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NOVEMBER 19, 2019


NOVEMBER 19, 2019




Catskill Farms’ Amanda Krupunich and Breanna Rodriguez STORY AND PHOTO BY ISABEL BRAVERMAN


Age: 26 Place of employment: Catskill Farms Current title and duties: Design Coordinator – I manage each project or home we are building. I work with the customers to design their home as well as manage the various vendors we use to build the homes. I talk to each customer and vendor on a daily basis. Years of experience: I have been at Catskill Farms for four years full -ime. (I interned with them for 1 year during my college career and after graduation started full time.) Why did you choose this career? I have always been drawn to architecture and design. I love to help create spaces that people feel happy in. At the end of the day I am creating spaces that people are going to live the rest of their lives in, build memories and families in so I want to create a space that makes them happy and comfortable. Most of our customers are based out of NYC and surrounding towns, so they are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle, I think our spaces help to create a relaxed and stress-free environment. Favorite part of your job: This was a hard one….one of my most favorite parts is at my last site meeting, when the house has been finished and I get to show it off to the customers. The look on their faces is priceless, they are so happy and so blown away on how I made their dreams become a reality. This reaction makes me realize that I have done my job correctly and they love their home. Most challenging part of your job: Organization: we build 20, if not more homes a year. I have a binder for each project and an endless number of checklists to keep everything straight. I have to manage each vendor and make sure they are where they should be when they said they would be. So being organized is a key part to my job. I find it most difficult to switch from one job to another and to keep it

Catskill Farms’ Breanna Rodriguez, left, and Amanda Krupunich.

all straight, so these job binders really help to keep me organized. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: When I first started this job, I didn’t have much confidence in myself. Especially being a young woman in a “man’s world” I always felt that people didn’t take my comments seriously. I can remember this one time I was on a jobsite and the guys had installed this gorgeous reclaimed wood mantel on a fireplace. I noticed there was this piece of wood sticking out under the mantel onto the stone and honestly it looked like crap. So, I politely told the guys to remove that piece and they looked at me and told me it “added rustic charm”. I wasn’t buying into it and told them how that is a load of crap and they had to remove it, and I wasn’t leaving until they did so. We all had a big laugh and they did end up removing the piece of wood. From

that moment on I felt more confident that the guys and I had a mutual respect for each other. To this day they don’t try to pull a fast one on me, instead they have my back just like I have theirs. We have built a working relationship that I think really leads to the success of the company. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Class of 2015 Favorite movie: The Princess Bride – I used to watch this movie with my Uncle every Thanksgiving eve on a 24-hour loop while we prepared Thanksgiving dinner. I know it sounds silly, but this movie will always be one of my all time favorites. Favorite actor/and or actress: This was a super hard one…to be honest I don’t have a favorite. I love all kinds of genres of movies, except horror (scared to death of scary movies). I would say a few of my favorites are

Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon. How do you spend your spare time: Relaxing. I try not to take work home with me, so in my spare time I try to relax and disconnect from everything. Whether it is reading a book or magazine, hanging out with friends or family, hiking with my fiancé…. the list is endless. Favorite vacation spot: The beach. Every few years we try to take a cruise to a new set of islands in the Caribbean, etc. I have always loved the beach, as a kid my family regularly camped at Assateague Island in Maryland, so I have always held the beach to a close spot in my heart. Family: I currently reside in Huguenot, NY with my fiancé and kitty-cat. I am an only child who grew up in Orange County. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I am a member of National Ski Patrol and I am a registered OEC Technician (Outdoor Emergency Care Technician). I regularly spend my weekends at Ski Big Bear in Masthope, PA during the winter / ski season. Dream job: I have always wanted to design spaces for people to live their lives in and I think that’s exactly what I am doing here. I would love to have a business one day where we do it all, similar to Catskill Farms where we build the home for you, but we would also furnish and design the interiors for you. This way when we finish the home it would be totally move in ready from furniture to décor. Think of it like Chip and Joanna of Fixer Upper on HGTV, I love that they take an existing space and make it look brand new. They design the entire house from top to bottom and reveal the final product to the customers. I love the idea of taking people’s visions / dreams and making them become a reality.


Age: 26 Place of employment: The Catskill Farms

Current title and duties: Director of Finance Please see RODRIGUEZ, page 11W



NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Becky Heins STORY AND PHOTO BY MATT SHORTALL Age: 34 Place of employment: Crystal Run Healthcare, Rock Hill, NY Current title and duties: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Internal Medicine Years of experience: I have over 14 years of experience in the nursing field. I have spent the past five of those years working as a nurse practitioner in primary care. Why did you choose this career: I have always known that I wanted to be a healthcare provider. It only seemed natural to me. My mother and my grandmother are both nurses. Before starting his own business, my father spent quite a bit of time in

Individual Taxation Estates & Trusts Not-for-Profit Accounting Financial Statements

the medical field - working as a radiology technician with his uncle, Dr. Carl Heins, a surgeon who owned/ operated the old Hamilton Avenue Hospital in Monticello. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, I worked as an RN at Crystal Run Healthcare. Over the years, I worked alongside many extremely bright, talented, and hard working physicians – whom I admired and looked up to. They taught me so much and encouraged me to continue my education to become a nurse practitioner. Favorite part of your job: The favorite part of my job is the feeling that you get when you know that you have made a positive impact in a patient’s life. It is also very rewarding to practice in the community in which I was raised.

Corporate, Partnership & LLC Taxation Government & Fire District Auditing

892 State Route 17B Mongaup Valley, NY 12762 845-796-1800 2527 Route 17M Goshen, NY 10924 845-343-2215

133 Route 304 Bardonia, NY 10954 845-623-0300

Certified Public Accountants



Becky Heins

Most challenging part of your job: I would say that one of the most challenging parts of my job is when I have to sit down and give a patient bad news about a condition they may have, which has a poor prognosis. Those conversations can be difficult – and very emotional. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: It is always special when a patient – who you had previously seen in the office when they were critically ill – comes in for a follow up visit, and expresses their gratitude for saving their life. I have had several of those moments. Those kinds of moments are the ones that make me proud to do what I do. Education: Monticello High School, 2002; Associate in Applied Science in Nursing (RN), SUNY Sullivan, 2005; Bachelor of Applied Science in Nursing (BSN), SUNY New Paltz, 2011; Master of Science in Nursing (FNP), Mount Saint Mary College, 2014. Professional certifications: I am a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-BC) by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Favorite movie: Home Alone.

