in pictures many years down the road. e weather was not good enough to have many vegetables and fruit for entry in the fair but Lamont is very proud of the four  midget tomatoes he got from his hanging tomato vine. Now he keeps checking his big garden for some ripe produce to brag about. He and Ki Kiaski of Steubenville have a running battle each year about who will get the first tomato. If tiny ones are allowed, he is the winner. It was nice to be with Loretta Pickens at the fair. She had her grand and great-grandchildren pile into the Tow-Mater wagon that was on display in the Commercial building. I got to meet Amanda Sliva, daughter-in-law of our friends Roger and Donna Sliva. She is with the Carol Goff Associates Real Estate in St. Clairsville and had a table at the fair. I won a nice house decoration of a red, white and blue star from the Democrat Party at their booth. Amy Edwards came to the Birney Building to tell me the good news. I had a nice talk with Merle Foutz at the Republican booth as well. I stopped to eat my ice cream cone at the under-shelter tent with the picnic benches and got to sit and talk with Keith and Jane Wallace. Jane was one of the first ones I got to know when I was spending all my time working in Cadiz many years ago. It was hot, it was hectic but it was a great time to be at the Harrison County Fair. DEERSVILLE By Susan Adams  July 9 at 11 a.m. the Woody-Paul Blanket Mission will meet at the Deersville UM Church. A covered dish lunch will follow. Anyone who can tie a knot is welcome to come.  July 9 the PPR Committee, Trustees and Administrative Council will be holding their regular monthly meetings starting at

6 p.m. with PPR, then Trustees at 7 p.m. followed by Adm. Council. July 12 e Deersville Community Garden Club will be taking a road trip to Pine Lake Lodge. ey will be leaving the church at 8 a.m. Have a great time ladies.  July 14 Edith Taylor will be 96 years young. Let's give her a card shower! Her address is 632 Countryside Lane, Apt 404, Cadiz OH 43907.    July 17 will be auditions for the July 28th Jamboree Variety Show at the Deersville Community eatre. Will update with times later. Save the dates! July 30 through Aug. 2 e Deersville UM Church invites kids from Pre-K to 6th grade to Vacation Bible School "Gospel Train"  starting July 30th running through to Aug. 2,  5:30 to 8:10 p.m. A light dinner will be served each night, followed by music, recreation and crafts. Invite your friends and neighbors!  August 9 the Deersville Community Garden Club will hold their regular meeting at 7 p.m. at the home of Betty McConnell with Sue Adams as co-hostess. e program "Making a Compost Pile" will be presented by Marilyn McMillen. ere will be election of officers and the appointment of the Program Committee.  August 21 will be auditions for the Oct. 25-28 play "Return to Ivy Gap" that will be presented at the Deersville Community eatre.  More information later. Save the dates! For information of the theatre check out Facebook, Deersville Community eatre and Happenings at the Hall.  I ran into Dorothy Greene's daughter Becky at a picnic in Belmont County and she said her mom is doing fine and that she made the trip to Hawaii this year as planned. She said her Mom did everything except snorkeling. She got lots of pictures of the volcano, all the beautiful landscapes and the family she was with. Dorothy will be 100 on Jan. 22. Way to go Dorothy! If anyone has a news item, please feel free to call me at (740) 9423137.   HOPEDALE By Keele Ross Greetings July! e birthstone for the month is Ruby and flowers are larkspur and water lily. July cancer awareness is bladder and sarcoma with the ribbon color being gold/purple/blue and yellow for sarcoma. is month is National Safety Month: 1) Shaking a baby can cause death; 2) Lay your crying child in a safe place, like the crib, if you need to de-stress while figuring out what baby needs and 3) Tell other caregivers to never shake your baby. July birthday people for week of July 1-7: Jo Sana (Kensi) Maul, Beth Byers, Rick Smith, Kenny Atkins, Janis Worklaw. A shout out to my cousin Randy ompson and Rodney Case celebrating a milestone (50th) birthday. Enjoy your day doing what you want! Happy anniversary wishes to my neighbors Todd and Marchita Deyoe on July 3. Get well thoughts to Linda Maffitt, Glenn Christy, Jack Atkins, Joe Case, Ted Kendziorski, Ann Baker and all others who are sick in any way. Prayers to all of you! Hope you had a chance to attend the Harrison County Fair this year. Many towns people attend this yearly event. is year we had a few very hot days. Now it’s time for the Jamboree In e Hills which is July 19-22. Again, the townspeople attend this annual event. Lots of great entertainment on tap this year: Toby Keith, Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker Band, and the ever popular Neal McCoy. Several other entertainers will be there also. A new employee to our post office is Josh Williams of Glendale, W.Va. He is the newly hired part-time clerk who will be assisting Debra Gaba who also is a part-time clerk. If you haven’t already, stop in and say hi to Josh and welcome him to

Saturday, July 7, 2018

our Hopedale family! I thought this was sort of funny: Be a pineapple; stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside. Before I leave you, keep this in mind: 1)Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, not with your circumstances but with you! 2) You can’t fix yourself by breaking someone else. 3) When thinking about life, remember this: No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future. 4) Don’t ever lie to someone to protect their feelings. ey deserve the truth! 5) A few bad chapters does not mean your story is over. 6) Honesty is a very expensive gift, so don’t expect it from cheap people. Hope you got to enjoy the fireworks somewhere and had a safe and happy July 4! Have a happy week, be well and God bless! SCIO By Ina Marks e circus is coming to town on July 29 at the Scio Community Park sponsored by Kelly and Miller hosted by the VFD. Show time is 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Rain or shine. Advance tickets will be at Baker’s, Neimayer Pharmacy, e Restaurant, online at via will call at 800-334-5210. Before circus adult $10, children/senior $7 under 13. On Circus day Adult $13, children/senior $8 under 13. So get advance tickets to save money and the VFD get credit for tickets sold ahead. Come and have a great time at the circus. e VFD will also have their famous Roast Beef diner. e Scio Fall Festival will be the second week of August. e Hanover Methodist Church Service is at 10 a.m. Scio was buzzing at the community park on July 4 like old times. Good times. Happy birthday wishes to all celebrating and also anniversaries. Special prayers go out to Tracy (love you) as she battles cancer. Also sympathy to Tracy on the passing of her mother, Helen. So very sad to hear this. Also to Donna DeFrank and all others that need prayer. God knows who you are. Bless you. Ina visited (Mama J) at Sunnyslope and Mildred Burrier and Bobby at their home. Folks enjoy visitors. Sympathy and prayers go out to the family and friends of Betty Smith Aughinbaugh, Joseph “Lanny” Erdos, Louise Wilson Myers, Martha Ellen Ferri and all others that have lost loved ones. You will be greatly missed. Bless all of you. Hope everyone had a great and safe July 4. JEWETT/CADIZ By Ruby Foutz Well, I don't hear anyone complaining about being cold! e 90's are pretty warm. I hope everyone enjoyed a cookout with their family and celebrated Independence Day in some way. Be sure to thank our military men and women for our freedom. Jewett UMC is holding a weekend of events for the community: All children who have finished preschool through sixth grade are invited to "Going on a Mission for Jesus" Day Camp at Jewett Park on Saturday, July 21st at 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Younger children may attend with parent or guardian. Older youth are invited (and needed) to help. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. Come for a day filled with adventure! Travel from city to city! Go to the Adriatic Sea! Receive coins to buy your travel equipment at e Traders Market. On July 22 everyone is invited to a time of worship at the park at 10:45 a.m. At noon will be the annual softball game Scio VFD vs. e JUMC and Friends. Free popcorn during the game! Following the game will be a free lunch and games for the whole family. Enjoy cornhole, volleyball challenge, and water games. Edible trophies for games! Our annual Duck Race has a new twist. No ticket sales this year. All children 012 years of age attending get a free duck number. e first 15 ducks are winners and those number holders will receive a prize valued at $10$50. Contacts: Jan Arbaugh at (740) 946-1975, Patti Knoop (740) 946-6451 or Pastor Hester at (740) 424-4466. Mark your calendars now because you don't want to miss this event. is year the Cadiz Lions Club will be using Sally Buffalo Park for the Annual Sally Buffalo Days, during Sept. 15 and 16. e club has a variety of programs, with crafts, games, car show and something for everyone of all ages. Come out and have some fun. ank you to the Cadiz Lions Club for all they do for the area. Congratulations to Dr. Porsche Beetham, D.O., who plans to have her family practice in the new Trinity Health System Cadiz ambulatory facility, located at 82424 Cadiz Jewett Rd. (Rt.9)

