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Sisterhood at Stoneleigh-Burnham


Installation of the Head of School


SBS in Photos: Scenes of School Life


Tea Time with Ms. L-T


by Stephanie Luebbers

the bulletin S P R I N G


ON THE COVER: Sofia Sherman ’20, Chloe Hughes ‘19, and Mia Mullings ’20 celebrate Stoneleigh-Burnham’s 150th anniversary. Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh

by Nicole Letourneau

by Mark Luebbers

Celebrating 150 Years of Girls Education: A Timeline

10 Alumna Spotlight: Sophie Spring ‘16 11 Class Notes 15 In Memoriam 16 Coda

by Adelaide W. Minott ’50 SPH

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Stoneleigh-Burnham School

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150 Years of Girls’ Education

ABOVE: The Stoneleigh-Burnham soccer team huddles before a game. Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh

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150 Years of Girls’ Education



Stoneleigh-Burnham School Board of Trustees 2018 -2019 Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77, Chair Dr. Mary Maloney ’69, Vice Chair Rich Hubbard P ’00, ’02, ’05, Secretary Annette Cazenave ’74, Treasurer Dr. John Barrengos Dr. Denise Bruner ’70 Anne Quantrell Dennen ’70 Kerry T. Dwyer Jennifer Eremeeva P ’15 Sharon Lewis Gaffey ’68S Barbara Mayo Llewellyn ’69 Charlotte Newton ’71 Kathy Seyffer Opdycke ’70 Allison Porter ’89 Leslie Powers P ’15




You know the value of our equestrian, arts, debate and International Baccalaureate Diploma programs better than anyone. We’d love to hear if there are girls in your area looking for an unforgettable Stoneleigh-Burnham experience. Visit Days: Monday, September 23 Monday, October 14 Monday, November 11 Monday, December 9 Monday, January 20 To refer a prospective family, please contact the Admissions Office at 413.774.2711 x257 or 2

Laura B. Richards ’60S Dr. Nathalie D. Rioux P ’18 Dorothy “Darcy” McCormick Tarbell ’70 Susannah Wells Stephanie Luebbers, Ex-officio Kate Strousse ’13, Alumnae Board President, Ex-officio Nancy L. Diver ’53B, Emerita Elinor Johnstone Ferdon ’54B, Emerita John McNear P ’79, Emeritus Elizabeth T. Stout ’61B, Emerita

Stoneleigh-Burnham School Alumnae Board 2018 -2019 Kate Strousse ’13, President Jillian Seigel ’14, Vice President Allison Small Annand ’83, Secretary Joyhdae Albert ’01 Michelle Savage Brynda ’84 Heatherle Clingerman ’93 Charlene Antonio Currie ’78 Franny Eremeeva ’15 Suze Stutzman Genereux ’85 Tamar Cooke Luck ’90 Erica Marback ’05 Jessica Meese ’04 Megan O’Brien ’98

Anne O’Connor ’88 Jessica Gale Payne ’11 Hannah Risser-Sperry ’05 Libby Cowperthwaite Schmittdiel ’84 June Coolidge Scott ’83 Sam Sattin Torres ’08, Development & Alumnae Relations Associate, Ex-officio Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83, Assistant Director of Development & Alumnae Relations, Ex-officio

OUR MISSION Stoneleigh-Burnham School is an academic community that fosters an international perspective. We inspire girls to pursue meaningful lives based on honor, respect and intellectual curiosity. Each student is challenged to discover her best self and graduate with confidence to think independently and act ethically, secure in the knowledge that her voice will be heard.

the bulletin S P R I N G

Letter from the Head of School


Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh

Sisterhood at Stoneleigh-Burnham By Stephanie Luebbers, Head of School


s we move a little deeper into StoneleighBurnham’s sesquicentennial, I’ve been thinking a lot about sisterhood. Maybe it’s because here, as I write this in late winter in New England, we’re all living pretty closely together under one big (snowy) roof, and our lives are so deeply intertwined at this time of year. We are interdependent and rely on each other for the joy and hard work that encompasses our lives; we are much like a family. My own sister, Kate, a recently retired software engineer, was here to visit for several days. She enjoyed a Tuesday Housemeeting, ate meals in the dining hall with us, and was a guest for couple of Andrea Tehan Carnes’s computer science classes. Before Kate left, I took her on a full-

school tour, and afterwards we sat down in the school archives. The photographs and documents we found there drew us

