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SCAD Secession SCAD Secession

COVER Chufeng Zhang, M.A. graphic design, Beijing, China

LET’S TALK SECESSION As designers, we have the unique opportunity to break free from conventions and explore new ideas, techniques and media possibilities. Throughout this exploration, we mold into expert design chameleons, ready to face all opportunities and challenges that come our way. Every chameleon approaches design differently in process, form and technique; yet, each is successful in his or her own distinct design outcome. The 2016 Secession logo embraces the flexibility and infinite possibilities we have as designers by taking on a dynamic form. The top panel of the logo constantly changes to accommodate for all types of media, whether it be print, digital, timebased or any other form. In addition, the top panel moves slightly away from the rest of the panels, representing a breakaway from conventions and our own breakaway from SCAD as we enter the professional design world.

This year’s Secession celebrates the constantly evolving design discipline and the limitless opportunities we possess as designers. By remaining open to all possibilities, we can continue to develop distinct and successful outcomes throughout the complete scope of our design careers. From the very start, the projects our students undertake are based on real-world assignments, and SCAD graduates find employment in all areas of the communication arts — as illustrators, designers, art directors, and highly adaptable and technically literate team players.

The emergence of computer automated tasks, dynamically accumulated data and the resulting artificial intelligence that drives many decisions in business and social constructs has brought with it a need for a more human approach to interactions. With that, the emerging role of the designer as partner in the highest levels of leadership is no surprise. Design is a truly human process; it’s curiosity, intuition and empathy all working together to put the user at the center of a solution. The ability to adapt to changing needs, apply your own idiosyncrasies and invest in the people you are designing for is critical for a new designer, and in the past four years, you’ve learned to do just that. This year’s senior and graduate student work brings with it the constantly changing roles one must take throughout the process of design and the results are astounding. Complex and immersive, the media solutions in these pages are driven by user needs and informed through a process that did not always include an algorithm or recipe to a clear path or the next step. As designers you must use learned methods and combine them with your own curiosity and intuition to make your way. In the years to come you will apply what you learned at SCAD to your career and continue to design your own journey. We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to your success. In the words of Spanish poet Antonio Machado, “Searcher, there is no road. You make the road by walking.”

JASON FOX Chair, Graphic Design Department


IONESCO COVERS Darcy Nathanson, B.F.A. graphic design Parkland, Florida

This collection of books and posters, created for the works of playwright and novelist Eugène Ionesco, approaches complex subjects in an abstract and creative way — much like the storytelling methods used by the author. Each cover was hand assembled using various symbols pulled from the story, from children’s toys to old photographs.





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AMĂ? Rut Neiconi, M.A. graphic design Hateg, Romania ,

Introverts feel very comfortable living a tranquil life, being quiet and spending time alone. Networking events or drastic changes in environment can cause spells of social anxiety and lead to depression, isolation and fixation on personal failures. Amí is a goal-oriented app that serves as an introvert’s companion in overcoming limitations. The relaxed tone mimics a conversation with a wise friend who understands, motivates and provides tools to improve and track social interactions.



HARK. MAGAZINE Sophia Millet, B.F.A. graphic design Edmonds, Washington

Hark. is an art and lifestyle magazine that celebrates the way humans build off of the past. The content is focused around the concept that borrowing leads to building, which leads to innovation. Although nothing is original, putting new thinking into old forms cultivates renewal, rebirth and refreshment. As a result, there is a sense of familiarity that eases us into change.

EINSTEIN’S DREAMS Maria Sinisterra, M.A. graphic design Cali, Colombia

This book communicates five concepts found in “Einstein’s Dreams,” a book of short stories detailing the physicist’s understanding of time. Concepts include memories and nostalgia, the cyclic time, the planning behind tentativeness, the relationship of reliance between the old and young despite their varied paces, and finally, the idea of the relativity of time depending on the distance from the center of the earth. 6

EXPANSION OF CURIOUSNESS Chufeng Zhang, M.A. graphic design Beijing, China

To develop a promotional design for the SCAD graphic design department, students were asked to “metaphorize” information from GRDS 201 Introduction to Graphic Design into a poster format. The design is a visual interpretation of the SCAD graphic design department, which promotes synergy between critical visual thinking and practical problem-solving and is focused on preparing graduates to meet all industry standards. SCAD graduates understand the implications of the cultural and social issues of the day, work to find creative solutions to complex problems and through design, are able to contribute to the greater good.

BLACK SWAN MOVIE DVD PACKAGING Mysan Ashgar, M.A. graphic design Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

This package design project, created for the movie “Black Swan” from Fox Searchlight Pictures, mimics the film’s mysterious tone and targets fans of the movie as well as people who prefer limitededition packaging.



