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2008-09 Annual Giving Report Issue

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Student poem pleases alumna Just a couple quick comments on the most recent alumnae Bulletin publication. First - It is a treat to read what is going on at SBS. I applaud you for “going green” and using environmentally responsible ink & paper!

Second - please let Audrey Lewis ’09 know how outstanding her [poem] “Once We Were Young” is. I am happy to see that poetry and writing are still an active part of the curriculum. Please relay to Audrey that a former poetry nerd and winner of the “Nancy Hodermarsky Poetry Award” just adores her except from Minerva.

Rachael McClellan Leonard ’93

The Mission Stoneleigh-Burnham School is an academic community that inspires girls to pursue meaningful lives based on honor, respect, and intellectual curiosity. Each student is challenged to discover her best self and graduate with the confidence to think independently and act ethically, secure in the knowledge that her voice will be heard.

The Board of Trustees Shayna Appel ’78, P’04, Chair

In This Issue Features 5

College Bound by Lauren Cunniffe College Counselor Lauren Cunniffe’s account of her summer college bike tour

6 7 8

Trailblazers Stories of alumnae and students blazing their own trails


Gypsy da Silva ’59B by Bethany O’Connell Words Do Not Deceive Her


Around the World in Ten Days Excerpts from Head of School Sally Mixsell’s travel journal from Asia

Elizabeth T. Stout ’61B


Do One Thing Each Day That Scares You by Sally L. Mixsell, Head of School

Luis Viada P’06


Who We Are: The Newest Stoneleigh-Burnham Girls

Taffy Bassett-Fox ’88, Ex-officio


2008-2009 Annual Giving Report

Sally Leach Mixsell ’69, Ex-officio


A Solid Foundation by Regina E. Mooney, Ph.D.


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Sonya Lamonakis ’93 by Liz Feeley A Champion in the Ring and in the Classroom Emily Hewlings ’12 by Holly Mott Defying Silence and Finding Her Voice


Do One Thing Each Day That Scares You by Sally L. Mixsell, Head of School

Eleanor Roosevelt once suggested, “Do one thing each day that scares you.” She did not mean for us to take unnecessary or illegal risk but rather to go to the edges of what we think is possible and give it our best try. In other words, do something “scary” in order to grow. Since my arrival as head of school a little over a year ago, we have clung to this adage as a goal for ourselves, as adult role models in a community of learners, and for our girls, as those we are entrusted to teach. As educators, we work to present challenges that will be appropriately “scary” for our students, as they work to understand themselves both as learners and as members of a community.

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

As I write this note on a rainy, autumn Sunday afternoon, our debate team is hosting eleven schools here on campus for the annual Stoneleigh-Burnham School Public Speaking Tournament, and our most experienced debaters will compete next week in the annual International Debate Tournament against English-speaking schools from around the world. We have four riders in Northampton this weekend who have qualified for the Massachusetts Finals for hunter-jumpers, and our own fields are dotted today with cross country riders competing in our Fall Horse Trials. These, and so many other events of the year, are the kinds of opportunities that challenge our girls to be their best selves and grow as a result.


It is one thing to boost self-esteem; it is quite another to encourage strong will.

In this issue of The Bulletin we offer several stories of alumnae and students whose lives embody the kind of “guts” that such challenges require – and in turn engender. As a school for twelve to eighteen-year-olds, we strive to assist our emerging young women to become active agents of their own destiny. It is one thing to boost self-esteem; it is quite another to encourage strong will. We believe that the stories told here are representative of many Burnham, Stoneleigh and Stoneleigh-Burnham graduates – women whose self-esteem and strong will have allowed them to do things every day that scare them. Enjoy!

Sally L. Mixsell at Commencement 2009. Photo by Paul Franz.

A Remarkable Woman: An Extraordinary Life As we were going to press with this issue of The Bulletin we learned of the death of one of Stoneleigh-Burnham’s most beloved figures, Mrs. Miriam Emerson Peters, on October 29, 2009 at the age of 100. Although we could not do her justice in this one page, we did not feel right going ahead without including mention of her passing. In her letter to alumnae in the days that followed the news of Mrs. Peters’ death, Sally Mixsell shared, It is hard to imagine the entirety of her influence on so many Burnham and Stoneleigh-Burnham alumnae; she was certainly a woman of substance who commanded enormous respect. Even in her retirement she was sincerely interested in the lives of her “girls” from Burnham and in the education of young women in general. I can say for myself that I feel the heady responsibility of carrying on her legacy at the school and am grateful for having known her, both as a student and recently as head of school. Her life has inspired me to be better at mine. As you may remember, we commemorated Mrs. Peters’ 100th birthday last June at Reunion. Mrs. Peters was passionate about travel and culture, so when I asked her how she would like to be honored in this milestone year, she chose the general theme of international understandings. With gifts from a number of Burnham alumnae we were able to launch the Miriam Emerson Peters Speaker Series in Global Awareness as a part of that celebration. In an untimely coincidence, the inaugural speaker series event took place the week following Mrs. Peters’ death. Sally Mixsell opened by sharing her thoughts on the event’s poignancy before introducing guest speaker Mary Wilson, professor of history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an expert in the area of Middle Eastern studies. Mrs. Miriam Emerson Peters will be remembered in the spring issue of The Bulletin. She will be sadly missed, and in the words of Sally Mixsell, May the contributions of Miriam Emerson Peters be inscribed in our hearts and in Stoneleigh-Burnham School for generations to come.

Who We Are The Newest Stoneleigh-Burnham Girls



is the year the youngest

is the number of miles from Seoul, South Korea to

members of the class of

Greenfield, Massachusetts. The average air miles

2015 (this year’s 7th grade class) were born.

traveled by one of our South Korean students each year is


4:30 a.m.


was the earliest arrival time for one of our new international students.

is the number of countries our girls represent including the United States, Thailand,


Korea, China, Japan, Mexico, Bermuda, St.

is the number of new

Martin, Canada, Côte

students who received

d’Ivoire, Rwanda and

academic honors at their


previous schools. It is also the number of new


students who joined the SBS community this

new students this year are legacies.

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009




nineteen new students speak two or more languages.

is the total number of A Stoneleigh-Burnham senior displays her school spirit and the “peace” symbol, now less associated with the counter-culture movement of the American 60s and more often associated with the Asian symbol for peace and happiness. Photo by the SBS yearbook staff.

languages spoken by our new students.

“[...] the real trick is looking beyond the name of the school and taking a close look at what it offers to its students.”

College Counselor Lauren Cunniffe (in yellow at center) with fellow college counselors in July 2009.

College Bound

by Lauren Cunniffe


Read the full New York Times article. Find the link at

As any Stoneleigh-Burnham athlete learns in her years here, the common bonds forged through riding, dancing and team practices are strong and enduring. These athletes find that the experience of working together in a group engages both the mind and body and produces lasting and, sometimes, surprising results. For two weeks this past July I had the opportunity to join a group of college counselors from seven different states as we pedaled our way through three Mid-Atlantic states visiting about a dozen colleges and universities. This adventure, complete with remarkably perfect summer weather, afforded us a unique chance to view these schools from, as Jacques Steinberg of the New York Times put it in his article about us, “the open-air perch of a bike saddle.” We all rode bikes and carried our own gear; in my case I pulled a small trailer equipped with an eye-catching yellow flag that billowed happily over nearly 500 miles of sun-baked roads, from quiet, shaded bike paths to the din of downtown Baltimore’s traffic and construction zones. Approaching a college campus by bike allows a fresh vantage point that isn’t visible from a car. The group took in buildings and landscapes from a slow-moving perspective that let us spend time, far removed from glossy brochures and internet connections, reflecting on which of our students we could imagine walking around that campus. Later, on each formal tour, we did what any college tour group does: we watched the tour guide walk backwards and listened to the speech, sometimes rehearsed, sometimes refreshingly candid, about the college. We saw the dorms, the classrooms, the library and the

athletic facilities. We then checked out the downtown area for student cafes, shopping and music spots. We ate meals in the dining halls and we slept in the dorm rooms and came away with the certain knowledge that every single college offers something valuable and unique to its population; the real trick is looking beyond the name of the school and taking a close look at what it offers to its students. That, for me, was the most valuable part of this experience: spending time with counselors, from both small, independent and large, public high schools, who all share the goal of finding the best fit for the students with whom they work. I’ve been asked if there were any real standouts or any disappointments among the schools I saw. There were no disappointments because every college I saw aims to provide a unique educational opportunity and no single college closely resembled the one I saw the previous day. As a new cycle of college applications begins this fall, I plan to counsel each student to immerse herself in the process much as I did in the bike tour: setting off on a new adventure, armed with plenty of knowledge and support, but prepared to pedal her own bicycle on that journey towards the college that suits her best.

Trailblazers Stoneleigh-Burnham alumnae and students are taking charge of their destinies and blazing their own trails in pursuit of their best selves every day. In this section we share a few of those stories that have captured our attention as of late.

“I run my classroom very similarly to how I fight. Not so much aggressively, but I have to command attention.”

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

Sonya Lamonakis ’93 is called “Amtrak” in boxing circles because she always moves forward in the ring. Photo by Joe Daly.


Sonya Lamonakis ’93: A Champion in the Ring and in the Classroom by Liz Feeley

The desks were set up in a square formation, about the size of a boxing ring. The students were listening intently and the teacher was alternating between a whisper and an authoritative tone as she was stepping into the center of the square, bobbing and weaving her way from desk to desk. Similarly to commanding respect in the boxing ring, Sonya Lamonakis ’93 was commanding respect in the classroom. As if the challenge of becoming the number one ranked amateur super heavyweight boxer in the country is not a challenge great enough, Ms. Lamonakis teaches seventh grade at Family Academy in Harlem, New York. Boxing is Sonya’s hobby. Educating children is her career. Sitting at a small desk in an undersized chair at a public school in the heart of Harlem, I witnessed the tough love of this extraordinary teacher. Ms. Lamonakis was clearly reaching this group of seventh graders that any other teacher could rightly label ‘difficult.’ She cares, and her students know it. In five short minutes it was clear that the class was aware of Ms. Lamonakis’ high expectations and that they appreciated her for holding them to a high standard of behavior. “Kids want structure and discipline,” Sonya shares. “I run my classroom very similarly to how I fight. Not so much aggressively, but I have to command attention.” Commanding attention is not new to Sonya. After taking up boxing at the age of 27, in seven short years, Sonya has won an unprecedented four consecutive Golden Gloves titles at Madison Square Garden, two New England Golden Gloves titles, a World Title in Kansas City, Missouri and two National Golden Gloves titles. Now she has a new challenge, turning pro. “I will probably turn pro,” a pause, then a sigh, “but the problem is that if I have a fight in Florida on a Saturday, I will need to be there for a weigh-in on Friday so I need to leave on Thursday. These kids need me here and that will be difficult.” Ms. Diana Diaz, Principal of Family Academy, remembers hiring Ms. Lamonakis, “Sonya said she’ll have to be out of school for a week for a fight in Colorado and I told her that the only way I am going to let you go is if you come back a winner!” Ms. Lamonakis loves a challenge. She graduated from Stoneleigh-Burnham School as a Post Graduate in 1993,

received a degree in communication disorders from Springfield College and a master’s degree from American International College in elementary education. She is currently working on a degree in special education and taking classes toward a degree in administration. Sonya was looking for a new challenge to replace the competitive athletic experience at Stoneleigh-Burnham and Springfield College. She found that challenge when a friend introduced her to boxing in Chicopee. From her first moment in the ring Sonya knew she had found her home. Sonya credits her parents, Stephen and Sharon Lamonakis of Turners Falls, MA, her English teacher Dan Verdery and Dr. Paul Bassett for introducing her to StoneleighBurnham School. At Stoneleigh-Burnham she learned selfdiscipline and confidence while maturing as a student and person. Sonya reflects, “You get a tour of the world there at Stoneleigh. It’s like riding the Eurorail. You get to meet all different kinds of people and learn about different cultures from around the world.” Whether it is in the boxing ring or in that square arrangement of desks in a seventh grade classroom in Harlem, NY, Sonya has found herself. “I tell my students, go do what you want to do. There are no things that are only for girls or only for boys. Do what you want to do! I give them an example of choice.” So, the teaching career is fulfilling, but the question of turning pro as a boxer? Sonya confidently admits, “I believe in my heart that I can be a world champion.” And if you ask a group of seventh graders from Family Academy in Harlem, New York, Ms. Lamonakis is already a World Champion.

