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Piecing Together the Puzzle


Our Vision

county, Santa Barbara is both a great place to live and work and a nationally acclaimed

Michael Chiacos, President Carmen Lozano, Vice President Courtney Dietz, Vice President David Bourgeois, Treasurer David Hodges, Secretary Byron Beck Robert Caiza Hector Gonzalez Tim Burgess John Hygelund Mike Vergeer Sue Carmody

cycling destination, boasting a year-round calendar of successful, fun, and inclusive



Ed France, Executive Director

The Santa Barbara Bike Coalition (SB Bike) vision is that Santa Barbara will be a leader in creating a bicycle-friendly community and transportation system. Extensive on-road and separated bikeways, a coordinated transit system, parking, and amenities allow us to enjoy a culture where the majority of daily trips include a bicycle. As a result, our community is healthier and encourages balanced living within our resources. Universal cycling education for all ages supports the development of safe and respectful road behaviors from both motorists and cyclists. Widespread community and political support for bicycling is in place. By 2040, because it is a cycling-centered

Letter from the Editor When everyone at SBBIKE started talking about the Connecting Our Community campaign, I kept hearing phrases like “for the next generation.” I tucked that away as a nice abstract concept. Then as I was putting together this issue, it struck me just how much the younger generation in this community has been stepping up and taking the handlebars, so to speak. In this issue, meet high school students who worked hard to make a dream for the coalition come true—a dream that will bring the joy of cycling to other young people; read about infrastructure improvements on the City College campus brought to fruition by students and highlighted here by a fellow student; see photos from an SB High photographer, as well as a photographer studying at the Brooks Institute, and an illustration by a young artist, read an interview with an SBHS senior who went to New York to learn about building community and increasing cycling by an SBCC freshman and new cyclist; and check out the awesome picture of what may be the youngest bike wrencher ever (page 10). SBBIKE’s education arm is strong and thriving. And its inclusion of new cyclists, new advocates, new educators is a part of every one of its facets. Every coalition event I’ve attended has been multigenerational. Connecting Our Community—both the campaign and the myriad other ways SBBIKE fosters connection—is not just a puzzle of neighborhoods being connected through bike routes but also a puzzle of diverse faces and voices and, of course, bicycles coming together to make our community and environment stronger and healthier. I’m grateful to be part of an organization so dedicated to youth and education, to perpetuating its beliefs and incorporating them into the future puzzle of our community—to connecting this community not just for but with the next generation. Happy puzzling,

Holly Starley, QR editor COVER PHOTOS: (From left to right) racers head through Montecito during the 2013 Amgen Tour (Christine Bourgeois); the youngest participant at a recent Bici bike build (Sophia Billikopf); a toddler attending Earth Day on the back of her dad’s bike (file photo); students at La Colina Junior High showing off their skills (file photo); a happy 2013 Tour de Tent participant (Sophia Billikopf); a crowed at the 2014 National Youth Bike Summit in NYC taking in “Ride Differently” a music video produced, in part, by SB High students (Mike Vergeer)


Quick Release Spring 2014

Christine Bourgeois, Education Director Shawn Von Biela, Shop Manager Howard Booth, Membership/Volunteer Coordinator Omari Fuller and Sam Adams, Connecting Our Community leaders;

GOVT. LIAISONS & ADVISORS Matt Dobberteen, Advisor County of Santa Barbara Kent Epperson, Advisor Traffic Solutions Sarah Grant, Advisor City of Santa Barbara Teresa Lopes, Advisor City of Goleta Ralph Fertig, President Emeritus


EDITOR Holly Starley,

CONTACT US 506 E. Haley St. Santa Barbara, CA 93103 PO Box 92047 Santa Barbara, CA 93190 617-3255

CONTRIBUTE Your time: In-kind: Financially:

Join the Tour! The Biggest One Yet

Business Gold Members

Tour de Tent 2013 saw twenty cyclists camping at Carpinteria State Beach, where they shared food, music, and conversation.

The fifth annual Tour de Tent is just around the corner. So if you’re interested in joining a motley crew for a weekend of biking, camping, eating, and great company, save the date. This year’s event will be held May 3 and 4. On Saturday, bikes and participants will board the earliest train to Guadalupe and, from there, will ride south and meet up for dinner and camping at Nate Siemen’s 100-acre ranch in Santa Rita wine country. After a Sunday morning breakfast, the tour will head to Refugio

Marcia Burtt Gallery

State Beach to meet other riders who are looking to do a Sunday-only short ride, eat, and ride back to Santa Barbara from there. Register by visiting the events calendar at PHOTO BY SOPHIA BILLIKOPF.

