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SCAD: THE UNIVERSITY FOR CREATIVE CAREERS The Savannah College of Art and Design is a private, nonprofit, accredited university, offering more than 100 academic degree programs in more than 40 majors across its locations in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Hong Kong; Lacoste, France; and online via SCAD eLearning.

SCAD enrolls more than 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students from more than 100 countries. The innovative SCAD curriculum is enhanced by advanced professional-level technology, equipment and learning resources, as well as opportunities for internships, professional certifications and collaborative projects with corporate partners. In 2018, the prestigious Red Dot Design Rankings placed SCAD as the No. 1 university in the U.S. and in the top two universities in the Americas and Europe. Career preparation is woven into every fiber of the university, resulting in a superior alumni employment rate. According to a recent study, 99 percent of Spring 2017 SCAD graduates were employed, pursuing further education or both within 10 months of graduation.

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We are designers. We are adaptable creatures. We are taught the same practices, the same lessons, the same teachings, but we all reach different outcomes. We are deeply individual yet products of a structured system. We are a summation of our own personal experiences and perspectives. We create ideas out of the abstract. We visualize intangible concepts. We are unnoticed because our work speaks for itself. We come together to form a larger entity. We are associated with the work we create, but we are not recognized as its creator. We make things that aren’t supposed to reflect who we are, but they do anyway. We make and we make and we let it make us. We are hybrids. We are synthesizers. We question everything. We wonder why things matter. We observe the world and transform it into ideas to make it better. We are conscious and precise. We are messy and organized. We are amalgamations of feeling and thought. In the end we will go into the world to proclaim at the top of our lungs: we are designers we are designers we are designers we are designers we are designers we are designers

we are designers We are hidden in plain sight. - The SCAD Secession Team

We are hidden in plain sight


A LETTER FROM THE CHAIR AND ASSOCIATE CHAIR At SCAD, we’re redefining what graphic design means. We believe design is a verb, so our program prepares students to create across media — to go beyond simply manufacturing beautiful artifacts. We also believe design is more than mere decoration; it’s communication and requires a comprehensive, intentional journey that includes research, strategy, concept, design thinking, user experience, public speaking, writing, systems building, experience architecture, testing, prototyping, illustration, typography, making, presenting and more. We teach students to think about problems and solutions holistically and to test their theories on peers, professors and target audiences. Students learn the essentials of design as they experiment with new technologies, consider ethnography as they design for other cultures, and develop communication skills while designing in teams and across disciplines. We frequently bring illustrious industry partners and alumni mentors to meet our students — to talk about their work, review portfolios, present workshops and teach students about their practice. And our approach works. Our alumni have gone on to become seminal names in graphic design, founding lauded design firms, solving problems to make the world a better place and evolving the way the design community thinks about graphic design. Without doubt, some of the students whose work you’ll find in these pages will grow into the next generation of graphic design luminaries. We are so proud to be a part of this leading, cutting-edge program.


Duke Greenhill Chair, Graphic Design

Bethany Armstrong Associate Chair, Graphic Design


Sarthak Kathuria M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, New Delhi, India Greetings from Georgia: The Peach State This book is a data visualization project. It takes the shape of a souvenir book, with the aim of informing Georgia tourists about the true implications of the overly glorified “Georgia� fruit as we dig deeper in time (1790-1920). The book is perfect-bound, and the cover is printed on velvet to simulate the tactility of a real peach. When looked at from the side, the book is a graph in time, showing an increase in slavery that coincides with increasing peach acreage, from 1790-1920. As one goes deeper, the book starts to reveal the horrific history of slavery in Georgia, almost metaphorically peeling through the skin of the peach. The book tries to hint at the grave equivalence between the commodification of peaches and the commodification of human life. 4

Joshua Andrews B.F.A. graphic design, Annapolis, Maryland The Goat Farm The Goat Farm Arts Center is a cultural center for art and performance, community events and studio space in West Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. The 19th-century complex that houses the center is made up of hundreds of artist studios, a coffee shop and happy goats. The identity emphasizes the space as a community center for artists. Line and color come together to create an abstract goat for the mark. These painterly diagonal strokes of color speak to the liveliness of the community. A friendly yet bold serif typeface complements the human-made aesthetic. This visual language is derived from the farm’s environment, where wooden panels create dynamic line work across the architecture, along with the natural palettes of the landscape. Together these devices work as an expressive and cohesive graphical system suiting the variety of creative happenings at The Goat Farm.


Sarah Reed B.F.A. graphic design, Fairfax, Virginia Indie Record Revival Indie Record Revival is a week-long celebration of independent music. Sponsored and promoted by Spotify and held in New York, the event consists of a week of one-off shows, industry panels, record label features, and a one-day festival that unites fans across all genres and recognizes the true expanse of indie music and its contribution to the music industry. Small record labels earn back Spotify’s trust, letting the two work symbiotically.

Leena Murdeshwar M.A., graphic design and visual experience, 2019, Mumbai, India Organ Posters Thousands of patients are on the waiting list to receive the right organ match in order to survive. I created this social issue poster series to spread awareness of organ donation. This poster series campaign spreads the message, “Long live my organs.� It reminds the target audience of how our organs are beautiful and can live longer even after the death of the host. I chose to use the vector illustration style to keep it more human and beautiful, with a minimal layout. This series will create more awareness about organ donation and its benefits to help save thousands of lives. 6

Christopher Hanson B.F.A. graphic design, Franklin, Massachusetts Boston Tea Party Calendar The Boston Tea Party Calendar invites you to participate in the act itself. When approaching the red, wooden box, you are hit with an alarming feeling similar to approaching the docks. Upon opening it, the tea-filled box hits you with the aroma of Earl Grey. November, the first month, represents your struggle to find your way through the darkness of the ship. December is when you throw the tea off of the three ships. January is the steeping of the tea. February is your imprisonment, where you are forced to carve the dates.

