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THE BEST IN THAILAND Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards 2014 – Thailand Bromsgrove International School Thailand is proud once again to celebrate the stellar success of several of our IGCSE and A Level students. Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) annually recognise the students who have scored the highest marks in each of their public examinations, and we are delighted again this year to have some of the very best students in the whole of Thailand.

TOP IN THAILAND (or HIGH ACHIEVEMENT for less subscribed subjects) - Seonwoo Ko (IGCSE Business Studies) - Jimyung Lee (IGCSE Level Mathematics) - Vijja Wichitwechkarn (IGCSE Environmental Management) - Kevin Henkens (AS Level Business Studies and History) - Prawta Annez (A Level Art) - Vasilena Sadakova (A Level Business Studies) - Amirmasoud Khosravi (A Level Physics) - Irena Pecinkova (A Level Biology)

UNIVERSITY PLACEMENTS INCLUDE: University of Oxford King's College London Michigan State University University of Glasgow University of Warwick University of Bath Durham University University of Edinburgh Leeds Metropolitan University London School of Economics University of Sheffield

The University of Birmingham The Arts University Bournemouth University of Essex Loughborough University Plymouth University University of Sussex Northwestern University USA Vistula University, Warsaw Chulalongkorn University Thammasat University Mahidol University


Early Years Campus (2-6 years old) Ramkamhaeng 164 Rd. Tel. 02-540-7122-3 Primary and Secondary Campus (6-18 years old) Suwinthawong Rd. Tel. 02-989-4873 UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE

International Examinations



International Schools Association of Thailand

The Federation of British International Schools in Asia



his book is intended as a help for both newcomers and longer staying expats - mostly European - who have decided to live and work in Thailand. It explains and facilitates practical issues and intends to inspire you to get the most out of your stay. When you move here, you will need to find new friends. The best way is by joining one or more of the social and professional associations for your own nationality here. If there is not one of your own, then maybe one for your region - like the European countries. An example is the Scandinavian Society Siam in Bangkok or Scandinavian Expats Club in Pattaya are excellent places for Nordic people to meet new friends. The various business communities are also vibrant groups of very different companies from the small entrepreneur to the big corporations with manufacturing units and countrywide net of outlets. At the back of this book you will find a directory for Scandinavia in Thailand of all these companies, plus a few more that in each their way are also an important part of the Scandinavian network in Thailand.

This booklet is brought to you by ScandAsia - the only magazine that serves all Scandinavian expatriates from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland living in China and South East Asia. There are five versions of the magazine, targeting - with different content - the Nordic readers in China, Singapore, Thailand, Indochina or Malaysia/Indonesia/Philippines. Part of the circulation is placed at points frequently visited by Scandinavian tourists. Like this book, the magazine is free - financed by advertisements only. It is linked to the website www.ScandAsia. com - the well-established portal for all things Scandinavian in Asia. Here you find all the contacts you need and all the events that are arranged for you and other Scandinavian residents in Thailand. Nordic readers should sign up for the monthly e-newsletter and emails from this website and submit your address to receive also the monthly magazine. I wish you a happy year in Thailand!

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Thailand Expat Guide


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Health care in Thailand


The Basics

EMERGENCY NUMBERS 191, 911 Emergency Call Center (Police, Fire, Ambulance) 199 Fire Brigade 1133 Telephone Directory Assistance 1155 Tourism Police (English, French and German spoken) 1193 Highway Police 1554 Ambulance

EMBASSY CONTACTS Denmark Royal Danish Embassy Sathorn South Soi 1 Bangkok 10500 +66 (0)2 343 1100 Ambassador: H.E. Mikael Hemniti Winther Finland Embassy of Finland Athenee Tower, 14th Floor 63 Wireless Road (Witthayu) Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 +66 (0)2 207 8700 Ambassador: H.E. Kirsti Westphalen

Norway Royal Norwegian Embassy UBC II Building, 18th floor 591 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 33 Bangkok 10110 +66 (0)2 204 6500 Ambassador: H.E. Kjetil Paulsen Sweden Embassy of Sweden One Pacific Place 20th Floor 140 Sukhumvit Road (between soi 4 and 6) Bangkok 10110 +66 (0)2 263 7200 - 1 Ambassador: H.E. Klas Molin

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The Basics


Danish Kroner

Norwegian Kroner

Swedish Krona

Finnish Euro










413 3937

MOBILE PHONES The first thing you need is a Sim card with data transfer and some phone time. You can get that in any 7-eleven convenience store. You may need help from a local with setting up your phone so you can read your emails and surf websites and applications online, but mostly it works automatically

INTERNET With the spread of smartphones the number of internet users in Thailand has exploded and is probably today over 50 million people - although the vast majority don’t think of themselves as surfing the internet, but only playing with their phone! Currently, True is the largest regular internet provider in the country. Other ADSL companies are AIS, DTAC, or 3BB. True provides home entertainment services with their True Move service as well. To get online with you laptop, you can either find a WiFi spot in most restaurants or - for more mobility - buy a USB plugin that includes WiFi access from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. In Thailand they call them “aircards”.

LANGUAGE If you plan to stay for a year in Thailand, it is highly recommended that you find a Thai 8

Thailand Expat Guide

100 100 language course near where you live. Do this as soon as possible. After just a few weeks when you can say “turn left”, “turn right” and “where is the toilet”, you feel less of an urge to take this course, but your progress with the Thai language will soon come to a stop if you don’t take a systematic approach. Thai, or more precisely Central Thai, is the national and official language of Thailand. It is spoken and understood by all Thai people. But for many, their local dialect will remain their first language. Although most words are the same, these dialects will have a different sound and many of the words will be quite different to Central Thai. The Thai language is tonal and has a unique script with far more character than the western alphabet. It has also three relational markers which help the Thai reader understand how the word is pronounced. Some words in Thai have roots back to Pali, Sanskrit and Old Khmer. Some words been assimilated from Chinese and recently, many words have been adopted from English, however these borrowed words are often used with a convenient abbreviation that makes it hard to recognize. The most famous word adopted from French is the Thai word that used to describe all white skinned foreigners, “farang”. The word comes from the Thai pronounciation of the country France, “Farangcet”.

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The Basics



Google translate is not yet good enough to use as online translation from Thai to English or from English to Thai. Online, the following services are free: - probably the most comprehensive website about the language, - Thai-English/EnglishThai dictionary with transcription, sealang. net/thai/ - Thai-English dictionary with transcription, and many, many more. There are are also several handheld devices specifically developed to translate from Thai to English and from English to Thai, often with sound option. You will find them in the electronic department of any department store. For official translation of documents, there are many small and inexpensive service operators in the main tourist centres of Thailand.

The Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Blending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions, Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. The spiciness of Thai cuisine is well known. As with other Asian cuisines, balance, detail and variety are of great significance to Thai chefs. Thai food is known for its balance of three to four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.

WEATHER Thailand has a tropical climate, high in both temperature and humidity. April and May are the hottest months of the year . June brings the South West Monsoon and the rainy season until October. From November to the end of February, there is a cooling North East breeze and a reduction in the humidity level. It is always much cooler in the north where the temperature may occasionally drop to as low as 2째C.

CULTURE The Thai culture incorporates cultural beliefs and characteristics indigenous to the area known as modern day Thailand. It is coupled with much influence from ancient India, China and Cambodia, along with the neighboring pre-historic cultures of Southeast Asia. It is influenced primarily by Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, as well as by later migrations from China and southern India. 10

Thailand Expat Guide

THAILAND NEWS Thailand has a rich mix of English language media and even a few in various Nordic languages. The most comprehensive Nordic news website is serving news daily for Scandinavian residents in Thailand and other countries in South East Asia. For residents in Pattaya, there is a Norwegian newspaper and a Nordic magazine apart from the local website. The local news service in English is very good: Bangkok Post http://bangkokpost.newspaperdirect. com/epaper/viewer.aspx The Nation Thai News Network Thai PBS in English

The Basics

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Visa regulations

VISA REGULATIONS If you plan to stay more than 3 months in Thailand you should apply for a visa at your local Thai embassy or consulate. Be sure to apply for the right type of visa. Visa on arrival If you are sure that you will not stay over 30 days in Thailand, there is no need to apply for a visa. Passport holders from all the Nordic countries will get permission to stay for 30 days if they arrive at an airport and 15 days if they arrive at a land checkpoint. Conditions are: a) your passport must be valid for at least 6 months on the day you enter b) you have proof of onward travel (confirmed air, train, bus or boat tickets) c) you have enough money to support yourself during the stay. Tourist Visa Tourist Visa can be applied for at any embassy 12

Thailand Expat Guide

or consulate general outside Thailand. Applicants should submit a completed application form with a recent photograph. The application fee is 1,000 Baht (subject to change without notice). Arrival with a Tourist Visa to Thailand gives you permission to stay up to 60 days if you arrive by air. If you arrive overland you may be refused entry if you have just stayed 30 days on a Visa on arrival prior to applying for the tourist visa, so better fly. Education Visa S t u d e n t s a t G o v e r n m e n t a p p ro v e d educational institutions can apply for a non-im ED (Education) visa and renew this visa in Thailand without having to leave the country to apply for extension. You can also start by coming to Thailand and then enroll the course here in the school, you chose. Often, students select the Thai language course. The school offers to handle all the paperwork, but most or all of the tuition fees must be paid up in advance. An education visa costs 2000 Baht (60

Visa regulations USD, 40 EUR - subject to change) paid to the Thai Embassy or Consulate. The tuition fee is not included in these fees. Business Visa If you want to work in Thailand, you will need a Business visa (non-Im ‘B’). You have to apply at an embassy outside Thailand. The easiest is to start from your home country, but if you are already in Thailand, we suggest applying at the Thai embassy in Singapore. The most important paperwork you need are: a) letter from your Thai company stating your position and salary. b) corporate registration papers from the employing Thai company. A business visa does not allow you to work in Thailand but is the first step needed to apply for a work permit. Additional paperwork is needed if you intend to work as a teacher. The schools know what to provide and will hand you a bundle of documents for submission to the embassy. Retirement Visa Those over the age of 50 can apply to live in Thailand for one year at a time using a retirement visa. The application starts with obtaining a three-month retirement visa, also known as an “O-A” visa. To qualify for a retirement visa you need to have the following documents: a) Copy of your passport b) Passport photos c) Letter from bank showing 800,000 Baht deposit, or d) Proof of 60,000 Baht a month income e) Criminal record clearance from country of origin f) Medical certificate g) Completed application form Attorneys can come in handy during the process especially if you want to bring some of your personal items from your home country which is one of the common issues that create confusion.

Before you buy a home, always consider renting a property in Thailand when you retire as a start. The financial requirements can be a combination of both income and fixed deposit. This needs to be calculated for you. Visa runs Most foreign visitors to Thailand are granted a 30 day stay upon entry via airport, or 15 days via any land border if they arrive without a visa. Extending your visa without leaving the country cost 1900 baht and it is not possible to get more than one week.

PERMANENT RESIDENCY Applying for Permanent Residency in Thailand requires you to have the following criteria: a) Must have had a Thai non-immigrant visa for at least three years prior to the submission of your application. b) Must be a holder of a non-immigrant visa at the time of submitting your application. c) Must be able to meet one of these categories: • Investment category (minimum 3 - 10 Mil. Baht investment in Thailand) • Working / Business category • Supports a family or Humanity Reasons category: In this category, you must be having a relationship with a Thai citizen or an alien who already has a residence permit as a husband or wife; father or mother; or a guardian of a Thai child less than 20 years of age. • Expert / academic category • Other categories as determined by Thai Immigration You should note that the list of required documents for the application depends on the category under which the application is made. ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Setting up a home


f you plan to stay in Thailand for more than a typical vacation, finding a place to live is top priority.

RENTING Though there are several options to choose from, it is advisable not to immediately jump into real estate and purchase a property. Renting an apartment until certain of your commitment level for purchase is better. There are several types of accommodation in Thailand including high-rise apartments, condominium complexes, seaside bungalows and stand-alone houses and all are usually available for rent. Since foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand (see below), local landlords are sensitive to expats’ rental needs, and do a good job of advertising available properties. Individual rental agreements vary so check the terms and conditions carefully. Most rental agreements are one-year contracts secured with a deposit. When you want to terminate the rent, the landlord must be informed at least 30 days in advance. If the agreement is terminated before the end of the signed agreement, the security deposit may be kept or returned based on the terms in the contract but mostly at the landlord’s discretion. The tenant is responsible for any damage to the apartment or house as well as any furnishings that came with the property. The security deposit will be retained to cover any damage or items missing from the property. Local condominium apartments vary with location and design ranging from 4,000 to more than 14,000 Baht. In the most exclusive end of the market, rents up to 100.000 Baht per month are available. The high cost apartments are justified by excellent facilities and convenient location.

Tips Bargaining is often not an option on rental prices. Many landlords would rather leave their properties empty than compromise on the rental price they find reasonable. Even if your rental agreement may be ‘informal’, it’s advisable to buy a standard rental agreement for you and the landlord to sign. This will provide you with protection in the case of unfair eviction. To make sure that your deposit is refunded in full, take plenty of photos of the place, and conduct an inspection of the property with the landlord in attendance, pointing out to them any problems with the place. Since you are paying for your own electricity, water and telephone bills, be sure to conserve power whenever possible.