Favorite actor/and or actress: Jennifer Aniston. How do you spend your spare time: I enjoy spending my spare time with my family and friends, being outdoors, traveling, and eating good food. Favorite vacation spot: My favorite vacation spot is anywhere with warm weather, palm trees and a beach. Family: I have a beautiful 12-yearold daughter, named Alexis. She is in seventh grade and is a very talented alpine ski racer. I have two sisters, one of which is a nurse at Orange Regional Medical Center. My mother, Deborah, is also a nurse at Orange Regional Medical Center. My father, Kenneth, sold his business a few years ago (The Farmers Market, Monticello) and is now enjoying retirement and spending time with his grandchildren. I have two Bengal cats – Nala and Meeko. Dream job: I truly enjoy being a nurse practitioner, but if I had to pick a different career path – I think I would become a veterinarian. I love animals – and I think that it would be just as rewarding to provide health care to them, as I do for humans now.



NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Cathy Mickelson


Age: 60 Place of employment: Jeff Bank Current title and duties: Retail Training Coordinator. I am responsible for the administration and coordination of the Bank’s Retail Training Requirements by providing creative and effective classroom instruction to its personnel on a diverse range of subject matter. I schedule, conduct and facilitate blended learning programs, classes and meetings. It also requires developing, customizing and maintaining related training support materials. I support retail managers in providing developmental training to employees following a common training track. Years of experience: I have 43 years of banking experience which include 17 years with Jeff Bank. Why did you choose this career?: In May, 1976 I started

working as a part-time teller after school. In June of that year I was offered a full-time teller position. I worked my way up the ladder from Head Teller, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Manager and Branch Manager. I worked in the same building for 26 years and went through four bank mergers. In April, 2002, I came to Jeff Bank as a float manager. It does not seem possible how fast the past 43 years have gone. Favorite part of your job: I enjoy providing the necessary training and follow-up after initial teller training with all of my teller trainees. I provide continued support and mentoring that has proven to be effective for the success and retention of teller staff. Most challenging part of your job: I don’t have a specific challenge at this time, but when one comes my way I think of it as a learning experience for myself. Favorite on-the-job moment,

customer or memory: Jeff Bank takes part in Monticello High School’s Academy of Finance Program. The goal of the internship is to provide the student with a quality learning experience in a work environment. I am the facilitator for the students. It is a great learning experience for both of us. Education: Tri-Valley Central School, Class of 1976. How do you spend your spare time: Walking daily, cooking and baking. I like to spend quality time with my family and friends and attend concerts at Bethel Woods. Favorite vacation spot: Tubing on the Delaware River. It is so relaxing. Family: I have three brothers, five nephews, one niece, one grand-nephew and two grandnieces. We always enjoy our family times together. Dream job: I am at my dream job!

Cathy Mickelson

Congratulations to all the Business & Professional Women and a special congratulations to our very own Cathy Mickelson! Cathy Mickelson Retail Training Coordinator

(845) 482-4000

Still Banking Strong!





NOVEMBER 19, 2019


NOVEMBER 19, 2019




Darlene Fedun is excited for her next chapter



ethel Woods Center for the Arts CEO Darlene Fedun considers herself very fortunate because for most of her adult life, she’s worked for one individual in two different roles. That man is none other than Alan Gerry. While the two have shared a wonderful friendship and work relationship, Fedun looks forward to it becoming more casual when she transitions into a consulting role at year’s end. She began working at Cablevision Industries in 1980, until it was merged to Time Warner in 1995-96. Fedun, who was vice president at the time Cablevision merged, then helped start a new cable company, Renais-

sance Media. After her time there and a few years at home, Fedun and Gerry were reunited following a conversation she had with his daughter, Robyn, a friend since childhood, about Bethel Woods. “The build phase of Bethel Woods was nearly coming to an end, and they were getting ready to open,” Fedun said, “So I started as a volunteer in May 2006, and after six months, I guess they thought maybe they should give me a paycheck, and the rest is history.” While the memories are endless, two of her favorite were Gerry taking the podium for the first time at Bethel Woods when New York Philharmonic played, and the recent 50th AnniverPlease see FEDUN, page 9W

Congrat gratulattions io

Darrlene! Da D l

14 Ye ears 3,000,000 guests 250 Pavilion Conce erts Countless smiles ex exchanged and memories mad de. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

None of this would havve ever been possible without your tireless contributions. tributions Y Yo our vision, o vision v leadership and passion are unm matched.

Bethel Woods CEO Darlene Fedun will be transitioning into a consulting role at year’s end.

Darlene, Congratulations!

Thank you. y

Yo our friends and colleagues at Bethel Wo oods Center e for the Arts




Mom, Dad, Kenny, Nancy, Brianna & Amanda





NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Saraid Gonzalez STORY AND PHOTO BY JOSEPH ABRAHAM Age: 50 Place of employment: Sullivan 180, Inc. Current title and duties: Program Director – oversee integration of communications and outreach efforts across the organization, manage special projects and programs (to include Healthy Eating on a Budget and Take Charge of Your Health Series). I assist in planning, implementing and evaluating a range of health initiatives impacting multicultural communities. I also manage outreach and administrative staff. Years of experience: Over 25 years of experience working with non-profit organizations (Development Coordinator at the Center for Discovery, Program and Events

