Santa Barbara Beautiful 2023 Annual Awards Program

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Cover image San Marcos Preserve (detail) by Kevin Gleason, see page 30

Rooted in Beauty... Santa Barbara Beautiful 59th Annual Awards Celebration Music Academy, Santa Barbara, CA Sunday, October 1st, 2023














Kata Rosa



Santa Barbara


805 -962-1422



NS Ceramic – Artistic “Kata Rosa” Ad for SB Beautiful Awards

A Message From The President


S 2023 ROLLS INTO AUTUMN, I'm filled with gratitude for the work of my board colleagues as they've rolled up their sleeves to carry out Santa Barbara Beautiful's mission of supporting beautification in our community.

That role takes on different aspects depending which board member you talk with – one might focus on planting trees, another on art or children's exhibitions. Or, they might focus on preserving history or helping the next generation take its place among our community leaders. No matter what projects inspire them, though, board members' efforts are bound to include cooperation and collaboration. In addition to beautification, the board's focus has been on moving forward. This year has been a time of rebuilding and supporting long-time, almost institutional projects. With Santa Barbara Beautiful's help, the city has again planted over 200 trees. And, it was a great year to plant trees due to the extra rains. The board has also been active supporting our community arts and culture partners.

Kerry Ellen Methner

Asking important questions is part of the board's work, too... How can we meet our mission? What's needed in our community to support beautification, connection, and volunteerism? What does the community need? Our job is to listen – to each other and to our community. That includes listening to all of you in attendance at this very important annual awards program. Today we are honoring those who do excellent work. We're shining a light and saying thank-you. And we're doing a little bragging about just how special Santa Barbara and the people who live and work here are. Santa Barbara started out beautiful and each year many individuals, organizations, and governmental bodies add to its beauty. We say, thankyou to everyone who steps up and takes part in the process.

Photo by Jeffrey Sipress

Our board is a bit leaner than in the past, but it is made up of talented and dedicated people who are focused on being a conduit for action, recognition, support, and vision. We hope you'll share our vision and join us as we move on down the road toward a more beautiful and connected community.

2023 Santa Barbara Beautiful Board of Directors Jacqueline Dyson, Jeffrey Sipress, Penny Haberman, Leslee Sipress, Ebony Ross, Kerry Methner, JoAnn Mermis, Kate Kurlas, Lucrezia DeLeon, Marcella Simmons, Mark Whitehurst, Stephanie Williams, David Gress, Nathan Slack. Not Pictured: Susan Bradley, Caroline Rutledge, Christine Holland A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 3

Nestled above the Pacific Ocean in the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains, El Encanto, a Belmond Hotel, invites you to unwind and draw inspiration from this vivid sensory oasis.



59th Annual Awards

Reception & Celebration

Music Academy

Marilyn Horne Main House & Kuehn Court Sunday, October 1st, 2023 • 2 - 5pm


2 to 3:50pm ~ Cocktail Reception Kuehn Court v Appetizers by Kay Bowman Catering v Libations: La Lieff & Hitching Post Wines, Local Beer, Sparkling Water v Musical Troubadours: Arrival: Alex Schwipper, Accordion Garden: Vocalist Marisa Pasquini with Mike Witt, Guitar

Awards Celebration

4 to 5pm ~ Awards Celebration, Lehman Ballroom Master of Ceremonies John Palminteri Welcome by Kerry Methner, Santa Barbara Beautiful President A Word from Eric Friedman, Santa Barbara City Councilmember and SBB Liaison v President’s Award: Dignity Moves presented by SBC Supervisor Das Williams (page 9) v Single Family Residence, Small Lot: 2030 Anacapa Street (page 11) v Architectural Feature: Augie’s Restaurant, 700 State Street - #A (page 15) v Jacaranda Award for Community Service: Joan Rutkowski presented by Nir Kabaretti (page 19) v Single Family Residence, Large Lot: 910 Camino Viejo (page 23) v Playa de SB Award for Environmental Stewardship: Santa Barbara Channelkeeper (page 29) v Hugh & Marjorie Petersen Award for Art in Public Places: Tiny Libraries (page 31) v Commercial Building (Historic): Trinity Episcopal Church, 1500 State St. presented by Marcella Simmons (page 33) v Commercial Sign: Crafters Library (page 35) v Commercial Building (Mixed-Use): The Hawkes Building, 1835 State Street (page 39) Following the Awards v A sweet & something special for the road...

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 5

Santa Barbarbara Beautiful 2023

Our Mission at Play in the Community


ATURAL BEAUTY AND CREATED BEAUTY form the landscape of our community and Santa Barbara Beautiful’s efforts are centered on sustaining, encouraging, and championing their confluence.

Education & Scholarships

youth, and adults to the necessity of planting trees for beauty and the need to actively choose to create a healthy place to live. This year three schools welcomed SBB in for Arbor Day Celebrations.

In conjunction with Arbor Day, SBB donates treerelated children’s and adult books to school and public libraries, in order to encourage reading and spread the word about the necessity of being aware of the environment. SBB has also supported publication of various books such as Alice's Garden and books by local poets.

Beautification can be approached from many angles. At Santa Barbara Beautiful we recognize that aesthetics and an appreciation of beauty can depend on education. SBB has collaborated with the SBCC Foundation to fund scholarships for City College Environmental Horticulture students for nearly two decades. In recent years SBB has added a scholarship through the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara.

This year's Arbor Day saw the distribution of two books to area schools and libraries, including: The Boy Who Grew A Forest by Sophia Gholz and A Tree A Day by Amy-Jane Beer. These Arbor Day tree planting ceremonies have contributed to Santa Barbara qualifying as a Tree City USA for over four decades. The City annually recognizes SBB's Arbor Day contributions with an official proclamation presented by the Mayor at City Hall.

