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A perfect fit, comfortable fabrics and beautiful colours: the core of Stroke’s design. The clothing, designed by Berry Tielens, helps women dress for success in timeless luxury every day.

Affordable luxury Allowing women to dress in beautiful luxury clothing every day. That is the mission of fashion brand Stroke. Every season a new collection of gorgeous, comfortable and affordable clothing hits the shelves of high quality fashion shops. TEXT: JANINE STERENBORG | PHOTOS: STROKE

“A woman should feel pretty in the clothes she wears,” explains designer and Stroke founder Berry Tielens. “Too often I see women wearing clothes that don’t fit well. That is such a pity. Clothes should have the right fit, accentuate the female figure and suit the woman’s age and personality. Every woman should dress for success!” What is so beautiful about Tielens’ clothes, are their perfect fit, comfort and natural colours. “All fabrics are of high quality: mainly silk, cashmere and linen, but also modern and high tech ones. All fabrics offer optimal comfort, which allows you to move easily in them.” Tielens is inspired by the world around him, as well as by today’s icons like Michelle

Obama and Victoria Beckham. He translates the contemporary catwalk designs into stylish clothing, perfect for women in everyday life. With 15 years of experience in fashion design, Tielens knows his clientele. “Ten years ago, Stroke really took off when I started working with my current feel and vision,” Tielens explains. Ever since, he released new collections every season, aiming to inspire women to dress beautifully. He is currently working on the summer collection for 2016. “I have never worked harder in my life, but this is my calling. I love doing this. I am constantly looking for new opportunities and inspiration to improve and beautify my collection.”

This summer’s clothing collection is of course already available. The colours are mainly white and blue, but cheerful pink designs are available as well. In August, the autumn collection will be launched. What can we expect? “Oversized blazers and pencil skirts. Plus, the wide skirt is back! you can combine either of them with sneakers for a bold look, or with pumps, for a feminine look,” tips Tielens. Besides a seasonal clothing collection, Tielens designs beautiful scarves. From basic to colourful, with striking prints and patterns. And they are wearable throughout all seasons.

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