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A companion guide to our Business & Professional Women’s edition

March 2021 Section M Callicoon, New York




MARCH 2021


PLUMBIING HEA ATING T ELEC CTRICAL HVAC WAT TER WORKS PUM MPS 150 Jefferson St., Monticello, NY 12701 | 18 Industrial Dr., Florida, NY 10921 (800) 660-4455 | www.schmidtswholeesale.com 90536


MARCH 2021



Alexander Joseph Kiss II

Age: 27 Education: Minisink Valley High School; Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from SUNY Sullivan. Place of employment: Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills Current title and duties: First Cook. This includes preparing patient and cafe meals, and supervising fellow cooks to make sure their product is done properly or assist them if needed. Years of experience: 10 Why did you choose this career? I enjoy cooking and making people smile. Favorite part of the job: The patient interactions. Most challenging part of the job: Being perfect and consistent. While no one is perfect, we can all strive for perfection. Favorite on-the-job moment or memory: When a patient gave me a whole set of cookbooks from their personal library. How do you manage your time?

By making lists and preparing food by how long it takes to cook. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Be prepared to work a lot of hours and days. It’s a lot of hard work but if you love the field, you will be able to push through and succeed. Who inspires you? My mother and grandmother. Two strong women who always worked hard and showed me how to get through life. Favorite Movie or TV Show: Movie –– Goodfellas, TV Show –– Archer. Favorite actor or actress: Robert De Niro. How do you spend your spare time? Shopping and hanging out with my girlfriend. Favorite vacation spot: Tucson, Arizona Family: Mother and sisters. If you could have any other job what would it be? Stand-up comedian.


Alexander Joseph Kiss II

Cong gratulations! tC Cook

We are excited to congratulate Alex Kiss for being recognized as one of the Sullivan Co ount y Democrat ’s Men at Work for 2021. A s First Cook , Alex takes pride in p re p a r i n g p a t i e n t a n d c a f é m e a l s – a n d h e p a r t i c u l a r l y e n j o y s m a k i n g p e o p l e s m i l e ! Alex ’s dedication to our patients, visitors and hospital family is invaluable. Thank you, Alex, for your 10 years of ser vice! We’re proud to have you on our team! At Garnet Health Medical Center - Catskills, we know that building a healthier commun u n i t y m e a n s h a v i n g a g r o w i n g a n d t h r i v i n g h o s p i t a l o u r n e i g h b o r s c a n re l y o n . We continually enhance our programs, ser vices and technolog y to ser ve the needs of o ur n e ig h b o r s . Alex Kiss II F First Cook

Exceptio t nal lives here. garnethealth.org 90481




MARCH 2021

John R. Theadore Favorite part of your job: Finishing a successful real estate transaction is always fun – unlike so many other cases, everyone walks out of a closing happy for one reason or another. I especially enjoy talking to purchasers about what their plans are for their new home and giving recommendations on things to do and places to go in the area. Most challenging part of your job: At the moment, it is dealing with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic; Courts have largely switched to entirely virtual proceedings, including trials, and most real estate transactions are done without having the traditional group of people all sitting down at the closing table together. Things are beginning to switch back to “normal” now, but after a year of learning how to adapt legal services to cope with these circumstances, it will take

time to change things back as well. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: A little more than a year ago now, I had a client give me a bear hug after he was awarded sole custody of his children following a lengthy family court proceeding and full trial – he was easily the most grateful client I have ever had in my years as an attorney. How do you manage your time? Very carefully. One needs to balance gathering documents together to ensure a closing is ready to go with the time it takes to concentrate on preparing for a trial or drafting a Will. I often do a lot of the detail work after hours to avoid any distractions. Technology and the ability to work away from the office helps a lot too. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Do


Congratulations John! GEORGE BURKLE, INC.

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not shy away from “small town” lawyering. There have been numerous articles recently about how many upstate New York towns are suffering from a shortage of lawyers – people have to travel 90 miles to find someone to draft them a Will or write up a lease agreement. While I might not be doing quite the same work as a corporate attorney in Manhattan, I can assure you that working as a lawyer in a more rural setting has its own set of rewards. Who inspires you? Definitely John Adams – one of our most influential and underappreciated founding fathers; a successful lawyer and politician who was able to retire to his Peacefield after a long career. Also, of course, my Dad – the man who taught me how to balance the values of hard physical work with a white-collar career.