Tree photos by David Gress

But it doesn't stop there. Since its inception, Santa Barbara Beautiful has supported Arbor Day – celebrations in schools. The ever popular tree plantings by school children are opportunities to participate. These programs raise the awareness of children,

A favorite local colorful tree, the Jacaranda is one of Santa Barbara's official city trees. 6

The move to connect through education also appears in SBB's ever-popular Tree of the Month column written by Past President and Certified Arborist David Gress. The column, complete with beautiful photos, is posted on the SBB website; featured online at and published in VOICE Magazine,

receiving thousands of reads. Find a story about trees by David in this program book on page 12.

Santa Barbara's Urban Forest Santa Barbara Beautiful's commitment to growing and sustaining the urban forest has resulted in over 13,000 trees being planted, funded by Santa Barbara Beautiful in partnership with the City of Santa Barbara. This is a multidecade annual commitment to support our city's living environment. Trees and the health of the urban forest continue to be a major priority and at the core of our mission.

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A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360






One of Santa Barbara Beautiful's Own


ORI ANN KARI, a dedicated two decade member of the Santa Barbara Beautiful board of directors passed away on July 16th in her Santa Barbara home after a brief illness. She was 62. Lori grew up in California and moved to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB. She went on to study Architecture and passed her boards a few years later. An architect, Lori was approachable, respected, and a generous community member. She offered her time, skills, and good nature as a volunteer, serving Lori Ann Kari on the boards of the Architectural 1960-2023 Foundation of Santa Barbara (AFSB), Santa Barbara Beautiful, and the Santa Barbara Bowl. At AFSB she helped create the Scholarship programs and the annual SFSB Scholarship Reception to honor student recipients. Lori was also a strong supporter of the Kids Draw Architecture Program and helped procure sponsorships from organizations and individuals, one of those being Santa Barbara Beautiful. As a board member of Santa Barbara Beautiful she served on the Horticulture and Annual Awards Committees including chairing the Annual Awards Judging Committee. Lori also served as liaison between SBB and AFSB on an array of projects. Always engaged in her community - from gardening to sailing. Over the years she was part of an all women racing crew made up of her friends, Lori was also a longtime concert goer. She especially enjoyed attending concerts at the Santa Barbara Bowl and volunteered there often, eventually became a member of the board. She was on the Bowl board for 22 years; serving on the Facilities Committee and working on the Masterplan that guided its many phases of construction. With a sister in Europe, Lori loved to travel and revisited Germany, Italy, and Switzerland several times. She was a great hiker and always up for an adventure. She took many trips with girlfriends from Ojai to Puerto Rico and to Colorado to visit her “Steamboat Sista’s”. She also loved beach walks with her companion Bill Bench and their Australian Shepard Meka.







Lori leaves behind so many associates and friends who will miss her dearly. Santa Barbara Beautiful certainly does. Lori is survived by her companion Bill Bench of Santa Barbara, her sister Heidi and niece Jeanette of Germany, and her beloved dog Meka. In honor of Lori, Santa Barbara Beautiful dedicated a tree in her memory in front of AFSB.

President's Award

DignityMoves Santa Barbara P

ROMISING HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY, DignityMoves came to town as the pandemic set in. The local housing shortage had created a difficult situation for residents, with many eventually finding themselves living on the street. Because permanent housing can take years to build, and a lack of shelter beds to meet the immediate needs of many unhoused residents, DignityMoves in collaboration with the Santa Barbara County, began planning to bridge the gap between people living on the street and those same people finding permanent housing. Together they created 34 units of interim supportive housing in downtown Santa Barbara. Each unit has a door that locks, a window, a bed, a desk, heat and air conditioning. There are also dining and community spaces, a computer lab, pet area, community gardens, and storage for residents’ belongings. These units offer some of the county's most vulnerable residents the chance to live with dignity. In a matter of months, rather than years, and at a cost much less than permanent housing, DignityMoves completed the units. Now, with the downtown project regularly graduating residents into permanent housing, the County Board of Supervisors and others are partnering on several additional projects that together will provide enough interim supportive housing to close the County’s shelter gap. The original Santa Barbara Welcome Home Santa Barbara County location, located at 1016 Santa Campaign Barbara Street, touches the Capital heart of our community, making it a project worthy of recognition and this year's recipient of this year's Santa Barbara County President's Award.


Photos courtesy of DignityMoves

– Kerry Methner, 2023 Board President

Business Owner Representative: Marge Cafarelli, DignityMoves Project Architect: Drew Armetta, Gensler Project Builder – General Contractor: Aaron Mckean, Mckean Construction Project Builder/ Contractor: Bryan Henson, Bevy House A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 9

Congratulations to all Santa Barbara Beautiful 2023 Award Winners!


Bryan Pollard A r c h i t e c t

Santa Barbar a, Califor nia w w w. b r y a n p o l l a r d a rc h i t e c t . c o m | 8 0 5 - 6 8 0 - 8 5 6 8

Residential  Commercial Pools  Spas  Water Features  Remodels

Award-winning Designs and Installation www.wildwood (559)439-7311

Featured Santa Barbara Inn 10

533 O L I V E S T R E E T • S A N T A B A R B A R A , CA 93101 W W W .M C K E A N C O N S T R U C T I O N . N E T

Single Family Home - Small Lot

2030 Anacapa Street B UILT IN A CLASSIC SANTA


1915 home offers exquisite wall and

window proportions with details that bring out

its artistry and accent it as a charming piece of Santa Barbara’s heritage.

