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Russia, China and the New Global Democratic Peace


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2 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

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The Journal for Law Enforcement, Intelligence & Special Operations Professionals june/july 2013

Volume 6 • Number 3

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Russia, China and the New Global Democratic Peace By Kevin D. Freeman


Firsthand: The Benghazi Cover Up By Brandon Webb


Case Study: Khalid Aldawsari Attempts to Launch U.S. Al Qaeda Cell By Richard Marquise Sexual Assault and the Revolution 50 By Dean T. Olson Lonewolf Unleashes Domestic Bombing 60 Campaign

By Daryl Johnson

departments: 6 From the Editor The Return of Conventional War 48

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Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21

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72 Training Review 30-10 Pro Pistol Training Cover Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with Secretary of Defense

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 5

The Return of Conventional War By Chris Graham


Journal for Law Enforcement, Intelligence & Special Operations Professionals

Volume 6 • Number 3

n September 11, 2001, American press figures woke up to the significance of “Asymmetric Warfare.” I specifically remember one anchor claiming that the Pentagon had prepared for other forms of warfare, but had failed to properly prepare for terrorism. He seemed to think that terrorist attacks were pre-ordained. He failed to grasp that challenges are inevitable, but they can always be expected to manifest wherever we are most vulnerable. Throughout my career, I advocated for greater unconventional capability, greater skill and initiative at the micro-level, and reduced dependence upon financial and technological advantage. But, I am the first to admit that if the U.S. government had pursued the defense model that we advocated, it would not have eliminated attacks. Attacks would simply come in whatever form it was believed we could be best challenged with. From the Viet Cong to al Qaeda and Hezbollah to the People’s Liberation Army’s Unrestricted Warriors, the perceived vulnerability exploited is unconventional warfare. As zeitgeist begins to understand some of the elements of terrorism and understanding of Unrestricted Warfare germinates, I predict that the world will see the return of large-scale, multi-nation open combat. The dissemination of technology can reduce the advantages of a gap among competitors. Increased micro-management in traditionally dominant forces awards disproportionate value to the agility of smaller, less inhibited forces. The teaming and networking of prospective adversaries allows for the challenging of larger forces by combinations of smaller forces and non-state actors. Some of the forces recently viewed as dominant have allowed non-warfighting subjects to become priorities (e.g. “diversity,” “green” energy, etc.). There is no reason to assume Western powers’ recent aversion to inflicting civilian casualties or incurring large-scale casualties is shared by others. The coming “reorganization” may be viewed as a buffet by the power hungry wolves of the world. Hyper-regulation, central planning and currency debasement can cause scarcity and discontent (as they always have). International leaders would be incentivized to scapegoat others. Nations owed large sums of money will be motivated to recover the greatest amount possible or inflict the greatest harm possible when it is clear that they will not be legitimately repaid. Challengers that will be emboldened by NATO inhibitions have little concern with (non-manipulated) public opinion. In short, many of the factors that recently inhibited the likelihood of conventional warfare are being lifted. If I were an adversary interested in taking on a Western nation, I would begin with a subversion phase. Just as was demonstrated time and again in Communist Revolutionary Warfare, etc., I would take all possible actions to manipulate my adversary into enacting financially destructive and divisive policies and encourage internal turmoil. I would encourage and provoke the attacks of zealots and criminals against my adversary. I would propagandize my adversary’s global “meddling” in the affairs of others and I would make sure that the world’s population knew that their purchasing power was being stolen by the monetization of debt by Western governments. I would support campaigns to make it fashionable for my enemy to deny himself use of his own energy resources. I would challenge my adversary to expend his resources chasing his tail internationally and domestically. I would make cyber-espionage activities and cyber-sabotage capabilities my highest priority. Only after I had made the greatest gains possible through these indirect means would I incur the potential costs of using direct means to complete the acquisition of what I wanted. Unfortunately, until I went overt, my gains could never be fully consolidated. Semper Fidelis, Chris Graham Editor, The Counter Terrorist

6 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

Counter The

From The Editor:

june/july 2013

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 7

By Brandon Webb

Excerpted from the New Release: Benghazi: The Definitive Report Jack Murphy, Brandon Webb, et al. (Harper Collins, 2013).


the benghazi cover up

Around 7:40 p.m. on September 11, 2012, Ambassador Chris Stevens escorted a Turkish diplomat to the Department of State’s Benghazi compound’s main gate. Shortly after 8 p.m., a team of UK diplomatic security professionals dropped off borrowed vehicles and equipment, as had been the arrangement since the UK had suspended diplomatic operations in June 2012 due to the increased threat level.


t 9 p.m., the ambassador and State Department employee Sean Smith retired to their rooms for the night. BOOM! A Rocket Propelled Grenade hit the front gate of the compound. The Supreme Security Council (SSC) guard stationed at the main gate had already fled. (The SSC is a loose coalition of militia elements that are providing interim security in Libya.)

At the time of the attack, Ambassador Stevens (Ambassador’s Villa), Smith (Ambassador’s Villa), five Diplomatic Security Service agents (four in DSS Villa, one in Tactical Operations Center) and four Local Security hired from the February 17 Martyrs Brigade (inside the front gate) were in the compound. The SSC guards left; (these local guards hired by the State Department were armed only with bats.) Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Photo: United States Department of State

8 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

Photo: US Navy

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 9

US diplomat Sean Smith, killed in the attack. Photo: United States Department of State

10 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

The American security officer on duty in the TOC could see dozens of armed men entering the compound through the same main gate from which the Turkish diplomat had departed only an hour earlier. Many of the shots fired inside the compound were fired in the air and aimed at nothing in particular, apparently due to the fact that there weren’t any human targets. The DSS agent sounded the alarm over the radios as soon as he noticed the local February 17 guards fleeing the area. Though the attack was coordinated, many of the attackers demonstrated a low level of training. One of the other DSS agents went to the ambassador’s villa and instructed Stevens and Smith to put on body armor, and then led them to a secure room in the back of the building. He locked the door and radioed their position. That DSS agent was armed with an M4, pistol and shotgun. Surprisingly, it is reported that no shots were fired by the DSS element. This may have been due to their lack of experience or their expectation of being second-guessed by senior State Department personnel without combat experience. DSS agents are well-trained federal law enforcement agents, but they are often hired out of college without combat experience. Like many agencies (even within DoD), “political correctness” is paramount to the point of de-prioritizing operational competence. DSS agents serve an agency that often discourages a warrior mindset, the honing of combat capabilities and tactical leadership skills. The DSS agent gave his cell phone to the ambassador, who began making calls to the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. They listened to the attackers destroying everything in their path in the adjacent rooms. One of the remaining DSS agents ran to the TOC while the other two,

upon encountering the attacking force, barricaded themselves in a separate villa with one of the February 17 guards, whom they had run into. Still no shots had been fired to repel the attackers. The attacking militia found fuel containers and torched several vehicles in the compound. They entered the ambassador’s villa, destroying and looting its contents. They then found the locked door behind which the Americans were hidden, and, after unsuccessful attempts to gain entry, poured diesel fuel into the room. Soon a raging, toxic fire was underway. None of the fires would be visible to the TOC’s security cameras until 10 p.m. The ambassador’s villa became immersed in a thick cloud of fuel and tire smoke. The Americans inside crawled into one of the bathrooms in the rear of the building. The DSS agent attempted to ventilate the room by opening a window, but it had the opposite effect, and sucked smoke in at an alarming rate. Visibility in the room was at zero, and the security agent yelled for the ambassador and Smith to follow him out of the room to another exit point. They must have known that staying inside would mean certain death. They had no choice but to take their chances in the open with the attackers. The security officer made it out of the building only to find himself alone in a hail of gunfire. He yelled for Stevens and Smith, but there was no answer. He reentered the building several times to try to locate them both, but found neither. In a last, desperate attempt to ventilate the smoke, he broke several windows before calling for help. The ambassador and Smith could not be found. They wound up getting separated from each other amid the chaos, and within minutes each would suffocate from smoke inhalation.

“AMU is A trUsted AUthority in the intelligence community.”

Supervisory Special Agent Michael Collett Graduate, School of Security & Global Studies Michael Collett knows the value of career-relevant education and chose AMU based on its reputation in the U.S. Intelligence Community. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Army Special Forces, and California National Guard, Command Sergeant Major Collett embarked on a 20+ year career with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Today, he leads counter narcoterrorism operations and recently received the prestigious American Military University President’s Award.

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 11 4/25/13 9:11 AM

President Barack Obama speaks at the transfer ceremony for the U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen A. Doherty at Joint Base Andrews, Md., on Sept. 14, 2012. Photo: DOD

In a panicked voice, he said, “We’re under attack, we need help, please send help now...”

12 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

The looting then overtook the other villas in the compound. The attackers tried unsuccessfully to gain entry to both the main space of the TOC and the villa safe room, where the other two DSS agents and local guard were secure. The Regional Security Officer (RSO) had sounded the alarm and placed calls to the Benghazi CIA annex (a fortified base) and the embassy in Tripoli. In a panicked voice, he said, “We’re under attack, we need help, please send help now...” The

call cut off. The CIA’s Global Response Staff (GRS) team leader (TL) and Ty Woods conferred. The TL respected Ty’s experience and listened intently as he made his case for the rescue mission. Ty was the senior security operative among them, with over twenty years of SEAL experience. To Ty it was a matter of principle: Americans were at risk, and he considered it their job to help them. He would go alone if need be, and the TL knew it.

GRS agents work closely with CIA case officers to ensure that missions and security are tactically sound. Typical agents have years of special operations experience. They come from all over: Army Green Berets, USMC Recon, Air Force Para-Rescue/Combat Controllers and, like Ty Woods, the Navy SEALs. Agents undergo a rigorous security clearance process with a series of tests that involve shooting, small unit tactics and driving. They are held to the highest of

standards, and more than one seasoned operator has failed the CIA’s operational readiness test standards. Ty and the TL made their case to the CIA Chief of Base (COB). It is rumored that the COB initially refused to authorize the GRS agents to conduct the rescue. But Ty was relentless and assertive in his pursuit, refusing to take no for an answer; he explained that unless they did something, all of the people in that compound would die. A few minutes

later, it became clear to the Chief of Base that Ty and the rest of the GRS team were going to go with or without his permission. The GRS agents listened to Ty as he briefed them on the plan. It’s worth noting that, while there would have been no time to come up with a perfect plan, a good plan executed immediately can save lives. If you wait too long to come up with a perfect plan, people die. Ty would have known this.

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 13

Within minutes, the small, six-man team had turned the tide: dead enemy littered the compound, and the rest were running for cover.

