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The sparkling shift Are you bored with all the mass-produced jewellery flooding the market? Browse through Dahl-Pedersen Jewellery’s handmade assortment, and you will soon be excited about accessories again. The Norwegian jeweller’s unique designs are skilfully crafted to outlive trends and give your minimal style that sparkling last touch, both at work and at parties. By Eirik Elvevold  |  Photos: Dahl-Pedersen Jewellery

Just like a dazzling necklace can lift an outfit, a single decision can make all the difference in a person’s life. Norwegian jeweller Lill Bente Dahl-Pedersen is a living example of just that. After working for several large companies as a strategic buyer for more than a decade, she grew tired of staring at Excel sheets and decided to embrace her true trade and passion: making jewellery the old-fashioned way. “I needed to follow my heart, so I quit my job and started Dahl-Pedersen Jewellery. I graduated as a jeweller with the best grade possible in 2000, but accepted several job offers during my career and suddenly found myself working with logistics – even outside my area. It was simply time to get honest and return to something more creative,” DahlPedersen explains. She now starts her mornings by heading out to the garage where her own 56  |  Issue 95  |  December 2016

workshop is waiting. In clear contrast to those who produce jewellery with casts, Dahl-Pedersen makes everything by hand using precious metals and a variety of tools and techniques. “My workshop has four work benches and plenty of tools like pliers, rollers, grinders and soldering irons. If I really want to do everything myself, I need all the right equipment. It takes both manual labour and technical finesse to turn designs into functional jewellery,” explains Dahl-Pedersen. By combining such practical skills with her first education in graphic design and years of logistical experience from the Scandinavian jewellery market, Dahl-Pedersen is convinced she can keep her designs both fresh and timeless. “My designs are stylish and simple, but at the same time solid and quite sizeable. I spent years scanning the Scandinavian market for the best jewellery suppliers, so I have a certain idea of what already

exists and what people like. And the reactions have been overwhelming,” she says. As in life, you sometimes must start over to make jewellery that feels right. Dahl-Pedersen therefore offers tailored remakes of old treasures. “When I do remakes, I listen carefully to figure out what the clients really want. Some of them wish to keep a certain feature, others want to melt the jewellery and start over from scratch,” says Dahl-Pedersen.

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Scan Magazine, Issue 95, December 2016  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish skiing ace Charlotte Kalla.

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