Emily Hewlings ’12: Defying Silence and Finding Her Voice

by Holly Mott

Last spring, English teacher Shawn Durrett learned of a poem written by Emily Hewlings, then a first-year freshman at Stoneleigh-Burnham. The poem, written about Emily’s grandmother who was living with Alzheimer’s, caught Ms. Durrett’s attention, and with the Trailblazers theme already in the works for this issue, it seemed a fitting place to share Emily’s story.

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

Entitled “Deadly,” Emily’s poem captures the anger, frustration and suffering that exists for the families and loved ones of Alzheimer’s sufferers. “I really admire this poem, and Emily’s eloquent and powerful articulation of what it means and feels like to watch a family member be taken by this disease,” commented Ms. Durrett. The work is poignant, moving, and evocative. Simply put, it will make you cry.


Emily’s grasp of the art of poetry is impressive, having been written by a then high school freshman, the piece is sophisticated and masterful. Emily loves the English language and has always wanted to be a writer, but what makes her story unique is that she was born into a world of silence. Emily was born deaf and at the age of two received a Cochlear Implant, a small device that helps to provide a sense of sound to those who are profoundly deaf. Emily’s processor is discreetly implanted behind her right ear, and it has enabled her to live in a hearing world. An excerpt from “Just One of You,” an essay of Emily’s published in the 2009 issue of Minerva, reads,

I once read somewhere that everyone has some kind of disability in some way and is able to hide it from others, whereas some people have to reveal theirs with no chance of ever concealing it from society. It’s there, like graffiti on the brick walls along the city streets. [...] I’m one of those people who can’t hide their disability. Emily came to Stoneleigh-Burnham from the Clarke School in Northampton, Massachusetts, a school for the deaf that was established in 1867. She had been in public schools before, but after the supportive environment of Clarke, Emily’s reentry into the mainstream hearing world loomed large for her. She was worried about adapting to the hearing world again. She knew there would be obstacles but was hopeful that Stoneleigh-Burnham’s inclusive environment would allow her to overcome them. Certain things will forever remain difficult for Emily, like hearing in a large crowd or deciphering sounds in situations with a lot of ambient noise. Emily’s implant doesn’t actually provide her “normal” hearing, it doesn’t fix the underlying


To learn more about the Cochlear Implant visit the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders at Emily’s poem “Deadly” was written about her grandmother Shirley Minshall Hewlings, who sadly passed away in August of 2009. While at Clarke, Emily’s family established the Shirley Minshall Hewlings Award for Creative Writing in Shirley’s honor. Emily assists the school’s principals in selecting the recipients each year.

problems that keep her from hearing, but according to her that is not what’s important, “What matters is that I hear it [sound], and what it’s coming from.” Emily’s appetite for learning is insatiable. She lights up when she talks about the classes she’s taking and the books she’s reading. Although her first love is creative writing, Emily is also interested in journalism. She is intrigued by the process of finding the facts and putting them together to make a story. As an athlete, Emily faces her own limitations head on. She’s an enthusiastic player on the soccer field, basketball court and softball field. Emily doesn’t want to be known as “the deaf girl” but she also doesn’t mind having to acknowledge and explain her deafness. Another excerpt from “Just One of You” reads, I view life as full of excitement and a gift. Being hearing-impaired has made me mature and responsible and ready to accomplish anything in life. Josh Swiller, author of The Unheard, a member of the Peace Corps, and someone who also has a hearing loss, once said, “Deafness makes some things harder but it also makes everything richer.” It’s so true. […] Each challenge that I go through, as it would for you, makes me a better person. I’m ready to accomplish anything. I want to succeed. Emily is quick to attribute her success to her parents’ hard work and determination. After she was fitted with a Cochlear Implant at age two, her parents worked with her daily to improve her speech. Even after Emily entered elementary school and was working with a speech therapist, her parents continued to work with her to ensure that she would one day be able to make her own choices in life. My parents taught me to be determined. When they first learned that I had a hearing loss when I was six weeks old, they immediately researched anything that they could get their hands on to find out the best possible resources for me. They did all this with one specific goal in mind: to allow me to be able to communicate with others and, once I’ve gotten older, to make my own choices. […] Determination, I learned, is the key to success. Through my mother and father’s determination, I learned to face challenges without hesitation. They are the main reason I am who I am today.


By Emily Hewlings ’12 I was nine when it took hold of you, your brain, your memories. It was only the first stage and I did not know about it at that time. You were already forgetting some things, but that was what old people do, right? Forget things, I mean. I did not think much of it. I did not know that this thing as it wrapped its deadly fingers around your mind, would cause me everybody yourself some pain years later. I was twelve when you started to repeat stories over and over again: your parents’ marriage, your thirteen brothers and sisters, the town in which you grew up. I thought that this was what old people did. Repeat stories, I mean. Normal, right? By the time I was a teenager, I finally understood this deadly thing that was taking over your mind. “How is school?” You would ask me, over and over again. “How are you?” “How old are you?” “Are you being a good girl?” On the verge of adulthood, I’m watching you vanish before my eyes. Your body, sunken in the wheelchair no energy left. Your eyes, a flickering light. Your hands, Small, soft, wrinkled no longer reaching out to hold mine. You don’t recognize your own grandchildren anymore. Not your son, your children. Everybody is someone new to you. For seven years, the deadly thing slowly, selectively, consumed your thoughts, your memories, your existence from the last eighty-three years. You are a blackboard with chalk written on it. Minutes, seconds later, the chalk is wiped off until the blackboard is blank again.

Words Do Not Deceive Her The Legendary Gypsy da Silva ’59B by Bethany O’Connell

Being a copy editor for a well-known publisher wasn’t necessarily part of Gypsy da Silva’s master plan. Gradually though, the gravitational pull of the publishing world became irresistible. During a recent interview I had the opportunity to learn more about her life and career path.

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Gypsy spent most of her childhood being whisked off to Maryland, Japan and Iran as her family followed her father, a trade specialist for the U.S. government. Her father was expecting a posting to Latin America in the middle of her tenth grade year when Gypsy decided to take her educational future into her own hands and apply to the Mary A. Burnham School. Although her name suggests a drifting nature, even as a teenager Gypsy kept her feet on solid ground, convincing her parents that she needed to create a consistent résumé for her college applications by ceasing to move around the world. She finds it amusing that, when pictures were taken for the school yearbook, the Embur, she was asked to pose with the international students.


Her interests as a student at Burnham were much more indicative of her future career, as Gypsy quickly became involved in the Speakers and Writers Club, the literary staff of the Embur, and the Current Events Club. She credits Miss Nancy Jenkins, her history teacher, and Dr. Mildred Prince, her English teacher, and Mrs. Seely, her science teacher, with teaching her good composition, research methods and presentation skills. Whether she was preparing her “Oral Monday” speech or doing the New York Times crossword puzzle and reading Arthur Krock’s column, Gypsy’s future success in the world of publishing took root at Burnham.

After graduating from Burnham, one of Gypsy’s professors from Fairleigh Dickinson University encouraged her to apply for a job at Condé Nast. During a time when most executive roles were dominated by men, success did not always come easily; she didn’t get the job. Instead, she found a position as assistant to the director of copyediting at Simon and Schuster. Even when she received her first promotion to the role of managing editor, the title was changed because she was a woman. “When I became administrative editor in 1969,” she remembers, “they told me that only men in my position could have the title of managing editor.” When she left Simon and Schuster seven years later, she worked freelance for a year, then spent ten years as director of copyediting for the Putnam Publishing Group. Today, back at Simon and Schuster as associate director of copyediting, Gypsy continues to teach and write eloquently about her love of books. In her essay entitled The Copy Editor and the Author, she writes modestly, “We copy editors know what we contribute––silently, almost always anonymously––to the finished book, but we do not fool ourselves. The author is the hero.” During Reunion 2009 at Stoneleigh-Burnham School, Gypsy recounted the time she did poorly on a grammar

“When I became administrative editor in 1969, they told me that only men in my position could have the title of managing editor.”

Opposite page: Gypsy da Silva from the 1959 Burnham yearbook Embur; This page: Gypsy before recording her oral history at her 50th reunion, June 2009.

quiz, which made her teacher cry. Dr. Prince had a heartfelt love of the subject. Gypsy had to remind Dr. Prince that before she ever had a chance to learn the vocabulary of grammar, her family had always moved on to the next school. Gypsy never failed another grammar quiz. Rather, she declared with characteristic conviction that the next year and a half at Mary A. Burnham “served me in good stead.” Playing off the sometimes adversarial relationship between the author and the copy editor, New York Times columnist William Safire described Gypsy [March 4, 2004] as “the legendary copy editor at Simon & Schuster.” He offered penance for the abuse journalists customarily heap on her profession, quoting a joke by Gypsy herself:

Upon arrival at the Pearly Gates, a reporter is issued a harp and wings by St. Peter. But the journalist wonders why the wings are on the small side. ‘Wing size is determined by the amount of abuse you have had to take in your lifetime,’ St. Peter says. ‘See these tiny butterfly wings? I give these to publishers, who take hardly any abuse from anybody.’ When the reporter pointed to a pair of wings with the spread of a condor, the heavenly gatekeeper said, ‘Those are for night editors.’ Suddenly a roar could be heard from a huge jumbo jet approaching, and St. Peter said, ‘Duck–– here comes a copy editor.’ As a veteran copy editor and pioneering woman in the field of publishing, the wingspan of Gypsy da Silva is indeed wide.


Listen to Gypsy da Silva’s recorded oral history at

Around the World in Ten Days

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

Stoneleigh-Burnham Travels to Asia


This past summer, Head of School Sally Mixsell and Director of International Programs Andrea Patt traveled to Asia for what would be Stoneleigh-Burnham’s first official visit in decades. With a packed agenda full of events and visits with alumnae, consultants, students and their families, there was hardly a moment to spare. Nonetheless, Sally Mixsell kept an updated blog of the trip along the way, sharing hers and Andrea Patt’s adventures throughout Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan. Some interesting cuisine, many photographs and one very bad typhoon later, Sally and Andy returned to Greenfield in midAugust, already planning for the next visit. What follows are headlines and excerpts from Sally’s blog Thoughts from Coleman House:

People, People Everywhere, And No Directions To Follow

Excerpts From Shenzhen

Posted August 11, 2009 from Shenzhen, China

Have had two great days in Shenzhen. Shiyun’s parents are adorable and they have really bent over backwards to be generous and kind hosts to us. Last night’s event was amazing - five new students and their parents came, and they are so excited, and their parents were so relieved to meet Andy and me. One girl told me that we have “kind faces” and she never thought the head of her school would be nice.

Posted July 31, 2009 from Tokyo, Japan

Thwarted By The Typhoon, But We Finally Made It To TaiPei, Taiwan

A Day Of Tourism With A Great Ending

Lisa, Chi-Hung and Eudora insisted that we join them after the reception for a trip to the Night Market, an invitation we couldn’t resist! And I am so glad we went; it was a riot. First, a trip to the incredible food area where one can buy any kind of food you can think of. We tasted some fried chicken and an oyster omelet, both of which were delicious. Of course, the girls bought some requisite Bubble Tea.

We feel the importance of this trip more and more, and I imagine that our feelings will be affirmed once we have our [alumnae] event tomorrow night. Certainly, the consultants we saw today all underscored the meaning of this trip, both for building a profile in this part of the world and for networking with alumnae and families. We’re excited! Posted August 1, 2009 from Tokyo, Japan

It was about 3:00 p.m. and our gathering would start at 6:30. When it was time we went to the 47th floor, the site of our event, and it wasn’t long before the first guests arrived. True to SBS graduates, the squealing of excitement at seeing each other was abound; it was a true reunion! We had thirteen alumnae and two current families, plus a consultant/school head. It turned out that he had taught two of the alumnae present when they were at Japanese International School for elementary and middle school. Small world; it had been he who had encouraged them to attend SBS.