Fred W. Stabbert III Joseph Abraham and Matt Shortall Isabel Braverman, Margaret Bruetsch, Kathy Daley, Richard Ross, Jeanne Sager, Ed Townsend Liz Tucker Barbara Matos Susan Panella Petra Duffy Lillian Ferber Susan Owens Patricia Biedinger Michelle Reynolds Margaret Bruetsch Janet Will Elizabeth Finnegan, Nyssa Calkin, Katey Dnistrian, Jessica Roda, Rosalie Mycka Anthony Bertholf, John Fischer, Phil Grisafe


Age: 34 Education: Syracuse University College of Law (JD, 2011); Elmira College (BA, 2008); and, of course, Sullivan West (Delaware Valley) class of 2004. Place of employment: John R. Theadore – Attorney at Law, PLLC Current title and duties: Attorney & Business Owner. As a solo practitioner, I am in charge of everything from preparing for Court to making sure there is spare paper for the copy machine. Years of experience: 9 Why did you choose this career? My 6th grade teacher at Delaware Valley, Roy Sebastiano, put the idea in my head to look into a career in law; as I got older, I realized that a legal education provides benefits like no other regardless of the specific career path you choose, so I stayed the course. I am quite glad for that advice from Mr. S. 23 years ago.


MARCH 2021



Congratulations John

So proud of your success. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

John R. Theadore

and wonderful position to be in; the fact that I am able to have that job in my hometown makes it even more special.

Love, Dad, Mom, Ashley and Aunt Karen

John Theadore This Town is very lucky to have such a bright, fresh & talented professional to address all its legal needs today & into the future especially as I prepare to exit the stage. You have a tremendous head start & I know you will do very very well!!!


Fran Clemente

JOHN R. THEADORE ATTORNEY AT LAW, PLLC 32 Lower Main Street, Suite 4 • P.O. Box 182 Callicoon, New York 12723 P: (845) 887-1855 • F: (845) 203-4141 john@jtheadorelaw.com • www.jtheadorelaw.com 90574


Professional certifications: Admitted to the New York State Bar. Favorite movie or TV show: Currently, the Mandalorian. Favorite actor/and or actress: Probably Harrison Ford, but I am always partial to a good John Wayne or Clint Eastwood western. How do you spend your spare time? Doing something at our family farm – be it horseback riding, target shooting, or just doing some chores. Favorite vacation spot: Cape Cod – it has such a rich history to go along with beautiful surfing beaches and delicious seafood (I especially love a good lobster roll!); it simply exudes summertime fun. I also look forward to returning to Walt Disney World one day. Family: My amazing wife, Ashley; my parents, Bob and Cindy; many wonderful Aunts and Uncles, especially my Aunt Karen. Civic or volunteer affiliations: North Branch Vol. Fire Dept.; Sullivan County and New York State Bar Associations If you could have any job, what would it be? I’m basically already doing it – being an attorney in a small country town is a unique




MARCH 2021

Jarryd Killian


Jarryd Killian

Age: 27 Education: High school – Tri-Valley Central School. Undergraduate – Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Dual major in Finance and Economics Place of employment: Coombe, Bender & Co. in Wawarsing, NY Current title and duties: Portfolio Manager and Investment Analyst Most simply, our job is to provide trustworthy financial planning and investment advice. The process usually begins with meeting a client and understanding, among other things, their financial background, risk tolerances, time horizon, and goals. Many times the goal is to retire comfortably. Once we have some of those details we can decide the asset allocation (mix of stocks, bonds, and cash) that is most suitable for an individual. Once the asset allocation is decided we decide what specific instruments to invest in. I’m involved in all stages of the process but putting the money to work is where I spend most of my

Congratulations Jarryd!


Jarryd!! We’re very proud of you and your achievements. Looking forward to the family Clambakes and good times. Uncle Al, David and Chris

time. I enjoy researching companies and business models and I look for opportunities where the potential return outweighs the risks. Once I believe we’ve found a suitable investment, we must decide the size the position will take in our portfolios. The last leg of the process is on-going portfolio maintenance which can entail generating cash when needed and monitoring current and potential investments for new developments. Years of experience: I’ve been in the industry for about 4 years and at Coombe Bender & Co. since December 2019. Why did you choose this career? I like working with numbers, and I always thought managing a business was interesting so I was drawn to the stock market, where my job would be to analyze industries and the way CEOs run their companies. Once I started down that path, I came to enjoy the intellectual challenge of gathering facts, thinking objectively, and understanding the investor psychology involved in making an invest-

