Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016

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Timeless, quirky and quality Dutch design WRITER: BERTHE VAN DEN HURK | PHOTOS: POLS POTTEN

For over 30 years Pols Potten has been radiating the definition of true Dutch design. It is quirky, has humour, it is classy but most importantly; it is timeless. Ever since its founding in 1986, the philosophy of Pols Potten has been the same. Although they may have evolved over the last three decades, the true foundation has never changed. CEO Theo Grootendorst: “We have changed from a ceramic design specialist to a brand. In recent years we have switched to accessories and lifestyle, and now also furniture. Pols Potten has never altered its philosophy. We want to make a connection between craftsmanship and old traditions with a modern twist. Many of the Pols Potten designs have a sense of humour in them. For example, the quirky moneyboxes that are treated with a kind of classic Delftware look, winking at the presumed Dutch thrift.”

Offering the highest quality All products are made by skilled craftsmen. “We only use materials that we believe belong to the traditional craftsmanships,” says Grootendorst. “There is porcelain, wood, steel and glass. For example, most of the glass elements are handmade, the coloured pieces are made of full coloured glass and each piece is mouth-blown. Each glass product is truly unique.” Designs by Pols Potten are not part of the ‘usual’; nevertheless, they are modern, fashionable and timeless.

An international affair Pols Potten is currently present in more than 41 countries worldwide, which proves that their designs have an international character: they are subtle, innovative, unconventional and clearly rooted in the Dutch Design traditions. From Singapore to New York City, from Milan to Cape Town 30 | Issue 28 | April 2016

and from Amsterdam to Tokyo: Pols Potten can be found anywhere in the world. Even famous designers, like the French Philippe Starck and the Dutch Jan des Bouvrie, integrate Pols Potten in their design projects. Chances are that people have seen a true Pols Potten design without knowing, but once they are familiar

with the designs, they will be recognised everywhere. Grootendorst: “The designs are quirky and distinctive, this creates a kind of timelessness. We have developed our collection through collaborations with different Dutch designers within our own