“We are interdependent and rely on each other for the joy and hard work that encompasses our lives; we are much like a family.” into a reverie over the deeply formative experiences and life-long connections made by generations of girls here at SBS. There were albums of snapshots, hand-

written reminiscences and letters, annotated yearbooks, newspaper press releases, and captioned photographs. As I sat and talked about them with my own sister, I was reminded of the importance of moments like those preserved around us. These moments build bonds that last a lifetime. It may be true that the bond between me and Kate is based in bloodline and DNA, but, like the young women in the pages and pictures around us, it has been shared experiences, happy and sad, challenging and rewarding, that have made us truly sisters. In today’s SBS community, we are creating these moments of sisterhood every day, by continuing our long and wonderful traditions of class bonding trips, Mountain Day, senior holiday decorations, Spirit Celebrating

150 Years of Girls’ Education


Letter from the Head of School

Week, and 100 Nights, all of which have filled the year. They are lovely, and the girls look forward to the special times. Still, it is the simple moments of sisterhood that quietly build the bonds. Games of Uno in the student lounge on a Saturday evening, a senior emailing that she has made chocolate chip cookies and is sharing them with the hall, a stream of girls headed down to the barn, animated and taking pictures of our beautiful campus as they make their way to cheer on their peers who are competing. These are today’s moments of sisterhood, but they bind us to those captured in the pictures that Kate and I pored over in the archives. Girls relaxed and knitting in their rooms and chatting with friends,

girls studying by lamplight, girls having a snowball fight, girls making cookies –

“We are proud to be celebrating 150 years of girls’ education and know that the strength of the sisterhood among our alumnae and current students alike

We can look back to this sisterhood as we celebrate Stoneleigh-Burnham’s 150th anniversary this year, but it is also a time to look forward. We are proud to be celebrating 150 years of girls’ education and know that the strength of the sisterhood among our alumnae and current students alike will carry us into a bright future. We will be creating, documenting, and sharing our moments together in the years to come.

will carry us into a bright future.” each captured moment is unique in its own right, but connected in kind to so many here today, and making us sisters to those who lived and learned here before us.

Stephanie Luebbers Head of School

New Anniversary Match Stoneleigh-Burnham Annual Fund

The Trustees 150th Anniversary Match has been a HUGE success and we reached the $150,000 goal! A group of alumnae has generously stepped forward with a new match to keep the momentum going. Your gift by June 30 can help us earn AN ADDITIONAL $50,000 to ensure a strong future for Stoneleigh-Burnham School. 4

the bulletin S P R I N G


Installation of the Head of School By Nicole Letourneau

Photos by Paul Franz

Stoneleigh-Burnham School officially installed Stephanie S. Luebbers as Head of School in a formal ceremony on October 13, 2018 in Emerson Hall.

perhaps ours as well. They inspire me.” The ceremony also included several other special speakers. Students, staff, and faculty each chose speakers to represent them at

In her remarks at the ceremony, Stephanie shared her journey to SBS and her vision for the school and its community.

Trustee Allison Porter ’89, immediate past board chair, served as master of ceremonies; Board of Trustees Chair Lynn Schultz Kehoe ’77 gave welcoming remarks; and Stephanie was introduced by her longtime friend and former colleague Audrey Koester, retired head librarian at The Albany Academies.

“My charge from the Board was and is clear: steward the mission of the school in the daily lives and activities of the many diverse people in our campus community and shepherd that mission forward into the future,” she said. She spoke of the mission of SBS as the community’s “guiding star” and of the special qualities that SBS students possess. “There is a clear authenticity to our students, and they are confident without being egotistical,” she said. “They have the courage to express their convictions, especially when it is not easy to do so. They have an awareness of themselves that allows them to speak on behalf of others. Through their growing sense of advocacy they gain the power to shape their own futures and

and co-coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, each delivered remarks of welcome to Stephanie. Their full remarks, as well as Stephanie’s, can be found on our school blog, “View from the Nest,” on the SBS website:

the Installation Ceremony. Jax Morgan ’19, president of the Student Council, Samantha Sattin Torres ’08, Development and Alumnae Relations Associate, and Miriam Przybyla-Baum P ’20, ’22, French teacher, chair of the Languages Department,

The SBS Octet performed “Till There Was You” by Meredith Willson as arranged by Kirby Shaw. The Wind Quartet played an arrangement of “Simple Gifts” by Joseph Brackett. The ceremony ended with a cheer by the senior class and the unveiling of a banner displaying a photo of Stephanie with members of the Class of 2019.


