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THE Interview: Mohed Founder and CEO of the Montpelier-based Altrad Group, Mohed Altrad is a man on a mission to make a real difference in the world. Named EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2015, the high standards, quality ethos and deep integrity the man born into a Bedouin tribe has brought to the business world is cited as a beacon for others to follow. ScaffMag was given an interview with one of the world’s biggest movers and shakers, In order to find out more about this most enigmatic of business leaders. Grahame Anderson takes up the story.


f ever there was proof people can succeed whatever their background in life, Mohed Altrad is the perfect example. Born into a Syrian tribe he moved to France as a 17-year-old with little money and studied hard to secure a phD in Computer Sciences. He took the plunge with a partner in 1985 to buy a scaffolding maker close to bankruptcy. The rest as they say is now history with the Altrad Group now a global leader in the industry with more than 39,000 employees in 130 world-

wide subsidiaries. Given their recent acquisition of Cape, I wondered how big a step forward this was in real terms. He told me: “The acquisition of Cape is another very important milestone for the Altrad Group. We truly respect and admire their achievements. Our ambition for our Industrial Services division is to become a global industrial solutions provider, offering a range of complimentary services to our customers. Cape complements our existing geographies, customers and services, also 16

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