A Thwarted Trip To Taiwan

Posted August 6, 2009 from Seoul, South Korea

Not long afterwards, the same gentleman came by again to tell us that the flight had now been canceled; there is a typhoon moving into the Taipei area. He told us where to go to make ticket changes so we moved once again with all our luggage. At that counter we learned that it could be two days before we get out of Seoul and were given a number to call for up-to-date information about the flight. Andy and I were impressed by the humanitarian gestures made toward us and couldn’t imagine anyone taking such good care of foreigners at our own American airports. We are grateful for the Korean sense of hospitality. Gansa Hamnida! Opposite page from left: Andrea Patt and Sally Mixsell with current student Kyra Kojaku’14 (far right) and her mother Mie in Hakone, Japan. This page: Andrea Patt and Sally Mixsell seated in front of current student Shiyun Zheng’11 (fourth from left) and her extended family in Shenzhen, China.

Posted August 18, 2009 after arriving back in the US

From there, we headed to the many rows of shopping booths -again, where you can seemingly find anything you can think of. My favorite part of the evening was when we took pictures of ourselves in a little booth and then decorated our creations in another machine.

On Our Way Home

Posted by Sally’s husband Hank August 12, 2009

In a very brief email before leaving Hong Kong at 6:15 p.m. (arriving Newark 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug 13), Sally reports that she plans to spend all day in bed Friday in an attempt to compensate for the jet lag she will undoubtedly endure. She arrives here before she left China!


Read more about Sally’s trip to Asia! Visit her blog at

2008 - 2009 Annual Giving Report This Annual Report lists all gifts received between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. The Office of Development and Alumnae Relations has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this report. If an error has been made, please contact the Development Office so that we may correct our records. The names listed in these pages represent those who strengthen Stoneleigh-Burnham School through their generous gifts to the Annual Fund, including endowment gifts, capital gifts and gifts-in-kind. We are truly thankful for each and every gift received from July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009.

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

FINANCIAL SUMMARY TABLE: July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009 Market Value of Endowment

$ 1,815,572

Received Annual Fund Gifts Capital/Endowment Gifts Total Cash Received

$ $ $

265,853 247,425 513,278

Pledges FY10-13 Annual Fund Capital/Endowment Total Pledges

$ $ $

36,192 257,727 293,919

Total Giving














2008-2009 Revenues

A Solid Foundation by Regina E. Mooney, Ph.D. Director of Development and Alumnae Relations









2008-2009 Expenses


Each time the girls return to campus for the next school year, renewed and new ones constructed with your generosity to a I love to see the excitement of renewed connections, hear the fund that perpetuates itself with both sound investment policies stories of summer spent, and I watch like a hawk to see how and your contributions. Our new International Baccalaureate they each will seize the year for themselves. Will they use their Program will require a solid endowment footing, while the time wisely? Will they invite new students into their friendship Miriam Emerson Peters Speaker Series is already growing as its circles? How will their growth in body, mind and spirit be own program in the Endowment Fund. The Annual Fund, now demonstrated as they continue along toward their goals? Then called The Fund for Stoneleigh-Burnham, keeps the operations I sit down with them at dinner after a long going and students supported. To these day of classes, sports and lessons and tried and true ways of participating in It is a strength we have the School’s mission I want to add realize how each year is such an opportunity for renewal. A few, believing they haven’t the opportunity to construct your own come to recognize, found their stride yet, want to “start over.” estate plans to include Stoneleigha strength that is old Some want to try one thing new that they Burnham School. Planned gifts, which and familiar; a strength are donations in the form of bequests, never thought of attempting before. Others want to squeeze in opportunities before they which, like the students trusts and annuities, will be realized at a go off to college. later date, and are a meaningful way to returning to campus, secure the future of the School. All that is new, though, is somehow hinged brings renewal and to what is old. What each girl knows upon From the Annual Report included in this excitement to this her return to campus is this: this place is issue you can see that even in difficult vibrant campus. hers, her friends are still her friends, and economic times we have been able to familiarity becomes the solid ground on increase the number of new donors. which new ideas are forged. The routine that When times become tough, Mary has become “old hat” simultaneously breeds new possibilities. Burnham, Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill and Stoneleigh-Burnham alumnae have answered the call to step up, reach out and show Growing our endowment and providing for the ongoing needs great strength toward the School’s need. It is a strength we have of Stoneleigh-Burnham School can be viewed in much the same come to recognize, a strength that is old and familiar; a strength way. The Endowment Fund is the familiar ground upon which which, like the students returning to campus, brings renewal we build new programs, bring in new students, and attend to and excitement to this vibrant campus. Thank you for your the ongoing rejuvenation of the School. Old buildings are continuing generosity.

GIVING SOCIETIES The 1869 Society (ò) Gifts of $1,000 +

The Southwick Society (S) Gifts of $500 - $999 The Clock Tower Society (CT) Gifts of $250 - $499 The Founder’s Society (F) Gifts of $130 - $249 The Owl’s Nest Society (ON) Gifts of $50 - $129 from young alumnae classes 1998-2008


Recognizes those who generously support Stoneleigh-Burnham School with gifts of $1,000 or more.

- The Head’s Circle - The Trustees’ Circle - The Faculty Circle - The Scholars’ Circle

The Head’s Circle ($10,000 +)

Anonymous Laura B. Richards ’60S Anne Quantrell Dennen ’70 The Fowler Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Fowler III P’95 Robin Fowler ’95 Lin Janelle Loen ’47B John and Anne McNear P’79 Elizabeth Stout ’61B Wattles Family Foundation Helen Fischer Wattles ’50S*

The Trustees’ Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

Ms. Shayna Appel ’78 and Ms. Robin Lunn P’04 Mr. and Mrs. John Brunetti, Jr. P’11 Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77 Sally Leach Mixsell ’69 Darcy McCormick Tarbell ’70 Tarbell Family Foundation

The Faculty Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

Anonymous Charitable Gift Fund Mr. Sang Jin Choi and Mrs. Hyun Sook Park P’10 Elizabeth H. Engel ’86 Mrs. Jane V. Engel P’86 Linda Kim-Park P’12 Sandra Mowry ’56S Robert G. & Jane V. Engel Foundation Schultz-Giller Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Steward, Jr. P’83,’85

The Scholars’ Circle ($1,000 - $2,499)

Dr. John Barrengos Dr. Paul Bassett and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett P’85,’88,’11 Phoebe Knapp Belcher ’89 Channing and Marie Bete P’88,’89 Mrs. Leslie Brown P’98


Amanda Burr ’66B Mary Ann P. Cofrin P’07,’10 Chip and Sharlene Cormie P’93 Nancy Corsiglia ’74 Teresa DeVito ’69 Melissa Leach Dickson ’72 Thomas and Anne Echeverria P’98 Kimberly J. Eldridge ’92 Elinor Johnstone Ferdon ’54B, P’76,’78,’82 Mr. and Mrs. Chiung Fong P’13 Alexandra Eadie-Friedmann ’69 Sharon Lewis Gaffey ’68S Charles and Linda Gledhill P’13 Beverly Lockwood Hechler ’57B Kalamazoo Foundation Mrs. Isabel C. Leach P’69,’72 Abbe Janov Litvack ’74 Johanna Loring ’74 Tamar Cooke Luck ’90 Mary Maloney ’69 Charlotte Newton ’71 Katherine Seyffer Opdycke ’70 Amy Patt ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Tal Rappleyea P’08 Virginia Nielsen Robitaille ’69 Mr. Stuart Rose and Ms. Margie Topf P’03 Nancy Robbins Schrader ’69 Loraine Sherman ’69 Ms. Satoko Shisai P’10 Robert and Sally Spencer P’03 Susan K. Tangney ’78 The Williams Companies, Inc. Mrs. Erma Jean Tracy P’97 Joanne Hall Von Culin ’63B Mr. Charles Wattles Sandra Williams White ’52B Pamela Coffin Williams ’70


Recognizes consistent donor support of Stoneleigh-Burnham School. 40 + Consecutive Years of Giving Melinda Barrows Bloodgood ’55B Susie Hine ’67S Laura B. Richards ’60S Dr. William Trice and Dr. Mildred Trice P’72 35+ Consecutive Years of Giving Lynn Gage Lochhead ’65 Yvette Mencoff Nathans ’49B Sally Leach Mixsell ’69 Catherine Dowling Sanderson ’57B 30+ Consecutive Years of Giving Heather Walker Wentworth ’64B Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hart, Jr. P’71 Deborah Thiele Nadjadi ’74 Carol Somerville ’69 Adelaide Warner Minott ’50S 25+ Consecutive Years of Giving Margaret Leonhardt Conger ’71 Marie Allen Finston ’42B Marina Rubezanin Lillard ’52B Mr. and Mrs. George Lunt P’85 Janet Stewart Barrell ’47S Nathaniel and Jayne Huggins P’85 Ann Shepard Stevens ’55S Lea Guyer Gordon ’46B Joan C. Kauttu ’57B Meredith Lang ’65B

20+ Consecutive Years of Giving Helen Witter Boyd ’69 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lucey P’89 Susan Fleming Roberts ’51B Barbara Sullivan Birney ’51B Martha Reynolds Coffin ’47B, P’70 Ann Chmielewski Dillon ’86 Cynthia Perkins Inman ’55B Sandra Mowry ’56S, P’81 Barbara Baran Nittolo ’68B Janet M. Remington ’55S Joan McDonald Delmore ’54B Susan D. Grubb ’61B Clarita Kushelevitch Kaufman ’56B Jamesina Bathgate Peirce ’54B Susanne Hall Alford ’64S Linda Floyd Anderson ’63S Barbara Schaff Blumenthal ’52S Phyllis Ruszenas Pickett ’46S Catharine Symington Walsh ’51B 15+ Consecutive Years of Giving Dorothy Calcagno Caten ’38B Teresa DeVito ’69 Elizabeth T. Stout ’61B Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tessler P’94 Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77 Herbert and Jacqueline Peterson P’92 Ruth Sawyer Staley ’62B Joanne Hall Von Culin ’63B Victoria Askerberg ’69 Susan Cummings Campbell ’59B Deborah McDonnell Colwell ’69 Mary Ann Jergens Hays ’54B Bonnie Orshal Milner P’96 Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bruch, Jr. P’69 Elizabeth Smith La Fever ’54B Helen Fischer Wattles ’50S Louisa Goss Clark P’98 Thomas and Anne Echeverria P’98 Colleen Pearl ’94 Judith Howard Whitney-Terry ’56B, P’77 10+ Consecutive Years of Giving Sarah Wood Post ’63B Schultz-Giller Foundation Susan Lund Stephens ’53B Carol Carson ’64S Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Enders P’95 Elizabeth H. Engel ’86 Robert G. & Jane V. Engel Foundation Karin F. Whittemore ’72 Carol Kederich Broden ’49S Gioia Browne ’69 Constance Madeira Clark ’65S Anne F. Heisler ’46B Judith Fries Olsson ’69 Mr. and Mrs. David Short P’01,’10 Gretchen Friedrich Allen ’38B Phoebe Liebman Ballard ’37S, P’71 Jill Chamberlain ’67S Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Connington Mr. W. Cotton Damon II Joyce Domling Dawkins ’55B Melissa Leach Dickson ’72 Barbara Beck Donovan ’46B Roberta Lee Gerber ’57B Martha Wardwell Goodnow ’75 Tamar Cooke Luck ’90 Patricia Naigles Lyons ’53B Cheryl Smith and Bernard J. Morzuch P’01,’03 Priscilla Lougee Rizzo ’69 Sally Richardson Roberts ’69

Bruce and Elizabeth Shapiro P’86 Magdelaine A. Smith ’60B Mr. Roger Turton and Ms. Kaichan Chan Mrs. Jane V. Engel P’86 Stephen and Evvie Jakub P’02 Ms. Mary R. Pearl P’94 Ann Wolcott Sullivan ’47S, P’78

The Mary A. Burnham School Class of 1921 Dorothy K. Howerton, Ph.D. Class of 1938 Gretchen Friedrich Allen Dorothy Calcagno Caten Natalie Judd Knudson Class of 1941 Helen G. Fritts Allon Holloway Pierce Ruth Rosenfelt Wharton, M.D.* S Class of 1942 Dariel Keith Belcher Marie Allen Finston F Maurine H. Lee Class of 1943 Audrey Willgoos Meehan Virginia Nodine Moulton Class of 1944 Dorothy Minty Dilts Dorothy Horowitz Ludwig Class of 1945 Margaret Sawyer Bodeur Nancy Mackay Coffin Bonnie Barrack DeVos Ursula Adams Rowse Class of 1946 Barbara Beck Donovan Lea Guyer Gordon Anne F. Heisler Susan Wilkoff Vest CT Class of 1947 Martha Reynolds Coffin S Lin Janelle Loen ò Class of 1948 Betty Wright Follett Audrey Kellogg Lampe S Mary Lee Wright Weeks Class of 1949 Pamela Scott Ivani Jacqueline Oothouse Mitchell Yvette Mencoff Nathans Class of 1950 Sara Carlson Drew Mary Hough Fry F Emily Cooper Stephenson Class of 1951 Barbara Sullivan Birney CT Suzanne Howe Cardwell Patricia S. Friedman Carol O’Brien Irvine CT Susan Fleming Roberts CT Catharine Symington Walsh CT Jane Monroe White * indicates deceased