With white walls, red tile roof, tile steps, and a variety of colorful, drought tolerant landscape plantings in areas of shade and sun, Santa Barbara sandstone stonework, heavy mulching to preserve water, and decomposed granite pathways to aid water absorption, the residence shines as a Santa Barbara beauty. With recent repairs and restoration efforts adding to the picture, this home has a sense of new life... bringing pleasure for all who see it as they pass through the neighborhood. It sets a great example of how to care for an older home, making it a perfect single family


Project Owner: Ellen Robinson Project Designer / Architect: Bryan Pollard, Bryan Pollard Architect Project Landscape Architect: Rob Maday, Bosky Landscape Architecture Project Landscape Architect: Brooks Mikkelsen, Project Manager, Bosky Landscape Architecture Project Builder - General Contractor: Aaron McKean, McKean Construction Stone and Masonry Contractor: Ramon Lazano, Stone and Masonry A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 11

Photos by Jacqueline Dyson

Photos by Caroline Rutlege

home honoree.

Santa Barbara Beautiful – Supporting a Sustainable Urban Forest


SBB has many tree related community educational outreach efforts, including:

By David Gress, Chair, SBB Horticulture Committee

ANTA BARBARA IS FAMOUS FOR ITS LUSH LANDSCAPES along a picturesque coastline. However, real challenges face our green environment, particularly our trees. In recent years, extremes in the weather have taken a heavy toll, resulting in the decline of our aging urban forest.

Recognizing the critical importance of trees - for climate resilience, for improved air quality, for reduced heat-island effect, for the mental and physical health of all citizens, for the aesthetics in our neighborhoods, and for increased property values - Santa Barbara Beautiful continues to explore ways to ensure the health, preservation, and further development of our urban forest. SBB's Board members have always believed that community involvement is the key to its success. Ongoing partnerships with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, with local nurseries, with volunteers, and with other community organizations, will ensure the planting of more trees.

• arranging the annual Arbor Day tree planting ceremonies at local elementary schools; • annually donating books related to trees to our local schools and libraries; and Photo by David Gress

Since its inception in 1965, Santa Barbara Beautiful’s mission has been to enhance our city - a mission realized, in part, through the donation of funds used to plant, to date, over 13,000 trees on our streets and in parks.

• organizing events for planting of street trees by neighbors in their own neighborhoods;

• publishing Tree-of-the-Month columns, in a local newspaper and online, and permanently archiving them at All these efforts are made to encourage citizen awareness and appreciation of trees - and to inspire residents, of all ages, to value the beauty and usefulness of trees.

We plan to ensure that funds will always be available for the planting of trees species that have historically been planted in the City - and to obtain and plant additional tree species that would be appropriate and sustainable here, given our changing environment. SBB is a shining example of how a dedicated group of individuals can come together to make a lasting positive impact on their community. By providing funds for trees and by promoting environmental stewardship, we are not only beautifying Santa Barbara but moving it closer to a greener, more sustainable, and more vibrant future.

Congratulations Santa Barbara Beautiful!

La Lieff Tasting Room 210 Gray Ave Santa Barbara CA 93101 Funk Zone @lalieffwines 12

Live Beautifully & Enjoy Por La Mar Nursery 905 South Patterson Avenue Santa Barbara, CA 805.699.4500 | 800.733.5286

Photography by Fred Licht

In loving memory of Lori Kari, AIA

Appleton pArtners llp - Architects Santa Monica & Santa Barbara | 310-828-0430

229 E Victoria St • Santa Barbara, CA


Happy. Healthy. Home.

Santa Barbara’s Premier Shopping & Dining Destination Step into the European allure of La Arcada Plaza. Venture beyond the ordinary, into a landscape of unique boutiques and culinary delights.

BUI L D A L L EN.C O M | 805.884.8777

LICENSE #503300

Congratulations to all of this year’s Santa Barbara Beautiful winners!

It ’s not just a place, it ’s an experience. SHOPPING




Ace Rivington Catherine Gee Coast 2 Coast Collections Field Trip Lewis & Clark Renaissance Fine Consignment

Andersen’s Bakery & Restaurant Barbieri & Kempe Wines Hook and Press Mizza Petit Valentien Pizza Mizza State & Fig

La Tavola Fine Linens Lucky Puppy Salon U The Barber Shop The Crafter’s Library Urban Optics

Gallery 113 The Yes Store Waterhouse Gallery In the Arts District at 1114 State Street, Santa Barbara @la_arcada_plaza_official 14

The Lotusland Japanese Garden See more at

Architectural Feature

Augie's Restaurant B

OLD AND IMAGINATIVE STROKES form a unique design at the one-of-a-kind corner space at State and Ortega Streets. A Moroccan flair salutes the historical design

context, in this project that finds magic in the details.

Many interesting architectural features adorn the commercial space including stucco

finials, wrought iron railings, tiled arches, colorful ceramic pots, and a mature palm tree rising through the middle of the restaurant, painstakingly situated and planted. The unique features harmoniously provide a feast of visual riches that are memorable to all who stroll by the historic downtown corner. The design qualities of this building are an amazing addition to the urban fabric of Santa Barbara and make Augie's a winning entry for a Santa Barbara Beautiful

Photos by Jeff Shelton

Architectural Feature award.