The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition and Bici Centro would like to thank all our supporters and business members! Business Members Hazards Cycle Sport Pacific Pedalers Hoffman Architecture Mesa Business Association Landmark Global Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch Service Objects Horny Toad Pedal Born Pictures

Mesa Architects REI Isla Vista Food Coop We Bike Electric Tailwinds Bicycle Club of Santa Maria Revolution Coaching ebike Santa Barbara Jones Precision Wheels

Chatenever Ceramics Rincon Cycle Santa Barbara Cruisers Eye Specialists of Santa Barbara




Connecting Our Community Update With Nancy Mulholland, interim campaign leader New Leaders in Place SBBIKE is pleased to welcome its newest staff members, Co-Connecting Our Community leaders, Omari Fuller and Sam Adams! Contact Omari at Since the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE) launched its or Sam at

Connecting Our Community (CC) campaign in late November, the coalition has raised $76,000. Interim campaign leader Nancy Mulholland explains how CC will use the funds, earmarked for 2014, to reach the countywide long-term goal—becoming “the number one bicycling region in the country.”

Long term: To be the number one bicycling region in the country, where anyone from age eight to eighty who wishes to can bike along

QR: What are new developments since the big fundraising push?

safe, continuous, comfortable, and protected

Mulholland: We have developed working relationships with local

bikeways anywhere along the county’s South

governmental staff. We’re giving input on new projects and seeing


policy shifts. We’re participating in a Goleta Bike Route Planning

Short term (by the end of 2014):

meeting with staff from Goleta, UCSB, and the county and city of

A majority of the community will support

Santa Barbara. Five Bicycle Master Plans are being developed or

our vision as beneficial to all residents

updated in the region this year; we are offering our help and support

whether they choose to ride a bicycle or

on all of them.


Our 2014 Strategic Plan identifies six strategies—promotion,

This large-scale community support will

communication, marketing, and media coverage; engagement

result in needed changes to public policy

of the general public, including non-riders; data collection and

and standards, including the incorporation

distribution; business outreach; engagement in policy development;

of Complete Street policies and coordinated

and development of a public interactive map of all current routes,

Bike Master Plans in all South Coast

detailing current gaps in connectivity.


The volunteer pool doing the creative and detail work of this campaign—each strategy is being developed and implemented by small working groups of volunteers—continues to grow. They inspire me with their energy and passion.

Talk to your neighbors about a vision of Santa Barbara as a place where driving a car is a choice, not a necessity; what that might look like; what it feels like sharing the road now; and how that might be improved

QR: What are you most excited about?

for all users including when we choose to drive a car.

Mulholland: I am in complete synergy with the long-term goal/vision

Tell your stories. Make sure the merchants you

of this effort. Mark [my husband] and I have lived in this region for

patronize know you arrived by bike or would come

twenty years and have been fortunate to be able to use our bicycles

more often if there were safe bikeways in front of their

for the majority of our daily trips in the South Coast. Now I want to

business. Thank those who offer secure bike parking.

be confident in taking my ten-year-old grandchild with me on any of these trips and knowing that children can ride safely to school or anywhere else.


Campaign Goals

Offer your talents and skills by joining one of the campaign working groups or sharing your ideas on their forums. Find both at

QR: How can people become involved and/or support this

(See “Get Involved” in the Connecting Our Community


dropdown menu.)

Mulholland: If you are not yet a member of the coalition, go to the

If you haven’t yet donated to the campaign fundraiser,

Web site and join or renew! Numbers do count.

consider a donation now.

Quick Release Spring 2014


Map to Offer Puzzle Preview at Earth Day “We’re going geodesic!” says SBBIKE executive director Ed France

4). France is thrilled to “use the fun and spectacle element

when asked what’s new for Bike World at Earth Day 2014 (April

of Earth Day to convey our shared challenge of putting the

26 and 27). And the geodesic dome designed to replicate the

pieces of the puzzle together.”

experience visitors enjoy at Bici Centro isn’t even what France is most excited about.