We are so proud! With Love, Mom, Dad, Dan and John 90703


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MARCH 2021

ment decision. Favorite part of your job: I enjoy learning about and researching businesses to try to understand how they work. Equally rewarding is being a source of trustworthy information for community members and clients, and helping them to set, and reach, realistic financial goals. Money can be a big source of stress in people’s lives and while I can’t pull money from the air if I can help ease some of that stress in other ways I want to try to do that. Most challenging part of your job: The uncertainty of the future is a real challenge because no matter how much analysis or research I do there are still unpredictable events. For instance, who could’ve predicted the effect the coronavirus would have had on the economy in March 2020, or the resulting government action? But at the end of the day, the U.S. economy has a fantastic track record of positive returns over multi-year time horizon. There are also other strategies that can be used to help prepare for an uncer-



tain future. Financial planning is about implementing the correct mix of these strategies. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: Despite the office being closed to visitors for a chunk of 2020, I have had intermittent opportunities to meet clients either in person or over the phone. I’ve enjoyed the bits of personal history they’ve been able to share with me. True to small-town fashion a lot of them have even shared stories about my own (extended) family that I had never heard before! How do you manage your time? I keep a notepad on my desk with a running “To Do” list on it. Keeping a list allows me to prioritize my tasks and increases my efficiency because I don’t have to try to remember what needs to be done; it is written down in front of me. In addition to a written list I also use reminders on my phone and a calendar to keep me on track. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? My practical advice to anyone interested in asset management

would be to master corporate finance and accounting. A basic knowledge of accounting is fine for getting started, but the more you know the better off you will be, in my opinion. More philosophically, I think it’s important to try to learn something new every day, even if it is unrelated to your career field. There are linkages between numerous fields of study. For instance, aspects of psychology like biases, decision making under uncertainty, and managing emotions all play a role in asset management. Additionally, the framework of the scientific method is a great way to evaluate investment ideas. Who inspires you? From a career perspective it is hard not to admire Warren Buffett. He’s created one of the world’s greatest businesses through honest practices and remained quite humble throughout all of it. Even better he has very candidly laid out his methods for anyone to study and adopt. On top of all that, he has pledged to give away 99 percent


of his roughly $85 billion fortune to charity after his passing. Professional certifications: I’ve recently passed the last of the three exams necessary to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder. Pending a review by the advisory board and payment of dues I will become a CFA charterholder. Favorite movie or TV show: Movies – Inception, Pulp Fiction TV shows: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Letterkenny, The Mandalorian Favorite actor/and or actress: Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell How do you spend your spare time? Beekeeping, hiking/outdoors and reading. Favorite vacation spot: Martha’s Vineyard Family: Parents – Mary & Tim Killian Siblings – Dan and John Killian (brothers). If you could have any job, what would it be? I very much like the one I have but being a pro athlete – preferably basketball or golf - seems pretty cool.

Congratulations Jarryd on being selected for this recognition.

to have you as part of our team.

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MARCH 2021


Joshua Cunningham

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Age: 31 Education: Studied Natural Resource Conservation at Morrisville State College Place of employment: Bethel Woods Current title and duties: Grounds Manager. I oversee the daily operations of the grounds department. Years of experience: I have worked for Bethel Woods for 15 years. Thirteen of them full-time with the grounds department. Why did you choose this career? I chose this career because I loved working outdoors. I’ve been doing some sort of outdoor work since I was 12 years old. I enjoy so many aspects of my job from mowing lines on a lawn or pruning a tree and seeing the spring buds become flowers or seeing the spring flowers pop up. Favorite part of your job: Being outside in the fresh air and enjoying nature. Most challenging part of your job: Managing a crew of up to 15 employees during a very busy concert season. How do you manage your time? Time is a tough one. I have a family with two young boys, and I am a fire chief in the White Lake Fire Company. I manage to spread my time out pretty well. Work is important but I try to get as much time as I can at home enjoying my family because time goes by very quickly. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? My advice would be do what you

love. If you’re not happy doing it you will be miserable. This field is so rewarding when you accomplish things. At Bethel Woods so many people get to see what we do on a daily basis. It is nice to hear from so many people when they say the place is beautiful. It’s a lot of hard work but with the right team it makes it easy. Who inspires you? My wife inspires me. She is an amazing mother to our children and an amazing wife. Professional certifications: NYS Pesticide license, many classes on tree pruning and grounds care. Favorite movie or TV show: Favorite show is Longmire and Yellowstone. Favorite actor/and or actress: Actor would probably be Kevin Costner. How do you spend your spare time? With family, hunting, fishing, camping, or at the Firehouse. Favorite vacation spot: I don’t have a favorite spot but my favorite place I ever visited was Montana. Family: I have a beautiful wife Brittney and we have been married over 5 years. We have two boys, Avery who is 3, and Colson who is 8 months old. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I am Fire Chief of the White Lake Fire Company for three years now. Been a Volunteer Firefighter for 15 years. If you could have any job, what would it be? I always wanted to be a NYS Forest Ranger.



