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“When I watched my first class, I was apprehensive about

ing and group personal coach who watches over the session,

being able to do it myself, but I did it at my pace and finished it,”

each individual works at his or her own pace based on where

Flannagan said. “I continued the workout four times a week and

they are physically. The coaches work with people to modify the

in a few months time I lost 15 pounds, but more importantly, I

program if needed.” Bikes and elliptical machines provide alter-

gained muscle and lost fat. I lost 5 inches off my waist and my

natives to treadmills and rowers for those with injuries or other

blood pressure is the lowest it’s ever been. I feel much better.

physical limitations.

I sleep less and have a lot more energy. The

Flannagan is bring-

I just burned 886 calories in one hour. The exercises are concentrated ing triathlete Whit Re-

results were so good and science-based. The workout mixes up cardio and strength train- utlinger (shown right) that I decided to open onboard as a coach

ing, and the group element with a coach involved pushes people

up my own studio.”

for his new Orangeth-

because odds are they are not pushing themselves to where they eory Fitness location. crets to the workout need to be for best results. The monitors take the guesswork out Reutlinger, who is a One




is spending 12 to 20

of whether they are getting the most out of their workout or not.

minutes in the “orange



ory Fitness personal

zone,” which means a person’s heart rate is at 84 percent of max-

trainer, has experience teaching a variety of exercise classes that

imum. Participants wear heart rate monitors throughout the work-

include SBT resistance training, spin, aqua, and boot camps.

out and they, along with a certified group personal trainer who

“None of those alone come close to the workout you get at

leads the sessions, track their heart rates, which are displayed on

Orangetheory Fitness in one hour because it is a combination

60-inch monitors throughout the studio. That way members have

of all those things,” he said after completing his own Orange-

real-time information about whether they need to ease back or

theory Fitness workout recently. “I just burned 886 calories in

step it up to get the maximum benefit from their workout.

one hour. The exercises are concentrated and science-based.

“The second part of the workout puts it all together with

The workout mixes up cardio and strength training, and the

strength conditioning using Suspended Bodyweight Training

group element with a coach involved pushes people because

(SBT) straps for resistance training, light dumbbells, floor exer-

odds are they are not pushing themselves to where they need

cises, and medicine balls for balance training,” Flannagan said.

to be for best results. The monitors take the guesswork out of

“The conditioning strengthens and stabilizes muscles for bet-

whether they are getting the most out of their workout or not.”

ter posture, a strong core, good balance, sculpting, and toning.

In order to be Orangetheory Fitness certified, personal train-

That was the reason I got the results I did. My weight loss was

ers must complete a rigorous five-day training program and have

due to the interval training during the workout and the added

an in-depth knowledge of physiology and safety training as well

calories burned after the workout. The waist reduction is due to

as a passion for fitness and the ability to use that passion to mo-

the sculpting and toning created by the strength training.” After

tivate others. The focus on training starts with the creator of the

each session, participants receive an emailed report detailing

Orangetheory program, Ellen Latham, a highly trained physi-

the results of their workout and progress.

ologist with certifications in personal training, group exercise,

Another aspect of the Orangetheory Fitness approach that

pilates, and spinning. Latham’s lifelong passion for health and

Flannagan appreciates is the variety that keeps the workouts

fitness was inspired by her father, a physical education teacher

fresh and interesting, and which is often missing in other types

and coach in Niagara Falls, N.Y. Her desire to be on the cutting

of exercise. “The Orangetheory program as a whole is one of

edge of fitness resulted in the creation of “The Ultimate Work-

the most unique. Every day is a different workout,” he said,

out,” which became the foundation for Orangetheory Fitness.

“and our workouts are effective because the templates are written by certified experts in the fitness industry.”

Flannagan first became aware of Latham’s science-based approach through his daughter, who is in the fitness industry in

All of the workouts are based on the physiological theory of

Denver. “She encouraged me to check it out, so I went out there

excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), which cre-

and did my first workout with her. When I walked in, I thought

ates an oxygen debt (anaerobic) condition in the body, stimulat-

‘wow, this place is cool.’ It’s so pretty, it looked like a wine

ing the metabolism and causing the body to use more oxygen

bar,” he said. With an intimately sized space, upbeat music, rich

and burn more calories during and after the workout.

orange walls and tasteful artwork as backdrop to the gleaming

“I’ve been asked if anybody can do this, and that’s probably

machines and monitors, Orangetheory Fitness defies the utili-

the most unique thing about this program. Orangetheory Fitness

tarian spareness expected of most gyms. “I never used to wear

has participants who are 20 years old to our oldest member, who

orange, now I wear it all the time. I even have orange underwear

is 86. People come here who have never worked out or who ha-

for heaven’s sake,” said Flannagan with characteristic wryness.

ven’t worked out in years, and we also have triathletes who want

“Orange represents energy and excitement. It creates a good

to improve their times,” he said. “Because of the heart monitor-

feeling. You can feel the energy when you walk in the door.”




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Julie 2014 issue of Scene Magazine

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