LA SAPÉ MAGAZINE George Prah, B.F.A. graphic design Accra, Ghana

La Sapé Magazine is a quarterly publication that provides a refreshing alternative to the typical men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine. “La sape” is a French slang word for “style.” Inspired by the story of the Society of Sapeurs, the magazine embodies a mindset and lifestyle of a new generation of men who defy their circumstances and live joie de vivre while upholding personal style and creative thinking.

FEEL GOOD FOOD Jessica Elliott, B.F.A. graphic design Middletown, Maryland

“Feel Good Food” is a cookbook series that explains how to cook the most difficult types of food in a simple and healthy way. In order to make cooking look less daunting and more fun, I created the covers out of the food items that are discussed in the books.


RUNSAVI Lisa Fischer, M.A. graphic design, Watchung, New Jersey Aaron Troster, B.F.A. graphic design, Lumberton, New Jersey

Runsavi is an app to connect the Savannah, Georgia running community. RunSavi gives Savannah runners the social running experience they need by allowing users to discover and connect with other runners in the area, showcase races they’ve completed, view and sign up for upcoming races, and customize their profiles so runners can learn more about other runners in the community.

ALTERNATIVE DESIGN BOOK Abby Edwards, B.F.A. graphic design Grovetown, Georgia

The Alternative Design book documents the process of approaching design from a nontraditional method. This interactive book narrates from concept and physical artifact to digital composition, final interpretation and implementation.



SCAD GALAXY Megan Dombeck, M.F.A. graphic design Atlanta, Georgia

This poster, portraying an immense galaxy, shows the great potential of each SCAD graduate, as well as the variety of their backgrounds, both entering the school and continuing beyond the SCAD campuses. Every current student is represented by a dot within the sun cluster, and every alumni is represented by a dot within the galaxy. Every state and country with an alumni presence is represented by a hexagon arranged alphabetically in the SCAD galaxy.

SAGMEISTER & WALSH PROMO BOOK Vania Ho, B.F.A. graphic design Atlanta, Georgia

Sagmeister & Walsh is a design firm known for creating identities, commercials, films, exhibitions and much more. They are well-known in the design world for their use of shock value and unconventional materials to deliver their message. This promotional book is based around the concept of their logo, the ampersand, which symbolizes their partnership. Although Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh are amazing designers as individuals, as partners they create something even better.




SAY IT LOUD CAMPAIGN Madisson Staires, B.F.A. graphic design Tulsa, Oklahoma

Say It Loud is a pop-up campaign empowering women through words of affirmation. Society tells women how to think, act and how they should identify themselves. Instead of looking to society and the media for such things, this campaign is an outlet to encourage finding the truth within you. Posters, stickers and zines draw viewers into a discussion about the psychological benefits of affirmations.

LOCALITE Kylee Barnard, B.F.A. graphic design Colleyville, Texas

Localite is an app that allows users to find quality local businesses or “hidden gems� that are not easily searchable. Users can discover these places from friends, view featured recommendations based on recent activity, search for places in new cities filtered by interests and plan future adventures with the itinerary function.


BAMBOO NEEDLES Madison Gross, B.F.A. graphic design Fairplay, Colorado

The packaging for these bamboo knitting needles sells more than just a tool — it sells a hobby. The box features a QR code on the back that directs users to an online tutorial for knitting a wallet. The button on the package is used as the button in the actual wallet, and the knit lining of the interior features the stitch that the tutorial teaches. Fun patterning and typography attempt to draw in a larger audience and break stereotypes of knitting.

MEDULLA Vitor Silva, M.F.A. graphic design Curitiba, Brazil

This newspaper, based on the artist Björk, uses exploration techniques such as digital collage, photography of typographic compositions in physical locations and the invention of different methodologies. It contains interviews of Björk in different stages of her life. All illustrations and typeface choices communicate her experimental, unusual and unique character.



INVISIBLE BAND Sharon M. Martie, B.F.A. graphic design Kaiserslautern, Germany

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah, Georgia frequently hosts bands and other musical events. These abstract typographic forms are based on the instruments used in the museum and reflect the organic flow of sound.

JEPSON CENTER IDENTITY Kylee Barnard, B.F.A. graphic design Colleyville, Texas

To create a better brand experience at the Jepson Center, I visualized an identity that would represent the space and architecture. The new logo represents the lines of light that cut through the space, and the grays are used to show the light and open nature of the museum. Because of the amount of light that is exposed in the Jepson Center, holographic foil was used as an accent for the identity so that it would look different everywhere you were in the museum. 14

PERSPECTI’VE Abby Edwards, B.F.A. graphic design Grovetown, Georgia

Perspecti’ve is a company that brings creativity kits to children in underprivileged areas. The kit includes pieces that focus on artistic expression, building exploration and creative experimentation, which will aid kids in finding their creative voice and empower them through their own personal perspective.

TANGLED Vitor Silva, M.F.A. graphic design Curitiba, Brazil

These posters explore the different ways to represent data. The data set chosen reflects how two natural elements, such as hair and wind, can interact organically, creating images that are very similar, but still distinct. This difference is explored in the way the data was displayed, for it forces the audience to compare each piece of data with the previous and the following; or all pieces of data at once.