MARCH 2021


C Congratulations to our verr y own

Josh Cunningham Grounds Manaager, Bethel Woods o Center for th he Arts

••• To all off the deser ving “Men at Wo ork” being recognizedd, your dedication and profession nalism is an inspiration to o the young people of our comm munityy.

We applaud you! Yoour Frriends at:



Cong ngratulations g ns SIT TE OF THE 1969 WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL

to o all of of the har h dworking men in the rre hardworking e egion, egio especially ou ur very own Josh Cunningham. gham Josh leads with h dedication and motivation in keeping k

BethelWoodsC o enter.org

Joshua Cunningham






MARCH 2021

Tom Burnham

Education: BA Economics, Gettysburg College, Roscoe Central School Place of employment: New Hope Community / NHC Foundation Current title and duties: Executive Director, NHC Foundation Years of experience: 27

Why did you choose this career? I thought my skill set would lend itself well to helping people and organizations as a professional fundraiser. Favorite part of your job: Helping New Hope Community achieve its goal to support people with a range of disabilities lead better, interesting and meaning-

Congratulations to all the Men at Work Honorees!

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther Paid for by the Committee to Elect Aileen Gunther


18 Anawana Lake Road, Monticello, NY 12701 845-794-5807 gunthera@nyassembly.gov


Thomas Burnham For your dedication and commitment to our mission

www.newhopecommunity.org 88993

Tom Burnham

ful lives. Most challenging part of your job: Managing competing priorities. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: Any day we secure funding for New Hope’s Programs is a great day! How do you manage your time? I go where I get traction and try not to spend time on things that are not generating results. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Stay open to people and new ideas. Who inspires you? The people New Hope Community serves. They overcome challenges every day. Favorite movie or TV show: Just

about any James Bond (except for the two starring Jeremy Dalton.) Favorite actor/and or actress: Stephen Root or my cousin Zelda Adams who is a wonderful actor, independent film maker and musician. How do you spend your spare time: I tinker with old cars and I play the bagpipes. Favorite vacation spot: White Mountains of New Hampshire Family: Wife - Liz, Children Caroline and Tommy, Dog - Ralph Civic or volunteer affiliations: Chair of the Town of Goshen Environmental Review Board and Member of the Town of Goshen Zoning Board of Appeals. If you could have any job, what would it be? The one I have right now.



MARCH 2021


Bruce Pecsi Jr.

Age: 46 Education: SUNY Sullivan Place of employment: Jeff Bank Current title and duties: Mail Purchasing Clerk Years of experience: 22 years Why did you choose this career? When I started in May of 1999, I wasn’t thinking of making this position a career. As I learned the duties and faced the challenges, the decision to follow this career path happened naturally. Favorite part of your job: The multitasking. It keeps me very busy. Most challenging part of your job: When I have to stop my routine to assist another department or employee and then have to catch back up on my work. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: Meeting my wife who was also an employee at the bank. How do you manage your time? Time management is essential as

to picking up the mail, sorting it, and delivering it. I also have to work around my mail schedule to work on my other duties. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? To be a team player, enjoy the work you’re doing and to enjoy the people you work with. Who inspires you? People who always bring a positive attitude to the table. Favorite movie or TV show: The original Planet of the Apes Favorite actor/and or actress: Leonardo DiCaprio. How do you spend your spare time? With my family especially my four-year-old granddaughter. Favorite vacation spot: Florida Family: My wife Tara, my stepchildren Billy, Dylan, Cheyenne, and my granddaughter Taylor. If you could have any job, what would it be? Sports Podcaster


Bruce Pecsi Jr.