Moksha Varadray Rao M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Mumbai, India Looking Up App For my M.F.A. graphic design thesis, I crafted Looking Up, a health care app that emphasizes the importance of positivity in challenging situations. The goal of this initiative is to create a fluid ecosystem of happiness by making the patients, their family members and caregivers smile. I lost my father to cancer, and this challenging experience was the driving force behind this app. My app and written thesis aim to create and support positive environments through purposeful design, to heal suffering through visual aids and to reimagine health care through a smile. 7

Caroline Molony B.F.A. graphic design, Cincinnati, Ohio Primer: A Symposium Primer is a two-day symposium put on by the Hayward Gallery in celebration of Drag: Selfportraits and Body Politics, a group exhibition that features the work of more than 30 artists who have used drag to explore or question identity, gender, class and politics from the 1960s to the present day. Primer’s purpose is to educate and open a dialogue with the community on the history and role of drag in society and body politics, and to inspire and celebrate those who break the mold. The characters developed for the symposium are an homage to the way performers construct themselves into these elaborate works of art.

Mia Conklin B.F.A. graphic design, Annapolis, Maryland Googie-Mohawk Paper Promotion Book Synonymous with the 1950s, Googie-style architecture and design represent the fast-paced changes experienced in America during the mid-century. The distinct colors, silhouettes and motifs of the movement inspired the design of a paper promotion book for Mohawk Fine Papers. To represent Googie’s materiality and playfulness, the use of hand die cuts, foils, various papers and tear-out postcards were incorporated throughout. 8

Zoey Kim B.F.A. graphic design, Seoul, South Korea Arte Coffee Identity Arte is a local coffee shop near Atlanta, Georgia. For the new identity of Arte, I wanted to give a playful and artistic vibe to the mark and color palette. Integrating a mug shape into the logo helps the viewers easily understand it is a coffee shop. Toned down pink and navy colors (used as a pattern throughout the system) offer a sense of calm while supporting a lighthearted quality.

Savannah Walker B.F.A. graphic design, Tampa, Florida Bradley’s Lock and Key Shop Originally founded in 1883, Bradley’s fixed scissors, umbrellas and suitcases along with keys. Now the business is looking to attract a more modern market and create an identity to match. The new mark mimics the tumblers of an analog combination lock, reminiscent of the company’s history, while the geometric characters emphasize a digital language. The interlocking pattern of the letterforms repeats throughout the system, creating visual puzzles, while still celebrating Bradley’s age by incorporating vintage imagery. This new identity system respects heritage but allows the company to grow in a new direction. 9

Daniela Lama B.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Tegucigalpa, Honduras Visionless Museum Visionless Museum prompts us to reconsider the practice of looking within the museum and to imagine new ways of seeing and knowing for all viewers. The goal of the museum is to create a set of exhibitions that helps identify the world through the remaining senses. It also helps to generate trust and cope with what feels unknown to us and what it is like to find orientation while being blind. Visionless Museum was created to overcome false sympathy, prejudices and stereotypes and to change the mindset of the general public on disability. The museum’s goal is to increase tolerance and teach through positive experiences how we can help the blind and even understand them.

Moksha Varadray Rao M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Mumbai, India Mountain Goat App As an avid Himalayan trekker, I found it frustrating that there was no way to vet and hire your Sherpa guide prior to the trek. So I created Mountain Goat, an aggregator app that allows hikers to search, book and communicate with a Sherpa, who will guide them through the Himalayas. Other valuable information is aggregated from third-party sites, including Amazon, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet. The goal of the app is to build trust between the Sherpas and the hikers. Other unique features include receiving time-sensitive alerts through mesh networking technology, which would be helpful in areas of high altitudes. Users can easily browse through available treks of that season and match them to the Sherpa of their choice. 10

Mariana Paredes Quintero B.F.A., graphic design, 2019, Bogota, Colombia Zodiac Signs This is a series of 12 posters that depicts different characteristics of the 12 zodiac signs. Each sign is featured on a poster with its representative colors in gradient form. The type usage is handled in a way that helps represent the individual sign’s attributes. A unique graphic element also forms part of the composition of each poster that complements the type usage and showcases the essence of each sign. These elements together, plus the individual constellation of the sign, create a cohesive composition that represents the 12 zodiac signs each in a unique way.

Patricia Covarrubia B.F.A. graphic design, Maracaibo, Venezuela TypograpHER TypograpHER, an annual symposium in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, is an attempt to close the gender gap and build a stronger creative community, as well as provide a space for women to showcase, gain recognition and be encouraged to step into the typographic field. This symposium is a magnet that attracts people from different disciplines, fosters collaboration, and supports women and their contributions in typography. The choice of slab-serif derives from the notion of being “manly.� The colors are bold, bright, celebratory and non-gendered. This wordmark is inspired by Constructivism due to the mass revelry that was taking place in Russia during the 1920s. Magnetic fields, as well as positive and negative symbols, are part of the identity program as the visual system. 12

Sarthak Kathuria M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, New Delhi, India The Christie Chronicle The Christie Chronicle is an exhaustive compilation of articles written by famous critics about the works of legendary detective fiction writer Agatha Christie (often referred to as the Queen of Crime). In early 1920s London, newspapers and word of mouth were the most crucial sources of knowledge about murders or crime in town, which is also often seen in Christie’s books. Hence, the medium of choice was a newspaper. The visual language was a collage of typography experiments with stories from Christie’s life coming into a life of their own by placing them amid existing mythologies and metaphors.