Coordinator for Sullivan Renaissance/Gerry Foundation and Community Outreach and Events Manager for Sullivan 180). Why did you choose this career? Because I want to make a difference in my community. I see health struggles locally and I want to share the knowledge and resources we have at Sullivan 180. Favorite part of your job: Connecting people to resources, making a difference in my community by bringing awareness about the importance of health and wellness. Most challenging part of your job: The journey to getting healthy is not easy, I struggle as well but I am taking proactive steps to improve and make lifestyle changes and I am sharing my experiences and what I have learned with others. Favorite on-the-job moment, cus-

tomer or memory: Witnessing all of the wonderful work our Community Health Champions are doing to help people improve their lifestyles. One of these champions is Shanita Artson who works with our Healthy Eating on a Budget program, working with Head Start parents, empowering them to live a healthier lifestyle. Education: I will be completing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in May 2020 and going for a master’s degree in Public Administration at SUNY Empire State College. Professional certifications: Community Health Worker Training and Mental Health First Aid. Favorite movie: Love Affair Favorite actor/and or actress: Annette Bening and Warren Beatty How do you spend you spare time: my spiritual growth is very important to me and my family, so we attend Family Church regularly, going to the movies, site seeing, traveling, hiking. Favorite vacation spot: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Family: My husband, Rafael, Saraid Gonzalez

Saraid Building a healthier y, Sullivan County, Sulliv an County one degr degree ee at a time

Learn Mor More e about Sullivan180 visit:: Sul call:: 845-295-2680 84 email:: inffo o@

Your dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism are inspiring - we are so proud of you and wish you many congratulations on this deserving honor! Your friends at Sullivan 180



daughter Victoria (28), daughter Mia (23), son Rafael (9) and grandson Elliot (2) – Pets: Dog (Sebastian) and Cat (Tora) Civic or volunteer affiliations: Board of Director for the SC Federation for the Homeless, Sullivan Renaissance Multicultural Advisory Com-



NOVEMBER 19, 2019

mittee and Sullivan Renaissance Volunteer Corps (2014-15), Liberty PTO, Fundraising and Events Committee for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County (2013-14), member of the PWSC Professional Women of Sullivan County, and Leadership Sullivan 2015 Alumni Dream job: interior designer


Con Co Congratulati ong ngr gra rat atutulula lat atitiions ioion ons ns to our very r y own

D rl n F Darlene Fedun d n Continued from page 7W

sary of Woodstock celebrations. “I am proud to have worked with Mr. Gerry and him putting his trust in me to help him create the magnificent place that Bethel Woods is and continues to be,� Fedun said. “I'm also very proud of the wonderful team of volunteers and staff that really have gone above and beyond to deliver on the promise that I think we've made to the constituents in our community. To be able to, in this day and age, in our community, have 200plus volunteers that are willing to support your organization and its efforts is an incredible feeling and experience.� Fedun was incredibly complementary of Eric Frances who will be taking her place as CEO. Frances, like Fedun, has been at Bethel Woods from the start, most recently serving as Chief Financial Officer and General Manager. She calls Frances a great friend and leader, and calls the switch to a consulting role where she is still involved in Bethel Woods’ future but removed from the day-to-day grind as “the best of both worlds.� On why she felt the time was right to shift into this new role, Fedun said, “Well, I'm getting a little older. I've been working my tail off for 50-some odd years. And all of my friends are semi-retired or retired and enjoying life. So I want to be able to do some things while I'm still active and able to. There are both personal and philanthropic things that I'm interested in.� On the top of her to-do list is spending more time with friends and family, especially in a warmer climate, exploring Sullivan County and traveling. But another area Fedun is very interested in is helping young people -–– who she’s spent a large part of her career working with. Fedun added,

“Through the work here at Bethel Woods, we've found that young adults, particularly our teens, are really facing a number of challenges: stress, anxiety, and depression. I think it’s important for young people to be connected to something in their life. When you have passion and purpose, life is more joyous, life is more fulfilled, you have a reason to get up in the morning and go and do.� Another issue Fedun believes is very important is addiction and the recovery process. “There are services where individuals can go for extended long-term treatment, but where we're lacking is when they're done with that treatment, and we plop them back into their environments with no support,� Fedun said. “This is an area that I would like to explore and see if I could help in some way. I know many people and families that have relatives that are going through recovery, and it's difficult and challenging, especially in this rural area. There needs to be attention paid to helping them gain back what they lost. I don't know that I have answers, but I have ideas, if anyone would be willing to listen.� Fedun has always been active in the community, especially in her hometown of Liberty, and doesn’t plan on slowing down in retirement, which brings a number of emotions. She notes that she’ll miss everyone she works with on a daily basis, but is excited to explore all the great things going on in the area. “I don't necessarily have any one path that I want to take,� Fedun said. “There are a few things that are important to me like getting my house in order, being closer to family and friends and the couple of passions that I'd like to see if I can help out with, and of course, Bethel Woods. I think, you know, I'll be busy...�



Saraid Gonzalez



Gr ranite Associates


FEDUN: Countless memories made




NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Congratulations Patti!

P.O. Box 804, 46 Katrina Falls Road Rock Hill, NY 12775 845-794-2666 • Fax #: 845-794-3091


DEBRA A. BRIGGS GREGG SIPPLE P.O. Box 579, 5013 State Route 52, Jeffersonville, NY 12748 845-482-3100 • FAX #: 845-482-4020

Congratulations Patti in

ev K & a s s i l e M stunning styles owner melissa hahl


We are so happy for you!

4887 St Rte 52 Jeffersonville NY 12748 (845) 482-4259

CONGRATULATIONS PATTI! from your friends, the Kubenik Family

Patti McGurrin with the trophies McGurrin’s Pub won at the Hudson Valley Wing Fest 2019. The Pub won 4th Place for Best Buffalo Wings and 3rd Place Overall.

From suddenly and unexpectedly learning all the ins and outs of your business, to competing and winning Hudson Valley Wing Fest, to being recognized as a Business and Professional Woman... and so much more...

Congratulations Patti! You are remarkable. We are SO proud of all you have accomplished the last couple of years!!! We’re sure Kenny is smiling down on you and is so very proud as well. Love, Suzi & Martina


Kohler Lumber & Building Materials, Inc. Established 1907 845-482-5290/482-5117/Fax 482-4270 Rte. 52 Jeffersonville, NY 12748

You are a fierce, independent woman with a passion for life. You have worked hard to get where you’re at and we’re all proud of you. Thank you for your love and support throughout the years. Love your girls, Chrissy, Sharon, Beth, Sarah, Tracey, Sandy & Karson

in’s McGurrPub Off Rte 97, 3 Miles from Hankins Mileses, NY 845-887-6808


Congratulations Patti!



