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FIBER ARTS CLASSES FA101 Introduction Quilting Piecing and Patchwork Instructor: Sherry Goode-Carmell WINTER Monday, 10 am-1 pm, Heritage Center, 6 Weeks Always wanted to quilt, but didn’t know how to get started? Learn the basic steps of quilting. Explore fabric choices, quilting supplies, rotary cutting and more. Participants learn the art of piecing patchwork blocks and matching points. Members $250 • Non-members $270

Classes are 8 weeks unless otherwise noted. FA103 Bookmaking I Instructor: Hye Shin WINTER Tuesday, 10 am-Noon, Heritage Center Learn a variety of bookbinding methods, including the basics of case bound, coptic and stab stitch (Japanesestyle) on hardcover books. Make personalized journals, sketchbooks, albums and more. Learn how to create hand-bound books to make the perfect customized gift. Members $205 • Non-members $225

FA106 Introduction to Papier Mâché Instructor: Geoffry Sprague WINTER/SPRING Tuesday, 1-3 pm, Studio 7, 6 weeks Papier-mâché has been used for millennia to create ornamental and functional objects. Explore various materials, recipes and techniques for making and finishing papier-mâché sculpture with emphasis given to the advantages and quirks of the medium. Although this class has no prerequisites, prior sculpting experience is helpful. Members $165 • Non-members $185

FA104 The Art of Fabric Collage SPRING Wednesday, 10 am-Noon, Heritage Center, 6 weeks Develop a visual language using scraps of fabric, appliqué, threads and beads. Create printed fabrics of their own design using an ink jet printer. tudents’ unique visions will be realized through their choice of embellishments. This class is for all levels. A sewing machine is preferred for faster progress. Members $155 • Non-members $175 FA105 The Art of Papermaking

FA102 Introduction to Quilting Appliqué Instructor: Sherry Goode-Carmell SPRING Monday, 10 am-1 pm, Heritage Center, 6 Weeks Create a beautiful wall quilt! Learn fusible machine appliqué. Explore how to select the right fabrics, prepare the background and appliqué pieces, fuse the raw edge appliqué and finish the quilt. Appliqué has wonderful possibilities for clothes, quilts and home decor items. Members $250 • Non-members $270

WORKSHOPS WKF01 Introductory Long Arm Quilting Workshop Instructor: Sherry Goode-Carmell WINTER March 4, Saturday 11 am-5 pm, Heritage Center Learn the basics of longarm quilting, including how to put the backing, batting and top onto the quilting machine. Participants also learn to stitch in the ditch, and meandering and simple free motion patterns. Members $100 • Non-members $120

WKF02 Longarm Quilting: Beyond Basics Instructor: Sherry Goode-Carmell SPRING May 6, Saturday 11 am-5 pm, Heritage Center Free-hand designs are fun and easy to do and give quilting a very custom look. In this hands-on workshop, students work on appliqué quilts and use different freehand, stippling, echo quilting and fill-in patterns. Also

Instructor: Hye Shin WINTER Wednesday, 10 am-Noon, Studio 7, 6 weeks Learn the basics of papermaking using recycled paper, rose petals, onion skins, sewing scraps, and junk mail. Use mold and deckle techniques to make unique paper. Molding, paper sculpture and basic bookbinding techniques will be taught. Make your own cards, envelopes, 2-D and 3-D paper art. Members $155 • Non-members $175 “Walking Bathtub”, Geoffry Sprague, Papier Mâché

“overall” free-hand patterns will be discussed and created. Members $100 • Non-members $120 After working more than 25 years in social service, Sherry Goode-Carmell opened a home-based sewing and quilting studio and has been teaching all areas of sewing and quilting, including longarm quilting. Her fiber art is in both public and private collections.

WKF05 Contemporary Papermaking with Hanji Instructor: Hye Shin WINTER Saturday, February 4 10 am-5 pm, Studio 7 Learn the history and techniques of hanji, a traditional Korean paper made from the paper mulberry tree. Hanji is known for its long and strong fibers and has a variety of applications such as windows, books, artwork and clothes. Create thin mulberry papers and 3-D art forms using hanji with double-molding and papers with inclusions. Most materials provided. Students should bring towel and inclusions such as onion skin, flower petals, dried fern leaves, gold and


silver sprinkles). Mold and deckle ($20) available for purchase during workshop. Members $125 • Non-members $145 Hye Shin completed her BFA and MFA in Fiber Arts from Ewha Womans University, South Korea, plus an additional MFA in textiles from The Henty Rodford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University. She recently completed public art pieces for the Historic Sanford Welcome Center and Florida Institute of Technology. Shin participates in group and solo exhibitions internationally. Website:

Classes are 6 weeks unless otherwise noted.


JG103 Intro to Jewelry Design and Fabrication

JG105 Filigree Jewelry: Traditional-Contemporary

JG102 Art of Stained Glass I

Instructor: Stefan Alexandres SPRING Saturday, 10 am-2 pm, Studio 7, 4 Weeks This is an introductory class for basic and advanced jewelry fabrication. Learn essential silversmithing skills and methods of cutting, forging, embossing and all the fundamentals of soldering techniques. Class includes tools to make finger rings, earrings, bracelets and other forms of jewelry as well as copper materials for practicing during class. Students wanting to work in silver should bring their own. Members $220 • Non-members $240

Instructor: Stefan Alexandres WINTER Saturday, 10 am-2 pm, Studio 7, 4 weeks This class is the gateway for filigree jewelry fabrication and designing. The first class begins with fundamental instructions to make metal threads and overview the process with samples, demos and hands-on projects. In the next class, students will fabricate a variety of filigree components as needed to assemble a design. The final two classes are for completing the works and exploring beyond the limits of traditional patterns, creating a contemporary vision. Class will not meet February 4. Class will end on February 25. Members $210 • Non-members $230

Instructor: Robert Lennox WINTER/SPRING Wednesday, 1-3 pm, Studio 7, 6 Weeks Wednesday, 7-9 pm, Studio 7, 6 Weeks This is a class for beginners to learn the beautiful craft of stained glass. Students are introduced to glass cutting, pattern making, copper foiling and soldering techniques. No prior stained glass experience is needed, and students of all levels are welcome. Supplies are included. Members $215 • Non-members $235

4 Crealdé School of Art

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Crealde School of Art Winter and Spring 2017 Program Guide  

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