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Annual Digest

LETTER FROM THE DEAN Hello from your School of Business Administration. The 2018-19 academic year has started and we are off to a great start. We are very pleased to bring you the fall issue of the Gonzaga University School of Business Administration Digest. We appreciate the opportunity to share with you updates and news. The environments which impact higher education continue to be challenging in many ways. Economic, demographic, technological, socio-cultural....it seems that every relevant environment is experiencing disruption and change. As I have said many times, the “business” of higher education is becoming more and more like the world beyond the ivory tower. These external environments are forcing us to adapt so we can do what we are supposed to do: provide a highquality business education. We have adapted and we continue to offer a business education that is second to none. This digest provides a glimpse into our many successes. Our students, staff, and faculty continue to achieve and perform at high levels. There is much data to support that assertion. As you will see, whether its rankings, publications, competition results, placement data, test results and so on, we are establishing every single day that we are a global leader in Jesuit business education. Our successes are a wonderful testament to our students, faculty, and staff, and to supporters like you. Thank you!! Our successes are also a function of our vision and values. Our vision is to be a global leader in Jesuit business education. We are driven by the values of excellence, engagement, and inspiration. While all are critical to what we do, we have chosen to focus this issue on the value of student engagement. As you read through this issue of our digest, you will see many examples of how we are providing opportunities for our students to interact and participate in the world outside the Jepson Center. Some opportunities are old school, like internships, and others, like competitions, are newer to us. Bringing outside speakers into the Jepson Center is certainly not new but our practice of teaching at least one course a year at the site of one of our partners (e.g., Microsoft) is what ties together these various engagement opportunities. First, they complement what we are doing in the traditional classroom

setting. Second, they often provide unique experiences that our students can talk about in the job search process. Third, they often allow students an opportunity to network with individuals outside Gonzaga. Finally, some of these opportunities give our students a chance to develop skills and knowledge relevant to their chosen career. All of these factors, individually and collectively, can create value for our students. Engagement makes them better in the classroom and, in the long run, better for life. As I wrote in last year’s digest, “Engagement is central to who we are as a business school in that it is an essential part of our improvement as students, faculty, and staff. Without engagement we will not improve. If we are not getting better we will fall behind and that, my friends, will not happen.” Our students, staff, and faculty are doing tremendous things and we are very aware that none of it would happen without you. Thank you for your on-going and generous support. Best wishes for a wonderful fall 2018! PS......A great way for you to engage with us is to attend our annual Wine & Dine dinner. It is a first class event featuring fantastic pairings of food and wine. This year's dinner is scheduled for Friday, November 16th. You can learn more about the event and make your reservations at: www.gonzaga.edu/winedinner Sincerely,

Kenneth S. Anderson, Ph.D. Dean, School of Business Administration



TABLE OF CONTENTS New Rankings ...........................................................4 Facts and Figures .....................................................5 SBA Transitions .........................................................9 Study Abroad........................................................... 13 Student Competitions........................................... 15 The Many Ways Our Faculty Engage ............... 19 Advisory Boards .................................................... 21 Faculty/Staff Awards and Recognitions ........... 23 Jesuit Inspiration ................................................... 25 Annual Publications .............................................. 27 Academic Lectures & Events .............................. 31 Outreach to the Community .............................. 35 Honor Roll .............................................................. 37 Celebrations Daniel G. Brajcich ......................... 41 Student Scholarships . .......................................... 43

NEW RANKINGS US News & World Report: undergraduate accounting #30 US News & World Report: graduate accounting #13 College Factual: undergraduate accounting #51 College Choice: undergraduate accounting #39 Recognized as a PCAOB Scholarship Granting University US News & World Report: MBA #82 (ten consecutive years in the Top 100) Global CEO Rankings: ranked as a top-tier MBA program Global Knights: MBA #33 in Better World rankings































Pass rates









98% $64,192





WE ARE ACCREDITED BY THE AACSB IN BOTH BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTING. A total of 786 business schools worldwide are accredited in business by the AACSB (according to the aacsb that’s less than 5% of all b-schools). Of the 816 only 187 have earned joint accreditation.



SBA TRANSITIONS Eddy Birrer Professor of Accounting For anyone who knows Eddy Birrer, it is clear that he found his true calling in teaching accounting to college students. Few faculty are as respected and beloved by their students as Eddy, and few faculty are as passionate about accounting. However, Eddy’s career as a faculty member almost did not take place at Gonzaga. In 1984, Eddy was a tenured professor and department chairman at Moorhead State University in Minnesota. Being from Montana, however, he wanted to move west to be closer to family. His ultimate goal was to teach at a Catholic university in the Northwest. When a faculty position opened up at Gonzaga, he jumped at the chance to interview for it. But after interviewing for the position, Eddy became concerned about accepting the reduction in pay that would accompany the move to Gonzaga, particularly given his growing family. The Sunday after the interview, Eddy attended mass and heard the following passage: "…do not worry about your life… strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Fortunately for generations of Gonzaga students, he and his wife heeded those words and moved to Spokane. During the more than three decades since that time, Eddy’s reputation both in and out of the classroom has grown to near-


legendary proportions. In the classroom, he is known for his clear and concise lectures, quick wit, soccer jerseys, and occasional quirky tie. His courses are known to be some of the most rigorous in the accounting program. Yet struggling students who sought help always found a sympathetic and supportive presence in one who was interested in the success of each individual student. Cathy DeHart (1986), who was a student of Eddy’s in his second year at Gonzaga, experienced these qualities. “He has always been so personable and fun-loving, and you can tell he sincerely enjoys getting to know his students. He made me feel special and valued, and he took a personal interest in the progress of my career.” Away from the classroom, Eddy’s exploits during noon basketball games are even better known across the campus than his teaching. For all 34 years at Gonzaga, Eddy has been a consistent presence on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the Martin Centre for noon pick-up basketball games. During his time at Gonzaga, Eddy has undeniably had a longlasting impact on generations of Gonzaga Accounting students and countless noontime basketball participants. When you ask Eddy, it is clear that this is what he is most proud of from his time at Gonzaga. "I am pleased to see how much my students have achieved both personally and professionally," Dr. Birrer said. "I have been blessed to have had such great students while teaching at Gonzaga." -Gary Weber, Associate Professor of Accounting; Director, Master of Accountancy Program; Coordinator, Accounting Programs

Kent Hickman Professor of Finance For almost three decades, Kent Hickman has graced the Jepson Center, an anchor for both the area of Finance and the School of Business. Kent appeared as I was beginning my third year at Gonzaga, my first full-time faculty position, still learning the ropes. Kent came along and proved to be a great mentor and colleague, much more than I had any right to ask for. A few years older and wiser than me, he was certainly a more experienced teacher after having taught high school in Priest River, Idaho as well as a couple of years at a U.S. military base in Germany. So, during those early years, while Kent was teaching GU undergrads and MBAs about finance, I was learning much from him about what it takes to be an effective teacher and scholar. In my mind, Kent was and continues to be a “teacher” in the purest form. He didn’t always follow standard convention, he was more concerned with providing a solid conceptual understanding of whatever topic he was lecturing on and he had his own ways of doing that. As evidence of his effectiveness, on the 50th anniversary of the MBA program, Kent was selected by MBA alums to receive the Distinguished Faculty Award in recognition of teaching excellence. Kent is also recognized internationally, having served in faculty positions in Italy, England, France, Germany and Finland.