Congratulations to all of the hard working men of Sullivan and Wayne Counties and a special congratulations to our very own Bruce Pecsi! Bruce Pecsi Mail / Purchasing Clerk

(845) 482-4000 www.jeffbank.com www.facebook.com/jeffersonvillebank www.linkedin.com/company/jeff-bank

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MARCH 2021

Lorne D. Green



Age: 57 Education: New York Institute of Technology Place of employment: County of Sullivan Current title and duties: Commissioner and CIO, Division of Information Technology Services Years of experience: 28.5 with the County - 20 year anniversary with ITS in July ‘21 Why did you choose this career? I wouldn’t necessarily say I chose this chapter of my career, I’d contend that it found me. Circumstances, crossed paths, fate…stars aligned. Did I fit the mold? Or did the mold fit me? Overall the opportunity and responsibility is synonymous with my mindset. Clear cut goals and objectives that involve planning, logic; attention to detail; common sense; solution oriented – don’t

for aiming high and taking Sullivan County to new heights! Your tenacity has built a robust technology infrastructure upon which this County reliably depends, and your vision of a County-wide wireless broadband service has inspired us all. Sullivan County is lucky and grateful to have you!

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commit unless I know we can deliver as a team. Here’s the challenge, now how do we accommodate and make it all happen? It’s labeled a career but I’m as much of it as it is of me. Favorite part of your job: This will be an overarching statement — knowing that we helped make a difference. I remember what the organization looked like in 2001, and I know where we are today. It’s made a difference and it matters. We work on projects and solutions now that we never would have fathomed 20 years ago. All possible by the infrastructure and solutions we have helped put in place. What does tomorrow hold? We won’t know until tomorrow — and that’s exciting. Most challenging part of your job: The “unknown.” At the end of a day, I’ve often lamented that what just happened in the last

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nine hours, was not at all on the agenda I formulated that morning while getting ready for work. While having a known, set schedule or set of tasks would be great (in theory), I don’t know that I could function without the excitement of the unknown. To this day, nothing is routine and there is never the same day twice. Although the question asks what is most challenging, I believe that the nature of the challenge, the unknown, is actually the most rewarding aspect of this job. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: As a result of the financial crisis of 2007/2008 — February 2009’s wholesale countywide cutover of 9 disparate phone systems to our single unified VoIP phone system. Highest pressure, cost saving promise we made with very short timelines and huge cost-reduction implications. To this day, extremely satisfying that all the analysis, preparation, planning, and ultimate exe-



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Lorne D. Green

cution back then, continue to pay dividends today. How do you manage your time? Adaptability and flexibility are key but for the most part, lists. Can’t function without lists. Prioritization, the breakdown of larger projects into smaller tasks, scheduling, deadlines — it’s all based on an ever evolving list. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Listen more, talk less and don’t be afraid to be wrong or to learn something new from someone else. There is always more than one way to achieve an objective, be open to alternatives. This all sounds great, but it is a never-ending career and life-lesson journey. Who inspires you? The longer I’m here, the individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with in this department inspire me. We don’t have a lot of turn-over in this department, and as a result, you get to know each other pretty well. Unless you knew, you’d never know the challenges each face. They overcome their hardships and come to work here every day to make life better for themselves and their families. Smiles in the face of adversity have been, and continue to be, an inspiration. Favorite movie or TV show: The Italian Job (2003); The Hunt for Red October (1990) Favorite actor/and or actress: Clint Eastwood How do you spend your spare time? Smoked meats and barbeque. Method, composition, recipe development…it’s an obsessive weakness. Favorite vacation spot: Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Great Smokey Mountain region of NC/TN. Family: 3 sons, 1 daughter Civic or volunteer affiliations: Board member of the NYS Local Government IT Directors Association; Board member of the Sullivan County Wireless Broadband Local Development Corporation If you could have any job, what would it be? Architect – design/build.


MARCH 2021





MARCH 2021

John Conway Age: 68 Education: Monticello High School, Georgia Institute of Technology Place of employment: Sullivan County Current title and duties: I am the official Sullivan County Historian, appointed in February of 1993 under the provisions of the NYS Municipal Historians Law of 1919, as amended in 1933. I am the seventh person to serve as Sullivan County Historian and have held the post longer than anyone ever has. Years of experience: A lifetime passion for history, 28 years in present position. Why did you choose this career? I didn’t actually choose this career; it is more that it chose me. I was pursuing a career in broadcasting, and between my weekly call-in radio show and a weekly newspaper column in the Times HeraldRecord, I had made local history trendy. When the Sullivan County

Board of Supervisors decided to make a change in the position of County Historian, my wife suggested they ask me. The rest is history, as they say. Favorite part of your job: Even after all these years, I often come across some evidence that Sullivan County or someone from here played some sort of role in a major historical event. It is always exciting to learn something new about our history, but I think that is the most exciting. Most challenging part of your job: It has always been a challenge to explain to the public the role of the County Historian. We don’t perform genealogy research, and I don’t have a giant computer with the history of every building in the County on its hard drive, or even an archive with that kind of information. I am not the Sullivan County Historical Society, and we have totally different functions. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: After all


DDelaware Company salutes all of those recognized in this edition of The Men at Work, especially our co-founder and President, Sullivan County Historian John Conway.