Maria Bethania Lopez B.F.A. graphic design, Caracas, Venezuela For Venezuela The fashion industry has a lot of power and visibility; it moves a lot of people and money around the world. As part of New York Fashion Week, For Venezuela is a runway that serves as a protest for what is going on in Venezuela. For Venezuela is an event that celebrates the power of fashion and how it can be used to create awareness about a current situation that is affecting millions of people. In addition, it also serves as a good cause, raising funds to help a country in crisis: Venezuela. 13

Patricia Covarrubia B.F.A. graphic design, Maracaibo, Venezuela Fini This concept is to be launched by 2020 with the rise of autonomous vehicles. Its playful look aims to attract users into a more environmentally friendly solution for fueling vehicles. The two components of this combination mark work individually as they both represent the concept of “plugging in.” The graphic suggests an infinity symbol — for it is reusable energy — ending in a plug the prongs of which create an E for “Electric.” Its scalability makes it a highly functional symbol, useful for everything from large-scale representations and sculptures to favicons and digital map pinpoints. The wordmark is friendly, mimics the formal elements of the symbol and suggests the slots found in sockets.

Margaret Cassady M.F.A. graphic design, Vandalia, Michigan Sexual Abuse Scandals in the Catholic Church Using data from a grand jury investigation into child sexual abuse scandals within the Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses, I created a stained glass artifact detailing the after effects of the Catholic Church’s practice of protecting pedophiles within its faith. I knew working on this raw and unfiltered visualization of the Catholic Church’s “handling” of sexual abuse by its priests could be taken badly by the people with whom I am close, but I felt it was my duty to use my design skills to help show the urgent need for reform within the Catholic Church. 14

Erin Kishoni B.F.A. graphic design, Duluth, Georgia Mother Shrub Identity Mother Shrub is a perfectly balanced tart and sweet drink mixer for craft cocktails, mocktails and cooking adventures. It is handcrafted using a combination of fresh, organic and non-GMO ingredients — including unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar. The original Mother Shrub identity had a natural feel to it, but the design was not bold enough to stand out on a shelf. I wanted to clean up the lines and make the identity bolder, while still maintaining the natural feel of the brand. I also added a muted color palette to the identity to help differentiate between the flavors.

Ryan Stifler B.F.A. graphic design, Cleveland, Ohio Exposed Exposed is a collection created for Mohawk Fine Paper’s printed samples. It outlines the creative process, specifically through that of film photography. The steps of the creative process — bare. The tools of a craft enable the realization of the idea. Use the right tool for the job. Discover. A unique idea distinguishes the work. Communicate in your own voice. Expose. Bringing the idea to fruition requires work and presents risk. Execute and follow through. Uncover. For better or worse, the result can differ from the idea. Embrace the uncertainty. Reveal. Only at the end of the process may you know the work for the first time. Open yourself and receive. Unveil. The work has a different meaning for the creator and everyone else who comes to know it. Surrender and share. 16

Courtney M. Cheshire B.F.A. graphic design, Waterford, Michigan Mea Culpa Mea Culpa is fully inspired by the 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report that exposed 300-plus Catholic priests for abusing and molesting children, as well as the lengths the Church went to cover it up. The booklet takes the introduction to the report and illustrates the heartbreaking testimony with collages influenced by Catholic art. The roll brochure details a story of one abuser from each of the dioceses covered in the report. The flyer details the FBI’s report on the seven steps the Church took to cover up a case of sexual abuse and gives readers a removable postcard that they can send to their diocese to demand change. The final element is a seven-foot-long canvas poster naming all 301 abusers listed in the report. The intention is for Catholics and non-Catholics to view these and learn in detail the tragedy that has unfolded behind closed doors for decades.

Yunhan Jing M.A., graphic design and visual experience, 2019, Beijing, China Love Trilogy Fog, rain and lightning are known as the Love Trilogy, which was written by Ba Jin. Ba Jin was a Chinese author and political activist best known for his novel The Family. He is considered to be one of the most important and widely read Chinese writers of the 20th century. The Love Trilogy chronicles a love story that happened during the revolution in China. Most of the stories had a sad ending. Using simple elements to represent the topic of each book, I used soft and gradient color to represent the romantic sense throughout the trilogy. The hand-drawn texture offers an organic and emotional feel, while the cool, faded colors represent feelings of sadness. 17

Genevieve Hiller B.F.A., graphic design, 2019, Dillon, Colorado I Am Project Park Parade The I Am Project Park Parade provides a space where people from different backgrounds in the same community can come together to take a pledge to stand up to bullying. The core idea of this design solution is human connection, thus, the use of hand-painted typefaces, personalized textures and collaged graphic pieces. Each promotional item has complementary design assets, but irregular color structures make it a dynamic brand identity. With overlays of bright colors and energetic randomized patterns, the goal to end bullying is portrayed in a new light to encourage potential audiences to be involved.

Sarah Reed B.F.A. graphic design, Fairfax, Virginia The Forgotten Astronaut Every single American knows the name and face of Neil Armstrong, and a large majority know his second-in-command, Buzz Aldrin. But the one man who journeyed up with them to the moon has never gotten the credit he deserved for the success of Apollo 11. Through an interactive paper experience using real documents from the 1960s, the silent, patient orbit of Michael Collins’ life is told. 18

Evelyn Fardelmann B.F.A. graphic design, Hebron, Maryland Flora and Fauna Flora and Fauna is a fictitious restaurant based out of a repurposed warehouse in Chelsea, New York, created by a brother-and-sister team. While serving as a bright and quirky eatery, Flora and Fauna also provides food safety classes for up-and-coming chefs who are unfamiliar with wild game. This menu would be provided to diners and features a light fare and entrée page, a wine and cocktails page, a dessert menu, and a small biography about the restaurant and its founders. The menu was designed to capture the restaurant’s “forest-to-table” feeling and be more physically engaging to provide the ultimate “feral dining” experience.