14 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

Another advantage that the GRS team had over their State Department counterparts was that they knew the area like the backs of their hands. There were hundreds of planned routes to and from their base into the dusty and dangerous streets of Benghazi. They had picked up dozens of CIA sources in an effort to hunt down stray chemical and nuclear weapon components. Like Syria, Libya

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had its own dirty past, and the CIA had been conducting a very important mission to ensure that yellow cake uranium didn’t make it onto the black market. Five minutes later, at 10:05 p.m., the men loaded up in two of their uparmored indigenous vehicles, all most likely fitted with stolen local plates—a common practice. To the casual observer, they looked like regular Toyota Land Cruisers, but the initiated knew they were outfitted with mods and armor that could survive a direct IED blast and small arms fire. The TL, Ty, and four others went; less than 30 minutes after the initial attack, two vehicles and six GRS agents sped off for the State Department compound. The drive lasted only a few minutes. They kept a tight defensive driving formation while en route to the compound. “In six, out nine,” the front car called out on the inter-team radios as they entered the last roundabout. Less than two blocks away, they could practically taste the smell of burning tires and the unmistakable odor of spent gunpowder in the air. At the CIA base, the communicators were busy passing email and cable traffic notifying their chain of command about current developments. They worked relentlessly to support one another that day, including a small CIA and JSOC element in Tripoli that was itching to get in the fight to support their fellow Americans. This element included Glen Doherty, who had volunteered to go back to Libya for a second time. We know that his decision was based on his friendship with Ty Woods and the knowledge that his experience would be meaningful in the Agency’s mission to round up WMD wandering the black markets of Libya. The element in Tripoli consisted of two JSOC operators and five CIA personnel.

They practically commandeered a small jet in Tripoli and forced the pilots to fly them to Benghazi so that they could get in the fight. They used cash they had on hand and paid the crew $30,000 (U.S.) for the flight. Events developed rapidly—and Libya was not an established theatre. Having the Department of State, the CIA and the U.S. Military (Africa Command among others) in the mix, with no clear command structure added new snags to an already complicated and volatile situation. It’s widely known that intense rivalries among these agencies exist. CIA, JSOC and State do not usually share tactical information well. At the State Department compound, the Land Cruisers stopped short outside of the walled compound. They locked the vehicles and used them to climb the main compound wall. Nobody fired

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a shot until the small team was in an L-shaped ambush position, and then they unleashed hell. Ty had radioed to the DSS agents in the TOC and told them not to fire on their positions. Ty’s team unleashed everything they had on the attacking force. His guys had one MK46 machine gun between them, and individual HK 416s complimented with GLMs (H&K 40mm grenade launchers). One of Ty’s team members was a USMC veteran of Iraq and the bloodbath in Fallujah. GRS soon had the attackers on the run. The former Marine, armed with a bandolier of “golden eggs” (40mm grenades), lobbed them as Ty directed. They worked with such efficiency that their teammates would later compare the sight to witnessing a conductor working with a master musician. Within minutes, the small, six-man team had turned the tide: dead

enemy littered the compound, and the rest were running for cover. At this point, Ty signaled for the team to head for the main TOC building. The team maneuvered their way to some of the DSS agents. During a lull in fire, the remaining DSS in the outlying villa joined up with the main element. The DSS guys were ill-prepared to be of much help, so instead of recapturing and holding the compound, Ty and the TL made the decision to send the DSS team back to the CIA compound. The GRS team stayed to search for the ambassador and Smith. The GRS agents called back to the CIA base and let them know to expect one inbound vehicle containing State Department personnel. Ty gave the DSS agents a quick lay of the land outside the gate and was explicit in his instructions for them to make a hard right turn out

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 15

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testify during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on the Defense Departmentâs response to the attack. Photo: Secretary of Defense of the gate. “Do not go left into bad guy land,” he said. The instructions were ignored, unfortunately, and the State vehicle made a left, immediately encountering a hail of gunfire. Lucky for them, the armored windows held up, and they eventually made it back to the CIA base unharmed. Small arms fire was picking up again, and they shot their way to the ambassador’s burning building as several RPGs exploded nearby. Woomp BOOM! Woomp BOOM! Ty’s instructions saved at least one man who almost took a wrong turn in the flaming maze. They located Smith, who was unconscious (he would later be declared dead). They spent a few more precious minutes searching for the ambassador before deciding that the compound was at risk of being overrun by enemy forces. They no longer had the element of surprise working for them. With their finite supply of

16 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

ammunition running low, they radioed that there was no sign of the ambassador and they were on their way back. It was the best they could do in an almost impossible situation. They then shot their way back to the cars, again coming under heavy enemy rocket and AK–47 fire. They returned fire with well-aimed shots—effective fire-conserving ammunition. Once inside the vehicle, the team called back to base, “Five minutes out.” Their cars were rattled by small arms fire, their tires flattened and windows filled with the spiderweb cracks that come from led projectiles embedded at high velocity, but the armored vehicles held up. Driving armored cars is tricky; it requires skill to deal with the added gross weight. Take a turn too sharply and you’ll dig a rim-androll because of the weight of the vehicle. “One minute out,” they called back to base. The gate closed behind them at

approximately 11:50 p.m., and a small wave of relief must have overcome the team, but they were too seasoned not to know the fight was far from over, even though things were relatively calm. Meanwhile, local militia leaders were busy coordinating their next move. They repositioned for an attack on the CIA base just after midnight. The attackers quickly found out that the CIA base was heavily fortified and prepared for an attack with fighting positions, heavy weapons, skilled paramilitary professionals and well–trained, indigenous security personnel. Unlike State’s foreign security, the Agency’s personnel were well armed. Dozens of enemy were KIA. Early in the morning, the jet carrying Glen Doherty and his team from Tripoli landed in Benghazi. The U.S. team was initially held up at the airport for a few hours, but the Americans eventually forced their way through. Just after 5:00 a.m., the seven-man support team arrived at the CIA “annex.” Minutes after their vehicle drove through the gate, the base came under heavy fire. Glen and his fellow Americans were quick to take up defensive positions and join in the fight. Several of the enemy tried coming over the wall, but were shot. All told, the handful of Americans would kill just under 100 enemy attackers. Ty was on the rooftop manning the MK46 machine gun with two others, directing the main defending element. During a lull, Glen climbed onto the rooftop to join his friend. The two friends embraced as brothers, and both quickly filled each other in. They fought together on that rooftop half a world away from their homes. Meanwhile, the attackers’ mortar team was using a tactic common to experienced and well trained crews—“bracketing”—to find their mark. They would fire a couple rounds, adjust

based on where they landed and then send two more rounds. The rounds were getting closer with each shot. WREESHHH...BOOM! Ty’s position was hit with a French 81mm mortar round, fatally wounding the veteran. Ty’s body shielded another GRS agent—saving the man’s life, though still leaving him seriously wounded. As Glen attempted to reposition and take cover, a second round impacted, killing him instantly. Fragmentation from another round hit the DSS agent, shredding his leg. Putting themselves at risk, several more operators, including a JSOC soldier, ran up to the roof to assist. His quick action unquestionably saved two men’s lives. They lowered the bodies down with rope they had cut from gym equipment. The GRS agent made it down the ladder on his own, and the soldier strapped the wounded DSS agent to his back before climbing down the ladder under a hail of incoming fire. At this time, another JSOC operator was monitoring the situation from his handheld ROVER, a device used to display sensor data from a General Atomics MQ–1 Predator overhead. It was an unarmed drone equipped with multiple sensors to detect infrared (IR) and thermal signatures. The drone had been redirected to the scene by the DOD’s AFRICOM (Africa Command) at the request of the JSOC operator. “There’s a large element assembling, and we need to get everyone out of here now!” the JSOC man relayed to the COB and GRS TL. The footage on the ROVER’s screen was enough to convince the CIA Chief. They immediately notified everyone to gather up all their personal security items and evacuate. Within minutes of the decision, the vehicles were loaded and the Americans were on their way to the airport. They encountered small arms fire on the way

but arrived unscathed in time to meet the first of two aircraft that would fly them back to Tripoli. While the CIA compound was under attack, the embassy in Tripoli had been coordinating with an unknown caller on Ambassador Stevens’ phone. They suspected that it was a ruse to lure Americans into an ambush. The decision was made to send a trusted local, familiar with the ambassador, to the Benghazi Medical Center. We’ve been told that there was an exchange of fire in the handoff process, but the details are unclear. There was likely a money exchange involved as well. At 7:30 a.m., a chartered jet took the wounded and a small number of American evacuees back to Tripoli in the first wave. A second Libyan aircraft (a C–130) would take the remaining Americans, including Ambassador Stevens’ body, which had arrived by ambulance at the airport around 8:30 in the morning. They would all land in Tripoli at 11:30 a.m. To the credit of the CIA contractors (and employees), they rescued six State Department personnel, recovered Smith’s body, and got approximately 30 Americans out of Benghazi alive with virtually no outside support. They also didn’t compromise any classified material in the process. The CIA team left their compound locked, and in the hands of a trusted local. Ty’s leadership that day is an example of true American heroism. Glen Doherty and his CIA and JSOC comrades could have waited it out in Tripoli. Instead, they forced their way into the fight. Shortly after the attacks, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations spoke with ABC’s “This Week.” She said, “… our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it

Under extraordinary circumstances, secrecy is necessary to protect the lives of the people defending our nation. Unfortunately, secrecy is often used to hide incompetence or wrong-doing. was a spontaneous—not a premeditated —response to what had transpired in Cairo. In Cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there was a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated.” She later made similarly bizarre claims on multiple occasions. Much of the public continues to believe that the Benghazi attacks were a spontaneous Islamic mob response to a Youtube video that they did not like. It appears that every informed agency and organization tried its best to give whatever help it could during the attacks, but the murders of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were preventable. Numerous requests for security appropriate to the Libyan environment were ignored. Enemies of our nation, with the blood of four Americans on their hands, continue to breathe. Why did the State Department not use their (American) Worldwide Protective Service contractors to protect the ambassador? These teams composed almost entirely of former military combat veterans, many from special operations units, have protected ambassadors and rescued diplomatic personnel from dangerous circumstances on countless

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 17

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18 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

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occasions in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Why did they send a DSS security team home in the face of a rising threat level? According to State’s own internal Security Environment Threat List (SETL) report, Benghazi and Tripoli were ranked 9 and 10 of the most dangerous sites (264 in total) in the World. I’d like to ask the Undersecretary for Management, Patrick Kennedy why this document wasn’t discussed during Congressional hearings on Benghazi? It’s no secret that his position as “M� is one of the most powerful positions at State, and that this incident falls under his leadership. Another important fact is that the Embassy in Tripoli was also abandoned during the Benghazi attack. I suspect that the Tripoli Embassy was also poorly staffed. The SETL ranking justified ample funding for both facilities. Under extraordinary circumstances, secrecy is necessary to protect the lives of the people defending our nation. Unfortunately, secrecy is often used to hide incompetence or wrongdoing. When the incompetent are not discharged, they will be relied upon in the future, and when poor leadership can be hidden, poor leadership will be sustained. To our knowledge, everyone involved in this incident that was responsible for security is still on State’s payroll. Who is ultimately responsible at State? In this case, and in our conversations with State sources, it looks like all the heavily mined roads lead back to Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy.