Cadiz, OH. Complimenting Dr. Beetham will be the Trinity Health System Cadiz Express Clinic, which is a seven day a week walk in clinic. Who could use $10,000? e Cadiz Fraternal Order of Eagles who donates for many causes just donated $10,000 to the Cadiz Police Dept. e Eagles have a Steak Fry Night every third Saturday of the month (they moved it up one week for this month) but mark your calendars now to enjoy steak and friendship monthly. ank you Carole Bates for a much needed "notice" of the Puskarich Public Library, Cadiz. ank you to the Harrison News Herald for supplying such beautiful pictures of the Harrison County Fair. If anyone would like to subscribe to your local paper, call (740) 942-2118. Happy birthday and best wishes to July 4, (Independence Day), Toni Nemeth, our friend Don White, Doris Harmon, Commissioner Paul Coffland, Karen Snyder (Carl's wife), Paula Couch Lowmiller, Donna Spicer Armstrong, and especially to Jim Fourtney, owner of TJ Gas N Go, Freeport. I also want to thank him for donating and helping the community so much, especially around election time. ank you Jim. Happy Anniversary and best wishes to Henry & Mary Lou Mooney and John & Darlene Ross Best. Prayers and get well wishes to Linda Bake, Doris Birney, Tracey Marks, Terry Dewell, Dowdle, Nancy Wayne Clendening and Louise Adams. Sympathy and prayers to George Poole family, Cadiz; Betty Smith Aughinbaugh family, Cadiz; Joseph "Lanny" Erdos family, New Athens; Martha Ellen Ferri family, Cadiz. All 'bout Christ church would like to leave you with these scriptures: Ephesians 4:25 and Proverbs 15:4 (NKJV) - Pertaining to gossiping. Love & prayers & God bless you all, Rev. Dr. Ruby Foutz, (740) 9462925. HOLLOWAY By Susan Adams June 30 there was a large gathering of the "Holloway" clan for the 2018 Holloway Family Reunion. Many of the descendants of Wilbur and Georgie Holloway got together to celebrate their family. Lots of beautiful pictures on Facebook. It was fun to see all the faces and all the smiles. Until next year! June 30 Bob Tomer and Lori Greenlee were united in marriage at the Holloway UM Church. Got to see lots of pictures and the couple looked so happy. It was good to see all the family members that were to support them. there Congratulations Bob and Lori! Sympathy is extended to the family of Dr. Richard James Stranges, Jan. 3, 1935 to June 26, 2018. He was the son of the late Joseph and Rose Marie (Settina) Stranges. Survived by his beloved wife of 62 years Kathryn (Wycoff) Stranges, sons Ric (Sharon), Dennis (Evie), Robb (Susie), Tina (Nick Verdea and Mike (Gretchen) Stranges, his lifetime brother Bob Vincenzo, 15 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his siblings Caroline (Leo) Lada, Louise (Norman) Vodvarka, and Dr. Joseph (Mary) Stranges Jr. Richard graduated from Holloway High School in 1952. He played football, basketball and was in the band. He retired from e Ohio State University Counseling Center in 1987. He continued his Psychology Private Practice, faithfully serving his clients. July 29 American Heart Association CPR Class from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Class will be held at Holloway VFD, Holloway OH. Cost is $30 per person. Contact Ron Taylor on the Holloway Revitalization Group on Facebook or call (740) 968-7227 to register or if you have any questions! August 3, 4 and 5 will be the Holloway Old Timers. is is a big change so please pass the word. Since 1949 Old Timers has been held Labor Day weekend. Please share this information with family and friends so that they do not miss this annual event. is will be the 70th Annual event that celebrates the history of Holloway with an emphasis on baseball. e 3-day event includes food, music, games, rides, parade and Old Timer's game. Volunteers are always needed to make this weekend a great success.   ere is a Facebook page "Growing Up in Holloway" that one might be interested in joining. Another interesting Facebook page is "Holloway Revitalization Group" that has council news and more.  If anyone has a news items they would like to share, please call me at (740) 942-3137. 


Saturday, July 7, 2018


Look at the Past

A look back at Murray’s Mobil Station

Murray's Mobil Station on the corner of West Spring St. and Lincoln Avenue. Note the price of gasoline! Today this location is Mattern Tire. This picture was taken in August 1990. It is in a scrap book of pictures taken in 1990 by James F. McFarlan and donated to the Harrison County Historical Society. Other gas stations in the album are the Murray Mobil Station at the junction of West Market and Lincoln Ave.; Don Norris's 76 Station on East Market St.; Lee Butler's Sunoco Station on North Main St; and Dale Moore's Sohio station also at the corner of West Spring St. and Lincoln Ave.

Mayor’s Corner

Dear readers,

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July, and we would like to thank the Park board for the great fireworks display on June 30. e weather has been exceptionally hot for this midsummer month, the heat index reports have been over 100. Please be sure and stay hydrated, and watch out for your pets as well. It seems like so far we haven’t had much of a summer, with all the rain and now the heat. I guess we have to take what we get as we cannot control the weather. Congratulations to all the young folks who worked hard all year on their 4-H projects during the recent Harrison County Fair. It takes a lot of

determination and dedication to take care of animals, large or small, and my hat goes off to all involved. e Police department would like to remind motorists that with summer here, to use extra caution while driving on Village roads and state routes. With summer being here, the motorcycles and children out riding bikes are more numerous and we all need to stay aware. ere are a lot of new, much needed projects in the Village relating to buildings and properties. Residents are encouraged to use extra caution around these areas and watch for pedestrians and workers that may be close to traffic. Street superintendent Tim Hennis reports that the crews

are busy mowing and weeding, including long runs into town and abandoned properties. ey are picking up yard debris daily as needed, and have also been helping out ODOT and Lash on the 250 road paving project. I have mentioned this before on numerous occasions, to repeat a reminder to residents that while mowing your yard to please not blow grass into the street. ere is a Village ordinance pertaining to that, making it a fineable offense. e grass clogs up the grates of the catch basins during heavy rains, which causes havoc on the drainage to roads and property. Please be aware of this while you are mowing your grass. e waterline project is going slower than we had hoped. With

a system as old as ours, there are things that show up that are not on any maps. We should see Kerr Avenue, and North Buffalo paved next week. We are working with the contractor to get a light coat of asphalt on the construction trenches on the remaining streets. e overall project is scheduled to be complete in the fall. We have good news that the sidewalk replacement program has been approved by Council. ere is still time to apply for the program. As before, I can be reached at (740) 942-8844 ext. 224. Have a good month! Cadiz Mayor Ken Zitko

Public Record SHERIFF’S REPORT THEFTS June 25, a Scio man reported his stainless Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chief ’s Special .38spl revolver stolen from his unlocked truck. e serial number is: R209260. COMPLAINTS June 30, Ronald K. Workman, 47, of 515 North Main Street, lot 9, Cadiz was cited for disorderly conduct. June 28, Allison Gardner, 19, of 3853 Georgia Street NW, Massillon was cited for drug abuse-marijuana after a traffic stop on Coultrap Road. June 20, an Antioch man reported the driver's side window of his vehicle had been broken while parked on Main Street in Jewett. No arrests have been made at this time. ACCIDENTS June 22, two individuals driving their vehicles along Miller Station Road crashed with one colliding with a utility pole causing it to collapse across the roadway causing a second vehicle to crash into it. No injuries were reported. June 20, a Cadiz man hydroplaned while driving his vehicle on Ohio 9, which veered off the side of the road and into a ditch causing minor damage. No injuries or citations were noted. June 20, a Freeport man collided with a parked vehicle while pulling his car into the parking lot of Clendening Marina. No injuries were reported. DOMESTIC June 29, Donald Joseph Lee Hammilton, 30, of 208 Schoolhouse Street, Scio was arrested for domestic violence and also charged with failure to register change of address. ASSAULTS June 23, Ronald B. Leggett, 56, of 41730 Rumley Road East, Jewett, was arrested for assault. COUNTY COURT CIVIL June 26 (judgment date), RBC Inc., P.O. Box 1548, Mansfield, plaintiff-vs-Gregg Coffman, 911 East Market Street, Cadiz, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $2,886.41. June 26 (judgment date), RBC Inc., P.O. Box 1548, Mansfield, plaintiff-vs-Tina Marvin, 38101 Bower Road, Scio, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $1,118.12. June 26 (judgment date), RBC Inc., P.O. Box 1548, Mansfield,

plaintiff-vs-Clay ompson, P.O. Box 62, Hopedale, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $1,427.63. June 25 (judgment date), LVNV Funding LLC, 55 Beattie Place, Ste 110, Greenville, Sc., plaintiffvs-Lisa Lee, AKA Lisa M. Rodgers, P.O. Box 68, Jewett, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $580.97. June 25 (judgment date), LVNV Funding LLC, 55 Beattie Place, Ste 110, Greenville, Sc., plaintiffvs-Elmer Yoder, 91804 Leesville Road, Bowerston, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $618.54. June 25 (judgment date), LVNV Funding LLC, 55 Beattie Place, Ste 110, Greenville, Sc., plaintiffvs-Tana Campbell, 81260 State Road, Tippecanoe, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $619.07. June 25 (satisfied date), Capital Alliance Financial LLC, 3923 28th Street, Ste #386, Grand Rapids, Mi., plaintiff-vs-Charles M. Harris Jr., 1009 East Market Street, Cadiz, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $859.28. June 25 (American Express Bank Fsb; C/O Zwicker & Associates, 2300 Litton Lane, Ste 200, Hebron, Ky., plaintiff-vs-Brenda S. Nobile, 1100 East Market Street, Cadiz, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $8,837.59. June 22 (satisfied date), Springleaf Financial Services of Ohio, Inc., 4645 Executive Drive, Columbus, plaintiff-vs-Ronald A. Lillie Jr. and Hope Lillie, 5182 Falcon Ridge Road, Tippecanoe, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $7653.91. June 19 (judgment date), Unified Bank, 201 South Fourth Street, Martins Ferry, plaintiff-vs-Michael A. Slaga, 49315 Cadiz Harrisville, Cadiz, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $1,355.59. June 18 (judgment date), Credit Acceptance Corp., C/O Levy & Assoc. LLC, 4645 Executive Drive, Columbus, plaintiff-vsCarmel Mayle, AKA Carmel Romine, P.O. Box 184 Malvern, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $6,775.63. June 18 (judgment date), Credit Acceptance Corp., C/O Levy & Assoc. LLC, 4645 Executive Drive, Columbus, plaintiff-vsJustin B. Davidson, 216 Gordon Street, Bowerston, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $6,640.64. June 18 (judgment date), Credit