Class of 1952 Derith Black Buzby Sandra Bainbridge Cunningham S Ruth Black Henchey F Marina Rubezanin Lillard CT Jaimie Trautman Sandra Williams White ò

Class of 1959 Susan Cummings Campbell CT Martha Parker Chamberlin Katharine Bates Desai S Margaret Hohmann Ferland Judith Mott Lyons Sandra Spencer Wiley

Class of 1953 Elizabeth Field Erwin Elaine F. Gilman Cynthia Clarridge Handelsman Patricia Naigles Lyons Fern Tyler Rizzo Mary Mott Scull Susan Lund Stephens S Rita Moose Thomas Judith Chase Waddell

Class of 1960 Barbara Babcock Broadbent Martha Parsons Paine Joanne Vlecides Schroeder CT Cynthia Poltrack Skinner Magdelaine A. Smith

Class of 1954 Marcia Potter Crocker Joan McDonald Delmore Elinor Johnstone Ferdon ò Miriam Smith Hardy Mary Ann Jergens Hays F Elizabeth Smith La Fever Barbara Miale MacNamee Dorinda Larkin McNamara Sandra Krebs Meagher CT Jamesina Bathgate Peirce Susan Hawley Powell Diane Dunbar Wimer Class of 1955 Thayer Reisner Adams Melinda Barrows Bloodgood Helen Coonley Colcord Joyce Domling Dawkins Cynthia Perkins Inman F Carole Weeks Pratt Elena Scott Whiteside Barbara Misuk Yeaton Class of 1956 Judith Park Coyne Ursula Kendrtarvich Hogan Jean MacLean Jankowski Clarita Kushelevitch Kaufman Penelope Rockwell Meek Jacqueline Morrison Miller Sandra MacDonald Wemmerus Judith Thompson Wheatley Judith Howard Whitney-Terry F Class of 1957 Lynette Almen Engelke Roberta Lee Gerber Beverly Lockwood Hechler ò Joan C. Kauttu Patricia Thomas Raichel Catherine Dowling Sanderson Class of 1958 Faye Burnham Gourlie Karen Preefer Hanauer Andrea Lewis Higgins Lynn Dender Kelly Ellen Lorensen F Valerie Brenhouse Mace Gail Shinn Nyholt Suzanne Bagg Orsillo Marcia Watt Walsh Linda Nims Weaver

Class of 1961 Susan Abbe Susan D. Grubb CT Julie DuCharme Haynes Christine Dunbar Kuhn Elizabeth Stout ò Susan Robbins Wetherill Barbara Bergeron Wheaton Class of 1962 Susan Wilson Ashcom Althea Prescott Cranton Jane Konheim Kasov Kathrine Conathan Reardon Ruth Sawyer Staley Class of 1963 Sarah Wood Post Joanne Hall Von Culin ò Janet Conathan Wrightnour Mary Jane Champlin Wurster Class of 1964 Mary Beebe Konieczny Terina Clarke Miller Heather Walker Wentworth Malinda Cowles Wright Class of 1965 Judith Arnold CT Betsy Harford Barrett Patricia Morner Case Susan K. Errickson Linde McCabe Gee Laurie Hoffacker Kaneb Meredith Lang Lynn Gage Lochhead Kathleen Blauvelt Loving Linda Damuck Valentine Jenny Chappell Way Class of 1966 Kiki Black Amanda Burr ò Hansell Patterson Class of 1967 Barbara Cleveland Hollie Uong Courage Sally Pecora Dunn Nancy Booth Woodworth Class of 1968 Carolyn Austin S Barbara Baran Nittolo CT

Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School Class of 1936 Miriam Wight MacKenna

Students cheer on the home team with the Stoneleigh-Burnham owl at Fall Family Weekend in October. Photo by Carly Nartowicz. Class of 1937 Phoebe Liebman Ballard Class of 1939 Karolyn Kemp Class of 1940 Marguerite Gardner Hanson F Class of 1941 Bette Schein MacDonald F Class of 1946 Susan B. Blair Deborah Wiggin Cameron Elizabeth McLean McLain Phyllis Ruszenas Pickett Carmany Rulofson Rulofson Class of 1947 Janet Stewart Barrell F Shirley Beebe Davis F Joan Hutton Landis Jean Hill Macht Carol Morrissey Patterson Ann Wolcott Sullivan CT Class of 1948 Louise Hall Davis Jacqueline Paulding Hauser Jacqueline Wieber Woods

Class of 1949 Carolyn Virkler Brink Carol Kederich Broden Elizabeth Abercrombie Flynn Class of 1950 Adelaide Warner Minott Janet Spencer F Helen Fischer Wattles* ò Class of 1951 Joan Walthers Parks Marjorie Billings Prentiss Class of 1952 Barbara Schaff Blumenthal Judith Dickinson Taylor Elaine Budarz Wiatrowski Class of 1954 Edith Swain Bullock Denyse Duval Higgins Joan Pendleton Huettner Linda Jennings Kraus F Class of 1955 Janet M. Remington Ann Shepard Stevens Class of 1956 Sandra Mowry ò Jane McSweeney Wishart * indicates deceased

Class of 1957 Gail Robison Brodie Class of 1959 Beverly Mack Hall F Barbara Meistrell Lind Susan Perlo Magee Hatsy Moore S

Roccena Ahlborn Lawatch F Laura Elizabeth Parr Patricia Roberts Class of 1966 Suzanne Gras Althoff F Marlice Ford Brown Anne Handley

Class of 1960 Binnie Brady Chase Margery L. Cooper Gretchen Hotz Kantor Janet Mottershead O’Donnell Laura B. Richards ò Cecelia Ament Roberge

Class of 1967 Lucia Sanders Beer S Jill Chamberlain Pamela Eggert Gentry Susie Hine Mary Jackson Powell Julie Steiner Stone CT

Class of 1961 Drew Lucas Atherton Pat Lincks Gagne Sherry Roth Meehan

Class of 1968 Cassandra Conahay Freund Sharon Lewis Gaffey ò

Class of 1962 Lynne Sannella Hamilton Susan McHorney Charlot Martin Taylor Anne L. Walsh Class of 1963 Linda Floyd Anderson F Ashley Ahlborn Peterson Theodora Jones St. Lawrence Class of 1964 Susanne Hall Alford Pamela Brewster Bensen S Carol Carson F Deborah Bechtol Dyer Jean Finney Haberman CT Penelope White Morrill Christine Pinney Honor Fox Sage CT Marilyn Wood F Class of 1965 Constance Madeira Clark F Ruth Hoopes Frangopoulos S Barbara Betner Lang

Stoneleigh-Burnham School Class of 1969 Anonymous ò Victoria Askerberg Helen Witter Boyd Bonnie Briskin Gioia Browne S Deborah Swift Carter Deborah L. Chamberlain Martha Niden Coleman Deborah McDonnell Colwell Teresa DeVito ò Alexandra Eadie-Friedmann ò Adelene James CT Shelley Jones Henrietta Buschman Jordan Jeanne Frawley Knecht F Robin Lincoln Natalie Cole Lynn S Mary Maloney ò Sally Leach Mixsell ò Karin Newhouse Susan M. Noonan Judith Fries Olsson CT Priscilla Lougee Rizzo CT Sally Richardson Roberts CT Virginia Nielsen Robitaille ò

Sue Ellen Rothery Nancy Robbins Schrader ò Loraine Sherman ò Carol Somerville Nancy Williams Ward Sandra Wettingfeld Meg Long White S Fly Janov Williams F Class of 1970 Anne Quantrell Dennen ò Crystelle Hibbard Margaret Reuter Huber Holly Burns Johnson Katherine Seyffer Opdycke ò Nancy Reardon Sayer S Sally Watts Set Dorothy McCormick Tarbell ò Pamela Coffin Williams ò Class of 1971 Helen Off Arnold Kathryn Breech-Raft Margaret Leonhardt Conger S Lynda Decker Gallagher Suzanne Green F Nancy Haight Charlotte Newton ò Class of 1972 Sharon Calkins-Hubley CT Melissa Leach Dickson ò Suzanne Bell Fraser Charlotte Lewis-Hankus S Margaret Altmiller McIntosh Elizabeth M. Price Karin Whittemore Cinda Savage Yaremo Class of 1973 Suzanne Crowley Birchard F Carolyn Foley Bonnie McCouch Katharine Ashenden Thomas Class of 1974 Ninette Gratiot Barr CT Annette A. Cazenave S

Tenley Morse Chevalier Barbara Cochran Cocherell Nancy Corsiglia ò Mimi Gridley Patricia Faulkner Hamre Kacey Konwiser Gigi Kurth Abbe Janov Litvack ò Johanna Loring ò Carol Contino Lutters Elizabeth McDowell Deborah Thiele Nadjadi Constance Hall Saffelle Nancy Notman Schenck Victoria Zialcita Strousse Gay Busk Thorn Sarah Turner CT Class of 1975 Martha Wardwell Goodnow Class of 1977 Sarah Bohrer Caldwell Mary Ann Cramer Sarah Finney CT Lynn Schultz Kehoe ò Fleuri Meek MacIntyre CT Kathryn Whitney Mansfield F Mary Beth Margo Sullivan Class of 1978 Shayna Appel ò Amelia Payne Cooper Charlotte Ingersoll Martin-Ely Ann Marie Pardee Susan K. Tangney ò Class of 1979 Nancy Farwell French Rachel Blakey Westerlund S Leslie Laub White Class of 1980 Cathryn Kishbaugh MacLean S Tina Pike Spellman Class of 1981 Lisa Russell Class of 1983 Regina Basemore-Price Christine Lincoln Blazis Georgia A. de Nolfo Courtney Longaker Hadley Jodi Sojka Villani Class of 1984 Sarah Mettler Cecil S Meredith Meryman Landis Rebecca Kreston McKinnon Class of 1985 Stephanie Barnes Sharon Barbour Petrecca Marion Pomeroy Lindsay Hunt Zagarri Class of 1986 Ann Chmielewski Dillon Elizabeth H. Engel ò Heather Shapiro-Lander Jamie Marie Rose

Parents’ Association members Gina Cote P’14, Linda Gledhill P’13 and Angie Reynolds P’12 sell raffle tickets for this year’s 50/50 Raffle during the opening days of the 2009-10 school year.