NOVEMBER 19, 2019


Patti McGurrin

Continued from page 3W

Years of experience: Started working

at Catskill Farms in June 2018

Why did you choose this career? In a way, it chose me. I went to school at FIT to become a buyer and worked in the industry for 3 years after graduation. After realizing I was falling out of love with the company I was working for and no longer wanted to do the commute into the city, I made the decision to leave and come to Catskill Farms. I was initially hired for social media but two months after working here Chuck threw me into the position. It is a change from buying but I can use the knowledge I gained as a buyer here at Catskill Farms. Favorite part of your job: Learning about a new industry. My life has been about fashion for as long as I can remember. I grew up reading Vogue and daydreaming about working in the city. I like learning about construction and what it takes to market and build a home. It’s different and I have learned a lot so far. Most challenging part of your job: There are things I still don’t know how to do so I must figure it out along the way. Problem solving can be challenging but it is rewarding.

Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: Seeing two finished

Catskill Farms homes in Ulster County. When I worked in buying, I was always doing store visits and vendor appoint-

ments. That was one of my favorite parts of the job. Working here I don’t get to leave the office often, so it was cool to get out and not only see completed projects but see how all the hard work and effort from the team turned into someone’s dream home. Education: The Fashion Institute of Technology – Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management Professional certifications: Notary Public Favorite movie: Mermaids (1990) Favorite actor/and or actress: Florence Pugh

How do you spend your spare time: Exploring new restaurants and places with one of my best friends or home with my dog Finn. Favorite vacation spot: I’m not a huge fan of beaches but I absolutely love visiting my aunt and uncle at their home in Florida. I don’t get to see them often and it’s nice to be able to get down to them. Dream job: To own my own business. The reason Catskill Farms was so appealing to me is because it is run by a small business owner. I knew working here I would be able to learn about what it takes to own my own business one day. Chuck has done a really great job of taking me under his wing and challenging me to do more.

with a beach. Family: Sister and brother, my customers are like my second family Civic or volunteer affiliations: I give blood when I get a chance. I give to Toys 4 Tots every year. Dream job: To work for the Travel Channel.

Residential & Commercial

New Homes • Log Homes Total Renovations Additions Custom Kitchens Baths • Decks • Windows Doors • Siding Structural Repairs Garages • Drywall Metal Studs Acoustical Ceilings Jacking / Leveling

Serving Sullivan County for over 30 years!


It’s Your Home... Have It Done Right


Three Cheers to



RODRIGUEZ: My job chose me

Favorite movie: Steel Magnolias Favorite actor/and or actress: Edward Norton, Leonardo DiCaprio How do you spend your spare time: Spare time is very little. But I do have off a few days. I usually shop for bar or I hang out with my friends. Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere

Family owned since 1931

Keep up the Good Work



Hortonville, NY 845-887-4640

Congrats to All the Honorees! &

See them and the Rest of our Inventory 78287

Age: 57 Place of employment: McGurrin’s Pub Current title and duties: Owner, cooking, cleaning, bartending, bookkeeping. Years of experience: 15 Years Why did you choose this career? It was actually something that my husband and I talked about for a long time. We used to have a flooring business. Favorite part of your job: I love my daytime guys, they’ve become family.

Watching people have a good time in your place, when everyone is happy. When people like the food. Most challenging part of your job: The paperwork is overwhelming sometimes. It can really get to you, but I have employees that are very helpful. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: We won best wings, entered a wing contest. Took 4th for best buffalo, 3rd place overall, definitely an underdog at Hudson Valley Wing Fest 2019 Education: High School Professional certifications: Certified home health aide

Congratulations to all the Professional Business Women

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther 18 Anawana Lake Road, Monticello, NY 12701 845-794-5807





NOVEMBER 19, 2019


Cindy is a leade er, a listene er and a true e inspirati on to all o of us!





NOVEMBER 19, 2019


Age: 58 Place of employment: Selfemployed Business Consultant Years of experience: I have managed technology companies for 37 years. I’ve spent the last four years with DRS –– one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in New York State. Prior to working as a business consultant, I worked for several large corporations. Most recently with Burntsand/OpenText in Boston, as a Practice Director running their east coast Enterprise Content Management practice. Previously I built a new start-up’s training services line of business into a million dollar business. Prior to that, I worked at Verizon Communications in Manhattan for 15 years, the last ten as an Engineering Director. Current title and duties: Community Relations Director for Delaware River Solar. My responsibilities include managing customer enrollment, customer support, community relations, sales, marketing, and billing. Why did you choose this career? I enjoy managing people and processes and finding solutions to business challenges. Favorite part of your job: Con-

tributing to the renewable energy goals of New York State and providing clean energy alternatives for our customers at a savings. Most challenging part of your job: Managing in an entirely new industry while developing new approaches and building the processes from scratch. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: When my customer support manager credited her own account $1 to test a new process and forgot to reverse it. Education: I attended Delaware Valley Central School before earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Union College, and Master of Science in Telecommunications Management from NYU Polytechnic. Favorite movie: White Christmas How do you spend your spare time: With family, traveling, golfing, hiking, biking, cooking, and enjoying the river. Favorite vacation spot: Europe Family: Husband, Keith. Daughter, Kendall. Parents, David and Shirley Buddenhagen. Parents-in-law: Ron and Nancy Menges. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I'm on the Delaware Youth Center Board of Directors, and a volunteer at the Hortonville Fire Dept. Dream job: I have it.

s n o i t a l u t a r g n o C ! s e e r o n o H e h t to All

from Ed Sykes


Cindy Menges

The Delaware Youth Center

Cong at lates Cindy Menges and all of the outstanding women feat red in this issue! Thank you, Cindy, for your tireless leadership and dedication to the Youth Center and our communit !

