Discover Germany, Issue 37, April 2016

Page 74

Measurement & Technology Experts

The future belongs to sensor technologies As a universal technology, it is one of the most important providers of innovation in the 21st century. Sensors are employed in many ways for providing a highquality life. They save lives, protect the environment and ensure security. With the assistance of sensors, relevant data is identified, recorded, analysed and processed to a signal triggering the requested reaction in an intelligent system. TEXT: STRATEGISCHE PARTNERSCHAFT SENSORIK E.V. I PHOTOS: SPS I FOTOLIA

Megatrends of our time like ‘Digitisation’, ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Industry 4.0’ and the ‘Internet of Things’ are inconceivable without sensors. “They are the eyes and ears of modern industry and the key technology in a world where intelligent and networked products become reality. Mankind is striving for health, wealth, security and mobility is largely facilitated by innovative sensor solutions” says Dr. Hu74 | Issue 37 | April 2016

bert Steigerwald, CEO of the Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. (SPS). The importance of these supporters is considerable, since digitisation has an impact on all areas in life. In addition, innovative sensor technology applications are making emerging markets accessible. A mobile holds seven sensors on average, cars even have 200. Sensors warn us of forest fires,

trigger airbags in a split second and assist us when we have to get up at night illuminating the way to the bathroom. They register crumbling concrete, find leaks in pipelines, measure car to car distances and check the freshness of food. Moreover, they provide us with data like counted steps, heartbeat metering or calorie consumption. To optimise an existing product, you have to consider simple sensors, which does not even cost a euro nowadays. It is therefore the goal of Dr. Hubert Steigerwald and the SPS, the management organisation of the Bavarian Cluster Sensorik based in Regensburg, to secure technological leadership in Bavaria but also the global market. The SPS unites competenc-