150 Years of Girls’ Education


Scenes of School Life


Tea Time with Ms. L-T

the bulletin S P R I N G


By Mark Luebbers

Aileen Logan-Tyson is serious about her tea. Over scones and a fresh pot, Ms. L-T, as she is known, her happy energy in full flower, talked about her long career in girls education, and the many years that she has devoted to SBS. In the process, she has become not only a beloved teacher but a respected academic champion for girls. A native of Scotland, Ms. L-T taught math in England before moving to the U.S. and eventually joining the SBS faculty in 1996. She has taught algebra, pre-calculus and calculus here, and she was a dorm parent. These days Ms. L-T, also a 10th grade dean, is known and loved for hosting “Afternoon Tea” on weekends. For Ms. L-T, teaching math, and especially at a girls’ school, has one core purpose, which overshadows particular skills or discrete knowledge. “Confidence,” she says, “is the reason why it’s so important.” Math, she says, “teaches you the way you need to think to solve almost any problem: to approach it systematically

and logically. To use the tools you have at your disposal.” Early on at SBS, Ms. L-T became aware that the girls in her classes seemed more focused and self-assured than she was used to. “When I was in England, teaching boys and girls in the same class, the girls always stayed pretty quiet and didn’t contribute or take part very much, and the boys dominated the proceedings,” she said. She recognized that this dynamic was preventing girls from taking the risks essential not just for their “math confidence,” but for their overall sense of resilience and determination. At SBS, none of that interference comes between her and her students, and she found she could help them gain the confidence to work past self-consciousness to solve challenging problems. Of the many ways that Ms. L-T has built her devoted following, she counts her long tradition of offering endless and supportive extra help to her students as

Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh

most important. She stays to work with students in Classroom M (“For Math!”) after school almost every day, often into the evening. Even more than during regular class time, “office hours” are when the rules of math become understood and the student’s solutions become their own. For Ms. L-T, having the confidence to find one’s own solutions is what education is all about.


Ruth Ann Carpenter ’77 Throughout her career as a practicing dietitian and wellness professional, Ruth Ann Carpenter ’77 collected inspiring stories about people and food. Ruth Ann created Feast of Humanity, which includes a book in progress and an emerging website, Ruth Ann has never forgotten her time at Stoneleigh-Burnham and has included a gift for SBS in her will. She credits teacher Mrs. Davis and a spring term SBS internship with helping her discover that her true passion was the field of science.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. A legacy gift is a fabulous way to give back. Call us at 413.774.2711 ext. 247 or visit

SUMMER 150 Celebrating

Years of Girls’ Education

AT STONELEIGH-BURNHAM Overnight camps for girls ages 9-18 focused on riding, debate, dance, animation, and art. To register and learn more, visit Celebrating

150 Years of Girls’ Education


Celebrating Years of


Girls’ Education

1885 The Classical School for Girls is renamed the Mary A. Burnham School, in honor of founder Mary A. Burnham.



Prospect Hill School is founded Celebrating Years in Greenfield, Massachusetts by Reverend John Farwell Moors. of Girls’ Education

Celebrating Years of


Girls’ Education



Celebrating Years of Girls’ Education

The Stoneleigh School for Girls merges with Prospect Hill School forming Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School on what is today the StoneleighBurnham School campus.

1877 The Classical School for Girls is founded in Northampton, Massachusetts by Bessie Talbot Capen and Mary A. Burnham. The founders are encouraged by then President of Smith College, Laurenus Clarke Seelye to provide young women with a better preparation for entrance into Smith College.

1926 Elmhurst School relocates to a larger campus in Rye, New Hampshire and is renamed the Stoneleigh School for Girls.

1909 The Elmhurst School is founded in Connersville, Indiana by Isabel Cressler and Caroline Sumner, also at the urging of Laurenus Clarke Seelye.










the bulletin S P R I N G



Visit to share a memory or photo, view our galleries, and RSVP to upcoming anniversary events.



Geissler Gallery opens.

SBS wins its first Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) National Championship title.

2019 Stoneleigh-Burnham School celebrates 150 years of girls’ education.

1969 The first merged class of Stoneleigh-Burnham School graduates.

2000 Jesser building opens. Varsity basketball completes a 10-year, 50-0 winning streak.

2011 SBS becomes an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

1988 1968 Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill merges with the Mary A. Burnham School to form Stoneleigh-Burnham School.