Business Owner: Karen and Berkeley “Augie” Johnson Project Designer: Jeff Shelton Architect, Jeff Shelton Architect Project Architect: Jeff Shelton Architect, Jeff Shelton Architect Project General Contractor: Terry Bottenfield, Bottenfield Construction Project Landscape Contractor/ Maintenance: Rosendo Valencia, Valencia Tree & Landscaping Archway Tilework: Andres Cintura Ortiz, Roadrunner Tile Ironwork: Isaac Anguiano & David Shelton, Isaac Ornamental Metals A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 15

Santa Barbara Beautiful Past Presidents

Catherine Adams Founder

Pearl Chase Founder

John Pitman July – Dec 1966

James A. “Bud” Bottoms 1967

Grant Castleberg 1971

Luba Carleton 1975

Walter Barrows 1977

H. George Kallusky 1978 & 1979

Mary Lou Jacobsen (Schmidt) 1980

Dan Condon 1984 & 1985

Richard Riffero 1986 & 1987

Howard Hudson 1990 & 1991

Rosalind Rea Gies (Amorteguy) 1992 & 1993

David Gress 1994, 1995, & 1996

Bruce Van Dyke 1997 & 1998

Norman King 1999 & 2000

Mark Whitehurst 2001, 2002, & 2003

Desmond O’Neill 2004, 2005, & 2006

Courtney Seeple 2007 & 2008

Kerry Methner 2009 & 2010

Ginny Brush 2011

Robert F. Adams 2012

Christie Gallagher 2013

Kate Kurlas 2014

Jeanette Casillas 2015

Ricardo Castellanos 2016

JoAnn Mermis 2017

Jacqueline Dyson 2018

Penny Haberman 2019-20

Deobrah Shwartz 2021-2022

More Santa Barbara Beautiful Past Presidents (Not Pictured)

Kerry Methner 2023

• R. Peter Krupsczak, January – June 1966 • Max L. Feldman, 1968 • David Lloyd, 1969 & 1970 • Dunckley Murray, 1972 • Elizabeth H. Ramser, Jan – Aug 1973 • Barbara Landis, 1973 & 1974 • Ken Taylor, 1976 • Orville Bond, 1981 • Ronald McGurer, 1982 & 1983 • Rosemary Reed, 1988 & 1989

Opera Santa Barbara - SBB Award Joan Rutkowski Ad 2.pdf



Santa Barbara Beautiful:


The Early Years

MEETING certificate, designed by James WAS HELD on “Bud” Bottoms, was used at this September 9, 1965 at first affair. City Hall to establish At the annual awards banquet Santa Barbara Beautiful as the 1979, Mayor Shiffman expressed name of a new organization. his high regard to The founder, SBB for calling the Catherine Adams, public’s attention to was present. The the importance of founding committee recognizing projects included Mahlon of beauty in the Read, chairman; Dr. community. He noted Pearl Chase (City that the program “was Plans & Planting); done without taxation, R. Peter Krupszak, essentially a love Catherine Adams Secretary; Stan C. Founder offering from private Lowry (Chamber citizens.” Of Commerce); and For many years, SBB Michael Pahos, city commemorated Dr. landscape architect. At Pearl Chase’s birthday this meeting Dr. Chase as a part of the program quoted Abraham during the annual Lincoln, saying, “I like awards banquets. Roses to see a [person] proud from the Mission Rose of the place where Pearl Chase Garden were used to [they] live.” She said Founder decorate every table. she felt a motto could help to crystallize community The story of the life of Dr. thinking and stimulate interest. Chase (1888–1979) is very well Thus the idea for Santa Barbara known, but perhaps it is not so Beautiful took root. well known that she was one of the founding members of Santa Santa Barbara Beautiful was Barbara Beautiful. She was an formally inaugurated at a dinner active participating member of the which took place days later, Board of Directors down through on September 15, 1965 at the the years. Her contributions were Miramar, launching the active, many. achievement-oriented civic organization. Both Dr. Chase and Jim Hodges dearly loved trees and all The fledgling organization growing things, and they strongly with R. Peter Krupszak as supported the Street Tree Planting President, held its first meeting Program. Consequently, the Board in 1966 on January 19 at El Paseo of Directors of Santa Barbara Green Room. By September of 1966, Santa Barbara Beautiful had Beautiful established a “Tree Replacement Memorial Fund” to 17 Board members. honor these two board members. The first awards program was Approximately 300 street trees are carried out by the organization in lost every year due to disease, old 1966. That year commercial and age, weather, or vandalism, so this industrial firms were recognized, ongoing fund will serve to assure as there was a need to encourage the replacement of the lost trees. improvement. The judges – Compiled from History of included architects, landscape Santa Barbara Beautiful by Rozella Jewett designers, and lay persons active in garden clubs. The awards















Thanks to our dear friend

Joan Rutkowski whose love of opera and professional experience have made such a difference. — SUZANNE & DUNCAN MELLICHAMP —

SAM MAPHIS, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT 1227 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 | P: 805.963.2006 | 18

Joan Rutkowski Jacaranda Award For Community Service


SANTA BARBARA TREASURE, Joan Rutkowski, this year's Jacaranda Award for Community Service honoree, has influenced the continued elevation of our community’s cultural scene by volunteering, advocating, and donating to the arts since she moved to the area in 1968. Her service continues, and she is effective in the dialogue about change and growth in the arts, bringing a unique and harmonizing voice to the process. She has served on the board of directors of six arts organizations in Santa Barbara, and numerous campaign committees, including The Granada, Santa Barbara Center for Performing Arts; Opera Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Symphony; Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation; Friends of the Anacapa String Quartet; and the Music Academy of the West. Joan is a professional and award winning Opera singer. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Willamette University and a Master of Music from the University of Southern California in Opera Performance. Besides performing around the world with her husband, the internationally famous Joan Rutkowski cellist Geoffrey Rutkowski, she performed with the Santa Barbara Symphony; at University of Southern California; Whitman College; University of California at Santa Barbara; Bear Valley Music Festival; the Guild Opera of Los Angeles; and numerous solo performances. While Joan has traveled extensively, she related, "We traveled the world, but driving up the Rincon to Santa Barbara was always so wonderful. We were home to our beautiful city of family, friends, and food and fun."