Kent has the most intellectually curious mind of anyone I have ever known. In our frequent lunches together, Kent would more often than not find an opportunity to come up with some sort of research idea. I have worked with him on many papers ranging from standard finance questions to more arcane subjects such as fighter jets and basketball coaching effectiveness. Kent has published with a large number of SBA faculty in multiple areas and is one of the most prolific scholars ever at Gonzaga. Now, as much as I have praised Kent for his teaching and scholarly excellence, I think that perhaps his most valuable role has been that of unofficial morale officer for the SBA. He has a very keen sense of humor and used it often to lighten up many otherwise dreary faculty meetings. Not only was he quick with a joke, he provided a lot of fodder for other faculty humor. Kent was never one to pay too much attention to his appearance, and the number of jokes made over the years about “Hickman’s wardrobe” might now approach four figures. Many times it was a twice daily event as he would show up with a particularly disheveled look, disappear into the classroom for a few sessions and then emerge covered in chalk dust. If there was no eraser in the room, that apparently wasn’t a problem because Kent always had a shirt, a pair of pants and two socks to use. But it’s all been good. Always. So thanks to Kent, from myself and all the students and colleagues from all those years. We, and Gonzaga, are better off for having known you. Happy trails. -Mark Shrader, Professor of Finance, School of Business Administration GONZAGA GONZAGASCHOOL SCHOOLOF OFBUSINESS BUSINESSADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION || 10 10

Michael Joy Lecturer of Management Information Systems ‘…so let it be generally known that I am retiring at the end of this semester. I’ve had good innings, but it is now time for me to begin enjoying the life that I have been working toward for all of my working life….’ So Michael Joy says in his announcement for retirement. Indeed, Michael had a good run in his teaching career at Gonzaga University. And, indeed, he had earned a retirement life that he rightfully deserved. The down-to-earth approach of his announcement exemplifies many qualities about Michael Joy that will be missed. Beginning as an adjunct in August 2000 until his retirement in May 2018, Michael had always fulfilled his responsibilities with distinctive dedication, commitment and compassion. His tenure of 18 years as a lecturer at Gonzaga University seemed not exceptional; however, it is noteworthy that Michael had made a difference in the lives of more than five thousand students. His dedication and commitment were illustrated with the frequently seen long lines of students waiting for his assistance in early hours of the day and with his availability to students whenever they needed him. While the subject he taught, business computing, was technical in nature, Michael positioned it in a broad context. He stressed the importance of using information technologies with a problem-solving


approach and in an ethical manner in his classes. Michael was kind and generous. He shared his teaching materials and experiences with new colleagues. The School of Business Administration and the MIS discipline were fortunate to have him teaching the critical subject. ‘Once again, I will be riding the 8 Lakes Leg Aches ride to help raise donations for Lutheran Community Services Northwest SAFeT program which supports victims of sexual abuse and assault….’ Michael said at the end of each and every academic year as far back as I can remember. Michael Joy was not only a dedicated teacher, but also a compassionate person. He upheld Gonzaga University’s Mission and Jesuit Values with actions. He engaged with charities to offer his sympathy and support to those in need and called for his colleagues’ involvement. His embracing of the humanistic value of Jesuit legacy was inspiring and exemplary. Over the years, many vulnerable people have been better off because of Michael’s compassion. Michael’s dedication, commitment and compassion will not be forgotten. On behalf of the MIS discipline, I thank him for his years of hard work and his impact on students. He had written a notable chapter of life and is ready to begin a new chapter. I wish him a relaxing and wonderful retirement. -By Ta-Tao Chuang, Professor, Management Information Systems, School of Business Administration

Bob Toshack

Manager of SBA Computer Labs My first real introduction to Bob Toshack was when he and his wife, Candace, invited my wife and I over for dinner, more than thirty years ago. They had recently joined our church and wanted to get to know some of the people better. I remember he made lasagna, which my wife wheedled for the recipe, and which subsequently became one of my family’s staple dinner menus. But we had so much fun that night, playing with their two adorable children and enjoying the welcoming, cordial atmosphere of their home and their genuine hearts of goodwill, that Anne and I knew we had found real gold. We became lifelong friends and have enjoyed the warmth of that relationship ever since. Bob and I shared an interest in computers. We would often have long conversations about where things were headed right at the inception of the Internet explosion. One day he mentioned to me that there was a job opening up at Gonzaga, working with him in the School of Business. I had wanted to work at Gonzaga for some time, and this seemed like the perfect fit. I got the job, and Bob became my boss. Of the many benefits I received from working at Gonzaga, I can honestly say that having Bob Toshack as my boss was the greatest of all. He was a gentle and patient mentor. His affable personality created an environment of acceptance and freedom which fostered an atmosphere of innovation.

Bob’s natural curiosity led us to trying many new technologies over the decades in his capacity as Manager of Computer Operations in the School of Business. But his sense of reality also kept us squarely in the center of the most stable and reliable path forward through the ocean of innovation during those tumultuous years. For instance, no Business School computer ever had the disastrous Vista operating system on it, nor Windows 8. I wasn’t the only one to enjoy the warmth of Bob’s sunny disposition. Many people have approached me since he retired, asking about Bob and expressing how they miss him. I always tell them, “Bob is the kind of person who makes you feel like you’re the most important thing on his agenda when he’s talking to you. And no one will miss him more than me.” -By Rob Joyce, Desktop Support Specialist, School of Business Administration

Arrivals Monica Banyi, Assistant Professor of Accounting (Ph.D. University of Arizona)

Jill Burrus, Academic Advising & Analyst, Graduate Programs Haley Topliff, Marketing & Recruiting Specialist, Graduate Programs Yelin Zhang, Assistant Professor of Finance (Ph.D. York University)


STUDY ABROAD Study abroad is the ultimate college experience, and is one of not only profound personal and academic growth, but also a great resume building experience. During the 2017-2018 academic year, 199 Business and Accounting students studied abroad.

Business Students find culture and learning in Belgium and Italy A dozen MBA and undergraduate Business students began their summers immersed in the beauty and culture of Belgium and Italy while studying European business operations and marketing. Dr. Mirjeta Beqiri, Professor of Operations Management, and Marketing Professor Tamara Evans, Gonzaga in Florence, led this inaugural two-week tour in May.

Locations included: Gonzaga in Florence (109), St. Louis University, Madrid (30), Gonzaga in Belgium & Italy (14), University of Auckland (12), University of London (6), The Beijing Center for Chinese Studies (4), Gonzaga in Zambezi (4), University of Glasgow (3), CIEE Language and Culture Program in Lisbon, Portugal (2), Gonzaga in Chimfunshi (2), Gonzaga in Nogales: Justice in January (2), Gonzaga in the Wilderness (2), IAU College (2), ISA Buenos Aires, Argentina (2), Ateneo de Manila University (1), CEA French Alps: Grenoble, France - International Business (1), ISA Valparaiso/ Vina Del Mar, Chile (1), ISEP in Thailand Thammasat University, Bangkok (1), Semester at Sea (1). 13 | GONZAGA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

On May 14, the group assembled in Brussels, the capital of the European Union and international business center. It was exciting to begin the tour precisely at a time when this center of international finance and politics was a focus of world events. Our introduction to Belgium began quite fittingly in the hospitality sector, with a rare tour of Brussel’s oldest brewery, which illustrated the critical role beer played throughout history, when wars and economic strife rendered water and other beverages unsafe to consume. In the evening, we were dinner guests of a European restauranteur and savvy entrepreneur, at his restaurant, Lasagna and Tiramisu. In addition to the delectable food, he presented us a thought-provoking business discussion regarding today’s operational challenges in conducting business internationally. Politics and international relations were the focus of our visits to the European Parliament and the European Commission, where two distinguished political authorities provided insights into the challenges facing the EU today. Revealing to the students was the dichotomy of each

country’s effort to preserve its own culture, language, infrastructure, and history, while understanding the benefits of a united union. An unexpected surprise for our group was a visit to The House of European History, the newly opened museum that illustrates the history of post 1789 Europe. The Zabar Chocolate factory was a rewarding stop. From watching the steps performed in product production, to packaging and distribution, we had to admit, after sampling an embarrassing amount of chocolate, this was a pretty sweet business class! Coca Cola, Belgium, is the supply-chain headquarters for Coca Cola in Europe, and we were taken behind the scenes in the production and distribution facilities to concoct our own Coca Cola recipes, and get a firsthand view of the company’s new sustainable packaging and recycling initiatives. We arrived in Florence, Italy for week two. Often referred to as “the Capital of the Arts”, Florence is a cultural mecca with a rich history, and many successful companies to study! Our private tours ranged from a soleproprietor artisan, who creates products for some of the finest specialty stores in the U.S., to mid-range companies and international conglomerates serving countries around the world, and provided definite contrasts of infrastructures and production. Pagani is a European supercar maker that produces custom cars of racecar speed and artistic beauty. This is a special-order company, with entrylevel product prices of $2.4 million. Pagani’s business strategy is to create the highest quality automobile, cater to foreign luxury buyers, establish a prestige-price, and limit annual production to 120 cars or less. Moving from the fantastical to the functional, our next day’s visit took us to the home of the Vespa, the inventive, highly efficient mode of transport introduced in Rome, in 1946, by Enrico Piaggio. Invented as a less expensive mode of transport for the masses, this two-wheeled wonder sold over a million scooters in its first ten years. From its humble origins, the Vespa became a marketing phenomenon, produced in 13 countries and marketed in 114. We were able to view the many iterations of this cultural icon in the Vespa museum, along with the vintage marketing campaigns—including starring roles in many famous movies--that elevated it to its venerable status. It was apparent to our group that in addition to its undeniable economic benefits, its low environmental impact may signify a new rebirth for the Vespa. GKN Driveline, Firenze manufactures driveline components for many upscale auto manufacturers around the globe. This company had the best

operations examples of continuous-improvement systems and value-stream manufacturing. Its state of the art technology features various massive robots and 3-D printers to create replacement parts for aircraft that are lighter and cheaper. Our closing tour was to Principe Corsini, a centuries-old Tuscan estate that produces wine and olive oil for distribution in Europe and the U.S. This business still retains a measure of hand-crafting by using the same equipment used by its forefathers. As one student pointed out, “We are grateful for the opportunity to have traveled and learned in such a unique way. This was truly the trip of a lifetime!” -Connie Lipsker, Lecturer of Marketing, School of Business Administration -Photo Credit, Matthew Gregory GONZAGA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION | 14

STUDENT COMPETITIONS There are many ways the School of Business implements learningby-doing, including student competitions. There are more and more competitive opportunities for our students; some of which are discipline specific (e.g., PriceWaterhouseCoopers for accounting) while others are more generic (e.g., DECA). Our students have a demonstrated track record of great success, including top finishes, in regional and national competitions.