About the Author

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Mr. Webb is a SEAL veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the editor-inchief of Benghazi: The Definitive Report (Harper Collins, 2013) was written with the consultation of over a dozen specialists and personnel privy to the events that occurred in Benghazi, Libya on 11 September, 2012. Circle 145 on Reader Service Card

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 19

Case Study:

Khalid Aldawsari attempts to launch u.s. al qaeda cell

By Richard Marquise

Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari was about 11 years old when he decided he wanted to attack the West. Growing up in a middle class household in Saudi Arabia, he wrote in his journal that the events of 9/11 produced a big change in his thinking and that he had been inspired by the speeches of Usama bin Laden.


e planned to commit a terrorist attack in America for years. He wrote that, “I excelled… in high school… for a scholarship to America…[the] scholarship… will… help… in providing me with the support I need for jihad, God willing. And… after… learning how to build explosives, and continuous planning to target the infidel Americans, it is time for jihad.”1

20 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

Aldawsari came to the United States on a scholarship offered by a Saudi corporation, yet few knew what was in his heart when he arrived at Vanderbilt University in September 2008. He studied English, attended football games and even had a crush on one of his teachers. He also wrote about an attractive girl he saw at one of the games he attended.2

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 21

In August 2009, Aldawsari arrived at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas, to study chemical engineering. His roommates said he was a frustrated recluse who kept his room locked and off limits.3 He transferred to nearby South Plains College in January 2011, majoring in Business. Although he had been in the United States for over two years when he transferred to South Plains, it appeared he had not previously come to the attention of any law enforcement or intelligence agency. On January 30, 2011, Aldawsari placed an online order with a North Carolina chemical supply firm for ten 500 ml bottles of 80% concentrate phenol. Company officials told him the order could not be sent to his home address, but had to be sent to his university or to

Aldawsari placed an online order with a North Carolina chemical supply firm for ten 500 ml bottles of 80% concentrate phenol.

a business. In early December, Aldawsari had placed an online order at a Georgia chemical company which refused to deliver it to his residence; instead, he had the order delivered to a local FedEx Kinko’s office by Con-way Freight. He requested that this order also be delivered to Con-way Freight. A few days later, Aldawsari contacted Con-way looking for his package; to his dismay, he was told it had arrived and had been returned to the sender since they did not know him. Con-way officials were suspicious. 4 They reported the circumstances of the hazardous material order to the Lubbock Police Department who in turn contacted the local Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). When Aldawsari’s package arrived in North Carolina, officials at the company were made aware of the

suspicious circumstances around that shipment and notified their local Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).5 When the JTTFs in North Carolina and Texas compared notes, they then had Aldawsari on their radar. At the direction of the JTTF, an employee from the North Carolina firm contacted Aldawsari. Five days later, an undercover agent telephoned him to elicit a better explanation for his purchase of phenol. JTTF agents had learned from the FBI Laboratory that phenol was one of the three components of Tri-Nitrol- Phenol (TNP), a powerful explosive. They had also learned in the intervening days that Aldawsari had left Texas Tech and was no longer studying chemical engineering. They wondered why a business major wanted one of the three

ingredients needed to manufacture an explosive. At that time, they had no way of knowing whether or not Aldawsari had obtained the other ingredients needed to manufacture TNP; sulfuric acid and nitric acid. The Texas JTTF applied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in Washington, D.C., for a national security warrant to conduct a surreptitious entry into Aldawsari’s apartment and on February 14, 2011, agents entered Aldawsari’s Lubbock apartment. They discovered three gallons of fluid that later proved to be concentrated sulfuric acid. Located nearby were 30 liters of what they would determine to be nitric acid. Before they had gone far in their search, they knew that Aldawsari had all the ingredients he needed to build a

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TNP explosive. In addition to his written journal, they also found his computer and mirrored the hard drive. Based on what they found in his apartment, in the journal and on his computer, agents would put Aldawsari under surveillance and then re-enter his apartment on February 17 to collect additional evidence. In addition to the comments described from his journal above, Aldawsari made handwritten notes in Arabic indicating that he wanted to create an Islamic group under the banner of al Qaeda (AQ) with an AQ agenda. He called his group Jamaat Jund al Islam and he hoped to provide a source of funding that would allow the group to identify scholars to advise them as well as experts to train them. This entry was dated July 2010. In another entry (September, 2010), he wrote he was doing his best to “reach his goal of jihad by money, deeds, sayings

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 25

He made an unsuccessful offer on e-bay to purchase a gas mask.

and killing.” He wrote he was near to reaching his goal and to getting weapons to use against the infidels and their helpers. He was doing his best to produce an “intelligent bomb.”6 In undated entries, he listed a synopsis of important steps. These included: • Obtaining a forged U.S. birth certificate; • Apply for a U.S. passport; • Driver’s license; • Travel to New York for a week, renting a car via the internet; • Changing clothing and appearance before picking up the car; • Using different driver’s license for each car;

Photo: Alexp101

• Preparing bombs for remote detonation; • Putting bombs in the cars and taking them to different places during rush hour; • Leaving city for a safe place. 7 He also wrote that he was close to receiving the phenol and made reference to obtaining “bakric” acid. A translator note in the criminal complaint indicated this was probably a reference to picric acid which is in TNP. However, his computer revealed how much he had done and how far his plans had progressed. It provided specific detail about not only what he wanted to do and how he had managed to obtain the ingredients for his explosive, but listed potential targets for an attack. Throughout December 2010 and early January 2011, Aldawsari made a number of other online purchases. He ordered a soldering iron kit, a set of “stringalong” miniature Christmas lights, a 3.2 million-volt stun gun, a battery tester, an LCD alarm clock, a screwdriver set, several Pyrex flasks, a glass stir rod, a chemistry set and a hazmat suit. All of these items were subsequently found in his apartment. He made an unsuccessful offer on e-bay to purchase a gas mask. The examination of Aldawsari’s

computer determined that he had posted a number of comments on publically viewed internet blog sites; he also sent himself emails, many written in Arabic, which offered instructions. One such email, recovered during the court-authorized search of his computer, provided step-by-step instructions in Arabic for converting a cell phone to a remote detonator. Another email documented the material needed to make Nitro Urea and the advantages of using it. In an earlier email he had written that “Nitro Yoria (sic) explosive is more powerful than TNT.”8 He sent himself an email dated September 22, 2010, with “Targets” as the subject line. This email contained the names and home addresses of three Americans who had served in the United States military and specifically at Abu

Ghraib prison in Iraq. Another email dated October 25, 2010, contained the subject line, “Nice Targets 01.” It listed two categories of targets, hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants. A third email was entitled “NYC Street Cameras” and contained an internet link to a website that showed real time traffic cameras in New York. A fourth email was captioned “Tyrant’s House” and contained the Dallas address for the home of former president George W. Bush. 9 Aldawsari conducted numerous internet searches related to infants and babies. He also viewed photographs of realistic newborn and infant dolls. He looked at baby accessories including strollers, baby clothes and diapers. He also looked at photos of dolls which had been altered in the area of their necks. The FBI affiant in the criminal complaint

stated that based on his experience and training, this could have indicated that Aldawsari may have had an interest in using a realistic doll to conceal explosives or other weapons. 10 On February 19, 2011, Aldawsari did a keyword search on his computer on the following: “party in dallas,” “can u take a backpack to a nightclub,” “backpack” (sic) and “dallas (sic) night club.” Again the affiant said that based on his training and experience (and probably including what the investigation had shown to date), he believed that Aldawsari may have been considering targeting a nightclub with an explosive concealed in a backpack.11 On February 23, Aldawsari was arrested by agents of the Lubbock, Texas, JTTF.12 He was indicted by a Federal Grand

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Jury on March 9, 2011, and charged with one count of Attempted Use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction. His defense team argued that the evidence collected in this case was pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which has as a goal the collection of foreign intelligence. They wrote in their filing that there was no evidence their client was acting on behalf of any foreign organization and the FISA was increasingly being used by law enforcement to circumvent the provisions of the Fourth Amendment and other Constitutional protections. Further, they wrote, the court should not be persuaded by any argument that this was a terrorism investigation because many terrorism cases involved individuals having no connection to any foreign group. They specifically mentioned the Oklahoma City bombing.13 However, the courts

were not persuaded and the information obtained as a result of the FISA warrant was allowed to be used in his prosecution. Aldawsari was convicted on the one count. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on November 13, 2012, with the stipulation he be deported if ever he were to be released from prison. He was also fined $100.14 During the past ten years, there have been a number of native born Americans who have become radicalized and have either committed or attempted to commit terrorist attacks, either in the United States or abroad. Nidal Hassan, Omar Hammami, Carlos Bledsoe, David Headley and Anwar Awlaki are among the best known. Clearly, there could be others not born here who are also willing to carry out a terrorist attack. According to ABC News, as of February 2011, there were about 826,000 foreign exchange

students in the United States, with 35,500 of them from Saudi Arabia. 15 While most are here to learn, there is likely a minority of unknown numbers willing to commit a violent terrorist crime. Individuals from two private companies saw things which seemed to be abnormal and reported these concerns to law enforcement officers. The Department of Homeland Security, through its “See Something-Say Something” program, the FBI “Tripwire” program and the Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Assistance/SLATT Communities Against Terrorism program all attempt to mitigate threats we face. These are public awareness programs designed to ask citizens and business owners to be aware of the indicators of terrorism and terrorist related crimes and report them. Americans are a welcoming people, however, when one of those we welcome

turns on our hospitality, it is fortunate that the public reports suspicious actions—whether they are observed in a Saudi exchange student or someone born in Washington, D.C., such as David Headley, an American involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.*

*Editor’s note: See Vol. 5, No. 6 “Recon for Mumbai.”

About the Author Mr. Marquise is the Director of the Department of Justice’s, Bureau of JusticeAssistance State and Local Antiterrorism Training (SLATT) program. He is a retired FBI senior executive who led the investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 and is the author of Scotbom: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation.

Endnotes Criminal Complaint number 5:11MJ-017, United States of America v. Khalid ali-M Aldawsari, filed in U.S. District Court (USDC), Northern District of Texas (NDT), Lubbock, TX, on 2/23/11, pages 9-10. 2 NEFA Foundation, “Khalid Ali Aldawsari’s Plot to Attack U.S. Homeland with TNP Explosives,” by Madeleine Gruen, NEFA Senior Analyst, April 2011, page 14. 3 ABC News, “Texas Student Khalid Aldawsari Arrested on Terror Charges; Targeted George W. Bush,” by Jason Ryan and reported by Diane Sawyer, 2/24/11, retrieved on 12/17/12 at, http:// story?id=12990927. 4 Ibid. 1

Ibid. Criminal Complaint, op. cit. page 10. 7 Ibid, page 10. 8 Ibid, page 7. 9 Ibid, page 12. 10 Ibid, page 12. 11 Ibid, page 13. 12 Indictment number 5:15 cr-00015C-BG, United States of America v. Khalid ali-M Aldawsari, filed in USDC-NDT, Lubbock, TX on 3/9/11. 13 Defense Motion to Suppress FISARelated Material and For Discovery of FISA- Related Material, filed in USDCNDT, Lubbock, TX on 9/5/11. 14 Judgment in a Criminal Case, United States of America v. Khalid ali-M Aldawsari, filed in USDC-NDT, 11/13/12. 15 ABC News, op.cit. 5 6

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In September 1998, a Russian professor named Igor Panarin made a bold prediction. He shocked 400 delegates at a conference in Linz, Austria, when he predicted that the United States would collapse sometime around the year 2010.1

russia, china

and the new global democratic peace By Kevin D. Freeman

32 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013


f it weren’t for the fact that Panarin had a background as a KGB analyst and was dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s academy for future diplomats, he might have been laughed out of the room.2 After all, the United States was dominating the world militarily, economically and in virtually every other respect. It was Russia that was in trouble, entering the beginning of a massive currency crisis on the heels of a 75% drop in its stock market.3 Russia defaulted on its debt, and its continuation as a sovereign nation was called into question.