Acceptance Corp., C/O Levy & Assoc. LLC, 4645 Executive Drive, Columbus, plaintiff-vsTerry Diloreto, 40120 Jewett Scio Road, Jewett, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $5,421.70. June 19 (judgment date), Evolution Energy, 600 Boyce Drive, Bowerston, plaintiff-vsSteven Mitrecic, 730 North 7th, Apt. 215, Steubenville, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $400.38. June 19 (judgment date), Don Blank Inc., VRS Hometown Loans, 157 West Market Street, Cadiz, plaintiff-vs-Tina R. Strother, 307 North Ohio Street, Cadiz, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $282.01. June 19 (judgment date), Don Blank Inc., VRS Hometown Loans, 157 West Market Street, Cadiz, plaintiff-vs-April L. Kelley, 609 Webb Ave., Cadiz, defendant. Action: In favor of plaintiff for $107.01. TRAFFIC June 18, Antwan J. Williams, 311 East High Street, Jewett, no operator license (2) and tail/license lights, $325 fine plus costs, 90 days to pay. June 18, Raymond M. Brooks, 3435 orchard Street, Weirton, Wv., fail to control, $50 fine plus costs, 90 days to pay. June 18, Chad A. Budd, 3131 Alexander Ave. SW, Canton, stop sign, $75 fine plus costs. June 19, Aundarcio E. Jackson, Winchester, driving under suspension, $1,000 fine plus costs with $700 suspended, 180 days jail with 173 suspended, 24 months unsupervised probation, 90 days to pay. June 19, Madelyn E. Lupo, 3509 County Road 60, Bergholz, fail to control, $150 fine plus costs, 30 days to pay. June 19, Benjamin S. Spencer, 1486 Westminster Drive, Columbus, double yellow line, $100 fine plus costs. June 20, Justin J. Peasnall, Utah, operating vehicle while under the influence, $1,100 fine plus costs with $700 suspended, 180 days jail with 177 suspended, six months probation, 60 days to complete substance abuse evaluation, report for jail on 6-21-18 by 9 a.m., eligible for D.I.P., 90 days to pay. June 20, Virginia E. Donato, 156 East Market Street, Cadiz, FTYturn left, $25 fine plus costs, shall pay $466.37 of restitution to the victim by 9-20-18, 90 days to pay. June 20, Bryson T. Porter, 118

East Main Street, Jewett, improper start/back, $75 fine plus costs. June 20, Michael J. Beadnell, 5673 Ravenna Ave., Lousiville, violation spc permit, $75 fine plus costs. June 21, Randy l. Shreffler Jr., 88200 Havener Road, Bowerston, ACDA, $100 fine plus costs, 90 days to pay. June 21, Cadey K. Warren, 4393 East State Street, Midvale, fictitious registration, $100 fine plus costs, 30 days to pay. June 21, Chelsea A. Miller, 697 Country Club Road, Cadiz, no operator license, $100 fine plus costs, 30 days to pay. June 21, Rose Riemenschneider, 1413 Colonial Boulevard NE, Canton, stop sign, $75 fine plus costs. June 22, Melvin R. Litten II, 145 Clarksville Road, Clarksville, Pa., registration violation, $100 fine plus costs. June 22, Mark A. Phelps, 6789 State Route 39, New Philadelphia, fail to control, $75 fine plus costs. June 22, Brett A. Vanhorn, 26243 Ginger Road, Freeport, overload, $364 fine plus costs. June 22, Daryl J. Huggins Jr., 320 6th Ave., NW, Beach City, follow close, $75 fine plus costs. June 25, Preston D. Forrester, 221 Grandview Street, Scio, willful/wnt oper, $100 fine plus costs. June 25, Justin L. Marcano, 3015 12th Street SW, Canton, no child restraint, $100 fine plus costs. June 25, Michael W. Search, 42560 Buckeye Road, Lisbon, overload, $80 fine plus costs. June 26, Colt W. Byers, 856 Goshen Ave. SE, Apt. 1, New Philadelphia, no operator license (2) and fail to control, $400 fine plus costs, 90 days to pay. June 26, Shannon M. Martineau, 1320 Arlington Ave., Steubenville, no operator license, $150 fine plus costs, 90 days to pay. June 26, Joanna Mongelluzzo, 130 Luke Hill Road, Jena, La., violation being pass, $125 fine plus costs. June 26, Nathaniel J. Brown, 459 East Warren Street, Cadiz, prohibition apv and willful/wnt oper, $150 fine plus costs, 30 days jail with 27 suspended, six months probation, 12 months unsupervised probation, 90 days to pay. June 26, Sharon L. West, 806 Carlisle Street, Martins Ferry, fail to control, $25 fine plus costs.


Helen (Slusarcyk) Yanczura Helen (Slusarcyk) Yanczura, 88, of Adena, Ohio, passed away on Tuesday, July 3, at Altercare of Adena. She was born in Adena, Ohio on Septe. 29, 1929, a daughter of the late Stanley and Victoria (Horobik) Slusarcyk. Helen was a Catholic by faith. She was retired from Peoples National Bank where she worked as a teller. She was a member of St. Casimir Catholic Church in Adena, the Rosary Society and CWC, as well as the Pine Valley Sportsmen Club. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, John J. Yanczura, her three brothers, Felix, Joe and Walter Slusarcyk and two sisters, Nell Brandy and Stella Pielech Surviving are her children, Tina Brown of St. Clairsville, Ohio, Terry Yanczura of Yorkville, Ohio

and Tracy (Bill) Marks of Cadiz, Ohio and a granddaughter, Morgan (Adam) Penetti of Huntsville, Nc., a great grandson, Rocco, a sister, Mary (Dave) Olsen of Cleveland, Ohio, and her BFF, Shea . Helen will be remembered for her wonderful sense of humor and her friendship. She liked traveling, playing cards, was an avid Steelers fan, enjoyed bowling and being active with friends as well as her beloved cats. A special thanks to the staff of Altercare who tended Helen with loving care. She felt special there. A Christian Mass was celebrated by Msgr. John Kolesar on Friday at St. Casimir in Adena. Internment followed at Holly Memorial Cemetery. Arrangements are being handled by Borkoski Funeral Homes. Condolences may be left on their website.

George W. Poole George W. Poole, 80, of Cadiz, died Friday, June 29, at UPMC Montefiore Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was born Oct. 3, 1937 in West Virginia, a son of the late Harmon "Buck" and Margaret Wilson Poole. Mr. Poole was a farmer and the former owner of George's Gulf, the Discount Warehouse, and Miles Water Service. He was a car salesman for State Park Motors and owned and operated Ann's Dairyland in Cadiz with his wife, Peggy. He enjoyed gospel music and spending time with his family. He was a member of Steubenville Lodge 691 F.&A.M. and Scott United Methodist Church in Cadiz. He was the Mayor of Cadiz from 2000 to 2004. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his step-mother, Lorain Poole; two brothers James and Tom Poole; and a son, Mark Alan Poole.

Surviving are his wife Peggy Lewis Poole; a son, Michael Poole; three daughters, Marcia (Rob) Flammini, Lana (Dave) Kay, and Gretchen (Jeffrey) Bonecutter; five grandchildren, Courtney (Jonathan) Miller, Seth Hardman, Miranda (Gordon) Champion, Timmy Newburn, and Isabelle Bonecutter; and a great granddaughter, Kenzington Miller; a brother, Walter Poole; three sisters, Ruth (Larry) Cummings, Margaret Kziazek, and Twila Carpenter; a step-brother, Denzel (Joy) Jones; a step-sister, Janet Battlochi; and he leaves behind his little Barkley. Services were held Tuesday at Clark-Kirkland Funeral Home in Cadiz with Rev. Timothy Monteith and Rev. Ashley Steele officiating. Burial followed at Unionport Cemetery. Online condolences may be made at

Betty Louise Jennings Phillippi Betty Louise Jennings Phillippi passed away June 30, at Ohio Eastern Star Home in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Betty was born Nov. 23, 1934 in Steubenville, Ohio to her parents Iota Louise (Hennis) Jennings and Emmett Earl Jennings. She married Walter Ray Phillippi on Aug. 28, 1954 in Cadiz, Ohio. She was preceded in death by her parents and Walt, the love of her life. Betty is survived by her two sons Walter Gregory Phillippi (Lisa Siekkinen) and Russell Jennings Phillippi Sr. (Rhonda Gates); five grandchildren, Kate Elizabeth Phillippi (Lamya Kamel), Zachary Davis Phillippi (Ashley Gilardi), Benjamin Gregory Phillippi (Audrey Ogurchak), Russell Jennings Phillippi Jr., and Jonathan Snow Phillippi; two great-grandchildren, Anna Elizabeth Phillippi and Avery Lynn Phillippi; and brother-in-law Frederick Phillippi (Helen) of Noblesville, Ind. She graduated in 1952 from Cadiz High School in Cadiz, Ohio where she was active in band (played clarinet), orchestra, and Wheeling Youth Symphony. She attended Muskingum College where she was a member of the Delta Club and played in the orchestra. She graduated in 1970 from Otterbein College with a Bachelor of Science in Education and completed graduate work in Guidance and Counseling at e Ohio State University. She taught Home Economics at Big Walnut High School, Mount Vernon Middle School and Mount Vernon High School, where she served as department chairperson and

