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WKS16 Introduction to Welding Instructor: David Cumbie Saturday and Sunday, 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6 Jan. 28-29 WINTER Feb. 11-12 WINTER March 4-5 WINTER March 25-26 SPRING Join this veteran welder in designing small sculptures over a weekend. Practice cutting and basic welding techniques, while creating artwork from found objects. No experience needed. Members $275 • Non-members $295

WKS03 Concrete Sculpture Workshop NEW Instructor: Sandro Pelicie Perez WINTER Saturday, Feb. 14 and Feb. 18 9 am-4 pm, Studio 6 Learn to carve a sculpture starting from a large Styrofoam maguette. Learn how to apply cement creating a durable surface for outdoor art. The art work will be finished using colorful stains and sealers. This collaborative work will go on display in the Contemporary Sculpture Garden. Members $150 • Non-members $170 Sandro Pelicié Pérez combine his skills in sculpture, scenic art, and decorative concrete to create themed outdoor living spaces. He received his BA in sculpture in 1997 from Academie National des Bellas Arte San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba. His work has been exhibited internationally and in public and private collections.

WKS07 Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sculptures NEW Instructor: David Cumbie SPRING Two-week Class, Saturday April 1, 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6 April 8, 10 am-2 pm, Studio 6 Learn to sculpt and take impressions from found objects to be used to create clay molds during this two-day workshop. All projects will be cast in portland cement and hydro stone using masonry dyes for color. Faux bronze and silver finishes will be offered for interior sculptures. Students are encouraged to create several pieces. All materials supplied. Members $200 • Non-members $220 David Lee Cumbie is an award-winning sculptor and an active member of the Central Florida arts community for more than 30 years. At Crealdé, he directs the Sculpture Studio and Central Florida’s only communitybased bronze foundry. He also is the curator of the school’s Contemporary Sculpture Garden. Website:

WKT36 Introduction to Stone Carving David Cumbie sculpting the human head

WKS10 Sculpting the Human Head NEW Instructor: David Cumbie SPRING Saturday and Sunday, May 6-7 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6 Sculpt a life size head. Learn proportions of the head and techniques for creating facial features during this intensive two-day workshop. Students will be responsible for buying a 25 pound bag of clay which will be available in class. All levels of talent welcome. Members $230 • Non-members $250

WKS11 Multimedia Sculpture NEW Instructor: David Cumbie SPRING Saturday and Sunday, April 15-16 10 am-4 pm, Studio 6 Spend two days learning a variety of techniques creating multimedia sculptures. Experiment with fast mold making processes and use a large variety of material to create figures, shadow boxes and press mold sculptures. Students are encouraged to bring in found objects to include in their pieces, all other materials are supplied. All levels of talent welcome. Members $220 • Non-members $240


Instructor: Richard Saunders WINTER Saturday-Sunday, February 4-5 9 am-1pm, Studio 6, 2 weeks Registration Deadline is February 21 Great for beginners aspiring to carve stone – prior experience is neither necessary nor encouraged. Learn the basics of stone, safety issues, the basic tools, the instructor’s biases, final polishing and work critique. Workshop stresses free-form carving with hand tools. Each student will be provided with a 20 pound-plus piece of alabaster to begin their carving experience. Members $275 • Non-members $295 Richard Saunders is a juried stone carver who found his art 12 years ago with mentor Elizabeth Kelsey (“Winkie”), of Hanover, New Hampshire. He is experienced with marble, alabaster, limestone and soapstone, and was awarded a prize in a major juried show at Ava Gallery, Lebanon, New Hampshire. He works with stone in the weight ranges of 50 to 150 pounds. Although he uses power devices, this introductory workshop will not involve such tools; their role in stone carving will be discussed.

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted.

CLASSES TD122 Beginning Wheel Throwing

TD174 Handbuilding with Found Objects

Instructor: Vince Sansone WINTER/SPRING Tuesday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4 Instructor: Barbara Bailey WINTER/SPRING Thursday, 7-9 pm, Studio 4 Learn to center, open and compress clay, and throw small cylinders on the potter’s wheel. Trimming, finishing, adding handles, feet and pouts make pieces ready to glaze and fire. Members $210 • Non-members $230

Instructor: Belinda Glennon SPRING Thursday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4, 6 Weeks Use handbuilding techniques to create nature inspired ceramics. Imagine a classic garden finial, animated planter, musical wind chime or a glowing lantern. Give new life to organic objects as they influence form, decoration and glazing choices. Suitable for all levels. Members $165 • Non-members $185

TD135 Beginning Handbuilding

Instructor: Belinda Glennon WINTER Thursday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4, 6 Weeks Use handbuilt projects or thrown forms to explore surface decoration techniques. Experiment with sgrafitto, slip trailing, inlay and more to create unique and functional pottery. Members $165 • Non-members $185

Instructor: Doug Bringle WINTER/SPRING Tuesday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Studio 4 Don’t be intimidated by clay. This class gives you the chance to handbuild freely. The projects are explained step-by-step and based on pieces from children’s classes … from plates and bowls to animal rattles and lanterns. Come play with clay! Members $210 • Non-members $230

TD172 Handbuilding Like the Ancients Instructor: Doug Bringle WINTER/SPRING Monday, 7-9 pm, Studio 4 Friday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4 Over 10,000 years ago, humans started using clay jugs, bowls, baskets, platters, teapots, jewelry, tablets, statues, tiles, buildings – these have all been born from clay, a legacy of civilization. Use traditional coil, pinch and slab techniques to continue that legacy, creating vessels that harken back to ancient times. Members $210 • Non-members $230 6 Crealdé School of Art

TD184 Surface Decoration for Pottery

TD185 Beyond Round: Altered States Instructor: Belinda Glennon WINTER/SPRING Monday, 1:30-3:30 pm, Studio 4, 6 Weeks Create animated pots – on and off the wheel – by altering thrown forms. Dart, pleat and facet pots with distinct personalities that invite use. Members $165 • Non-members $185

TD228 Continuing Wheel Throwing Instructor: Vince Sansone WINTER/SPRING Monday, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Studio 4 Instructor: Vadim Malkin WINTER/SPRING Tuesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 4 Now that you’re comfortable with centering, let’s tickle the imagination and create bowls, cups and vases. This course covers beginner to advanced levels of wheel throwing, altering and glazing. Members $220 • Non-members $240

Crealde School of Art Winter and Spring 2017 Program Guide  
Crealde School of Art Winter and Spring 2017 Program Guide  

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