Class of 1987 Lisa Zewinski Adams Amy Patt ò

Class of 1988 Taffy Bassett-Fox Jenn Bete-Brown F Anna Davy Martha M. Dellenback S E. Kimberly Leegstra S Travis Stewart S Rebecca J. Warshow F Kelsa L. Zereski CT Class of 1989 Phoebe Knapp Belcher ò Brooke Reynolds Cheney Melissa Weisberg Donovan CT Marcela Sanchez Grover Julia Gunther Rachel Hoffman-Kelley Ellet Kidd Jones Nora Sulzmann Kenneway Whitney Bright Malak CT Samantha Loud Migon Allison Porter Diane Finneran Proctor Class of 1990 Tamar Cooke Luck ò Teresa Williams-Yetming F Class of 1991 Lee W. Bender Becki Whiting Harr Renee Franklin Weiskopf Class of 1992 Kimberly J. Eldridge ò Wiebke Brewer Hannigan Lisa Vincent Taylor Ashley Guertin Whitney Class of 1993 Heatherle Clingerman Class of 1994 Laurie Kwolek Brister Amie Tessler Butman Kimberly Cartier Dome Colleen Pearl Class of 1995 Kelly Brown Kelley Stiles Le Blanc Robin Fowler ò Winfrey Amis Mandarino Paige Sutton CT Emily Clarke Whitney Orli Zuchovitsky Class of 1996 Sara Dodson Class of 1997 Rebecca T. Plough F Class of 1998 Kate Echeverria Sara Brown Gibbons S Maura Gillon Maegan Lawrence Strunk Class of 1999 Anne Delauney Alexandra Slack Hindle ON Mary McMahon Class of 2000 Kaylan A. Hubbard

Melannie McVey Kendra Trainor Class of 2001 Naomi Gendron Ashley Green Anna Griniuk Katherine Short ON Class of 2002 Bethany Hubbard Class of 2003 Ying-Ju Chen ON Mary Dooley Class of 2004 Laura Lavallee Amanda McLane Lena Rosen ON Class of 2005 Morgan Gould Amy Klegarth ON Erica Marback ON Class of 2006 Kendra Fleming CT Emily A. Palmer ON Elizabeth Smith Class of 2007 Janelle Batta Class of 2008 Caroline Marsden Class of 2009 I-Ting Tsai Class of 2010 Ashley Daigle

Current Parents

Class Of 2009 Ms. Rose Agbede Ms. Desiree Ball Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mangan F Mrs. Dorothy Mattia Ms. Lauren Cunniffe and Mr. Douglas Reid F Mr. and Mrs. John Rittall Jeanne and Steve Thomas Class Of 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Balk Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bordewieck Mr. Sang Jin Choi and Mrs. Hyun Sook Park ò Mary Ann P. Cofrin ò Brian and Colleen Daigle CT Oona Kingston Ms. Gayle McGinnis Cameron Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles Odei Shaw-Merrigan Family Ms. Satoko Shisai ò Mr. and Mrs. David Short O’Brian Tomalin Class Of 2011 Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Athey III Dr. Paul Bassett and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett ò Ms. Karen Bremar S Mr. and Mrs. Todd Brown

Mr. and Mrs. John Brunetti, Jr. ò Cathryn Kishbaugh MacLean ’80 S Mr. Kermit Dunkelberg and Ms. Kim Mancuso Elisabeth O. Kotte F Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Mitchell CT Class Of 2012 Jane and Moses Alexander F Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Balk Mr. and Mrs. Chiung Fong ò Mr. and Mrs. David Hewlings Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mangan F Linda Kim-Park ò Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds F Dr. Mark and Nora Wisniewski Ms. Catherine Zatyrka Class Of 2013 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Chiung Fong ò Charles and Linda Gledhill ò Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kelleher Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S Roy Ms. Judith A. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Eric Swartzentruber F Seonbok Yi and Eunhee Kim CT Class Of 2014 Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ames Mr. and Mrs. Marc Cote S Mr. Damon Douglas and Mrs. Therese Ross

Current Grandparents

Mr. and Mrs. William Ames For Emily Miller ’10 Mr. and Mrs. John Ball F For Audrey Lewis ’09 Ms. Anne Schenck CT For Emily Crooks ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Short CT For Julia Short ’10 Ms. Helen E. Zatyrka For Claire Callahan ’12

Past Parents and Grandparents

Anonymous ò Mr. and Mrs. Ahbel P’06 The Allards P’00 William and Barbara Anderson P’85 Ms. Shayna Appel ’78 and Ms. Robin Lunn P’04 ò Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Balazs GP’05 Stephen and Martha Balazs P’05 Phoebe Liebman Ballard ’37S, P’71 Dr. Paul Bassett and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett P’85,’88,’11 ò Lucia Sanders Beer ’67S, P’96 S Pamela Brewster Bensen ’64S, P’89 S Channing and Marie Bete P’88,’89 ò Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bordewieck P’07,’10 Dr. and Mrs. Bove GP’03 Mrs. Leslie Brown P’98 ò Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bruch, Jr. P’69 Jock and Kitty Burns P’99 Louisa Goss Clark P’98 Amy and Doug Clarke P’95,’00 The Reverend Claire A. Clingerman P’93 Martha Reynolds Coffin ’47B, P’70 S Mary Ann P. Cofrin P’07,’10 ò James and Susan Colgan P’94 Chip and Sharlene Cormie P’93 ò Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Crone P’89

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Danielski P’82,’84 Linda C. Dempster P’05,’07 Mr. and Mrs. Dale Descavich P’08 Dr. Henry East-Trou and Ms. Gretchen Krull P’07 Thomas and Anne Echeverria P’98 ò Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Edes P’94 Robert N. Elkins P’05 Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Enders P’95 CT Mrs. Jane V. Engel P’86 ò Tom and Cindy Engle P’99 Gail Factor-Wilkinson P’98 Elinor Johnstone Ferdon ’54B, P’76,’78,’82 ò Bernhard and Jeanne Fleming P’06 CT Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Fowler III P’95 Mr. Mark Freise and Ms. Margaret Burgess-Freise P’08 Mrs. Gloria Gagnon P’89,’97 Elaine F. Gilman ’53B, P’76 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Girard P’02 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goessling, Jr. P’87 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gore P’07 Larry and Karen Gould P’05 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hart, Jr. P’71 Mrs. and Mr. Hathaway P’05 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Henderson P’07 Denyse Duval Higgins ’54S, P’74 Richard and Julia Hubbard P’00,’02,’05 CT Nathaniel and Jayne Huggins P’85 CT Mr. and Mrs. G. Watts Humphrey, Jr. P’91 F Stephen and Evvie Jakub P’02 Mary and Minkailu Jalloh P’01,’03 Duplissie - Johnson Family P ’06 Ms. Pamela Keller Kasnet P’05 Mike and Lisa Keller P’08 Gigi Kurth ’74, P’00 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Larsen P’08 Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lazzara P’97 Mrs. Isabel C. Leach P’69,’72 ò Nancy M. Lee P’68S Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lipka P’86 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lucey P’89 Mr. and Mrs. George Lunt P’85 F Mr. and Mrs. Albert Macchi P’02 Valerie Brenhouse Mace ’58B, P’80 Susan Perlo Magee ’59S, P’88 Mr. and Mrs. John Margo P’77 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Marsden P’08 Margery S. McCrum, M.D. P’05 Mr. and Mrs. Mark McKusick P’04 John and Anne McNear P’79 ò Mr. Samuel Meek, Jr. P’77 CT Mr. and Mrs. William Meese P’04 Bonnie Orshal Milner P’96 Hatsy Moore ’59S, P’90 Rachel F. Moore P’07 Mary Ellen Kelly and Steve Morgan P’07 Cheryl Smith and Bernard J. Morzuch P’01,’03 F Sandra Mowry ’56S, P’81 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Mundy P’86 CT Dr. and Mrs. James Muntz P’95 CT Marjorie Nederlander P’71 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nussdorfer P’99 Maggie Hawn and Paul O’Connor P’03 Mr. and Mrs. John O’Donnell P’83 Mrs. Andrea Patt P’87


Mr. and Mrs. H. Morse Payne P’78 Ms. Mary R. Pearl P’94 Herbert and Jacqueline Peterson P’92 S Christine Pinney ’64S, P’00,’02 Mr. and Mrs. Tal Rappleyea P’08 ò Ms. Ruth Rodgers P’60B Mr. Stuart Rose and Ms. Margie Topf P’03 ò Dr. Joseph Rosen and Ms. Marcia Stahl-Rosen P’04 Carmany Rulofson ’46S, P’73 Mrs. R.J. Schaefer III P’78,’80,’81 S Bruce and Elizabeth Shapiro P’86 Shaw-Merrigan Family P’07,’10 Kathryn and Travis Shaw P’07 Mr. and Mrs. David Short P’01,’10 CT Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Short P’01,’10 F Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brainard Slack P’99 Ms. Margaret Slichter P’10 F Charles and Martha Smith P’06 Henry and Diane Smith P’04 Mr. and Mrs. Skip Sorvino P’01 Robert and Sally Spencer P’03 Lee T. Sprague P’90 Marie Squires GP’94 Mrs. Jane S. Stagg P’73 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Steward, Jr. P’83,’85 ò Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiles P’95 Ann Wolcott Sullivan ’47S, P’78 CT Patricia Szulborski P’85,’88 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tessler P’94 Bill and Susan Timmermeister P’87 Ms. Lisa Todman P’97 F Mrs. Erma Jean Tracy P’97 ò Mr. and Mrs. R. Bryan Trainor P’00 William A. Trebilcock P’85 S Dr. William Trice and Dr. Mildred Trice P’72 F Ms. Claire Troiano P’07 Jennifer Van Anda P’00 Dr. John Walsh and Dr. Marie Walsh P’04 CT Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick B. Wardwell P’75 Mary Lee Wright Weeks ’48B, P’70 Sandra Williams White ’52B, P’75 ò Cheryl D. Whiting P’91 Judith Howard Whitney-Terry ’56B, P’77 F Mrs. Bonnie-Lou Wicklund P’92 F Dr. J. Thomas Williams, Jr. P’82,’83 David and Monica Witty P’04,’08 Larry and Caron Yost P’90 Mrs. Norma Zuchovitsky P’95

Current and Past Faculty and Staff

Dr. Paul Bassett and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett P’83,’85,’11 ò Taffy Bassett-Fox ’88 Ms. Linda Beaudoin Pamela Brewster Bensen ’64S, P’89 S Mrs. Leslie Brown P’98 ò Jock and Kitty Burns P’99 Ms. Ellen J. Carter Ms. Jennifer Chylack and Mr. Anthony Dinsmore CT Amelia Payne Cooper ’78 Chip and Sharlene Cormie P’93 ò Ms. Lauren Cunniffe and Mr. Douglas Reid P’09


Students, faculty and staff walked in the first annual Rays of Hope: A Walk Toward the Cure of Breast Cancer on a sunny October Sunday. Stoneleigh-Burnham raised almost $4,000 for the organization and brought the largest team to the event. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Danielski Jeremy Deason Ms. Natalie Demers F Mr. Kermit Dunkelberg and Ms. Kim Mancuso Ms. Shawn Durrett and Mr. Ben Anhalt Kara Fagan Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fisher F Carolyn Flower Pete and Catherine Gaynor Sara Brown Gibbons ’98 S Mr. Clifton F. Giles, Jr. Ms. Martha Griswold Mr. Tom Iampietro and Mrs. Candace Cahn Iampietro F Bill Ivey Minhee Kang Mr. Christopher Kuipers Gail LaChance John Larson F Nancy M. Lee P’68S Ms. Xiujun Liu Ms. Aileen Logan-Tyson Linda Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. William Meese P’04 Regina E. Mooney CT Holly Mott F Roxanne Beardsley Niles Ms. Judith Nuno CT Bethany and Michael O’Connell F Mrs. Patt Rebecca Plona Peterson Ms. Jessica Phillips Miriam Przybyla-Baum Katherine Short ’01 Ms. Stephanie Smith Mr. Greg Snedeker F Ann and Skip Sorvino P’01 Marie Squires GP’94 Ms. Beth Stinchfield Mr. and Mrs. Eric Swartzentruber P’13 F Evelyn Thibault Roger Turton and Kaichan Chan S Ms. Cathy Warren Emily Clarke Whitney ’95 Friends of SBS Anonymous ò All Souls Church

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Amsbary Dr. John Barrengos ò Mrs. Rosemary Baggish Kathleen Burnham Robert S. and Mary W. Cohn F Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Connington F Mr. W. Cotton Damon II Ms. Shari Gliedman F Adele Coleman Lee Kerry Murphy Ms. Laura Ploudre Ms. Pamela Porter Marjorie and John Turton Charles Wattles ò

Business, Foundation and Trust Support

Anonymous ò AEC Trust ò Benevolink Charitable Gift Fund ò Community Foundation of Western North Carolina S The Fowler Family Foundation Inc. G. James and Sarah J. Caldwell Trust Kalamazoo Foundation ò Meek Foundation CT Robert G. & Jane V. Engel Foundation ò Rohit and Katharine Desai Family Foundation S Schultz-Giller Foundation ò Tarbell Family Foundation ò Wattles Family Foundation ò Wm. C. Bullock, Jr. Family Fund

Auction Support

A New Face Day Spa Aliber’s Bridal Shop Andy’s & The Oak Shoppe Animal Crackers Bart’s Cafe Basketball Hall of Fame Big Y Boston Red Sox Brandt House Dakor Center Dover Saddlery Eco+Plan LLC Equine Journal

Fallon Fine Art Greenfield Co-operative Bank Greenfield Garden Cinemas Hope & Olive Katalyst Kombucha Leader Distribution Systems, Inc. Maurices Megan’s Treasures Museum of Fine Arts, Boston New England Aquarium P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Poetry Ridge Bed and Breakfast Richardson’s Candy Kitchen Ryan and Casey Stop & Shop Sweenor’s Chocolates Target The Cheshire Horse The People’s Pint The Perry Egress Group @ Smith Barney Vans Williams Farm, Inc. World Eye Bookshop

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The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009



Members of the Mary A. Burnham Class of 1962: Elizabeth Montague Mundy, Patricia Wood Cochran and Rebecca Ellis in Paris, August 2009.

