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Modular versatility for effective defence

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Less is more On land, sea and air, the drive to optimise defence integration is here to stay – intraforce, force-to-force and nation-to-nation. The twin gains driving this shift are lower cost and better co-operation capability. To aid this progress, Scania offers dedicated applications with comprehensive modularity. As a global leader in modularisation, we have actively worked to develop vehicle and engine solutions using fewer parts and many shared components. The result is unrivalled versatility, economy, reliability and uptime. Scania’s modular approach also makes it simpler for us to provide tailor-made solutions for unusual applications as well as large-volumes of standardised vehicles.

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Scania has defence solutions for: • Heavy equipment haulage • Hook-lifts • Recovery • Tipper • Airbase multi-purpose vehicles • General troop and cargo carriers • Portable and stationary power generation • Marine engines

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The strong synergies of Scania modularity yield maximum benefit for tomorrow’s integrated defences: Scania’s modular system enables the building of a wider range of vehicles from a smaller number of parts. The advantages are numerous, with better economics and logistics due to: Easier maintenance and more readily transferable knowledge for service staff.

Shorter service times and increased uptime.

Optimal total-operational life supported by a complete service network with 1500 centres, worldwide.

The ability to stock and transport fewer parts.

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Arctic cold or desert heat. Any climate or latitude. On-road, off-road or at sea, Scania’s modular vehicle platform for defence applications provides greater savings and better uptime – proven over billions of kilometres of commercial operations. Based on standard-production chassis, Scania defence vehicles can be supplied to meet many applications. Specialised units, such as tank transports, are available with up to 8 x 8 axle configurations and capacity for 150 tonnes gross train weight. Scania’s worldwide distributor network makes it much easier to access vital parts when operating abroad. And maintenance and repair is simplified

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by the modular design, which requires fewer special tools and fewer parts in stock. Scania also supplies electronic media featuring training, comprehensive service manuals and parts catalogues in several languages.

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Scania water tank truck 6x6, French defence

Scania troop and cargo transporter 6x6, Irish defence

Scania hook-lift 8x8, Dutch defence

Scania tipper-truck 6x6, French defence

Ballistic and mine protection Scania cabs are designed to accept levels of reinforcement in order to withstand anti-personnel mine blasts and armour-piercing small-arms fire. Chassis-mounted anti-tank mine protection ensures that occupants can leave the vehicle unhurt after experiencing detonation of such a mine. This level of protection is made possible by the following reinforcements and alterations: • Wheelhousings are equipped with armoured plates that deflect the shockwave out towards the sides to divert the full force from the wheelhousing. • Specially designed run-flat devices in the wheels redirect the shockwave of a mine-explosion outwards.

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Hägglunds CV90, Scania DI16 BMR, Scania D9

Combat boat 90H, Dockstavarvet, 2 Scania DI14

Power where and how you need it – over land and sea Scania engines offer numerous practical and performance-related benefits that make them an excellent choice for a wide spectrum of applications. On the practical side, these units feature compact design, easy installation and servicing. On the performance side, they provide leading fuel economy in their range as well as what may be the highest torque rating at low revs. This strong reserve of torque is a characteristic that makes Scania power units suitable for heavy vehicles as well as demanding marine applications where engine load can be very high in challenging conditions.

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Scania engines have been chosen for use in off-road in armoured vehicles like the Swedish CV90-series from BAE Systems Hägglunds, the Finnish Patria wheeled vehicle and the Spanish BMR/VEC vehicle. At sea, Scania engines are widely used in combat vessels, ambulance boats and patrol craft. The Swedish and Norwegian navies use large numbers of Scania-powered vessels and Scania engines are proven performers in thousands of working craft, worldwide.

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6 –7

Hägglunds CV90, Scania DI16

Combat boat 90E, Storebro, Scania DI14 Patria AMV, Scania D12

Scania manufactures more than 70,000 engines a year in a range from 240–800 hp. Legendary reliability, low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions are all typical Scania benefits.

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Imagine being able to source, store and transport fewer parts. To function at full strength with smaller repair crews. To use the same engines in trucks, tanks, generator sets and even medium- and lightdisplacement watercraft. Less is more. That’s the benefit of Scania modularity for today’s integrated defence.

Scania pursues an active policy of product development and improvement. For this reasons the company reserves the right to chane specifications without prior notice. Vehicle data may vary from one market to another.

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Defence applications  

On land, sea and air, the drive to optimise defence integration is here to stay – intraforce, force-to-force and nation-to-nation. The twin...

Defence applications  

On land, sea and air, the drive to optimise defence integration is here to stay – intraforce, force-to-force and nation-to-nation. The twin...