Here¶s to another 28 years of teaching our history by telling our stories!


John Conway

these years, it is hard to single out one memory, but I think delivering the keynote address at the Sullivan County Bicentennial gala at the Villa Roma in March of 2009 is one highlight. A county only turns 200 years old once, and I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. How do you manage your time? I have always been able to get by on a minimum of sleep. When I was in college, I used to have to get up for 6 a.m. wrestling practice, then go to classes all day, then go to 4:30 p.m. wrestling practice, then study, day after day. Everything was easy after that. I have also found that it helps to be able to compartmentalize. Complete a task before you move on to something else.

265 Main Street 3RVW2I¿ FH%R[ 265 Main Street +XUOH\YLOOH1< 3RVW2൶ FH%R[  

What advice do you have for someone entering your field? History doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so don’t get caught up in what is “local history” and what isn’t. It is all connected. In order to understand and explain “local history” you have to have a strong understanding of American History and of World History. So learn as much as you can about all of those things. Who inspires you? My children and grandchildren, and my new great-granddaughter. Watching them grow and learn and absorb life as it happens around them, I am inspired to be the best example I can be for them. I constantly fall short of the example I think I CONTINUED ON PAGE 15M

Congratulations to John Conway Sullivan County Historian A life of reviving Sullivan County History

³Growing Our Future from the Roots of Our Past´



- The Delaware Company

Family: Our kids are grown, so at home it is my wife Debra and me and our incredible Newfoundland, Preston, who watches over us. Daughter Rebecca, her husband Joe, grandsons Andrew and Morgan and great-granddaughter Rory; daughter Sarah, husband Matt and granddaughter Lily Mei. I also have a brother and two sisters living locally, four nieces and four nephews and their kids. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I am a founder and president of The Delaware Company, a non-profit history education group. I served as Chairman of the Sullivan County Climate Action Plan Advisory Committee some years ago, and on the Town of Highland Comprehensive Plan Rewrite Committee. And going many years back, I coached and umpired in both the Monticello and Fallsburg Little Leagues, and ran a recreational baseball program in Fallsburg for two summers. If you could have any job, what would it be? Sullivan County Historian for another 28 years.


CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU DESERVE TO BE RECOGNIZED for your ALL THE OUTSTANDING DEDICATION and WORKING HARD EVERY DAY! You make this a better place. HONOREES! We are Proud to work side by side with you! From all of us at

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  Locally Owned & Family Operated ROUTE 42 SOUTH FALLSBURG







Age: 65 Education: Environmental & Natural Resource Management degree from SUNY Morrisville. Place of employment: ELM Garden and Floral Design. Current title and duties: Stone mason, landscaper and flower farmer. Years of experience: 40-plus years with stone and landscaping. 10 years flower farming with the last 5 farming commercially. Why did you choose this career? Flower farming has become my priority because I thought it would be ‘easier’ than stone laying. Not easier, but far more rewarding. Favorite part of your job: Seeing new flowers emerge and enjoying new varieties. Most challenging part of your job: Weather changes. Frost too early, frost too late, too much rain or not any, etc. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: I enjoy all my experiences, selling my dahlias and other flowers at various markets. How do you manage your time? You’re funny. There is never ‘my time’. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Don’t do it. Stay in school. Seriously… be prepared for failure, exhaustion, and challenges on your way to amazement of beauty. Who inspires you? People who succeed in spite of setbacks but retain humility. Professional certifications: 44


Paul Blanton

years of SOHK (School of Hard Knocks). How do you spend your spare time? You’re even funnier. Since we started this flower farm in Livingston Manor, fishing, fossiling, hunting, etc. are in the past. Favorite vacation spot: White Mountains or Grand Canyon Family: I have 3 daughters, 2 granddaughters and my partner of 15 years, Eustacia. Civic or volunteer affiliations: Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce member. If you could have any job, what would it be? Paleontology… I would love to discover a dinosaur.