Yet, at that very moment, a Russian professor with a KGB background predicted the emergence of Russia and China leading the world within little more than a decade. The fact that Panarin is a friend and supporter of Russian President (and former KGB Lt. Col.) Vladimir Putin may be noteworthy.4 Panarin’s 1998 comments may have been more than just an academic prediction. Exactly 10 years later, the United States entered its own financial crisis with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Panarin had

Igor Panarin Photo: Unknown, Wikimedia Commons

proclaimed that the demise of the United States would be caused by a financial collapse, identifying our government’s debt as a “pyramid scheme.” Interestingly, America’s foreign debt was actually declining when Panarin first made the prediction. In the late 1990s, our economy was on such a strong path that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget forecast that the U.S. government would pay off its debt by the year 2010.5 It appears that Panarin understood the principles of war remain the same,

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 33

but execution is always evolving and believed that the United States was slow to adapt. Less than six months after Panarin’s prediction, two senior colonels of the People’s Liberation Army of China published a book explaining their perspective of war. According to Unrestricted Warfare: We believe that before long, ‘financial warfare’ will undoubtedly be an entry in the various types of dictionaries of official military jargon. Moreover, when people revise the history books on twentieth-century warfare in the early 21st century, the section on financial warfare will command the reader’s utmost attention.6 Panarin, like the Chinese, viewed the 1998 Russian crisis as a casualty of a U.S.-led global economy.7 What he projected for the United States in 2010 may have been more than wishful thinking. In fact, it is reminiscent of the KGB strategy articulated by Jan Sejna, one of the highest-ranking Soviet–bloc defectors in history. Sejna explained the plan in his book We Will Bury You: By fostering belief in our policy of

…“destroy the enemy’s political, economic, and military information infrastructures, and, perhaps, even the information infrastructure for all of society.”

34 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

friendship and co-operation with America, we planned to receive the greatest possible economic and technological help from the West, and at the same time convince the Capitalist countries that they had no need of military alliances… The fourth and final phase of the Plan looked forward to the dawn of ‘Global Democratic Peace.’ At the start of Phase Four the U.S. would be isolated from both Europe and the developing countries. We could therefore undermine it by the use of external economic weapons, and so create the social and economic conditions for progressive forces to emerge inside the country. What would constitute an external economic weapon? When put into context with an understanding of the Russian currency crisis of 2008 and the PRC concept of financial warfare, it is clear that one such weapon is the targeting of another nation’s stock market, sovereign debt and currency. Consider these observations from Putin, apparently referring to the U.S. government’s monetization of debt (printing of currency and creation of equivalents to service debt that devalues each previously issued unit): They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy…They are living like parasites off the global economy… According to Bloomberg, Putin not

only railed against the dollar, but also had been actively betting against it, “putting his money where his mouth is,” so to speak.8 In 2008, based on comments from former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Russia went further than simply betting against our economy. Quoting another Bloomberg story: The Russians made a ‘top-level approach’ to the Chinese ‘that together they might sell big chunks of their GSE holdings to force the U.S. to use its emergency authorities to prop up these companies,’ Paulson said, referring to the acronym for government sponsored entities. The Chinese declined, he said. The report was deeply troubling— heavy selling could create a sudden loss of confidence in the GSEs and shake the capital markets,’ Paulson wrote. ‘I waited till I was back home and in a secure environment to inform the president.’ Russia sold all of its Fannie and Freddie debt in 2008, after holding $65.6 billion of the notes at the start of that year, according to central bank data. Fannie and Freddie were seized by regulators on Sept. 6, 2008, amid the worst U.S. housing slump since the Great Depression. Paulson said he was surprised not to have been asked about the Fannie and Freddie bonds during a trip to Moscow in June. “I was soon to learn, though, that the Russians had been doing a lot of thinking about our GSE securities.”

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 35

Russia denied scheming to dump bonds, but four things are clear. First, they did dump their Fannie and Freddie bonds, as the record clearly shows. Second, this action did undermine our economy at a critical juncture. The systematic dumping of over $65 billion of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds during the summer of 2008 magnified and extended the crisis with continuing effects today. Third, it should be understood that the foreign dumping of bonds is considered to be deployment of a powerful economic weapon by authorities such as the Chinese Communist Party. This is made clear in a 2011 article in an official party journal: Of course, to fight the U.S., we have to come up with key weapons. What is the most powerful weapon China has today? It is our economic power, especially our foreign

exchange reserves (USD 2.8 trillion). The key is to use it well. If we use it well, it is a weapon… China must have enough courage to challenge the U.S. currency. China can act in one of two ways. One is to sell U.S. dollar reserves, and the second is not to buy US dollars for a certain period of time, which will weaken the currency and cause deep economic crisis for Washington… If China stops buying, other countries will pay close attention and are very likely to follow. Once the printed excess dollars cannot be sold, the depreciation of the dollar will accelerate and the impact on Americans wealth will be enormous…This approach is market-driven and it will not be able to easily blame China. The U.S. will not be able to withstand this pressure.9 The fourth realization is that Putin

has clearly been courting the PRC to cooperate in attacking the dollar. In fact, Putin has repeatedly urged the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) to act together to undermine the dollar’s reserve currency status.10, 11 In May 2012, Pravda reported that Russia was urging China to join forces against the West.12 Assuming that Putin failed in his attempt to get China to join Russia in attacking the American economy in 2008, can we be certain that a repeated effort would be rebuffed? Prior to the financial crisis of 2008, our government’s total debt was in the $9 trillion range.13 At the time of the new Chinese President Xi Jinping’s historic visit to Moscow, the U.S.’ official debt had risen to nearly $17 trillion.14 Our government’s deficit-spending, debtbased vulnerability to such an attack has increased sharply. The fact that Putin’s Russia has become the world’s largest buyer of gold, with China as the next runner-up only adds to the concern: Russian President Vladimir Putin has been loading up on gold. As Bloomberg reports, the Russian central bank has amassed 570 metric tons of it in the last 10 years, making it the biggest global gold buyer. Why is Russia’s central bank betting on gold rather than holding its foreign reserves in something with a bit of yield? It’s a hedge against a collapse in the value of one of the global reserve currencies. ‘The more gold a country has, the more sovereignty it will have if there’s a cataclysm with the dollar, the euro, the pound or any other reserve currency,’ Evgeny Fedorov, a lawmaker for Putin’s United Russia party, told Bloomberg. Russia’s not the only one that’s been hoarding gold, though. China is the next runner-up… according to Bloomberg.15

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SECURITY SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 37

Protecting the Homeland Together ®

President Putin with Chinese President Jiang Zemin in 2001. Photo: Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

For at least the past 15 years, under the influence of Vladimir Putin, Russia has been predicting the demise of the United States based on an economic collapse. In 2008, it appears he was unable to convince the Chinese to join him in an attack. Now, however, with a change in Chinese leadership and increased American vulnerability, Putin may be in a position to see his dream come true.

Replace the IMF, Crush the Dollar? Putin believes that the world is locked in a global economic war and is planning for victory. His perception was seemingly validated when the IMF and the European Union conspired to seize a percentage of all deposits over 100,000 Euros in Cyprus bank accounts.16 Cyprus

38 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

has been a banking center for Russians and it was widely perceived that this effort was targeted at them.17 Shortly after the Cyprus thefts, the BRICS nations announced plans to develop their own development bank to rival the IMF and the World Bank.18 At the same time, the BRICS nations also began to discuss ways to replace the U.S. dollar as the currency used for global trade. An initial $30 billion per year deal has already been struck between China and Brazil: By shifting some trade away from the U.S. dollar, the world’s primary reserve currency, the two countries aim to buffer their commercial ties against another financial crisis like the one that resulted from the collapse of the U.S. housing market bubble in 2008. 19 China has already replaced the United States as Brazil’s primary trading partner, an amazing development. With Putin’s encouragement, this will be the first of multiple efforts to make the United States less relevant. On a combined basis, the BRICS already rival the American economy with $14 trillion in annual economic activity.20 Even India appears enthusiastic about this possibility: “We are creating new axis of global development,” Anand Sharma, India’s Minister of Commerce, Industry and Textiles, Xinhua reported. “The global economic order created several decades ago is now undergoing change...”21

boom. Over the past few years, domestic energy development on private land has ramped up dramatically. So rapidly, in fact, that the International Energy Agency projects that if unhindered, the United States could leapfrog both Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s largest oil producer by the year 2017.22 The U.S. has already become the world’s top producer of natural gas.23 Using modern techniques that combine horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (called fracking), domestic energy producers have put our nation on the path to North American energy independence within a few years.24 This is a dramatic change from dire forecasts just a few years ago.25 The rapid growth of American energy production has the potential to tip the trade balance and dramatically strengthen

the dollar.26 This clearly works against Putin’s efforts to attack America’s economy. Worse than that, from his perspective, is the fact that America’s energy boom has the potential to impact global energy prices. In fact, some even forecast that oil prices could fall to $75/ barrel this year based on shale production growth.27 Russia needs over $110/barrel to balance its budget.28 Even adjusting for higher prices in Europe, it’s clear that American energy production directly impacts Russian economic prospects.29 According to a report in Financial Times: Russia’s petrodollar surplus, which has buffered the economy from external shocks for more than a decade, is poised to vanish as early as 2015 as import revenues overtake those from oil exports, according to its central bank.

The forecast represents the first official acknowledgment that the economic model which has come to characterize the era of Vladimir Putin’s leadership—a country buttressed by oil money—is ending. Russia’s oil-fuelled trade surplus—which accumulated $785 billion between 2000 and 2011, equivalent to more than 40 per cent of last year’s gross domestic product— has given it the third-largest foreign currency reserves in the world, roughly half a trillion dollars. These reserves allowed the Kremlin to spend over $200 billion to see off the global financial crisis in 2008-09 without a major bankruptcy. Russia has also been able to pour money into rainy day funds such as its reserve fund, $61 billion, and national welfare fund, $88 billion, as an extra buffer against shocks.