Along the way, from performer, to community arts advocate, to teacher, she recalled a special Enjoying cast member, Harold Meers, moment - that was "when after a production it became apparent that we might be able to have a REAL performing arts venue for all of our performing arts groups here in Santa Barbara!" That's when the Granada Theatre in its current incarnation began to take shape. Congratulations Joan! You are a most deserving recipient of the Santa Barbara Jacaranda Award.

Courtesy photos

Rutkowski has also had a career teaching as a professor as well as giving private lessons.

Welcoming guests at a post opera party

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 19


Home is our Favorite Destination


DRE# 01206734

Beautiful city. Outstanding people. We are lucky to have community-minded individuals and businesses, like tonight’s honorees, who are dedicated to projects that make our city beautiful. Congratulations to Joan Rutkowski, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and DignityMoves for your deserved recognitions! 20

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Over 150,000 Titles for Every Age & Interest! Open 9:00am-8:00pm Daily 3321 State Street, Loreto Plaza 805-682-6787 • 22

Single Family Home - Large Lot

910 Camino Viejo


EMINICENT OF THE INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS SAN YSIDRO RANCH, this nearly 4,000 square foot board and batten home was designed

by architect Brian Cearnal. The home is situated on a

hillside lot of over an acre high above the street. The vertical board construction is both rustic and chic. The white vertical boards afford a timeless look and are accentuated with black trim details to make a dramatic statement. The stone pillared wooden entry gate suggests privacy, but does not hide the home as it sits in full view for all to enjoy. The soft landscaped edge at the road and the hillside landscape are a feast for the eyes, boasting an array of lush-looking drought tolerant plants. The community wins with the pleasing and peaceful addition of this home and garden which add beauty to the country neighborhood.


Property Owners: Marshall H. (Chip) Turner Jr. & Elizabeth Turner Designer / Architect: Brian Cernal, Cearnal Collective, LLP Landscape Architect: Courtney Jane Miller, CJM::LA Builder-General Contractor: Brad Vernon, Vernon Construction, Inc. Landscaper and maintenance company: Eli Cruz A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 23






Established in 1953, our firm represents clients involved in a broad range of endeavors from personal to business and environmental issues, land use developments, real estate, estate planning, family wealth planning, conservatorships, probate litigation, employment law, labor relations, retirement plans, nonprofit organizations, insurance, commercial, business dispute resolution at all levels of arbitration and litigation, and other areas of civil law.

Business & Real Estate Civil Litigation Estate Planning Labor & Employment

Congratulations to all Award Winners! Thank you for keeping Santa Barbara Beautiful! GALLAGHER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 24

112 E. Victoria Street Santa Barbara, California 93101 (805) 966-1501 Website:

Working to support community beautification through art & culture

Santa Barbara Beautiful sponsored the creation and building of an entrance portal to the new CommUnity Zone in the Summer Solstice Festival. It was designed and built by Artist in Residence Luke Holden with the help of two assistants.

w 2023 PARTNERS & COLLABORATIONS w Pianos on State SBMNH’s Butterfly Pavilion Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Children’s Creative Project I Madonnari Downtown Santa Barbara LIVE Art & Wine Tour SBAA Student Art Fund’s Grandparent Portrait Show

SANTA BARBARA BEAUTIFUL ARTS & CULTURE COMMITTEE Penny Haberman w Kate Kurlas w Kerry Methner w Caroline Rutledge w Mark Whitehurst w Stephanie Williams 25

Building spaces for people to live, work and play.

The Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara is delighted to be a supporter of Santa Barbara Beautiful and its mission to enhance our community through its many efforts and activities.

ARCHITECTURAL FOUNDATION OF SANTA BARBARA 229 East Victoria Street, Santa Barbara CA Additional information, call 805-965-6307 or email 26

Refined Retirement Living casadorinda.. org | 805 969 8011 casadorinda

The Lobero Theatre Renovation Santa Barbara Beautiful Award Recipient 2014, Historic Revitalization

KR U G E R B E N S E N Z I E M E R A R C H IT ECT S, INC. 30 W. Arrellaga Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 963-1726 27

Congratulations to all of the award winners! Thank you for keeping Santa Barbara beautiful, clean, and healthy.

Join our next community cleanup! SBCK . ORG

We are proud to support Santa Barbara Beautiful

School Gardens

Everyone Wins Everyone Wins When Santa Barbara When Barbara Is Santa Beautiful! Is Beautiful!

Environmental Education Watershed Resource Center Art From Scrap EE Makerspace Scan the QR Code, to learn more or visit

La Colina Jr. High Garden is just one of the school gardens that Explore Ecology serves.


302 East Cota St. Santa Barbara, 93101 805-884-0459


Playa de Santa Barbara Award for Environmental Stewardship

Courtesy Photo

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper


Photos courtesy of SB Channelkeeper

EDICATED TO PROTECTING AND RESTORING THE SANTA BARBARA CHANNEL AND ITS WATERSHEDS through science-based advocacy, education, field works and enforcement, Channelkeeper defends our community’s right to clean water and informs, inspires, and empowers people to speak and act for our waterways. Channelkeeper’s service area includes approximately 500 square miles of coastal watersheds stretching from the Gaviota Coast to the Ventura River. Channelkeeper’s vision is for clean beaches, healthy, flowing streams, and a teeming, resilient ocean that support a thriving economy, offers healthy habitat for fish and wildlife, and provides clean water and safe places for recreation for all people and for future generations.

