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Discover Benelux | Special Theme | The Market of Construction

the new Cuypershal. The passages (a collaboration with Powerhouse Company), connect the town side of the Central Station to the IJ-side, where ferries to the Amsterdam North area depart.” The Cuypershal is the main hall of Amsterdam Central Station and will be partially renovated and restored to its original state, as designed by the station’s original architect Cuypers around 1880. This includes large new chandeliers and an air bridge to unlock the first floor from the hall. The former staff rooms of the Dutch railways will be added to the travellers’ domain to improve the distribution of the heavily increased pedestrian flow inside the building.

redesigning monuments is Merk X‘s field of expertise.

beautiful old wooden showcase cabinets with original wafer-thin glass. All this time, the spaces stayed unchanged since 1947. Merk X designed the expansion and renovation of the museum (a collaboration with architects Patrice Girod and Jan Willem Wijker). “We added technical modern facilities like electricity and climate control, without harming the monumental values. We will restore the beautiful original staircase into its former glory as well,” says Merkx. “And

underneath the building, the reception, wardrobes, toilets and cash desks will be clustered into a new basement floor.”

Amsterdam Central Station In 1997, Amsterdam started renovating its Central Station. This mega project is due in 2022. Benthem & Crouwel Architects have responsibility for the whole project and studio Merk X is, in cooperation with J. W. Wijker, part of the team. “We contribute to the improvements by designing two passages for pedestrians as well as restoring

Rutgers & Posch Another monumental building is the one in which law firm rutgers & Posch now hold office. The building was left behind in a deplorable state by its previous owners. With the available means, Merk X redesigned five meeting and reception spaces. “With a nod to the past, we renovated five spaces each in their own way. With separate colour schemes and vintage furniture we modernised the rooms.” rutgers & Posch decided they wanted to work with Merk X after seeing the work Merkx did for the Dutch Council of State in The Hague, a huge Merkx+Girod renovation project which took eleven years to complete. “We transformed many different buildings, from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century, in one coherent cluster, where all lawyers and visitors now feel welcome and comfortable,” she says. Merkx’s work is more diverse than just redesigning monumental buildings. She also designs private homes, interiors for public buildings and special commissions: for example, the chandelier in the entrance hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Be swift though if you want to work with Merk X: “When I have a full schedule, I will turn down a project. This guarantees that the project team stays alert and dynamic!”

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