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the power supply and causes the unit to reboot, a readjustment of the charging current will only be possible for the car owner. The NRGkick also comes with an app for smartphones. The app connects via Bluetooth (soon also via WLAN) to the device and provides energy meter readings. The charging current can be adjusted through the app as well as limiting the amount of energy to be charged. The charging process can also be stopped or started through the app and shows power, ampere, energy and voltages. Another great feature is that the app calculates charging costs and mileage distance based on the charged energy. This is extremely handy to stay on top of expenses and makes using an electric car completely transparent. It even shows the CO² savings. Dietmar Niederl, CEO at DiniTech adds: “Our mobile charging unit is value function tested by TÜV. During the development, production and logistics here in Austria quality is of utmost importance to us. We primarily use top-quality components made in the region.” DiniTech has won a number of awards such as the ‘Winner of Passion 2017’ by the Federal Chamber of Economy Austria, first place as a junior entrepreneur in the

category Export 2016 by the Gewinn and second place of the START:E challenge. But much more rewarding is their customers’ positive feedback. Niederl tells us with a smile that “customers often call to say thank you for DiniTech’s outstanding support and they tell stories about their personal experiences with their NRGkick and electromobility”. “It is our goal that people who are considering buying an electric car are not worried about the number of available public charging stations anymore. We want to encourage them to use sustainable energy by choosing an electric car and our NRGkick,” says Niederl.

The NRGkick is carefully packaged.

The smartphone app offers additional remote control options.

All in all, the NRGkick makes using an electric car far more attractive and simply eliminates a former big disadvantage. It not only contributes to more eco-friendly driving, but it also makes it much more comfortable to use an electric car. We all know too well how the human mind works: products and services have to be beneficial, comfortable and easy to use. DiniTech’s innovation certainly ticks all the boxes and ensures a clean conscience a marvellous combination.

Dietmar Niederl, CEO of DiniTech.

NRGkick: the mobile charging unit for your electric car.

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