OUTSIDE MATTERS SERVICES Heating Coal - Fire Wood Top Soil - Mulch Pressure Washing Farmers Market Flowers - Plants Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

We D E l iv e r !

13 Adams Pond Road / Hawley, PA 18428 1-570-253-3555


should be, but I don’t stop trying. Professional certifications: I am a Registered Historian with the Association of Public Historians of New York State. Favorite movie or TV show: Casablanca (the 1942 movie, not the television series) Favorite actor/and or actress: I am a movie buff and I like a lot of actors and actresses, but of all time, I would say John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart. Contemporary, I would say Denzel Washington and Tom Selleck. How do you spend your spare time? My flip answer would be: “What’s that?” I used to read a lot of books, but although I still love to read, I get to nowhere near as many books now. I like to saunter along the Milk Train Trail in Hurleyville and the trails at the Minisink Battleground in Barryville and absorb the palpable history that permeates those places. Favorite vacation spot: I live on the Delaware River in Barryville, so I am on vacation every day. But other than here, Newport, Rhode Island.


Paul Blanton

John Conway From page 14M




MARCH 2021




MARCH 2021

Akiva Shapiro

Education: BA Place of employment: Achieve Rehab and Nursing Current title and duties: Administrator. Years of experience: 7 Favorite part of your job: Recognizing the outstanding successes and wins of my team. Most challenging part of your job: Healthcare, specifically Long Term Care is one of the more heavily regulated industries. While the ever-changing landscape is one of the things that keeps me engaged it is also one of the most challenging elements of what we do. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: When res-

idents tell me that they love me, it means that I am doing my job correctly in supporting and caring for the vulnerable. How do you manage your time? With help from God. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Be patient, Be compassionate, Be supportive. Exercise those qualities constantly. Who inspires you? My wife, kids and great friends. Professional certifications: LNHA How do you spend your spare time? Playing Ice Hockey, Cycling and spending time outdoors with my family. Favorite vacation spot:

Thank you to all our firemen andShapiro women! Congratulations to Akiva all Work that youHonorees! do! and We all appreciate the Men at


Akiva Shapiro


Private Rehab Suites • Excellent Quality Care

organization called RCCS. RCCS supports patients struggling with cancer to get the best care possible regardless of insurance or lack thereof. Their goal is to remove all financial burdens from the patient.

75772 90292 29498

Anywhere with ski slopes. I love the cold weather. Family: My wife Jessica, my daughters Daniella, Eliana, and my son Noam. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I am heavily involved in an



Lake Street, NY •• Facebook: 845-292-4200 170 Lake170Street, Liberty, NY •Liberty, 845-292-4200 Achieve Rehab



MARCH 2021


Dr. Kenneth Luck Age: 37 Education: Ph.D./Doctorate Place of employment: SUNY Sullivan Current title and duties: TenureTrack Assistant Professor of Media Arts. Full-time teaching load, Faculty Advisor for the College’s Photography Club, Member of several campus committees, and Course Design. Years of experience: 10-plus Why did you choose this career? I remember, as a 19-yearold, walking on to a college campus for my first week of classes as a freshman. The atmosphere and environment were something I had never really experienced before. I remember immediately thinking, “I like this. I want to do this.” It took me 14 years of graduate and undergraduate work, but I did it. Favorite part of your job: Working, collaborating, and interacting with SUNY Sullivan’s wonderful students, faculty, administration,

and staff. Most challenging part of your job: Finding the right work-life balance. How do you manage your time? I manage my time through a combination of hand-written notes and Google Calendar. I recommend reading Stephen R. Covey’s classic, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Keep at it. I’ve learned that achieving success takes years – sometimes decades – of patience, perseverance, and sometimes even pain. But in the end, your hard work will pay off. Who inspires you? My mother. Professional certifications: Ph.D., Human Development; M.A., Education; and B.A., Political Science. Favorite movie or TV show: Seinfeld. Favorite actor/and or actress: Leonardo DiCaprio.


Dr. Kenneth Luck

How do you spend your spare time? Exercising, reading, and writing and recording music. Favorite vacation spot: Los

Angeles, CA, or the Southwestern United States. If you could have any job, what would it be? My current position.

s on i t a l u t a Congr k c u L h t e n n e K Dr.