Environmental Regulation as an International Weapon One recent development that might interfere with the marginalization of America has been a domestic energy

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 39

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Tower for drilling horizontally into the Marcellus Shale Formation for natural gas in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Photo: Ruhrfisch However, the eventual transition to a “twin deficit economy,” where both the government budget and external trade balance are negative, is likely to be a rude awakening for Russian policy makers. “This will be a totally new macro paradigm for a country that has become inured to living with external surpluses,” said Ivan Tchakarov, chief economist for Russia and the CIS at Renaissance Capital, a Moscow investment bank. …the eventual end of Russia’s oil cushion will probably cause a sea change in the country’s economic management and a challenge to Mr. Putin, who has pledged trillions of rubles in wage rises and budget spending to secure re-election in March. Now, rather than facing the question of how to spend a windfall, the government will probably face the unhappy choice of whether to borrow, devalue, or spend less.30 The news regarding natural gas is even worse for Putin. According to a September 2012 Associated Press report:

The story began to unfold a few years ago, as advances in drilling opened up vast reserves of gas buried in deep shale rock, such as the Marcellus formation in Pennsylvania and the Barnett, in Texas. Experts had been predicting that the U.S. was running out of natural gas, but then shale gas began to flood the market, and prices plunged. Russia had been exporting vast quantities to Europe and other countries for about $10 per unit, but the current price in the U.S. is now about $3 for the same quantity. That kind of math got the attention of energy companies, and politicians, around the world. Some European governments began to envision a future with less Russian natural gas. In 2009, Russia had cut off gas shipments via Ukraine for nearly two weeks amid a price and payment dispute, and more than 15 European countries were sent scrambling to find alternative sources of energy. The financial stakes are huge. Russia’s Gazprom energy corporation, which is

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state-controlled, had $44 billion in profits last year. Gazprom, based in Moscow, is the world’s largest producer of natural gas and exports much of it to other countries. But last month Gazprom halted plans to develop a new arctic gas field, saying it couldn’t justify the investment now, and its most recent financial report showed profits had dropped by almost 25 percent.31 No wonder experts view Putin as the big loser with regard to fracking: The Kremlin is watching, European nations are rebelling, and some suspect Moscow is secretly bankrolling a campaign to derail the West’s strategic plans. It’s not some Cold War movie; it’s about the U.S. boom in natural gas drilling, and the political implications are enormous. Like falling dominoes, the drilling process called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is shaking up world energy markets from Washington to Moscow to Beijing. Some predict what was once unthinkable: that the U.S. won’t need to import natural gas in the near future, and that Russia could be the big loser. “This is where everything is being turned on its head,” said Fiona Hill, an expert on Russia at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington. “Their days of dominating the European gas markets are gone.” Any nations that trade in energy could potentially gain or lose. “The relative fortunes of the United States, Russia, and China—and their ability to exert influence in the world— are tied in no small measure to global gas developments,” Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government concluded in a report this summer.32 Vladimir Putin’s résumé does not suggest that he would take these developments lying down. It is well

42 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

documented that Putin has globally opposed fracking of any type.33 Russia’s Gazprom is on record claiming that shale gas development is harmful to the environment.34 Under normal circumstances and with many heads of state, this would be viewed as political posturing. In the case of Russia and Putin, however, these pronouncements may be reflective of strategy.35 In fact, the PRC manual Unrestricted Warfare defines “international law

Gazprom Headquarters in Moscow, Russia Photo:Andrey Ivanov warfare” as “seizing the earliest opportunity to set up regulations…” The authors later list “regulatory warfare” as one subset of unrestricted warfare disciplines. It has been well documented that the KGB secretly funded environmental groups to further Soviet policy. According to Oleg Kalugin, former Head of Counterintelligence for the KGB: The environmental movement was also targeted for KGB infiltration, with the

simple message that the best way to preserve nature was to work against the system that would exploit it for profits …[he added]… the new regime in Russia is not to be trusted… Americans must be on their guard.36 This is extremely significant due to the fact that something as simple as declaring a single lizard to be endangered has the potential to shut down energy development.37 In the case of the Permian Basin, the loss could have been as much as 500 million barrels of domestic oil. Fortunately, despite serious pressure from environmental groups, the Department of Interior has not yet declared the Sand Dune Lizard endangered, allowing the Basin to produce a projected two million barrels per day by 2016.38, 39 It may be absurd that a two-inch lizard could prevent the production of two million barrels of oil per day, valued close to $200 million (at present), but the economic devastation associated with listing the tiny Delta Smelt fish as endangered demonstrates that such absurdity is a frightening possibility. Tens of billions of gallons of water have been diverted away from farmers and sent to the Pacific Ocean, cutting food production and laying off thousands of workers, all because of a 2006 lawsuit.40 It is documented that the United Arab Emirates funded a Matt Damon movie designed to turn American opinion against fracking.41 Their motive is simple and obvious. Is it possible that other major energy producers such as Russia would again secretly fund efforts designed to stop American efforts to expand oil and gas production? Of course, efforts to stop fracking can go far beyond funding of the “green” movement. In the case of Poland, a

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New and improved

promising area for natural gas shale development, some believe that Putin had a role in a 2010 plane crash that devastated a pro-fracking government. 42, 43

Delta smelt. Photo: Peter Johnsen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

In addition to Russia, China has reason to curtail American energy development. According to a Morgan Stanley report, cheaper access to energy could revive the U.S. manufacturing sector and pose a real threat to Chinese growth: With oil production at a twenty-year high and predictions of a manufacturing renaissance for the U.S. economy, one of the world’s largest investment banks has detailed how the “shale revolution” will negatively affect emerging markets such as China… With the help of cheap energy, manufacturing will pick up and move down

the ladder to capturing the production of less “sophisticated” goods (computers, fabricated metals and automobiles) currently manufactured in emerging nations. As a result, the United States will likely compete with emerging markets for market share rather than being a consumer, Morgan Stanley said ... U.S. reindustrialization will likely challenge Russia’s presence in steel, chemicals and industries to support that very renaissance.44 Putin and key personnel within the People’s Republic of China understand themselves to be in a global economic war. Does this reality explain why there has been a dramatic increase in Chinese hacking attacks against North American energy companies?45 Will we allow the regulatory inhibition

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The Counter TerroristCircle ~ June/July 2013Service 45 Card 136 on Reader

of energy production? Will we continue to fight natural market forces by pouring borrowed money into non-performing “green” energies? Will we wait to promote the production of energy from government-controlled lands until closer to a national election or will we promote the production of energy from government land now?

About the Author Mr. Freeman (CFA) is the author of Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again ( He has consulted for and briefed members of the U.S. House and Senate, CIA, DIA, FBI, SEC, DOJ, and Homeland Security on the issues of economic warfare and financial terrorism. He authors the blog


“As if Things Weren’t Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.,” The Wall Street Journal, December 29, 2008, SB123051100709638419.html. 2 Ibid. 1

46 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

“1998 Russian Financial Crisis,” Ludwig von Mises Institute, accessed April 10, 2013, wiki/1998_Russian_financial_crisis. 4 “Media Warfare Targets Putin’s Legitimacy,” Igor Panarin, March 10, 2012, 5 “President Clinton: The United States on Track to Pay Off the Debt by End of the Decade,” December 28, 2000, Fri_Dec_29_151111_2000.html. 6 Unrestricted Warfare, CIA translation pages 51-52 ( unrestricted.pdf ). 7 Ibid, page 224. 8 news/2013-02-10/putin-turns-blackgold-into-bullion-as-russia-out-buysworld.html?utm_source=GraphicMail 9 http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes. com/2011-02-12/china/28545343_1_ china-countries-communist-party 10 zimbabwe/7824.html 11 set/print/layout/set/print/content/ view/full/73?id=88368&lng=en&ots 591=4888CAA0-B3DB-1461-98B9E20E7B9C13D4 12 3

politics/05-06-2012/121315-putin_ china-0/# 13 reports/pd/histdebt/histdebt_histo5.htm 14 15 16 financialcrisis/9951680/Cyprus-agrees10bn-bail-out-deal-with-eurozone.html 17 http://www.npr. org/2013/03/26/175335266/richrussians-hurt-by-cyprus-bank-bailout 18 19 20 Ibid. 21 Ibid. 22 23 jeffmcmahon/2012/10/23/gas-frackingspurs-oil-rush/ 24 path-north-american-energy-independenceus-oil-output-highest-two-decades 25

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articles/iea-oil-report/782 26 news/2012-12-17/fracking-boom-isdollar-boon-in-energy-independencecurrencies.html 27 Markets/Su-shale-oil-75/2013/03/14/ id/494633?s=al&promo_code=12CBC-1 28 blogs/wonkblog/post/why-the-saudiswant-oil-to-be-100-a-barrel/2012/01/17/ gIQAXvuo5P_blog.html 29 news/2012-06-21/gazprom-biggest-loseras-shale-gas-upends-world-markets.html 30 cms/s/0/313c4ffc-0d6e-11e2-bfcb00144feabdc0.html#axzz2OsiJUVss 31 32 33 b96de884-0de9-11e1-9d4000144feabdc0.html#axzz2OsiJUVss 34 emergingeurope/2011/11/30/russiasounds-alarm-on-shale-gas/ 35 http://alfin2100.blogspot. com/2012/07/why-russia-hates-globalgas-bonanza.html 36 story.asp?s=392920&clienttype=printable 37 archives/2011/06/01/meet-the-lizardthat-will-kill-texas-oil-production/ 38 article/2012/06/13/us-usa-environmentlizard-idUSBRE85C1M720120613 39 article/2012/08/15/permian-oil-bentekidUSL2E8JFCS120120815 40 14240529702047318045743847318983 75624.html 41 matt-damons-anti-fracking-moviefinanced-by-oil-rich-arab-nation/ 42

headlines/2012/03/polish-presidentsplane-crash-was-assassination-his-brothersays/ 43 smart_economy/2010/05/re-reason-fordeath-of-polish-president-kaczynski-insmolinsk-russia-scent-of-polish-shale-gas-

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a-thr.html 44 45 Energy-General/Energy-New-Front-inEconomic-Warfare.html

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 47

Behind the Green Mask:

U.N. Agenda 21

By Rosa Koire

Reviewed by: Chris Graham

istory has shown that every generation has faced men hungry for power who feel unrestrained in their quest to dominate others. The most successful have embedded their power grabs in a cloak of “moral” justification (e.g. the rise of Nazism, each of the communist revolutions, the ongoing Iranian revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood’s role in the “Arab Spring,” etc.). Today, many see environmental activism as an urgent moral imperative. Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 (www., 2011) is California-based commercial real estate appraiser Rosa Koire’s account of the motives, techniques and policies she observed employed to insinuate Agenda 21 and creatively named local clone policies into her community. Koire, founder of Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21 (www. DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21. com), describes the behavior of key city officials whom she encountered: “I was disheartened by the City’s behavior… I realized that if they didn’t play dirty they wouldn’t have a project and they apparently felt that the end justified the means. This was a philosophy that I would encounter again and again in my education on Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.” The author asserts, “Only certain building designs are permitted. Rural property is more and more restricted in

‘the shadow city council’ and finally gave us the address. They met in a back room at Keller-Williams realty offices on Stony Point Road…The ‘leaders’ decided that we could be there for the first couple of items on the agenda… After we spoke, we were told to leave, we were escorted out, and the door was locked behind us. This group was not open to the public… it was a travesty and a shameful embarrassment to all who participated. I was stunned that such a group purporting to represent all neighborhoods in Santa Rosa could operate in this manner in our country.” Koire reports, “By using these few people to represent the entire city, the local government can say that they have community buy-in when they want to push through a land-use plan or new policy that wouldn’t be popular. By putting the word out to these hand-picked so-called leaders the city can manipulate the public and sideline those real citizens who come forth to object.” She adds, “After this I got serious about finding out who these board members were. They… stood to gain from redevelopment or served on the boards of environmental groups.” After attending another group’s choreographed “public” meeting Koire stated, “When I read Nien Chang’s Life and Death in Shanghai, I realized that we had been the victims of


