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Life on the river If you’ve never tried river cruising before, prepare to fall in love with one of the greatest joys in the world. As your 5-star floating hotel cruises through some of the most iconic waterways of Europe, not only will you witness Mother Nature at her best, but also human engineering at its finest. Locked rivers Europe’s waterways are distinctive with varying water levels. To make traversing these waters seamless, water locks were invented. A lock is essentially an elevator with which ships can be raised or lowered to overcome the water level disparities. Europe’s waterways are replete with locks and the Main-Danube Canal has 16 locks, some as high as 82 feet. The invention of the water locks is a true engineering marvel with Italian scientist and artist,

Würzburg 558ft


bridges when water levels are either too high or too low. While our stateof-the-art Scenic Space-Ships are designed to convert easily to slide under all kinds of bridges, in times of unsuitable water levels, whether high or low, we always have a Plan B ready to activate. With local offices throughout Europe, we are well equipped to handle all navigation issues in a timely and efficient manner, with minimal disruption to your holiday plans.

Leonardo Da Vinci, pitching in to perfect the process. Watching your Captain expertly maneuver your Scenic Space-Ship through the narrow canals is a special treat that awaits you on board. Constant state of flux As with any other element of Mother Nature, rivers have personalities of their own. While we make every effort to plan our trips to the last degree, some days the water levels simply don’t cooperate. This leads to lock closures or difficulties passing under historic and often low-slung

Bamberg Nuremberg Watershed 755ft



Kelheim 1,125ft


1,070- 1,568ft


1,148 ft 984f t 820 f t 656 f t 492f t 328f t 164f t

Main River 82 miles


Main-Danube Canal 106 miles


114 miles

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2020 Europe River Cruising  

2020 Europe River Cruising  

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