PERIOD OF TIME 1969 Maria Sinisterra, M.A. graphic design Cali, Colombia

Fashionable youthful women living in 1969 were the main inspiration for this project. The poster utilizes repetition and different heights to represent consumerism, fashion and abundance of the ’60s. The poster also aims to represent the upward scale through successive births that resulted in the increase of youth population for the ’60s.

CONNECTING THE DOT Peter Garvin, B.F.A. graphic design Franklin, Tennessee

Man has always reached for the stars in search of answers, but in our persistance to leave Earth, we overlooked what we would only discover from a new perspective: ourselves. This exhibit tells the story of humanity discovering itself through space exploration. The purpose is to expose people to this perspective, creating a sense of connection to one another and to their planet. 16

ESCRITURA BOOKBINDING KIT Elizabeth Magana, B.F.A. graphic design Greenville, Texas

The Escritura bookbinding kit comes with the materials needed to stitch together a sketchbook and create illustrations reminiscent of the Gutenberg studio. Kit includes needles, thread, davey board with paper, binder’s glue, bone folder and awls.

EINSTEIN’S DREAMS Vitor Silva, B.F.A. graphic design Curitiba, Brazil

This visual reinterpretation of “Einstein’s Dreams,” a compilation of short stories written by Alan Lightman, was designed to mimic the classic, yet strong surrealistic elements of each story.



TRAVEL TO GET LOST Robert Suta, B.F.A. graphic design Naperville, Illinois

Travel to Get Lost serves as an interactive installation located in airports to communicate the benefits of traveling. The marble mazes encourage travelers to interact with the type. Picking up a letter reveals positive aspects of getting lost while traveling.

CRIKEY! Chaaya Prabhat, M.A. graphic design Chennai, India

“Crikey!” is a picture-book biography for children on the life of the famous wildlife conservationist and television personality Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin.


WATERWORKS Elizabeth Gellert, B.F.A. graphic design Pickerington, Ohio

This app monitors water usage with an eye toward cutting back on waste and consumption. A live prototype is available at waterreallyworks.tumblr.com.

FARTLEK Tulio C. Jarocki, B.A. graphic design Recife, Brazil

Created as an exercise in package design, branding and usercentered design approach, Fartlek solves the usability problem of carry-on nutrition for long distance runners. The result is a handheld kit of two bottles that can be strapped around a runner’s hand for a comfortable and refreshing nutrition experience.



MEMENTO Abby Edwards, B.F.A. graphic design Grovetown, Georgia

This project focused on an identity, brand and packaging redesign for Memento, a cologne with companion skin-care products. The word mark and graphics were inspired by the human need to travel and create memories. Quick brushstroke textures and the absence of ligatures in the word mark reiterate the idea of capturing a fleeting moment.

CEREAL GUIDES APP Tulio C. Jarocki, B.A. graphic design Recife, Brazil

CEREAL is a travel and style magazine published twice a year out of Bath, UK, and has gained a cult following for its unique aesthetic and refined taste. This project converts CEREAL’s beautiful collection of city guides into an app. An exercise in UI design, UX design, and in translating print content into a digital format, this project was done with authorization of the team at CEREAL utilizing Sketch and Principle for Mac. 20

SLOW DOWN LEVEL UP HONG KONG Shin Ting “Bonnie” Cheung, B.F.A. graphic design Siu Lam, Hong Kong

“Time is money” is the core value of Hong Kong. This campaign, which highlights productivity, downshifting and passion, encourages the people of Hong Kong to change their mindsets and embrace slow living.

SMITHSONIAN FIELD GUIDE TO INSECTS Kamon Cash, B.F.A. graphic design Orangeburg, South Carolina

Fred Demara, Richard Lockey and Scott Trimble shared their expert opinions on insects in these volumes of the “Smithsonian Field Guide to Insects.” Three book jackets were developed for field guides that discuss insects that are edible, helpful or poisonous.



BABBLE JUICE Elizabeth Magana, B.F.A. graphic design Greenville, Texas

Based on the concept of juicy office gossip, Babble Juice containers feature cartoons of chattering animal heads on human bodies and the outer container can be used to hold office supplies.

QUEER CONSCIENCE Jeremy Loo, B.F.A. graphic design Sha Tin, Hong Kong

This interview book is meant to consist of real interviews of an LGBT artist collective. All of the artists work with nontraditional mediums, such as video and performance art. Much of their work is frenetic and pulsating. The dimensions of the book reflect the widescreen 16:9 ratio of video. The design of the interior pages mimics the work of the artists in rhythmic quality. 22

GREAT TYPEFACES: BOOK COVER DESIGN Shann Larsson, B.F.A. graphic design Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

The covers of “Great Typefaces,” a book series focused on the art of typography, feature cropped letters in typefaces such as Joanna, Clarendon and Futura. This playful and abstract template was designed to be used for a wide range of covers within the series.