First SBS speaker competes at the World Debate and Public Speaking Championships.


2004 Middle School founded. Celebrating




150 Years of Girls’ Education



150 Years of Girls’ Education


Alumna Spotlight

Sophie Spring ‘16: Forging A Path of Her Own By Mark Luebbers

Ask alumna Sophie Spring about her work in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program while she was a student here, and she’ll say it gave her all the background to follow her current path: working to save the waters of the world from pollution. By the time she graduated in 2016, Spring had already made a name for herself by adapting and then presenting her IB Extended Essay to an international audience of graduate students, researchers, and academics at a marine biology conference in Hawaii. Her work focused on the environmental and economic benefits of reestablishing oyster colonies in threatened waters.

“Most people don’t think of going to college in another country, but it seemed like something I had been prepared for, so why not take advantage of the chance?” She has spent the first months of 2019 deep in the forests of Kalimantan, Borneo, in Indonesia, working with a small group of students and her professor from the University of Exeter, as they studied how clear-cut logging is affecting the lives and communities of indigenous people in the region. The results of their work will be used to help logging companies and the Indonesian government adopt selective logging practices, which will not only be more sustainable for the industry, but preserve an ancient way of life.

Spring began her journey here at SBS, where she says she learned some skills that she absolutely could not do without and which don’t really come naturally to her. “Time management, and being organized about work stuff,” she said. “I didn’t always pay attention to details.” But she added, “Once I got that down, a lot of hard things got easier.” Some of these hard things are part of college life, such as going to see professors and handling lots of assignments and projects at the same time. But she sees others as keys to success in the big world away from campus, like learning to communicate with and relate to people with whom she may have very little in common, and from whom she occasionally faces resistance, either because of her age, or background, or gender. While pursuing a degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology from the University of Exeter in England, Spring has spent several summers working at a sustainable 10

While Spring’s path may be changing direction, the strengths she built while at SBS have stayed with her.

Sophie Spring carries juvenile oysters to a processing machine on the Fisher's Island Oyster Farm. Photo courtesy of American Giant.

oyster farm on Long Island, NY, and at first tried to fit in with the older, mostly male hands by trying to match them physically. She ended up exhausted and discouraged, so she had to learn to adjust her approach. “I used to push back pretty hard, but I realized that people take time to accept changes, so now I just keep doing what I’m there to do and eventually most people come around,” she said. Going to University in England has expanded Spring’s perspective and ambitions, a gift she credits to the IB program at SBS.

“I don’t mind putting myself out there,” she says. “Other people get nervous in strange situations or when they’re asked to talk about what they’re doing, but I don’t have that problem.” She says this with a laugh. Sophie sees her life as a remarkable privilege, but she doesn’t want to be “comfortable.” Instead she wants to use her good fortune by reaching out to help others. As a result, she also finds herself in remarkable moments. In December, she was in Venice to attend a conference on sustainable zoning in the Mediterranean Sea, and she was in the audience of a forum just a few seats away from her mother, a marine biologist at the University of Venice. She said, “At one point I looked over at my mom and waved and thought: ‘Whoa, this is all pretty amazing.’”

the bulletin S P R I N G

Class Notes


1960 MAB

Magdelaine Anthony Smith

Magdelaine Anthony Smith with her grandchildren, ages 2 to 14.

1961 SPH McKenzie Rollins '01 is the 2018 #1 ranked USEA Adult Training Rider.

Beverly Bramon Brandon

Submit class notes and photos to or at We want to hear the latest, as well as update your contact information. If you would like to request contact information for another alumnae, please call the Alumnae Relations Office at 413-774-2711 x317, or email

More Class Notes and photos are online at

1950 MAB

Janet Carmen Whitaker I enjoy the updates in the Bulletin and wanted to share and represent Mary A. Burnham, Class of 1950! I only attended my senior year but enjoyed the time I spent there. After graduating, I joined the Air Force and was stationed in Cheyenne, WY. I met my future husband, Joe H. Whitaker, and we married in 1952, settling in Dayton, OH. I worked at and retired from Kettering Hospital. Joe and I were married 62 years and raised seven children. I have kept busy participating in softball, bowling, swimming, tennis, and even won nine gold medals in the 2008 Ohio Senior Olympics. Now I spend my summers in Ohio, winters in South Carolina and am never too far away from my family or my adorable pit-bull, Paylin. I hope that this June I am able to attend the 2019 Reunion!