CLASS NOTES Class Agents are needed for the following years: 1943S, 1944B, 1944S, 1947B, 1948S, 1951B, 1964S, 1968S, 1979 Contact the Alumnae Office if you are interested in being a Class Agent!


Class Agent: Jane Swift Wood - 4231 Grattan Price Dr, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

1945B 65th Reunion!

Class Agent: Patricia Birt Morse - 735 Riomar Dr, Vero Beach, FL 32963,

1945S 65th Reunion!

Class Agent: Connie Johnson Corsiglia - 101 Country Side Rd, Greenfield, MA 01301 Class Agent: Barbara Cox Sileo - 8963 Oldham Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33412, jimbarb63@



Class Agent: Elizabeth McLean McLain -12725 Via Nasca, San Diego, CA 92128-1572


Class Agents: Jean Hill Macht - 2005Woodland Rd, Abington, PA 19001; Joan Hutton Landis 450 Osage Lane, Media, PA 19063, jlandis1@ Dear Classmates, Shortly prior to the holiday season, I received a note from MaryEm Bodman Kenner ’49S asking if I would be willing to contact each of you of the class of 1947 in the hope of coaxing you to a “Cluster Reunion.” MaryEm along with some volunteers like myself are reaching out to classes 1945-1952 inclusive. Cluster class reunions have been better attended and, of course, much more fun. The reunion dates this year are June 11, 12 and 13. So please try to join us. Another good reason to come would be to meet the new Head of School, Sally Mixsell ’69. She is so lovely and accomplished and a superb choice to lead the school forward. And not incidentally, she is the first Head of School to be a Stoneleigh-Burnham graduate. We can all be proud of this while thinking it’s about time. Also for those of you who have not returned, the various building projects and expansion of programs will be a treat to see and be informed about. I was able to go back for the first time for our 50th and again for our 60th. Shirley Beebe (just the same) Rachael Abadi, Janet Byron and I were there for our 50th. It was fun and interesting to see their youthful faces bleed through the inevitable aging. Each recognizable in seconds. For our 60th, I was the only one to return. I contacted each of you and did so appreciate the phone calls and e-mails despite the fact that none of you were able to make the pilgrimage. Nevertheless, so many wonderful women, young and old, embraced me in warmth and friendship that I returned again last year and now serve on the Alumnae Board. I might add that as an educator and from my own experiences as a student, I have grown to

appreciate the role of single-sex education and its importance to the fabric of education available. It may be a dying breed needed to be rescued. I couldn’t conclude this communication without a comment regarding MaryEm. No one, at least from our era, has done more to keep the spirit of Stoneleigh alive by staying in touch with so many graduates. A year has rarely passed that I have not heard from her with more news than The Bulletin is able to muster. What a vote of thanks we owe her. Please try to make it for yourself and as a tribute to MaryEm. I don’t think you’ll regret it. Besides, I’d love to see you.


Class Agent: Joan Fenton Clark - 313 Tally Ho Dr, Indian Trail, NC 28079, jclark020@carolina.


1948B 1949B

Class Agent: Jacqueline Oothouse Mitchell 131 Cumberland Rd, Burlington, VT 05408,


Class Agent: Sue Heubisch Milkey - 27076 Kindlewood Ln, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 MaryEm Bodman Kenner writes: I was delighted to be back at the school in June for the 60th Reunion of the 49ers and to see those who were able to return. Unfortunately several graduates who hoped to attend were not able to at the last minute. However, I heard from quite a few for the first time in many years, including Brownie (Anne Brown Stallworth ’50S) and Berta Abril Avello ’50S. I had a lovely visit with Betsy Abercrombie Flynn and her husband prior to Alumnae Weekend and did some research locating the 1835 homestead of my great-grandfather, Lewis Bodman, in nearby Williamsburg, MA. My grandfather was his 13th child!

1950B 60th Reunion!

Class Agent: Emily Cooper Stephenson - PO Box 957, Carmel, CA 93921, emilystephenson@

1950S 60th Reunion!

Class Agent: Addie Warner Minott - 2518 Stage Rd, Guilford, VT 05301,


Class Agent: Joan Walthers Parks - 37 Church St, Westminster, MA 01473, bowtie-1@mindspring. com.

Ivy Wahl Riley ’50S with her youngest daughter.

Class Agents: Gaye Alexander Cavanaugh -; Jane McGrath Packer

Class Agents: Pat Birge Johnson - 4130 SW 25th Pl, Cape Coral, FL 33914


Class Agent: Jill Crawford Stoll - spunkygram57@


Class Agent: Linda Jennings Kraus - 58 Judson Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824-6655

1955B 55th Reunion!

Class Agent: Pat Reinking McBane - dpmcbane@

1955S 55th Reunion!

Class Agent: Anne Shepard Stevens - shep24@ Class Agent: Judith Howard Whitney-Terry



Class Agent: Linda Maiuzzo Budd - linnieb13@


Class Agent: Roberta Lee Gerber - 47 9th St, Bonita Springs, FL 34134,


Class Agent: Winnie Steel Walker - 14 Honey Corners Rd, West Topsham, VT 05086


Class Agent: Karen Preefer Hanauer





Class Agent: Sandra Williams White - PO Box 790, Franconia, NH 03580

Class Agent: Barbara Schaff Blumenthal - 36 Sullivan Dr, West Redding, CT 06896, Barbglea@

Class Agent: Anita Smiley Bailey - PO Box 83, Boyce, VA 22620 Class Agent: Susan Cummings Campbell


Class Agents: Betsy Barry Beaudin – betsy@; Joannah Hall Glass – jhallglass@

1960B 50th Reunion!

Class Agents: Rachael Chamberlain Schlegel –; Cynthia Poltrack Skinner –

1960S 50th Reunion!

Class Agents: Margery Lawton Cooper –; Laura Richards –


Class Agents: Judy Vandeveer McDermott –; Toni Schust Zegras –


Class Agent: Barbara Tamburri Grossbaum -; Julie Stephens Wyman –


Class Agent: Kathy Conathan Reardon – Kathy Conathan Reardon writes: Our group on Facebook is growing. It is such a great way to touch base with one another, plus share pictures of our families, trips and other adventures. We even have a group MAB’62 and friends. I think we have about ten members now. Chris Kovacs Durkin has been retired from the education field for five years. She divides her time between her homes in Danbury, Connecticut and Scottsdale, Arizona. Both of her daughters live in the Danbury area. She loves having all five grandchildren ranging in age from ten to two living nearby. Beverly Burgess Williams writes: My two grandchildren are starting 6th and 7th grades and are very busy. I just love following all their activities. Living so close is a real blessing. I guess this is the year that we all face Medicare. I can’t believe it. MAB just doesn’t seem that long ago, and I can remember so much of those days. (Mostly the social and less of the academic). Bev and I did try to get together on one of my many trips to Boston, but it just didn’t work out, we will just have to keep on trying. Althea Prescott Cranton graduated from Gordon College in May with a Master’s in education. Her daughter Hannah graduated the same day from Salem State College with a BFA in performance. Althea writes, “While I am beginning to wind down, teaching likely being my last career before I retire, Hannah is just beginning to find her way as an actress, song writer and singer. My mother is 96 and lives near Jon and me.” Betsy Robbins Strasser is back in Florida from her travels, and about to start another trip in October. She and Bob plan to go to Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. When I talked to her she was waiting for her first Grandchild to be born. Her son Ben and daughter-in-law Tish are expecting Logan Jacob at any moment. Betsy and Louise Bradley Fraungruber live quite close by, and we see each other frequently. Louise’s daughter Pim is a graduate student in Marine Biology at the University of Maine in Orano. I also talked to Heidi Simoneau Hennessey. Heidi lives in Ipswich, MA with her husband Dick. She

has three children, five grandchildren and another one on the way. Her two sons live in Vermont, and her daughter lives in Tucson. Heidi is retired and has started a new career making necklaces with semi- precious stones. She loves it, and has been quite successful. She and Ruth Sawyer Staley are off on a big adventure… a wonderful trip to Italy. Heidi has promised a picture for our next class notes. Jane Konheim Kasov has had a busy summer. She started off by going to Stoneleigh-Burnham reunion with Libby Apfel Sanderson. They had a wonderful time, and loved seeing the class of ’59 celebrating their 50th. Many of that class were very special to us when we were freshman. They helped us navigate those first few months, very difficult for a few of us. Jane is very busy with her art and singing. She has a few pictures of paintings on Facebook and they are wonderful. Jane wanted to share an experience she had this summer with us, “When Camilla, my young Brazilian second cousin, became engaged, she asked me to sing the Ave Maria of Schubert in her late July church wedding ceremony, with the Baccarelli Orchestra, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. While I had a lot of trepidation about how I would do in a farflung land, I also was determined to add as much as I could to the beauty of Camilla’s day. The performance of the Ave Maria proved to be as blissful an experience as I’ve ever had as a singer. For my American family, my being a real singer was a revelation. My husband kept me calm for the days preceding the wedding, and he couldn’t stop smiling with relief after hearing my song float over the congregation. For me, there was immense satisfaction, just in having been part of the wedding. Camilla was pleased too! When we left the mild winter of Sao Paulo, we were ready to relax and enjoy summer again.” Libby Montague Mundy, Rebecca Ellis and Pat Wood Cochran are just back from a week in Paris. To quote Libby, “Pat is the energizer bunny and we honestly walked about 12 miles a day. I felt like all the bones in my feet were fractured, but I kept up. Becky walks daily so she did much better. We ate many croissants and now I feel/look like one.” Another Libby was in Paris this summer, Libby Apfel Sanderson had a wonderful trip to Paris and Provence in July. Jack and I are off to Duxbury for the Island Creek Oyster Festival in the middle of September. Then I plan on some quality time with my grandson. Hope to catch up with some classmates when I am in Boston. Again, a plea, I would love to hear from more Classmates. Our 50th is not that far away!!!


Class Agents: Roby Akin Phillips – rphillips@; Charlot Martin Taylor – PO Box 1333, Wainscott, NY 11975-1333


Class Agent: Judith Whalen Dunbar –


Class Agent: Sally Miller Fuller – ImFuller@


Class Agents: Gail Martin Clock – GCLOCK@; Ellen Chello McFarland – ejmcfarland@

Althea Prescott Cranton ’62B with husband Jon and daughter Hannah.

1965B 45th Reunion!

Class Agent: Ann Mickelson de Brauw –

1965S 45th Reunion! Class Agent: Patricia Roberts –


Class Agents: Kiki Black – henshaw66@yahoo. com; Mandy Burr –; Judy Arnold Conner –


Class Agent: Beth Born Mellina – 710 Dartmoor, Westfield, NJ 07090


Class Agents: Jody Geberhardt – jodyg@cableone. net; Judith Lilleston – Cynnie “Mitchell” Bassett writes: I am still in Hershey, PA. Hope to win the lotto soon so that I can retire at the beach, preferably Stone Harbor, N.J. My son Sean has been in Afghanistan since May. His squadron, VAQ-134, is on loan to the Army. He has spent most of his Navy career on aircraft carriers so being on terra firma for any length of time is new to him. My daughter Brittany works for the Pennsylvania Housing Authority and counsels people on purchasing and keeping their homes. She has been very busy, to say the least. Lindsay, who is my youngest, looks and acts just like her mom! She’s a real free spirit living in Philly and loving it! I attended reunion weekend at SBS in June. There was a very good focus on Burnham this year and much appreciated by the Burnham ladies. The older I get, the more I appreciate my four years at MAB. Four of us were able to visit with Mrs. Peters. She is still the gracious and elegant lady that I remember. It was rather funny that we had to shout at her as she is hard of hearing. Mr. John is 95 and sharp as a tack. Talked a bit about his blue Caddy convertible.