When France talks about puzzling pieces together, he means it literally. While the South Coast has a number of great

So what’s really got him going? A twenty-five-foot long, interactive

bike routes in place, many gaps and routes in need of repair

map of the South Coast. The map, which Bike World visitors will

make the bikeways incomplete. The map will let people

get to play with, is a way for SBBIKE to reach out to the public

see clearly both the missing pieces and the vision of what

about its new Connecting Our Community campaign (see page

the complete puzzle will look like. “A missing bike link in your neighborhood might be in the middle of somebody’s commute to work or wherever they need to go,” notes France. SBBIKE has been participating in Earth Day since the early

ost “... bicycling is the m t os direct way that m of us can contribute to lessening our int environmental footpr and contributing to a healthier, safer community.”

Painted Bikes

1990s. As always, folks who bike to Earth Day can bring their rides to Bike World and valets will park and keep them safe. So why is Earth Day such an important event for SBBIKE? That’s an easy question for France to answer: “Because celebrating saving our planet is an important part of environmentalism, and bicycling is the most direct way that most of us can contribute to lessening our environmental footprint and contributing to a healthier, safer community.”

raffled at three upcoming events. Proceeds will

What do you get when you combine

benefit SBBIKE’s Connecting Our Community

talented local artists, bikes, and spring


cycling events? Five radical, original painted bicycles, one of which could be yours.

The painted bikes will make their debut at Earth Day on Saturday, April 26, as part of SBBIKE’s bike art fashion show, a prelude to Traffic Solutions’ annual

Frame builders Rex Stephens of Santa Barbara Cruisers and

Velo Vogue fashion show. See them next on display

Rudy Jung of Gold Coast Cycles are collaborating with select

at the Vela Vogue show, as it kicks off CycleMAYnia

local artists to create themed pieces, such as an underwater

on May 1. Two weeks later, at the May 15 Amgen

kelp creation. The rest of the themes will be a surprise, “but we

Tour celebration, the painted bikes will make their

have all kinds of exciting possibilities in the making,” promises

final appearance.

Howard Booth, one of the project’s coordinators. “We’ve talked to a lot of artists who are really excited about the possibilities of bikes as a canvas.” And, Booth explains, the finished products will be much more than just colorful, pretty bikes. These artistic creations will be on display and auctioned or

“We are accessing a new group of people through this art project and the Connecting our Community campaign,” says Robin Elander, primary Velo Vogue coordinator. “That’s really something to be excited about.” ILLUSTRATION BY ALLI RICKARDS.



FUN STUFF Across 4. Saddlebags cyclists use to carry their belongings on tours 5. First name of Connecting Our Community’s interim leader (and volunteer of the quarter) 7. Tour de France-style road race through California that will be in Santa Barbara on May 15 10. What will be auctioned at three spring bike events Down 1. SBBIKE’s booth at Earth Day 2. SBBIKE’s community DIY bike shop 3. Annual two-day overnight cycling trip in May, starting in Guadalupe this year 4. Type of racks newly installed at SBCC 6. This issue’s featured SBBIKE member perk 8. 2014 National Youth Bike Summit location, attended by two SBHS students and one SBBIKE board member 9. Protective headgear that should always be worn while biking 11. First name of SBici (the bike club at SBHS) president

VOLUNTEER BIKE LIGHT Nancy Mulholland, interim

Favorite Bike: That is sort of like asking me which is my

leader of the Connecting Our

favorite child (we have five). They are all very different

Community campaign

and I love them all.

Nancy has allowed us to

The bike that I use the most is my Breezer. It is my town

launch an advocacy campaign

bike and workhorse—the one that goes to the grocery

on the scale of Connecting

store every week, to SBBIKE meetings, to the library

Our Community well before

and post office, to church on Sundays, and anywhere

we’d have been able to

else I need to be in the city of Santa Barbara.

hire a professional staff.

But my new touring bike is calling me from the garage.

Her professionalism and commitment has brought our

Favorite Bike Trip: Most of our travel is by bicycle. So

youth bicycle education, as well

this is another hard question. My favorite cross-country

as an advocacy campaign that’s

was the Transamerica from Virginia to Oregon; my

going to positively change Santa Barbara in a lasting way.

Nancy Mulholland and her Breezer.

Nancy leads by example and shows that volunteerism isn’t just showing up; it’s lending your professional skills in a way that can have a transformative impact. Thanks for all you do, Nancy!


Quick Release Spring 2014

favorite international was Amsterdam to Santiago and back along the Camino pilgrim route. The Williamette Valley is a beautiful few days of riding. And of course, Jasper to Lake Louise along the Icefield Parkway is hard to beat for awesome scenery and no trucks.