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Setting up a home

HOME PURCHASE Thai real estate is a complex area, so before contacting a real estate agents who have property for sale in Thailand, it may be more helpful to get to terms with the requirements of purchasing property in Thailand. Condominiums Condominiums are equal to what we in the Nordic countries call apartments. On certain simple condition, foreigners may legally own a condominium in their own name. A foreigner may own a condominium as long as the condo is one of the foreign quotas of the building which can usually be no more than 49 percent of the total number of condos in the building. And it must be above the third floor. Not all blocks of apartments are condominiums; the building has to be registered with the land department as a “condominium�. Check for this carefully before signing any agreement. 16

Thailand Expat Guide

Land Foreigners are forbidden to own land. This includes attempts to evade the law through a Thai proxy or straw man/-woman or a setting up of a Thai company with the purpose of evading this law. Foreigner are welcome to purchase a land lease, also called leasehold. The maximum time limit for the land lease is 30 years and the lease must be written in Thai although a translation may be filed along with the Thailanguage contract. The contract must be recorded on the land title at the local Land Office to protect the foreigner from eviction in case for instance a new land owner would wish to build something on the land. Once you own the land lease, you can own the house, you may decide to build on it. Professional assistance Visit a few real estate agents before deciding who to rely on when requesting professional help to search for property. While real estate

We handle your needs with care... Need a car in Denmark? Please call Europcar Denmark +45 89 33 11 33 or book online at

Setting up a home

agents are good in assisting you in your research, they are seldom independent professionals. In Thailand, a property agency is often owned by the company who built the property which would be illegal in the Nordic countries. Select your own lawyer. Don’t rely on the sellers or the agency’s lawyer. The ownership issue is important to arrange in a way that can not later be deemed a circumvention of the law by the Thai authorities. If you plan to build your own house, a lawyer is indispensable.

BUILDING YOUR OWN There are several procedures to go through prior to being able to build a house in Thailand. Since foreigners are not allowed to own any land in Thailand, it is essential to consult an independent lawyer before going ahead with any type of building contract. Building permits are regulated by the Building Control Act and issued under the Town and City Planning Act. If the land to 18

Thailand Expat Guide

Setting up a home

HOME DECORATION After making a decision and finally moving in to your new house - rented, purchased or built by yourself - it is time to turn it into a cozy and comfortable home. The Nordic kitchen concept that works as a living room has become popular. A company that is an expert in making built in clossets and cabinets as well as other home decoration solutuions is the Swedish owned company The Cabinet.

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Building material and hardware Moving in to a new home, there are probably a number of adjustments or minor changes you would like to make to your house with some hardware and building material. There are a large number of local stores nationwide, as well as larger stores with conveniently located store branches around the country such as HomeWorks and Homepro. You will find a variety of hardware, do-it-yourself

be used to build on has a clear and legal title deed, a building permit can be obtained at the Land Dept Office. Usually, the builder applies for building permits on behalf of the construction owner. Other factors There are other factors that are looked at and should be observed when applying for a building permit, which is where a lawyer would come in very handy. Also, depending on which zone you have decided to build your house in, keep in mind that several zoning restrictions may apply. Documents needed for acquiring a building permit include; a) Title deed that allows for purchase, sale or transfer. b) Architectural drawings. c) Land Development permits: Land Trade and Land Distribution License. d) Infrastructure permits; Water, electricity and housing construction. ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Setting up a home

items, garden supplies, electrical items and tools that you can use for your home. Furniture Depending on your desired design and trend, there are many stores which offer different varieties of furniture at attractive prices. There are a number of smaller, more localised furniture shops with staff who can speak some English. Asian furniture mixes nicely with Scandinavian style homes and will preserve unique memories from your stay in Thailand. If you don’t bring anything with you from your previous home, there are mega stores all over Thailand around such as Index Living Mall, Central Department Store, IKEA, Powerbuy, Koncept and Homepro.

FACILITIES Satellite TV The biggest satellite TV provider is True Visions UBC. It has a variety of channels including National Geographic, Star Movies, 20

Thailand Expat Guide

HBO, BBC World, Star Sports, Animal Planet, CNN, Cartoon Network among many others. The programmes are available in different packages of varying costs depending on the channels chosen by the subscriber. A monthly programme guide will be sent to the subscriber’s home address. True Visions and many other independent companies operate cable TV channels in Thailand in a variety of languages. To watch Scandinavian TV programmes, you don’t need a satellite. Swedish SVT World is a legal IPTV provider that connects you over the Internet with the TV stations back home. Internet Inter net usage has grown rapidly in Thailand and service providers compete to offer attractive packages. Currently, True is the largest internet provider in the country. True branched out providing broadband services with their True Move service as well so you can have Internet at home through your International TV

Setting up a home

provider. TOT, Cat Internet and TT&T are other prominent internet service providers. For wireless connections, apart from local hotspots, it is also possible to get monthly contracts or prepaid cards that include WiFi access from your mobile phone or ADSL companies such as AIS, DTAC, True or 3BB. Postal system Thailand Post Company Limited owned by the state is Thailand’s postal service provider. There are more than 3,000

post offices in Thailand with over 30,000 “pigeon holes” in various locations. Most post offices operate from 08:30 to 16:30 and offer a variety of services other than postal services including money transfers, bill payments and a whole range of other business services. Thai post office accepts mail with addresses written in English language as well as Thai language.

HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE A household insurance would be very useful in the case of unexpected damages that may occur to your home. It is encouraged that you don’t rely on your landlord, in the case that you are renting your accommodation, to already have some kind of coverage. It is best to acquire an insurance that covers your home in the case of a fire, flood or theft. These are the extreme cases through which a huge amount of damage cannot be accounted for.

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Thailand Expat Guide

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Working in Thailand


oreigners who wish to work in Thailand, whether paid or voluntary, must have a work permit. Exceptions are only reserved for certain international agencies, diplomats, those working for the United Nations and a small number of other categories. Foreigners are restricted from certain occupations that are protected under the Foreign Business Act of 1999. Those include agriculture, manual labour, forestry, architecture, product manufacturing, hairdressing, and certain professions such as law and accountancy. If caught working in these jobs or listed professions, the person could face criminal charges, and may be imprisoned for up to five years and/or pay a fine of up to THB 100,000. You may question situations in which a work permit is absolutely necessary. The official definition of work by the Ministry of Labour is “exerting energy or using knowledge whether or not in consideration of wages or other benefits”. Organisations representing foreigners working in Thailand have tried for years to request for clear definitions, but so far no Thai government has been willing to change the current regulations that could be abused by corrupt state officials.

pany must have a paid up share capital of no less than 2 mill. THB. The normal procedure to gain a work permit after arrival in Thailand is first to travel abroad e.g. to Singapore with the papers prepared by your new employer in order to apply at a Thai embassy for a Non-Immigrant B Visa. When you arrive back in Thailand with that, your employer can start applying for a work permit. It will usually be granted for either six months or one year regardless of your contract. Once issued, a Work Permit must be kept at the place of employment ready for inspection. Expiry The Work Permit expires when the NonImmigrant B Visa expires. Check the date of expiry of the visa and make sure it’s renewed before the expiration date to avoid going through the entire application process again. A work permit is only valid for the specific job in the specific company for which it is issued, any change in duties or transfer to another employer must be applied for and approved in advance for a transfer or application of new work permit.

GETTING A WORK PERMIT A work permit is issued by the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour. In applying for a work permit in Thailand, you need the assistance of your potential employer. The procedure is complex and involves the collection of a large amount of documentation. In general, there are two criteria, that must be met. The employing company must employ at least four Thais for every foreigner whose work permit it sponsors and the comScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Working in Thailand Employment without permit Penalties applicable to foreigners working without work permits can be quite harsh ranging from a fine from THB 2,000 to THB 100,000 and/or imprisonment and/ or deportation. In addition to that, working without permit may result in other penalties being imposed under the Immigration Act prohibiting reentrance to the country (blacklisted). In practice, however, the authorities usually settle the case and deport the person from Thailand. It is highly recommended that foreigners who wish to work in Thailand make an effort to apply for a proper work permit.

JOB SEARCH Looking for a job in Thailand may not be as difficult as you think. The newspapers carry job advertisements and there are several online job advertisement portals. From there on, it is the same process as you would go through in any other country. It depends on the employers’ needs and the


Thailand Expat Guide

job seeker’s skills. The more specialised the skills, especially in the fields that are in higher demand, the better the chances. Location is an important factor to consider. Tourist areas such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin or Phuket pose stronger competition in the job market. Teaching is a primary job choice for many, but there are also opportunities in sectors such as banking and finance, computer and IT, sales, entertainment, tourism, writing, administration and in areas using specialised skills. Don’t bother applying for jobs where the company has specified it as “Thai National Only”. They cannot give you a work permit.

START UP A BUSINESS While foreigners may set up a company in Thailand, it is not a straightforward process and all company documents filed have to be in the Thai language. The help of a professional with experience in the field is

Working in Thailand Services which fall into this category include the drafting of public instruments, private contracts or agreements, registration and licensing requirements, notary services, personal legal documentation, and many others. It is best to get recommendations from people who have previously used lawyers. Some lawyers have a particular good reputation in the Scandinavian communities around the country. Ask your local Nordic club.

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE highly recommended; there are restrictions on the type and activity of businesses that foreigners can be involved with under the Foreign Business Act and other legislation. A breakdown of the procedures to starting your own business can be summarized with: a) Apply for permission to use company name b) Deposit paid-in capital in a bank c) Obtain a corporate seal d) Get approval for memorandum of association and apply to register the company as a legal entity (final registration) at the Private Limited Companies Registrar. e) Submit company work regulations to the Office of Labour Protection and Welfare of the Ministry of Labour at the district where the head office of the company is located. Each of the above procedures may take a few days to process and some may require a fee to complete. Using a business law firms Lawyers are quite useful for most transactions or signing of important documents as they are written in Thai. There are also certain regulations and procedures that an experienced lawyer would understand more than foreigners so they do not get stuck in any sticky situations.

There are four Nordic chambers of commerce in Thailand. Their full names are DanishThai Chamber of Commerce, Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. Dancham, Swecham, Norcham and Thai-Finnish, are organizations that offer news and information about companies and businesses from the respective nations in Thailand. Members are informed of events, parties, latest news and much more of what is going on in the community. Denmark - Norway - Sweden - Finland - Networking Business and social networking are events that everyone looks forward to. It is not just a great place to meet people but also offer a good opportunity to mingle with people of the same background, expats. All the four Nordic chambers of commerce hold networking events on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. Around four to six times a year, all the chambers in Thailand jointly come together for an all chamber networking event. At these networking events, you are chanced to meet some of the big guns in top organizations in Thailand. Following up on all contacts you gain through these events will also improve the chances of securing a job locally. ScandAsia Business Directory 2015



Thailand Expat Guide

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Money matters


hailand is a more affordable place to live compared to the Nordic countries. This and other factors make Thailand a preferred country for retirement. In recent years, companies in the Nordic countries have started moving tasks to be performed in Thailand. The job is done by the same staff as before but relocated to Thailand where the salary may be less but the person will likely enjoy a higher standard of living for the amount.

COST OF LIVING The general cost of living in Thailand can be very low or very high according to the chosen life style. Renting a fully equipped, high end condo in the heart of Bangkok, dining at western restaurants every day and visiting top nightclubs often would certainly require a high cost of more than THB 70,000. There are however alternatives to this. Renting a townhouse in the suburb of Bangkok for 8000 THB per month quite normal for the price conscious family. Eating out every day, mostly Thai food with an occasional western treat, purchasing Thai goods from the supermarket and visiting a bar once or twice a week would probably come up to THB 25,000 - 40,000. Food, accommodation and shopping can be obtained at very reasonable cost but as usual, the cost of living depends on location. Renting a furnished, modern house in places like Surin, Nong Kai or Korat would be less expensive than in Bangkok or the traditional tourist areas. 

BANKS AND ACCOUNTS Expats are allowed to open a bank account in Thailand but the process of doing so may not be that easy. Most banks will insist

that you must have a work permit before you are able to open a bank account. But sometimes a branch would just require a non-immigrant type visa. Local banks in popular tourist areas are usually more helpful as they regularly deal with foreigners. Best advice is to try a few different branches and a few different banks. The major Thai banks are Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Kasikornbank, Siam Commercial Bank. The alternative is to leave your money in a bank abroad and simply transfer the money you need using ATM machines or charging payments to your bank card. Be sure to withdraw money in big amounts as there is a bank fee of 150 THB for dispensing any amount of money from your foreign bank card using a Thai ATM machine. On top of that your foreign bank may have additional charges.

PRIVATE BANKING One of the incentives for working abroad is the opportunity to save up more money than if you were working back home. Foreigners in Thailand pay taxes usually only on the amount they are being paid by their employer in Thailand and not on any additional benefits that the employer may pay into a retirement account elsewhere in the world. If you go out for networking events, you will soon get phone calls from international wealth management representatives who will ask you for a meeting where they will explain how they can make your money grow faster. While such a meeting may be educational, it is probably wise to investigate who these companies really are before you trust them with your hard earned saving. You should instead contact yourself some of the private banking institutions that serve other Scandinavians living in Asia like ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Money matters SEB Private Banking that is conveniently located in Singapore and even often come on client visits to Thailand.