1954 SPH

Suzanne Loy Sanders I never thought about having a 65th high school reunion. My how the years fly by but I’m making plans to drive up from Woodstock, GA where my home is now. In the summer of 2011, I retired from the school system in Citrus County, FL after my oldest son, Bill, passed away. My youngest son, David, and his wife, Missy, live here and I love living here also. I keep very active singing in our church choirs. In 2016, the First Baptist Church Woodstock Choir and Orchestra presented, “A Night of Worship” at Carnegie Hall. It was awesome and a trip of a lifetime. Missy and David went with me as we were all in choir. I’m still singing in choir and going on small local trips with them. It will be a long drive but I’m looking forward to visiting school once again. Hope to see some of my classmates too! Some of you live close by.

Beverly Bramon Brandon with her husband, Chris, and their grandchildren.

1965 SPH

Ann (Andi) McCully Kleinman My “Little Sister,” Wendy Sherwood King ’66 SPH, dropped by in September while she was on her solo road trip around the West. What a hoot it was, catching up on 50+ years of life! It just goes to show that old friendships may not die, they just ebb and flow.

1958 MAB

Karen Preefer Hanauer My husband, Jerry, and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and enjoyed a wonderful trip traveling in France. I am always glad to hear from SBS.


150 Years of Girls’ Education


1966 SPH

whom will be missed by so many; went to Reunion for the first time in 49 years, and reconnected with so many classmates. Here’s hoping I can connect with even more and that our entire class will all meet again and get to know each other as we are today with the many wonderful memories we had at SBS back in the day. Let’s all come together for our 50th Reunion and enjoy!

Trisha Kasbeer Conner

Host your own SBS party! We can’t wait to celebrate the sesquicentennial with you! We have Stoneleigh-Burnham Party Kits available now! Interested in planning or hosting an alumnae gathering in your area? Members of the Alumnae Board and the Alumnae Relations Office would love to assist you.

Trisha Kasbeer Conner ’66 SPH with her three sons in Illinois at son Timothy’s wedding in September.

1968 SPH

Susan Walker Bernan Pam Smith Harvey ’68 SPH and I have been visiting each other for many years. My husband, Sandy, and I annually traveled from Central Pennsylvania to New Hampshire to visit. When Pam and Paul sold their home in spring of 2017 and began their journey south, they planned a special stop to visit us in Pennsylvania. Now that they are traveling the country we are blessed to visit when they stop in Florida in the winter! What a joy. We have the best time.

Girls’ Education

For more information:


150 Years of Girls’ Education


Celebrating Years of Girls’ Education 12

Anne Sears Looking forward to attending Reunion in June. Would love to see other classmates too. I am still working, but plan to retire in 2020, jump in our RV, and start traveling. My granddaughter will be 4 in March and is a bundle of energy. I already have a set of golf clubs for her.



Celebrating 150x317 Years of Girls’ Education 413.774.2711


Celebrating Years of

SBS 150th Party Kits contain Celebrating Years confetti, Reunion 2019 information, of Girls’ Education cocktail napkins, brochures, favors, and more. Kathleen Tuck Fontaine ’83

Virginia (Ginny) Garlick (right) with her daughter and partner.


Susan Walker Bernan and Pam Smith Harvey visiting Celebrating 150 Years in Central Florida in February 2018. of Girls’ Education

150 Years of Girls’ Education


Virginia (Ginny) Garlick I have resided in New Zealand for 38 years, teaching yoga for 25 years. I’ve shared a photo of our film company with my partner and daughter (www. I travel extensively to New York and London. I hope to hear from a few Celebrating 150 Years of myofclassmates. Girls’ Education


Charlotte Newton Lots of renovation work to my new residence in Celebrating Sedona - updated kitchen, guest bath and the list goes Years of on! The focus however has shifted as I welcomed a Girls’ new “member” to my family...chaos reigns, but it Education is good chaos! Looking forward to celebrating the SBS 150th at Reunion this June and to seeing a lot of friends.

Celebrating 150 Years of


Girls’ Education

Nancy Davis O’Leary This past year has been surreal. I spent time with Lori Sherman ’69 and Tori Askerberg ’69, both of

the bulletin S P R I N G



Jeanne Zavell Harris I have retired from a marketing career and moved to Richmond, VA this past fall. I am hoping to ramp up my volunteer efforts and to explore new learning opportunities. The door is always open to fellow classmates! In the meantime all three kids were here for Christmas, the best way to break in a new home.