CFA Institute Research Challenge Winners In February, five Gonzaga undergraduates competed in the regional round of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute Research Challenge, competing against eight regional schools. This included Whitworth, Whitman College, Montana State University, University of Montana, Washington State, Eastern Washington, and University of Idaho. Gonzaga’s team received 1st place for their presentations, 2nd place for their written report, and 2nd place over all in the local competition, just missing their chance to compete at the large regional competition in Boston. J.D. Morscheck, Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Business Administration, and Jon Dawn, CFA were the faculty and industry advisors, respectively. The Gonzaga team was comprised of: Duncan Hatch: Junior, Business major concentrating in Economics and Finance, Kayla Buchmeier: Junior, Business major concentrating in Finance and Marketing, Ian Baer: Senior, Accounting major, Tyler Sudeck: Senior, Economics and Political Science major and Michael McIntyre: Senior, Business major concentrating in Finance and International Business This research challenge provides students the opportunity to gain realworld experience in equity research. This year, the students analyzed Red Lion Hotels (NYSE: RLH). The competition tasked students to provide a written research report, an investment presentation, and engage in a final Q&A session with experienced CFA charter holders. CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst, is a credential often demanded by top firms in the investments industry.


Business Division Finalists 2nd place: Father Joe's Subs by: Connor Simmons: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Finance and Conor Longoria: Senior, Business major concentrating in Marketing. 3rd place: eStones Natural Engraved Stones by: Madison Smith: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Management Information Systems.

Technology Division Finalists 2nd place: WildRide by: Chloe Sabo: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and French Stephanie Forsyth: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Finance Hope Morgan: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Economics

2018 Northwest Entrepreneur Competition In May, several teams from the School of Business Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program excelled at the 2018 Northwest Entrepreneur Competition (NEC) in Spokane. NEC is a collaborative student startup competition dedicated to providing students with the invaluable academic exercise of implementing their innovative ideas for new businesses. This year’s competition attracted 65 teams from eight schools from the greater Spokane area. Of those entries, six teams from Gonzaga were finalists – including four who placed and earned prize money ranging from $1,000-$3,000.

Max Eckhardt: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Finance Cody Lippert: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Finance 3rd place: UpKeep by: Tim Regan: Senior, Business major concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Finance Matt Turner: Senior, Business major.


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Competition Winners PwC launched this Challenge in 2002, to increase students' exposure to professional services and the world of public accounting. This case competition has a significant impact on our students, helping them to better understand the vast career opportunities in professional services and connecting them with those in the industry. Winning teams demonstrate critical thinking, strong presentation skills, teamwork, and time management. The students learn about the strategic issues companies all over the world are facing, and compete for cash prizes. In addition to gaining recognition for critical thinking and communication skills, they also have the opportunity to connect with PwC professionals who judge and provide input on their business cases and presentations. This past January, 32 students 7 teams competed and presented their case solutions in the PwC Challenge, with the group “The Big 4” finishing first.


“The Big 4” Winners included: Kevin Bureau: Sophomore, Business and Accounting major concentrating in Finance, Cole Walchenbach: Sophomore, Business and Accounting major concentrating in Finance, Rachel Sellner: Sophomore, Business major concentrating in Finance and Marketing and Brian Bowers: Sophomore, Business major concentrating in Finance and Management Information Systems and minoring in the Hogan Entrepreneurship Leadership Program.

Top 10 finalist in restaurant management Lilia Haberman: Senior, Business major concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Sports Management.

Top 10 finalists in business-to-business marketing Michael Janney: Freshman, Business major, minoring in Political Science and International Relations Jessica Oyama: Freshman, Business major

Top 10 finalists in event planning

DECA Winners In May, twelve Gonzaga students were among nearly 1,500 international and American students who competed in the Collegiate DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) International Career Development Conference in Washington, D.C. Competing, in various events, against students from more than 150 universities in the United States and other countries, the Gonzaga DECA chapter delivered strong performances in both the preliminary and final competitions. Six Zags advanced to the finals in four of the competitive events: marketing management, event planning, business-to-business marketing, and restaurant management.

Alexis Kozyra: Junior, Special Education major Annabella Labate: Senior, Accounting major

Top 10 finalist in marketing management Riana Slyter: Senior, Business major minoring in the Hogan Entrepreneurship Leadership Program and Promotions.


THE MANY WAYS OUR FACULTY ENGAGE Community Service Activities (2017 - 2018)

City of Spokane Community, Housing, and Human Services Advisory Board


City of Spokane Affordable Housing committee



Big Brothers Big Sisters of Inland Northwest, Board of Directors

Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins


Inland Northwest Community Foundation


Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery: Board of Trustees, Chair of HR Committee, and member of Programs committee

Catholic Charities Spokane, Board Member and Program Committee Member


Co-founder and Organizer of Inland Northwest R User Group

Spokane Regional Health District


Women Helping Women Fund


Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest, Board member


Health Services Research Roundtable



Volunteer Assistant High School Basketball Coach

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Consult with universities and organizations in the startup and development of their entrepreneurship programs and businesses

Advisor to Steering Committee for the Northwest B-Plan Competition

Spokane Badminton Advisory Board


Volunteer Accountant, Family to Family


Board Member, Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc


Spokane International Academy (Public Charter School) - Director, Treasurer


The Glenrose Association


Fuse WA Board of Directors

Spokane Alliance Board of Directors

Spokane Alliance Executive Team

Spokane Alliance Public Safety & Mental Health Research Action Team

IAF Washington All in for Washington



Spokane Bike Swap, Volunteer Bike Technician

Greater Gonzaga Guild, Guest Speaker, Spokane, Washington

Habitat for Humanity


St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Lector and Volunteer

4-H Project Leader, Country Luck 4-H Club


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program


Badminton coach in Spokane Badminton Club



Volunteer Accountant, Family to Family

Washington Society of CPAs - International Tax Committee



Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - Golf Tournament, Volunteer Accountant


St. Thomas More Parish


TEDx Spokane Auditions


Christ Kitchen

Speech / Presentation at a Community Meeting: REBECCA A. BULL-SCHAEFER

Leadership Spokane

Washington Trust Bank

Prime Real Estate Negotiations Workshop

Leadership Spokane


Spokane County Public Library

Professional Service Activities (2017 - 2018) Board Member/Leadership:

Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education


Washington Society of CPAs - Spokane Chapter


The Bookstore at the University of Montana

Editorial Review Board: PEGGY SUE LOROZ

Psychology and Marketing


Journal of International Technology and Information Management

Education and Information Technology

International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking

International Journal of Electronic Healthcare


Issues in Accounting Education


Leadership Spokane

Spokane Health Equity Circle


Brooks Manufacturing - Eastern Washington Federal Defenders

Keynote Address:



Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc

University of Iowa College of Business


ADVISORY BOARDS The SBA has a number of advisory boards that include individuals from within Gonzaga, from across the region, and experts from different industries who have extensive experience in business and other related fields. Advisory Board members contribute to the business school in a number of ways: committing their time, energy, expertise and their financial resources to helping the school achieve its mission. Our Board members help determine the school’s direction, develop priorities, participate in programing and other educational initiatives, and serve as advocates in business, community, and educational circles. The SBA is extremely thankful to these talented and generous individuals for the many ways they have shaped our purpose and our impact.