SBHS STUDENTS BIKING IN THE SNOW? By Alli Rickards Intern Alli Rickards, the QR’s newest addition, talks long plane rides, snow, and the national youth bicycling movement with Sergio Garcia, SB High’s Bike Club president. What Sergio Garcia, president of Santa Barbara High School’s Bike Club, took away from his recent trip to New York for the National Youth Bike Summit was a renewal of his desire to create a biking community, and so far he’s doing a great job. I sat down with Sergio at SB High’s Bike Shop, a part of SB High, and talked to him about his experience in New York, biking in Santa Barbara, and how he’d like to create a larger biking community at home. “We want to make something bigger,” he told me. I’m new to Santa Barbara and biking in general, and I found Sergio’s enthusiasm and how much he really seemed to care truly inspiring. What he said made me want to be involved too.

Sergio Garcia and Dylan Carmody introduce “Ride Differently” a music video produced by Daniel Girard in collaboration with SB High Students, Traffic Solutions, and the Dons Net Cafe that highlights “the benefits of safe biking to school and the impact that our personal choices make on our environment.” View the video at BY MIKE VERGEER.

The National Youth Bike Summit is a gathering of biking communities from states across the nation. Once a year, students, advocates, activists, and community leaders come together to share ideas, work together, and make connections on a national level. National Youth Summit believes that bicycling is a way to create positive social change, that youth can and should lead, and that sharing and learning together will make us stronger. Accompanied by fellow student Dylan Carmody and an advisor, SB Bike’s Mike Vergeer, Sergio set off on February 13 for a six and half-hour plane ride to New York, where he would bike for the first time in the snow. His favorite part, he said, was biking over the Williamsburg Bridge all the way to Central Park. “My hands were freezing,” he told me with a chuckle. Though most of their time was spent at the summit, they did get to enjoy some time out on the town, having dinner at a Greek restaurant and seeing Times Square. In addition to talking about creating community, Sergio also learned a lot about fundraising at the summit. SB High’s bike club does a lot of volunteer work, such as working at the Sol Food festival and Earth Day and bike valeting at events, and he’d like to apply his newfound knowledge to the Santa Barbara community. “I would really like to see a bike parade here in Santa Barbara,” he told me.

Sergio and Dylan used New York City’s bike share program to bike around the city at the 2014 National Youth Bike Summit. PHOTO BY MIKE VERGEER.

If he does the organizing, I for one will be there.



Youth Bike Fleet Dream Comes True The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition has launched the Youth Bicycle Fleet—a trailer and a fleet of new youth bikes to help bring safe bicycle education throughout the community. This $12,000 project was the result of funds raised by student leaders at SB High School. At the January fleet ribbon cutting, two of those leaders from SBici (the bike club at SBHS), Sergio Garcia and Dylan Carmody, shared their experience of how they raised enough money for the purchase. Three years earlier, a feasibility study showed that a trailer and bike fleet would triple the number of students SBBIKE could reach. Attaining the trailer and fleet has been a dream for the coalition ever since, but lack of funding was an obstacle, said SBBIKE staff Ed France and Christine Bourgeois.

Standing next to the new trailer, SBHS senior Dylan Carmody talks about his and fellow students’ efforts to make SBBIKE’s dream of a Youth Bicycle Fleet come true. PHOTO BY TERRA COBIANI OF SB HIGH’S DONS NET CAFE.

Carmody, now a senior at SBHS, saw a way to overcome the funding obstacle. With the help of another SBHS student, he approached community businesses for sponsorship and worked with Pedal Born Pictures filmmakers, Jacob and Isaac Siegel-Boettner, to show their movie Single Track High at the Lobero. Now, thanks to “our visionary youth,” the trailer and the new mobile bike fleet will be used for community events and bike education in PE classes, France and Bourgeois told the crowd of over fifty who came to celebrate the launch. Carmody acknowledged all the supporters—Montecito


Bank & Trust, the City of Santa Barbara, the Towbes Group, Bartlett Pringle & Wolf, Agility Capital, American Riviera Bank, Hazards Cycle Sport, Santa Barbara Middle School, Trek, Bicycle Bob’s, Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers (SBMTV), and Pedal Born Pictures.