Future Homemakers of America advisor. She retired from teaching in 1996. She was formerly a member of the Presbyterian Church in Cadiz, Ohio and the First Congressional Church in Mount Vernon where she taught Sunday school, was a member of the choir, a part of the Wednesday discussion group, a deaconess, and served as Council Chairperson. She is a current member of the First Presbyterian Church in Mount Vernon where she served as a Deacon, was a member of the choir, and volunteered with the Hot Meals Program. She was a former member of Newcomers Club, Four Seasons Garden Club, League of Women Voters, e Bridge Club, e Yo Yo’s quilt group, and “the book club.” She’s a lifetime member of “e Beach Bunch” which was made up of her Cadiz High School friends. She was an avid quilter and piecer and loved her home. She and Walt were the owners of Packard’s Gifts and Home Accessories store in downtown Mount Vernon. Services were held Tuesday, July 3 at the First Presbyterian Church of Mount Vernon, Ohio. e Lasater Funeral Home is handling the services for the Phillippi family. In lieu of flowers, please make memorial contributions in Betty’s memory to: Friends Life Community, 4414 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204, Friends Life creates an opportunity for her grandson Jonathan and his friends with disabilities to develop socially, grow personally and enjoy community as they experience life together.


In last week’s edition, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cologie were left out of the Cologie graduation announcement. We apologize for the error.

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Hopedale Nationals fighting back after loss


Saturday, July 7, 2018



Nh Sports Writer

HOPEDALE - A setback in the form of a loss did nothing but breathe new life into the Pony League’s Hopedale-based Nationals. In retrospect, the team defeated the Richmond Reds 11-5 on June 30 at Bice Park. In that contest Anthony Pelegreen pitched six solid innings scattering three runs on five hits, while recording seven K's and only giving up two free passes. “Defensively we played really sound while we stranded the Reds baserunners throughout the game,” said National’s head coach Jeff Snyder. Lukas Soos and Tucker Snyder closed out the seventh with Soos giving up two runs while recording two outs and Snyder recording the final out with a 1-3 put out. The Reds managed to keep the score close at 5-3 until the bottom of the sixth, when six insurance runs by the Nationals sealed the win. Hurrying right back on

Sunday, July 1, the Nationals faced the Smithfield Spartans at home inside Bice Park. The game created a temporary road block for the home standers, as the Spartans recorded a surprising 12-5 win. Brady Elliott, Lukas Soos, and Tristen Booth shared the mound, and with a few miscues, the Nationals found themselves in a hole. “We just weren't clicking on all cylinders during this game,” Snyder went on. “We had runners stranded and just couldn't get the big bats going at key moments in the game. “But hey, that's part of baseball, and we told the players that they can still achieve their goal of winning the tournament championship. We told them that this is their team and their season, how they finish is up to them.” The Nationals took on the Indians of Dillonvale on Tuesday night in Bice Park, where they took the coaches speeches seriously and defeated the visitors 17-7 during their first comeback outing. The team came out firing on all

cylinders tonight and to the last man, contributed to the effort by either getting on base or driving in a run or two. For Hopedale, the winning combination was provided by Tucker Snyder’s two singles one double and three RBIs, Brady Elliott’s three doubles with three RBIs, Reed Arbaugh one triple, one single, and two RBIs, Lukas Soos one double and two RBIs, Tristen Booth one double and one RBI, Parker Hutton two singles and a RBI, and Brice Tanner and Braden Cook each had singles, as well as a RBI. Tristen Booth started the game on the bump and although the Indians scored seven runs in his 3 2/3 innings, a few were unearned due to miscues. Tucker Snyder came in to finish the fourth inning and close out the Indians half of the fifth. “Following the contest, we complimented the players on playing a complete game and getting to the next step in their pursuit of the tournament championship.” That game will be Saturday,

July 7, at State Lake Boy's Field in Richmond with first pitch at 3 p.m. The Nationals

Valley 4-H, announced that his 11.82 pound pen of rabbits would be auctioned, with the money going to Make a Wish in memory of his friend, Drew. Randall Gallagher Memorials was the first buyer at $2,000, then Border Patrol and D&J Sales each added another $2,00 to the amount, bringing about a large round of applause. ere were 34 pens of rabbits. Market ducks were next with 34 pens of ducks up for bid. Sarah Fink, Royal Riders 4-H, brought in the  pen of two ducks that took grand champion honors. e price paid was $400 from Chesapeake. Katherine Eberhart, Shamrock 4-H, raised the reserve champion ducks that sold for $475  to Randall Gallagher Memorials. e pen of three market chicken grand champion honors went to Adriana Blazeski, Shamrock 4-H, for her 18.48 pound pen that was purchased for $1,200 by Owen and Dr. Porsche Beetham. e reserve champion chickens, raised by Kaitlynn Wease, were purchased by Kevin and Tamm Best and Hanna Edwards at $350. ere were 26 pens. ere were some large turkeys and that of Stephanie Birney, Hopedale and Town and Country 4-H and junior

fair queen weighed out the highest at 39.60 pounds. D&J Sales were the buyers at $1,700 Adriana Blazeski, Shamrock 4H, had the 34.40 pound reserve champion bird that sold for $1,000 to Bruce Oszust Excavation. ere were 28 pens. e market goat grand champion was raised by Kolt Hyde, Tri-County Showstoppers, and was purchased by Judge Puskarich for $1,000. Addie Edwards, Cadiz Ranchers 4-H, had the 63 pound reserve champion market goat that was purchased by Alice and Clint Barr for their farm at $850   ere were 85 market goats up for auction. Dillon Dodds, Hopedale and Country 4-H and junior fair king, had the 137 pound market lamb that was purchased by James Murral Excavating for $4 per pound. Murral also purchased the reserve champion market lamb of Jalyn Jones, Green Valley 4-H,  weighing 143 pounds for $11 per pound. ere were 62 lambs on the auction block.  Hogs were another big agenda on the bidding list, there were 136 total. Grayden Sproull, Freeport Friends, had the 263 pound  market hog that was purchased by D&J Sales for $7 per pound. e Sproull farm raises their pigs from birth. Madison Young had the  268 pound hog for

reserve champion that was purchased for $15 per pound by Liggent Exterprises. Several of the hogs were purchased to be donated to the County Home. Russell Dakota had the grand champion dairy feeder calf that weighed 559 pounds and was purchased by Carrollton Livestock at $5 per pound. Jewelene Cunningham had the 404 pound reserve champion that was purchased by ree Little Pigs Inc, Jeff Bardall, owner. at $2 per pound. Market steers are making a comeback by 4-H members as there were 39 up for auction. Jenna Young had the grand champion market steer, weighing 1,406 pounds, and purchased by Paris and Washington for $5 per pound. Madison Young had the reserve, weighing 1.322 pounds and purchased by ########at $5.50 per pound.  ere were 28 dairy baskets sold by 4-H members taking dairy projects, a livestock that is not usually sold. ere was a three-print, framed Dave Barnhouse picture, butter, hot fudge sauce, $10 Valley Wine Cellar gift card, decorated Mason jars filled with Cow Tail candy, decorated drinking containers, Dairy Fresh wooden pictures, a Fiesta dish, and Ritz crackers. A large carrying container was

The Nationals are pictured, as they will be able to relax and prepare for Saturday’s contest. That game will be played July 7 at State Lake Boys Field in Richmond with first pitch at 3 p.m. The Nationals will face the Smithfield Spartans in the championship game. If victorious they will play them in a second game since they haven't lost during the tournament.

will face the Smithfield Spartans in the championship game. If victorious they will

play them in a second game since they haven't lost during the tournament.

Buyers, sellers come together at the Harrison County Fair By ESTHER MCCOY Nh Contributor

CADIZ - Auctioneers, 4-H and FFA members with livestock or dairy baskets to sell, record keepers and buyers put in a 12 hour day at the Harrison County Junior Fair on June 29. Despite the heat, the Roy and Eleanor Birney Memorial Multi-Purpose Building was a cool respite for those waiting to raise their buyer's card for a bid. Auctioneers from Harrison, Belmont, Carroll and Monroe County volunteered their time to help each young keeper of livestock projects get a nice price for their hard-earned project.  e sale had livestock banners donated by Toland Trucking, Inc. and Freeport Press. Insulated tumblers for buyers were donated by D&E Electric and pens were donated by the Harrison County Fairy board. e sale started with the pen of three market rabbits and William Shaulis raised the grand champions, weighing in at 12.74 pounds total. Eclipse Resources was the buyer at $1,000. Taylor Cope, Freeport Friends, raised the reserve champion pen of three rabbits with Judge Matthew Puskarich buying the 11.90 pound trio at $600. A touching moment came when young Brodie Yeager, Green


Brodie Yeager, Green Valley 4-H, came into the livestock show ring with one of his pen of market rabbits. It was announced that he would be donating all the proceeds from the sale of the rabbits to the Make a Wish Foundation in memory of his friend, Drew. The bidding price kept going up until it reached $2,000 from Randall Gallagher Memorials. Border Patrol added another $2,000, along with D&J Sales to make the total $6,00 in honor of his friend. Brodie also donated the money from his rabbits to the Make a Wish Foundation. in 2017.

painted to resemble a dairy carton and had a blackboard on one side of the container. Also, there was American, Swiss, hot pepper and cream cheese; sour cream;

Hershey bars, graham crackers and marshmallows for S'Mores; ice cream cones; ice cream certificate; summer sausage; and a drinking container.