A proud member of Waterkeeper Alliance, a coalition of more than 300 independent grassroots organizations on six continents collectively patrolling and protecting more than 2.7 million square miles of watersheds, Channelkeeper is also a member of the California Coastkeeper Alliance, which represents the California Waterkeepers by using law, policy, science, and creative media to advance statewide policies and programs for healthy and clean water. Founded in 1999 as a program of the Environmental Defense Center, SBCK became an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit

organization in 2001. In 1999, Santa Barbara County had the highest number of public health warnings for poor water quality of any coastal county in California. A small group of environmental activists, fishermen, business owners, and attorneys came together to establish a grassroots water watchdog to determine what was polluting our water and to develop solutions. Most recently, in 2020 Channelkeeper’s eight-year settlement agreement with the City of Santa Barbara came to a highly successful conclusion, with the City achieving the lowest number of raw sewage overflows in decades. The 91 percent reduction in sewage spills resulted from the City’s court-ordered investment of $20+ million to repair or replace 34 miles of leaky sewer pipes, improve spill reporting and response protocols, and increase its pipe inspection and cleaning schedules, among other improvements. A core value of SBCK and all Waterkeepers is that human beings have a right to clean water, and that the strength and health of a community is inextricably linked to the cleanliness and safety of its water resources. We applaud Channelkeeper for their ever growing advocacy for the health of our environment. Santa Barbara Beautiful is proud to extend them the Playa de Santa Barbara Award for Environmental Stewardship.

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 29

Cover Artist:


Kevin Gleason

OET, TEACHER, PLEIN AIR PAINTER, Kevin Gleason, this year’s Annual Awards Program cover artist, appreciates the beauty of our Santa Barbara home.

His painting San Marcos Preserve, reflects last year’s Playa de Santa Barbara winner and brings into focus the importance of appreciating the natural beauty in the world around us.

Photo by Bill Zeldis

“There is nowhere I’d rather be than on a new trail through some wild place with my family with my paints in my pack," Gleason writes on his website. "My... paintings have always been about the beauty and connection that can be found in nature. I see my paintings as souvenirs of transient moments, fossilized in paint to hang on the wall and remind me to go hiking and visit those places again." Gleason grew up in Lake Tahoe and came to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB. "I was fortunate to have a house that backed up to the National Forest with a creek, trails, meadows, and an epic sled hill right behind our house. I came to UCSB for college. It was another stunningly beautiful setting, and for a kid from the mountains living by the beach sounded really

San Marcos Preserve by Kevin Gleason, see page 30

exciting." For the last 25 years, Gleason has taught the drawing and painting courses at Dos Pueblos High School. "I had always thought when I was a kid that my high school art teacher had a great life and I was always grateful for what he taught me. I am so lucky to get to share something I love with young people. In the last couple years I've had the fun of having my own kids in my classes," Gleason related. This supports what Gleason has come to know. "I am very sensitive to the impact that our environment and outdoor spaces have on our internal spaces. It is so healing to be in a wilderness space, to connect with nature, see the intricacies in plants and ecosystems, and to see healthy wildlife," he explained. His response is to paint. "Mother Nature always provides the challenge daily by being so jaw-droppingly beautiful," he added. "I have the impossible task of trying to record some of the intricacy and beauty that I observe out there. All an artist can do is be a finger pointing at the moon."

Ruth Ellen Hoag 2019 SBB Award Recipient Hugh & Marjorie Petersen Award for Art in Public Places

REH Art Gallery

@ruthellenhoag 805-689-0868 Tuileries, acrylic, 29 x 40 inches by Ruth Ellen Hoag


Hugh and Marjorie Petersen Award for Art in Public Places


Tiny Libraries on State


language symbols, vibrantly colorful and larger than

is expressed larger than life in the Tiny Libraries

life-size punctuation marks emphasize the importance

created to hold books to be shared on city streets.

of the written word while uplifting the aesthetics of

These Tiny Libraries are being honored as Public Art.

State Street. Tiny Libraries embody innovative design

This project involves innovative concepts that speak to

and durable engineering, with impeccable fabrication,

language, taking an abstract form which had a basis in

delivering a beneficial visual and conceptual values. The

a public art call for temporary works for State Street.

five works have brought and continue to bring levels

The artist, Douglas Lochner, developed the project,

of whimsical joy to the public that encounter these

which has been extended to multiple exhibitions. The

sculptures. The works actually harmonize with the public presence deep within the urban fabric of Santa Barbara. The County Office of Art & Culture are commended for

HUGH & MARJORIE PETERSEN AWARD FOR ART IN PUBLIC PLACES: TINY LIBRARIES ON STATE STREET Project Coordinator: County Of Santa Barbara Office Of Arts & Culture: Sarah York Rubin, Executive Director. Accepted by Lead Installer: Christian Ramirez Property Owner: City Of Santa Barbara Project Designer – Principal Artist: Douglas Lochner

Photo by Nell Campbell

Photo by Christopher Zsarnay

commissioning this project.

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 31


HORTICULTURE COMMITTEE David Gress, Chair Lucrezia DeLeon Christine Holland Caroline Rutledge Jeffrey Sipress Leslee Sipress Nathan Slack

Helping Preserve Santa Barbara’s Horticultural Heritage S TREET T REES ≤ P ARKS ≤ P UBLIC L ANDSCAPING ≤ E DUCATION 32

Trinity Episcopal Church Commercial Building (Historic)


1500 State Street

GREAT EXAMPLE OF A ENGLISH GOTHIC STYLE CHURCH with crafted Stone work, stained glass, and attention to detail true to the period and style, Trinity Episcopal Church stands sentinel at State and Micheltorena streets.