Juanita Londoño Castillo M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Bogota, Colombia The Rhythm of Food The Rhythm of Food is a book with no words. The experience around it seeks to explain the eating process and the unique pace related to it. The book replicates the actual size and shape of the food in order to invite the user to read/consume it. The experience makes readers conscious of a process that we have automated in our daily routines and invites them to have a unique exploration of their personal pace. Every page you flip is a bite you take. What’s your rhythm? Do you know it? 19

Lindsey Peterson M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, New Castle, Pennsylvania Greeting Card Data Visualization This box set of greeting cards visualizes data on how sending cards can have a positive effect on social, physical and financial wealth. This visualization intends to persuade millennial women to send more greeting cards by displaying the benefits through an artful form. The data is implemented in the details of the entire experience of each card through three hand-drawn illustrations.

Maria Bethania Lopez B.F.A. graphic design, Caracas, Venezuela Tusa-Bes In Colombia, “tusa” is the feeling of being broken hearted. People tend to drink aguardiente to forget about this pain — or just use this as an excuse to drink guaro. “Tu sabes” translates to “you know.” This line of aguardiente was created for those who know what they need to have a great time without thinking about their fails at love. Each bottle portrays a different character, depending on the type of breakup. The first flavor, “Te Cansó” (“you got tired”), is represented by a chameleon. The second bottle, “Te Engaño” (“you got cheated on”), is represented by a betraying scorpion. And the third bottle, “Te Bloqueó” (“you got blocked”), is characterized by a savage serpent. 20

Mariana Paredes Quintero B.F.A., graphic design, 2019, Bogota, Colombia Buro Fair Buro is an annual art and design fair for young Colombian entrepreneurs. Its purpose is to make the design community grow as well as create awareness of the young, creative talent in the country. The concept developed was inspired by a very enthusiastic design community. Playful and bold graphic elements and type usage convey the excitement and the variety of art and design that takes place at the event. Environmental graphics play a big role in being part of the attraction of the design fair by calling on the audience to photograph the event. The color palette is all-inclusive and inviting for everyone interested in attending Buro, also giving the brand a unique appeal in the overall look.

Lindsay Courtney M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Madison, Indiana Ohio River Flood Data Visualization This piece represents the data collected from a heartbreaking flood of the Ohio River in early 2018. The narrative is conveyed by representing the data just as many people remember recording their childhood height growth with pencil marks on the walls of their homes. A cherished piece of memory, this data builds up the wall as the river height builds up the riverbanks and into the homes of thousands. The materiality of drywall adds to this narrative and creates an interesting way to preserve the data from this weather event. 21

Janeen Ruggiero B.F.A. graphic design, Cleveland, Ohio Stereoscope Coastal Kitchen This is a seasonal cookbook and menu system designed for a new restaurant on the California coastline that incorporates the virtual arts into a unique dining experience. The stereoscope is a device for viewing two photographs at slightly different angles to create the illusion of depth in an image. Most of the photos in the book, as well as the logo, are 3-D viewable, and any pair of anaglyph glasses will reveal the parallax effect of the images. The outcome is a piece that can be enjoyed with or without 3-D lenses and is fun to share with others.

Ryan Stifler B.F.A. graphic design, Cleveland, Ohio Raw Raw is an independent editorial that aims to highlight artists in the pursuit of their craft — those who are honest, unrefined and uncompromising in their creation. The editorial was carefully crafted using an original typeface and photography and features SCAD photographer Cameron Cox. 22

Ally Carter B.F.A. graphic design, Stafford, Virginia Slow Mo Slow Mo is a thrift store located in the downtown art district of Chattanooga, Tennessee. With clothing ranging from vintage and second hand to sustainably and locally made, Slow Mo has clothing in many price ranges while still being high quality and curated. The store also participates in weekly activities such as First Friday, features guest speakers, and even offers sewing classes to teach people how to mend and upcycle clothing for themselves. The store’s mission is to help shopping addicts and fashion lovers buy more sustainably while keeping up with current trends.

Sarah Kohlbeck B.F.A. graphic design, St. Paul, Minnesota The Washery Through advertisement, merchandise and literature, The Washery speaks candidly to its audience, presenting a premium laundromat experience that offers security, state-of-the-art facilities and desirable amenities such as a coffee shop. The brand’s unapologetic voice directly confronts the customer, establishing The Washery as not only a superior laundromat but also a superior lifestyle. The Washery’s branding disrupts the common disdain for the task of doing laundry, turning a mundane activity into something enjoyable. 23

Hazel Hwang B.F.A. graphic design , Seoul, South Korea Pierre Cardin SCAD Fash Invitation My goal was to conceptualize an invitation card design for the SCAD FASH Pierre Cardin show. Using a complex die cut with different papers and foiling to match U.S. standard envelopes, I created a handmade, printed invitation. The invitation card contained the envelope, the main card, the RSVP and the return card envelope. Each student was asked to choose one unique dress from the SCAD FASH Pierre Cardin collection. I chose the golden flowery dress because I love the pattern of the dress. I focused on the pattern and created the pop-up gold flower, which is the main decoration, and the flower-patterned sleeve to bring out the complex die-cut technique. All the letters are foiled with gold color on the black, thick, smooth paper.