Recognizing those who make the Harrison County fair possible By ESTHER MCCOY N h Contributor

CADIZ - Pulling all the details of the 171st Harrison County Senior Fair together this year were: Don Jones, president; Joe Johnson, vice president and sheep superintendent; Amy Edwards, secretary; Tom Carter, treasurer, gates and admissions; Tina Jones, outside concessions; Jodi Lucas, inside concessions;   Ryan Marker, junior fair manager and companion animal superintendent;  Ray Marker, beef superintendent;  dairy

board, dairy; Clint Barr, goats; Jodi Lucas, poultry; Derek Schaefer, rabbits; Lynette Dauch, swine; and Kevin Willoughby, seventh through 12th departments. Honorary fair board directors are Billy Birney, Eric Horn, Richard Spiker, (deceased), Roy Hines, Wood ompson, and Alan Simpson. Ex-officio board directors are: Paul Coffland, Don Bethel, and Dale Norris, commissioners; Erica Lyons, Extension educator; Tim Tanner, 4-H youth development and extension educator; and Joyd Hyde, groundskeeper. Sheriff Joe

Myers and his staff provided security. e Harrison County 171st Senior County Fair winners in the eighth department of baked goods were: Sarah Copeland, Gingersnaps, best of show; spice cake, first; chocolate chip cookies, second; and pound cake, second. Audrey Rainsberger, first in bread, cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls. Joyce Brown, first in bar cookies and fruit cobbler. Fine arts winners were: Sharon Dalton, vacation photo, first, second and third. Nature photos, Dora Hopkins, first; and Dalton, second.

Companion animal, Emma Patterson, first and people's choice. New Rumley United Methodist Church, God's Love, first; Brown, Red Neck Picnic, second; and L&D Sales and Service, Red, White and Blue, third,. Floraculture winners were a flowers-fairy garden and pitcher with live flowers, Sarah Copeland, both best of show. Hobbies, collections and antiques-embroidered plaque, Copeland, first; Joyce Brown, china tea pot, first and shot glasses, Barbara Cunningham, first.Junior Fair officers are Bailey Eberhart, president;

Cadiz Women’s Golf League results from July 4 e Cadiz Women’s Golf League had 16 ladies turn out for play on July 4 despite the record heat. Judy Crawshaw and Roberta Cireddu were hostesses. e play of the day was Plant Your Flag which required players to plant a flag when their score reached course par plus their handicap. Roberta Cireddu won the Play of the Day with seven strokes remaining after eighteen holes played. Second place with three strokes remaining was a tie between Donna Griffin and

Carol Lepic. ird place went to Tracy Amos and Kathy Newburn who both shot two strokes under their par plus handicap. Low putts for the day was Roberta Cireddu with 27 and Lori DeFallo with 29. Kathy Newburn had two birdies on holes 3 and 11. Sandi Polen had a birdie on hole 3 and Donna Griffin had a birdie on hole 13. Chris Muroski had a chip-in on hole 7. Play of the Day for July 11 will be Blind Partners/Low Net with Carol Lepic as hostess.

JULY 2, 3, 5 JULY 9, 10, 11 JULY 16, 17, 18 JULY 15

Strasburg Ohio

Joyce Barr, vice president; and Stephanie Birney, secretary. Other members are Riley Eberhart, Katherine Eberhart, Addie Edwards, Karmen DiBiase, JalynJones, Hannah Armstrong, Holly Eberhart, Gabee Fisher, Zakk Kelley, Leah Amaismeier, Zeb Fisher, Bryan Blazeski, Abby Keller, Alleigh Amaismeier, Lexi Orr, Olivia Craig, Hunter Fisher, Abbi Kelley, Morgan Garrett and Emi Jones.

e junior fair adviser is Kelsey Atkinson and the junior fair manager is Ryan Marker. e Extension department, the Harrison Central FFA and the Belmont-Harrison FFA work together to plan for the fairs. e Agriculture Education motto is: e best classrooms smell like a barn." e Harrison Central FFA has the motto of "Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live and living to serve."

Saturday, July 7, 2018

ONGOINGEVENTS BRAIN INJURY Support Group, B.I.G. Support, Puskarich Library Cadiz, second Wednesday of the month 6-8 p.m. For more information contact Becky at or Tish at (740) 695-5161. AL-NON MEETINGS, Freeport Methodist Church, Fridays, 7 p.m. and ursdays, 8 p.m. Cadiz Presbyterian Church. UNIONPORT MUSEUM open the first and third Sundays monthly from 1-4 p.m. (in the old Unionport School, Wayne Township Community Center), the public is cordially invited to stop in and look around. FRANKLIN MUSEUM members meet the first Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m. at the museum. TOPS CLUB meeting, every ursday, 4-6 p.m. in Jewett. For more information call 942-3220. SCIO FOOD Pantry in the Scio United Methodist Church serves people with a Scio, Jewett, or Bowerston zip code. Food and personal care items will be given out the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from 10-12 and 4-6. PINE VALLEY Sportsman’s Club Shoot every Sunday, 9 a.m. at the club. Sign up is 8:30 a.m. Public welcome. THE HARRISON County Military Support Group has resumed their regular schedule for meetings. ey meet on the third Tuesday of each month at the Clifford Fire Station in Cadiz. Meeting time is 6 p.m. JEWETT VFD will host a Dinner on the second Sunday of the month from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Cost is $10 for adults and $6 for children. TOPS CLUB Meetings at Faith Community Chapel in Leesville. Every Monday are weigh ins at 4:45 p.m. and meetings are at 5:30 p.m. For more info call (740) 269-1238 or (740) 269-9283. THE HARRISON County Agricultural Society will hold their monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the commissioner’s Office until April when they will be held at the fairgrounds during warm weather months. SCIO LEGION will have first Friday of every month cornhole tournaments at 7 p.m., second and fourth Fridays we have karaoke; third Friday we have Bar Bingo. HARRISON COUNTY Veterans Service will hold their meetings the first Monday of the month at 3 p.m. in the Harrison County Veterans Service Office, Courthouse. HARRISON COUNTY Health Department will hold their monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, 4:30 p.m. beginning the month of March at the Coal Room. CADIZ AMERICAN Legion Burger Night every Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. Build your own burger (angus beef chuck burgers). Dine in or carry out. Open to the public. (740) 942-3764. ank you for your support! THE PRESBYTERIAN Church of Cadiz located at 154 West Market Street is sponsoring a free community dinner every Fourth Wednesday of the month in the church fellowship hall from 5 to 7 p.m. All are welcome. 2018 CALENDARS for Harrison Coal and Reclamation Historical Park, Inc. are available. Cost is $10 each (add $3 per calendar shipping and handling, if mailed). Calendars are available at Puskarich Public Library or the Harrison County Visitors Center in Cadiz. Please send checks or money orders to Mr. Dale Davis, Calendar Project, 456 Park Ave., Cadiz, OH 43907. For more info call (740) 391-4135 or (740) 937-2178. AMERICAN LEGION Cadiz Post 34, holds its monthly regular meetings on the third Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the post home. All Cadiz Post 34 Legionnaires are urged to attend. GAMBLER’S ANONYMOUS Meetings at the Cadiz Presbyterian Church every Tuesday at 8 p.m. CADIZ FOOD Pantry is open every Tuesday and Friday from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. For families in need, please call (740) 942-4300. SCIO AMERICAN LEGION Wednesday wings from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every week until further notice. Legion Phone number (740) 945-5922 HOPEDALE LEGION has Burger Night every Monday Starting at 5 p.m. Eat in or carry out. Open to public. (740) 937-9995. HOPEDALE LEGION Winging Wednesdays starting at 5 p.m. Eat in or carry out. Open to the public. (740) 937-9995. HOPEDALE LEGION RIDERS has a Steak Fry from 5 to 8 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month up to and including August. Dine in or carry out. (740) 937-9995. THE HARRISON County CIC meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m. at alternating locations - either the Puskarich Public Library large meeting room or the Harrison County Government Center conference room. Location is dependent on meeting room availability. For specifics please call the office at (740) 942-2027. HARRISON COUNTY Humane Society meets the second Monday of every month in the bottom of Puskarich Library at 6 p.m. Looking for new members. Everyone welcome. NEW RUMLEY United Methodist Church is sponsoring two Fellowship Meals each month served in their church Fellowship Hall. A luncheon meal is served on the second Tuesday of each month from noon-1 p.m. and a dinner meal on the fourth ursday of each month from 5-6 p.m. ere is no cost for any of the Fellowship meals and everyone is welcome.