CMYK / .ai

Facebook “f ” Logo

CMYK / .ai

Follow SBBike and Bici Centro on Facebook

SBBIKE’s education coordinator Christine Bourgeois and SBici president Sergio Garcia cut the ribbon. PHOTO BY TERRA COBIANI OF SB HIGH’S DONS NET CAFE.


Quick Release Spring 2014



sustainable practices but civic engagement,

Barbara City College are

project management, and the power of

breathing a collective

collaboration between the private, nonprofit,

sigh of relief thanks to an

and public sectors,” said Offutt. Proud that

ongoing project replacing

SBCC took on her team’s project, Offutt

old and adding new bicycle

hopes to keep the conversation flowing

infrastructure. “This is

for future bike improvements because, she

truly a project by students,

says, “Transportation equity is one important

for students,” said Mark

part of the larger movement toward a local,

Broomfield head of SBCC’s

sustainable, and just world.”

facilities and operations.

The project, currently in phase II of III, has

Nearly gone are the headaches surrounding

replaced about half the 524 parking slots The new rack at SBCC. PHOTO BY KEVIN MCCLINTOCK.

secure bike parking at the campus, and more improvements (Dero Fix-It Stations and bike lockers) are on the way.

thus far and includes some sought-after

additions. The most notable of the ten bike rack areas on campus was the Physical Sciences plaza, with its decomposed granite surface getting great reviews from students in comparison to boulders and dirt. The locations

A year ago, in the college’s Projects in Sustainability

of the ten Dero 300 lockers and two Dero Fix-It Stations (complete with

class, Olivia Offutt and her team were brainstorming

bike mechanic stand, pump, and tools) are being determined, as is the

ways to positively impact the campus and greater

possibility of a new bike plaza next to the stadium. All work should be

community when SBBIKE executive director Ed

completed by the end of June. Broomfield added, “This project has been

France spoke to the class about available Measure

amazing to work on, and all three of the contractors, Peak Racks, Dero,

A funding and the possibility of replacing outdated

and Coastal Construction, have been a pleasure to work with and have

bike racks with San Luis Obispo’s Peak Racks.

thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.”

Offutt’s group took the idea and pedaled hard. The group determined Peak Bicycle Racks would be a great fit; Peak was local, their rack designs were

Next time you’re riding through the mesa, stop by and check out some public transportation equity in action.

space saving, they would melt down the old racks and recycle more than 93 percent of the materials, in full.


The bike team applied for Measure A funding, citing

Two young Santa Maria Pedal

the benefits of Peak Racks and highlighting the

Power participants show off

limitations of the old, heavily used racks. Students

their new rides, courtesy of

were often seen carrying their bikes over shoulder

Tailwinds Biking Club of Santa

through a maze of rubber and fenders. Non-U-lock

Maria. The club has become a member of SBBIKE and has been

friendly racks forced those who wanted to lock

very involved with helping the Pedal Power teachers in Santa

their bikes to take up three spaces at a time—the

Maria, sending club members to ride with the students and,

proverbial motor homes in the lot. The group was

recently, donating these two bicycles. Pedal Power is a county-

awarded the money to move forward with the

wide SBBIKE program that teaches junior high students street


skills and basic bike mechanics. “They know it’s a stretch for us,”

and they were willing to come evaluate the campus

The “Projects” class, as it’s often referred to, which breaks down traditional barriers between students and administration, was living up to its name. The class “inherently teaches students not just

says SBBIKE Education Coordinator Christine Bourgeois. “They love what we’re doing as a coalition, and they want to help us out.” She adds that seeing the kids get their new bikes was a joy. “They were so excited!”



Bici Volunteers Build Bikes for Youth Programs

Counter clockwise from top left: The youngest volunteer, no less diligent for his youth. Bici’s lot. Youth bikes for SBBIKE’s Pedal Power. Bici shop manager Shawn Von. PHOTOS BY SOPHIA BILLIKOPF

This March, a group of Bici volunteers met at the DIY shop to fix up rides for SBBIKE’s

Summer Cycling Camps Coming Up

Pedal Power. The program, as well as

Want to help your student prepare to bike safely to junior high? Check

its sister program, the Summer Cycling

out SBBIKE’s Summer Cycling Camps, hosted at two locations. The

Camps, bring cycling to middle schools

Goleta Valley Junior High camp will be held June 9–13, and the Santa

and junior highs students across the

Barbara Junior High camp will be June 16–20. Both will be from 9:00

county. Participants learn the ins and outs

a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

of riding on the streets, basic mechanics, the importance of proper nutrition, and more. They get to go on rides with League Certified Instructors and volunteers. In addition, Pedal Power allows those who need a bike to earn one by

A helmet and bike in working condition are required. Participants will learn basic bike mechanics; review bike handling skills, signage, visibility on the road, group riding etiquette, choosing the best route on a bike map; and much more. Every day, the groups (a maximum of twelve riders) will ride neighborhood streets with licensed cycling instructors.

completing the program. To volunteer or

Space is limited, so register early. To register, go to

learn more, visit or call Christine at 805/6996301.