Genevieve Hiller B.F.A., graphic design, 2019, Dillon, Colorado French Paper Company Paper Sample Book The French Paper Company paper sample booklet depicts a dot that gets lost in an unknown world. As the dot explores the patterned pages, there are subtle nuances in design and composition. The theme is continued as the dot progresses through the different realms of creativity. Each spread of the book has a bit of text to describe simple ideas that the dot is having and to distinguish the patterned paper. Playful pattern and design imagery create a paper sample booklet that celebrates the French Paper Company. 24

Sarah Reed B.F.A. graphic design, Fairfax, Virginia America the Beautiful America the Beautiful celebrates the 150-plus-year mark of the National Park Service while paying homage to some neat statistics, the current agenda and a few green traveling tips. In order to successfully represent the landmarks (historic and physical) that the National Park Service has achieved, I paired National Geographic with the NRDC to create a historical timeline and a green call to action.

Emilee Martin B.F.A., graphic design, 2019, St. Louis, Missouri Craft in America Mohawk Paper Sample Book Craft in America is a promotional book for Mohawk Paper that illustrates the unique and personalized culture of craft beer. Each chapter toasts craft beer’s history, process, economic contributions and its creative design efforts. I intentionally hand-bound this book with a chosen variety of Mohawk paper to emulate the binding of one of its recent quarterlies. To personalize my creation further, I stitched in a smaller booklet that directs the reader to local breweries and their current taps/offerings. 25

Olivia Sergi B.F.A. graphic design, Boston, Massachusetts Acorn An artist is an acorn. We are all acorns, grown from the community that fed our creativity. Acorn is an organization that brings together Savannah artists to give back to their community. This project includes a logo for the organization and branding for its first show of the same name. Acorn’s identity is a dynamic system, to reflect the cyclical nature of the brand and of nature. Nature moves in cycles and is constantly changing; so is this identity.

Juanita Londoùo Castillo M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Bogota, Colombia Taste Buds Taste Buds is a communal space that seeks to provide an engaging learning experience for kids in low-income communities. Most of these kids constantly loop in a cycle where their education and health gets compromised by external factors. This project seeks to bridge the relationship between low-income families’ kids and their eating habits. We want to teach them not only the importance of eating healthy but how to do it while growing their own food and having fun with friends. Taste Buds aims to nurture friendship and responsibility between the kids while empowering them about their future. 26

Christa Morrone B.F.A. graphic design, Centreville, Virginia Sourpuss Brewing Co. Sourpuss Brewing makes sour beers and goses, and my hairless cat, Kodak, is the mascot. The goal was to create a brand that female beer drinkers would gravitate toward because men make up 80 percent of beer drinkers, and advertising is mostly directed toward them. But those numbers change when we are talking about fruity and sour beers, which women are 75 percent more likely than men to name as a favorite. I repurposed a 20-liter jerrycan to be a cooler and drinkware holder on the go. It can hold coasters, koozies, pint glasses and a six pack, as well as anything you can attach with a magnet, such as a bottle opener. When you open it, there is a wood piece to act as a table, so you have a flat surface to keep your drinks on.

Caroline Molony B.F.A. graphic design, Cincinnati, Ohio Structured Perception Structured Perception is a junior jewelry collection designed and produced by SCAD undergraduate student Julia D’antonio. The collection revolves around the concept of having one’s state of mind, or perception, altered by another, mainly a loved one. Throughout the collection we see one partner struggle internally with the weight and confusion caused by the troubled relationship and how love can pull a veil over our eyes. In relationships, partners often alter themselves or their lifestyle to fit the needs of the other, but this collection asks when it is fitting the need and when is it manipulation. 27

Abigail Leuchter B.F.A. graphic design, Coral Springs, Florida Protect Your Fruit Protect Your Fruit is an awareness campaign that revives the conversation surrounding HIV/AIDS. Experimenting with type and fruit photography, the design emphasizes that HIV is still a prevalent threat to society and gives plenty of preventative information. Get educated and Protect Your Fruit!

Sarah Reed B.F.A. graphic design, Fairfax, Virginia BRAT The goal of BRAT is to harness a print and online community for those struggling with being a young adult and current or post-military brat. Through a variety of mediums, BRAT embraces the nostalgic, Utopian aspects of life on a military base and contrasts it with the transience and disconnection children feel when they are constantly uprooted against their will. 28

MacKenzie Stover B.F.A. graphic design, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Die on Mars The earth is dying. Every. Single. Day. However, current funds and resources are being devoted more toward space exploration, and while groundbreaking efforts are being made in the space industry, Earth could use some of those brilliant minds to help solve its climate troubles. Die on Mars is the solution to that problem. Created as a manifesto detailing the current troubles of climate change through a tone of black humor, Die on Mars advocates “living a trashless death� on Mars in order to bring humankind to the reality of climate change.

Claire Davis B.F.A. graphic design, Atlanta, Georgia Donnie Darko Movie Packaging This project is a special-edition DVD packaging and booklet capturing the enigmatic nature of the science fiction film Donnie Darko and the many layers of his story. As viewers look through the materials, the puzzle and graphics allude to the film. They are met with the bunny-shaped mirror, making them question their own reality. The packaging comes with a Donnie Darko DVD, a DVD booklet, a famous book seen in the movie, an enamel pin and more. 29

Courtney M. Cheshire B.F.A. graphic design, Waterford, Michigan New Delhi Olympics This is a proposed logo for New Delhi’s bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics. It is inspired by the sacred lotus, the national flower of India, and the unity of the five Olympic rings. The mark is intended to inspire athletes and viewers all around the world to view Indian culture through a modern lens as well as embrace the beauty of both the country and athletics as a whole.