Charlotte Newton with Liza and Tuggie.


Charlotte Lewis-Hankus Having stepped down from the Alumnae Board for a short time, my time is constantly moving with training my two Goldens (Ricky and Lucy - 20 months old) and organizing the day-to-day finances, appointments, and deliveries for our new home. Soon we will get the occupancy permit, then packing and moving can begin! I have also been seeing my grandson and loving watching him grow and walk into the next stages of his life! I have been in touch with many classmates and am hoping that we can rally for a great attendance for Reunion 2019 and the 150th Celebration. I am so thankful for my Board member friends who stay in touch and keep me up to speed with the exciting work being done. I anxiously await the 150th Celebration and thank Susan, Kathleen, and Sam for keeping me in the loop! Come on ’72 - let’s celebrate and reconnect in June!

Lynn Schultz Kehoe I can’t remember the last time I wrote a class note and I sit here writing I wonder why. It’s a great way to communicate, even in the age of Facebook and Instagram. So with this class note, I’m hoping many more of my classmates will consider doing the same when the next call goes out. It’s almost as easy as posting on social media. I’m also hoping to see many of you at the 150th anniversary year of our great school. There have been so many wonderful changes, but what has not changed is the feeling you get when you walk on campus. As many of us are now, or are approaching 60 years on earth, it’s easy to feel 16 again when you walk the halls, sit in the dining room, or visit the barn. My life has taken some amazing turns from starting a career in banking and finance to now being a race car driver and motivational speaker. I’ve been married, divorced, remarried, and widowed. I have two great “step adults” and two grandsons. I’ve moved about 10 times from the east coast to Texas and back again. SBS has been a constant in my life throughout, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing classmates and alumnae across the globe and through all decades. I’ve even met with some of my classmates’ children, what a throwback Mary Beth Margo Sullivan ’77, your daughter is your spitting image! I know the joy of stepping right back into where we left despite not being in touch for 30+ years. So please, make it a priority to come back for Reunion this year! I would love to have a cluster group from 1976, 1977, and 1978; we were a pretty tight group. Hope to see many of you then. Miss you, my friends.


Allison Small Annand I am finally an empty nester. My oldest daughter, Katie, is in medical school in New York and my youngest daughter, Emily, recently moved to San Francisco. We spent the holidays in Napa this year. I am so thankful I have reconnected with Stoneleigh-Burnham by being on the Alumnae Board. I had a fabulous time at my 35th Reunion last year and hope to see many of you this summer at the 150th Celebration. I loved reconnecting with many friends and classmates. Charlotte Lewis-Hankus’ grandson.

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Watch for postcards and emails from our partner PCI with instructions on how to update your information so you can stay connected.

Equestrian Center Expansion Campaign $1.5 million for state-of-the-art facilities: • New paddocks automatic Celebrating Girls’an Education 150 Years ofwith watering system • Outdoor all-weather arena Your gift today will support young riders at Stoneleigh-Burnham.


150 Years of Girls’ Education


Class Notes


MT and at the American Eventing Championships in Parker, CO. My mom was able to be at both shows, for which I was so thankful. She has always been a huge supporter of my riding, as a student at SBS and before, when I was a member of the community riding program. I don’t think she missed a single lesson or show! My boyfriend, Josh, was also in Colorado for the big win, along with a great pal who I rode with in college. It was a most magical and inspiring year and certainly the highlight of my career. Many of my SBS girls have been supporting me from afar and I am forever grateful for that!

Susan Berghel Sukstorf I was cleaning out my basement, and came across this bib. I thought I would use it to show off my first grandchild, Dallas Avery. She is the best job I have ever had. I get paid in hugs and kisses, but for some reason, the mortgage company, utilities etc. do not accept that as a form of payment. Their loss. I just sent off my last child to college, so I am empty nesting. I have been a stay home mom for years, so I will need to find something to do.