Remember it? Would love to have another reunion with my classmates.


Class Agent: Susie Hine – PO Box 96, East Dennis, MA 02641


Class Agent: Joyce Cornish Suter – ljsuter@ Sue Scull Trzcienski writes: Retirement is wonderful, it’s been 1 1/2 years and I am enjoying every moment.  I am very active with the Marlborough Arts Center and am the treasurer of the town’s library, so plenty to keep me busy.  Aime, our oldest, received her Ph.D. in cancer biology and is now working in Manhattan at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  It is nice having her close by, and we really enjoy lots of time with the two grandsons, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. Torrey is an emergency room nurse at Hartford Hospital and lives nearby, so it is nice seeing the “troops” every few weeks.  I enjoyed seeing Carolyn Austin and others at the Burnham Brunch and was sorry I couldn’t have gotten up to Greenfield for the whole weekend.  Bob and I are off to New Zealand again after the first of the year to visit our “exchange student daughters.”   We have decided we are too old for New England’s winters so this will be our third trip down under.  My best to all, and would love to hear from classmates. Nicole Durand says: I’d like to say I was sorry I couldn’t make the reunion this year, but hope to make future ones. Very busy trying to put together an engagement party for my daughter.  Good thing the wedding is a year away!


Class Agent: Bonnie Briskin – bonnieb351@yahoo. com; Deborah Chamberlain – dorchamb@aol. com; Meg Long White – Barbara Llewellyn reports that Gail Cray was in California for a shower and the birth of her grandson Weston Goode. Meg White writes: Shortly before Sally left on her Asian excursion, several of us gathered at Mary Maloney’s house in Vermont for a hilarious weekend of eating, laughing and fast boats . It was great fun! Mary and her husband John Ferris are wonderful and generous hosts, their house is beautiful, and their daughters (their son was out of town) are adorable. Sally’s husband Hank and Fly Williams and her husband Rick were there to round out the crew. Although this was pretty late into July, it was the first truly summer-like weather of the year. It was grand. Thanks Melon for a fabulous time! Mary Merola writes: Thank you to the many, many people who worked so hard to make our 40th Reunion so much fun. The food was fabulous. Everyone was warm and welcoming, and seeing old friends and making new ones was best of all!

1970 40th Reunion!

Class Agent: Kathy Seyffer Opdycke – wlpmom@ Class of 1970’s 40th reunion is coming up next June 11-13, 2010. I would encourage ALL of you to attend! Our school welcomes all alumni that weekend with open arms, events, opportunities to reconnect and a walk down memory lane. Now is the time to make your travel plans!  It will be well worth your while. This past reunion weekend in June I had the

pleasure to spend time with Anne Sears who drove up from Virginia to attend the reunion. Anne is an avid golfer.  As I am living in Richmond we hope to be seeing more of each other. It was great to see Wesey Lane Nichols last October when she attended the installation of Sally Leach Mixsell ’69 as Head of School.  Who remembers that she was Wesey’s big sister?  If any of you plan to be in the New England area, or if you live in New England or Maine please make plans to attend Anne Quantrell Dennen’s Alumnae Luncheon that is held every August at her home on the Maine coast in Camden.  This past August’s event was attended by alumnae from classes as far back as 1943, thanks to Patsie Holloway Tucker ’43B! Despite the typical Maine fog that rolled in and out during the lunch of delicious lobsters rolls, a wonderful time was had by all and we look forward to next year’s event.  Thanks Anne for hosting! I also attended the Alexandria, VA alumnae event held on May 1, 2009 at the home of Lynda Decker Gallagher ’71.  It was great to see Lynda again, as well as Suzanne Green ’71 who flew in from Phoenix to attend the dinner. Thanks Suzanne for making the trip, and for Lynda’s gracious hospitality! I had a great time seeing Carol Somerville ’69 and Sue Bruch Muir ’69 at the alumnae event held at Hyperion Farm in Barboursville, Virginia, home of Vicky Castegren ’94. I am currently serving as Vice Chair of StoneleighBurnham’s Board of Trustees.  What a wonderful way to give back to my school, and a great excuse for me to visit New England during the year. Anne Quantrell Dennen also serves on the Board! Our school remains great, our students are enthusiastic and the energy pulsating through the corridors is addicting!  Come and see for yourself!  Hope to see many of you at our 40th reunion next June !


Class Agent: Lynda Decker Gallagher –


Class Agent: Melissa Leach Dickson – A small group from our class has connected on Facebook in the last several months. Melissa Leach Dickson (me), Nan Fisher (the two of us play a word game on Facebook (from CT to Santa Fe, NM and back), Amy Owens Sullivan, Patty Cuddihy Zimmerman, Kim Butcher, Jeanne Messinger Thoren, Joanne Porter Richardson, MaryLiz Lavieri Simons and Charlotte LewisHankus, to name a few ( I know I left someone out - sorry). From ’73 we have connected with Lucy Pierpont, Anne Cheney and Mary Liz’s sister Jeanne. Ellen Easton and I got together for tea at Lady Mendl’s in NYC last spring. We hadn’t seen one another since our 20th reunion at SBS so we had fun catching up. Ellen is an expert on tea and etiquette, and has written books on the subjects. I think I behaved myself during our 5 course tea-time! On May 29, Ellen attended an intimate private afternoon reception in honor of HRH Prince Henry of Wales. Prince Harry, as he is better known, was visiting New York City for the first time. Ellen shares that despite being on a whirlwind schedule, Prince Harry “was relaxed, personable and charming to all.”

HRH Prince Henry of Wales & Ellen Easton ’72 in New York City, May 29, 2009. Also on Facebook I found Chata Robinson Smith who was Lindy King’s roommate. Here is a portion of Chata’s note to me about herself and some special words about Lindy: “My husband and I have been married 27 years and live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland near Wash.D.C. - right off the honeymoon boat to the farm! I see Leigh Stewart ’71 often; she is well and last summer I was trying to get a hold of Lindy because my daughter was going to be in Boston for the summer and needed her advice. I called many times - no answer - so I told Leigh. She then talked to someone in Lindy’s building in Fort Lauderdale and the tragic story of her death was explained. I would like to say the following about her... I believe it to be true that sometimes in this world a magnificent creature with a larger than life heart and a fine mind can find it hard to navigate. A supurb sailor, Lindy criss-crossed the Atlantic, she captained private yachts, could make or mend anything and from all walks of life people fascinated her. I miss her but know she is finally happy among the stars.” I had a great time attending my sister’s 40th reunion in June. With the class of ’69 guests at the Head’s, I slept with my sister to make room for those staying at Coleman House. As a testament to the age of technology, at 6:30 Saturday morning, I turned to Sally and said “Is that someone’s cell phone ringing?” She laughed and said, “No, that’s the horse in the barn behind us!” Thanks all for your news and the fun we’re having on Facebook. Keep sending me updates and photos! Sharon Calkins Hubley ’72 writes: My son graduates from Landmark in December of this year. And I am starting yet two new ventures. I have a business called UnBridaled Treasures which is all kinds of Vintage items - jewelry, hats, gloves, compacts and other sundry items. I have also opened up a selling booth in Frederick, Maryland at an Antiques Dealership called Old Glory. I know nothing about retail, but was encouraged by a friend. The booth has been up for two months now and I am addicted. Even though it is called The Vintage Cottage, I in private call it my life size doll house! It is so much fun rearranging it every


Tell us about yourself! Post a class note in the Alumnae Portal at


Alumnae Getting Together Alumnae Association Regional Events Journal Camden, Maine

Joining the festivities were (front row, from left) Board of Trustee members Anne Quantrell Dennen ’70 and Kathy Seyffer Opdycke ’70 and Board of Trustees Chair, Shayna Appel ’78;  (second row) Liz Butler Bailey ’51B, Patsie Holloway Tucker ’43B, Regina Mooney - Director of Development for Alumnae Relations, Meredith Lang ’65B, Anne Farmer Meservey ’66B, Martha Temple ’65B, Barbara Tamburri Grossbaum ’61S; (back row) Don Bailey, Jo Hamp Wescott ’63S, Liz Feeley - Asst. Director of Development for Alumnae Relations and Robin Lunn P’04.

Alumnae gather in Camden, Maine. See list of attendees at left.

Barboursville, Virginia

Pictured on the veranda adjacent to the indoor ring at Hyperion Farm are: (first row, from left) Carol Somerville ’69, Mina Payne Cooper ’78, Kathy Seyffer Opdycke ’70 (Trustee), Susan Bruch Muir ’69, Head of School Sally Mixsell ’69; (second row) Marguerite Murray ’96, Vicky Castegren ’94 (host) and Tracy Kilpatrick ’78.

Providence, Rhode Island

Pictured from left are Bill and Cyndee Meese, Heatherle Clingerman ’94, Rachael Blake Elmaleh ’94, Judith Blake P’94, Meg Long White ’69; (not pictured): Alison Porter ’89, Tyese Bohan’93 and husband Mike. After the reception at Gracie’s Restaurant, everyone met for a delicious dinner at Broadway Bistro where they were joined by Tyese Bohan ’93 and her husband Mike. The spectacular lighting of Waterfire capped off the evening.

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

Alumnae gather in Barboursville, Virginia. See list of attendees at left.


Admissions Ambassadors are essential to Stoneleigh-Burnham’s recruitment efforts and we are fortunate to have so many loyal alumnae who support the School around the country and the world. To learn more about the StoneleighBurnham Admissions Ambassadors program contact the Admissions Office at or call 413.774.2711 ext. 257. Alumnae gather in Providence, Rhode Island. See list of attendees at left.

coming to Oahu, check in with me and we’ll show you around! Much Mahalo to SBS for all they do for these young ladies. Boy times sure have changed! Hope to see you all at Reunion, but not sure if a mainland trip is feasible next summer, but I am working on it! A hui hou (see you soon)!

week or so. My daughter Caroline is nearly 14 and will be entering the 8th grade at The Lab School of Washington this fall. From Sue Tuttle in California: The middle of June was the last weekend of my East Bay Open Studio event here in Oakland. I will be working on creating some new jewelry designs as well as note cards featuring my photographs.


Class Agents: Amy Christiansen-Burton –; Rebecca Whiting Harr –; Brooke Harris –


Class Agents: Susan McVie - 1731 Rose Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18018



Class Agent: Victoria Claman Hewitt –

1975 35th Reunion!

Class Agent: Susan Murphy Mulcahy –

Candace Iampietro and Heather McDonald Whiteman ’86 at Reunion 2009.





Class Agents: Nancy Maurer Preston –; Susan Tyrrel – Class Agent: Kathryn Whitney Mansfield


Class Agent: Lynne Schulthess –

1980 30th Reunion!

Class Agents: Kim Day - 403 Pacific Cir, Newbury Park, CA 91320; Dawn Slaney Hill - 303 Tutwiler Dr, Trussville, AL 35173; Cindi Grader Viola –


Class Agent: Becky Rawson Aronson Weaver –


Class Agent: Bridget O’Brien –


Class Agent: Lois Kuiper Fuller –


Class Agents: Susan Mahoney Casey – Susan Steele Entz shares: I’m married to Ken Entz with two girls Erika and Emily, 9 and 6. Ran away with the circus and spent six years on the road with Disney on Ice as a tour coordinator. Settled in Eliot, Maine. I now own a small fitness center with my husband and work for the University of New Hampshire as Director of Presidential Events and Programs.

Class Agents: Damiane Adamczyk – dadamczyk@; Jenny West Pender – penderjenw@ Class Agents: Linwood Bardusch Kenneally –; Taffy Bassett-Fox –; Travis Stewart –; Kelsa Fuller Zereski –


Class Agents: Jennifer Anderson Hayes –; Sarah Johnson – Amy Morford Nebeker shares: Not too much going on since my last update.  Our little Ashton is growing so fast and learning so much!  He will be one year old on September 28th.  I love him so much and we are so very blessed.  Here is a picture of Ashton and me.  It’s been so fun to read, on Facebook, what everyone is up to these days.  Congratulations to Jen Anderson Hayes and Cristina Rubinaccio Freda on the new little additions to your families!  Take care everyone.

1990 20th Reunion!