The Delaware Youth Center 8 Creamery Road, Callicoon, NY •





Age: 62 Place of employment: Diane C Butler Real Estate Current title and duties: Principal Broker Years of experience: Since December 23, 1987 Why did you choose this career: My father was a do-it-yourself kind of guy and I spent more time playing with saw dust than dolls. I loved different style homes and wanted to learn more. After college I decided to explore the world of real estate. I took a class and was hooked. The legal aspects challenged my mind while the interaction with a diverse clientele made every day an adventure. Favorite part of your job: My favorite part of this career has been moving clients through changes in their lives. Often the reasons are challenging. Someone might be starting a new chapter in their lives while another is ending or closing the book. My abilities allow me to help them make a smooth transition through an often very difficult process. There

Diane, Congratulations on a Well Deserved Honor! Bob & Cheryl Lander



NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Diane Butler have been many nights that I am up long after business hours sorting through stacks of complicated paperwork. I was recently at a home inspection with a relatively new salesperson. He was in the process of earning a business degree. His professor asked him why he was choosing a career that any middle aged housewife could do. While I do know some very efficient middle aged house wives, Real Estate Professionals are mandated to take continuing education. We spend hours of time understanding the very complex core system otherwise know as the “bundle of legal rights” which is the basic right of home ownership. Our understanding of complex situations help here in our communities. What we learn we bring back home to our communities. Very recently my entire office and a good number of my peers spent a day at Sullivan County Cooperative Center learning about farming issues. Knowledge on zoning, classifications and different forms of rural tax abatement programs were explored and brought back to a number of our local farmers. Most challenging part of your job: My most challenging situations are often keeping communication open between all parties in a transaction. An average transaction can have as many as five additional professionals.. There can be attorneys representing banks, clients and sometimes brokers or title companies. If there is a financial or personal distress like divorce there can be even more. The work that I do keeps things moving as smooth as possible. Sometimes the process brings us closer to home. Just last week the selling broker and I packed up a house to help an elderly gentlemen make the deadline. The human condition supersedes every other aspect of a transaction. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: My favorite onthe-job moment was a family that I helped a long time ago. It is a memory that I have pulled up during some of my most challenging transactions.

I met a woman who had 5 children. Dad ran off and they were all crammed into a single bedroom rental. The broker I worked for at the time told me not to help her. That there was not enough money in that “deal”. I remember telling him that those children need peace. I found a house that would work that was a mess. I found a contractor who helped for very little money. I got her over to a lender who did rehabilitation loans. Somehow it all came together. The house closed. I often hear how real estate people make the “big bucks.” I made 800 dollars on that transaction. About a month later I saw the youngest child from that family at a school function. She said with a big grin that made me cry…. Mrs. Butler thank you for my bedroom. My brothers and sisters kept me awake and mommy let me pick out the color for the room. It has been many years since that family. Every one of those children grew up to be successful people. I like to think that the peace that they had by having their own rooms made a difference. For me it has not ever been about the money. It has always been about the people in the middle. Education: My college days were spent studying psychology and special education. My course load has continued throughout my life in this career. Since I am duel licensed for both New York and Pennsylvania, I must keep up with changing laws and circumstances all along the Delaware River Basin. My background in health has added to my ability to function on a very physical level. A country Broker spends a lot of time walking and climbing stairs. Profressional certifications: I love education and have plenty of certifications in Agency, Legal Updates, Short sale processing. One of my favorite classes had to do with mold and remediation techniques. In addition, my education meant I was an elected Vice President of the Multiple Listing Service of the Sullivan County Board of Realtors between the years



s t a r g n ! Co Diane

Not only a Great Real Estate Broker but a Terrific Friend! Love, “The Girls”

Jeff Sanitation Inc.

– RESIDENTIAL GARBAGE SERVICE – Rubbish Removal - Dumpsters Available 10,10, 15,15, 20,2030& 30 & 40yd. yd.Rolloffs RolloffsAvailable Available P.O. Box 387 Jeffersonville, NY 12748

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E San • Se De



mommy’s signs in the weeks that he should bring them home. I thought that was worth 5 dollars a sign. Came home on the first day of our “deal” to real estate signs all over the porch. Signs from every broker in the area. There was no way to know where that kid had picked them up. So as any good parent knows the cloak of night is our friend. I brought them all back to each office at night. Left them on the steps and ran as fast as my short chubby legs would carry me. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I do quite a few community and volunteer activities; after all this is my home too. My biggest contributions have been from Habitat to Humanity to work at some of our local food banks and veterans centers. This past summer a movie crew was looking for a location to shoot a film. They let me cast the extras and in turn everyone donated their fees to the Sullivan County Veterans Coalition. It took an already interesting event and turned it into a rewarding personal experience. Dream job: My dream job is building better communities through my experiences through this amazing real estate career.


2015-2018. Favorite movie: My favorite movie is Jurassic Park. While most of the attorneys that I work with are a pleasure there was one….. well let’s just say when that dinosaur ate the attorney on the toilet seat…. Repeat as frequently as needed. Favorite actor and/or actress: My favorite actor is that guy who plays Thor. No other reason than I like his arms. How do you spend your spare time: I spend my free time with my camera and family. Nothing better than taking photos of the Sullivan County landscape or watching a grandbaby pick a pumpkin. Favorite vacation spot: My favorite vacation spot would have to be the Outerbanks. I love the ocean and especially love driving on the sand. Family: My family has always been my biggest support group. I made a deal with my children when they were small. If they were quiet when I was on the phone then I would give them each a dollar from my next closing. My daughter Laura handed me a bill for 35 dollars once. My son on the other hand was more of a go getter. I told him once that if he saw any of




“Thank you for this honor. It’s been a wonderful experience servicing your real estate needs here in beautiful Sullivan County. After all, there’s no place like home.”


Thank you for being by my side helping me do what I do. Love, Bob


NOVEMBER 19, 2019


Diane C Butler

Robert Head

606 State Rte. 55, Eldred, NY 12732 NY 10351209241 • PA SBR 002251 845-701-5753 • 845-456-0119


Diane C Butler Real Estate 429 Willi Hill Rd, Swan Lake, NY 12783 845-807-7676




NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Krissy Smith Age: 40 Place of employment: The Callicoon Theater Current title and duties: Owner Years of experience: 1 year running a movie theater, 10 years running a non-profit art venue before this. Why did you choose this career? I’ve always loved the arts since I was a child. Favorite part of your job: I really enjoy working in the box office and getting to say hello to audience members as they come to see a movie. One of the great things about a small community is that I know people by face and name. I think this adds to the magic of seeing a movie with us. It’s a cozy small town experience. Most challenging part of your job:

It’s a real challenge to work around the demands of the film studios. They dictate to us how many weeks we have to run a picture and sometimes can take up to 68% of our box office profits. You can’t really negotiate these terms, which is frustrating for a small business. I try hard to program an eclectic mix of blockbusters and smaller, independent films so that there’s something for everyone. I also try to educate our audience about these factors so that they will support us through purchasing snacks at the concessions stand (those profits are actually how we keep the lights on). Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: The free screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life” last December was very meaningful to me. It was a nice way of giving back to the community and thanking people for their warm welcome (at that time




Krissy Smith

I had only had the theater about 6 months). Education: I have a BFA in Theater Directing from Bennington College in VT. Favorite movie: Can I name more than one? The Philadelphia Story, The Third Man, Night of The Hunter, Roshoman, Singing in the Rain, there are so many! Favorite actor and/or actress: Again! So many favorites! Katherine Hepburn, Julianne Moore, Helen Mirren How do you spend your spare time: I read a lot and I hang out with my friends and family. Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere

that has great local food! Family: My partner, Dave, still commutes from the city each weekend and we have a cat named Ziggy Stardust (who is my personal hero). Civic or volunteer affiliations: I’ve been volunteering with the Callicoon Business Association for over a year now and recently organized the Callicoon ArtWalk. The Callicoon Theater also partners with local nonprofits like the Delaware Youth Center, WJFF, etc., doing fundraisers for their organizations and helping them to raise much-needed funds. Dream job: I think I might have it. Ask me again in a couple of years, haha!

Congratulations to all of the Professional Women

& a Special Congratulations to Krissy Smith You deserve to be recognized for your continuous hard work, dedication, and service to the community From the members of the Callicoon Business Association





NOVEMBER 19, 2019


Angela Musso

Age: 59 Place of employment: Memory Care Unit at the Care Center at Sunset Lake. Current title and duties: LPN. Anything the residents need – medications, treatments, nourishments. Years of experience: 16. I’ve been here 15 and a half. Why did you choose this career? I’ve always been the nurse person. Even when I was a kid, I was always putting band-aids on my dolls. As I got older, I worked in the grocery store, and if someone needed a bandage they always came to me, I don’t know why. I was always the “mommy person.” Favorite part of your job: My residents. I have more “grandmas” and “grandpas” than anybody. They get to know you, you’re a recognizable face because you’re someone they always see. Even if they don’t remember who they are, they know who you are. Most challenging part of your job: Right now, I have one resident. She knows in her head what she wants to say, but the words don’t match the thinking. She’ll tell you “okay, okay, okay,” and she really thinks she’s doing something. She’s telling you her story, but her brain just doesn’t connect, so it’s hard to figure out what she wants. So, you just go down a list, “are you hungry, are you thirsty, are you tired.” She will say yes or no. And being here at the end with them, when it’s time for them to go. So, I just go to the funerals and wakes because these people have just meant so much to us. We’re like a family on the unit. It’s really good teamwork. We can almost finish each other’s sentences. We click together. Favorite on-the-job moment, resident or memory: I hadn’t been here but a few years and there was a gentleman here, he smoked like a chimney. And we kept talking and talking and talking and he quit. He didn’t last much longer after that, but he did that because he realized that it was important. He just stopped one day and said, “I don’t want anymore.” When he passed it was very heartbreaking for me. I broke down in tears.

Education: I got my GED when I was 18. I had dropped out of school in my junior year because I was bored. I didn’t go to nursing school until I was 42, so I graduated nursing school when my middle child graduated from high school. I wanted to be a nurse when I was in my teens. Life just gets in the way, you know, so you put things on the back burner. There was a lady who used to come to my grocery store, and she broke her leg and ended up in the hospital. She called me at work and said, “Bring me some butterscotch pudding.” So, I took it up there, she said to put it in the fridge. And we sat and talked and visited. I still don’t know if she had the pudding because later that afternoon she passed away. So, then I checked into it [nursing], and went to BOCES. It was a good experience. Professional certifications: Just whatever’s required to keep my license. At my age now, it’s really not going to be cost effective for me to put all that money into it. Favorite movie: The Wizard of Oz. It shows that things are possible. In the beginning it’s all black and white, and then the color happens. There’s possibilities, you know. She’s going back to Kansas in the end. And they help each other. She helps the scarecrow, he helps her, and then the Tin Man and the Lion, they all work together and help each other. Favorite actor/and or actress: To look at it’s going to be Sean Connery. Actress, it’s Sandra Bullock. How do you spend your spare time: I have two grandchildren, they’re 14 and 15 now. I spend it with them, I spend it with my daughters – we’re a very closeknit family. Favorite vacation spot: All my vacations have been family-oriented. I’m originally from Texas, so we go back and forth. We did camping one year in a cabin in Cayuga, and I really liked that because I could sit there and read my book, and the kids occupied themselves. Family: Two daughters and a son, two grandchildren, one of each. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I was involved with the Boy and Girl Scouts

Angela Musso

when my children were younger. Dream job: When I retire from nursing to be able to come back and be a volunteer like my volunteer, Joseph. He comes here five days a week from 10 to four. His mother had lived here, and she passed away, and he came back,

and I would like to do what he does. He can sometimes diffuse things or distract them so they’re not harping on something. He steps in and I’d like to be that kind of person. Just to sit and hold their hand, listen to their stories.

Thank You ANGELA MUSSO “They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ MAY ANGELOU

from the Administrator, staff, residents and family members of

MAKE US YOUR FIRST CHOICE Our Short-Term Rehabilitation Unit provides restorative care for those recovering from surgery or serious illness: - PT/OT/SLP - Nursing Care - Case Management

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We accept Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurances.