ACCOUNTING Mary Actor, Principal, Berntson Porter & Company, PLLC (’95) Jeff Corbett, Tax Managing Partner, Deloitte (’89)

Kelley Ferguson, CIO, Numerica Credit Union (’07) Eric Finch, CITO, City of Spokane

Tammy Erickson, Partner, Moss Adams LLP (’93)

Brian Jones, Market CIO, Rockwood Health System

David Green, Managing Partner, David Green CPA PLLC

Michael Joy, Lecturer of MIS, Gonzaga University SBA

Stacy Harrington, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporate Revenue Assurance (’99)

Patricia Kelly, VP of IT, Spokane Teacher's Credit Union

Rob Keasal, Tax Partner, Peterson Sullivan LLP (’83)

Alan MacPhee, Director, IT Dept., Hecla Mining Co

Meredith Mahoney, SALT Partner, PwC

Chuck McAtee, VP of IT & CIO, Itron, Inc.

Liesl Nebel, Geography Controller, Nike (’99)

Stephanie Myers, Application Delivery Supervisor, Avista Corp. (’13)

Brandon Nett, M&A Tax Partner, Grant Thornton

Tim Olsen, Assistant Professor of MIS, Gonzaga University SBA

Chris Richard, Director of Accounting Policy, Corporate Accounting, Amazon (’00)

Michael Sloon, IT Director, City of Spokane

Kevin Sell, Owner, Heiskell MacGillyray & Associates, PS Thomas Sulewski, Shareholder, Clark Nuber Brooke Sullivan, Assistant Controller, Seattle Mariners (’03) Leonard Sweet, Eide Bailly LLP (’98) Gary Weber, Director, Master of Accountancy Program, Coordinator of Accounting Programs, Gonzaga SBA Michael Whitmore, Senior Manager, HMA CPA, PS

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Robert Andresen, IT Director, Potlatch

Corporation (’14)

Jason Chen, Professor of MIS, Gonzaga University SBA Ta-Tao Chuang, Professor of MIS, Gonzaga University SBA Jon Copeland, CEO, Nuvodia 21 || GONZAGA GONZAGASCHOOL SCHOOLOF OFBUSINESS BUSINESSADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION

Ann Fabbiano, Business Transformation Project Manager, URM Stores, Inc.

Steve Tabacek, President, RiskLens

DEAN'S FORUM BOARD Ken Anderson, Dean, Gonzaga

University SBA (’81)

Barry Baker, President/CEO, Baker Construction Jim Barry, CBCP, FAIRiq, 360 Consulting Group (’00) William Bond, (‘62) Jeff Brown, Executive VP of Sales, Imprezzio (’94) Cheri Burnham, Tax Partner, Moss Adams LLP (’94) Peggy Doering, Director, Valleyfest (‘71) Allison Foster, GU Student Member (’17) Jim McPhee, Managing Partner, Workland & Witherspoon, PLLC (’96) Cajer Neely, Self-Employed, Pacific Coast Banking School Mark Neupert, CFO Quanta Subsurface LLC (’94)

Scott O'Brien, Chief Strategy Officer, Providence Health Care (’01) Brad Pope, Group Health Cooperative

FINANCE Tony Bennett, Founder, Signia Capital


Jerry Reed, CFO, Lakeside Capital Group, LLC (’99)

Richard Cloutier, Chief Investment Strategist, Washington Trust Bank

Michael Winger, VP Store Development, URM Stores (’91)

David Demars, Wealth Manager, Demars Financial (’16)


Greg Bever (’92) Mary Dunn Jack Heath, President & COO, Washington Trust Bank (’88) Larry Krauter, CEO, Spokane International Airport Tim Murphy Lowell Ruen (‘76) Kurt Walsdorf, Market President, Bank of America (’84)

DEAN'S EXECUTIVE BOARD Ken Anderson, Dean, Gonzaga

University SBA (’81)

Katy Bruya, SVP, Human Resources, Washington Trust Bank (’99) Fr. Frank Case, S.J., Gonzaga University Geoff Goss, Attorney, GGG Attorneys (’94) JoAnna Lake, Director of Finance & CFO, Boeing 737 Program (’97) Kyle McCoy, VP, Goldman Sachs & Co (’01) Stuart McKee, CTO, Microsoft (’93) John Naekel Co-Owner, The Old Gold, Paydirt, & Tough Luck Bars (’99) Chris Richard, Director of Accounting Policy, Corporate Accounting, Amazon (’00) Jennifer West, Public Relations Consultant ('87) Lisa Wrolstad, VP, Business Dev. & Program Mgmt., Axis Capital (’86)

Colin Kelly, Portfolio Manager, Signia Capital (’04) Cindy Leaver, CFI/Chief Strategy Officer, Numerica (’92) Greg Marshall, Fed Credit Union Insurance ('91) Josh Neblett, (observer) CEO & Founder, Etailz (’08)

Matthew Finnerty, Itron Inc. (’16)

Farm Credit Financial Partners, Inc. (’12)

Jesse Gardner (’16)

Donna Weaver, Board of Directors, eTrade

Michael Hobson, Teach for America (’15) Kelsi Jackson, Triad Behavioral Health (’17) Kris Johnson, Managing Director, Kristofer Capital Management, LLC Matt Kaufler Joseph Killinger, Health Care Consultant, Group Health Care Cooperative (’16) Shane Kovalsky, Entrepreneur & Head Marketing, Convoy (’16) Tim Krauss, CEO, Velop & Needsmet

Mark Neupert, CFO, Quanta Subsurface LLC (’95)

Jacob Landsberg, Law Student, University of Oregon (’15)

Barrie Ryan, VP, US Bank

Jon Legault, CEO, Belladona (’16)

ENTREPRENEURSHIP BOARD Eric Agnew, Manager, Itron (’11)

Kenneth Artymiak, PepsiCo (’17) Scott Bleeker, Gesa Credit Union

Tanner Senit Lutgen, Personal Wealth Attorneys, LLC Oscar Marmolejo, Owner, Central Holdings, LLC (’13)

Scott Broder

Scott Martin, Co-Founder, Anatasi Moore & Martin

Brian Burgess, Brighton Jones Wealth Management (’13)

James McCue, Operations Manager, MW Consulting Engineers (’17)

Tanner Chaffin, Owner, Purfect Logos, LLC (’14)

Kevin MacPherson, CEO, Graphiq! + Melee (’16)

Nate Cherit, CEO, Spokane Overstock

Mark Murphy, CEO, M&M Housing Solutions, LLC (’04)

Steve Cook, The Wolff Company (’14) Jenny Van Cott, Founder, Pantry Fuel, LLC (’13) Lane Crandall, President, Oil Analysis Lab, Inc

Om Neelay (’16) Steve Neff, Co-Founder, Inland TechStart Fund Pat O'Neil, Apple Inc. (’18)

Tom Daugherty, President, Sustainable Organization

Shane Roach, Lyft (’13)

Eric Davidson, Founder & President, Movsi.com (’11)

Benjamin Sauther, Director of Sales, TruRooms INC. (’14)

Clinton Day, Founder, Entrepreneurship Resources, Inc. Richard Denenny, Partner, Lee & Hayes Todd Finkle, Pigott Professor of Entrepreneurship, Gonzaga University SBA


Washington Trust Bank (’99)

Becky Bull Schaefer, Associate Professor of Management, Gonzaga University SBA Krisann Hatch, Regional Manager, HR Solutions, Archbright Greg Husted, Organizational Development Manager, Kootenai Health Charlie Isaacs, Sr. Client Consultant/ Practice Leader, Health & Welfare Consulting, Arthur Gallagher & Co ('13) Erin Jacobson, Assistant City Attorney, City of Spokane Juanita Jiminez, HR Director, Spokane Club Melissa Koontz, Employee Benefits Consultant, HUB International ('12) Scott Linklater, Director, Learning & Development, Red Lions Hotel Corp Molly Pepper, Associate Dean, Gonzaga University SBA KaLee Quanz, Director of HR, Lydig Construction Stefanie Sell, HR Business Partner, Inland Northwest Blood Center Kathy Sewell, Director of HR, Inland Northwest Blood Center Carolin Wyatt, VP, HR, Yokes Foods, Inc. (’89)

Chloe Sabo, Co-Founder, WildRide (’18)

Connor Simmons, Etailz (’18) Alec Stannard, CFO, Healthy Care Co. (’13) Brian Ulrich, Project Manager & HR, GONZAGA GONZAGASCHOOL SCHOOLOF OFBUSINESS BUSINESSADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION || 22

FACULTY/STAFF AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS Centioli Faculty Scholars Excellence Awards Congratulations to Dr.’s Donald Hackney and Brian Steverson for winning the Centioli Faculty Scholars Excellence Awards. This award recognizes two faculty members for all-around academic excellence. Dr. Hackney’s contributions include two co-authored articles, one in the International Journal of Social Economics and the other in the Journal of Accounting and Finance. Dr. Hackney was the lead author on both articles. His co-authors include Dr. Erica Johnson and Dr. Matt McPherson. Dr. Hackney teaches some of the largest class sizes in the School of Business Administration, often with more than 50 students. His teaching style includes story-telling, coverage of historical cases, and humor. Dr. Hackney serves on the Jesuit Legacy Task Force and presents at GEL Weekends and Fall Family Weekends. He also participated in a debate sponsored by the Washington Policy Center, titled “What is the Right Direction for America?” Dr. Steverson’s contributions include being president of the faculty senate and chair of the provost search committee. He also is chair of the board of trustees for Hospice of Spokane and vice chair for the City of Spokane Ethics Commission. He published a book chapter (with Adriane Leithauser) in Mission-Driven Approaches in Modern Business Education that was selected by the editor to be the lead chapter in the text. He received the MBA Professor of the Year Award for 2017-2018. He gives a number of invited ethics education presentations to local and regional professional groups each year.