Cristen Cirrincione For the first time in several years I actually have some new things to share! Forrest has accepted a new job. After 16 years in the Dallas area, we’ll be heading off to Lubbock in west Texas. The next few months will be challenging as I will stay behind with the kids until my eldest, Sonora, graduates high school in June. She will then ship off to basic training for the Army. Once she’s gone, we will sell our home and join Forrest in Lubbock. Lots of moving parts over the next few months, but we know the Lord already has the logistics planned out. If you find yourself in west Texas, give me a holler! Karen Kotz I live in the Chicago area with five kids ages 13, 17, 19, 21, and 23. I’m working as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at Advocate Aurora Healthcare. I finished my PhD at Loyola University Chicago in 2015 and enjoy doing research and clinical work in the NICU. In my free time, I enjoy playing on a tennis team, taking yoga classes, or just taking a power walk with my dog.


Ellen Shaw I received my second bachelor’s degree in Nursing from UMass Amherst in February 2018. I am working as an RN on a neuroscience unit. I just started working at SBS as a part-time and on-call nurse, and have moved back into campus with my partner! I’m really excited to be a part of the SBS community again and love how the school has allowed me to advance my nursing career.


Rose Hannigan Spring 2018 was a busy year for our family! We now live in Warrenton, VA. I am currently the Acting City Clerk for the City of Manassas, working closely with the Mayor and City Council on local government issues. Our son, Michael, turned 4 and loves trucks, cars, and all animals. Our dogs, Patty and Scout, have settled into our new home in Warrenton. We hope to visit campus soon on our next trip up to Massachusetts!


Jennifer Newman Noyes Dave and I eloped in Savannah, GA on November 24, 2018!


Melissa Hemming McWeeny I hope everyone is doing well. I wrapped up an exciting 2018! Cailynn is 14 and began her freshman year of high school, Declan is now in fourth grade, and my baby, Madaket, started kindergarten. In July, I became a RRCA certified running coach and two weeks ago I completed my journey of running a race in each of the 169 towns in Connecticut. Obviously, 2019 will be filled with lots more running and growing my coaching business. Would love to see you all at Reunion!



McKenzie Rollins Class Notes, a first for me! I have been living in Los Angeles for the past seven years, riding, teaching, and slowly but surely building my business. This past season I finished out the year as the 2018 #1 ranked USEA Adult Training Rider and my wonderful young horse finished as the #4 ranked Training horse in the country. This summer we had back-to-back wins in the Training Division at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell,

Rose Hannigan Spring and family.

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Martha “Marty” Reynolds Coffin ’47 MAB Marty Reynolds was a Burnham girl from the moment she crossed the threshold of Burnham House on a bright September day in 1945. World War II had ended days before and life was full of possibilities. She remained a Burnham girl until the day she died November 4, 2018. One of the catalysts for Marty’s enrollment was her baby sister’s arrival the previous spring; that left her parents pondering the best way to meet the needs of their three high school aged daughters and an infant. The truth was, Marty was not doing well in public school, especially as a girl who had been thrust a year ahead because of low birthrates during the Depression. It was decided that Marty would attend the Mary A. Burnham School in Northampton, starting in her junior year. It was an opportunity for structure, some independence, and an excellent education. Marty thrived there and made lifelong friends. As the years passed, Marty became Martha, and other family members headed off to MAB. Martha’s baby sister, Gaile Reynolds Schafer ’63 MAB, was one. Another was her daughter Pamela Coffin Williams ’70, who spent her first two years at Mary A. Burnham and the following two at the newly merged StoneleighBurnham. Martha was always interested in school news, reading the Bulletin as soon as it arrived. Her annual giving was steadfast for the past 60 years. She still told stories about her admiration for Mrs. Emerson, her days at Round Hill and Southwick, and of course about Willie Hamilton, the cook and beloved friend to many students at Burnham and Stoneleigh alike. Listed Left to Right, Top to Bottom: NAME


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Whenever a head of school traveled to Naples, Martha would welcome them with open arms, take them to lunch at the beach, and often host an alumnae event. In recent years, Martha especially enjoyed phone calls from trustee Kathy Seiffer Opdycke ’70, and getting to know former Head of School Sally Leach Mixsell ’69 and Susan Mattei, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations. Everyone liked Martha. Martha had a loving and devoted husband, Lloyd; was a wonderful mother to five children; and had a very good life. Her home was always warm and welcoming, filled with the scent of of fresh bread or cookies baking in the oven – something much appreciated and still remembered by her daughter’s Stoneleigh-Burnham friends. “My mother lived a life of caring and giving, and she was above all nurturing. In her later years, I often whispered to her and included in every card I wrote, ‘If I could choose my mother from ALL the mothers in the world, I would always choose you because you are the BEST mother in the world.’ She would always put her head down and give me a shy smile. She was happy and so was I.” – Pamela Coffin Williams ’70


