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Vol. 22

South Carolina Association of School Administrators

Spring 2008

SC Foundation for Educational Administration 121-A Westpark Boulevard Columbia, South Carolina 29210

Many Voices, One Message

ETV’s educational Web portal—a collection of interactive websites for K-12 students, teachers and parents. ETV’s standards-based video-on-demand

Partnering with SOUTH CAROLINA’s Schools to Build Foundations, Foster Achievement and Promote Graduation

service for the K–12 classroom with videos from ITV and unitedstreaming


Online professional development through The Waterford program is a research-based PreK-2 language arts, math and science program designed to ensure that all children gain and maintain grade level proficiency, regardless of primary language or level of literacy.

facilitated courses, a supportive learning

The SuccessMaker comprehensive solution, with over 6000 hours of learning for grades K-8, provides access to 17 research-based courses focusing on reading, language arts, mathematics, ESL, ELD and bilingual instruction.

community and exemplary resources. A vast array of useful programs and services supporting instruction in our state’s classrooms.

KnowledgeBox provides immediate and centralized access to a wealth of digital media, empowering educators to quickly and easily integrate technology and dynamic, standards-based content into instruction.

NovaNET is an online instructional system proven to increase student achievement, lower drop-out rates and assist students with credit recovery. Thousands of hours of self-paced instruction and more than 150 subject areas meet the needs of middle, secondary and adult learners.

As part of the State

Award-winning Ellis is the leading research-based English language learning program. Its intuitive, self-paced approach continues to earn international recognition for successfully leading non-native students to fluency.

ELEMENTARY SOLUTIONS Sharon Langdale 843.260.4698

Suzie Owen 803.524.3561

Department of Education,

resource for kids,

ITV develops and

parents, caregivers

secures instructional

and educators age

programming for

2-12 featuring PBS

students and educators,

Kids programming,

providing these resources

SECONDARY SOLUTION Julia McCombs 800.340.2524

to schools via ETV’s digital

ETV’s early childhood

online games, and educational activities.

satellite and online delivery. A cooperative mission with the State Department of Education and local school districts across the state.

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