OCCUPY CENTRAL 2016 Da Eun “Erin” Song, B.F.A. graphic design Tung Chung, Hong Kong

This is a calendar that uses experimental typography to commemorate Occupy Central, a movement that was noted worldwide in 2014 as a peaceful protest against Hong Kong and China’s government.



BARCELONA METRO REDESIGN Lisa Fischer, M.A. graphic design Watchung, New Jersey

The Barcelona Metro redesign, inspired by the work of Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, is clearer, friendlier and true to Barcelona culture. As a way of incorporating Gaudí’s use of geometric forms from nature, the redesign is based on the golden ratio.

ANTI DESIGN Taylor Vennel, B.F.A. graphic design Powder Springs, Georgia

This booklet, based on the designs of Jonathan Barnbrook, aims to capture Barnbrook’s unique, and at times, chaotic style while opening up new ideas of what is considered design. The HTML look of this booklet mimics Barnbrook’s anti-design campaign, and the color, text, image and layout capture his style and sporadic composition. 24

ANOMALY SFFF Peter Garvin, B.F.A. graphic design Franklin, Tennessee

Anomaly is an annual independent science-fiction film festival featuring new and retrospective films. Viewers of all ages are welcome, and attendees will include film critics, families and diehard sci-fi fans with a young-adult skew. The branding includes a dynamic logo system, app concept design, posters and motion media design.

TIRO DE VERDAD Kamon Cash, B.F.A. graphic design Orangeburg, South Carolina

Tiro de Verdad is a packaging project that consists of an outer container and taster sample of tequila. Playing off the idea of tequila as a truth serum, the outer packaging doubles as a lie detector test.



ORO Lisa Fischer, M.A. graphic design Watchung, New Jersey

Oro is a contemporary airline based out of Seville, Spain that fuses the cultural charm of Seville with a cutting-edge flying experience. The airline’s name, which means “gold” in Spanish, takes inspiration from Seville’s Golden Age in the late 16th century when gold poured into the city during the establishment of the Spanish Empire in the Americas. The visual identity is influenced by the geometric Mudéjar art and architecture throughout Seville.

ORDER WITHIN CHAOS Sharon M. Martie, B.F.A. graphic design Kaiserslautern, Germany

Based on the idea that order can be found in the midst of chaos, this poster uses Alberto Seveso’s photography and heavily manipulated typography placed within his striking photos.


PIN POINT IDENTITY REDESIGN Ava Finstuen, B.F.A. graphic design Houston, Texas

Pin Point’s identity redesign captures the community’s livelihood. The history is rich with hard work, religion and fellowship of the Gullah/Geechee culture on the banks of Moon River. The new identity communicates the vitality of the self-sustaining water community with a hand-rendered logotype and patterned motif of an oyster skiff bow.

OLOGY SERIES Madison Gross, B.F.A. graphic design Fairplay, Colorado

This redesign of the “Ology” trilogy, a series of books about wizards, pirates and explorers, uses a fresher, brighter and more kid-friendly design without losing the elements of magic and mystery.



FRENCH PAPER CO. BOOKLET Kira Carlee, B.F.A. graphic design Orangeburg, New York

This sample booklet for French Paper Co. centers around the potential occupants of an NYC cab from the driver’s perspective. Although the customers start out as somewhat ordinary, such as grandma with a dead fish, the book quickly falls into absurdity. The sparing use of color is meant to highlight the varying hues of the Dur-O-Tone paper line.

WALDEINSAMKEIT Thomas Gardner, B.F.A. graphic design Stockbridge, Georgia

The title “Waldeinsamkeit” is German for “solitude of the forest.” Inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, this project highlights the idea that you are never alone in the forest and something is always watching.


MOTHER TRUCKER Abby Edwards, B.F.A. graphic design Grovetown, Georgia

Mother Trucker is a healthy fast food option for commercial vehicle operators. The people who haul our food for miles across the nation are left with very few healthy options for their own meals. While these drivers fuel their trucks, Mother Trucker fuels their appetite. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available 24 hours a day, as well as varying degrees of meals, ranging from light to heavy to accommodate any appetite.

TESSELATE Kylee Barnard, B.F.A. graphic design Colleyville, Texas

Tessellate is a display sans-serif typeface characterized by a combination of a geometric circles and ‘rivers’ flowing off select characters. The typeface was inspired by the visual of organically formed rivers branching off of deltas.



POP: POINT OF POSSIBILITIES Blake Cale, B.F.A. graphic design Richmond, Virginia

Point of Possibilities (POP) is a travel trailer rental service for people driving the Appalachian Trail. Each trailer is stocked with complimentary water bottles, a travel journal and a mini survival kit, which includes matches, water-treatment tablets, paracord and first-aid items.