Loeken SBA Vision & Values Award Congratulations to Dr.'s Sara Kern and Peggy Sue Loroz for winning the Loeken SBA Vision and Values Awards. This award recognizes two faculty members for their significant contribution in helping the SBA fulfill its vision and live its values. 23 | GONZAGA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Dr. Kern’s contributions include enhancing her classes to include new assignments related to data analytics, artificial intelligence, writing and the CPA exam. She recently published a case, which she uses in class, in a Special Issue of the Journal of Accounting Education dedicated specifically to Ethics. She has many service activities including serving on the Awards Committee for the Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Section of the American Accounting Association and the Board of Directors of the local Glenrose Association. She also served as chair of the Gonzaga University Elections Committee and co-chair of the Search Committee for new accounting faculty member. Dr. Loroz’s contributions include serving as the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative for the university and serving on several athletic related committees. She also serves on many committees in the School of Business Administration and across the university, including being chair of the Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee for the School of Business Administration. Her Mission Outcomes Assessment project (with Dr. Vivek Patil) received a conference best paper award at the International Association of Jesuits Business Schools Conference in Seattle and a Faculty Fellowship for Mission from Gonzaga. She completed the “Career Kindler” certification program through Gonzaga’s Career and Professional Development. She also organized Careers in the Marketing Day panel discussion, advisory board meeting, and classroom visits.

Barnes Academic Excellence Award Congratulations to Dr. Dan Stewart for winning the Barnes Academic Excellence Award. This award recognizes excellence in teaching and academic advising. Dr. Stewart co-authored a peer-reviewed book titled American Indian Business: Principles and Practices. It is the first of its kind and was written to alleviate poverty within the Native American community by making business education accessible to aspiring managers and entrepreneurs within the American Indian community. All proceeds from the book go to the PhD Project, a KPMG Foundation program that provides mentoring and financial support to business doctoral students from under-represented minority communities. Dr. Stewart has mentored many American Indian scholars into doctoral programs, into tenure-track positions, and onto tenure.

Barnes Engagement Award Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Herzog for winning the Barnes Engagement Award. This award recognizes engagement with the university and business community.

Dr. Casey McNellis

Dr. Mirjeta Beqiri

Dr. Maria Tackett

Dr. Scott Bozman

Dr. Herzog has established himself as an economic professional in the Spokane community. He is asked to provide opinions and technical skills on projects around Gonzaga and Spokane including serving on the audit committee for Numerica Credit Union and on Spokane Mayor Condon’s Economic Policy and Forecasting Committee. He also consulted with Alaska Airlines to develop a new metric for calculating passenger weights and is working with Liberty Mutual to develop a second business case for Gonzaga students. At Gonzaga, his engagement includes serving as chair of the University Assessment Committee of the Academic Council and Faculty Compensation Committee

Dr. Rebecca Bull Schaefer

Dr. Andrew Brajcich

Dr. Matthew Hoag

Dr. Paul Buller

Dr. Ashish Thatte

Dr. Jason Chen

Dr. Matthew McPherson

Dr. James Helgeson

Dr. Todd Finkle

Dr. Timothy Olsen

Adriane Leithauser

Dr. Walter Teets

Barnes Inspiration Award Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Henrickson for winning the Barnes Inspiration Award. This award recognizes engagement with the Jesuit mission of the university through teaching, research, advising or service. Dr. Henrickson is very involved in sustainability efforts across campus. His work includes being chair of Environmental Studies, being the default advisor to the expanding number of Sustainable Business minors, and serving s the Director of Sustainability’s Steering Committee. He also is advising several students through internships and directed study while working on sustainability efforts in Panama and teaching K-12 students sustainability efforts. As chair of the SJ Core Committee, he conducts workshops each semester to help faculty from across the campus to develop courses with social justice content.

Barnes Research Awards

Dr. Molly Pepper University faculty awards Danielle Xu, Finance and Tim Olsen, Business MIS for Collaborative Work Dan Stewart, Entrepreneurship for Diversity Leadership Long-serving faculty awarded emeritus status G. Eddy Birrer, Professor of Accounting Kent Hickman, Professor of Finance Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor Andrew Brajcich, Accounting Matthew Hoag, Accounting Tenure Andrew Brajcich, Accounting Matthew Hoag, Accounting

Each of the following faculty members will receive a Clarence H. Barnes Fellowship award based on their publication of peer-refereed article(s) or unconditional acceptance of a peer-reviewed article(s), between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018. Congratulations to all of them for the awards received due to their published research in the past year.


JESUIT INSPIRATION Gonzaga's mission is centered around the Jesuit tradition of concern for others. The School of Business instills caring for others through various community involvement programs, allowing our students to apply their technical knowledge to help the Spokane community. Many of our students, staff, and faculty members are volunteers in their own communities and on-campus, working to better the lives of those around them.

Supporting Linwood Elementary by Partnering with Second Harvest and The Bite2Go Program We have partnered in a number of ways with 2nd Harvest Food Bank. We have an annual volunteer day and we are also a strong supporter of their Bite2Go program. This year we provided financial support of over $4,000 which paid for over approximately 35 meal kits per week and we delivered approximately 1,500 meal kits to Linwood Elementary School, in north Spokane in the Spokane Public Schools District. The total student population is 515 with 74% or 377 students on free or reduced lunch and receiving 60 Bite2Go packs per week. (October 2016 statistics) The Bite2Go programs is a partnership between Second Harvest, local schools, and community partners to get weekend food supplies to children in need during the school year. The Bite2Go kits include a good mix of healthy, kid-friendly, easy-to-open, single-serving, nonperishable food items to cover meals and three snacks over the weekend. The shelf-stable milk, juice, cereal, entrees and snacks are safe for children to handle on their own because they don’t require any cooking or other preparation. Each week staff members at participating schools put the packages of food discreetly in the backpacks of students in need. 25 | GONZAGA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance VITA Compared to 2017, the VITA program had:



(779 -> 866)



($1 million -> $1,225,915)


$1.2 mil. $381,000



– that’s a great benefit from the federal government for working people with low to moderate incomes in Spokane county.

This year has been a record breaking one for Spokane County United Way’s tax site. With 866 total tax returns processed this year, we beat our previous record of 852 tax returns prepared in 2016.


FACULTY PUBLICATIONS School of Business Administration faculty members embrace the vision and values of the school exemplified by their professional development work. The research produced by our faculty allows them to bring cutting-edge knowledge to the classroom, helping ensure that the SBA delivers a high quality, relevant education to all its students. This is particularly valuable in the SBA's graduate programs where our students are more likely to take this knowledge back to the organizations they serve. Beyond the classroom, our faculty deliver knowledge to our community partners through consulting, speeches and talks, board service, and other networking opportunities. All of these activities allow for a higher quality of engagement between the SBA and the communities it serves. Explore the depth and breadth of our faculty’s most recent publications, and ongoing research.




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ACADEMIC LECTURES & EVENTS Strategic engagement is central to who we are as a business school. Our students, staff, and faculty must get outside the Jepson Center and we must get our organizational partners inside of Jepson. There are a number of ways that we engage with our organizational partners.

The panelists discussed how difficult it is for formerly incarcerated persons to gain meaningful employment as they work to rebuild their lives, leading to many societal problems including higher recidivism. Businesses have the power and opportunity to interrupt this cycle and positively impact individuals who were incarcerated and, as a result, the whole community.