Honoring the Men at Work




MARCH 2021

Tom Bosket

Education: BFA Parsons, MFA Yale Place of employment: ENGN and Cornell Cooperative Extension Current title and duties: Program Manager of SALT’s Drug Free Communities Grant and Cofounder/Creative Director of ENGN Years of experience: 26 Why did you choose this career? I ask myself that all the time. I didn’t really choose it. I chose art. And as my family was full of engineers, plumbers and farmers I was considered a “flibbity-gibbit”. So I aimed to appear more practical by opening a “civic creative center” (ENGN) and then got all wrapped up in SALT - as we all need a little salt. Now, I tend to think the arts are needed by everyone, for mental health, understanding, communication and pure fun! Favorite part of your job: So many. I guess just drawing, what I

call, a tree...but that means anything that is regular and everyday. Most challenging part of your job: Working in public health, you, as an individual, never really know what is needed - you must depend on everyone to inform you of what is needed. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: Memory of a little boy we were delivering food to, mostly basic foods. One day we found out it was his birthday the next week and we asked what he wanted, he said a pizza party. So we brought pizza the following week and he came running down the hill with his arms straight in the air yelling, “Pizza party, pizza party, pizza party for me!” He will be my boss some day. How do you manage your time? I use Gantt charts. What advice do you have for someone entering your field? Find your ballast and use it daily. Who inspires you? Martin Colavito and Isaac Green


Tom Bosket

Diebboll. Professional certifications: Licensed massage therapist. Favorite movie or TV show: Night of the Iguana Favorite actor/and or actress: John Hurt or William Hurt. How do you spend your spare time? Drawing.

Favorite vacation spot: Jensen’s Ledges Family: Love them all...dad passed recently and I wish him well in his walks. Civic or volunteer affiliations: SALT If you could have any job, what would it be? Volunteer artist.


Jeff Sanitation Inc.

P.O. Box 387 Jeffersonville, NY 12748

(845) 482-0926


– RESIDENTIAL GARBAGE SERVICE – Rubbish Removal - Dumpsters Available 10,10, 15,15, 20,2030& 30 & 40yd. yd.Rolloffs RolloffsAvailable Available



379 Grimms Road, Honesdale, PA 18431 | 570.253.4341 | Fax: 570.253.3450 | waynecoready@hotmail.com


CONCRETE • MASONRY SUPPLIES Retaining Wall Blocks • Concrete Pump Services



MARCH 2021


Jose Rivas Set your mind in whatever you want to do and be the best. Who inspires you? Chef named Sam Rice, 36 years ago Professional certifications: Culinary Favorite movie or TV show: Good Fellas Favorite actor/and or actress: Robert DeNiro. How do you spend you spare time: Going out to the beach with my family Favorite vacation spot: Key West, Florida Family: My wife and my son Civic or volunteer affiliations: Volunteer in serving food at Food Bank If you could have any job, what would it be? Industrial Architect


Jose Rivas

The Villa Roma Resort wants to

Thank Chef Jose Rivas for his Hard Work, Leadership and Dedication. You can taste the love in every meal. 356 Villa Roma Rd, Callicoon, NY 12723

(800) 533-6767 www.VILLAROMA.com 90472

Age: 52 Place of employment: Villa Roma Current title: Executive Chef Years of experience: 36 Why did you choose this career? I always wanted to be the best at what I do. Favorite part of your job: When a customer tells the waiters - this is the best food they’ve ever had. Most challenging part of your job: Making sure 600 people are fed. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: When customers tell me good job. How do you manage your time? Set a time limit to complete a task What advice do you have for someone entering your field?



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Aerial Work Platforms Air Compressors Air Tools Back Hoes Boom Lifts Breaker Hammers Carpet Cleaners Compaction Chain Saws Compressors Concrete Tools Concrete & Mortar Mixer Dump Trailers Excavators


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Extension Ladders Floor Cleaners Floor Sanders & Edgers Generators Heaters Hedge Trimmers Landscape Equipment Light Towers Miter Saws Mud Buggies Paint Sprayers Plumbing Snakes Plumbing Tools Power Washers

(845) 794-RENT 146 Jefferson Street • Monticello, NY 12701

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm • Saturday 8am-12pm


MARCH 2021

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Post Hole Diggers Scaffolding Scissor Lifts Skid Steer Loaders Stump Grinders Surface Preparation Table Saws Tile Saws Tillers Trenchers Turbo Dryers Water Pumps Wood Chippers And much MORE!

Men @ Work 2021  

This special section highlights the work of 13 businessmen in the region.

Men @ Work 2021  

This special section highlights the work of 13 businessmen in the region.