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Business: [New]s NEW BUSINESSES, EXPANSIONS, SERVICES AND RELOCATIONS NEWS & APPOINTMENTS SPROUTS MARKET This Arizona-based health food store (with more than 250 stores nationwide) provides more than 1600 products, about 90% of which are organic and natural. Its newest location is slated for opening on April 12 in South Sarasota. The chain touts affordable prices, its dedication to innovation and far-reaching customer service. The new Sarasota store will feature an olive bar, fresh sushi, juice bar, salad bar and sandwich bar. Sprouts offers recipes and educational materials focusing on natural, plant-based living,

donates surplus food to local hunger-relief programs, and participates in the SCRIP fundraising program, as well as supporting several nonprofit organizations and running its own foundation. 8330 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota | 941.218.8119 |

BLUFIT RECOVERY & NUTRITION Recently opened on Tuttle Avenue near Bee Ridge Road, forward-thinking specialists at BluFit Recovery are focused on fitness recovery, wellness, antiaging treatments and relief

from chronic pain. But perhaps the most notable treatment on BluFit’s list is cryotherapy. This overarching process is said to stimulate metabolism, flush toxins, increase collagen and improve circulation, effectively speeding up the body’s healing process and leaving clients feeling revitalized. According to BluFit, the procedure, which involves exposing the skin to ultra-sub-zero temperatures (-170˚F to -280˚F) for up to 3 minutes, triggers the body’s natural healing process as well as the production of collagen in the skin’s deep layers, leading to a more youthful appearance and alleviation of sports injuries and chronic pain, as well as improvement of skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis. BluFit also offers services involving infrared and compression therapies as well as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, all of which are said to mitigate a host of conditions. 3529 S. Tuttle Ave., Sarasota | 941.677.2796 |

POSH PONY & PUP This boutique, formerly known as Posh Pony and featuring everything “horsey”, was previously located on Fruitville Road. It now has a new location and a new name. Adding stuff for APRIL 2017 | SCENE


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