We host a number of keynote speakers during the course of the academic year. The audiences can range from our business students to the local Spokane business community to a mixture of both. While these speakers are often associated with a specific event (e.g., the Aram Lecture on business ethics), we also bring in speakers to address topics of current interest (e.g., Bitcoin). 9th Annual Aram Lecture on Business Ethics, Developing the Skills of an Ethical Leader: Guidance from The Business Ethics Field Guide. Featuring Brad Agle, George W. Romney Professor, Brigham Young University and Bill O’Rourke, Inaugural President, Alcoa Russia. An award-winning teacher and a widely acclaimed executive speaker discussed the research behind their new book The Business Ethics Field Guide. This research identifies the 13 fundamental ethical dilemmas encountered in organizations, and explores how to deal with them based on experiences from hundreds of practicing managers. Guests learned about these dilemmas illustrated by fascinating experiences from the first American leader of Russia’s billiondollar aluminum industry. Ethics Week Panel Discussion - Second Chance Hiring: How businesses can heal through mentoring and employing formerly incarcerated persons. Featuring Gloria Ochoa-Bruck, a lawyer and expert on criminal justice, speaking to the inequities of the criminal justice system that disproportionately impact persons of color and/or low income and Jim Andrews, President/Owner of American Ironworks and Erectors. Jim is on a couple of committees working on this issue and he mentors and hires formerly incarcerated persons. 31 | GONZAGA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Ethos Statement Signing Ceremony Students, faculty and staff joined together to sign the Ethos statement in support of the goal to build a sense of community around the shared ideals and commitments that define our SBA mission. Seventh Annual Pigott Entrepreneurship Lecture, Building a Business: How a national construction powerhouse started with two shovels and a pick-up, featuring Timothy Barnard, Chairman of Barnard Construction. Timothy Barnard’s life has focused on seizing dreams and opportunities and turning them into realities. After completing his degree and some global travels, Mr. Barnard landed in Montana. With only $1,000, two shovels, a pick and all of his worldly possessions in a pickup truck, he set out to launch his own company. An inspiration that ultimately grew into a multi-million-dollar heavy civil contractor undertaking construction and engineering projects on a global scale.

Mr. Barnard first became involved with Gonzaga University when he attended the Gonzaga-in-Florence program. He has served on Gonzaga’s Board of Trustees since 2000, and received Gonzaga’s Distinguished Alumni Merit Award in 2004.

Careers in…. Events This past year the SBA hosted several different “Careers in” days. Bringing in industry professionals to talk about their careers and share helpful tips that they used as graduates of Gonzaga. They talked about what it takes to land that dream job, how best to network, what firms are looking for in potential employees, and what it takes to get your resume seen.

Patrick Byers, Founder, Outsource Marketing (’92) Meishelle Haverkamp, Dir. of Product Management, Swisslog Healthcare (’88) Shelby Reed, Regional VP of Bing Ad Sales, Microsoft (’04) Aaron Sanchez, Freelance Creative Director and Copywriter Joe Smith, SVP of Global Sponsorship Marketing, Bank of America (’02) Megan Smith, Senior Clinical Sales Rep, Intuitive Surgical (’95) Matt Teske, Brand Strategist and Creative Director, Teske Design & Chargeway (’03) Careers in Operations was put on by the Gonzaga University Supply Chain Association club who brought in representatives from top companies including Boeing, Itron, Hotstart, Numerica, and Banner Bank.

This year the concentrations that held “Careers in days” included:

Yusra Hamidani, Functional Analyst, Boeing (’16) Kelly Jones, Production Manager, Hotstart Jennifer A. Lehn, Chief Operations Officer, Numerica Credit Union Taresa Nephew, Program Manager, Itron (’08) Jennifer Salmon, VP, Information Analytics, Banner Bank

7th Annual Careers in Finance that included a panel discussion with young alumni Chris Brummer. Chris worked as a summer analyst at J.P. Morgan and landed a job there as an Incoming Analyst. He talked about his experience and how he found the position with J.P. Morgan.

Careers in MIS was put on by the MIS club who brought in guest speaker Stuart McKee (’93), Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft. Stuart spoke to students about the future of technology, how you can break into the business, and what the current climate looks like today.

Tim Henderson, CFA Executive Director, J.P. Morgan (’00) Nick Byrd, Chief Financial Officer, Essence (’02) Colin Kelly, CFA, Portfolio Manager, SigniaCapital (’04) Jill McEntee, Vice President, D.A. Davidson Companies John O’Dore, Managing Director, OneAccordCapital Joe Smith, CPA, CGMA, Associate VP for Finance, Gonzaga Univ. (’01) Stanford Wyatt, CFA, Equity Research Analyst, Archon Capital Management (’02)

Internships and Posters

Careers in Marketing included a panel presentation and a networking social that allowed the students to talk with the panelists and marketing alumni about their careers and any helpful tips that they could use after graduation.

In addition to our concentration based Careers in Days, this past year the SBA held its first inaugural Careers in Posters event. This event was conceived by the Internship Task Force to give faculty and staff the opportunity to learn more about what our students are doing in their internships. Rating sheets were available to provide feedback on the posters and the session in general. The posters are one part of the students’ post-internship requirements. Other assignments include a blurb for the webpage, an introduction for the Wolff Auditorium lobby screens, a self-evaluation, a supervisory evaluation and other assignments as named in the original learning agreement.



Dave Pointer, Managing Partner of V.I. Capital Management, LLC. spoke about Bitcoin & Bubbles. David has more than 15 years of experience managing portfolios, assisting companies in developing strategic direction and increasing returns on capital, and offering merger and acquisition advice. Charlie Vogelheim, Automotive Industry Professional and Enthusiast for Vogelheim Ventures, spoke on the topic of, Transformation of Transportation, “Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel�. Vogelheim has over 30 years of automotive industry experience including roles as VP at J.D. Power and as executive editor at both Kelley Blue Book and Motor Trend Auto Group. He is the principal of Vogelheim Ventures through which he is involved in a variety of initiatives including Motor Trend Audio, TPC Management, DrivingSales, RyanTech and Webcars China. Luke Hutchinson, Ex-Google Artificial Intelligence Lab computer scientist, spoke on the topic Living Life Alive. He talked about how to find what you love and be successful while doing what you love. Luke is a computer scientist from New Zealand. He completed a Ph.D. and postdoc in computational biology at MIT and Harvard Medical School, and was recruited to start an artificial intelligence lab at Google. Luke quit his job at Google a year ago to pursue his own passion projects, including building a new programming language for big data analytics. Luke has a lot of interests outside of computer science, including languages, cultures, and North Korean human rights.


He spoke to an attentive crowd which took time out from finals preparation to hear about his work with some of the brand's most iconic athletes, including: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter and LeBron James, along with many NCAA elite teams and their coaches. He worked with Jordan Brand for five years during his longtime work with Nike Basketball. McDevitt shared stories behind some of the company's brand successes, as well as best practices on personal branding and how to land a job at companies such as Nike. His dynamic talk focused on encouraging students to chase their wildest dreams, pointing out he is a living example of that goal. "You can do it all," McDevitt said, remembering the time when he was 17 years old and dreamed of working for Nike. Then, almost on cue to further prove his point, he called on a graduating GU Engineering senior in the audience who landed a "dream job" with Nike. Mac McDevitt, a retired Nike marketer shared timeless lessons learned from over 27 years at the innovative Oregon company during a talk with current Gonzaga students. McDevitt is the proud parent of a Zag alum who clearly admires the Gonzaga way, an experience formed in part by his work over the years with GU sports teams. He was brought to campus by the School of Business Administration for a talk that was moved to Wolff Auditorium due to high demand.

Since retiring last year, McDevitt's goal is to mentor, develop and prepare future business leaders for career opportunities in brand building, product marketing, and merchandising excellence. That was his purpose in addressing the students. "Now that he's retired, he has a real desire to give back," said GU marketing professor Peggy Sue Loroz. "It's such a great alignment with Gonzaga's values: this idea of your profession as a vocation – and then how you continue to contribute to society through that lens." – Jeff Bunch


OUTREACH TO THE COMMUNITY Lifelong Learning This past spring the SBA presented its 1st Lifelong Learning workshops in Seattle and Spokane. Ken Anderson, Dean of Gonzaga University School of Business Administration presented the workshop on “Negotiations”. As an ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons, the Lifelong Learning Series is our newest initiative that we believe highlights each of our three core values. It not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, as well as competitiveness and employability. It further engages our alumni and friends of the school in meaningful and fulfilling ways. The program is made up of three parts: (1) introduction and overview of GU/SBA; (2) course content; and (3) social/ networking. Attendee JoAnna Lake shared, “In late January, I had the opportunity to attend the first Gonzaga hosted Lifelong Learning event with Dean Anderson in Seattle. The setting was fabulous – perched high above Seattle on a rare clear afternoon. Even better than the view was the new found company, community and learning that was to come. Often, I find it hard to take the time to invest in my own learning and continued development – and when I do – I always am glad that I reprioritized other day to day things. The event began with introductions of the roughly 30 people in attendance. It was a great mix of parents of current or prospective students, others in the Seattle community and a great diversity in alumnae. After brief introductions for each of us attending, Dean Anderson took us through an update on all things new at GU – which was great for me to re-connect as it’s been a while since I’ve been back to campus. That was followed by a roughly 45 minute learning event focused on effective negotiations. Dean Anderson was ever engaging in reconnecting us to SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 35 |35GONZAGA | GONZAGA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

our BATNA and other key tools in negotiating things whether it be car purchases or negotiations with customers or suppliers. It was a great way to refresh and sharpen some of the skills that I don’t necessarily use every day, in a meaningful, relatable and fun way. After the negotiations section, it was great to spend some time networking with the others in attendance. I reconnected with people I haven’t seen in some time and made new connections within the Gonzaga community. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to reconnect and recharge! Thank you!”