Steeple, window, and door trim and accents appear historically correct reflecting the high skill of the masons and builders of that time. The same family of stain glass craftsmen still maintain the work many generations later to this day. This tall stone building predates the adoption of a dominant Santa Barbara Mediterranean style architecture. It graced the corner then as it does now. It is one of our most notable historic landmarks. Recently, the landscape has been a focus. Five years in the making, the refreshed and drought tolerant landscaping was the most public capstone project of the church’s capital campaign. A committee was formed in 2012 to create a sustainable landscape in an answer to the drought. A landscape architect was retained, and plans were drawn. As a Historic Structure of Merit, Trinity required approval by the Historic Landmarks Commission in 2015. In 2016, church leadership approved the project to move forward in phases. Replacing crab grass around the perimeter of the campus, the team selected a recent discovery at UC Davis, Kurapia, a low-water ground cover developed in Japan that establishes quickly and is sterile, so unwanted seeding does not occur. The hardscape was improved by replacing and widening the cracked concrete walkway where it meets the sidewalk on State Street. Groundcover incorporates gravel in places where plantings would be in shade and receive more foot traffic. The church took advantage of the city’s Smart Water rebate program by replacing much of the overhead spray rotor heads with mulch and drip irrigation. 90% of the plant material is low water, with perennials providing floral color through much of the year.


Project Architect: Phillip Hubert Frohman and Harold Martin, 1912 of Pasadena, CA Project Builder: Dean Nydam, Nydam Landscape Construction Landscape Architect: Robert P. Richards, Robert P. Richards, RPRLA Landscape Maintenance: Roberto Morales, Morales Landscape Maintenance

Photos courtesy of Trinity Episcopal Church

Tall twisted junipers that had once darkened the sides of the sanctuary have been replaced with ornamental pears and other shrubs which allow light to enter through the stained glass windows. Two junipers were left to frame the front entrance doors, and serve as a reminder of how far the church as come in staying relevant and responsive.

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 33


2023 Award Winners -

Our city is a better place because of you! Local News for a Global Village...

Supporting Santa Barbara Beautiful for over 20 years... 34

Commercial Sign

The Crafter's Library

9 East Figueroa Street


Photos by Mark Whitehurst

HE CRAFTER’S LIBRARY SIGN is a delightful addition to La Arcada Plaza. Its classy design communicates what you need to know about the business by blending the concept of a library/bookstore with that of crafting, thanks to the book logo and border resembling sewn stitches. The color scheme of black, white, and gold ensures it maintains an elevated aesthetic, and the font is crisp and legible. Within the Plaza, the sign mirrors the small town, quaint feel. Its height, size, and color scheme make it very legible to passersby, and it is well lit in the evening. In short, the sign accomplishes what the ideal Santa Barbara sign should: enhancing its atmosphere, communicating, and attracting people to approach the business itself, making it an excellent choice for the 2023 Commercial Sign honoree.

Thank You 2023 Property Awards Judges Judges: Robert Adams, Joe Campanelli, Cass Enseberg, Chris Fletcher, Tom Jacobs, Aneta Jensen, Zack Lloyd, Manuel Reyes-Otálora, Daisy Scott, John Whitehurst


Business Owner: Andrew Rawls, The Crafters Library Sign Maker: David Benton, Benton Signs & Designs

2023 Annual Awards Committee Marcella Simmons, Committee Chair; Lucrezia DeLeon; Jo Ann Mermis; Kerry Methner; Ebony Ross; Caroline Rutledge; Mark Whitehurst; and Stephanie Williams, Advertising Chair

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 35

Continued from page 6

Our Mission at Play in the Community Arts & Culture

A significant portion of SBB's mission driven focus is on supporting Art in Public Places and community cultural activities. SBB has become a financial resource for art projects and installations and also participates in cultural events like the Summer Solstice Festival. Recently SBB supported the Eighth Biennial Grandparent Portrait Show and is supporting Pianos on State. SBB has also contributed to the renovation of the Library Plaza and Santa Barbara Museum of Art. SBB sponsors the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival which provides funds for arts programming in local schools. Over the two decades, Santa Barbara Beautiful has encouraged and supported the development of an Aya Al Sabeh and Lucrezia DeLeon, SB Beautiful

Arts and Culture Master Plan for the City of Santa Barbara. This process has been very slow, but never-the-less important. SBB invites community members to do so as well.

Community Grants & Sponsorships Support SBB's Mission! Because of the many people and organizations who have supported Santa Barbara over the years, SBB is able to offer grants & sponsorships in the community that are in line with its mission. This year these include: • City of Santa Barbara Street Tree Planting Program • A replacement tree at Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden • City of Santa Barbara Street Tree Planting Program • Pianos on State • SBMNH’s Butterfly Pavilion • Santa Barbara Summer Solstice • Children’s Creative Project I Madonnari • Downtown Santa Barbara LIVE Art & Wine Tour • SBAA Student Art Fund’s Grandparent Portrait Show • SB Historical Museum Landscape Project

Santa Barbara Beautiful offers a unique opportunity to honor a loved one who has achieved a milestone in their life or who has passed away, or even to memorialize a loving pet. Those who have chosen to place a plaque at a favorite tree will often visit the location and leave flowers or other mementos to the honoree. I have even seen dog biscuits on a plaque for a beloved dog that died.

