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03 The Contemporary Bible series covers the most essential stories and teachings of the Bible. Colorful and dramatically illustrated, the series gives children an opportunity to experience inspiring accounts from the Bible. This faith inspiring Bible story book for tweens is accessible and easy to understand for young girls and boys who want to grow their faith.

AUTHOR Melissa Joy ILLUSTRATOR Gustavo Mazali CONTEMPORARY BIBLE SERIES Age: 6-12 Pages: 64 Size: 240 x 164 mm Full color Hardcover Retail price: $12.99



05 Here are the great stories from Adam and Eve to the apostle John’s vision of a new world. They are all written in simple sentences and illustrated with historical accuracy. All the great Bible characters spring to life in chronological order with Scripture verses listed for easy reference. The series is based on extensive research and attempts to portray the characters and times of the Bible as accurately as possible. Sold in more than 3 million copies in various subscription campaigns. All 30 volumes are needed to complete the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelations. Part of a picture is printed on the spine of each books, so that when all 30 books are placed together, the whole picture is revealed.

AUTHOR Anne de Graaf ILLUSTRATOR José Pérez Montero THE ADVENTURE STORY BIBLE (30 VOL) Age: 6-12 Size (W x H): 160 x 240 mm Pages: 32 each Full color Hardcover Retail price: US $16.99


WONDER BOOKS Lessons to learn from 12 Bible characters. Why did Sarah laugh and why was Andrew surprised? The answers come alive for little people in these simple retellings of twelve favorite Bible stories. Delightful illustrations and a practical application for each story to a child’s own life make The Wonder Books series a treasure to grow with. A great way for the youngest to get acquainted with Bible characters like Sarah, Pharaoh, Deborah, Gideon, Daniel, Elijah, David, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Jesus, Andrew and Mary.

AUTHOR Elaine Garvin ILLUSTRATOR Pauline Youd THE WONDER BOOKS Age: 3-6 Size (W x H): 120 x 120 mm Pages: 16 Full color Saddlestitched Retail price: US $0.99

THE AMAZING CARPENTER A series to bring you up close and personal with the amazing life of Jesus! Experience how the Carpenter healed bodies, minds, and hearts as you take a journey to the very places He went. Meet the people that Jesus touched, and witness His amazing miracles first hand! The Amazing Carpenter Series takes you through four of the miracles that Jesus performed. With a new angle, by following the main characters before they encounter Jesus, you are given a refreshing new look upon otherwise well-known stories!

AUTHOR Austin Sailsbury, Cecilie Fodor, L. Jensen

ILLUSTRATOR Daniel Fernรกndez THE AMAZING CARPENTER Age: 7-11 Size (W x H): 165 x 240 mm Pages: 48 Full color Hardcover Retail price: US $12.99




09 The Men and Women of the Bible series introduces children to those people who helped mold the history of Israel and the early Church. The outstanding Men and Women of the Bible series presents the classic stories of young men and women at Biblical times. The books are designed to communicate a positive identity as a man or a woman, and focus on the unique influence that men and women can have on history. Exceptional illustrations make the books a sure favorite in any family library!

AUTHOR Various ILLUSTRATOR Various MEN AND WOMEN OF THE BIBLE Age: 6-12 Size (W x H): 210 x 275 mm Pages: 32 Full color Softcover Retail price: US $9.99


BIBLE COLORING BOOKS Take a fantastic tour into the Biblical World with the Bible Coloring Books! The Bible Coloring Books contain drawings with characters and situations from The Old and New Testament of the Bible. A small text explains the drawings context and a verse tells where the story is taken from in the Bible. Play with and learn about the characters of The Old and New Testament. You will get to meet all the great characters! 48 full size figures—Ready to be colored!

AUTHOR Tomas Helmich-Olesen ILLUSTRATOR Gustavo Mazali BIBLE COLORING BOOKS Age: 3 and up Size (W x H): 217 x 279 mm Pages: 24 Coloring book Saddlestitched Retail price: US $3.99

FAMOUS PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE With animated and lively illustrations, this Bible story book offers an exciting way for young people to study the brave men and women of the Bible. A series for children age 2-5 that tells the story of some of the most well-known people from the Bible. With simple words and colourful illustrations, the book shows the smallest kids why these biblical characters are indeed famous.

AUTHOR Joy Melissa Jensen ILLUSTRATOR Lu Simi FAMOUS PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE Age: 2-5 Size (W x H): 150 x 185 mm Pages: 390 Full color Hardcover Retail price: US $24.99



THE POINTING BIBLE A playful board book with cute illustrations for the youngest! Bible references are of course included for each illustration for further reading. The educational element of The Pointing Bible goes hand-in-hand with introducing toddlers to God and the Bible. Simple words are presented in a Biblical context, and children learn to recognize the words from the humorous and warm-hearted illustrations.

EDITOR Cecilie Fodor ILLUSTRATOR Alejandra Barba Romero THE POINTING BIBLE Age: Toddler Size (W x H): 170 x 170 mm Pages: 24 Full color Board book Retail price: US $8.95

GREAT BIBLE STORIES Here you’ll find all the great Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation in words and captivating illustrations children can understand. Dive into a classic selection of retold Bible Stories, all illustrated in a classic comic book format with an added twist of humor in the illustrations. The book retells 28 stories that cover both Old and New Testament, which makes the Great Bible Stories ideal as the first Bible comic book.

AUTHOR Ben Alex ILLUSTRATOR José Pérez Montero GREAT BIBLE STORIES Age: 5-8 Size (W x H): 230 x 300 mm Pages: 38 Full color Hardcover Retail price: US $12.99




15 The 24 best stories of the Bible retold for pre-schoolers in 24 volumes. Forty pages of learning and fun – including two four-page jumbo fold-outs! The Little Children’s Bible Storybook is a collection of 24 stories from the Bible, all faithfully retold by Anne de Graaf. Read about Jesus, Samson, Peter, Paul and many others while also hearing about holidays like Easter and Christmas throughout the total 448 pages of humoristic and detailed drawings by the always excellent José Perez Montero.

AUTHOR Anne de Graaf ILLUSTRATOR José Pérez Montero LITTLE CHILDREN’S BIBLE BOOKS Age: 3-7 Size (W x H): 155 x 180 mm Pages: 40 Full colour Hard cover Retail price: US $6.99


HEROES OF FAITH AND COURAGE A great biography series displaying world-renowned role models with integrity! Here is the series you’ve been waiting for. Heroes of Faith and Courage is different because it doesn’t just tell about people and values – it shows them – in a way kids’ spirits grab a hold of and want to imitate. Here are the great heroes – men and women who shaped our faith and times in the tradition of Biblical standards. In the process, these people changed the world, and with these books to inspire and motivate, so will you and your readers.

AUTHOR Various ILLUSTRATOR Various HEROES OF FAITH AND COURAGE Age: 10-14 Size (W x H): 170 x 250 mm Pages: 52 Full color Hardcover Retail price: US $7.99

MY FIRST BIBLE SERIES These four books introduce wellknown Bible stories and teach important subjects to children. Learn about how God takes care of His people from the Bible stories in My First Bible. The stories will make you realize how important you are to God. In the Angel Bible, the child will learn about God’s special agents, the angels! These stories will make you realize how God works in miraculously ways. Bible Stories is a collection of four classic stories from the Bible: the Creation, Noah’s Ark, Christmas and Easter. In Bible Parables, four of Jesus’ famous parables are retold: The Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin, The House on the Rock and the Prodigal Son.

AUTHORS Ben Alex, Leyah Jensen ILLUSTRATOR Gustavo Mazali MY FIRST BIBLE SERIES Age: 3-5 Size (W x H): 155 x 180 mm Pages: 64 Full color Hardcover Retail price: US $16.99



SOPHIE, JOE & CO. With humor and warmth, the series Sophie, Joe and Co. deals with everyday life issues as experienced by four friends. This little series introduces children to basic values as sharing, being grateful, appreciating each other and being loved. Follow the four characters, Joe, Sophie, Claire and Mike as they deal with everyday situations, play, spend time with their family and friends and learn to do and see things in a Godly way and right way. Books with a moral message that children can understand!

AUTHOR Cecilie Vium Olesen ILLUSTRATOR Gustavo Mazali SOPHIE, JOE & CO. Age: 3-5 Size (W x H): 133 x 156 mm Pages: 24 Full color Padded hardcover Retail price: US $7.99

HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, 6 STORIES Six of Hans Christian Andersen’s best with illustrations by Gustavo Mazali. Six of Hans Christian Andersen’s most cherished fairytales illustrated by talented artist Gustavo Mazali. Known all over the world, these fairytales hold stories of great value and are a source of inspiration for both young and old. The stories in the selection are well-known literary gems: The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Teapot, The Princess and the Pea, The Tinderbox and The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep.

AUTHOR Hans Christian Andersen ILLUSTRATOR Gustavo Mazali HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, 6 STORIES Age: 6 + Size (W x H): 210 x 280 mm Pages: 24/32/48 Full color Hardcover Retail price: US $5.99




HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, 6 VOL. AND 2 VOL. These are stories that have truly stood the test of time - but are still as relevant as ever! Thirty of Hans Christian Andersen’s most cherished fairytales illustrated by various artists. Known all over the world, these fairytales hold stories of great value and are a source of inspiration for both young and old. Included in the selection are gems such as The Ugly Duckling, Princess and the Pea, Clod Hans and The Little Mermaid as well as many others known - and perhaps lesser known fairytales. Available in various formats.

AUTHOR Hans Christian Andersen ILLUSTRATOR Various HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN Age: 6 + Size (W x H): 210 x 286 mm Pages: 24/32/48/ (single) 144 (6 vol) 416 (2 vol) Illustrated Hardcover Retail price: US $5.99 (single) / $12.99 (6 vol) / $29.99 (2 vol)



JESUS THE SON OF MAN - CARL BLOCH Like no other painter, Carl Bloch has been able to reveal the personality of Christ in a beautiful and authentic way. This book of color reproductions with complementary Bible text will stir your imagination and help you understand the mind and message of Jesus. Of the 250+ paintings and 75 etchings Carl Bloch made in his lifetime, more than 30 paintings and etchings are included in this excellent book along with the corresponding Bible text that forms the background for the illustrations. Carl Bloch is one of the top ranking painters in the history of religious art. His sensitive portraits of Jesus have touched millions of people.

AUTHOR Real Bible text (NIV translation) ILLUSTRATOR Carl Bloch JESUS THE SON OF MAN Genre: Art book Size (W x H): 250 x 295 mm Pages: 80 Illustrated Hardcover Retail price: US $24.99

BIBLE MAPS Scandinavia Publishing House has developed a series of 16 Bible maps, meticulously detailed and designed especially for Bible use. Our historical and political maps, reviewed by experts, are available in any size and any language. The map can be customized as the content can be edited and the landscape and colours can be adjusted to fit your needs. All the area names on the maps are editable to fit your language specifics.

BIBLE MAPS Map 1: The travels of Abraham Map 2: Israel and Sinai Map 3: Exodus and conquest of Canaan Map 4: Land of the twelve tribes Map 5: Kingdom of David and Salomon Map 6: Prophets in Israel and Judah Map 7: Assyrian and Babylonian Empires Map 8: Israel and Judah Map 9: Israel in the first century AC Map 10: Jerusalem and the Temple Map 11: The travels of Jesus Map 12: Travels in Acts Map 13: The travels of Paul Map 14: Roman Empire in the first century Map 15: Israel today Map 16: Religions of the World



THE EXODUS CASE Join Lennart Möller as he reveals the amazing discoveries of the historical and Biblical Exodus! This exciting new book supports the Biblical story of the Exodus. It reveals the discoveries of a team of scientist and researchers in the footsteps of Moses and the Israelites on their journey from Egypt to Canaan: • Is the real Mount Sinai “Horeb“ located in today’s Saudi Arabia? • Where did Moses lead the people of Israel through the Red Sea? • Where is the Altar of the Golden Calf? These and many other questions are answered in the Exodus Case! 570 photos and illustrations support the text and point to the reliability of the Bible.

AUTHOR Lennart Möller THE EXODUS CASE Genre: History, Church history, Christianity Size (W x H): 165 x 240 mm Pages: 450 With illustratoins Hardcover with jacket Retail price: US $39.99

NOAH’S ARK Read the intriguing account of Henri Nissen as he takes you on a quest to find Noah’s Ark! A large wooden structure has been spotted under the ice of Mount Ararat. Does this verify the biblical account of Noah’s Ark? Is the story of a Great Flood which is found in many ancient civilizations more than just an old myth? This book takes you on an exciting journey to the heart of these questions and many other mysteries that have puzzled mankind for thousands of years. The book and its content will question the foundation of the theory of Eevolution and will raise confidence in the Bible as a historically reliable document, which once again has proven its credibility. It’s time for the truth to be revealed.

AUTHOR Henri Nissen NOAH’S ARK - ANCIENT ACCOUNTS AND NEW DISCOVERIES Genre: History, Church history, Christianity Size (W x H): 167 x 239 mm Pages: 320 Illustrated with photographs Hardocver Retail price: US $39.99



BUSINESS UNLIMITED Business Unlimited is a true story of an ordinary man’s life turning into an extraordinary journey, impacting nations, presidents and kings. Business Unlimited tells of a dream becoming reality, influencing the lives of people throughout the world. As Gunnar Olson experienced the limits of success and personal ambition he discovered an incredible liberty that is available to everyone. In this biography Gunnar Olson is actually claiming that putting the Kingdom of God as the first priority in our business lives will truly be a story of unlimited business...

AUTHOR Lennart MĂśller BUSINESS UNLIMITED Genre: Biography, Personal Finance Size (W x H): 130 x 205 mm Pages: 224 Softcover Retail price: US $16.95

A MOTHER’S LOVE - STORY OF THE YAN FAMILY With animated and lively illustrations, this Bible story book offers an exciting way for young people to study the brave men and women of the Bible. A Mother’s Love is the autobiographical story of the Yan family of the Bai people group and their struggles during the Cultural Revolution in China. The book describes the lives and experiences of the last four generations of this large and well-known family. It tells the gripping - and often painful - story of an extraordinary mother and 38 year-old widow, and her seven children.

AUTHOR Yan Ling Ling A MOTHER’S LOVE - STORY OF THE YAN FAMILY Genre: Biography, China Size (W x H): 150 x 220 mm Pages: 540 Hardcover with jacket



THE UNIVERSE Explore the impressive facts about the universe through more than 160 pages of stunning pictures and text! This massive and incomprehensible size of matter that takes up immeasurable space outside of our planet Earth, is now introduced in a stunningly beautiful book. Stuffed with breathtaking pictures of the innumerable amount of stars, planets, comets and other celestial phenomena, we are being introduced to some of the most fundamental yet striking facts about our Universe. Everything is presented with a Christian factbased perspective on the Universe.

AUTHOR Austin Sailsbury HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD: THE UNIVERSE Genre: Science, Christianity Size (W x H): 260 x 260 mm Pages: 168 Illustrated Hardcover with jacket Retail price: US $29.99

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