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Artist of the Month, Norway

Marit Solum Smaaskjær:

Capturing magic with pen and paper Norway’s forests tell an enchanting tale as old as time, and Norwegian artist Marit Solum Smaaskjær captures the mystery on large canvases. With nearly 30 exhibitions under her belt, she provides viewers with an exclusively Norwegian nostalgia and a sense of magic.

portraying the woods, she finds herself surrounded by the large, majestic trees of her nearby forests. They’re her main source of inspiration.

By Celina Tran  |  Photos: Marit Solum Smaaskjær

“I go to the forest pretty much every day,” she says. “It’s a great place to find peace or to gather your thoughts, especially when you need to escape city life.”

For 20 years, Marit Solum Smaaskjær worked in the advertising industry. Despite enjoying her work, she felt that her creativity always served others, rather than her own growing need for expression. The big leap of faith of becoming a full-time artist has allowed her creativity to serve both herself and others.

Whenever she’s not in a bright studio filled with black-and-white canvases

The fairytale forest – an endless source of inspiration Norway is known for its beautiful scenery and endless fjords, but what of the woods? The citizens of the northern country take great pleasure in spending time outdoors, and from a very early age, most Norwegians find themselves hiking alongside classmates and friends. The beauty is undeniable, but there’s a mystery that lurks between the branches.

“In the loud hustle and bustle that is everyday life, humans have a need to see and experience something beautiful, something our souls crave. I need to express myself and create just that,” she reflects. Vi Favner Deg.

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