INCOME TAX Everyone, foreign or Thai, who work in Thailand or have taxable income must apply for a taxpayer’s identification number which is issued by the Revenue Department on presentation of a Thai identification card or foreign passport and evidence of the need for the number. A foreigner who lives in Thailand for more than 180 days in a tax year (the calendar year) is considered a Thai resident for tax purposes. A resident is required to file taxes on all income received within Thailand as well as income received from foreign sources brought into Thailand. A non-resident living in Thailand less than 180 days within a tax year is only required to file a tax return and pay taxes on income received from sources within Thailand.  All foreigners who work in Thailand are generally required to hold a valid work permit for the position they hold. But a tax resident foreigner is liable to pay tax on income received, as set out above, regardless of whether they have a work permit. Recently, the tax structure was made more progressive following the following steps:


Tax (%)

0-150,000 Exempt



- 300,000



- 500,000



- 750,000



- 1,000,000


1,000,001 - 2,000,000


2,000,001 - 4,000,000


Over 4,000,000



Thailand Expat Guide

Deductible expenses and allowances Certain amounts can be deducted from your assessable income: - 40% deduction for normal wages income and copyright income mentioned, but maximum is 60,000 THB; - 10 to 30% deduction for income fom renting out a house or land, depending on the type of property; - self employed may deduct up to 30% deduction or the actual expense if proof can be provided You may also deduct: • 30,000 THB basic amount for each the taxpayer and his/her spouse; • 15,000 THB for each child (with a maximum of 45,000 THB); • 2,000 THB educational allowance for each child; • 30,000 THB per parent in Thailand (over 60 years old and with a yearly income less than 30,000 THB); • 6 0 , 0 0 0 T H B p e r d i s a b l e d o r incapacitated person who the taxpayer takes care of. • Life insurance premiums (max. 100,000 THB); • Health insurance contributions paid for the taxpayer’s parents (max. 15,000 THB); • Qualified provident fund payments (max. 500,000 THB); • Interest on mortgages following the purchase of a residential building in Thailand are deductible up to an amount of 100,000 THB; • Contributions to a Long Term Equity Fund up to 500,000 THB; • Charitable contributions, but not exceeding 10% if the taxable income, and; • Donations to educational institutions may be deducted for 200% (up to maximum 10% of the taxable income).

Money matters Withholding tax Employers must withhold some of the money they pay to both foreigners and locals and pay the withheld amount to the revenue departmment. The taxpayer will instead get a receipt that they can use as proof of tax paid already. After the year end 31 December, the taxpayer must fill out a tax return paper and when the amount of tax to be paid is calculated, the money that was withheld through the year must be deducted to see if the tax payer will get money back or will have to pay an additional tax. There are different rates of withholding tax depending on the sort of income. If the foreigner is a local resident, the withholding tax can vary from 5 to 37 percent. If the foreigner is non-resident, the withholding is 15 percent. Social welfare contribution All companies employing more than ten employees are obliged to make a contribution to the Provident Fund. Compensation can be claimed from this fund in case of, amongst others, retirement or decease during the employment. The compensation amounts to the total of the contributions made by the employee and employer, as well as the benefits accrued on it.

Each company and employee also has to make contributions to the Social Security Fund.  The contribution amounts to 5% of the total salary but cannot be more than 750 Baht. As is the case in many countries, this fund serves for example for those who are injured, sick, disabled, or on maternity leave. Child welfare and unemployment (50% of the salary for maximum 180 days) are paid out of this fund as well. Companies employing more than ten employees also have to pay a contribution to the Workmen’s Compensation Fund, amounting to between 0.2% and 1% of the annual salary of the employee (depending on the assessed risks of the work). In case of injury, sickness, disablement or decease, the employee or the heirs will receive compensation (60% of the monthly salary) and reimbursement of certain costs out of this fund.  Foreigners employed in Thailand participate in all the above schemes.

GENERAL TAXES Value Added Tax The general rate of VAT levied on the sale of all goods and services is seven percent. For certain services, it is zero rated, and for others, exempted. The VAT registration is compulsory in certain cases, such as in the case of a company’s sales exceeding 1.8 million Baht in an accounting period. VAT returns are filed monthly with the tax due which is basically the difference between the VAT paid and the VAT collected. Taxation of inheritance and gifts of assets There is no death duty or inheritance tax in Thailand, although transfers of land and buildings, or shares upon death or by gift are subject to transfer fees and stamp duty. Gifts are not tax exempt however depending on individual circumstances, the person who gives the gift or the person who receives the gift may be subject to withholding tax and income tax. ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


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Choosing your school


hoosing a new school when moving from any of the Nordic countries to Thailand has become increasingly difficult for parents. There are more and more schools established all the time, and each institution has its own unique philosophy and attributes. Comparing what they offer with the needs of your child is no simple task. Most parents probably start out by asking other parents of their own nationality which school they have chosen and why. Then you find out they have chosen different schools and for different reasons and you are back to square one. There is probably no way around making your own inquiry into each available option.

issues compared to their former friends back home. If you are uncomfortable with this prospect you may prefer to look into the option of choosing a local school or a boarding school back home. Once this is said, most expat families decide to go for international schools like Bangkok Patana, Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School, Brighton College International School Bangkok, Bromsgrove International School, Harrow International School, KIS International School, Modern Montessori International Preschool, NIST International School, or Shrewsbury International School, at least through primary school up to grade 9. At that age, other options like

Local vs International First choice is if you are looking for a local school or an international school? In most countries in Asia, a local school is an option - although certainly a more challenging option for your child. If you child is mixed Scandinavian - Asian this may, however, not be so frightening a prospect. And mostly it will have an economic silver lining as local private schools are less costly compared to international schools. However, physical punishment has not been abolished in the Thai school systems, so take this into consideration. Talk to the school how they administer physical punishment and ask if they can make an exception for your child if you are not comfortable with this. If you go for the International school, consider that international students grow up and evolve in a cultural environment that is vastly different to that of your own. Known as Third Culture Kids (TCKs), they often develop a very different attitude to many

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Choosing your school one of the excellent boarding schools back home in Scandinavia or out here inn Asia may be considered - see the next chapter. For Swedish parents planning to stay not for long, a special option is to allow your child to remain within the Swedish School system with schools like Sanuk Svenska Skolan i Thailand. For the Norwegian, Finns and Danes, no such alternative is available

A few suggestions To select the best school among these excellent institutions first you should download and print brochures and other material from the website of the different schools and start to look through it. Here are a few suggestions to help you make up your mind: First: How far away is the school from your home?


Before spending time looking through school courses, you need to make sure the school is not too far away. Bear in mind that in most big cities, it is the traveling time between your home and the school that matters. How long will it take for your child to get to school and home afterwards? How will your child be going there? Especially in cities like Bangkok, you will be challenged by some of the heaviest rush hour traffic in the world. Second: What reputation does the school have? Talk to people as much as possible. This is where your first intuition comes handy. Don’t listen to opinions expressed by people who have no children at the school themselves - parents are quick to seek confirmation of their own choice by adopting opinions about the competing schools.

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Choosing your school

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The age of the school is no sure indication either. Nothing guarantees that the reputation of a hundred year old school is better than a one year old school. Third: How are the courses at the school? The school’s courses and programs will most likely be listed in the school’s information packages. They will talk about British Curriculum and American Curriculum and - what most Scandinavians these days go for - the IB curriculum. This is important as you will most likely have to relocate again in a few years. Find out if the native language and culture of your child is taught as optional learning. It is important for your child to keep his or her ties to your cultural background. It is also important for you. Ask questions about the tests and exams 34

Thailand Expat Guide

which are offered and used as evaluation method. If your child is already a secondary school student, ask how well the graduating students do in getting accepted into major universities both in your current country, back home and elsewhere overseas. Fourth: What other activities can the school offer your child? Besides the fundamental course works, what kind of arts, sports, community service does the school offer? Are there proper facilities to support those activities? It seems that schools almost compete with each other when it comes to sports, thus many schools will have gymnasiums and sport complexes, which are either new or remodeled. But maybe your child is more into other activities - computer programming, performing arts?

Shrewsbury a Vision of Excellence Exceptional People • Outstanding Opportunities • Academic Excellence Shrewsbury International School offers an inspirational British education for children aged 3-18. We are now accepting applications for entry into Junior School in August 2016. Book a school tour today by calling Ilka Hodapp at 02 675-1888 ext. 1110 or email

Choosing your school Most schools offer after-school/weekend programs as well as field trips and community services. You should be able to freely pick the activities that best suit your child. Fifth: Does the school have qualified personnel? This is not as obvious as you may think. The school is most likely private and qualifications for employment are not as strict as for schools back home. What educational degree do they hold? How long have they been teaching at the school? What kind of teaching methods do they prefer? Are they involved in planning and evaluating the curriculum? Will they be giving special attention to each child’s problems or personal needs?

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Thailand Expat Guide

Choosing your school

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Sixth: What do the current students think of the school? If it’s possible, talk to some of the existing students. Are they happy there? Do they look motivated to learn? How will the school help your child get started? Do they assign so-called “buddies” (another student from the same country) for new students? Most schools have established student organizations to provide service to students at a personal level. Here, students can get help about studying, working, individual needs and so on. Seventh: How is the relationship between the school and the parents? You will obviously not be able to monitor your child in school. The teacher will have to be your eyes and ears. You must be notified of your child’s functionality regardless of grade, and regardless of whether it includes bad behavior or progress your child has made. Make sure that you can get informed as often as possible. You may join a parents’ volunteer program if available. Some schools may offer activities for the whole family as well. 38

Thailand Expat Guide

Watch your child! Never mind how diligent you do your homework - and maybe the above list is a bit excessive - you will never be able to foresee if your child will thrive at the school. It is therefore important that you make a habit of spending more time than you used to at home talking to your child about how school was today. What they did in class, and what they did outside. Let her or him tell about their new friends. Listen. All may initially sound fine and uncomplicated, but that may just be a honeymoon period. This is the most important step of them all. If your child develops in any way you find disturbing or starts showing signs of discomfort going to school, you should think twice before you tell your child that “this is life - it is not always pleasant!” A change of school at the right time might be the single most important decision to make to put the future of your child on the right track!

At KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand, all students can shine. The midsize, caring community allows KIS students

“With the power of imagination,

unique dreams and strengths. The school is a full IB school,

Jun, Grade 11.

age groups (IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme and IB Diploma), ensuring an academically rigorous curriculum that not only prepares students to be successful at university, but also teaches important life skills. KIS, it’s all about Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit. Check out the students’ videos to learn more about their passion

World School


Tel: +66 (0) 2274 3444 Email:

Choosing your school

Picking a Preschool When it comes to picking a pre-school, location near the home is mostly the top priority. But it could certainly help if you familiarize yourself with the different terms and philosophies in the field. Cutting through the many terms, there are generally two overall approaches. One os play-based - the other is academical. Within those philosophies are several more specific approaches, such as Montessori. Understanding the different terms will help you find the program that suits your child’s needs. In a play-based program, children choose activities based on their current interests. The term “play-based” is often interchanged with “child-centered,” which could be used to describe the majority of

available preschool programs. The playbased classroom is broken up into sections, such as a home or kitchen, science area, water table, reading nook, space with blocks and other toys, or other areas. Teachers encourage the kids to play, facilitating social skills along the way. Alter natively, there are academic programs, considered didactic, “teacherdirected,” “teacher-managed.” In these classrooms, teachers lead the children in a more structured way, planning the activities, then guiding the children in doing them. This design is aimed at preparing kids for the kindergarten setting. For the most part, classroom time is devoted to learning letters and sounds, distinguishing shapes and colors, telling time, and other skills. If you worry that a play-based classroom is too chaotic and your child would not thrive

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Thailand Expat Guide

Sanuk- Svenska skolan Thailand…

…var den första svenska skolverksamheten som etablerades i Thailand och vi är idag den skola som kommit att utvecklats mest i landet. Fokus för Sanuk har redan från etableringen av den första skolan varit kvalité, personlig utveckling och gemenskap vilket är verksamhetens grundvärderingar. Sedan etableringen 2004 har vi tagit emot och lärt känna 1.000 -tals nöjda familjer, läs gärna mer om oss och vår verksamhet på skolans hemsida.

Visste du att det kvalitetsmedvetna bolaget Apollo valde Sanuk när de ville inleda ett samarbete med en svensk skola i Thailand. Det ser vi som ytterligare ett kvitto på att vi valde rätt inriktning på vår verksamhet redan vid etableringen 2004.

Choosing your school in it, you can easily find a more structured setting. The important thing to remember is that preschool should not look like elementary school. It should be organized so there is a plan and routine for the day. But at the same time, it should not be strict in the sense that kids are spending five minutes at this, ten minutes at this, with no exception. Whether you opt for a play-based or more academic setting, you are choosing to prepare your child for kindergarten and later schooling. While play-based approaches may work for most types of children, any quality preschool program can set the foundation for the transition to kindergarten and beyond. What matters is that your child is learning from adults who engage and stimulate intellectual curiosity while imparting social skills.

In an article on the website www.pbs. org, author Laura Lewis Brown quotes Dr. Robert Pianta, dean of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia for explaining what brings joy to the pre-school teachers: “Most kindergarten teachers will tell you what they really value is the opportunity to teach kids when they show up at school prepared and ready to learn,” he explains. “It’s not so much that teachers value that the kindergartner can read or write. They value that the children enjoy learning, have a set of experiences that got them used to a classroom setting, and know how to engage adults and kids in another setting.”