THISWEEK SCIO FALL Festival is currently accepting entrants for the Annual Royalty Contest. Age requirements are Jr. Princess Ages up to 5 years old, Jr. Prince Ages up to 5 years old, Princess Ages 6-12 and Queen Ages 13-18. All contestants receive 25 percent of their Ticket Sales. For more Information Contact Jen Bethel (740) 945-3215. is years festival is Aug. 8-11. CADIZ AMERICAN Legion Independence Day Celebration July 7 from 1 p.m. to ?? $5 cover charge/under 16 free. Open to the public. Appetizers all day, D.J. outside from 1 to 4 p.m., cornhole tournament from 2p.m. to ?? Bocce ball and ladder golf. Dinner served from 4 to 6 p.m. For more info call (740) 942-3764. BAKED STEAK and Baked Meatloaf Dinner - Jewett Volunteer Fire Dept. July 8 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Includes salad bar, bread, dessert and beverage - $10 for adult $6 for child. QUARTER AUCTION July 8 at the Adena Community Center. Doors open at noon and auction begins at 1 p.m. Variety of food and drinks for sale. ere will be a 50/50 and Chinese Raffle. Held by Adena Heritage Days Committee. Cost is $5 includes and one paddle. Tickets may be purchased at the door or at Hair Headquarters. For more info call Lynn McConnell at (740) 546-3946.

UPCOMINGEVENTS CADIZ COMMUNITY Vacation Bible School will be July 15-19 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Scott Memorial UM Church. Come meet new friends, have amazing experiences, play creative games, have tropical treats, surprising adventures an incredible music! Call (740) 942-2825 for more info. CADIZ EAGLES Steak Fry July 21 from 5 to 8 p.m. Members and guest welcome. ank you for your support. HOG ROAST July 22 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Scio VFD. Sponsored by Harrison Democrat Party See committee for tickets. THE KELLY MILLER Circus is coming to Scio sponsored by the Scio Volunteer Fire Dept. July 29. Two shows will be held at 2 and 4:30 p.m. at the Scio Community Park. Advance tickets will be on sale soon. HARRISON COUNTY Cancer Crusaders second Annual 5K Color Race/Rally will be Aug. 4. 5K Race/Walk, motorcycle benefit ride, classic car show, kids carnival games, Lions Club Pancake Breakfast, New Athens Fire Dept. chicken barbecue, Chinese auction, silent auction, survivor luncheon, afternoon and evening bands. Check out our Facebook page Harrison County Cancer Crusaders for details. 15th ANNUAL Old Construction and Mining Equipment Show Sept. 8 and 9 in New Athens at the Harrison Coal & Reclamation Historical Park Grounds. Cost is $3. Show includes operating and static displays of construction equipment, mining equipment, crawlers, trucks, models, history displays, and more. Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (740) 3125385 or (330) 618-8032. CADIZ LADIES auxiliary is holding their annual quarter auction on Sept.15. Event will be held at the Cadiz legion and will be from 1-4. Doors will open at 12. All are welcome!

Please submit items by noon Tuesday to: 144 South Main Street, Cadiz, OH 43907 or fax to (740) 942-4667. Items may also be sent by e-mail to: We reserve the right to edit for space.



Harrison County Beekeepers host Dr. Kirsten Traynor Kirsten Traynor, PhD will be the guest speaker at the Harrison County Beekeepers’ Seminar, July 21, at Scio United Methodist Church, 117 Maple Avenue, Scio. A full day is scheduled, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. Ms. Traynor will cover the following topics: e Healthy Hive; Easy Queen Introduction; Winter Preparation; Halting the Unstoppable Swarm; and Varroa Biology, Management, and Control. e day will conclude with a demonstration and comparison of varroa monitoring techniques in the apiary. Kirsten received the prestigious German Chancellor Scholarship from the Humboldt Foundation in 2006-2007, annually awarded to ten American leaders in their field. She drove over 50,000 miles throughout Western Europe to study the differences between European and American beekeeping, reporting her findings through 50 plus

Kirsten Traynor

published articles in national and international magazines. At the same time she interviewed scientists and medical doctors, gathering information for her book: "Two Million Blossoms: Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Honey." Fascinated with the social complexity of a honey bee hive, Kirsten earned her PhD in biology from Arizona State University. While a grad student, she spent almost a year in Avignon, France in the lab of Dr. Yves Le Conte as a Fulbright Fellow. She then investigated how pesticides impact honey bee health as a post doc at the University of Maryland in the

lab of Dr. vanEngelsdorp. From 2015-2017 she edited “Bee World”, published by the International Bee Research Association. She is currently the editor of “American Bee Journal”, a monthly magazine published since 1861 that is devoted to educating beekeepers. In addition to Two Million Blossoms, she is author of “Simple Smart Beekeeping.” Kirsten is an avid beekeeper, operating Flickerwood Apiary in Maryland, a boutique honey bee operation that specializes in producing high quality nucleus colonies, locally adapted queens, and gourmet honey. Beekeepers and anyone interested in learning more about keeping honey bees are invited to attend. Preregistration is requested for this event, and space is limited. Registration is $15.00 (includes lunch) if preregistered, or $20 at the door. To register contact Mary Hooker at (740) 9450189.

Ash Creek Church seeks volunteers

Ash Creek Church located at 87360 Briar Rd., (1 mile south of Jewett) is looking for all those who are interested in managing and running

multiple events. They need creative volunteers to be team leaders or co-team leaders for the following: music creation, multi media/video production,

and Saturday live concert production. Please send email to George via

Red Cross to hold blood drive at Scott Methodist Church e American Red Cross is holding a blood drive at Scott Memorial United Methodist Church, 817 East Market Street, Cadiz on Wednesday, July 25

from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. All blood types are needed. To schedule an appointment, please call: 1-800-REDCROSS, or visit their web site: and use the sponsor code: ScottMemorialUMC. Walk-ins are always welcome. One unit of blood can save up to three lives.

Bowerston Library to host local author, Trang Moreland BOWERSTON - Local author Trang Moreland will be at the Bowerston School District Public Library on ursday, July 12 from 6 until 8 p.m. Trang Moreland grew up in southern Vietnam. At age 21, she immigrated to the United

States. After overcoming language and cultural barriers, she was able to finish trade school and become a successful business owner. “Just Smile and Say Hello” is a true story about how that dream came true. It’s a journey from poverty to prosperity that stems

half way around the glob, and examines two completely opposite cultures. Trang will have her book “Just Smile and Say Hello” available to purchase and be available to talk to everyone in attendance. Light refreshments will be provided.




ACROSS 1. “____ of time” 6. Federal Communications Commission 9. Frosh, next year 13. “Vamos a la ____” 14. *Don McLean: “A long, long time ____...” 15. Par on a short golf hole 16. Whatsoever 17. Steadfast Soldier’s material 18. Art class support 19. Classical music composition, pl. 21. *One of his hits is a stadium favorite 23. *Paul McCartney’s 2013 album 24. Fat Man or Little Boy 25. Cul de ____ 28. Prince of India 30. *”I Will Always Love You” creator 35. “Goodness gracious!” 37. *Chuck Berry’s “____ Over Beethoven” 39. Bird-made fertilizer 40. Beginner 41. Interior designer’s field 43. Come clean, with “up” 44. Meat jelly dish 46. Ad staple 47. What refugees do 48. *Best selling artist in 2000s in U.S. 50. Type of tide 52. Pig pen 53. #34 Down, alt. spelling 55. Bird word 57. *King of Pop 61. *Bruce Springsteen 65. “Farewell” from Emmanuel Macron 66. Bonanza find 68. Cone shaped dwelling 69. Dust-related allergy trigger, pl. 70. “Days of ____ Lives” 71. *Soul singer-songwriter


Cadiz Village Council meeting schedule e Village Council meeting every first and third ursday of the month at 7 p.m.

Stock Twp. Trustees meeting change Due to the holiday, the Stock Township board of trustees meeting will be moved from July 4, to July 11, at 7 p.m. at the Stock Township building.

Cadiz Village CIC meeting

ere will be a Village of Cadiz CIC Meeting Monday, July 9, at 12 p.m. in the Village of Cadiz Council Chambers. The News-Herald is happy to list your upcoming event or meeting. Deadline for submisison is noon on Wednesdays

Stay informed with a subscription to the News Herald Call us today to subscribe


Hayes 72. Pavlova’s pas 73. X 74. Smallest units of life

DOWN 1. Pampering places 2. Chorus member 3. Indian flatbread 4. *He’s “Tangled Up in Blue” 5. Salt merchant 6. *”____” Domino 7. Computer-generated imagery 8. Urban dwelling 9. A fake in bed 10. Guesstimate phrase 11. Hammer part 12. Retained 15. Lipton package 20. Grammy, e.g. 22. Mischievous little rascal 24. Theater tier 25. Caterpillar hairs 26. Discrimination against seniors 27. Plural of carpus 29. *Piano man 31. 1600s neck wear 32. Chinese weight units 33. Beginning of illness 34. Offensively curious 36. “How you ____?” 38. Opera house box 42. House pest 45. Population count 49. Cow call 51. Kind of license 54. Condescending one 56. Falstaffian in body 57. Impromptu performances 58. Miners’ passage 59. Give a quote 60. *Neil Young: “____ on rockin’ in the free world” 61. Type of seabird 62. October stone 63. *”Kiss From a Rose” singer-songwriter 64. Abbreviated seconds 67. “The Murders in the ___ Morgue”



Saturday, July 7, 2018

Grand champion market rabbit honors went to William "Frankie" Shaulis, Dusty Boots 4-H. From left, Dillon Dodds, junior fair king; Stephanie Birney, junior fair queen; Shaulis, with rabbits; Nora Jackson, fair princess; and Sam Bond, Eclipse Resources, buyer at $1,000.