Class Agents: Dionne Cason - 5904 Terry Parker Dr N, Jacksonville, FL 32211; Melanie McCusker Fenstersmaker –; Tamar Cooke Luck –; Teresa WilliamsYetming – Tamar Cooke Luck writes: Aloha SBS sisters! We are still in Hawaii and while my husband Aaron has been deployed for the last year, we are doing very well here. Our twins boys (JD and Drew, 8) are loving it here as well. JD plays soccer (takes after his mom), surfs with me and is a Cub Scout. Drew does karate, is a Cub Scout too and he loves going to the beach to body surf! I am very active here and love being outdoors as much as I can. I have made some great friends here and our church family has been so good to us since Aaron has been in Iraq. I am hoping that we will stay here for another four years, Lord willing, but the Army and God could have different plans for us. If you ever find yourself

Amy Morford Nebecker ’93 and son Ashton.


Class Agent: Amie Tessler Butman – amieb@cox. net

1995 15th Reunion!

Class Agent: Emily Clarke Whitney - ewhitney@


Class Agents: Marguerite Barrett - margueriteb@; Mary Ellen Hennessey Blake – mary_

1985 25th Reunion!

Class Agents: Elizabeth Engel – eengel1241@; Liz Tichenor Percheson – elizabeth.


Class Agents: Julie Gunther - julesgunther@yahoo. com; Sam Loud Migon –

Class Agents: Sophie Aikman – sophieaikman@; Sharon Barbour Petrecca –; Suze Stutzman – suzedesigns@; Evelyn Trebilcock – Evelyn.


Class Agents: Tracy Allison Evans - 1611 Prather Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63139; Leelee Harrison –


Class Agents: Erin McDonald – emcdonald82@; Becky Plough –; Kilian Tracy –

1998 Tamar Cooke Luck ’90 with sons JD and Drew and husband Aaron.

Class Agents: Sara Brown Gibbons –; Melissa Hemming McWeeny –; Meg O’Brien –

Jessica Tudryn recently bought a home in Indiana. She works for Edy’s Ice Cream as a Quality Control Specialist.


Class Agent: Alexandra Slack Hindle – alexandra.

2000 10th Reunion!

Class Agent: Caisey Jefferson Kakascik– cjeff2@


Class Agents: Joyhdae Albert - simply.joyhdae@; Katelyn Morgan - kmorgan@hartford. edu


Class Agent: Samantha Pleasant – sampleasant@ MelissaTudryn is a registered nurse working at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA in the cardiac unit.


Class Agent: Jessica Fydenkevez – jess.


Class Agent: Jessica Pleasant – jpleasan@student.

2005 5th Reunion!

Class Agent: Erika Marback - Veronique Hurley graduated, summa cum laude, from the Hartt School at the University of Hartford in May 2009.


Class Agent: Natalie Rosenstock –; Marcy Segel –


Class Agents: Ashlee Houle – ashleehoule@gmail. com; Kirsten Porter –


Class Agents: Martha Kingman – foremek@sover. net; Caroline Marsden – cmarsden@student. Laryssa Witty had a great first year at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania: “I love my professors and have learned a lot from them. E-town has a strong Biology program.  My French professor has helped me to grow stronger in my literary skills by forbidding me to use a dictionary whenever I read anything in French.  Next year I’m looking forward to participating in the French Newspaper, History Club, FEAST - a future energy and sustainable technology engineering club, and leadership team for Campus Crusade for Christ.  I’ve met some great people and am looking forward to being a sophomore.” Ramses Lonlack was named the best defensive player for women’s basketball and was honored for her 3.0 GPA at the University of Memphis.


Class Agents: Audrey Lewis – ; Chi-Hung Liao -; Colleen Mangan –

1941 MAB Ruth Rosenfelt Wharton August 30, 2009 1948 MAB Janice Shepardson Weisel May 30, 2009 1950 SPH Helen Fischer Wattles September 19, 2009 1954 MAB Nora Nugent Jaeschke August 26, 2009 1956 SPH Brenda Cosseboom Mortensen March 19, 2009 1962 SPH Ann Sturm Emerson March 2, 2009

TRIBUTE Francis Pleasant 1935-2009 Known for his smile and outgoing personality, Francis Pleasant was genuinely interested in the students whose lives he was entrusted to protect. He often showed up hours before his shift to attend students’ games, taking special care to cheer for those girls whose distant parents could not be there. While on duty he made an effort to learn how to say “hello” and “goodnight” in the native languages of the international students he encountered. Of the awards and acknowledgements he received in his lifetime, none gave Francis Pleasant quite as much joy as the yearbook dedication by the class of 1997, in which they wrote, “He has touched the lives of many students... it is like we are his own daughters.”

Photo and article contributed by Tod Pleasant, SBS Director of Technology and proud son of Francis Pleasant.

In Memoriam

Francis Pleasant served as a security guard at Stoneleigh-Burnham School from 1992 to 2008. During his tenure he saw four of his grand-daughters attend SBS; Rosie Lankowski Biancamano’00, Samantha Pleasant ’02, Jesi Pleasant ’04, and Haley Pleasant SBMS’06.

1965 MAB Martha Sutton Temple October 6, 2009 1973 Eve McGuire Washburn June 10, 2009 Faculty and Staff Nell Fallon September 8, 2009 Miriam Emerson Peters October 29, 2009 Francis Pleasant July 23, 2009

In appreciation and memory of Mrs. Nell Fallon 1914-2009 Nell Fallon was born on March 9, 1914 in Northampton, Massachusetts. She graduated from Smith College in 1934. Serving as Academic Director and College Counselor at the Mary A. Burnham School between 1951 and 1968, Mrs. Fallon worked to send students to the best possible colleges and universities. Jenny Chappell Way ’65B remembers, “I came from Texas to Burnham. She was so kind and made me feel welcome in a ‘foreign’ land. As a senior, she helped me find a college. I remember Mrs. Fallon well. She was a wonderful person.” After the Merger in 1968, Nell Fallon continued to serve as College Counselor at Stoneleigh-Burnham School until 1981. She then served as Alumnae Director from 1981-1983. Lynne Zager ’72 reflects on her influence, “I remember Nell Fallon vividly. She provided guidance to me about which classes to take at Stoneleigh-Burnham. Mrs. Fallon inspired me in my own professional career as a licensed Clinical Psychologist.” Following her retirement, Nell volunteered for fundraising and alumnae events at Stoneleigh-Burnham for another twenty years.

Mrs. Fallon, second from left, with the Stoneleigh-Burnham School Development Council in 1968.

“[...] a life to be celebrated and an inspiration to many of us who knew her.” - Faye Gourlie ’58B

Mrs. Fallon passed away on September 8, 2009. As per Mrs. Fallon’s own request, donations in her memory should be made to StoneleighBurnham School.


z The Distinguished Alumna Award


The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

n order to demonstrate the efficacy of its mission and highlight alumnae who express by example the values of integrity, determination and pursuit of the good, Stoneleigh-Burnham School is instituting a Distinguished Alumna Award. Given annually to an alumna who has pursued work in a particular field, served as a volunteer to organizations or has accomplished goals that have contributed to the enhancement of society, individuals and/or the environment, the award is also a way of giving institutional recognition to the contributions of alumnae beyond their years at Stoneleigh-Burnham.


In addition the Distinguished Alumna Award is intended to inspire students, alumnae and faculty alike to continue to “become their best selves,” as stated in our mission statement. The name of the alumna chosen will be announced at Reunion in June, and the award will be presented each year at the Reunion Luncheon. Nominations are welcomed and should include a strong statement of the nominee’s credentials for the award. With the strong pool of dedicated and accomplished alumnae, there is no doubt that the award will have plenty of worthy candidates. And what a way to pay tribute to one of our own and show us all how a Stoneleigh-Burnham education lives on strongly in the lives of our women and their worlds.


Find out more about The Distinguished Alumna Award at


“Giving together makes it fun! It also makes it possible to do more.”

Giving is a Family Affair

The Lewis family, from left: Charlotte Lewis-Hankus’72, Sis Lewis and Sharon Lewis Gaffey’68S. Photo by Holly Mott.

by Regina E. Mooney “Every day of your life do something for someone else.” That is what Sis and Dick Lewis would say to their children as they were growing up in the 1950s. As she and I chatted recently, Sis Lewis explained, “That’s how I taught them to become philanthropic too; they all knew that they had an obligation to give.” Steeped in the philosophy that they were not raised to stroll through life but to help, the Lewis family has been giving to multiple charities for decades. Some of their giving has been individualized for each member’s personal interests. When it comes to Stoneleigh-Burnham School though, the women in the family pool their resources to make things happen. Sharon Lewis Gaffey ’68S talks about collaborating with her sister, Charlotte Lewis-Hankus ’72, and her mother on gifts to Stoneleigh-Burnham, “Giving together makes it fun! It also makes it possible to do more.” Over the years, mom Sis, along with daughters Sharon and Charlotte have made decisions on how best to help the School with specific projects. As a result the photography classroom is named after husband and father Richard B. Lewis, who was an avid photographer. As Charlotte explained, “Our family is extremely close and to constantly remember my dad at a school that meant so much to him means so much to us.” Sis recalled how much he looked forward to

the Father-Daughter Weekend every year and even though Sis herself never attended, she always loved the stories he brought home from the weekend. In another gift mother and sisters collaborated on the renovation of a dormitory room. Reflecting on the idea of giving together, Sharon noted, “When I think about how Charlotte and I lived in our rooms, with their regular traffic and activity, and knowing what it takes to maintain each room, we wanted to have a role in making sure each girl has what she needs when she’s away from home. So giving as a family stretches out what each of us does and brings us together more often.” What they’ve also learned is that participating is so important. While the big gifts can make big improvements, most of the philanthropic heavy lifting is accomplished by each one pitching in, honoring the institution that has given them so much. Or, as Sharon put it, “Our father showed us by example and by his word, that our best effort at anything would be our most important contribution, so Lewis’ make sure we always do all that we can.” Indeed the Lewis family is doing its part. Join them and others by strengthening the School with your gift to The Fund for Stoneleigh-Burnham.

Stoneleigh-Burnham Senior Ranked as Top American Public Speaker

This fall the Debate and Public Speaking Society started the year with a bang. Hosting the annual Stoneleigh-Burnham Public Speaking Tournament and competing at the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition (IISPSC) on back-toback weekends, seniors Bryna Cofrin-Shaw, Kathleen Bordewieck and Sophie Dorsch took their competitors to task. On Sunday, October 4th Cofrin-Shaw qualified for the 2010 World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships when she took second place among the American teams at the 28th IISPSC. The competition was host to 168 students and their coaches from 46 schools throughout the world – Bermuda, Canada, China, Cyprus, Jordan, Peru, the United Kingdom and the United States. Of the 21 American schools, Stoneleigh-Burnham, Deerfield Academy, Hotchkiss, Winsor, Roxbury Latin and Andover competed for the top four spots that would qualify them for the American Team to compete at the World Championships in Lithuania in Spring 2010.

From left: Coach Dr. Paul Bassett, Bryna Cofrin-Shaw ’10, Kathleen Bordewieck ’10 and coach Cyndee Meese at the 2009 Stoneleigh-Burnham Public Speaking Tournament. Photo by Holly Mott.

The IISPSC focuses attention on the critical skills cultivated by public speaking: reflection, articulation, confidence and engagement. Cofrin-Shaw competed in three categories: Radio Newscast, Dramatic Interpretation and Persuasive Speaking. Cofrin-Shaw’s accomplishments were truly a team effort, as she would not have been considered by the rules of the competition, if she had not come to it as part of a team. The support of her teammates, fellow seniors Kat Bordewieck and Sophie Dorsch, both of whom finished strong in the competition, was key to Cofrin-Shaw’s success. Also key to her success were coaches Dr. Paul Bassett and Cyndee Meese, whom combined have more than 50 years teaching at Stoneleigh-Burnham School. This is not the first such honor for StoneleighBurnham School, Cofrin-Shaw joins the ranks of nine other Stoneleigh-Burnham debaters and public speakers who have qualified and competed at the World Championships. Christine Claffey’88, Julie Bastarache’91, Dionis Gauvin’92, Stephanie McCusker’94, Kelley Stiles’95, Alexandra Madden’01, Emma Nolan-Thomas’04, Obehi Utubor’05 and Emily Palmer’06 all represented Stoneleigh-Burnham on the American Team. In 1994 McCusker was the top American speaker and the Stoneleigh-Burnham team was the top American team at the IISPSC.

The Bulletin Fall/Winter 2009

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