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Enriching lives with a ‘wow’ Located in the heart of Munich at the Viktualienmarkt, The TIAN restaurant and its magnificently creative and light dishes will convince everyone that meat and fish don’t need to be part of a tasty meal. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: DANIEL SCHVARCZ

Opened in 2014, the TIAN has established itself as a true trendsetter. One of the few entirely vegetarian restaurants in the German-speaking area, it impresses with a healthy organic breakfast, fine bistro delicacies for lunch and artfully composed meatless dishes for dinner in an urban puristic ambience. Here, head chef Christoph Mezger creates light, tasty food with a gourmet touch. Solely using sustainably produced, seasonal, organic and regional ingredients, his willingness to experiment and his perfection suit TIAN’s philosophy:“TIAN’s motto‘experience taste’ stands for what I love doing. I concentrate on the natural tastes of my ingredients to

get the distinctive character out of each one,“ Mezger explains. An uncomplicated place for sensual delights, the TIAN is the perfect place to look, smell, taste and enjoy. The open kitchen lets guests explore the preparation of desserts or tarte flambées.The healthy minimalist menu reveals the ingredients, but doesn’t disclose anything about the overall composition which guarantees a positive surprise effect.“There are things which do us good and which enrich our life with a ‘wow‘,“ Christian Halper, owner of the TIAN, explains. Why not try one of TIAN’s two- or three-course lunch menus from 19 to 24


Ochsenstolz - best beef to go In 2009 the German brand Ochsenstolz® embarked on a new venture aiming to provide the finest organic beef snacks in the country. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: OCHSENSTOLZ®

Sustainable farming, lavish pastures and quality control without compromise is the Ochsenstolz® secret of success.“Our cattle are raised on farmland, they develop a natural top quality with absolutely no artificial boosters required,” managing director Tobias Brandstetter explains. Ochsenstolz® only works with the best suppliers of organic beef to ensure a continuous top quality, rather than aiming at the mass market. While beef jerky is a well-established form of nutrition in the United States, Germany is still an emerging market for hearty and healthy snacks. Serving the national market from their own farm shop, Brandstetter and his team are conquering the taste buds of Northern Europeans by storm with their

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protein bars.“The Ochsenriegel brings the best quality in a handy format. It is the best organic beef from free range local cattle with 40 per cent natural protein, without

Euros or a three- to five-course dinner from 35 to 62 Euros?

any additives and ideal after a workout or as a little snack in between,” Brandstetter recommends. Especially active people and athletes appreciate the benefits of the beef to go snacks.“From professional cyclists to the spare time hikers, the Ochsenstolz® protein bar is a hearty alternative without sugar or flavour enhancers,” Brandstetter says. The Ochsenriegel is available in good fitness studios, selected delicatessen stores and sports nutrition retail outlets as well as online. Follow the company motto and beef it up with Ochsenstolz®.