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Start the year in style Like so many of us, have you decided to work out more this year? Try competitive cycling with this top bike, and you will race like a pro in no time. Then for the house, here are some beautiful designs that will bring warmth and originality into your home, perfect for a stylish start to 2015.


1: Sun year round This enchanting photograph by Gaby Fling entitled ‘Monte Carlo’ captures that summer feeling we all long for in the cold days of January. With  Mediterranean  palm  trees  delicately  reflected in the sunglasses, this print will give your home a warm, sunny feeling whatever the season. The image, taken in 2014, is now available in a limited edition of eight issues, each numbered  and  signed  by  the  talented  photographer. Available in two sizes;  96x144cm (€4,500)  133x200cm (€5,500).



2: Sleek yet solid as stone Judith Wiersema is known for her sleek sculptures  that  seek  to  address  women's  issues while portraying a pleasing surface. This might seem ironic but this contradiction attracts viewers  and  gives  them  a  subtle  message.  The sculpture ‘Push Up’ displays a beautiful body captured in a bra that is almost too tight. It’s up to the viewer to give this meaning and let their fantasy flow. Wiersema works in stone, clay or wood and then transforms it into aluminium or bronze achieving a contemporary look.  €16,500



3: The ultimate road race bike Want to take up competitive cycling this year? The wind tunnel tested Reacto is the summit of road  bikes,  being  the  fastest,  most  comfortable  aero  model.  The  frame  weighs  1,000 grams, has a NACA-fastback tube profile and direct  mount  brakes  for  optimal  aerodynamic performance. The top model is the Team-E with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 brakes and digital shifting  and  a  Rotor  Flow  Aero  crankset.  It’s  the bike of choice for the WorldTour Team LampreMerida.  €7,500


4: Stay warm with your feet up This  furry  chair  by  Luxembourg  designer Christophe de la Fontaine is ideal to keep you warm  and  comfortable  throughout  the  winter. The ‘El Santo’ is made from a flat piece of sturdy sheepskin  leather  fixed  to  a  metal  base.  The unusual shape of this spacious chair makes it look as if the seat is suspended in the air. Available with optional footrest.

5: Bright from every direction These funky little sphere wall lights can rotate in all directions. Via a built-in magnet, this is the first and only lamp that achieves full 360° rotation so you can light every corner in a room. The ‘12-25’ by Christian Van Suetendael, who is part of Belgium-based studio Co Twee, is standard available in black, white and chrome. Other colours, like  this  lively  shade  of  blue  can  be  supplied upon request.



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