Stephanie Birney, Hopedale Town and Country 4-H and fair queen, raised the 39.60 pound market turkey The buyer was D & J Sales for $1,700. From left, back, Cheyenne Jones, buyer;  holding on to Lucas Woods; Dillon Dodds, king; Tina Jones; buyer; and Joelle Jones, buyer; Front, Birney and Nora Jackson, princess.

From the large amount of hogs in contest, Grayden Sproull, Freeport Friends 4-H, had the grand champion market hog, weighting 263 pounds. Buyer was D&J Sales at $7 per pound. From left, Tina Jones, buyer; Joelle Jones; Jon Jones, buyer; Grayden Sproull; and Nora Jackson, princess. Back, Stephanie Birney and Dillon Dodds.

Owen and Dr. Porsche Beetham were the buyers for the market broilers raised by Adrianna Blazeski, Shamrocks 4-H, purchased at $1,200. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Stephanie Birney, queen; Blazeski; Nora Jackson, princess; and Owen Beetham, buyer. Steve Birney, auctioneer, confirmed that this was one of the higher prices paid for two chickens.

Kyle Holt, Tri County Showstoppers, raised the grand champion market goat weighing 84 pounds for the livestock sale. Judge Matthew Puskarich was the buyer at $1,000. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Hyde; Stephanie Birney, queen; Nora Jackson, princess. Back, Matt Puskarich.

The grand champion market ducks were raised by Sarah Fink, Royal Riders 4-H. The buyer was Chesapeake Power at $400. From left, front, Gwen Gill, buyer; Stephanie Birney, fair queen; Fink; Nora Jackson, fair princess and LeeAnn Thompson, buyer. Back, Dillon Dodds, fair king; Ike Delander and Seth Wehr, buyers.

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Dakota Russell, Germano 4-H, had the grand champion dairy beef feeder calf for the sale. Carrollton Livestock was the buyer at $5 per pound. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Rick  Young, buyer; Stephanie Birney, queen, and Dakota Russell.

Saturday, July 7, 2018



Madison Young had the reserve champion market steer for the livestock auction. Buyer was Cap Stone Realty at $5.50 per pound. From left, Rick Young, buyer; Dillon Dodds, king; and Madison Young.

The reserve champion market broilers were purchased by the Best and Edwards families for $350. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Stephanie Birney, queen; Katlynn Wease, Harrison Central FFA; Hannah Edwards; Amelia Moore, holding baby; Lauren Best; and Tammy and Kevin Best.

Taylor Cope, Freeport Friends 4-H Club, raised the reserve champion market rabbits. Judge Matthew Puskarich was the buyer at $600. From left, Dillon Dodds, fair king; Stephanie Birney, fair queen; Cope; Nora Jackson, fair princess; and Puskarich in the back.

Katherine Eberhart, Shamrock 4-H, raised the reserve champion pen of two market ducks. Randall Gallagher Memorials of St. Clairsville was the buyer at $475. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Stephanie Birney, queen; Eberhart; Nora Jackson, princess; and Rebecca Gallagher, buyer. Back, Justin Gallagher, buyer.

Addie Edwards, Cadiz Ranchers 4-H, had the reserve champion market goat weighing 63 pounds. Buyer was the Alice and Clint Barr Farm. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Stephanie Birney, queen; Edwards; and Nora Jackson, princess. Back are Alice and Clint Barr.

Jalyn Jones, Green Valley 4-H, had the reserve champion market lamb that weighed 143 pounds. Murral Excavating was the buyer at $11 per pound. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Stephanie Birney, queen; Jones; and Nora Jackson, princess. Back, James Murral, buyer.

Madison Young raised the 268 pound market hog that was the reserve grand champion. Buyer was Emily Wagner, buyer; at $15 per pound; Madison Young; Nora Jackson, princess; Stephanie Birney, queen; and Dillon Dodds, king

Jewelene Cunningham, Country Friends 4-H, had the reserve champion dairy feeder that was purchased by This Lil' Pig Inc. for $2 per pound at the livestock auction. From left, Dillon Dodds, king; Stephanie Birney, queen; Cunningham; and Bardall, buyer.This Lil Pig Inc., buyer.



(740) 942-2118 Saturday, July 7, 2018

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Porcelain dolls – some with stands, some musical, some light up; just like new, all in good shape. Also Home Interior religious figurines, many to pick from. Please call 740968-3418. (6:30, 7:7) -----------------------------

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In the Court of Common Pleas of Harrison County, Ohio Case No. CVH 2018 0049, CAROLE D. MILLER, TRUSTEE OF THE DONALD D. AND CAROLE D. MILLER FAMILY IRREVOCABLE TRUST DATED SEPTEMBER 28, 2011, Plaintiff, vs., Samuel S. Hess, et al., Defendants, whose place of residence is unknown and whose last known address is unknown and who cannot be served within the State of Ohio, will take notice that on May 7th, 2018, The Carole D. Miller, Trustee Of the Donald D. and Carole D. Miller Family Irrevocable Trust dated September 28, 2011 Trust (“Plaintiff”), filed a Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas of Harrison County, Ohio, in Case No. CVH 2018 0049, against Samuel S. Hess. and others as Defendants, demanding Judgment against Samuel S. Hess, Emma Hess and their heirs, next of kin, successors, assigns, executors and administrators relating to certain real property, described as follows: Situated in the Township of German, County of Harrison, State of Ohio and being more particularly described as follows: Being a part of the Northwest quarter of Section 26, Township 11, Range 4 in the Steubenville Land District. Being a part of the premises conveyed to Samuel S. Hess by instrument recorded in Volume 68, Page 266, and Volume 73, Page 48, of the Harrison County Deed Records. To find the place of beginning, start at the Northeast corner of said Northwest quarter. Thence N. 84° - 57’ – 30” W. 948.83 feet to a

(see dealer for details). Valley Rentals Superstore, 157 West Market Street, Cadiz, call 740-942-9999. (7:7) ----------------------------Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces, Heat your home and hot water for free. 740-945-4711 (10:30tfc) -----------------------------


Commercial Building for lease in Cadiz - several offices, air conditioning, upgraded internet and plenty of parking. 740624-4966. (6:30, 7:7) ------------------------------

point. Thence S. 5° - 43’ W., 2039.42 feet to an iron pin (found) at the Northwest corner of the Harrison County Commissioner’s 0.889 acre tract as recorded in Volume 247, page 842 of the Harrison County Official Records. Thence with the Westerly line thereof S. 50° 05’ 30” E., 32.85 feet to an iron pin (found); Thence S. 16° 24’ W., 102.92 feet to an iron pin (found) at the Southwest corner of this tract and the place of beginning for the tract herein being described. Thence with the south line of said County Commissioner’s tract S. 66° 30’ E., 217.23 feet to a spike nail in Township Road 146 (Mill Road). Thence with the road S. 7° 22’ 30” W., 178.43 feet to the Northerly line of a 0.7521 acre tract (Volume 208, page 2838). Thence therewith N. 74° 57’ 15” W., 235.51 feet to the East line of the Faith Ranch 29.27 acre tract. Thence therewith N. 14° 10’ 20” E., 208.80 feet to the place of beginning and containing 0.9918 acre, more or less but subject to all legal highways and other existing easements. Bearings herein contained have been based upon that established for the south line of said County Commissioners’ tract by prior survey. Description prepared December 6, 2017 by Robert K. Sterling, PE., PS, Harrison County Engineer and Registered Surveyor Number 6513 from surveys by the same on June 5, 1982, Paul McCullough, Registered Surveyor Number 2513 on October 29, 1966 and Howard B. Stitt, Registered Surveyor Number 5912 in December 1997. The Complaint demands judgment against the Hess Defendants and seeks to obtain legal and equitable title to the fee simple interest in the real property described in this Notice by adverse possession and declaratory judgment. Further, the Complaint demands that all Defendants be required to set forth any claim, lien or interest asserted in the property, or be forever barred and for such other legal and equitable relief to which Plaintiff may be entitled.