Christopher Hanson B.F.A. graphic design, Franklin, Massachusetts MISSING Milk Co. MISSING Milk Co. began as a play on words. Years ago, milk cartons were used to advertise that a person had gone missing. So, I thought, why not turn this idea into a positive one? MISSING now refers to the dairy and all of the other junk that milk companies pump into their products. The bold typography is an ironic play on the definition of the word, and the monochromatic package design is intended to make all of the components blend together and go “missing.� 30

Lindsay Courtney M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Madison, Indiana Johnny Cash Shoeshine Rag This project was a challenge to convey narrative, time and place through typographic application. The song “Get Rhythm” was written and recorded by Johnny Cash in 1956. It is an upbeat song about a poor boy who shines shoes on the streets. When asked how he keeps from getting the blues, he pops his shoeshine rag and responds, “Get rhythm when you get the blues!” The type represents 1950-60s Nashville printing style and is screenprinted with black shoeshine.

Connie Lee B.F.A. graphic design, Athens, Georgia Mindframe App Mindframe creates a safe space where comfort, support and aid are key ingredients to an improved concussion recovery. Mindframe focuses on progress and lifestyle changes to frame your mind positively. Although concussion injuries are healed within two months on average, patients can experience post-concussion syndrome. Mindframe assists users in any stage of recovery. Mindframe was designed with a warm tone palette to lessen the blue light and minimal scrolling to prevent overstimulation. This app was also designed with blue light filters to accommodate photophobia at any stage. 31

Patricia Covarrubia B.F.A. graphic design, Maracaibo, Venezuela Terms and Conditions The SCAD Museum of Art presents the first museum exhibition of performance installation artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti in a new commission that will highlight their collaborative practice. In their work, the artists bring together environments, bodies and creative technology to design immersive experiences that draw audiences into their idiosyncratic worlds. The entryway is an immersive “terms of use.” Qualities of the this space are sterile with flat, white soft light. The temperature of the room is slightly under a comfortable temperature. On View’s “Terms of Use” agreement is displayed in a large-scale and dimensional typographical way. Via signage/ wayfinding, a pressure sensor in the center of the room is called out. This is where the user stands for five seconds to consent to “Terms of Use.”

Emily Bond B.F.A. graphic design, Staten Island, New York The Dialect Series The Dialect Series is a collection of books by authors of different cultures with stories of different types of people, curated through the lens of language. Each of the books included is about a non-standard English speaker, which became the unifying feature of this series. These stories are connected by the stigmatization the subjects were prone to because of their interactions with the English language, yet they explored the complexities of each dialect and of each culture. The incomplete view of the individual through the lens of language was the basis of the conceptual treatment of this edition of those books. 32

Adeline Janney B.F.A. graphic design, St. Petersburg, Florida The Prophet Under the independent entertainment company A24, this project objective is to create pieces for the feature film The Prophet. Graphic design for the movie is focused on bringing the set and plot to life with the immersive creation of physical props and promotional pieces depicting the tone of the film. Because the film is set in Japan in the distant future, design motifs on the train ticket and newspaper reflect the nostalgic, outdated mediums and technologies that are idealized in the society portrayed in The Prophet. The poster and streaming service interface serve to entice viewers with a bilingual logo identity and “feverdreamy” palette and imagery.

Shiqi Cai M.A., graphic design and visual experience, 2019, Nanning, Guangxi, China Pre-Qin Classics Book Covers Pre-Qin Classics is one of the oldest document collections in China and includes more than 60 books. I chose three classics from the collection and utilized elements from each story as the main visual hook. For example, Book of Poetry is a collection of old poems that basically tells romantic stories to the reader. In one story, a young man offers a gift to a young woman to show his love — this action demonstrates his devoted commitment to her. Gestural images display rustic yet affluent item details to connect these poems to their traditional Chinese cultural origins. 33

Juanita Londoño Castillo M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Bogota, Colombia Prayers to Pablo Escobar This project explores a metaphor and analogy between what hippos represent in Africa and what Pablo Escobar has signified for Colombia all these years. Pablo Escobar was a criminal, terrorist and the most powerful drug trafficker during the 1980s. Escobar built a zoo for himself by smuggling four hippos, among other animals, into Colombia. The prayer cards visualize data related to Escobar’s killings, cocaine crops and hitmen by comparing and contrasting those numbers to the number of killings made by a hippo in Africa. The medium used is prayer cards as Escobar’s hitmen used to pray to Maria Auxiliatrix before going out to kill.

Ehsan Atiq M.A. graphic design and visual experience, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Hyderabad, India The Sublime in Islam Islam has been under constant scrutiny and turmoil following the horrific events of 9/11. There was an innate desire to showcase this religion of peace under a new light. The Sublime in Islam attempts to explore the philosophical study of aesthetics within the context of Islamic artistic expression. It comprises a research paper that asserts that geometric patterns are a representation of the sublime — a beauty that transcends human perception. Over a period of two months, a visual exploration of the research was conducted that resulted in nearly 40 illustrations of geometric patterns. 34

Christa Morrone B.F.A. graphic design, Centreville, Virginia Alzheimer’s Association Campaign There are more than five million people with Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. and 35 million worldwide. These numbers are expected to skyrocket to a projected 13.8 million and 115 million worldwide by 2050. The potential of earlier diagnosis and the development of better treatments may significantly change the experience of Alzheimer’s for millions of people. In the United States, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day, and the 85-plus population is one of our fastest-growing segments. While Alzheimer’s costs $259 billion in the U.S. alone, this number will increase to $1.2 trillion by 2050 unless we find a way to prevent, treat or delay the disease. This campaign was created to help open up the conversation about Alzheimer’s and show just how much it can affect everyone.