ANARCHY WINE PACKAGING Kira Carlee, B.F.A. graphic design Orangeburg, New York

Anarchy Wine juxtaposes the conservative 1900s tradition of afternoon tea with modern rebellion. The wine, housed in vintage pewter teapots and covered in clashing imagery, seeks to bring anarchy to the wine aisle by defying traditional beverage packaging. The logo is spray painted in neon, a bold way to vandalize an object normally associated with the conservative upper class. 30

ERROR (GLITCH ART MAGAZINE) Julia Anderson, B.F.A. graphic design Fort Walton Beach, Florida

ERROR is a conceptual fine arts and glitch art magazine, featuring work and images by artist Phillip David Stearns.

NORM MAGAZINE My T. Nguyen, B.F.A. graphic design Hanoi, Vietnam

NORM magazine is a themed quarterly print publication featuring young and emerging artists working to shift paradigms and define the new “norm.� The magazine shines a light on these exceptional artists, the cultural impact of their work and the positive contributions the artists make in their communities.



ANOTHER BITE BRANDING Shin Ting “Bonnie” Cheung, B.F.A. graphic design Siu Lam, Hong Kong

Another Bite is a branded tearoom that creates a beautiful journey for sweet tooths: from tasting what we make to baking your own. The logo is a profile of a cake, consisting of geometric shapes. The stationery set is inspired by the logo, and captures the diversity and playfulness of Another Bite. The pattern below implies the top view of pastries, which is used in both letterheads and envelopes.

THE RAVEN: VIRGINIA WHISKEY Blake Cale, B.F.A. graphic design Richmond, Virginia

Grave Spirits is a whiskey distillery located in Richmond, Virginia that pays homage to one of the city’s most famous residents, Edgar Allan Poe. “The Raven” is Poe’s masterpiece and the inspiration for the 5-year-aged whiskey. The special edition packaging is a hollowed out book that also houses two custom shot glasses.


THE RAVEN Chaaya Prabhat, M.A. graphic design Chennai, India

“The Raven” is an accordion book that uses illustration and typography to bring out the expressive and emotive qualities of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “The Raven.”

CLC KUAI WEAR BRANDING Gloria Wong, B.F.A. graphic design Shanghai, China

This is a branding project to help Kuai Wear with the launch of new biometric headphones. The goal was to depict the elements of sports and speed in a minimalist and simplistic style. The new identity focuses on the connection between the athlete’s mind and body, as well as the connection between the product and the athlete, while stripping away all other distractions.



EXPLORE HK EXPLORE HK Jeremy Loo, B.F.A. graphic design Sha Tin, Hong Kong

These stamps were made to promote tourism in Hong Kong and to highlight the superb transportation system. The simple line illustrations give the stamps more character and create a landscape journey when the stamps are placed side by side.

SH*T KIDS SAY Shann Larsson, B.F.A. graphic design Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

This book design project, focused on the uninhibited, amusing and sometimes insightful responses from children, was created from real interviews and features illustrations influenced by my niece, Shanique. With no page numbers or table of contents, the book encourages readers to explore the book in whatever order they wish.


OPERA CARMEN Florence Yu Si Chan, B.F.A. graphic design Shanghai, China

This poster design project aims to promote “Carmen,� an opera by Georges Bizet that showed at the Hong Kong Opera House in 2014, and to translate the idea of the opera into a visual language.

SOULECTION BRANDING Gloria Wong, B.F.A. graphic design Shanghai, China

This project is a rebranding for the music collective, Soulection. Inspired by fashion and music, the branding emphasizes the cultural aspects of Soulection and creates a more personalized logo and identity.



ANIMAL FARM BOOK JACKET AND SPREAD Wai On “Fiona” Yiu, B.F.A. graphic design Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

This redesign of the “Animal Farm” book jacket was created to reflect the Communist setting of the book. The rising sun on the cover mimics a propaganda poster of Chairman Mao. Sections of inside text are arranged in a circular shape, representing the sun that signifies the glory of communism.

DOTS Gloria Wong, B.F.A. graphic design Shanghai, China

This app, inspired by the childhood game of Dots, features the main functions of the game and adds new features to increase interest and variety.


THE HERBALIST Florence Yu Si Chan, B.F.A. graphic design Shanghai, China

The project aims to create a new tea brand within the existing international market. The Herbalist is a health-oriented brand that delivers organic infusions with the promotion of health benefits. The new package design abandons the traditional form of a box. Instead, the solution is to adopt a thin rectangular form that is portable for users. In addition, the tea bags can be customized.

‘THE DATING WEB’ Sydney Schulz, B.F.A. graphic design Liberty, Missouri

“The Dating Web” is a museum exhibition that explores how online dating and apps have changed the way the dating world works today. The narrative literature allows users to try their hand at matchmaking. A small package, to be sold in the gift shop, continues the web pattern and includes facts featured in the exhibit for the patron to take home with them.



