Discover Germany, Issue 52, July 2017

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The perfect combination - Waidblick sunglasses, Wildfang jewellery and Waidzeit wooden watch. Photo: © Lukas Bezila

Watch ‘Sissy & Max’ by Waidzeit. Photo: © Christian Biemann

The timeless beauty of sustainable watches and jewellery When you think of watches or jewellery, you will probably think of precious metal or sparkling diamonds. Think again as Austrian-based design company Waidzeit is about to revolutionise the market for traditional watches and jewellery. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE

When Elisabeth Hutegger sold the first wooden watches in 2014 at a Christmas market, she was overwhelmed by the positive reactions of her customers. “We were wholeheartedly convinced of the quality and the design of our wooden watches; and yet were entirely unprepared for the huge amount of praise our watches received. It encouraged us to take our business further and to engage full-time in the design and manufacture of wooden high-quality watches,” recounts Elisabeth, who founded the company together with her husband Christoph. Waidzeit grew fast and today employs up to six people.“As a trained wood engineer, I have an in-depth knowledge of wood. The decision to process solely Austrian, sustainably grown wood was thus made consciously: I do think that Austrian wood gives Waidzeit’s products the traditional and timeless look of a masterpiece we want our products to emanate; moreover, 8  |  Issue 52  |  July 2017

by only using sustainably grown lumber and woven fabric made in Austria for our bracelets, we can also support our environment,” explains Christoph Hutegger. Waidzeit’s business partners are equally consciously chosen. “Our sales channels clearly focus on retailers in Austria and Germany. Even retailers in Switzerland, country of watchmakers par excellence, are convinced of the quality of our watches with Swiss movements and stock Waidzeit’s products,” boasts Hutegger. The plans to bring his family-run design business forward are promising.“The positive feedback over the last three years has encouraged us greatly. It helped us to grow and to believe in our products. It also encouraged us to expand our product range, which now also includes matching jewellery and cool wooden glasses,” Hutegger praises the latest additions to Waidzeit’s collection, and adds: “Valuable additions,

which we are sure to attract new retail partners like high-end fashion boutiques.” People wearing products by Waidzeit feel a close bond with nature. They like to wear eye-catchers and they like the traditional and timeless design of Waidzeit’s products. Are you one of them? Take a look at their produce online or in a shop and decide for yourself. It is definitely worth a peek! (also for online orders) (for interested retailers)

Waidzeit - high-precision watches made from domestic Austrian wood. Photo: © Christian Biemann