Abigail Leuchter B.F.A. graphic design, Coral Springs, Florida The District The District is a locally owned eatery and coffeehouse located in the heart of the historic district in Savannah, Georgia. The core of The District’s brand identity lies in the value for the historic, homemade and local. The logo takes inspiration from the distinctive layout of Savannah and its squares. 35

MacKenzie Stover B.F.A. graphic design, Murfreesboro, Tennessee The Magic of Mohawk The Magic of Mohawk is a paper sample book connecting the brilliance and strength of Harry Houdini with the innovation and creativity of Mohawk Paper. The book is designed to subtly reveal the secrets to Houdini’s greatest trick, and users learn about the durability and craft of Mohawk paper as they explore the pages.

Catherine Vo Nguyen B.F.A. graphic design, Los Angeles, California Osk Kosh Identity Inspired by the universally known building-block toys, the logo consists of a set of stacked blocks that come together to form OshKosh B’Gosh. The geometric shape gives a nice contrast to the soft hues of the chosen color palette. Playful patterned pastels wrap shipping boxes, employee uniforms, hang tags and onesies, creating a cheerful tone that is recognizably the new OKB. Inspiring a bright lifestyle that supports the importance of play in a child’s early stages, the whimsical visual system I designed will excite new parents to choose OshKosh B’Gosh. 36

Biyao Wang B.F.A. graphic design, Zhejiang, China Memphis Stamps This project’s goal was to create stamps, an envelope, a cancellation seal and an information card in a series based on the design movement that I chose: the Memphis movement. Three designers are highlighted, including Ettore Sottsass, Peter Shire and Michael Graves. Following the Memphis movement style, bright colors, a Memphis pattern and geometric shapes are dominantly used in this design.

Sarthak Kathuria M.F.A. graphic design, New Delhi, India USPS Experiential Post Office This was a classroom project in experiential design. I decided to revolutionize the post office experience because everyone, as a rule, hates to make a visit there. Post offices are seen as rather dull, dreary buildings with long queues, filled with a lazy and belligerent staff (as highlighted by ethnography). Considerable brainstorming got us to the visual metaphor of dashed lines to represent tiny mail envelopes, as seen when traveling in time and space. The idea was to potentially make people realize the magnanimity of “magic mail� and hence see the bigger picture, meanwhile also setting a base for a vivid wayfinding system. 37

Maria Bethania Lopez B.F.A. graphic design, Caracas, Venezuela Odasse Residences Odasse Residences is an attractive high-rise condominium complex in the city of Chicago, Illinois, the Windy City. Wind awakens all of our senses, but it also brings many smells: the smell of food, the smell of a perfume, etc. Nothing is more memorable than a smell. You can describe something by its smell. What else does everything have? Texture. Sometimes things are nice to feel and sometimes just pleasant to see. Through this booklet, users will be able to explore the spaces of Odasse Residences through smell and texture.

Hoi Man Mak B.F.A., graphic design, 2019, Hong Kong Salttable The project aims to refine Salttable into a natural, home-style brand for customers. The company is facing a problem with its brand recognition; as a traditional seasoning store, there is a lack of customers due to the shift in age from baby boomers to millennials. The design includes a set of tourist postcards and a new set of packages. Rather than showing the traditional side of the brand, the design focuses on the naturalness of the salt and high quality of it. 38

Caroline Molony B.F.A. graphic design, Cincinnati, Ohio Shaky Knees Music Festival Shaky Knees Music Festival is an annual alternative music festival that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. For the thematic treatment of the new logo and promotional posters, I was inspired by old rock posters. Influenced by the word “shaky,” I used a montage of multiple typefaces that varied in width and weight. I created a strong base for the letterforms, then rotated the letters at various degrees to give the appearance that the letters were “shaking” or in motion. I echoed this idea in the spiral type that winds around the composition. However, I strayed away from the traditional illustrative red, blue and black of the festival to give a fresh and more inviting feel.

Leena Murdeshwar M.A., graphic design and visual experience, 2019 Mumbai, India Robert Greene Book Covers When asked to redesign the existing book covers, I choose the three-book series of the author Robert Greene. He is an American writer known for his books on advertising strategy, power and seduction. The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction and Mastery are three New York Times best-seller books that talk about universal ingredient rules to survive and rule the (design) industry. I chose to play with the bold black-and-white typography, in order to represent the very bold, strong and forward content. 39

Amy Ruzich B.F.A. graphic design, Schaumburg, Illinois Afortunado Wine Bottle Two adventurous brothers go on a journey across Spain in an old family car, only to sustain a flat tire near a small unknown wine vineyard. Little did they know that was just the beginning of their “Afortunado.” To honor the two Spanish creators of Viñedos Singulares — Afortunado, I designed a series of special-edition wine bottles and packaging, making the word “Afortunado,” or luck, the protagonist, meanwhile keeping the essence of the wine.

Ashley Stewart B.F.A. graphic design, Raleigh, North Carolina Experimental Jetset Book For this assignment, each student chose an established design studio and created a book that encapsulated the studio’s style and values. Experimental Jetset, a small, independent studio based in Amsterdam, has generated an incredible catalog of work over the past 20 years. I was excited to create a book that expressed Experimental Jetset’s aesthetic while also working with more involved production techniques such as foiling, die cutting and wire-o binding. 40

Janeen Ruggiero B.F.A. graphic design, Cleveland, Ohio Atlas Residences Atlas Residences is a globally located, modular home for the nomadic working professional. These homes cater to self expression, desire for community and need for adventure. The alien landscapes and images of rebellious iconography challenge cultural norms. They represent the future of urban alternative living and the idea that what might seem like a new concept in the present is tomorrow’s mainstream. So don’t be a square — live in one!


Ryan Stifler B.F.A. graphic design, Cleveland, Ohio Period Designs Period Designs is a nonprofit organization that is committed to a better future, period. It was created to generate, recognize and implement innovative solutions for social issues around the world through an annual competition. The 2019 competition focuses on the housing crisis in Hong Kong.