SMITHSONIAN BOOK COVERS Sydney Schulz, B.F.A. graphic design Liberty, Missouri

The Smithsonian’s latest series of educational books cover various artistic trends, such as digital, fiber and paper arts. Each cover incorporates the actual medium discussed in the book. The cover of “Fiber Arts” was hand stitched with embroidery floss then scanned, and the “Paper Arts” cover was created using a 3-D paper quilling method that was then photographed.

CHESTNUT HILL ORGANIC JUICERY Brett Sherman, B.F.A. graphic design Boca Raton, Florida

The goal of this project was to create a new identity for an up-andcoming cold-pressed juicery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that uses alfalfa sprouts as a main ingredient.


BAR-BA-COA Shawn Klein, B.F.A. graphic design, Ozone Park, New York Chandler White, B.F.A. graphic design, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts Bar-Ba-Coa is an app based on the different barbecue restaurants in Savannah, Georgia. Bar-Ba-Coa was made for two different users: the diner and the restaurant owners. The diner is able to view local barbecue restaurants, coupons and favorite recipes. The restaurant owners can post coupons and restaurant information, and read reviews.

ANIMAL ALPHABET Allyse Engle, B.F.A. graphic design Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Animal alphabets create a fun learning experience and encourage kids to interact with their environment. The alphabets are available in book form or poster form, making them a great addition to any classroom, library, waiting room or child’s room at home.



FRISBEE PACKAGING Kira Carlee, B.F.A. graphic design Orangeburg, New York

The Lollipop Frisbee Collection imagines how a set of ordinary toys could be packaged for a museum gift shop following a surrealist exhibition. Each Frisbee is a tribute to a key figure in the surrealist movement through the use of peculiar drawings and nonsensical copy. Both the drawings and copy play on the irrational juxtaposition of imagery and words that is the hallmark of surrealist work.

A GRAVE STORY Allyse Engle, B.F.A. graphic design Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

The Grave Story app inspires locals to explore the history of Bonaventure cemetery and to be proactive in the preservation of this historic landmark.


WET N WILD PACKAGES Jae Yeon Lee, B.F.A. graphic design Seoul, South Korea

This package redesign for Wet N Wild nail polish, eye shadow and blush was designed to cleverly showcase makeup colors.

NEST Jessica Elliott, B.F.A. graphic design Middletown, Maryland

The new logo and menu designs for Nest, a small cafĂŠ located in the mountain town of Boone, North Carolina, were created to change with the seasons, allowing for year-round creativity.



PROJECT RUSHMORE POKER SET Allyse Engle, B.F.A. graphic design Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

The Project Rushmore poker set, a collectors’ item created in celebration of Project Rushmore bikes, showcases Harley Davidson’s pride in being a family company that cares about its riders. Packaged in a wooden box, this poker set includes custom metal dice, poker chips and face cards adorned with pictures of four Project Rushmore bikes.

MEMBRE DE LA MUEDE Samantha Howarth, B.F.A. graphic design Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

Conceived while Howarth studied abroad in France, this exhibition and narrative literature were created to showcase the relationship between the French and their dogs.


RAIL MUSEUM ACOUSTIC POSTER Kira Carlee, B.F.A. graphic design Orangeburg, New York

This poster uses modern aesthetics to visually represent the sounds associated with the Georgia Railway Museum and to breathe new life to the historic location. The poster’s grid system was created by combining a diagram of the museum’s unique turntable with a map of major rail stops from the 1920’s.

REP Sydney Schulz, B.F.A. graphic design Liberty, Missouri

The REP skin care line refreshes skin and keeps the man on-the-go looking distinguished — whether leaving the gym or headed home from the office.



PULSE EV CHARGING NETWORK Peter Garvin, B.F.A. graphic design Franklin, Tennessee

Pulse is an electric vehicle charging service that is dedicated to creating a fast and reliable infrastructure for electric vehicle owners. Members will receive a welcome kit upon subscription, which includes their Pulse Plus card to use at Pulse locations. Users are also able to download the Pulse app to find nearby stations, view available spaces, see their charge status and more.

BOOK COVERS Leigh O’Farrell, B.F.A. graphic design Peachtree City, Georgia

This is a series of book covers created for postmodern antiwar literature. The series includes “Catch 22,” “Gravity’s Rainbow” and “Slaughterhouse Five.”


CABINET MAGAZINE – BIO AESTHETICS Megan Dombeck, B.F.A. graphic design Marietta, Georgia

This project was an exploration linking graphic design and art history through the aesthetics found in nature within the pre-existing magazine Cabinet. The final project includes a cover design, interior redesigned page layout, and a large timeline poster.

DISCOVERING CHINESE STRING INSTRUMENTS Xiaomeng Yang, M.A. graphic design Beijing, China

The posters are sponsored by the High Museum of Art Atlanta for the “Sihuang Discovering Chinese String Instruments” exhibition. The iPhone application for High Museum of Art Atlanta provides the audience a multi-sensory access to learn more about the visual and auditory information of these instruments.