Zags Give Day On March 8, the SBA took part in Zags Give Day. During the 24-hour giving day, two challenge gifts totaling $20,000 were “unlocked/awarded” once we reached 100 donors, regardless of the amount given. In the 24-hour give day, the total amount raised was $42,127 with 148 donors. The funds raised this year were in celebration of Eddy Birrer and they endowed a scholarship in his name. For more than 34 years, Eddy has been dedicated to Gonzaga's accounting program and its students. This scholarship, will both honor his impact and open doors of opportunity for accounting students. Gonzaga University surpassed all previous records and goals in this 24hour fundraising drive "All In for Zags Give Day" with unprecedented giftmatching and challenges. A total of 1,892 donors from all 50 states contributed more than $300,000 toward the 12 featured crowdfunding projects aimed at supporting Gonzaga students. The number of donors participating in this one-day giving drive was the most ever for the University.

Wine and Dine On November 17, the SBA hosted its 3rd Annual Wine and Dine fundraising event. The evening started off with a reception, followed by an exceptional dining experience courtesy of Sodexo's top chefs. The theme was South America. This event generated over $60,000 in net revenue. The funds that are raised go into the SBA Excellence fund which is used to support a number of business school initiatives. These initiatives include: • Professional development opportunities for SBA faculty and staff. This includes participation in research and academic conferences, programs like Leadership Spokane, and our annual faculty/staff trip to Boeing. • Expenses associated with student competitions. We are heavily involved in competitions and we assist with entry fees and travel expenses. • Funds to assist students with attending events such as the Career & Professional Development center's Trek program. We don't want money to be a barrier to student participation. • Technology assistance including support for the Hemmingson Finance Lab. Our technology needs, both hardware and software, continue to grow. • Programming such as our "Careers" days and networking events. Helping our students decide which academic direction to go is critical to their success; introducing them to community partners and other friends of the business school is essential. • Community involvement efforts such as our participation in 2nd Harvest's Bite-2-Go program. We are dedicated to engagement with our community.


WINE & DINE Friday, November 16, 2018 Join us for

The Bounty of Washington You can purchase your tickets at

www.gonzaga.edu/WineDinner Community Partners Event On May 17, the SBA celebrated its 5th Annual Community Partners Event. During the event the SBA took the opportunity to honor the members of the business school who are retiring, to celebrate our successes and milestones from the current academic year, preview what might be on the horizon for next year, and to host our valued partners in the business community who have been involved in the life of the school. The work we do as a business school is only possible with your collaboration and support. It is our hope that this event will give us another opportunity to work together to find innovative ways that engage all members of our business school with our business community and its leaders. Next year's Community Partners Event will be held on May, 16, 2019, we hope to see you there!

For more information about the School of Business events visit www.gonzaga.edu/sbanewsevents


HONOR ROLL Pep Albi, Jr. Tom and Raelene Albinson James Albus Jim and Patricia Allen Paul and Katharine Allen Amica Mutual Insurance Company Ken and Sue Anderson Kenneth and Christine Anderson Molly Anderson Michael and Linda Andrade Archdiocese of Seattle Richard Arnold Avista Corporation The Avista Foundation Daniel Baciocco Barry Baker Baker Construction & Development, Inc. William and Evan Balkovatz Bank of America Bank of America Foundation Richard and Joanne (Daly) Barber Dr. Clarence Barnes Gerhard Barone James and Barbara Barry

Jack A. Benazzo

Brad and Lesley Canfield


Kay C. Carnes

Jarett Bennett

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Centioli Family, LLC

Steven and Denise Bennett

John and Gerri Ceserani

Mirjeta Beqiri

Joseph and Monica Chapman

Gerald Berger

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Bernardo Wills Architects PC

Friends of Dick Cheek

Donald and Shirley Berube

Daniel and Devonia Cheyney

Fred E. and Paula Bevegni

Lincoln and Theresa (Schneider) Clark

Mr. John Beyer Laura A. (Belknap) Beyer Nicholas F. Bielemeier Dan Birrer Eddy and TerryKay Birrer Jessamyn Birrer The Boeing Company Dennis Bogdan Michael and Jean Bolkovatz Harrison T. Braaksma Kaysi Braden Andrew and Alexandra Brajcich Anna Brajcich

Kelsey J. Dunn Robert and Mary Dunn Dan and Shanna Dunne Scott and Kristin Easterbrook Brian and Meghan (Bookey) Eike Megan A. Ellingson

Jim and Terry Coombes


Jac and Jacqueline Cooper

I.S. & Emily C. Fetterman Foundation

Jeffrey and Shannon Corbett Larry and Rosemary Coulson James and Rachel Crawford Matthew Steven Cristallo Samuel Crosby and Christopher Hodges Linda L. Curtis Kevin and Mary Jean Daniels

Bradford Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Dehmer

Brent and Rebecca (Hilton) Bearden

Alyssa A. Brolsma

Michael and Julie Bearup

Mark A. and Elizabeth N. Bruskotter

John Beck

Edward and Katy (Jacobson) Bruya

Luino and Margaret Dell'Osso Family Foundation at Seattle Foundation

Jonathan G. and Mary P. (McCutcheon) Belzer

Paul and Pattie Buller

CAD of Spokane, Inc.

Stephen and Joleen Dumerton

Ernst & Young Foundation

Kevin and Carol Briscoe


Francisco and Teresa Dominguez

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Blaze and Cheri R. (Soliday Burnham

Jamie Dills and Rachel Jessop

Ivan Epishkin and Irina Solovyeva

Holly Brajcich and Tom Krzyminski

Melissa (Valley) and Joel Bartenbach

Eileen L. (Leonard) Diekemper

Columbia Bank

Jim and Raeceil Day Charitable Fund

Katherine Barth

Daniel Dieckgraeff and Denise Thanepohn

Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Brenden Finnegan Caitlin E. Finnerty Melquisedec Flores and Camila Cervantes Dennis and Michele Flynn Julie A. Foerster Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools Franklin Templeton Julie A. Frye Michael and Thayer Garrett Frank and Mary Gebhardt

Deloitte Foundation

Ryan M. Gee

Christopher Devcich and Angela Niemann

Caroline B. Geiger Clark H. Gemmill

Robert F. Gilb and Michele Tiesse-Gilb

John Hemmingson

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Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

Goldman Sachs & Company

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Marc A. Gordon Diana Gorodetskii Hayley M. Graham Matthew L. Grajczyk Grant Thornton Foundation Adriane N. (Alban) Gray Katherine E. Green Dorothy Kay Greenamyer Emily Hache Don and Sherie Hackney Roger and Mary Joan Hahn Elizabeth Haley Thomas and Thomasin Hammer Thomas Hammer Coffee Steven Harada Rex and Ann (Haslinger) Harder James and Tracy Hartz Theresa (Zielinski) Haskins Gregory V. Hatcher Meishelle L. Haverkamp AJ Hawk Art and Lynda Hayashi Jack and Lisa Heath Denny and Paula (Fruci) Heck Heck Fruci Family Foundation Scott R. Hedin Kurt and Leah Heimbigner

Dennis P. and Jane M. (McFaul) Hession

Dr. and Mrs. Kennard J. Kapstafer Robert and Michelle Keasal Daniel P. Kelly Sara Kern Zakary and Kelli Kessler Carson J. Kiesewetter

Anne K. Higgins

Sean Killeen and Katherine Billock

Matthew and Cara (Gish) Hoag

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Daniel and Sherri Kleeburg

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Christopher M. Hughes

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Rick E. Koch

James and Janet Huston

Michael and Catherine Koerner


Troy and Melissa (Chastek) Koontz

Charles B. Isaacs

Tyler R. Kowal

Dean and Kathi Jackson

KPMG Foundation

Sheldon Jackson

Angelo and Tenly (Bretting) Krakoff

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Megan A. (McDonald) Kruse

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Johnson Scholarship Foundation