48 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

what uses can be on it. Although counties say that they support agricultural uses, eating locally produced foods, farmers’ markets, etc., in fact there are so many regulations restricting water and land use (there are scenic corridors, inland rural corridors, baylands corridors, area plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans, huge fees, fines) that farmers are losing their lands altogether.” She states, “The Neighborhood Alliance is something you may see in your town too… though it may have a different name.” She reports, “[John Sutter]… said proudly that the NA was

‘struggle meetings’ such as were used in communist China in the 1960s to break down society. I read the U.N. Agenda 21 plan documents, researched ICLEI, looked at government contracts, watched videos, read books, examined environmental group and government websites, and educated myself about the United Nations plan that was shaping our world. I went from being skeptical to recognizing that the ‘planning revolution’ that I had been observing and arguing against in my meetings with planners all over the nine county San Francisco Bay area for about 10 years was U.N. Agenda 21. I looked at the charts I had made of connections in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County and it was clear to me that redevelopment was at the heart of U.N. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, it is a funding and implementation arm for it.” Koire concludes, “U.N. Agenda 21 –

Sustainable Development is the glorious future enabled by the Spartan present. That’s the Green Mask. The future is an artist’s rendering of blue skies, green common areas, and lots of smiling people on bikes and clean, shiny cities. The present near-term is increasingly more austere, more restricted, and imbued with the panicky apocalyptic rhetoric of global warming. With the tools at their disposal, cities and counties implement the U.N. Agenda 21 plan. They use redevelopment, code enforcement, bike boulevards, green building retrofit programs, fees and fines, General Plans and whatever else wastes time and resources for ‘the common good.’” It is worth noting that the U.N.’s publicly accessible documents on Agenda 21 state that participation is “voluntary.” However, it is also clear from the context of U.N. documents that it is not the individuals whose property

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they encourage stealing, seizing or otherwise controlling that they expect to “volunteer.” Whether you are interested in United Nations misdeeds or not, you will find Behind the Green Mask interesting. There is nothing historically unique about power grabs and “kangaroo court” justice. The Magna Carta (1215), and The U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights (1791) are the historical anomalies. This book is an excellent profile of a modern application of the subversive techniques that have been practiced within the Communist Revolutionary Warfare model1 and by a range of antiConstitutional activist groups.

Endnotes John Hoover, Masters of Deceit, Holt, 1957. 1

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 49

sexual assualt and

the revolution By Dean T. Olson

Protest on Tahrir Photos: Floris Van Cauwelaert

The toppling of dictators in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, currently underway in Syria and beginning to stir in Jordan, was euphemistically called “the Arab Spring.” Though unlikely, many hoped that the uprisings that began in 2011 would lead to democratic reforms across the Middle East and North Africa.


nstead, the power vacuum that resulted was filled by Islamic supremacists of the Muslim Brotherhood cult and complementary groups. The Salafist undercurrent in Islam is a fundamentalist Sunni school of thought that looks to the early leaders of the Muslim faith for inspiration. They believe

that the example set by Mohammed and his companions is how society should operate.1 Driven by a seventh century culture and mindset, Salafist actions are often brutal. A case in point is the dramatic increase in sexual assault of women during the Arab Spring. A high profile

example was the rape of American TV reporter Lara Logan. On Feb. 11, 2011, Logan was in Cairo covering the city’s celebration of the regime change in Egypt. She was conducting interviews in Tahrir Square when she became separated from her crew and was sexually and physically assaulted by a mob. Her

Counter The

50 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 51

MACTAC Multiple-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capability


Lara Logan Photo: Steven Young ordeal ended only after a smaller group of Egyptian women and soldiers rescued her.2 Groups that track such trends in Egypt claim that sexual harassment, ranging from verbal taunts and groping to kidnapping, enslavement, rape and human trafficking, is now at an all-time high. Sexual harassment spiked following

the ouster of the country’s former secular dictator Hosni Mubarak in 2011. While kidnapping, rape and forced conversion of Coptic Christian girls to Islam occurred prior to the Arab Spring, since the revolution cases have increased while recovery of women and girls has decreased.3 The disappearance of at least 550 Coptic Christian girls in Egypt alone has been documented in the last five years.4 Some observers believe the Muslim Brotherhood’s climb to power is responsible for the increase in sexual assaults. Fundamentalists who consider women property were unleashed. Islamist practices include female genital mutilation, in which women are circumcised by slitting the clitoris or sometimes skinning it, and in extreme cases, completely excising it. This barbaric practice is believed to have been inspired by the sayings of Mohammed that if women enjoy sex, they will become

whores.5 The impulse to dominate and control women is central to the fundamentalist view of the Islamic faith. It includes morals offenses called khalwat6 that occur if unrelated males and females are alone in close proximity. These offenses can lead to public caning and honor killings of the female in some Islamic countries. Some Salafist teachings include: a woman’s testimony in court is half as good as a man’s;7 women can’t be trusted;8 women are unclean;9 menstruation is an “illness and a sign that women are stupid”;10 women are temptresses;11 and women are the majority of the inhabitants of hell.12 Unfortunately, the problem unleashed is broader than the “Arab Spring” and is not limited to Muslim nations. Many Muslim religious leaders in the West are Salafist. Public statements by prominent imams have placed the blame for rape on

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 53

the victims. This has led to an epidemic of rapes of non-Muslim women in Europe. The phenomenon has become so widespread that some observers refer to it as “rape jihad.” Numerous verses in the Qur’an appear to authorize this activity as a way to emulate the Prophet Mohammad.13 Reacting to the conviction of Muslim men in the vicious gang rape of a 16-yearold Australian girl in 2006, the Grand Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Taj el-din Al Hilali, said in a Friday mosque sermon:14 If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem. If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred. Abduljalil Sajid of the Muslim Council of Britain supported al-Hilali’s remarks, saying that “loose women, like prostitutes,” encourage immorality in men.15 In a similar vein, an Islamic Mufti in Copenhagen, Shahid Mehdi, garnered local attention by declaring that women who refuse to wear headscarves are “asking for rape.” The mufti’s attitude towards Western women is not unique.16 According to one Muslim immigrant to Scandanavia, “It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” he said, “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably [had sexual intercourse] before, anyway. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame.” The widespread devaluation and dehumanization of Swedish girls by Muslim men is typified by a 21-year-old Muslim immigrant. In Sweden for only two years, he was arrested for stabbing Swedish girls. He admits that he has a low opinion of Swedish females, or “whores”, as he calls them. He awaits prosecution,

54 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

suspected of cutting eight girls in several pubs. He also is charged with raping a girl at a private party and with sexually harassing another girl in the apartment. Several witnesses state that the 21-yearold has said that he “hates Swedish women.”17 In Oslo, Norway, “immigrants” were involved in two out of three rape charges in 2001. The numbers in Denmark were the same, higher in the city of Copenhagen, with three out of four rape charges involving Muslim men.18 One of the best known Swedish Muslim serial rapists was Mehdi Tayeb, who had sex with over 130 women (and two men) in Sweden. Some were intoxicated with alcohol and others were drugged. When Swedish police were closing in, Tayeb fled back to Iran. Similarly, seven Kurdish Muslim immigrants are suspects in a gang rape case against a 16-year-old Norwegian girl in Oslo in December, 2006. One of the men charged is also suspected of being involved in the gang rape of another girl in Oslo ten days later.19 The rape of infidels is not restricted to Scandinavia. In 2012, a group of six Muslims was convicted of sex trafficking underage teenage girls in Rochdale, near Manchester, UK. The group was convicted of trafficking 47 girls for sexual exploitation. One gang member was a religious studies teacher at a mosque and a married father of five.20 The arrest of the Rochdale gang was followed by the arrest of another group of Muslim males also involved in a sex trafficking ring of underage infidel girls in the Rochdale area.21 In May 2012, British police arrested nine Muslim men between 24 and 38 years old on suspicion of sexual activity with a child. About a dozen more cases involving Asian Muslims in Northern England are under investigation.22 The problem is so

widespread in Britain that a 2012 report by the deputy children’s commissioner reported that one-third of all reported child sexual abuse cases are committed by Muslims from the Pakistan region, even though they constitute only 7% of the population.23 In the United States, five Iraqi nationals were arrested in the brutal rape of a Colorado Springs, Colorado, woman in August, 2012. One of the investigators described it as one of the “most horrific sexual assaults I’ve seen in my career.” Two men were charged with the actual crime, while all five were charged as accessories.24 Similarly, in Austin, Texas, police arrested two men from Saudi Arabia for raping a woman.25 The victim said she had asked the men for help locating her friend’s apartment, according to police. According to the victim, the two men took her into the building under the pretense that they were taking her to the friend’s apartment. Instead, they took her to the apartment of one of the suspect’s and raped her. A more organized sex trafficking ring involved 29 people associated with Muslim Somali gangs. According to an indictment unsealed in 2011, the ring involved three interconnected, Minneapolis-based gangs, including the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws.26 Some of the victims, including Muslim girls, were as young as 12 years old. At trial, one 12-year-old victim described being taken to several apartments around suburban Minneapolis to have sex with other Somali men.27 Other organized rapes occurred in Australia where a group of Lebanese Muslim gang rapists from southwestern Sydney hunted their victims on the basis of their ethnicity and subjected them to hours of degrading, dehumanizing torture. The young women and girls as

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 55

About the Author Mr. Olson is a retired sheriff’s department bureau commander. He is the author of Tactical Counterterrorism: The Law Enforcement Manual of Terrorism Prevention (May 2012 release, Charles C. Thomas Publishing).