Defendants are required to file an answer to the complaint within 28 days of the last date of publication of this Notice. If the Defendants fail to file an answer judgment allowing for the appropriation of the real estate will be rendered in favor of the Plaintiff. This Notice will be published for 6 consecutive weeks in the Harrison News Herald. Service is considered complete on the last date of publication. This service by publication notice is made pursuant to Rule 4.4 of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. John O. Tabacchi Attorney for Plaintiff 145 S. Main Street Cadiz, Ohio 43907 (740)-942-3130 Reg. No. 0019312 (6:9, 16, 23, 30, 7:7, 14)

Apartments for rent - 1 Bedroom with appliances and garage or 2 Bedroom with appliances $600/month, no smoking, no pets, $1,000 sec. dep. 740-769-2909. (tfc) -----------------------------


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Public Notice



Rai Kuwant 421 Kingsdale Road Steubenville, Ohio 43952 and Jasbir Singh Parhar 421 Kingsdale Road Steubenville, Ohio 43952

In the Court of Common Pleas of Harrison County, Ohio Case No. CVH 2018 0053, Community Improvement Corporation of Harrison County, Plaintiff, vs., Rai Kulwant and Jasbir Singh Parhar, Defendants, whose place of residence is unknown and whose last known address is unknown and who cannot be served within the State of Ohio, will take notice that on May 24th, 2018, Community Improvement Corporation of Harrison County (“Plaintiff”), filed a Complaint in the Court of Common Pleas of Harrison County, Ohio, in Case No. CVH 2018 0053, against Rai Kulwant and Jasbir Singh Parhar and others as Defendants, demanding judgment against Rai Kulwant and Jasbir Singh Parhar, their next of kin, successors, assigns, executors and administrators relating to certain real property, described as follows:

Situated in the Township of Stock, County of Harrison, State of Ohio. Being a part of the N.E. Quarter of Sec. 1, Twp. 12, Range 6 in the Steubenville Land District. To find the place of beginning, start at an iron pipe (found) at the N.W. corner of Sec. 31, Twp. 11, Range 5; thence with the E. line of said Sec. 1, S. 5 deg. 30’ W., 543.94 ft. to a point at the S.E. corner of Grantor’s 11.027 acre tract; thence with the S. line thereof N. 76 deg. 26’ 40” W. 1089.81 ft. to a point in the creek 100 feet E. from the E. end of the culvert and being also the S.W. corner of said 11.027 acre tract; thence with the W. line thereof N. 10 deg. 46’ 35” E. 141.86 ft. to the N.W. corner of the concrete light pole support pad which is the place of beginning for the tract herein being described; thence N. 10 deg. 49’ 30” E. 45.13 ft. to a

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railroad spike (set) at the S. edge of pavement of St. Rt. No. 250; thence N. 10 deg. 46’ 30” E. 15.72 ft. to a point in the center of the highway; thence therewith S. 83 deg. 43’ 30” E. 180.46 ft. to a point; thence S. 81 deg. 52’ 30” E. 40.50 ft. to a point; thence leaving the road S. 10 deg. 46’ 30: W. 16.02 ft. to a 5/8 inch iron pin (set) at the S. edge of pavement; thence S. 36 deg. 14’ 45” W. 51.53 ft. to the N.E. corner of the concrete light pole support pad; thence S. 13 deg. 24’ 10” W. 134.75 ft. to a 5/8 inch iron pin (set); thence N. 8- deg. 36’ 30” W. 166.00 ft. to a 5/8 inch iron pin (set); thence N. 9 deg. 21’ 15” E. 90.48 ft. to a 2 inch diameter iron post; thence N. 24 deg. 25’ 20” W. 41.41 ft. to the place of beginning and containing 0.819 Acre, more or less, but subject to all legal highways and other existing easements. Bearings herein contained have been based upon that established for the E. line of Sec. 1 by previous survey. Being part of a 11.027 acre tract as conveyed to the Grantor by instrument recorded in Vol. 231, Page 663, of the Harrison County Deed Records. Survey and description prepared by Robert K. Sterling, Reg. Surv. No. 6513 on May 2, 1992. The premises herein conveyed are subject to the following restrictions which shall run with the land: 1. The subject premises may not be used for the operation of a restaurant, nor for the sale of pottery items, groceries, clothing, hardware, produce, meat, beer or wine. 2. So long as the Grantor owns any other property adjoining U.S. 250 in Stock Township, Harrison County, Ohio, he will not use or permit to be used any such property for the operation of an automobile service station in competition with the Grantees. 3. Grantee covenants that he will remain the premises in a neat and orderly fashion so as not to create any unsightly or unsanitary or nuisance conditions that might adversely affect the commercial activities of other owners or occupiers of what was formerly known as Coultrap Home Farm consisting of approximately 138 acres.

Prior Instrument Reference: Official Record Volume 27, Page 81, of Records of Harrison County, Ohio. Auditor’s Parcel Number: 290000621.001 The purpose of the filing of the complaint by the Plaintiff is to obtain a court order for the appropriation of the real estate described above and owned by you. You as a Defendant are required to file an answer to the complaint within 28 days of the last date of publication of this notice. If you fail to file an answer judgment allowing for the appropriation of the real estate will be rendered against you. This

Although we cannot see you, You’re always at our side.

Sadly missed and deeply loved by: Keith, Monte, Sandy and Myrna and families. (7:7) ----------------------------In Loving Memory of Irene Frashure who passed away 10 years ago July 9, 2008

Mom, You left us beautiful memories, Your love is still our guide.

notice will be published for 6 consecutive weeks in the Harrison News Herald. Service is considered complete on the last date of publication. This service by publication notice is made pursuant to Rule 4.4 of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. John O. Tabacchi Attorney for Community Improvement Corporation of Harrison County Ohio Reg. No. 0019312 145 S. Main St. Cadiz, Ohio 43907 740-942-3130 (6:9, 16, 23, 30, 7:7, 14) ---------LEGAL NOTICE The Village of Scio will accept bids on the real property located at 222 Grandview Street, being parcel No. 210000475.000. Sealed bids may be submitted to the Village Office at PO Box 307, Scio, OH, OH 43988 (306 East Main St.) until Tuesday, July 24, 2018. Bids will be opened at the Village Council meeting on Wednesday, July 25, 2018. The Village reserves any mineral rights and the same shall not transfer. Trish Copeland, Clerk/Treasurer (6:23, 30, 7:7, 14, 21) ---------PUBLIC NOTICE The Cadiz Township Trustees will hold their 2019 Annual Budget Meeting on Monday, July 9th, 2018. Meeting will commence at 7:00 PM and will be held at the Cadiz Township Garage, located on State Route 9. Karen Poillucci, Fiscal Officer (6:30, 7:7) ---------LEGAL NOTICE Ordinance No. 2018-38: The Cadiz Village Council is currently considering Ordinance No. 2018-38 which revises the ppropriation ordinance for fiscal year 2018 due to a $10,000.00 donation by the Ohio State Eagles Charity Fund, Inc. to the Village of Cadiz Police Department. Any person wishing to review this ordinance may do so at the Municipal Building, at the clerk’s office, during regular business hours. (7:7, 14) ---------LEGAL NOTICE Ordinance No. 2018-39: The Cadiz Village Council is currently considering Ordinance No. 2018-39 to appropriate an additional $5,000.00 to the State Highway Fund to meet operational issues. Any person wishing to review this ordinance may do so at the Municipal Building, at the clerk’s office, during regular business hours. (7:7, 14) ---------LEGAL NOTICE Ordinance No. 2018-40: The Cadiz Village Council is currently considering Ordinance No. 2018-40 to appropriate an additional $10,000.00 to the SCM&R Fund to meet operational


Cliff Dillon On the passing of Mr. Dillon, we have his belongings and we are searching for any family members. Please call Joe 740-317-6227 or Tim 740-381-0379. (7:7, 14) -----------------------------

issues. Any person wishing to review this ordinance may do so at the Municipal Building, at the clerk’s office, during regular business hours. (7:7, 14) ---------LEGAL NOTICE Ordinance No. 2018-42: The Cadiz Village Council passed by emergency measure Ordinance No. 2018-42 which was an ordinance to approve the plan of operation and governance for the Village of Cadiz Electric Aggregation Program. Any person wishing to review this ordinance may do so at the Municipal Building, at the clerk’s office, during regular business hours. (7:7, 14) -----------------LEGAL NOTICE The following matters are the subject of this public notice by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The complete public notice, including any additional instructions for submitting comments, requesting information, a public hearing, or filing an appeal may be obtained at: or Hearing Clerk, Ohio EPA, 50 W. Town St. P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Ph: 614-644-3037 email:

Final Issuance of OAC Chapter 374531 Modification to Permit-To-Install Williams Archer Compressor Facility 84900 Merryman Road, Cadiz, OH 43907 ID #: P0122859 Date of Action: 06/26/2018 Chapter 31 modification of VOC emissions associated with the glycol dehydration process and minor agency initiated administrative modifications to consolidate PTIs and match language between PTI and Title V PTO. A total emissions increase of 4.8 tons from feed tank and pressure relief valve emissions not previously counted. (7:7) ---------LEGAL NOTICE The German Township Trustees will hold their Annual Budget hearing for the year 2019 on July 16, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. at the Township Building at Center Unity. Carole D. Miller, Fiscal Officer (7:7) ---------LEGAL NOTICE The Green Township Trustees will hold their 2019 Budget Meeting on Tuesday July 10, 2018 at 6:30 P.M. immediately followed by the regular meeting at the Green Township Garage located at 48155 Rabbit Road, Hopedale, Ohio. Tracey L. Kuhn, Fiscal Officer (7:7) ---------


Backhoe, hi-lift, trenching, septic systems, spring development, and foundations

We also do all types of concrete work.


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L & D Sales and Service Ltd.

Refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, Commercial Restaurant, Mobile Home Furnace & A/C



We sell Generac Generators

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