Discover Germany, Issue 39, June 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Wine World Austria 2016

‘Trockenbeerenauslese’ from this area are well known beyond the borders, too. Quality and sustainability The winery BERGER LEGINTHOV does not only content itself with having an advantaged location, but also pursues a special philosophy. For them, the whole process of wine-making includes high quality, variety, sustainability and a fair cost-benefit ratio. Therefore, Johannes is involved in every single step: from the growing in the vine stock and the gentle processing to the bottling. For him this goes without saying for offering highquality wines. Furthermore, the winery BERGER LEGINTHOV puts emphasis on a production close to nature and wants to keep the vineyard’s ecological balance. Johannes loves the nature and its variety and wants his products to have enough time to mature and keep their naturalness. Besides its great philosophy, the winery can also convince with its array of products. A wine for everybody The wide product range offers a wine for every taste and every occasion. There are fruity white wines, full-flavoured red ones and sweet ice wines. The ruby-red Zweigelt Classic 2013 with a fine cherry flavour is described as natural, authentic and down to earth. The hearty St. Laurent Reserve 2012’s taste reminds one of dark chocolate, cloves and vanilla. The Chardonnay 2015 is matured in fine yeast for a few months and smells like stone fruits, lychee and hay flowers. The Leginthov Reserve 2012 is an

intensive ruby wine with a black core that shows a beautiful streak pattern and has a wild mixture of blackberries and currants. The wide range of different wines is what customers love about the winery BERGER LEGINTHOV and connoisseurs are impressed by the variety and intensity in taste, which young wines cannot provide. The wines are the perfect companion for great dinners and reflect the Pannonian climate, the many sunny hours at the Burgenland and the people’s joie de vivre. A life for the wine The proud and excited way Johannes Berger describes his wines shows how passionate he is about the whole art of wine-making. Since he was in school he always wanted to become a vintner and as a child you could find him either in the wine cellar or the vineyard where he looked over his father’s shoulder to learn more about the profession. During his training period he visited well-known wineries to delve into the craft of winemaking. Until today, the perfectionist keeps on learning new things in his own firm and explains: “If you are ambitious, then there is no single day you don’t ask yourself: couldn’t it be even better?” Last spring the hard work paid off and Johannes Berger was elected as VINEUS NEWCOMER WINZER 2015. Additionally, the winery BERGER LEGINTHOV received numerous national and international awards for their extraordinary products.

The winery offers an exclusive Discover Germany tasting box with a special selection of red and white wines in their online shop. Head to or send an email to and have the taste of the Burgenland delivered to your home. Next events of the winery BERGER LEGINTHOV: WINE EXPERIENCE DAYS, Marienkron 14 – 17 July 2016 11 – 14 August 2016 WINE + CULTURE DAYS, Moenchhof 28 – 30 October 2016 Issue 39 | June 2016 | 25