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NOVEMBER 19, 2019


Age: 54 Place of employment: Catskill Regional Medical Center, and since June, I am Nursing Director for SUNY Sullivan. Current title and duties: Nurse Administrator at Catskill Regional Medical Center and Nurse Director of the Associate Degree program. I teach there [SUNY Sullivan], along with the director responsibilities. I ensure that the program is meeting all the curriculum requirements. I maintain nurse administrator responsibilities for our obstetrics service line here at Catskill Regional Medical Center. And for our infusion oncology service line, and along with other responsibilities here, work diligently to ensure that nursing policies are appropriately updated. Certainly, I don’t do that alone. There’s a team of us, I cannot be a subject matter expert on

everything. I also function every six weeks as the administrator on call for the hospital, which is a week-long responsibility shared between a number of individuals here. Years of experience: I’ve been a registered nurse for 24 years and have been at Catskill Regional Medical Center for 10 years. Why did you choose this career?: My mother had always said since I was a little girl at three years old that I said I was going to be a nurse. I never saw any other career path for myself. I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother, who worked intimately in the labor and delivery realm. So I would hear her stories of helping to bring new life into the world. Favorite part of your job: Honestly, have to say it’s the people part of the business, and it isn’t just at the patient level. Because certainly, if I didn’t care about people, it probably wouldn’t be the profession for

Laura Northrup me. Whether it be with frontline nurses — and assisting them. The care they’re providing, certainly working collaboratively with my peers and other disciplines, whether it be our maintenance folks and making sure that that’s right appropriately to the dietary components or our housekeepers who are there to make sure that the facility is clean and safe for our patients. Most challenging part of your job: When

you care about people so deeply, you want always to ensure that you have the right human resource component to meet that need. I certainly think in a community hospital, we strive to want to have the very best nurses. It can be challenging when life happens for those nurses, and they’re unavailable. Always making sure that there are enough resources, it does make it chalPLEASE SEE NORTHRUP, PAGE 23W

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Investment Advisors Creating and Preserving Wealth Philip Coombe III, CFP® Catherine M. Coombe, CFP® Lynn McDonald

Office locations: 548 Broadway Monticello, NY 12701 Call for appointment


Phone (845) 647-4800 • (800) 4 COOMBE Email:

HIJ9N DC 86BEJH DG DCA>C:$ 8=DDH: ;GDB )ć 86G::G 6C9 IG6CH;:G EGD<G6BH$ 86I8= C6I>DC6AAN#G6C@:9 6I=A:I>8 I:6BH$ 6C9 :6GC NDJG 9:<G:: ;GDB DC: D; C:L NDG@ HI6I: H IDE &ć 8DBBJC>IN 8DAA:<:H$ 76200

Main Office: P.O. Box 333 / 6872 Route 209 Wawarsing, NY 12489


NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Trish Manna

Trish Manna


Age: 51 Place of employment: Greater Hudson Valley Health System (Catskill Regional

Medical Center and Orange Regional Medical Center). Current title and duties: Corporate Compliance Officer and Director of Audit and HIPPA Privacy. Years of experience: I have 31.5 years of experience with Greater Hudson Valley Health System, with the first 23 years in Information Technology and the last eight years in Compliance. Why did you choose this career?: After the implementation of our electronic health records in 2011, came the desire to fully understand healthcare compliancefrom protecting a patient’s personal information, safeguarding fair and ethical billing practices and ensuring the hospitals and physicians adhere to governmental standards, I was ready to shift my career focus. I made the move to Compliance from Information Technology. Favorite part of your job: Educating new employees through orientation. I enjoy meeting and interacting with every-

one in person and granting them the opportunity to ask questions in real-time. My goal is to ensure they feel knowledgeable about healthcare compliance and HIPPA Privacy. Most challenging part of your job: In the healthcare industry, keeping on top of the ever-changing regulatory requirements can be challenging, but rewarding at the same time since those requirements are in the best interest of patients. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer, or memory: Any time I’m able to provide the necessary knowledge to someone. Education: I have a bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration and am currently pursuing my MBA. Professional certifications: I am Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) and Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC) through the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA). Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice


TRISH M ANNA OF CATSKILL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER As a member of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System, Catskill Regional Medical Center is committed to providing exceptional experiences to our patients an a d their families. Through g the tremendous teamwork of our entire staff ff,, we are proud to help build a healthier Sullivan County. Today, we congrratulate Trish Manna, CHC, CHPC – Corporate Compliance Officer and Director of Audit & HIPA A Privacy for Greater Hudson Valley Health System – for being recognized as one of the Sullivan County Democrat’s Professional Women & Women in Business for 2019. Ever yone on the Catskill Regional team commends Trish on her well-deser ved honor. We celebrate her achievements and contributions as part of the good we do for the communities we ser ve ever y day.



because who doesn’t love a good romance. Favorite actor/and or actress: Melissa McCarthy because I love to laugh. How do you spend your spare time: I love to spend time with my family and dogs. I attend my youngest son’s sports activities throughout the year. He plays soccer and is a kicker for his high school football team. Favorite vacation spot: Lake George, NY. Family: I have been married for 26 years to my wonderful husband, John, and we have three sons. My son Jacob 24, is a Police Officer, my son, Alec, 19, attends the University of Buffalo and my son Ryan, 16, is a junior at John S. Burke Catholic High School. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I volunteer my time in events and activities through Greater Hudson Valley Health System. I have volunteered my time for Religious Education at St. John’s Evangelist Church in Goshen in the past, though I took the year off to concentrate on my MBA. Dream job: I love what I do! Any position that affords me the ability to be the best that I can be is a dream job.





NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Erica Lynch BY CAROL MONTANA Age: 41 Place of employment: Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County Current title and duties: Catskills Kitchen Coordinator – Manage kitchen renters, provide technical assistance, offer business related workshops and cooking classes. Years of experience: Over 20 years with food retail, preservation, and customer service skills. Why did you choose this career?: I’m very passionate about local foods. This was a perfect fit. Favorite part of your job: Helping people in the community start local food businesses.

Most challenging part of your job: Working in a cubicle. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: When bunnies visit the office to be checked out by our rabbit expert! Education: Life experience and on the job training. Favorite movie: I don’t watch movies. I don’t like to watch TV. How do you spend your spare time: Traveling Favorite vacation spot: These days I enjoy going to Asheville, NC where my husband and I recently bought a house. Family: Husband Justin, dogs Mako and Cora. Dream job: Starting a Pitbull rescue.