TYPE A PLANNER Rut Neiconi, M.A. graphic design Hateg, Romania

Created for and inspired by those who identify as Type A, this weekly planner celebrates personality traits such as ambition, competitiveness and high energy. Each day is complete with a todo list to prioritize tasks based on urgency. An “If not� section at the beginning of each month can be used to plan for worst-case scenarios. The orderly layout and typography is meant to please Type A personalities who are defined by the same traits.

TRUE LIFE HAS LIVED HERE Sophia Millet, B.F.A. graphic design Edmonds, Washington

This project was inspired by a small pink house in Savannah, Georgia, and the imagined elderly woman who lived there.


THE DAILY BREAKFAST EXPERIENCE Xiaomeng Yang, M.A. graphic design Beijing, China

The Daily Breakfast is a personalized news experience that’s based on the The Daily app data. By connecting with the mobile app, customers can personalize their articles and desired breakfast.

MAKERS OF TYPE Megan Dombeck, M.F.A. graphic design Marietta, Georgia

Created as a love letter to metal type foundries and wood type manufacturers, this book showcases wood and lead type on the cover and headers.



SXSW REBRAND Lucila Lombardi, B.F.A. graphic design Lawrenceville, Georgia

This rebranding project for the SxSW festival series in Austin, Texas, features a new main logo and a color-coordinated system with contrasting captions to differentiate between the various music, film and interactive festivals. Throughout the festival, digital media connections simplify networking possibilities for attendees.

BHHS PACKAGING Mysan Ashgar, M.A. graphic design Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (BHHS) is a nationwide real estate brokerage franchise network. We worked with its team to develop a new advertising and marketing campaign that implemented a new social media strategy, a UI/UX redesign of its website and app, a redesign of its existing print collateral, and a packaging system for client gifts. Together, these elements create a cohesive brand experience for Berkshire Hathaway’s clients. 48

FORSYTH Rut Neiconi, M.A. graphic design Hateg, Romania ,

The purpose of this project is to promote a city block in Atlanta, on Forsyth Street. It’s a branding project for a set of tools inspired by the International Association of Machinists. The boldness of the logo inspires stability and strength while the concept of unity as well as the tool-theme is integrated in the modified letter O. The tagline “Together we can fix it” reinforces this message.

SNAPCHAT Josef Khoo, B.F.A. graphic design Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is a rebrand of Snapchat, a popular photo and video messaging app that allows content to disappear several seconds after the user has opened it.



SHOEFIX Kayode Lowo, B.F.A. graphic design Kennesaw, Georgia

Shoefix is a mobile shoe repair service created around the concept of mobility and customer service. The brand package consists of the logo/logomark, mobile app/website and stationery.

GUN VIOLENCE CAMPAIGN Ahmed Salim Mamadoul, B.F.A. graphic design LomĂŠ, Niger

This is a social poster against gun violence in America.


KIDULT MAGAZINE Eun Kyung Shin, M.A. graphic design Seoul, South Korea

Kidult magazine, created for adults who get nostalgic about childhood and maintain interests traditionally seen as suitable for children, contains toy reviews, interviews with toy designers and Kidult entertainment.

INTERSTELLAR BLUE-RAY PACKAGING Chufeng Zhang, M.A. graphic design Beijing, China

This Blue-Ray packaging, inspired by the movie “Interstellar,� includes a four-dimensional space featuring a key scene from the movie, allowing fans to personally experience actions of the film.



HOOK BOOK Megan Dombeck, M.F.A. graphic design Marietta, Georgia

This project is a typographic interpretation of the script from Steven Spielberg’s 1991 movie, “Hook.” The pages incorporate photography, drawing, scanned paper textures and more.

THICK&THIN Rut Neiconi, M.A. graphic design Hateg, Romania ,

This quarterly publication, inspired by the arts of graphic design and calligraphy, explores the benefits of using calligraphy in graphic design work. Content varies from interviews or articles written by calligrapher–designers, fun initiatives such as “Lettering vs. Calligraphy” or showcases of graphic design pieces created using the art of writing. 52

PASSÉ MAGAZINE Mysan Ashgar, M.A. graphic design Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

PassĂŠ is an antique admirer magazine with a contemporary design. While the readers flip through the pages, they will enjoy all matters relating to vintage and antique articles and objects from architecture to furniture, from fashion to jewelry. In our magazine, we give the readers the opportunity to scan, read, buy and get inspired.

AVA Morgan McIntyre, B.F.A. graphic design Grayson, Georgia

This is a packaging line that revolves around feminine hygiene products. These particular designs were created for Ava and its line of menstrual cups. The larger geometric packages were made to overcome the stigma of the typical size and shape of femininecare products. The smaller packages were designed to be easily stacked, shipped and stored while keeping the design cohesive.