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Thailand Expat Guide

Tiny Tigers Playgroup

at Bangkok Patana School

Now Roaring for Longer!

Due to popular demand, Tiny Tigers playgroup is now open five days a week! Run by our specialist Early Years teachers, offering access to our wonderful Foundation Stage environment and learning, Tiny Tigers welcomes accompanied children between one and three years of age. For more information and to join the fun from September, please email us at or call on 02 785 2205

Monday to Friday 8.00am until 10.30am Bangkok Pat ana School

643 Lasalle Road (Su khu mvit 105) BTS st at ion: Bangna or Be aring www.pat h admissions@pat h

Choosing your school

Pulling your child out of the school

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Thailand Expat Guide

This is the disaster scenario: What if you picked the wrong school for your child? Is it better to leave the child where he or she is, or should you pull the child right away and switch schools in mid-term? O n t h e A u s t r a l i a n w e b s i t e w w w., Child Psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack says that in her opinion parents should in the first instance try to let the child stay at the school to show your child how to deal with difficult issues, and get external help for the child. “If the child is anxious at the next school, then they may generalise and fear all schools. When we ‘flee’ anxiety-provoking situations, it confirms to us that the situation is meant to be feared. A parent needs to be certain as to whether the issue is with the child or with the environment before making a decision.” The schools willingness to discuss the problem is essential. A school’s lack of understanding and support will increase the problem, leaving you to deal with a distressed child who is being largely ignored by the staff. Not doing anything to help is only making matters worse, although you know that if you pull your child he or she will potentially end up with the same problems in a new environment. Though changing schools may seem like the obvious solution, the struggle many parents face is the potential emotional damage that this may do to their child. If the child has difficulty dealing with change - the thought of changing schools will certainly cause more anxiety. There is always the fear of having the same problems at the new school, or worse problems. Child Psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack modifies her advise above, to stay at the school and seek help, by admitting that when there is no possibility of a resolution then you should of course move your child to another school.

Choosing your school

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“It is not ‘giving up’, it is the acceptance of an unworkable situation,” she says. Sally-Anne suggests that when looking for a new school, parents should visit and make sure that the new school understands why you are moving. Maybe even more important than normally, you have to evaluate the new school carefully - neither you nor your child can afford another mistake. In


Thailand Expat Guide

particular she advises on visiting the new school during recess or lunchtime. “We see the children in their classrooms which gives a sense of how the classes are managed, and then at play periods we see the personalities of the students and get a sense of the community.” Sally-Anne also advises parents to ask a lot of questions that are non-directive and open. For example, rather than asking “do you cater for …?”, ask “what types of learning styles do you best cater for?” The key is assessing the school that best caters to the individual needs of your child, but the challenge is that these needs may not be obvious until after they have started school. Promises can be made, but when schools do not follow through, it can affect a child’s wellbeing and ability to learn. While school policies and ethos can seem great on paper, researching how these are implemented is essential, as Sally-Anne says “sadly in some schools these are just ‘dustcatching’ documents”.

Garden International School uture. F r i e h Yo u r C h o i c e . T

Bangkok Campus 34/3-4 Yen Akart Road, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand Tel : +66(0)2 249-1880 Fax : +66(0)2 249-1943 Email :

O u r Fa m i l y.

Rayong Campus 188/24 Moo 4, Pala-Ban Chang Road, Tambon Pala Amphure Ban Chang, Rayong 21130 Thailand Tel : +66(0)38 880360-3 Fax : +66(0)38 030805 Email:

Boarding School Benefits


he expat lifestyle provides many practical reasons for sending children to boarding school, but the advantages of a boarding experience can go far beyond that. A boarding school is a school where the students live because their parents want them to obtain the special benefits of this kind of education or because they cannot live at home and attend a local school because of their parents assignment to a location without a proper school or because of problems between the parents. Many parents also choose to send their children back home when they reach the age of 12 years or older to ensure that they retain their Nordic roots.  Although the distance and the separation from family and loved ones can take its toll on both the child and its parents, sending children to boarding school in their home country remains a popular choice for expats. The benefits of attending boarding school are many. Gaining a better understanding of


Thailand Expat Guide

roots and cultures, desires for academic achievements, a change of scenery, or being bored with life abroad are just some of them. Whatever the reason, the boarding school experience has many advantages, like small class sizes, diverse curricula, and individual attention from teachers and advisers.

Key points to consider • At a boarding school there will always be an adult and mature persons to talk to. There will always be at least one adult at the boarding school who is ultimately responsible for each single student. There are regular contact persons whom parents, other family members, social workers or if needed special advisors can interact with. • Attending a boarding school will give the student a fresh start. The teachers and house masters at the boarding school will make sure that the students attend to their classes every day, that they receive the education they need, that they take part

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Boarding School Benefits in healthy activities after school and learn how to socialize with other children their own age. • After school, life at the boarding school is the perfect frame for healthy activities with friends. • Often part of what boarding schools offer is also a plan of action for each individual student, attention to special individual educational needs or tutoring in a close cooperation with the student and his/her parents.

Focused ATTENTION 24/7 Students at boarding schools are usually taught in smaller classes, which is not always possible in regular schools. The fact that students as well as teachers live on campus also allows for more focused attention on the individual student, and he or she will be able to become absorbed in different subjects and receive the help they need along the way. One of the unique qualities of attending a boarding school is the complete integration between the life of the student in class and the life of he student after class. This seamless transition in the everyday life of the boarding school student from one sphere to the other gives a maximum cohesion that ordinary day schools will never be able to match no matter how extensive an extra curricular programme they might establish. Boarding schools are sometimes referred to as “intentional communities” because the faculty and staff of boarding schools work very hard to create an environment for students which is safe, academically challenging, active, and fun. During the academic year, boarding schools become extended families where teachers and students live and learn together. The 24-hour community of a boarding school environment allows the faculty to seize every teachable moment whether in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the dormitory. 50

Thailand Expat Guide

Adapting to a changing world Proponents also claim that because they are constantly surrounded by people their own age, students will acquire the skills to become independent, critical thinkers at an early age. They learn how to deal with their problems in a mature and responsible way, and they will develop the ability to quickly adapt to new surroundings and environments. Being apart from parents and other loved ones also gives the students a strong sense of self, supporters say. They learn to trust and believe in themselves as they work through challenges and hardship on their own without the physical support of their parents nearby. T h e e d u c a t i o n a l s t a n d a rd s a n d curriculum at boarding schools are usually based on the standards set for the comprehensive national educational system. In most cases these standards are also well exceeded. Students are encouraged to study more than normally because they are constantly in an academic environment, and they are inspired to do so by their peers. Because of this, people who have attended boarding school are, on average, better prepared for future challenges such as college and university.

At Stenhus High School you can either attend Pre-IB in English or take the Danish STX og HF exam. Stenhus High School is one of the largest high schools in Denmark offering a big variety of subjects and extracurricular activities.

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Boarding School Benefits

Not for everyone

Friends for life At most boarding schools, there is a strong feeling of unity and the community on campus is often very strong, proponents claim. Although the students receive a lot of help and support from their teachers, they very much rely on themselves and the other students. As everyone is in the same boat in a very intense environment where studying and being away from home are some of the key words, the students at boarding schools often form very strong bonds of loyalty and trust with their fellow boarders. After a boarding experience, many find that the friendships they have made last a lifetime.

Boarding school provides you with skills that will be benefit you throughout life. However, it is important to keep in mind that boarding is not for everyone. For the robust child, the experience will prepare him or her for an ambitious life and it teaches the students to survive on their own when things get rough. If the students has a need to feel secure and comfortable in order to thrive, a boarding school may not always be able to provide that kind of environment. Some will like it while others will not. Having selected a boarding school for their child, parents should observe their child maybe even closer than before the move in order to detect early on any signs that may indicate if their decision to go for a boarding school was wrong - or if the chosen school was not the right choice for their child,

Choosing the school Being no longer limited by the nearest school, choosing the best school becomes in a way easier. You can focus on what you find most important - and the school does


Få elever i hver klasse Trygt læringsmiljø med god individuell oppfølging God kontakt med foreldre Internasjonalt godkjente og utfordrende læreplaner Utmerkede resultater i internasjonale og norske nasjonalprøver Sentral beliggenhet med bybanestopp rett utenfor døren Contact us for more information: eller


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Boarding School Benefits not even have to be back in your Nordic home. In Thailand, Harrow International School near Bangkok is an excellent schools with boarding option. In Norway, International School of Bergen takes in boarders as well as days students from the international community in Bergen. In Denmark, there is Stenhus Kostskole & Gymnasium, known for its pioneering efforts in offering classes in Chinese, and Nyborg Gymnasium & Kostskole, which has become the second largest public boarding school in Denmark with over 100 boarders.

What Boarders Say About Boarding • Being around others gives you the opportunity to do lots of different activities. • I have learnt so much from boarding, both academically and socially. • Being there for others and having someone being there for you, a constant social life, you don’t miss out on anything with friends.

• Feeling part of team and living with friends means that you get to know people better. • I am able to talk with friends directly instead of calling to arrange to see them. • You are never bored, there are always things to do and people to do things with. • Boarding has given me a greater sense of responsibility and independence. I feel I am now more organized and prepared for the challenges to come at University. • Rapport with teachers is better. Everyone knows you and you know everyone. • Getting to know friends so well. • Sense of community and belonging. • Boarding school students acquire the abilities that help ensure success in university and in life. The above list of benefits of boarding was expressed by Sixth Form boarders in the UK report “Boarding in the 21st Century”.

NYBORG GYMNASIUM International Baccalaureate

- an alternative to the Danish ‘Studentereksamen’ • internationally recognized • gives admission to universities all over the world • taught in English You can stay at Nyborg Gymnasium’s boarding school. Contact us for more information about theprogramme and the boarding school. Tlf +45 65 31 02 17 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015



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Golf in Thailand


any Scandinavian living in Thailand also consider playing golf an important part of their life. They are joined every year as fall and winter approaches at home by migrating golfers who come to Thailand to play more golf in one of Asia’s golf densest countries. Golf in Thailand is usually played in high temperatures placing added emphasis on the importance of the - mandatory! - caddy, food and beverages services, and extensive changing, washroom and spa facilities at the club house for getting yourself re-energised after the round. Green fees also remain below many competing destinations when compared to the very high quality of the golf courses and resorts. Thailand Golf courses such as the Swedish owned Black Mountain in Hua Hin are well able to compete against the very best courses internationally. Situated in a stunning setting near the southern resort town of Hua Hin, Black

Mountain has brand new pool villas to rent, with the option of self-catering from an onsite supermarket or dining in the clubhouse restaurant. In the past year, Black Mountain has added a water park and wakeboard park, both among the best and most modern in Asia, as an added attraction for families. Also with a spa, tennis and volleyball facilities, as well as an excellent driving range, Black Mountain offers something for everyone regardless if they stay and play or have accommodation elsewhere in the greater Hua Hin area.

Learning golf as a family game Beginners and juniors are welcome on Thailand’s golf courses. The attitude is that if you’ve paid a green fee, you can play − as long as it’s not to the detriment of the course or the other players.

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Golf in Thailand A great way to get started both for grownups and kids is to visit one of several par 3 courses that exist around the country, if possible during the week when they’re not so crowded. It’s also best to avoid rainy days.

Get an official handicap

But if neither the parents nor the kids have ever played before, the starting point is usually one of the golfing schools or academies or even the local driving range; the young ones can start from six years old to make a start. Where ever you are in Thailand a driving range won’t be too far away. For a handful of Thai Baht for a tray of balls, both grownups and kids can have fun learning how to hit the ball by watching the pros before having a go themselves. Almost every range has a pro standing by in some shape or form; some are USGA or Thai PGA qualified or are former touring pros plying their trade. Many of the international schools in Thailand have full golfing programs and either have in-house teachers or employ the regular services of a local golf pro from one of the courses or driving ranges; so once or twice a week the kids are getting proper schooling in the technicalities as well as the etiquette of the game. 56

Thailand Expat Guide

Longstayers or residents who would like to have an official handicap issued should join the Golf Section of Scandinavian Society Siam. Membership of SSS is 1000 baht for an individual and 2000 baht for a family. On top of that you pay 1200 baht to become a member of the Golf Section. Within this fee, the SSS Golf Section will on your behalf apply for membership at Thailand Golf Association (TGA), who will issue an official handicap. Players have to register all their scorecards to TGA (www. This also includes scorecards, from games/tournaments which are not arranged by SSS. When you play with the other members, The Golf Committee will after each tournament send the scorecards to TGA. Players’ handicaps can be found at www. Members with a valid SSS handicap are divided into 3 groups (as per TGA handicap): Group A: Handicap 0 - 18.4 Group B: Handicap 18.5 - 28.4 Group C: Handicap 28.5 - 36.0 Players with no TGA handicap, will play in the guest group To join SSS Golf Section visit For more information, feel free to contact SSS Golf Caption Kristian Wensell at or tel: +66 8 9488 2236

Black Mountain

Mountain High at Hua Hin It took just five years for Black Mountain Golf Club near Hua Hin to climb the ladder of golf course notoriety in Asia. Now, seven years since opening, the first course in Thailand to be named (in 2012) in the US Golf Digest list of the Top 100 Courses Outside the United States is the kingdom’s premier lifestyle and leisure resort with golf as its crowning centerpiece. The Black Mountain complex includes a par-3 course, driving range, spa, water park and wakeboard park, condominiums and villas for sale and rent, a sports centre, restaurant, supermarket and bakery. The availability of more than 40 private pool villas in the resort’s rental pool is a big plus for families visiting the resort from Bangkok, other parts of Thailand or overseas. Few other golf properties in the kingdom have on-site accommodation, let alone a wide range of family-oriented facilities. And none can match the quality of Black Mountain’s golf course.

