Discover Germany | Issue 17 | August 2014

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Page 82

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Top: Marble rings. Bottom left: Forever rings. Bottom middle: Cigar rings. Right: Jewellery designer Corinne Jeisy

Marbles, gold and sustainability The jewellery by Swiss designer Corinne Jeisy is delightfully playful and shines with its simplicity and boldness. An innovative approach to resources is the backbone of her eco-friendly jewellery.

customer has to do something in order to use them. Or the jewellery reminds them of something they have seen before in a different context,”she suggests.


Designer Corinne Jeisy has always felt passionate about crafting things with her hands. Seven years ago, the dream of opening her own jewellery store finally came true and the boutique is a result of genuine love for her profession, hard work and stamina. “I did not quite know what to do after finishing school but my hands were constantly in motion. I remember knitting and crafting a lot at home. It took two attempts to get an apprenticeship as a goldsmith but once I started, I was hardly seen without a soldering iron,”recalls Jeisy with a smile.“I even asked my grandfather to build my very own workbench at home.” During the apprenticeship Jeisy sold her jewellery at markets and worked as a gold-

82 | Issue 17 | August 2014

smith in Alsace for four years. She then went on to study jewellery and industrial design at the prestigious Pforzheim School of Design in Germany. These days Jeisy lives with her family in Zurich and sells her wonderful creations in her own store as well as teaching her craft. Her unique glass marble rings are not only fabulous but also good fun; the eye-catching ring comes with five different marbles, which can be exchanged as and when you please. Proof that inspiration can be found everywhere, Jeisy also uses the colourful marbles for necklaces and earrings. Given her talent to turn a toy for children into a sophisticated piece of jewellery in a heartbeat, Jeisy explains that the majority of her products feature a playful element. “The

Choosing resources carefully is part of Jeisy’s ambition to remain eco-friendly: “I almost exclusively produce jewellery using recycled gold and silver. Customers want to know where and how the materials are sourced. It is about using ecologically friendly resources and conflict-free goods. Being conscious about one’s jewellery contributes to sustainability. It is so much better to pay a little more to a proper goldsmith or ask for jewellery made from recycled gold.” Wearing Jeisy’s little treasures is not only fashionable but also raises green awareness, and that’s reason enough to pay her studio a visit!