SHAPE UP Rut Neiconi, M.A. graphic design Hateg, Romania ,

SCAD gives shape to students’ strategic and critical thinking skills, preparing them to enter the workforce and influence the global artistic and design community. The poster embodies that concept through a world map consisting of the 3-D shape of countries where SCAD alumni are present and active.

WIEDEN+KENNEDY CAPABILITIES BOOK Hannah Alspaugh, B.F.A. graphic design Hastings, Michigan

This agency capabilities book serves to highlight the impressive portfolio, interesting history and colorful culture of Wieden+Kennedy.


PATAGONIA Morgan McIntyre, B.F.A. graphic design Grayson, Georgia

The rebranding of Patagonia, an environmentally cautious outdoor product and experience company, called for a more flexible and simplified identity. Keeping the company’s core values in mind, all of the new stationery and packaging was printed on recycled paper.

BOTA ISLAY DRY GIN Bianca Kipp, B.F.A. graphic design Loganville, Georgia

The makers of The Botanist Gin emphasize the process of making their gin and foraging for specific botanicals. Although the identity is visually successful as a brand of alcohol, it does not reflect the distiller’s focus on the foraging/botanical properties of the gin.



KIKKERLAND MUSIC BOX Elizabeth Magana, B.F.A. graphic design Greenville, Texas

This luxury, vintage music box, directed toward adults who enjoy collectibles, is based around the concept of classical music and mythological sea monsters. A metal sea creature sits on a mirror located inside each box and a drawer holds the name and story of each creature shown.

JEPSON CENTER IDENTITY Tulio C. Jarocki, B.F.A. graphic design Recife, Brazil

The goal of this project was to create a cohesive identity for the local Jepson Center for the Arts. The identity emphasizes the museum’s architecture, while maintaining an adaptable look that can be used in a variety of ways. This redesign includes typographic guidelines, a website and advertisements, alongside a complete brand standards manual. 56

THE PUBLIC DOMAIN PROJECT Tulio C. Jarocki, B.A. graphic design Recife, Brazil

The Public Domain Project™ came about from a desire to explore design in a wide variety of media using high-quality content. Using graphics that are copyright free, such as NASA’s Apollo archives, I developed in collaboration with Greer Chapman a series of graphic elements to showcase our typographic, layout and animation skills. The contents range from a fully designed magazine, to a concept website and an interactive app.

ARRIS Maria Sinisterra, M.A. graphic design Cali, Colombia

This project is a redesign of the Journal of the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians (ARRIS). This is a contemporary look for the journal, both for promotional and wider distribution. The digital version (e-book) was also developed.



WILDE CREATIVE RESOURCE CENTER Kylee Barnard, B.F.A. graphic design Colleyville, Texas

Wilde is a fictional creative resource center that provides our members with the most inspiring space to work and access to an exclusive app to get feedback from other professional creatives. Our space is open 24/7 with multiple rooms offering creative necessities. The brand is inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are� and is a reflection of the creative process.

ABSURDISM Jessica Guinamand, B.F.A. graphic design Atlanta, Georgia

This set of screen-printed books is meant to represent the levels of understanding absurdism. The first is small, pessimistic, and dark, and uses dry absurdist humor to depict the fear most people associate with the philosophy. The second is the myth of Sisyphus, and uses little absurdities to break up the text into something more open and understandable, but still absurd. The third is interactive, and encourages the user to take a hands-on approach. 58

DIGITAL DETOX CAMPAIGN Deanna Choflet, B.F.A. graphic design Toms River, New Jersey

Digital Detox is a retreat center that separates participants from digital devices. Inspired by today’s quickly evolving technology, the campaign uses bold colors and jumbled movement to force people to look up from their phones and read the signs. Color overlays mimic social media filters, and the juxtaposition of red and blue show the contrast of real life verses living through a screen.

LIFE’S A DRAG: DRAG QUEEN KIT Elizabeth Gellert, B.F.A. graphic design Pickerington, Ohio

This starter kit is for the up-and-coming drag queen of tomorrow and, just like the act of drag, it serves as a commentary on gender roles and what it really means to be a “man,” a “woman,” or none of the above. The symbols that aren’t glitched serve as clocks to represent the life of a drag queen, and each of the items represents a particular hour in that queen’s life.




MIKE DURKEE Savannah, Georgia mikedurkee.com

Middletown, Maryland jessicaelliott.squarespace.com



Grovetown, Georgia abbylaurenedwards.com

KIRA CARLEE Orangeburg, New York kiracarlee.com


Watchung, New Jersey lisasuefischer.com


Franklin, Tennessee petermichaelgarvin.com

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SCAD Secession 2016  

Each year the graphic design department produces "Secession," a professional-quality portfolio book capturing the best and most recent stude...

SCAD Secession 2016  

Each year the graphic design department produces "Secession," a professional-quality portfolio book capturing the best and most recent stude...

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