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Organic bakery products for pleasurable moments Sommer Biscuits is a family business in its fifth generation which stands for exquisite, fully organic bakery products. This commitment to quality can definitely be tasted. TEXT: INA FRANK | PHOTOS: SOMMER BISCUITS

Founded more than 150 years ago, Sommer Biscuits started off as a small bakery in Friedrichsdorf in the Frankfurt region, also referred to as the‘city of rusk’. Next to rusk as the company's classic, the product range now includes a wide variety of pastries and savoury crackers. Great emphasis is put on enjoyment and tolerability. Dietrich Praum, CEO of Sommer Biscuits, puts it in a nutshell:“We want to offer our customers top bakery products made of organic ingredients.” As less is often more, Sommer Biscuits' products only include what is needed to ensure their great taste. Thus, most of the products are vegan and have a short list of ingredients, which are carefully sourced.

30 | Issue 34 | January 2016

The company mainly uses pristine grains from the Taunus region where it is situated, like barley, millet and spelt.“We specialise in baking with spelt as it ensures a fine crumb and delicious taste for our long-life bakery products,”Praum reveals. Based on the Demeter quality principle, a form of land cultivation that understands the soil as an organism, a large share of Sommer Biscuits’ produce grows on healthy soil which helps to grow healthy plants. Regardless of whether one has a sweet tooth or rather prefers savoury snacks, the product range holds something for everyone and is available in most health food shops, online as well as in the factory sale. The top-selling product is the spelt rusk,

but also the chocolate cookies, the Italianinspired almond cantuccini and the olive crackers are very popular.“I particularly like the chestnut biscuits and the cantuccini,” Praum admits. Although, based on a longestablished tradition, Sommer Biscuits stay consistently innovative by continuously enhancing their product range. Sources of inspiration include the Mediterranean region with its great variety of spices, chef’s recipes or specialist trade fairs. At Sommer Biscuits, the recipe always lies at the heart of the production. Machines are adapted to the recipe and not the other way round. There is more to come in 2016 and, without revealing too much, Praum drops a hint that fans of chia seeds will surely like the new treat. Main image: The biscuits on the assembly line. Above, from left: Sorting and packing the rusk. Quality control. Stacking the ‘Einback’.