150 Years of Girls’ Education


Coda By Adelaide W. Minott ‘50 SPH

Who could have known how your life would progress 73 years ago? It started in 1946 when I arrived at The StoneleighProspect Hill School as a freshman. We had 68 students and acted like a big comfortable family. Our many activities included two hours after classes and lunch each day involving many sports outdoors. Our wonderful physical education teacher, Mrs. Grace Marshall (a Skidmore College alumna), made our life exciting. She also encouraged me to go to Skidmore. I had a head start on becoming a teacher because of her expertise. Upon graduation from college, I was able to find a teaching position right away. I started at a YMCA teaching swimming and synchronized swimming, which allowed me to be at home when I needed to raise a daughter, as I had married and had a child. Because of my husband’s career as an engineer, we moved several times, depending where he was involved in constructing bridges and highways. I was lucky to teach where ever we went. And as a result, I met many people all over Vermont. First to Perkinsville Elementary School and the Ascutney Elementary School, and then on to Brattleboro Union High School, where we had grown up. My work also included coaching field hockey and gymnastics. The coaching required trips around the state to other high schools for competitions. This was in the early 1970s when there were agencies to support sports. The National Association of Girls and Women in Sports (NAGWS) was very active in Vermont. I was elected to be the Vermont State Chairperson in the Organization of


Girls and Women in Sports. This involved travel to Washington, D.C. and then the opportunity to be on the Board of Directors of the NAGWS (after becoming the Chair of the State Chairpersons). This was at a time when Title IX was in discussions nationally. Several years later, there was discussion by many men who recommended to NOT enforce the conditions of Title IX, which was intended to monitor the “Non Discrimination on the Basis of Sex” in education programs and activities receiving federal funding. At this point the NAGWS picked up on the action to reinforce Title IX in its intent. We had a conference in Washington, D.C. for several days in June of 1977. Our combined efforts centered on recommending to the U.S. Senate that Title IX had to be enforced properly. This involved traveling through the Senate to talk personally about our concerns. Later we joined the National Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation conference in Seattle, Washington in 1978, to add language to the title to be all inclusive for the needs of the girls and women for athletics and activities in all schools (including the Intercollegiate Athletics for Women). These combined efforts have remained to this day to foster the protection for girls and women in sports. I feel very fortunate that my education at several levels have given me the opportunity to be part of such an important endeavor.

An educator, athletic coach, Adelaide W. Minott '50 SPH retired from teaching in 1980 and still lives in the same house in Green River Village of Guilford, VT where she lived while attending Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill from 1946-1950. She is active in the Guilford Historical Society and has four children, 11 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren who keep her busy.

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150 Years of Girls’ Education

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150TH ANNIVERSARY REUNION 2019 FRIDAY, JUNE 7 5P Reunion Begins Welcome Reception hosted by the Alumnae Board, with wine, beer, and snacks 6:30P Casual Dinner on the new Tarbell Terrace overlooking the campus lawn and the Equestrian Center


SATURDAY, JUNE 8 9A Fitness, Fun, and Friends: Enjoy a fitness class or relax with friends 11A Awards Ceremony, Head of School Address, and Luncheon 2P Catch up with old friends, make new ones: Relax by the pool, join in one of the art or athletic activities, and visit the school store 4:30P Reception Honoring Members of the Sayles Society and 1869 Society 6P Social Hour with hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine, and cocktails 7P 150th Celebration Dinner featuring a Fabulous Buffet, Wine, and Special Recognition of the Class of 1969 with Celebrity Chef Barbara Mayo Llewellyn ’69 Fireworks, dancing, beverages, and photo booth

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150 Years of Girls’ Education


150 Years of Girls’ Education

SUNDAY, JUNE 9 8:30A Farewell Brunch 10A Memorial Service: Remembering classmates and teachers we have lost 1P Reunion Comes to a Close: See you next year at Reunion 2020, June 5 - 7


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Spring 2019 Bulletin: A Great Year for Girls  

The alumnae magazine from Stoneleigh-Burnham School in Greenfield, MA.

Spring 2019 Bulletin: A Great Year for Girls  

The alumnae magazine from Stoneleigh-Burnham School in Greenfield, MA.