Quick Release Spring 2014


New Business Member Feature:

Bicycle Bob’s Consolidates New Showcase Store Welcome to Bicycle Bob’s awesome

For over twenty years, Bicycle Bob’s has

new 9,400-square foot shop at 320

annually won the Best of and People’s Choice

S. Kellogg Street in Old Town Goleta!

Awards surveys conducted by the Santa Barbara

Yes, I said 9,400 square feet. The newly

Independent and the Santa Barbara News-Press.

renovated space is designed to allow

At the new Bicycle Bob’s, you’ll still receive that

for a comfortable shopping experience,

same excellent customer service every time

whether you are bringing a bike in for

you walk or ride into the store. Their top-notch

repair or looking to purchase a new

mechanics will be able to repair anything, from a

road, mountain, hybrid, commuter,

simple flat on your kid’s first bike to replacing the

or kid’s bike. There are racks of gear,

bottom bracket on your carbon fiber road bike.

accessories and clothing. Want to get personally fit for your new bike? You’ll

Bicycles have been Bob’s life. True story, he met

love the state-of-the-art, glass-enclosed

his wife, Julia, at his dad’s old store by offering to take her on a bike ride. Thirty-five years later, they

bike fit area. Need a shot of caffeine? Check out the coffee bar and comfy chairs!

Bob Zaratzian and his wife, Julia. Bicycle Bob’s public grand opening will be April 11, 12, and 13

still love to ride together!

Bicycle Bob’s has come a long way! Bob’s first store in Santa Barbara was a very small 890-square foot shop on

Join and Renew

upper State Street in 1983. Bob has been in the bike shop


business his entire life, learning about repairs, sales, and customer service from his father who owned a small store in New York City.

Featured Membership Perk

o o o o o o o

Individual, 1-year $30 Individual, 2-year $55 Household*, 1-year $45 Household*, 2-year $85 Business*, 1-year $100 Business Gold*, 1-year $250 Donate

Member Library


Being a Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition member


comes with a whole lot of sweet perks! Each issue the Quick Release will be featuring one of those awe-

# A Business Gold membership includes advertising! *Household and Business memberships may include up to four members.


some reasons to join or take advantage of if you’re already a member. Now unveiling—the Member Library! Want to try out a new type of ride? Need a spare for a visitor? An array of bicycles is available at Bici Centro for members to borrow, including utility bikes, electric bikes, tandems, and the family tandem. To reserve your ride from the member library, simply call Bici at 805/617-3255. To join or renew your membership, go to or use the membership form.

city,state,zip phone email Make check payable to the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition PO Box 92047 Santa Barbara, CA 93190-2047 The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, so donations are tax deductable as allowed by law.






Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition PO Box 92047 Santa Barbara, CA 93190-2047

More than 30 great bike events during Bike Month in May! Don’t miss thes e headliner events!

Bike Challenge - May 1-31 5-member teams compete for fame, fitness & to raise money for charity

VeloVogue Bicycle Fashion Show - May 1 Live show, music, and beer garden • 5:00 - 7:30PM, Paseo Nuevo Mall Followed by Bike Moves “Prom” Ride at De la Guerra Plaza and Kick-Off Party at Bici Centro

Tour de Tent - May 3-4 2-day bike tour and camp-out through the hills, valleys and coastlines of SB County

Bike to School Day - May 7

Visit the website for full event listings.

At participating South Coast schools

Tweed Ride & Bike-In Movie - May 8

Tweed & vintage ride, food & Triplets of Belleville • 6PM, SB Historical Museum

Bike to Work Week - May 13-16 Breakfasts and celebrations for bike commuters in Goleta, Santa Barbara & Carpinteria

Amgen Tour of California - May 15 Stage 5 finish on Cabrillo Blvd.

Goo d



cle an fu

A program of:

Quick Release Spring 2014  

Piecing together the puzzle- Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalitions news