My First 7 Prayers

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Wonderfully Made The Bible says that God made us in his own image. That means we are wonderfully made, since God is wonderful. Genesis 1


LET’S PRAY: Dear Father in heaven, You are SOOOO great. All that you have made is wonderful. God, thank you for creating this beautiful world and for creating me. I’m sorry for anything I did today that was not okay. I’ll try to do better. Protect me and my family and take care of us, like you take care of everything you have made. See you tomorrow. Amen.


God Keeps His Promises God promised Abraham a good future with land, family, and blessings. And God kept His promise. God has good plans for you, too. Genesis 13


LET’S PRAY: Dear God, You are awesome! Thank you for all the promises you gave to Abraham and kept. He had no kids, but you gave him many. You are good. Thank you also for the promises you have given to me—that you love me and have good plans for me. Thanks for always being there for me and my family and friends. Forgive me for doing wrong. I promise to also forgive others. I thank you for giving me everything and all the things that I need. Amen 5

God Helps Me to Help Others The Bible says that Joseph had many difficulties in his life, but he never stopped believing in God. In the end, all Joseph’s struggles made sense, as God used Joseph to save many people from certain starvation. Genesis 39-45


LET’S PRAY: Dear Heavenly Father, I believe in you, God. Thank you that you have good plans for my life as you had for Joseph. You helped Joseph many times. And he helped many people too. May my life also be used to help people in need. Please forgive me for the wrong I have done today. I will also forgive those who wronged me. I thank you for the food you gave me today. You are the best and I love you! Amen


God Takes Care of Our Needs One day Jesus was with a lot of people that were hungry. Jesus only had a little bit of food, but He thanked God for it and shared it, and shared it and shared it, until all had gotten plenty to eat. John 6:1-15


LET’S PRAY: Dear Dad, You are the God of Plenty! Where you are there is always more than enough. Thank you for all that you have done for me. You have given me a family and you take care of my needs. Thank you for forgiving me for the wrong things I have done today. I will also forgive others. Please give me what I need today. Amen


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