Offering some of the best scenery and conditioning of any golf course in Thailand, Black Mountain has collected a throng of awards since opening. In May 2012, Black Mountain became the first course in Thailand to make US Golf Digest’s list of the Best 100 Courses Outside the United States. And in late 2013 it took the top award at the Asia Pacific Golf Summit in Jakarta as best course in Thailand for the third year in a row. Black Mountain’s appeal lies in its design, wonderful presentation, range of facilities, service standards and value for money. You only have to play this course once to realise why it is so widely acknowledged as one of Asia’s great golf courses.

For more information, visit


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Health care in Thailand


edical services are praised by most foreigners living in Thailand as they are of a high standard and relatively inexpensive. In all the major tourist destinations, Thailand’s health care system provides both public and private hospitals or clinics staffed by well-trained doctors and nurses. An ambulance can be summoned from a private hospital in the case of an emergency. If you live in Bangkok, Bumrungrad Hospital is generally considered the top hospital for foreigners and with a service standard that may indeed make your hospital stay a great pleasure. Of course, you must have a valid health insurance or else it may be incredibly expensive. Accidents happen – and they can happen in the strangest places at the strangest times, like on the side of a mountain in Krabi or in an alley in Bangkok at 3am. Travel insurance can cover you for all sorts of mishaps during your travel - and actually

Photo: Ivan Beeckmans

quite often even before you leave your home country. Up to 25% of all insurance claims are due to cancellation of travel! Talking of precautions, a word about vaccinations should be included. Although vaccinations are recommended by the authorities in your home country. it is worth a thought that most people living in Thailand do not have these expensive vaccinations. If you’re planning on trekking or passing through the more remote areas then check out the list of recommended vaccinations for visits to Thailand. Otherwise, consider not taking them.

Medical Tourism Thailand has over the past two decades emerged as a regional leader in what has been called Medical Tourism. It covers the full spectrum from expecting mothers traveling from Laos or Cambodia to give birth in Bangkok to major dental works and elaborate beautification operations like reducing belly fat and enlargement of female breasts. Unlike most Western countries, the cost of private medical treatment is cost effective. Treatments are usually cheaper than what it would be back home, plus you do not need to wait on long lists of other patients. One can just about get the procedure done “on arrival” and recover in some of Thailand’s beach resorts - a pretty good offer to beat. High marks are usually given Thai hospitals from embassies of many countries. Are there risks involved? Yes but this is true for any country. First there are many countries that have different diseases. Second there may not be a great avenue (if any) to register complaints. ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Health care in Thailand

There are more of course; but you have your own worries and cares. Better you research your own.

Health Care for Thais For Thai people, Thailand currently has three major healthcare schemes: The universal healthcare scheme, the health-benefit part of the social-security scheme, and the healthcare programme for civil servants and their family members. 60

Thailand Expat Guide

The first programme covers about 48 million people, with per-head cost averaging Bt2,755.60. In 2011, the scheme spent Bt101.057 billion on its members. The second programme covers 9.4 million subscribers, with per-head expenditure of Bt2,504, and it spent Bt24.476 billion in 2011. The third scheme takes care of some 5 million civil servants and their families, with per-head expenditure at Bt14,123.01 per month. It spent Bt61.8 billion on its members in 2011. According to Dueanden Nikhomborirak, director of economic system management at the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), members of the social-security scheme seem to get the least medical benefits even though they make monthly contributions to the programme. Many health activists and consumer-protection advocates say that the benefits are less than even what is offered by the completely free universal healthcare system.


Thailand Expat Guide

Expat Calendar


he typical expat year in Thailand starts in September when “back after the summer” and ends in June with “going home for the summer break”. Most Scandinavian expats in Thailand follow this rythm and enjoy a long summer vacation back in their Scandinavia before coming back for the working stretch during autumn, winter and spring. The international schools follow the expat summer break rythm while local Thai schools follow the Thai calendar dating back to King Rama 6. According to that, a new year starts on the 1st of April. So the students in a Thai school have year end exams in March and then go on a break until the school opens again in May. The traditional expat lifestyle is a bit colonial and more and more foreigners - often younger people employed in Thailand on local contracts - tend to break away from it and follow instead the Thai year with the main vacation around Songkran in April.

Autumn in Thailand Back after the summer, in September, you can look forward to a straight ten months in Thailand. During that time, a wide variety of events are being organized and offered by the social associations and the Nordic chambers of commerce. One of the highlights in the autumn is the Crayfish Party organized by the Scandinavian Society Siam, usually the last Saturday in September or the first Saturday in October. SWEA and DWN has usually also a “welcome back” event. The same goes for the Scandinavian Expats in Pattaya and the Scandinavian associations in Hua Hin. Throughout the autumn and the following spring, the Norwegian Church in Pattaya keep up an impressive number of well visited community events including of course the Sunday Christ services. The same is to a

lesser extend the case for the Church of Sweden in Bangkok and Phuket The Scandinavian Christmas bazaar is usually held on the 1st of Advent. On 24 December, Christmas Eve, many Scandinavians in Bangkok join the Nordic service in Christ Church with the gospel read in all four home languages - plus sometimes even in Icelandic, too. Leading up to Christmas, all the four Nordic Chambers have usually held wet and rowdy Christmas lunches for their members a success that seems to never stop growing in participation.

Spring in Thailand Spring in Thailand can be an extremely hot season until the Songkran water festival, when the monsoon changes and we get rain and cooler winds blown down from China. For the golfers, Amundsen’s Cup usually in January is a must. For the Norwegians, the annual Seafood Under the Stars-dinner is another highlight some weeks later. The spring is also the season for all the Annual General Meetings with selection of new members to head the different boards of directors, SWEA, TSCC and DTCC have their meetings in March, so does the the Nordic associations in Hua HIn, SSS hold their event in late April. The Norwegians also have their regional Norway-Asia Business Summit in the spring. Many people feel that time goes faster in Thailand than back home. That is of course nonsense, but suddenly it is indeed June again and another year has gone. Time to go “back for the summer” in Scandinavia. The calendar on gives the most comprehensive overview of events. You should subscribe to the weekly calender briefing. It is an email service that every Monday morning informs you and reminds you of events coming up this week. ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


2015 July




1 2 3 4 5

1 2

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

13 14 15 16 17 18 19

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

20 21 22 23 24 25 26

17 18 19 20 21 22 23

27 28 29 30 31

24 25 26 27 28 29 30

30 = Asanha bucha Day 31 = Khao Phansa Day



12 = H.M. The Thai Queen’s Birthday




1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

5 6 7 8 9 10 11

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

12 13 14 15 16 17 18

21 22 23 24 25 26 27

19 20 21 22 23 24 25

28 29 30

26 27 28 29 30 31

23 = Chulalongkorn Day 31 = All Saints’ Day






1 2 3 4 5 6

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

9 10 11 12 13 14 15

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

16 17 18 19 20 21 22

21 22 23 24 25 26

23 24 25 26 27 28 29

28 29 30 31


5 = H.M. The Thai King’s Birthday 6 = Finnish Independence Day 7 = Compensation for H.M. The King’s Birthday 10 = Thai Constitution Day 24-26 = Christmas Day & Boxing Day 31 = New Year’s Eve

25 = Loi Krathong Day


Thailand Expat Guide


2016 January




1 2 3

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

11 12 13 14 15 16 17

15 16 17 18 19 20 21

18 19 20 21 22 23 24

22 23 24 25 26 27 28

25 26 27 28 29 30 31


1 = New Year’s Day 6 = Epiphany, 13th Day after Christmas

7 = Fastelavn (Denmark) 8 = Chinese New Year 22 = Macha Bucha Day





1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

11 12 13 14 15 16

21 22 23 24

18 19 20 21 22 23 24





28 29 30 31

25 26 27 28 29 30

24 = Maundy Thursday

6 = Chakri Day

25 = Good Friday 27 = Easter Day 28 = Easter Monday

13-15 = Songkran Festival Day 16 = The Queen of Denmark’s Birthday 22 = General Prayer day (Denmark)






1 2 3 4 5

2 3 4 5 6 7 8


9 10 11 12 13 14 15

13 14 15 16 17 18 19


20 21 22 23 24 25

17 18 19 20 21 22

7 8 9 10 11 12

23 24 25 26 27 28 29

27 28 29 30

30 31

5 = Danish Constitution Day 6 = Swedish National Day 24-25 = Scandinavian Midsummer

1 = Labor Day 2 = Labor Day (Observed) 5 = Thai Coronation Day, Ascension Day 15 = Whit Sunday (Pinse) 17 = Norwegian National Day 20 = Visakha Bucha Day

ScandAsia Business Directory 2015




Thailand Expat Guide

Copyright: Wavebreak Media Ltd / 123RF Stock Photo

Recommended Services


SEB - Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) Singapore

Car Rental

Eurpcar Danmark Denmark

Community magazine ScandAsia Publishing Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10230

ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Recommended Services


Black Mountain Golf Club Hua Hin Prachaubkirikhan 77110

Graphic Services

Scand-Media Corp., Ltd. Bangkok 10230

Health Care

Bumrungrad International Hospital Bangkok 10110


Thailand Expat Guide

Recommended Services

Hotels and Resorts

Hotel Mermaid Bangkok Bangkok 10110

Industrial Automation

M.I.A.C Automation Co., Ltd. Chonburi 20150

International Schools

Bangkok Patana School Bangkok 10260

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School Bangkok 10110

Brighton College International School, Bangkok Bangkok 10240

Bromsgrove International School Bangkok 10260 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Recommended Services

International Schools

Garden International School Bangkok 10210 Rayong 21130

Harrow International School Bangkok Bangkok 10210

International School of Bergen N-5081 Bergen, Norway

KIS International School Bangkok 10320

Magic Years International School Nonthaburi 11120

Modern Montessori International Thailand Bangkok 10110


Thailand Expat Guide

Recommended Services

NIST International School Bangkok 10110

Nyborg Gymnasium Denmark

Sanuk - Svenska Skolan i Thailand Three locations

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok 10120

Stenhus kostskole Denmark

Shipping Solutions

Nordana Bangkok 10500 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015



Thailand Expat Guide

Nordic Business Directory A directory of companies with a Nordic affiliation


A&B Guest House A&S Thai Works Co., Ltd. AA Travel Service Co., Ltd. AAPC (Thailand) Ltd. Aava Resort & Spa AB MunkforsSågar Abacus Travel Service Co., Ltd. ABB Limited ABC Tech Ltd. (Thailand) Abode ABS Relocations AD ASIA Consulting Co.,Ltd. Admiral’s Pub Co.,Ltd. Advance Agro Public Co., Ltd. Advance Cleantech Advanced Medical Science Co., Ltd Advantage Recruitment (thailand) ltd Aerosoft Danmark ApS AF-Consult Ltd (Thailand) Agon Pacific Co., Ltd. AGP Golf & Tours Co.,Ltd. Aibel (Thailand) Ltd. Aidc (2005) Co. Ltd. AIP Foundation Air France KLM Ake Panya International School Aker Cool Sorption Siam Ltd. Akzo Nobel Paints (Thailand)limited Albatros Travel Aleenta Company Limited Alfa Laval (Thailand) Ltd. Allied Pickfords Alltomthai / Restaurang Tradgarden Alpine Saleforce Ltd. Amadeus Asia Limited Amadeus Restaurant Amata Corporation Public Co., Ltd. Amber Air Travel Co., Ltd. Amino-Lab Asia Co., Ltd. Amornmas Co.,Ltd. AP Management Consultancy Int. Ltd APM Global Logistics (Thailand) Ltd. APV (thailand) Ltd. Area Digital Solution Inc ARMA Group (Thailand) Limited

PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Samut Prakan 10540 Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10330 Nakhon Si Thammarat 80210 Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10320 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10240 Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Bankok 10240 Bangkok 10900 Bangkok Danmark 2970 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Rayong 21130 Ranong 85000 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10500 Chiang Mai 50230 Rayong 21150 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok Bangkok 10230 Bangkok 10240 Bangkok 10260 Phuket 83130 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Nonthaburi Rayong 21190 Bangkok 10320 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10110 Prachuapkhirikun 77110 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory arvato systems (Thailand) Ltd Asia & Overseas Travel Partner Co., Ltd Asia Assistance (Thailand) Co.Ltd. Asia Safe Tech Co., Ltd. Asian Tigers Mobility Asian Assistance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Asian Institute of Technology Asian Oasis Co.,Ltd Asian Oasis Collection Co., Ltd. Asian Tigers Transpo International Ltd. Asian Trails Ltd. AsiaOne International A-Sky Tour Co., Ltd. Assa Abloy (Thailand) Ltd. Assab Steels (Thailand) Ltd. Astra Zeneca (Thailand) Ltd. Atlas Copco (Thailand) Ltd. Atlas Hotel Cafe & Bar Autoliv (Thailand) Ltd. Avalon Beach Resort (V.I.P) Avarin Group Co., Ltd. AVIVA Decor Limited Away Resort, Koh Kood Ayara Villas Aziam Burson-Marsteller Co., Ltd.


Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10900 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10900 Pathumthani 12120 Bangkok 10330 Phuket 83000 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10320 Bangkok 10250 Samut Prakan 10540 Bangkok 10120 Chacheongsao 24180 Phuket 83150 Chonburi 20000 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10330 Trat 23000 Phang Nga 82190 Bangkok 10330

B & W Premier Properties Co., Ltd. B&N Developing ApS B.L. Hua & Co. Ltd. B.M.C. Baan Kamala Co., Ltd Baan Sabaijai (Pattaya) Co., Ltd. Baan Sawan Resort Baan SCT (Thailand) Co., Ltd Baan Suan Greenery Hill, BagsvĂŚrd Kostskole og Gymnasium Baker & McKenzie Ltd. Banana Shoes Asia Co., Ltd. Bandara Hotels & Resorts Bang & Olufsen Bangkok Base Bangkok International Prep School Bangkok Adventist Mission Hospital Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Bangkok Condo Finder Co.,Ltd. Bangkok Condos & Apartments Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Phuket 83130 Bangkok Bangkok 10600 Bangkok Bangkok 10330 Nakhonphanom 48110 Krabi 81000 Bangkok 10110 Chiang Mai 50300 Denmark Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10330 www.bang-olufsen Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10300 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10310 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Phuket 83000

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School

Bangkok 10110


Thailand Expat Guide

Nordic Business Directory Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa Bangkok Mold Consultant Ltd. Part

Bangkok 10600 Bangkok 10160

Bangkok Patana School

Bangkok 10260

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital International Barclay Spencer International Limited Barefeet Naturist Resort BaumgartenBrandt (Asia) Ltd. BD Agriculture (Thailand) Ltd. Beach Terrace Hotel Becker Acroma Thailand Co., Ltd. Ben Adisti Co., Ltd. Benchachinda Holding Co., Ltd. Bengt Holm Engineering AB Berli Jucker Public Co., Ltd. Bethel Tour Co., Ltd. BillerudKorsnäs Biogenetech Co., Ltd. BKKCondos Co., Ltd. BK-Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Black Lotus Hua Hin Co., Ltd.

Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10230 Bangkok 10500 Samut Prakan 10540 Petchaburi 76120 Chonburi 20160 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10900 184 33 Åkersberga Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10310 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10260 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10260 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110

Black Mountain Golf Club Hua Hin

PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110

Blessed Homes Blue Business Solutions Limited Blue Diamond Dive Resort Blue Elephant Cooking Classes Blue Water Shipping Blufox (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Blue Mango Blue Mango Restaurant & Bar BNH Hospital BNP Property Co., Ltd. Boathouse on Kata Beach Bonjour Fusion Co.,Ltd Botany Beach Resort Bourbon St. Restaurant and Oyster Bar Boutique Newcity Public Co., Ltd. BrainHeart Co., Ltd.

Mae Sot 63110 Bangkok 10330 Surat Thani 84280 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok. 10310 Bangkok 10110 Rayong 21190 Krabi 81000 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10400 Phuket 83100 Bangkok Chonburi 20250 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110

ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory Bravo Tours A/S Brenntag Ingredients (Thailand)

Denmark Bangkok 10120

Brighton College International School

Bangkok 10240

British International School, Broadways Exclusive

Phuket Phuket 83000 Bangkok 10110

Bromsgrove International School

Bangkok 10260

BT Flindt BT Midland Co., Ltd. Buffalo Bill Buffalo Steak House Buffalo Tours (Thailand) Ltd.

Phuket 83130 Bangkok 10250 Trat 23170 Phuket 83100 Bangkok 10400

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bangkok 10110

Burapha Agroforestry Co., Ltd. Business Class (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Business Sweden Butterfly Tour BW Furniture (Thailand) Ltd

Vientiane, Lao PDR Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10240 Bangkok 10110

Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10260 Bangkok 10330 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10330


C&C Travel SE Asia C.I.T. Property Consultants Co., Ltd. C.L. International Co.,ltd. Camy Holding Co., Ltd. Candoasia Consulting Co., Ltd. Canvassco (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Thailand Expat Guide

Nordic Business Directory Capaciton Ltd. Bangkok 10250 Capital Televsion Group Co.,Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Carbon Reduction Technologies AS Bangkok 10500 Caretex Asia Ltd. Chonburi 20230 Carlsberg Thailand Bangkok 10330 CCM Center for Change Management Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Cellennium (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10400 Centara Grand & Bangkok Convetion Bangkok 10330 Centara Karon Resorrt Karon 83100 Central Karon Village Phuket 83100 CEO Paradox Trading Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10400 Chaamproperty Co., Ltd. Phetchaburi 76120 Chaba Tour Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10900 Charter International School Bangkok 10260 Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok Bangkok 10120 Chatrium Residence Riverside Bangkok 10120 Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) Chiang Mai 50000 Chomsin HuaHin Hotel PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Christiania Stillas A/S 2016 Frogner, Norway Church of Finland Bangkok Church of Sweden Bangkok 10110 CIAO Swedish Restaurant Surat Thani 84310 Ciptor Asia Bangkok 10110 CISL (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10900 Citrin Tour Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Clarity IT Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10330 Coco & Cabana Travel Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10400 Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa Surat Thani 84280 Codemate Ltd. Bangkok, Colorlux Signs Limited Bangkok 10510 Condo Group Chonburi 20250 Connect Phuket 83150 Connectica Directory Services Bangkok 10110 Connecting Global Ltd. Samut Prakan 10560 (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Connector Asia Co., Ltd Bangkok 10110 Cool Sorption (Thailand) Ltd. Rayong 21150 Cooperative Center for Long Stay Tourism Bangkok 10300 CPHSE.Copenhagen Shipping Exchange Ltd. Cross-Cultural Management Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10700 CSA Crane Service Asia Co.,Ltd Chonburi


D’Pelican Inn D2 Real Estate Co.,Ltd. Dacon Inspection Services Co., Ltd. Damco DanAsian Danfil Limited Danfoss (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Danish and Intl. Food Danish Embassy Danish Energy Management Danish Handicap Tours Danish Loft Design Danish Management Group Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce

Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Rayong 21130 Bangkok 10120 Loei 42240 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10320 Phuket 83150 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10110 Ubonratchathani 34000 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok Bangkok 10400 Samutprakarn 10540 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory Dansk Data Elektronik A/s Nonthaburi 11000 DanThai Machinery Co., Ltd. Chonburi 20230 Darling Foods co Ltd Chiang Mai Davinci Thailand Company Ltd. Bangkok 10240 Daydream Corporation Limited Bangkok 10230 Dental Cafe’ (V.I.P) Chonburi 20260 Designers Field Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10150 Det Norske Veritas (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10900 Dewa Nai Yang Beach Phuket Phuket Diakrit(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Diamond Cottage Resort &Spa Phuket 83100 Diamond Fashion Chonburi 20260 Diethelm & Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10100 Diethelm Travel Thailand Ltd. Bangkok 10330 DIS - Danish Interpretation Bangkok 10310 Divers Inn Krabi 81000 DNB Asia Ltd Singapore 068811 dnp denmark as Denmark Dolce Vita Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10210 Double A 1991 Ltd. Co. Chantaburi 22180 DP CleanTech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10310 D’Pelican Inn Bangkok 10110 Dragon Enterprises Co., Ltd. Chonburi 20150 Dream Gelato Inter Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10210 DSV Air & Sea Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Dtac Bangkok Duco International Co.,ltd. Bangkok 10110 Duke Language School Bangkok 10110 Dulwich International College Phuket 83000 Dumex/Danone Pakkret 11120 Duni Asia Pacific Bangkok 10330 Dusit Thani Bangkok Bangkok 10500 Dusit Pattaya Co., Ltd. (V.I.P) Chonburi 20260 Dusit Thani Bangkok Bangkok 10500 DZ Card (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Samut Prakan 10540 DZ Wine Samut Prakan 10540


E.p. Handling Co.,Ltd. E.S.S. Education Co Ltd. EABC ECCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Eco Valley Lodge Co., Ltd. Eden Bar & Dining eDNA Consulting Co Ltd Eka Chemicals (Thailand) Limited Ekamai International School El Property Ltd/ Sea Breeze Villas Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd. Electrowatt Engineering Ltd. Ellegard Trading Co., Ltd. Eltek Power Co., Ltd. Engel & Volkers EQHO Communications Ltd. Equestrian Paradice ERA Oakfield Group Thailand Ericsson (Thailand) Ltd.


Thailand Expat Guide

Cholburi 20260 Rayong 21160 Bangkok 10120 Ayutthaya 13260 Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Krabi 81150 Bangkok Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Prachuabkhirkan 77110 Bangkok 10320 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10510 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10500 Nakhon Nayok 26120 Rayong 21160 Bangkok 10900 www.

Nordic Business Directory ETK EMS ASIA Productions Ltd. Eton Systems Asia Co., Ltd. EU DELEGATION Euro-Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Rayong 21140 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10400

Europcar Danmark


Evason Huahin Evason Phuket & Bon Island Evolution Tour Exotissimo Travel Thailand Expressen

PrachuapKhiriKhan 77220 Phuket 83130 Trat 23170 Bangkok Bangkok 10110


Fabrinet Ltd. Pathum Thani 12120 Fager Stockholm Bangkok 10120 Faraway Yachting Co. Ltd. Phuket 83130 FBI - Udon Real Estate Udon Thani 41000 Fearnleys (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10330 öretagsekonomiska Institutet 1888 AB (“FEI”) 111 83 Stockholm Felicia (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10500 Fena Estate Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Fiddy’s Guesthouse Phuket 83150 Finansa Plc. Bangkok 10500 Finnair Bangkok Office Bangkok 10500 Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission Bangkok 10260 Finpro Thailand, Finland Trade Center Nonthaburi 11120 FIPA Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Firexpress Co., Ltd. Samut Prakan 10540 First Discovery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10510 First World Tour Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10600 Flaggan Chonburi 20260 Flectronics Network Services (T) Ltd. Bangkok 10900 FlexLink Systems Pte Ltd. Bangkok 10320 Flow Cocktail Ltd. Bangkok 10330 FLS Airtech A/S - Asia Bangkok 10110 Fluid Bag (Asia) Ltd. Chonburi Flux International Ltd. Samut Prakan 10540 Food Academy Bangkok Bangkok 10120 Foody (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Samut Prakan 10540 Forefront Foodtech Co., Ltd. Bangkok Fortum Energy Solutions (T) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Foster Wheeler Service (thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10330 Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok 10330 Fovea Co. Ltd. Bangkok 10600 Francom Asia Ltd. Bangkok 10500 Friends Bar Chonburi 20260 Fugle Service Ltd Partnership Chonburi

ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory


G4S Security Services(Thailand) Limited GAC Thailand

Bangkok 10310 Bangkok 10330

Garden International School

Bangkok 10210 Rayong 21130

Geodis Wilson Thai Ltd. Bangkok 10260 Geoprise Technologies Co., Ltd. Bangkok 11000 Georg Jensen (Thailand) Ltd. Chiangmai 50130 GIF Thai Match Co., Ltd. Samut Prakan 10280 GlenAsia Bangkok 10110 Global Benefit Networks Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Global International Resources Co. Ltd. Bangkok Globetrotter Hotel Chonburi 20260 Golf House Thailand Co. Ltd. Chiang Mai 50100 Golf of Siam PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Gotel Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 GPV Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Samut Prakan 10280 Grace International School Chiangmai 50230 Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok 10110 Grant Thornton Services Ltd. Bangkok 10330 Green Field Villas Chonburi 20150 GreenDot International Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10500 Grillhuette Restaurant & Guesthouse Grundfos (Thailand) Limited Bangkok 10250 GTA Thailand Bangkok 10110 Guangxi First Gateway Creation Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Gunnebo Singapore Pte Ltd Bangkok 10110 Guesthouse Say Cheese Hua Hin 77110 Gulf Agency Company (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10330


H Gallery H.H.K. Intertrade Co., Ltd. Hako Group East Asia Ltd HAKO Thailand Co., Ltd Hakon Restaurant Hammars Co., Ltd. Hansen and Jensen Import, Co., Ltd. Harn Thai Pharma Ltd.


Thailand Expat Guide

Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10150 Bangkok Bangkok 10140 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10240 Prachuab Khiri Khan 77110 Bangkok 10310

Nordic Business Directory

Harrow International School

Bangkok 10210

Harrys Restaurant Hasle Refractories (Thailand) Co., Ltd. HC Andersen Family Restaurant Healthy Living Thailand Heidelberg Graphics (Thailand) Limited Heidrick & Struggles Henry Apartment Herbalife Group Highland Maritime Co., Ltd. Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa Hin Lek Fai Hua Hin Hjellegjerde Asia Co., Ltd. Hoff Cafe’ Bakery-Shop Holm Machinery Asia Company, Ltd. Homag Asia Home Solution Services Rayong Co,. Ltd Home2Thailand Exclusive Real Estate Hong Kong Transpack Co., Ltd. HortiQ Thailand Co., Ltd Hot Property Hua Hin Hotel H. C. Andersen

Phuket 83100 Bangkok 10500 Phuket 83150 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10330 Chonburi 20150 Krabi 81000 Bangkok 10330 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Rayong 21140 Chonburi 20250 Udon Thani 41000 Samutprakarn Ban Phe 21160 Phuket 83110 Bangkok 10110 Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Krabi 81000

Hotel Mermaid Bangkok Ltd.