Endnotes Salafist - Salafism - Arabic for “predecessors” or “early generations”, is a generic term, depicting a Sunni Islamic school of thought that takes the pious ancestors (Salaf ) of early Islam as exemplary models. Salafis view the first three generations of Muslims, who are Muhammad’s companions, and the two succeeding generations after them, the Tabi‘in and the Taba‘ at-Tabi‘in, as examples of how Islam should be practiced. This principle is derived from the following hadith by Muhammad: The people of my generation are the best, then those who follow them, and then who’s who follow the latter (i.e. the first three generations of Muslims). Bukhari 3:48:819 and 820. 2 Lara Logan facts. http://usatoday30. 3 Smith, Christopher, 2012. Escalating Violence against Coptic Women and Girls: New Egypt Could be more Dangerous than the Old, Congressional Hearings, Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 210 Cannon House Office Building. 4 news/2012/jul/26/escalating-violenceagainst-coptic-women-and-girls/ Washington Times. 5 Center for the study of Political Islam, The Islamic Trilogy, Vol. 9, Mohammed, Allah, and the Mind of War, The Civilizational Doctrine, CSPI Publishing, 2006. 1

The candlelight rally was held at Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata, against the gang rape occurred in New Delhi on 16th December, 2012 to a 23 year female physiotherapy student and died thirteen days later in Singapore on 29th December, 2012 for brain and gastrointestinal damage from the brutally assault. Photo: Biswarup Ganguly young as 14 were “sluts” and “Aussie pigs”, the rapists said.28 After taking an oath on the Quran, a Pakistani Muslim man—known only as MSK—told the court he had committed four attacks on girls as young as 13. MSK is already serving a 22-year jail term for leading his three younger brothers in a gang rape of two other young Sydney girls in 2002. There is reason to believe that a significant number of the Muslims in Europe view themselves as a conquering force and that European women are simply war booty in accordance with shariah law. Accordingly, Western women are not so much regarded as individuals, but as women who “belong” to hostile infidels.29 Australian Muslim moderate leader Tanveer Ahmed acknowledged this view: …in a large number of Muslim households, young men will be taught that white women are cheap and easy. It is extrapolated to a much bigger scale, for it symbolizes for them a moral corruption endemic in free societies… In Russia, Indira Dzetskelova, the

56 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

mother of one of the child hostages in Beslan, reports that “several 15-yearold girls were raped by the ‘Muslim terrorists.’” Her daughter “heard their terrible cries and screams when those monsters took them away.” Beslan has in common with the ongoing massacres in Darfur Islamic jihad-inspired terrorism and widespread rape. In Jammu, Kashmir, India, foreign Islamist militants are kidnapping and gang-raping young Hindu girls.30 The rape of infidels is an Islamist tactic as old as the Muslim religion. In Islamic theology, Mohammad is known as “uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil,” an Arabic phrase loosely translated to mean, the ‘perfect human.’ It is used to identify Mohammad as a model of behavior to be emulated.31 As members and allies of the Muslim Brotherhood cult rise and some imams in the West espouse Salafist interpretations of Islam, both organized and individual rape can be expected to be employed as a weapon for domination.

Olson, Dean T., 2009. Perfect Enemy: The Law Enforcement Manual of Islamist Terrorism, Charles C. Thomas, Publishing Springfield, IL, p. 271. 7 Qur’an (2:282) “And get two witnesses out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women such as ye choose, for witness...” 8 Bukhari:V3B48N826:”The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.’” Nor can they be trusted, from the hadiths (Ishaq, 2002:584) “Tell the men with you who have wives: never trust a woman.” and (Bukhari:V4B55N547) “The Prophet said, ‘But for the Israelis, meat would not decay, and if it were not for Eve, wives would never betray their husbands.’” 9 Qur’an: 4:43. 10 Qur’an: 2:222; 4:43; Tabari I:280. 11 Bukhari:V1B22N28. 12 Muslim:B1N142: “The Prophet said: ‘I was shown the Hell Fire and the majority of its dwellers were women who are disbelievers or ungrateful.’ When asked what they were ungrateful for, the Prophet answered, ‘All the favors done for them by their husbands.’” 13 Qur’an 4:3,4:24,23:6,33:50 and 70:30; Bukhari , Vol. 5, Book 59, No. 512, Vol. 3, Book 46, No. 717; Ishaq, 2002:464; and Tabari, Vol. 8, page 29-30. 14 Imam, 2006. Imam justifies rape of unveiled women; Australian cleric compares victims to ‘uncovered meat’ that attracts cats, WorldNet Daily News, news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52630, October 2006. 15 Spencer, Robert, 2006. Muslim Rape? They Were Asking For it., 10/31/2006, Read.aspx?GUID=BF91EC7E-47BC4926-987A-F9617796AB95. 6

Fjordman, Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden, wcva/fjordman.htm, December 15, 2005. 17 Ibid 17. 18 Ibid 17. 19 Is Swedish Democracy Collapsing? FaithFreedom.Org, http://www. htm. 20 Bunyan, Nigel (8 May 2012). “Rochdale grooming trial: gang convicted for sex trafficking”. The Telegraph (London: Telegraph Media Group). uknews/crime/9239126/Rochdalegrooming-trial-gang-convicted-for-sextrafficking.html. Retrieved 8 May 2012. 21 Henry, Julie (12 May 2012). “Arrests made in second Rochdale sex grooming scandal”. The Telegraph (London: Telegraph Media Group). http:// 16

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The Only Major Conference & Expo Focused On Advancing the “Beyond The Border” Declaration SEPTEMBER 12 - 13, 2013 COBO CENTER

D E T R O I T, M I

crime/9261748/Arrests-made-in-secondRochdale-sex-grooming-scandal.html. Retrieved 12 May 2012. 22 British sex grooming cases spark racial tensions”. Associated Press (Daily Herald). 29 June 2012. http://www. news/706289541/. 23 “Revealed: conspiracy of silence on UK sex gangs”. The Times. 5 January 2011. news/uk/crime/article2863058.ece. New and improved Retrieved July 23, 2012. 24 Suspects in Vicious Sex Assault Vacate Court Appearance, August 27, 2012, 25 portable Woman Raped in West Campus,( Two Men Arrested, Lindsey Rattikin, July 2011, When Law Enforcement in Dallas wanted a product to protect the greatest sporting event in the US they chose SSI’s PVB. woman_raped_in_west_campus. The reason the PVB is used by agencies and 26 militaries across theSomalis globe isguilty that itof transfers the 3 Twin Cities momentum of the threatening vehicle upwards and stops it in its tracks. TwoSHAH, adults can sex trafficking, ALLIE Stardeploy the barrier in minutes, and there is no need for electricity whatsoever. Tribune, May 4, 2012, http://www. The Portable Vehicle Barrier comes with several customized configurations: • html?refer=y. You can put wheels on it so that it acts as a swing barrier and easily opens a road 27 Somali Sex Trafficking Case Finishes • You can toughen the line by adding anchoring cables or place the 3 PVB’s in one single row or With Split Verdict: Convicted, 6 even three rows to stop anything http://www.huffingtonpost. • Acquitted, Additional safety features can be added PVBs can be folded down quickly –moved and stored com/2012/05/05/somali-sex-traffickingwith ease – the PVB is reusable and durable. case_n_1483604.html. Best of all NO maintenance is required. 28 Made in the USA means jobs in the USA and Devine, Miranda (13 July supporting our national economy. Ordering is quick and easy“Racist allowing us toFinally make the 2002). rapes: thePVB available to your agencies immediately. Besides being the most truth comes barrier out”. Sydney Morningtoday, the PVB cost effective in the business is a VBIED killer. CALL NOW. Herald. articles/2002/07/13/1026185124700. html. Retrieved 2006-07-30. 29 Norway: The Rapes Continue, Posted at Fjordman.Com, Friday, March 18, 2005, norway-rapes-continue.html. 30 Olson, Dean, 2009. Perfect Enemy: The Law Enforcement Manual of Islamist Terrorism, Charles C. Thomas, Publishing, Springfield, IL, p. 201. 31 Qur’an 68:4




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The reason the PVB is used by agencies and militaries across the globe is that it transfers the momentum of the threatening vehicle upwards and stops it in its tracks. Two adults can deploy the barrier in minutes, and there is no need for electricity whatsoever.

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Lonewolf unleashes domestic bombing campaign

By Daryl Johnson

The view across Centennial Olympic Park. Photo: ATR1992

On July 27, 1996 the city of Atlanta, Georgia, was hosting the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and a large audience had gathered that night at Centennial Olympic Park for a music festival.


nbeknownst to the party goers, a man had placed a bomb at the venue. The bomb was constructed of three steel pipes filled with smokeless powder, concealed inside a green military-style backpack and unassumingly placed under a park bench.1 The bomber had meticulously constructed the improvised explosive device (IED) using a 1/8-inch steel

60 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

plate meant to direct shrapnel towards the crowd.2 He intended to maximize carnage that day. A few minutes before the bomb detonated, an alert bystander notified security personnel of â&#x20AC;&#x153;a suspicious packageâ&#x20AC;? under a park bench. Security began directing people away from the scene. A security guard investigating the suspicious backpack, which had been placed in an upright

position, decided to reposition it horizontally on the ground. At 1:20 a.m., the bomb exploded sending 3-inch masonry nails primarily upwards into the air instead of directly into the crowd. Some shrapnel, however, hit bystanders. In all, 111 people were injured and one was killed.3 A second person, a foreign journalist, also died of a heart attack reportedly resulting from the

The Counter Terrorist ~ February/March 2013 61 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 61

As the park reopened following the bombing. Photo: Gary Mark Smith

ensuing chaos.4 About twenty minutes before the explosion, at 12:58 a.m., an unidentified person called 911 and warned that a bomb was about to explode at Centennial Olympic Park.5 The actions of security personnel undoubtedly saved many lives.6 Six months later, on January 16, 1997, another pipe bomb exploded in Atlanta. This time, the bomb targeted an abortion clinic in the suburb of Sandy Springs, Georgia.7 The morning blast shattered glass, brought down part of a wall and some ceiling tiles and caused a small fire that was quickly extinguished.8 Emergency personnel responding to the scene were completely unaware that a secondary device had been planted in the clinic’s parking lot behind a metal dumpster. This second device caused a massive explosion as fire, emergency and law enforcement personnel were setting up a staging area in the parking lot. The resulting blast injured six emergency responders.9 Each device had been constructed of twelve sticks of dynamite, 4-inch flooring nails as shrapnel, Big Ben-style alarm clocks, and 1/8-inch

steel plates concealed in military-style ammunition canisters.10 On February 21, 1997, law enforcement officers responded to a third bombing in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This incident occurred at the “Other-Side Lounge,” a gay bar.11 The blast injured five people, one seriously. The explosion also caused heavy property damage to an exterior deck and bar area of the restaurant.12 Again, law enforcement agents located a secondary device in the building’s parking lot, but this time they neutralized it.13 Similar to the other bombs, the device was constructed of dynamite, nails, baby-Ben alarm clocks and steel plates concealed in a backpack.14 In between the Atlanta bombings, communiqués signed by “the Army of God” were sent to law enforcement agencies and media organizations claiming responsibility for the bombings. The letters contained rants against homosexuality, abortion and multiculturalism.15 The Southeast Bomb Task Force was organized to investigate

G N I T A R T E N E P . . . T H G I N E H T












D 0 S@A 72-3 SALE (310) 4 -1421 5 T: WES (540) 81 : EAST

Part of the Nantahala National Forest in the Appalachian Mountains where Rudolph eluded authorities for five years. Photo: AlexiusHoratius 62 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 63