Aya Al Sabeh’s Best of Show Portrait of her grandfather at the Eighth Biennial Grandparent Portrait Show

The Griswold Story


N UNSOLICITED PHONE CALL IN THE LATE 1990’S to the SBB Office was the beginning of an important Santa Barbara Beautiful relationship. The call was taken by then-Secretary, Patsy Brock. A caller asked questions related to SBB’s organization and its underlying mission, and activities, etc. and asked what the organization would do with a donation and how would a donation benefit the community? Pasty described the commitment and dedication of the organization to protect and preserve the beauty of the city with the street tree fund, the commemorative tree program, Arbor Day, Earth Day, outreach to schools, eradicating blight and graffiti, Monthly Awards, and the Annual Awards. She concluded with the following: “Your


Here is a lovely example of how meaningful having a plaque made can be.

donation would leave a legacy of beautification for the community.” Soon after the phone call, SBB received legal documents to the effect that Mr. and Mrs. Griswold had each included Santa Barbara Beautiful in their separate wills as recipients of a bequest in their estates. Mrs. Griswold passed away first and Mr. Griswold soon followed. The two estates were joined and one bequest was established in perpetuity - without restriction - to Santa Barbara Beautiful. The Griswolds never met anyone in person from SBB, never became Members, and never dedicated a tree, but their faith in the word of a SBB representative during that one phone call was enough to establish the Griswold Charitable Trust bequest to SBB. The bequest has helped SBB create an ongoing legacy of beautification in the community, much like Patsy described in that phone call.

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360

San Marcos Preserve (detail) by Kevin Gleason

Thank-you! Patron Sponsors:

NC Cermacis • VOICE Magazine Advocate Sponsors: Casa Dorinda • CJM::LA • La Arcadia Plaza • Montecito Bank & Trust • Muller & Henzell • The Towbes Group • Village Properties Ally Sponsors: AIA-SB • Appleton Partners • Ashley Vance • Bosky Landscaping • Brian Pollard Architect • Rooted eauty... Cearnal Collective • Chaucer's Books • Rooted in McKean Construction • Upton Construction in Beauty...


S T U D I O landscape architecture

Thank You To Our Advertisers: Allen Construction • Architectural Foundation of SB • Duncan & Suzanne Mellichamp • Earthform Design • Earthknower Studio • El Encanto • Explore Ecology • Gallagher Property Management • Jacqueline Dyson • JoAnn Mermis • KBZ Architects • Ruth Ellen Hoag • My Gym • Opera Santa Barbara • Santa Barbara Inn • SB Beautiful Arts & Culture Committee • SB Beautiful Horticultural Committee • SB Channelkeeper • Sullivan Goss Gallery • TAB Builders • Thomas Ochsner Architect • Tullis Architects • Wildwood Pools • Young Construction Master of Ceremonies: John Palminteri Thank You.... Kay Bowman Catering • Jeanette Casillas • Eric Friedman • Hitching Post Wine • The Griswold Trust • Nir Kabaretti • La Lieff Wine • Marisa Pasquini & Mike Witt • Monie Photography • Music Academy • Por la Mar • San Marcos Growers • Marcella Simmons • Tri-Co Reprographics • Das Williams • Stephanie Williams



Judges: Robert Adams, Joe Campanelli, Cass Enseberg, Chris Fletcher, Tom Jacobs, Aneta Jensen, Zack Lloyd, Manuel Reyes-Otálora, Daisy Scott, John Whitehurst

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 37


Photo Courtesy of Tom Ochsner

Thank You Santa Barbara Beautiful for honoring the Hawkes Family! WWW.TOARCHITECT.COM OFFICE: 805.770.7576 CELL: 805.705.6558

TODD A. BEBB TAB Builders |

Congratulations TO ALL 2023 AWARD WINNERS.


Jo Ann Mermis | Broker Associate Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties p: 805.895.5650 | e:

Commercial Building (Mixed Use)

The Hawkes Building


XCEPTIONAL ATTENTION TO DETAIL FRAMES THIS WHITE WALLED, RED TILE ROOFED PROJECT occupying the corner of State and Pedregosa at the upper limits of the El Pueblo Viejo district. The balance of site, building, grounds, and amenities were executed creating an ambience so unified that even the bus stop compliments rather than distracts from the total experience of the classic Mediterranean / Spanish Revival architectural style. A potential Santa Barbara Landmark in the making, the building boasts commercial and residential spaces, making use of the city's AUD program.


PROPERTY OWNER: Emmet J. Hawkes & Sally Hawkes DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Tom Ochsner Architect, Tom Ochsner, Jr. AIA LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Brian Brodersen Brodersen Associates BUILDER – GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Todd Bebb, TAB Builders CIVIL & STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: R. Paul Belmont, Ashley & Vance Engineering LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR: Octavio Toscano FRAMING CONTRACTOR: Josh Kennedy, JRK Builders CONCRETE & MASONRY CONTRACTOR: Juan Lazcano, Lazcano Masonry & Concrete, Inc ROOFING CONTRACTOR: Antonio Espino, Espino Roofing HVAC CONTRACTOR: David Shea, California Heating & Rain Gutters STUCCO CONTRACTOR: Omar Compusano, NS Elite, Inc FIRE SPRINKLER CONTRACTOR: Steve Gause, Durbiano Fire

State & Pedregosa Streets

The building façade steps forward and back from the property line and the tiled roof has varied elevations. The custom crafted iron light fixtures appear to be one of a kind. Add to that tall wood doors and gates with black iron hardware, copper gutters, downspouts, and leader heads. The entries and alcoves are inviting and create privacy for the residential units. Paths and spaces between units create a pleasant experience of the building and lush landscape. Stucco and tile detailing on the arched stair stand out. The choices of plantings, shrubbery, and trees compliment each other, the site, and building with varying heights, floral and foliage colors, and textures that blend into and overall experience of the building and grounds. Permeable paving, although a modern material, compliments the period style through choice of color and size of pavers. Sight drainage is an added benefit and the number and locations of yellow ADA ramps are thought out and well integrated in the site design.

A legacy of community beautification since 1965 • SBB is a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation sustained by memberships and contributions. Tax I.D. #23-7055360 39

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