Bangkok 10110

Hotel Tech Limited Hotel The Little Mermaid Hove D.K. Co., Ltd. Hua Hin Consultancy Real Estate Co.,Ltd. Hua Hin Leisure Co., Ltd. Huntsman Pub, The Landmark Hotel Hvidsten Group Hygeia Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Bangkok 10110 Phuket 83100 Samut Prakan 10270 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10700


IACC Chemical Solutions Co.,Ltd. Ib Andresen Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. IBRIX Co.,Ltd

Samut Prakan 10280 Chonburi 20230 Bangkok 10310

ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory Icelandair iConnect Plus Co., Ltd. ICT Group Ltd. Iden Limited iDot Co. Ltd. IIB (Thailand)Co.,Ltd. Ikano (Thailand) Limited IKEA Trading (Thailand) Ltd. Ilvex Associates (thailand) Ltd. IMG Asia Co., Ltd. Indochina Explorers Travel Ineos Asiatic Chemical Co., Ltd. Interactive Group Co., Ltd. International School Bangkok International School Eastern Seaboard

Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10230 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10210 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10110 Samut Prakan 10540 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Chachoengsao 24140 Bangkok 10500 Samut Prakan 10280 Bangkok 10110 Nonthaburi 11120 Chonburi 20110

International School of Bergen

N-5081 Bergen, Norway

International School of Pattaya (ISP) International School of The Regents (ISR) Intertec Wind A/S Intra Mekong Co., Ltd. IntraFlash Group Limited invadeIT Co., Ltd. IsaanPhoto ISS Facility Services Co., Ltd. I-Tracking (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Chonburi 20150 Chonburi 20150 Denmark 8100 Nonthaburi 11120 Koh Samui 84320 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10520 Bangkok 10220 Bangkok 10260


Jailhouse Restaurant, Bar & Guesthouse Jebsen & Jessen Jebsen & Jessen Marketing (T) Ltd. Jinning Beach Guest House JL Land Co., Ltd. Jomtien Boathouse Jönköping University Jotun Powder Coatings Thailand Ltd. Jotun Thailand Limited JustDrinkit Co.,Ltd.


Kamala Consultancy Co., Ltd. Kamthorn Surachet & Somsak Ltd. Kare’s Party Bar


Thailand Expat Guide

PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Nonthaburi 11120 Chonburi 20260 SE-551 11 Jönköping Chonburi 20000 Chonburi 20000 Bangkok 10110

Phuket 83150 Bangkok 10600 Chonburi 20150

Nordic Business Directory Karlsson’s Restaurant’s Phuket Phuket 83150 Karon Beach Hotel Phuket 83100 Karon Cafe Inn Kasap Thong Co., Ltd. Chonburi 20260 KB Plus Limited Partnership Bangkok 10150 KDT International Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Khao Lak Land Discovery Phang Nga 82190 Khao Yai Farmhouse Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Kiin Kiin Restaurant Bangkok 10330 Kintamani Exclusive Bali Villa and Resort Chonburi 20260


KIS International School

Bangkok 10320

KMC Thailand KONE Public Company Limited Konecranes Service Co., Ltd. Kon-Tiki Khao Lak Co.,Ltd Kon-Tiki Krabi Co., Ltd. Kon-Tiki Lanta Co.,Ltd Kon-Tiki Phuket Co., Ltd. Kon-Tiki Phuket Co., Ltd. Krabi Spesialisten Co., Ltd. Krungdhep Sophon Krusell (Thailand) Co., Ltd. KTH - Royal Institute of Technology Kvik Asia Co., Ltd.

Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10900 Chonburi 20230 Phang Nga 82190 Krabi 81000 Krabi 81150 Phuket 83150 Phuket 83150 Krabi 81000 Bangkok 10140 Bangkok 10600 SE-100 44 Stockholm Bangkok


L.V. Technology Public Co., Ltd. La Moet La Perouse Boutique Resort Lanna International School LawPlus Ltd. LawtonAsia Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. Lemongrass Restaurant Leschaco (Thailand) Ltd. Letic Fitness / Hua Hin Fitness Limited Lighthouse Navigation Co. Ltd. Lima Coco Resort Group Linda’s Restaurant Lingo ApS Little Norway Bar & Beergarden Little Norway Condominium Living Moebel Co., Ltd. Livinghouse Co. Ltd Lodam Electronics A/S Logans Thailand Co., Ltd.

Bangkok 10310 Phuket 81130 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77120 Chiang Mai 50000 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10330 Phuket 81000 Bangkok 10110 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10310 Jomtion 20260 Bangkok 10120 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok PrachuapKhiriKhan 77190 Denmark Chonburi 20130 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory Logonet (Thailand) Co., LTD Logwin Air + Ocean (Thailand) Ltd. Lomamaa Co., Ltd. Londal Consulting Co., Ltd. Lotus Star Co.,Ltd. Lungsawi Restuarant (V.I.P) Lutheran Mission In Thailand Luvata Heating Cooling Technologies (Thailand) Ltd. Lux Royal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Lyngdorf Audio

Bangkok 10230 Bangkok 10110 Bangok 10150 Bangkok 10240 Bangkok 10110 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10110 Chachoengsao 24140

Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110

M.D. Tours & Travel

Bangkok 10110

M.I.A.C Automation Co., Ltd.

Chonburi 20150

M2 Systems Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. M2M Technology Co., Ltd. Machining Part Export Co., Ltd. Maersk Line (Thailand) Ltd. Maersk Logistics Magellan Corporation Limited

Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10110

Magic Years International School

Nonthaburi 11120

Magna Carta Co., Ltd. Maldives Beach Resort Mama Pat Swedish Rest Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok bangkok Mango Spa & Resort Manit & Associates Law OfficeSamui Marina Phuket Resort Martin Industrial Group Co.,Ltd. Maxxi Building Product Co., Ltd MBA Lawyer and Detective Ltd. Mconzult Asia Co., Ltd. MEC Far East International Media Partner Co., Ltd. Medidoc International

Chonburi 20150 Chanthaburi 22120 Phuket 83100 Bangkok 10500

PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Suratthani 84320 Phuket 8310 Chonburi 20250 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Pattaya 20150 Bangkok 10210 Bangkok 10260 Bangkok 10230 Bangkok 10110



Thailand Expat Guide

Nordic Business Directory MediLink Co., Ltd. ME-Hembicon Co., Ltd. Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd. Mermaid Safety Services Ltd. Mermaid Supply Ltd. Mermaids Dive Center Metso Automation Co., Ltd. MetsoPaper (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Mhe Demag (Thailand) Ltd. Micro Matic Thailand Midland Corporation Limited Mikkeller Bangkok Millenium Residence Millennium Maid Service Co. Ltd. Min Sen Machinery Co.,Ltd. Mindshare Thailand Mobile-Technologies Co., Ltd. Modern International School Bangkok

Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10400 Cholburi 20230 Chonburi 20230 Chonburi 20260 Bangkok 10110 Chonburi 20230 Bangkok 10310 Nonthaburi Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10310 Bangkok 10200 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110

Modern Montessori International Thailand Bangkok 10110 Modigs Forvaltnings (Asia) Limited Moevenpick Resort and Spa Mojo Mobile Co., Ltd. Molnlycke Heath Care (Thailand) Mondo Vino Co., Ltd. Montpelier (Thailand) Ltd. Montpeller Nordic Ltd. Moonlight Guesthouse Morn Kwan APS Mostly Music Agency Munters (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Nadiwadee Co. Ltd. Naiplao Bay Resort Naviworld (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Nederman S.E.A. Co., Ltd. Nera (Thailand) Limited Net Protection Concepts New Nordic Sales Office New Wave Trailer Co., Ltd. News Cafe Next Step Communication Co. Ltd Nicolie Massage & Spa Nilfisk-Advance Co., Ltd. Nilpeter Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. NishaVille

Bangkok 10110 Phuket 83100 Bangkok 10210 Samut Prakan 10540 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10110 Malaysia 59000 Chiang Mai 50200 Denmark Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10400

Krabi 81000 Nakhon Si Thammarat 80210 Chonburi 20110 Nonthaburi 11110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10400 Chonburi 20150 Chonburi 20150 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10900 Bangkok 10260 PrachuapKhiriKhan

ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory

NIST International School

Bangkok 10110

NLC Languages Centre Bangkok 10110 Nokia (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10400 Nokia Telecommunications (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10400 Norconsult Civil Engineering Co., Ltd.(NCE) Bangkok 10400


Bangkok 10500

Nordana Project Nordea Bank Singapore Branch Nordea International - Private Banking in Singapore Nordic Consult Ltd Nordic Garden Nordic Group Nordic Hill Resort Nordic Impex Co. Ltd. Nordic Info Co., Ltd Nordic Liaison Office Nordic Plastic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Nordic Power Asia Ltd. Nordic Travel Co., Ltd. Nordic-Wind Ltd. Normeca Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Norsk Sjomannskirke i Thailand Norske Skog ( Thailand) Co., Ltd. Northern Heritage Golf & Spa Norwegian Construction Co., Ltd. Norwegian Peoples Aid Norwegian Properties Group Norwegian Seamans Church Novanta Limited Novatech Co., Ltd. Novo Nordisk Pharma (Thailand) Novoteam Worldwide Ltd. NPT Nordic Plastic (Thailand) Co., Ltd. NRS Consulting.,Ltd. NXTGensys Thailand Ltd.

Bangkok 10500 Singapore 79909 Singapore


Thailand Expat Guide

Bangkok Chonburi 20260 Chonburi 20150 Chonburi 20260 Bangkok 10900 Chonburi 20260 Bangkok 10112 Rayong 21140 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Chonburi 20150 Chonburi 20260 Bangkok 10110 Chiang Mai 50130 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10520 Chonburi 20150 Chonburi 20260 Samutprakarn 10540 Bangkok 10210 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10110 Rayong 21140 Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10500

Nordic Business Directory

Nyborg Gymnasium


Oakwood Residence Oasez Property Consultants (V.I.P) OBS - Herbalife Group Ocean Property (V.I.P) Oceanic Divecenter Oceanor ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd. OK Hotel OK Wood Product Co., Ltd. Ola-Germany Restaurant OLIC (Thailand) Ltd One Pacific Place OpenmindProjects Thailand Co., Ltd. Oriental Invest Oriflame Cosmetics (Thailand) Ltd. Oriflame Management Asia Ltd. Outsourcing Thailand Co., Ltd.


Pacific 2000 Recruitment Co. Ltd. Pacific Orientation Relocation Pacific Rim Rich Group Co., Ltd. Palm Writings Pandora Production Co., Ltd. Panvision International Company Limited Paradox Trading Co.,Ltd Pattaya Self Storage Co.Ltd PCE Travel Consultants Pecunia Asset Management Penguin Bar Penn Investment Pharma Nord S.E.A. Co.,Ltd. Phayathai 2 Hospital Phuket Boat Lagoon Phuket Green Heart Group Co,. Ltd Phuket International Academy Day School Phuket International Hospital Phuket Real Estate Inc. Phuket WiNFY School Phunawa Phuket Thailand Picture This Studio Co. Ltd. Pinnacle Group


Bangkok 10110 Chonburi 20150 Krabi 81000 Bangkok 10110 Phuket 83100 Bangkok 10400 Prachuabkhirikhan 77110 Bangkok PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 NongKhai 43000 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Bangkok 10310 Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10110

Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10230 Bangkok Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10900 Bangkok 10400 Chonburi 20261 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Chonburi 76120 Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10260 Bangkok 10400 Phuket 83200 Phuket Phuket 83110 Phuket 83000 Phuket 83110 Phuket 83150 Phuket 83100 Bangkok Bangkok 10320 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory PIRO Consulting Group Bangkok 10400 P.K. Snowbird Ltd Nonthaburi 11120 Plan Estate Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Playboy’s Fashion Chonburi 20260 Plaza Athénée Bangkok Bangkok 10330 plazaatheneebangkok Plus Propepty Company Limited PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Pongpara Codan Rubber Co., Ltd. Samut Sakhon 74130 Poolsuk Road,Hua Hin” Prachuapkirikhan 77110 Power Flow Consulting Limited Khon Kaen 40000 Poyry Energy Ltd. Bangkok 10400 President-Danish Foods Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10160 Presmann (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Nonthaburi 11120 Priew Wan Guest House & Restaurant Phuket 83150 PrimehouseGroup Phuket 83130 Pro Language Chonburi 20150 Pro Real Estate Hua Hin Co.,Ltd. PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 ProAware AS 9294 Tromsø, Norway Property Care Servicer (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10120 Property Guide Thailand Bangkok 10110 Protech Engineering and Design Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Pulmentum Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Pulp & Paper Technology Purimas Beach Hotel and Spa Rayong 21130 P-Value Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10210 PYN Rahastoyhtio OY Bangkok 10110


Q-Free Thailand Co. Ltd Q-Matic Technologies Asia Co., Ltd. Quality Swedish School


Bangkok 10230 Bangkok 10250 Phuket 83110

Radi Medical Systems Co., Ltd Phuket 83110 Raflatac (thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10500 Raimon Land Co Ltd. Bangkok 10330 Raindrop Foundation Bangkok 10240 Raintree Village Apartment 2 E Bangkok 10110 Rajawongse Clothier Bangkok 10110 Raktham & Baines Co. LTD (Carrot Restaurant) Ramboll Telecom South East Asia Ltd. Bangkok 10120 Rank P.T. O’Connor’s Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10250 Raya Divers Co., Ltd. Phuket 83130 Raya Divers Lanta Co., Ltd. Krabi 81150 Raya Divers Phang Nga Co., Ltd Phang Nga 82190 Rayong Consulting (Thailand) co. ltd Rayong 21000 Rayong Specialisten Rayong 21000 RBIS Rassami British International School Bangkok 10400 Real Estate Hua Hin-Cha Am Co., Ltd. PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Rehab Scandinavia Co., Ltd. Cholburi 20150 Reide AS Oslo, 1109 Rembrandt Hotel & Towers Bangkok Bangkok 10110 Restaurant Copenhagen Inn Nongkhai 43000 Rice For Asian Design Co., Ltd. Chiangmai 50140 Rockwool (Thailand) Limited Rayong 21150 Rockwool Asia (Thailand)Ltd. Bangkok 10250 Roedl & Partner Ltd. Bangkok 10120


Thailand Expat Guide Chonburi 20130

Nordic Business Directory Rose Marie Academy Royal Copenhagen Ltd. Thailand Royal Danish Embassy Royal Norwegian Embassy Royal Scandinavia RunTime Co., Ltd.


Nonthaburi 11120 Saraburi 18140 Bangkok Bangkok 10501 Chiangmai 50130 Bangkok 10110

Food Supply Co., Ltd. S.E.A Backpacker Co.,Ltd. S.T. Fortum Engineering Co., Ltd. Saab International (Thailand) AB Sailor Inn Co., Ltd. Saint Michael International School Saint-Gobain Sako Trading Co., Ltd. Sallmanns PIPS Co., Ltd. Salween Solutions Co., Ltd. Samitivej Public Company Limited Sandvik Thailand Ltd. Sanovo International Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Sansiri Public Company Limited Santa Fe Relocation Services

Chonburi 20260 Chiang Mai 50200 Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10110 Chonburi 20260 Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10900 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10310 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10400 Bangkok 10110

Sanuk - Svenska Skolan i Thailand


Satin Textiles Co., Ltd. Save the Children SCA Hygiene Products Ltd (Thailand) Scan Food Co., Ltd Scan Global Logistics Co.,Ltd. Scan Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Scandalic Hotel

Bangkok 10600 Bangkok 10330 Sathorn 10120 Samut Prakan 10540 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10500 Chonburi 20150

ScandAsia Publishing Co., Ltd.

Bangkok 10230

Scandi Kitchens Co., Ltd. Scandic Property Scandinavian Leasing Plc.,. Scandinavian Airlines System Scandinavian Amenities As Scandinavian Divers Co., Ltd Scandinavian Expat Service Scandinavian Expats Club Pattaya

Bangkok 10320 Pattaya Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10510 Phuket 83130 Chonburi 20150 Jomtien 20260

ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory Scandinavian Houses Co., Ltd. (V.I.P) Scandinavian Import Scandinavian Law Office Co., Ltd. Scandinavian Leasing PLC Scandinavian Publishing Co.,Ltd. Scandinavian Residence Scandinavian Society Siam Scandinavian Textile Scandinavian Village

Chonburi 20150 Pattaya City 20260 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10230 Krabi 81000 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok Chonburi 20130

Scand-Media Corp., Ltd.

Bangkok 10230

Scaneast Co., Ltd. Scania Siam Co., Ltd. Scanmach Asia Co., Ltd. Scanpro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Scanproducts Co., Ltd. Scan-Siam Consulting Co., Ltd. Scansnax Co.,Ltd. Schantz Datautveckling AB SD&V Oriental International Sdl Production Sea Breeze Inn Sea Viking Company Ltd.

Bangkok 10500 Samut Prakan 10540 Samut Prakan 10540 Pathum Thani 12000 Bangkok 10110 Pattaya Phuket 83000 Pattaya Bangkok 10320 Bangkok Phuket 83100 Samut Sakhon 74000

SEB - Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ)


SECO Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Securitas Security Services Thailand Sedex Asia Co., Ltd. Serendib Ltd. Seri Manop & Doyle Ltd. Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Sherwin-Williams (Thailand) Co., Ltd Shipco Transport

Bangkok 10260 Bangkok 10260 Bangkok 10220 Chonburi 20130 Bangkok 10320 Bangkok 10110 Chonburi 20160 Bangkok 10110

Shrewsbury International School

Bangkok 10120


Thailand Expat Guide

Nordic Business Directory Siam Cultural Park (V.I.P) Siam Industrial Corp., Ltd. Siam Map Company Ltd. Siam Northwest Siam Ocean View Siam Shoreside Services Co., Ltd Sigurd’s Brune Restaurant Skanem Bangkok Co., Ltd. SKF Thailand Ltd Skov Asia Ltd. Skyy Hotel Bangkok Smart House Village Snapper NZ Restaurant Socrates Law Office Co.,Ltd. Sofia Hotel Hua Hin SoftCube Company Limited SOS International a/s Spaulding Company Limited Spica Co., Ltd. Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin Sri U-Thong Co., Ltd. St. Andrews International School Rayong St.Stephens International School Stable Lodge Co., Ltd. Starboard Co., Ltd

Rachaburi 70160 Bangkok 10110 Surat Thani Chiang Mai 50100 Chonburi 20150 Bangkok 10520 Chonburi 20150 Chonburi 20160 Bangkok 10120 Bangkok 10310 Bangkok 10110 HuaHin 77110 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Khon Kaen 40000 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Bangkok 10250 Bangkok 10330 Bangkok 10400 Rayong 21130 Bangkok 10900 Bangkok 10110 Samut Prakan 10540

Stenhus kostskole


STFE Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10400 Stockholm Environment Institute – Asia Bangkok 10330 Stora-Enso (Thailand) Co., Ltd. StoreGuard Co., Ltd Phuket 83150 Sukhothai Capital Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Sun Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangna 10260 Sun Paratech Co., Ltd. Ayutthaya 13160 Sunrise Tropical Resort Krabi 81000 Suphaporn Plant Export Co., Ltd. Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 SVI Public Company Limited Pathum Thani 12000 SVT World Sweden Sweden Restaurang PrachuapKhiriKhan 77 110 SweDish Bangkok Swedish Export Credit Corporation - SEK Singapore 238164 Swedish Trade Council Thailand Bangkok 10330 Sweroad Bangkok 10100 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory SweThai Golf &Conference SweThai Real Estate Co., Ltd


PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Phuket 83000

Tanapol Vanich Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10120 Tandberg Telecom AS Bangkok 10320 Team Precision Public Company Limited Pathum Thani 12110 Telenor Asia (ROH) Limited Bangkok 10110 Tellus Systems Limited Bangkok 10320 Tetra Pak (Thai) Ltd. Bangkok 10260 Texxan Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Thai Airways International PLC Bangkok 10900 Thai Central Chemical Public Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10100 Thai Biogas Energy Company Limited Bangkok 10330 Thai Daylight Global Co., Ltd. Trat 23170 Thai Integration ApS 1129 Koebenhavn K Thai Nordic Property Co., Ltd. PrachuapKhiriKhan 771100 Thai Scandinavian Restaurant Phetchaburi 76120 Thai Scantube Ltd Chonburi Thai Sunshine Developments Nakhon Si Thammarat 80210 Thai Tee-Off Service Co.Ltd Chiang Mai 50210 Thai Tour Golf Co., Ltd (V.I.P- Tours) Chonburi 20260 Thai Trailfinders Ltd. Bangkok 10500 Thai Transmission Industry Co.,Ltd. Bangkok 10120 Thai-Danish Bar Phuket 83100 ThaiEstate Asia Group Phuket 83000 Thai-Finnish Chamber Of Commerce Nonthaburi 11120 Thaihem Rayong 21190 Thailandmaklarna-Logans Chonburi 20130 Thailandresort PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Bangkok 10330 Thaipap Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10120 Thai-Scandic Steel Co., Ltd. Rayong 21150 Thai-Swedish Assembly Co. Ltd. Bangkok 10250 Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce Bangkok 10400 Thaivivat Insurance PCL Bangkok 10400 Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club Phuket 83110 Thavibu Gallery Bangkok 10500 The Arrivals Comapny Ltd. Bangkok 10110 The Beach Village Resort Prachuab Khiri Khan 77120 The British International School, Phuket Phuket 83000 The Brooker Group Public Company Ltd. Bangkok 10500 The Cabinet Interior Design Co.,Ltd. Bangkok 10260 The Early Learning Centre Bangkok 10110 The East Asiatic Co. (Thailand) PCL Bangkok 10110 The Gardens Bangkok 10110 The Golf House (Thailand) Ltd. Chiangmai 50100 The Kitchen Chonburi 20180 The Landmark Bangkok Bangkok 10110 The Muse Bangkok 10250 The Oriental Hotel (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10500 The Phuket Landbuster Phuket 83100 The Residence Garden Co. Ltd Pattaya 20260 The Residence Kalim Bay Phuket 83150 The Siam Pulp And Paper Pcl. The St. Regis Bangkok Bangkok 10330 The Stone Global Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110


Thailand Expat Guide

Nordic Business Directory The Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok 10120 The Swedish Bakery Co. Ltd. Phuket 83150 The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok Bangkok 10110 Thipurai City Hotel PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 THOME Ship Management (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Bangkok Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Bangkok 10330 Three Crown Constructions Co. Ltd PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Ticon Industrial Connection PCL Bangkok 10120 Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd. Bangkok 10120 TLI Scan Global Logistics Co.,Ltd. Bangkok 10500 TNS Bangkok Tohkaiya Co., Ltd. Samut Prakan 10540 Tonno Company Limited Samut Prakan 10270 Tony Guesthouse & Restaurant Phetchaburi 76120 Too Small Co., Ltd. Samut Prakarn 10273 Total Access Communication PLC Bangkok 10330 Touch Hospitality Services Co.,Ltd PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Tour Lines Co., Ltd Bangkok 10120 Trafalgar Intrenational Ltd., Bangkok 10320 Traill International School Bangkok 10240 Traincom Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Transpeed Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Transpo International Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Trelleborg Automotive Bangkok 10110 Tricon Thai Automation Co., Ltd. Chonburi 20230 Tropical Focus (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Bangkok 10110 TUI Nordic Bangkok 10400 Tuk Tours Co., Ltd. PrachuapKhiriKhan 77110 Two Chefs Bar & Grill Phuket 83100 Tytex Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Rayong 21140


United Flour Mill Public Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10100 United Food Ltd. Co. Bangkok 10150 United Relocations (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10260 University of Boras Sweden URL Co., Ltd. UTi Worldwide Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110


V.I.P Reiser / Kaare Anmarkrud V.R.M. Voiz Group Ltd. Vacon South East Asia Valmet Co., Ltd. Vartika Adventure Retreatic Resort Vartika Resovilla KuiBuri Vestergaard Company Ltd. Vianova Systems AS Vickery & Worachai Ltd. Viking Life-saving Equipment (Thailand) Viking Restaurant Viking Steak House & Pizzeria Villa Katalina Co., Ltd. Vision House Limited Visit Beyond Vizrt (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Chonburi 20260 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10250 Chonburi 20230 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77210 PrachuapKhiriKhan 77210 Chonburi 20230 Bangkok 10320 Bangkok 10330 Chonburi 20230 Kata Phuket 83100 Phang Nga 82190 Phuket 83000 Bangkok 10110 Bangkok 10500 Nonthaburi 11120 ScandAsia Business Directory 2015


Nordic Business Directory Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd. Volvo Truck & Bus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok 10250 Samut Prakan 10540


Wallenius Media Co., Ltd. Pathum Thani 12120 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines Thailand Bangkok 10120 Wartsila Singapore Pte Ltd. Bangkok 10110 WAS Trading Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10310 Watercloud International Limited Ubonratchatani 34000 Wearnes Automotive Bangkok WearYouWant Ltd. Bangkok WebOn (Thailand) Limited Bangkok 10110 Weiss-Rohlig (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Wema Environmental Technology Ltd. Samutprakarn 10540 White Ball Academy Bangkok 10110 Wiik & Hoeglund Public., Ltd. Bangkok 10400 Wilhelmsen Ships Service Bangkok 10120 Wilshire Condominium Bangkok 10110 Wilson Logistics (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10320 Wisda Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Wissen & Co Ltd. Bangkok 10110


Yara (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok 10110 Yenit Company limted Surat Thani 84310 Yozzo Co., Ltd. Bangkok 10900 Yummix Co., Ltd Nonthaburi 11000


Zoma EMS Asia Productions Limited Rayong 21140


Thailand Expat Guide

Enjoy Naturism in Asia

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Thailand Expat Guide

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Thailand Expat Guide by ScandAsia 2015  

Thailand Expat Guide by ScandAsia 2015

Thailand Expat Guide by ScandAsia 2015  

Thailand Expat Guide by ScandAsia 2015

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