The “Super Max” In Florence, Colorado. Photo: RALPH



U.s. and policymakers, first israeli experiences and detailed interv responders, and threat of suicide students of home iews with frontline personnel, terro Suicide Terror enab land security to understand and for future attacks. r. it analyzes recent suicide attac deal with the grow les ks as well as our following the expe current vulnerabili Moreover, they learn rt authors’ advic ties and likely scena ing e, readers learn how to prepare for and losses in the and imple ment an effective possible measures to prevent an rios event of an attac attac and quick response k. following an overv to minimize casua k. iew and historical lties review of suicide terror, the book cover • Global jihad s: • Israel’s confron tation with suicide te rroris m • America’s expe rience with suicide b ombings • Internationalizat ion of suicide terroris m • High-risk scena rios and future trends • Methods for co nfronting suicide terror • Medical manag ement of suicide terro rism Using eye-witnes s accounts, the text recreates the studies help reade look and feel of rs actua these very dangerousget into the minds of suicide terro rists in order to unde l terrorism incidents. Detailed threats. case rstand how to best This book is a defin prevent and confr itive study of suicide ont experts who have terror, synthesizing t dealt with it firsth he ex perience of well-kno devastating threa and. anyone respo wn Israeli and A t should read this nsible for unde meric rstan book and consider its recommendation ding, preventing, and confrontin an OPHIR FALK, LLB, g this s with all seriousne ss. institute for Coun MBA, is a Partner at the Naveh, K ter terrorism, wher of experience in e he has published antor Even-Har law firm and a Rese vario numerous articles carried out risk asses us security capacities and serve in the field. Mr. falk arch Fellow at the d as a consultant sments for olympic has over a decade for the venue 2004 s and critical natio HENRY MORGEN nal infrastructure. olympic games, where he STERN is the Presi than 500 federal, dent of security state solutions internation first responders to Is , and local agencies to effectively al, a company that of suicide terror. He rael to study Homeland Security. Mr. confront the threat of terror and regul has trained more radio stations, and has offered expert commentary on tMorgenstern is a widely publishe arly takes groups of d aut Web broadcasts. error-related issu es for NBC, ABC hor on the subject , CBS, Fox, numerous

“Ophir Falk and Henry Morgenstern have compiled a book that should be read by anyone who is serious about winning the War on Terror. By painstakingly analyzing the data, they help us better understand the natiure of our enemies and why they employ these barbaric tactics. Most crucially, they offer important insights into how terrorism can be effectively confronted and ultimately defeated. In so doing, they have performed an invaluable service for all those that are committed to winning this crucial battle.”

falk Morgenstern

SUICIDE Frontline and Firsthand:


ophir falk and hed by nry Morgenstern


g and Confro nting the threat

the threat

64 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

Ophir Falk and Henr y Morgenstern have serious about winn compiled a book that should be read ing the war on terro better understan r. By painstakingly by anyone who is d the nature of analyzing the empi our enemies and rical data, they they offer important why they employ help us insights on how these barbaric tacti terrorism can be In so doing, they cs. Most crucially, effectively confr have performed onted and ultim an invaluable servi crucial battle. ately defeated. ce for all those who are committed to winning this —Benjamin Neta nyahu, former Prime Minister of Israe l

and Confront ing

Eric Robert Rudolph, who was an FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive. Photo: FBI

Rudolph had managed to elude a massive manhunt in western North Carolina by living nomadically within the Nantahala National Forest. His luck ended on May 31, 2003, when a local sheriff’s deputy spotted a suspicious person behind a shopping center in Andrews, North Carolina. The alert sheriff’s deputy had discovered Rudolph foraging for food in a garbage dumpster. Finally, Rudolph was apprehended and incarcerated. It had taken five years for law enforcement officers to catch up with Rudolph, who had lived a survivalist’s lifestyle deep in the forests and caves of the Nantahala National Forest near Andrews, North Carolina. In April 2005, Rudolph pleaded guilty to carrying out the four bombings in Atlanta and Birmingham.23 He also led law enforcement agents to a bomb cache he had assembled as part of his campaign of violence. Federal agents seized 250 sticks of dynamite, fully and partially constructed bombs and remote-control detonators as part of Rudolph’s bomb cache.24

A van parked outside of the Women's Clinic bombed by Eric Rudolph. Photo: Dave Walker

SUICIDE TERROR Understanding

the ongoing campaign of violence. The final bombing occurred on the morning of January 29, 1998. An IED exploded at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, killing an offduty police officer providing security at the clinic and severely injuring a nurse who worked at the facility.17 The device was concealed inside a potted plant and detonated via remote-control.18 A witness reported seeing a man walk away from the scene and enter a gray Nissan pickup truck with North Carolina license plates.19 As a result of the tip, investigators were able to trace the vehicle registration to Eric Robert Rudolph. On February 14, 1998, a U.S. District Court judge issued an arrest warrant for Rudolph, charging him with perpetrating the Birmingham bombing and the resulting murder.20 By May 5, Rudolph had been placed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.21 The search for Rudolph centered on the small town of Andrews, North Carolina, where Rudolph had lived. The town was observed the day after the Birmingham bombing.22 16

In July 2005, Rudolph was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the Birmingham bombing.25 He now spends his days in the “Super Max” federal penitentiary in Florence, Colorado, writing extremist propaganda and producing manifestos focused on his vehement anti-abortion and anti-gay beliefs.26 To date, few followers have heeded his call to violence against abortion providers, although antiabortion extremists continue to idolize Rudolph—calling him a “hero” for the cause.27 This article is a historical look at a domestic bombing campaign which led to the formation of the Southeast Bomb Task Force—a joint investigative effort conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Benjamin Netanyahu

– Prime Minister Elect of Israel Includes personalized inscription by Henry Morgenstern

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 65

About the Author Mr. Johnson is the former senior analyst for domestic terrorism at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and served as a specialist in violent anti-government groups for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). He is principal of DT Analytics (www.

Endnotes “Centennial Olympic Park Bomb Components,” FBI, Press Release Poster, July 1996. 2 Ibid. 3 “Terrorism in the United States – 1996,” FBI, 1997. 4 Ibid. 5 Ibid. 6 “Centennial Olympic Park Bomb Components,” FBI, Press Release Poster, July 1996. 7 “Terrorism in the United States – 1997,” FBI, 1998. 8 “2 Bomb Blasts Rock Abortion Clinic at Atlanta; 6 Are Injured,” New York Times, January 17, 1997. 9 Ibid. 10 “Sandy Springs Professional Building Bomb Components,” FBI, Press Release Poster, January 1997. 11 “Terrorism in the United States – 1

66 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

1997,” FBI, 1998. 12 Ibid. 13 Ibid. 14 “The Other-Side Lounge Bomb Components,” FBI, Press Release Poster, February 1997. 15 “’Army of God’ Claims Responsibility for Atlanta Bombings,” Reuters, February 24, 1997. 16 “The Pursuit and Capture of Eric Rudolph,”, May 16, 2005. 17 “Terrorism in the United States – 1998,” FBI, 1999. 18 “Report: Abortion Clinic Bomb Was Hidden In Plant,” Orlando Sentinel, March 9, 1998. 19 “Terrorism in the United States – 1998,” FBI, 1999. 20 Ibid. 21 Ibid. 22 Ibid. 23 “The Pursuit and Capture of Eric Rudolph,”, May 16, 2005. 24 Ibid. 25 “Rudolph Gets Life for Birmingham Clinic Attack,” CNN, July 18, 2005. 26 “Victims: Abortion Clinic Bomber Eric Rudolph Still Taunting Us From Prison,” Fox News, May 14, 2007. 27 “Extremist Chatter Praises Eric Rudolph As ‘Hero’,” Anti-Defamation League, June 3, 2003.

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Training Review

30–10 Pro Pistol Training


By Chris Graham

generally at the top end of the SWAT After my third (military) deployment re you a patrol officer who operators I was training across the to Iraq, the ATBN was disbanded and would like to shoot with more country, but an unexpected event caused I was honorably discharged from active precision than the SWAT guys? Are you a me to re-examine my skill and training. duty as a captain, with my understanding grunt that would like to shoot with more Each of the agencies I supported of gunfighting skills and training refined speed than the Special Operators? What had its’ own firearms standards. One by a few real-world gunfights. if you could join the top 10% of shooters had standards that were somewhat In the civilian world I went to work in 30 daily sessions that are each just 15 challenging. In minutes long? How would retrospect, I place you feel to discover that them as being more you could experience this Chris Graham’s demanding than any conditioning program in of the LEAs I had the privacy of your own worked with and home, without expending comparable to some live ammo? of the pre-deployment Why listen to me? Like standards for various many of you, I’ve been Special Operations shooting for most of my 30 days join the top 10% of shooters Force elements: Doable, life. I joined the Marines but challenging and at age 17 and did the unforgiving. I fired my first of what I consider qualification course of “serious shooting” as a fire and failed. Reconnaissance Marine. I was stunned. I was Some of the DOD pistol never the weak link. training I received was I spent a few seconds good (such as the Highreviewing every excuse Risk Personnel course at I could think of. Then I Quantico). Some was not. 15 minutes a day. realized I had only one Some of the guidance I was No range needed. option. Raise my game, given was excellent. Some No live ammo needed. and get my edge back. I was not. This does not replace live safety instruction. spent several days getting Later, as an officer, I had WARNING: This is a supplement. dialed back in with the privilege of serving as Copyrighted Material • ©2013 Chris Graham USPSA champion Ted a founding member of the Puente in central Florida. USMC Anti-Terrorism We burned through a Battalion (ATBN). That few thousand rounds period of my life provided and talked throughout. I realized I had let the opportunity to shoot with guys from as a consultant. I provided “operational my edge dull. I was sometimes capable of a wide range of law enforcement agencies support” to the US government in shooting the most demanding standards Afghanistan and elsewhere. I provided and foreign special operations units. and sometimes not. That was no good firearms and tactics training to a wide This opened the door for me to a wide for staying alive and that was no good for array of US government agencies for range of techniques, but I still considered staying employed. personnel with several different missions. myself an average shooter (among this With my edge sharpened, I now shoot I found that my shooting skills were peer group).



Pistol training


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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 73

that same qualification every month to demonstrate to myself that it is no challenge. I now have a very deliberate method for sustainment training. Since then I have continued to provide operational support and train US government personnel. In recent years, I have had daily use of client ranges and some clients that have provided use of significant quantities of ammo. Work has provided the opportunity to shoot with World Speed Shooting Champion Max Michel, IPSC champion Manny Bragg, and many of the guys from the gun mags. I have the pleasure of working closely with shooters from Tier-One Special Operations units. The bottom line is this. I have more precision than the average shooter and I have more speed than the average shooter, but I am an unremarkable shooter. I have made shots that my life has depended on, but I have never competed in any of the shooting sports for score and placement. I have examined the micro-details of the best I had access to. I reviewed the best advice I have ever received. What I can share with you is the best I have been exposed to. Anything that I have done, you can do. I finally accepted that there is no shortcut. I accept that there is no way to cheat your way to skill. You either take the actions necessary to retain the edge of being able to shoot your best anytime, under any circumstance, or you can expect to shoot your worst when you need it most. When you complete 30-10 you will have huge advantages over other shooters. Just as some of the most formidable samurai are believed to have studied the bow for more than a year before firing a single arrow, you will execute more than 1000 perfect dry fire shots in a precise sequence of expertly constructed sessions each designed to master a small number

of precise skills all culminating in the conditioning of highly complex and coordinated tactical shooting skills. You will have acquired tremendous precision in your actions. You will have conditioned smooth/efficient trigger operation, perfected consistent grip and conditioned

out flinch impulses all while practicing a wide range of short, fun and interesting tactical training drills. Visit the website and see the video of my infamous 200(+) yard Glock 17 shot.


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74 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

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The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013 75

76 The Counter Terrorist ~ June/July 2013

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The Counter Terrorist Magazine - June/July 2013  

Journal for Law Enforcement, Intelligence & Special Operations Professionals

The Counter Terrorist Magazine - June/July 2013  

Journal for Law Enforcement, Intelligence & Special Operations Professionals