Erica Lynch


CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU DESERVE TO BE RECOGNIZED for your ALL THE OUTSTANDING DEDICATION and WORKING HARD EVERY DAY! You make this a better place. HONOREES! We are Proud to work side by side with you! From all of us at

From all of your Co-Workers at










Locally Owned & Family Operated ROUTE 42 SOUTH FALLSBURG








NOVEMBER 19, 2019



Age: 37 Place of employment: Villa Roma Resort Current title and duties: Manager in Food and Beverage Years of experience: Two years as a manager and 21 years in food and beverage. Favorite part of your job: The people Most challenging part of your job: The hours—running five different

departments that have all different hours of operations makes my schedule different every week. Education: Honesdale High School, Institute of Culinary Education. Professional certifications: Diploma in Culinary. How do you spend your spare time: I spend my spare time with my children. Favorite vacation spot: Disney World Family: Husband Chris Immel, son Maximus, daughter Liana. Dream job: Anything that would require traveling the world. Nicole Cimino

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Providing Personalized Chiropractic care for the entire family in this community for over 22 years.




NOVEMBER 19, 2019


Age: 61 Place of employment: New Hope Community, Inc. Current title and duties: Registered Nurse, Director of Health Services. Years of experience: I have been at New Hope for almost 16 years and have been a nurse since 1998. I was working overnights at a hospital when I was told there was an opening at New Hope. I have a developmentally and intellectually disabled son, and it has been good working here at New Hope because I have learned a lot. Why did you choose this career?:

Initially because of the hours and flexibility but I very much enjoy working with the individuals that we support at New Hope Community. Favorite part of your job: Working with a great team in this department and at New Hope in general. It is always good when you work for a good company. Most challenging part of your job: Always changing priorities due to the needs of different departments. Human Services is not a 9 to 5 job. You never know what’s going to happen when you get to work, but it is an actually interesting part of the job, Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: Watching us [New Hope] grow and offering more opportu-

Congratulations Karen Kerendian

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the health and wellness of those supported at New Hope Community

Karen Kerendian nities to people who come here and receive services here. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Masters in Health Law with a concentration in Legal Nurse Consulting and Hospital Regulatory Compliance at Widener University in Delaware. Professional certifications: Certified Development Disability Nurse (CDDN), Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC). Favorite movie: Tie between Jumpin’ Jack Flash with Whoopi Goldberg and My Cousin Vinny with Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei. Favorite actor/and or actress: Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock How do you spend your spare time: I love to read mysteries and solve puzzles. Favorite vacation spot: San Diego Family: Married for 32 years to my hus-

band Fouad and have a step-daughter, Shahin and three children, Bejan, Matthew, and Victoria, with my husband. Civic or volunteer affiliations: President of Catskill Toastmasters, member of Professional Women of Sullivan County, a graduate of Leadership Sullivan, Volunteer with Sullivan Renaissance and Volunteer for Surrogate Decision Making Committee. Board for ISS (Independent Support Services, Inc.) who provides Self-Directed and Individualized Supports to people with developmental disabilities. They have offices in Monticello and Long Island. Dream job: Working as a Legal Nurse Consultant in some capacity. I enjoy researching and looking at medical records and best practices as well as reading and keeping current with changes in health care service and delivery.



NOVEMBER 19, 2019



Age: 56 Place of employment: Achieve Rehab and Nursing Facility Current title and duties: Director of Environmental Services. Duties include cleaning, make sure facilities and linen are clean, we do it all in house. Years of experience: 27 Why did you choose this career? My mom was in housekeeping in hotels, I guess I just followed her. Favorite part of your job: The residents. When you speak to the residents every day, after a while they start to feel like family.

Most challenging part of your job: Just making sure everything is done properly. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: Every day is a memory, you meet so many people and get to know them and their lives. You get to hear their life stories. Education: 12th Grade Favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama. I like watching that over and over. How do you spend your spare time: Spending time with my grandkids. Favorite vacation spot: Lake George. Family: 5 kids, 14 grandkids. Dream job: When I was younger, I wanted to be a nurse. June DeGraw

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lenging, but I think any of us who’ve been in this profession, want to embrace the challenge because what we do is too important. Favorite on-the-job moment, customer or memory: I think about a kind of generic memory, but when I was a frontline O.B. nurse, I had the privilege to help at the bedside with a mom bringing that newborn into the world. And then all these years later, to see that child, now as a young adult, who remembers you and how you touched their life. To me, those are the rewarding memories when you see the fruits of your labor. Education: I have a Master of Science in Nursing. I just began going for my Doctorate a month ago. Professional certifications: Master of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse, and Nurse Executive Board Certified. Favorite movie: Message in a Bottle that stars Kevin Costner. I just love the love story. Seeing good things happen for people in the face of adversity. Favorite actor/and or actress: Kevin Costner and Reese Witherspoon. How do you spend your spare time:

[When] I find those quiet moments, it would be to read a good book when I choose to decompress and go on vacation to a beach resort. Just the calm waves and a good book, sitting on the edge of the shore. The other thing I love to do is [spend time] with close friends from our church family. We’ll get together and have game nights and just laugh. Favorite vacation spot: Any beach resort. Family: I am married and celebrated 30 years of marriage with my husband Bradley, and we have five grown adult children, Cory, Cody, Caity, Bradley, and Alexander. Along with five grandchildren. Civic or volunteer affiliations: I’m very active in our local church. Also active with my job, Relay for Life, supportive of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and I’ve been active with a Breastfeeding Support Group. Dream job: To continue in the path of nursing but to be able to work for a university in a online forum where you could work from anywhere and still give back to nurses but have the ability to travel. I love what Catskill Regional Medical Center has provided for me and loved the opportunities in the five months I’ve been at SUNY Sullivan.

Congratulations to and Junewomen! Thank you to all our firemen and all the hardworking We appreciate all that you do! business and professional women!


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NOVEMBER 19, 2019




So many aspects of care make our practice exceptional.

Crystal Run Healthcare’s Primary Care practice puts your care first, prevents illness and supports you and your family from infancy to adolescence, from adulthood to older age. Through our Primary Care practice we are creating the healthcare system of the future, today.

Congratulations to our colleague and friend, Becky Heins, FNP, a deserving recipient of this year’s “Business & Professional Women” recognition. We thank you for your years of service and dedication to providing high quality primary care services to families in Sullivan County.

To book an appointment call 845.764.4850 or we’ll call you:

Pictured: Becky Heins, FNP (Primary Care) 77402


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