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Freedom in motion


“Forget advertising. Branding is it!” Always on the move, love creative hash-tags and quirky terms. The image agency team feel proud to wear their heads as rockets – literally: the abbreviation KNDR stands for ‘KÖPFE+ RAKETEN’. Firing off free-spirited ideas, slogans and image campaigns at a frequent level, the team is fuelled by the world of communication.“Our team adore all media, love to create lifestyle and enjoy innovative design,” says co-founder Christoph Griethe. While revealing their passion for web design, videos and jingles, campaigns are also proof of versatile expertise and a love for detail. For Marcel Aue and Christoph Griethe, two high-flying marketing and branding managers with respective experience in the sports and leisure sector, a simple conversation over malt beers in 2013 quickly turned into mutual professional destiny. “It may sound crazy, but we decided to tell the truth rather than

relying on a bunch of anglicisms,” the founders explain. “We are literally the boys and girls next door who are doing what they are destined for.” The concept worked out: before long, big players such as Freixenet, Limitless, Simba Dickie and the German Franchise Association came knocking. Apart from pumping up outmoded corporate designs for the near future, want to increase their support of start-ups by providing compatible business plans, financial advice and, above all, a compelling vision. As co-founder Marcel Aue explains: “It’s pretty simple really: boosting your image is our success! So we better step on it and make our clients’ dreams come true.”

High-flying brand managers, ready for take-off. with Vanessa Meisinger, at the Freixenet Passion Week.