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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Fabulous Fashion

Subtle, straight and sensual The German word for jewellery is Schmuck, which directly translated means decoration. The jewellery by up-and-coming designer Saskia Diez does exactly that: it decorates and complements.

Top: Sling Rings Middle: Solitaire Ring Below: Stripe Pearls Ring No 2


Munich-based designer Saskia Diez's pieces stand for expression through clear form and subtlety. Her designs are fresh, yet timeless. Elegant, yet sexy. It is her unbiased approach, her love for trying different methods when using common materials that make her jewellery stand out. This has a lot to do with her background; after graduating from high school, Diez became a goldsmith but was soon bored by the limitations of the trade. She studied industrial design and worked for several wellknown design studios before returning to her passion for jewellery. For Diez it is not about the value of the material itself, but about the beauty that is created with it. Her use of gold, gemstones, diamonds or wood and glass plays a secondary role. Diez explains:“I take the liberty of handling pebbles like gemstones and tie gold chains like textile threads.”What mat-

20 | Issue 16 | July 2014

ters is the final creation and how it emphasises the beauty of the human body. “A woman’s most beautiful piece of jewellery is her own charisma, appreciating her own beauty. Jewellery can support that. When you feel more beautiful, you are more beautiful. The author Simmel summarised it nicely by saying that the glow of the jewellery is an extension of the natural glow of its wearer.” Diez’s newest project highlights her curiosity and talent for innovation. As a woman’s beauty cannot only be emphasised visually, Diez has created so-called invisible olfactory jewellery in collaboration with the perfumer Geza Schoen. Diez says:“The concept was to give a scent to the two metals, gold and silver, which are very connected to my work and which actually have no smell at all.Yet they are two metals that you somehow feel like you know

what they smell like.” While Saskia Diez Gold is a warm, dark and rich scent, Saskia Diez Silver is sharp, light and fresh. All her creations can be bought online and in select concept stores in Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and NewYork, amongst other cities. When visiting Munich, you can take a look at Diez’s showroom and studio in the Greyerstrasse. Young designer Saskia Diez is certainly one to watch.

Right: Multi Paillettes Earrings