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There is nothing good except you do it! The German writer Erich Kästner coined the phrase: “There is nothing good, except one does it”. Freund GmbH take this to be their call. For over 30 years Freund GmbH have proven to be a valuable partner in the production and distribution of innovative material for mural design such as moss walls, produced in its own manufactory since 2008. Profound expertise, long-term relationships with interior designers and architects, as well as an unabating drive for innovation, ensure that the medium-size family business Freund GmbH steadfastly keeps heading upwards. TEXT: BENEDIKT MEININGER | PHOTOS: FREUND GMBH

Historians will make out urbanisation to be the decisive imprint of our days. Much like the poets of the Romantic era in England, people today long for traditional materials as a reminder of their natural provenance. A variety of plants, woods, barks and leathers work as counterweights to the fast-paced swirl that makes up our modern lives.The natural materials are radiant with strength, endurance and protection.

16 | Issue 33 | December 2015

Portrait: Vice-CEO Nina Freund

Innovation in material and products for design purposes are the guideline for Freund GmbH. “Our team is comprised of longserving colleagues as well as young outsidethe-box thinkers,” vice-CEO Nina Freund proudly says about the staff and she continues:“They are a fine blend of dynamics and crisp ideas which inspire the company’s supporting of innovations and the projects resulting from them. Freund GmbH does not stand still – we do not stop!” The output is considerable indeed: a fine variety of materials provide for the contemporary demand and expectations in feel-good atmosphere in interiors. Freund GmbH work with a range of natural materials – moss, wood, metal, glass, you name it! The aim is to refine surfaces, walls and fronts. Their approach is led by the unobstructed use of forms in and by na-