Ashlyn Scoggins B.F.A. graphic design, Durham, North Carolina Biere de Ventoux Bière de Ventoux is a specialty beer that is only offered in packages of three. In order to create a more efficient way of production for the boxes, I designed a new way of packaging. The box would be printed in one single sheet, with ink on only one side, and easily folded into the perfect carrier for the bottles — thus making production smooth for packagers as well as making a unique experience for beer drinkers.

Puxi Yang M.A., graphic design and visual experience, 2019 Wuhan, China Musiqual Posters Music roots run deep in Atlanta, Georgia — this spirit is fully embodied in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood through the creation of a nonprofit organization that provides fundamental music instruction to residents of the neighborhood. Music encourages people, offers a sense of self-worth and helps residents accomplish their dreams. 42

Emily Jones B.F.A. graphic design, Syracuse, New York Coloring Book This book was designed as a piece to show off a variety of papers offered by Mohawk. It covers a wide range of information about color. Different skills such as foiling, die cut, fold outs and other interactive elements enable the reader to better interact with the book and the information it provides.

Kelly Bernard B.F.A. graphic design, Richmond, Virginia Below the Surface Below the Surface is a condo brochure for an underground city in Montreal, Canada. It consists of a 24-page brochure, a folder, two floor plans, promotional items, business card and a logo with an overall brand identity. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the surface city of Montreal can be engrossed in activity and overwhelming. Underground RÊso provides the best living experience for those who enjoy the city lifestyle but with a bit of calm darkness. Winters in Montreal can be harsh and restricting, but living underground creates a consistent experience that isn’t slowed down by the restrictions of the chilling, harsh winters. 43

Sarthak Kathuria M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, New Delhi, India Johny Johny Johny Johny is a vinyl record (because of its sudden, surprising popularity among teens) that would reinterpret nursery rhymes in a popular context by juxtaposing them visually and semantically against pop music. The record would also have a QR code, linked to a themed Spotify playlist curated by me. The music and the nursery rhymes chosen revolve around smoking, drug abuse, eating disorders, bullying, unprotected sex and objectifying women, which are some important areas where the teenage conscience stands questioned.

Evelyn Fardelmann B.F.A. graphic design, Hebron, Maryland La Fauve Condominium Brochure La Fauve Residences is a fictitious condominium complex based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a focus on promoting the arts in the city, this complex is reaching out and offering amenities specific to young artists moving into the area and starting their careers. This brochure was meant to appeal to a creative and fun-loving audience, and conceptually pairs the “concrete jungle” with the real jungle through tongue-in-cheek allusions to safari and jungle references while describing amenities provided by La Fauve. Anthropomorphized animal artists fill the pages, showing the audience just how “wild” their experience living at La Fauve could be. 44

Lindsay Courtney M.F.A. graphic design and visual experience, Madison, Indiana Foxy Loxy Digital Experience This proposed app and interior feedback system work together in order to provide a seamless experience for customers and employees at Savannah’s most loved coffee shop, Foxy Loxy. After five months of research, prototyping and user testing, our group of three proposed this digital experience as an idea in contributing to Foxy’s evolution through the decades. Features include ways to customize users’ experience, predict wait time and seating availability, and order online for pickup in an express line to alleviate interior congestion and improve line flow.

Pooler Station

Hoi Man Mak B.F.A., graphic design, 2019, Hong Kong Savannah Subway System This project seeks to improve the transportation situation in Savannah, as the city is a popular spot in the tourist industry and can be very congested when traveling from place to place. However, there are only a few bus systems for transportation from Savannah to other cities. The concept is to create a metro company that services everyday citizens and tourists, taking them to places outside of the town through the convenience of underground transportation. The project focuses on branding the service, so it has unity and reflects the character of the company.

Savannah State Uni

Hutchinson Island

Tybe Island

The Landings


Ryan Stifler B.F.A. graphic design, Cleveland, Ohio The Schvitz The Schvitz is an underground bathhouse and restaurant located in Cleveland, Ohio. The establishment offers a gritty yet luxurious experience. These drink and food menus seek to capture the essence of the setting, while communicating its offerings. They include bath tile presentation boards with transparent vellum sheets to create the effect of steam and shower curtains that are lifted to unveil the menu. The content is hand-rendered and adjusted in Photoshop for print. Text is overlaid on bathroom tile illustrations, with worn sections to capture the grittiness of an aged bathhouse.

Jenni Renas B.F.A. graphic design, Waterford, Michigan The Leftie Convention Unconventional, quirky and notably unique, we are the Leftie Convention. In partnership with the Left Handers Club, we provide a space for the neglected and forgotten to find solidarity in their exclusion from a right-biased world. This event was created to celebrate all things that are left of center. From poster design to merchandise, we celebrate lefties and provide an opportunity for them to proudly announce themselves as left handers. As the great Herman Melville once said, “To be hated cordially is only a left-handed compliment,” and sometimes you just can’t always be right. 46

MacKenzie Stover B.F.A. graphic design, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Totally Toast Totally Toast is a bruncherie with a celebratory philosophy on life. The cookbook for the restaurant features heavy black-and-white imagery devoted to portraying the art of the toast. Both toast (bread) and a toast (bubbly) merge together to create a unique and fun language dedicated to the art of celebrating life.


SARAH REED Fairfax, Virginia

CHRISTA MORRONE Centreville, Virginia

MACKENZIE STOVER Murfreesboro, Tennessee

ADELINE JANNEY St. Petersburg, Florida

PATRICIA COVARRUBIA Maracaibo, Venezuela

CAROLINE MOLONY Cincinnati, Ohio