Lakeside Capital Group LLC

Johnston Fix Foundation

Matthew and Carol (Solberg) LaMotte

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Trevor P. Lampe Steve and Lori A. (Abraham) Lane Maureen Duclos Carrie Lapke and John Lapke

William and Madeleine (Brady) Lapke Christy and Mike Larsen Chuck Latimer

Kyle and Katie McCoy Timothy and Jean McCoy Gregory and Loreen McFaul Shannon M. McFaul

Mark and Sara Lauzen Lindsay L. (Williamson) Lavin The Leahy Family Fund Anthony G. Ledda Stephan C. Leonoudakis David M. Lincoln

Emily E. McKeever Kovarik Ian and Crystal McLelland William McMillen Grant T. McNamara Casey and Sara (Larson) McNellis Stephanie K. Meehan

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Microsoft Corporation Bradley Miller and Anna Davidson Theresa (Bauman) Miller Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Monks Darren and Coleen Morehead

Mike and Peggy Sue (Lorang) Loroz Tony and Kelly (Judge) Lucarelli Stanford and Gloria Lum David and Christine (Kelly) Machado John MacKenzie Phyllis MacKenzie Estate Sean T. Maguire

Katherine Morgan Morgan Stanley Moss Adams Foundation Moss Adams LLP Phyllis (RIP) and Angelo Mozilo The Phyllis and Angelo Mozilo Family Foundation John Naekel

Thomas and Kimberly Maguire Dan and Kathy Mallea Bradley and Margaret (Rosa) Mansker Andrew D. Matsumoto Scott and Glorilyn (Kimokeo) Maw Robert and Shannon McCambridge Shawn McCartney

Thomas F. and Liesl (Handwerker) Nebel Don and Jeanette Nelles Emile A. Nelson Todd and Sara Nelson Brandon Nett Mark and Sarah Neupert New York Life Insurance Co.


Nordstrom, Inc.

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Northwest Real Estate Management, LLC

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Numerica Credit Union James F. and Sharon (RIP) O'Connell John and Cynthia Olivier

John and Judith Rogers Bradley J. Romjue Brian L. Ruark Heidi Ruckwardt

Maurice M. and Margan H. (Haley) Smith, Jr. Kelly L. and Kolea Snow Society for Human Resource Management Sodexo Services

Chud and Cindy Wendle

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Lowell and Kathleen Ruen Gordon and Katina Ruh Christina Rustik The Hon. and Mrs. Barry E. Ryan Kristina L. Ryan Megan M. Rykaczewski Salesforce.com Foundation Erin Sather Aaron Schaefer and Rebecca Bull Schaefer


Jim and Jeannine Songey

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Andrew D. Sorenson Micah Spanner Mark A. Spink Spokane International Airport Lawrence F. Stepovich Steve's Auto & Stuff Auto Sales and Detailing Brian Steverson and Adriane Leithauser

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Annie Voy

Nick Ward Washington Trust Bank Emma G. Watanabe

Mark and Lisa Weller Charles and Carlene (Bobbe) Wells Denise G. and Norman E. Wells, Jr Family Foundation Gift Fund

Sean H. Yoneshige



100 years Daniel G. “Dan” Brajcich Gonzaga University’s very own accounting legend and alumnus, Daniel G. “Dan” Brajcich, would have turned 100 years old on November 27, 2018.

Dan taught for Gonzaga’s accounting department for over 50 years and was well-known for his strict teaching style, intimating demeanor, and jokester attitude. However, students still highly respected him because they knew he cared deeply for their education and success. Everyone who knew Dan could see his passion for learning; it was evident by his desire to discuss accounting topics at the kitchen table and enjoyment of practicing CPA questions during his downtime. Dan’s dedication to staying current in the accounting field helped his teaching methodology, where he was renowned for his accessible lectures. His ability to simplify accounting concepts was likely aided by this constant engagement in the field. In addition to Dan’s passion for teaching, his dry humor infiltrated the classroom. In fact, his method of handling distracted students was to crack a joke to redirect their attention to the lesson. Another example of Dan’s humor included his Ten Commandments for his class, which included rules


such as “Thou shalt not read thy book” and “Thou shalt not blow smoke (unless towards the IRS).” In preparation for the inevitability of student excuses, Dan prepared a list of common excuses of why a student may have been late on an assignment or for class. For students who visited his office to explain their tardiness, Dan would often just point to his list and make jokes such as, “Which one is it? Number three is quite popular this week.” One of the most notable stories regarding Dan occurred in a spring semester in the 1980s when a student, who had just completed her Intermediate II final in Dan’s class, was walking to the COG for a welldeserved lunch. She was approached by a younger accounting student and chatted with him about the class. He knew of Dan’s strict reputation and imagining what would be in store for him in Intermediate I the following semester, jokingly retorted, “I hope he dies this summer!” to which the elder student replied, “That’s my dad!” Dan’s response to this story that evening at the dinner table was, “Well, I must still be doing it right.” The one characteristic that best described Dan’s personality was his humility, both at work and at home. According to Dan’s youngest daughter, Holly Brajcich, his wife Dorothy “was his rock and he would not have been the man he was without her.” While he was not the type of individual who would boast about his children’s or students’ accomplishments, it never prevented Dan from being proud of them. Despite the pride, he would never say goodbye at graduations because he could not bear it. Dan would always be willing to reconnect with his former students though, whether that be to catch up or help them with their employment search. Dan passed away in 2004, but his legacy lives on through his former students and the Daniel G. Brajcich Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship allows future Gonzaga students to experience the quality of education that Dan helped establish. GONZAGA GONZAGA SCHOOL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION || 42 42

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS Total Scholarship given:

$465,335 Number of students receiving scholarships from the SBA:



Thank you, Business Scholarships FRUCI ACCOUNTING Emily Ann Welch MM SATCHELL & SJ SCHWERING Lauren DiCambio FRANK & SHARON BOUTEN Kourtney Schott PERKO FAMILY Vincent Tramontozzi Chase Jacobson LOUIE & DONNA LAPKE Charlie Ibarra Kyle Bolton Matthew Boulet Preston Froula Hillary Lawrence JIM & RAECEIL DAY Olivia Antoine RUDISILE FAMILY Capucine Zimmerman ELAINE MYERS & PATRICK MORRIS Kyle Vann Bayer Corporation Lauren DiCambio Preston Froula BAYER CORPORATION Lauren DiCambio Preston Froula ALMA AND GILL CENTIOLI Valerie Wirfel Andrew Hallett Nathan Schwartz Brooke Cummins Gabrielle Thuillier Anna Wodarz HENRI CHARVET, SJ Alec Brummer J&K NEUPERT Chase Ronderos Aileen Duong

PAUL B SHORETT Paul Noble Rozalyn Piper CHARLES H DAVIS Iris Matulevich Divin Kanyama Brogan Meyers Michael Letts Michael Churchyard Vincent Tramontozzi Luc MacKenzie Bailey Mills Tatum Shirts Mary Margaret Hubert Emmy Billmaier DANIEL P HOGAN JR Isabel Barichievich Ellen Schuster Paige Putnicki Caitlin Miller APREGAN FAMILY Sean Murphy FRED & PAULA BEVEGNI Annabella Labate IS & EMILY FETTERMAN Alexis Del Rosario Cameron Sannes CLARENCE H BARNES Amber Weatherly Conor Goodwin Spencer Larsen Taylor Benson CLARENCE H BARNES LEGACY Grace Kinch Emma Baldwin Emily Schmidt Sean Murphy Conor Goodwin Jack Benazzo Katherine Hammond Lauren Berbiglia Vincent Casareto

for investing in our students! Luc MacKenzie Gavin Imes Madison Frank Anna Hauge Isabel Beaulieu Madison Smith Ronald Chan Alexander Cargal Vincent Casareto Michael McIntyre Solwil Brisbane Aaron Lovchik JANICKI FAMILY Crystal Murray-Weston TOMLINSON REAL ESTATE GROUP Charlie Ibarra David Freet Bailey Mills GENERAL BUSINESS Claire Zollars KOHLS MEMORIAL Cody Kinghorn Reagan Wiley WILLIAM H SCHUMACHER Meghan Hayes Carson Hollyoak JANE HEDEQUIST MEMORIAL Kelsey Clack ROOTHAAN ACHIEVEMENT Darienne Gibson Christopher Hartis Kourtney Schott A O & EVELYN FOSTER Spencer Larsen Vincent Tramontozzi ANGELO R. MOZILO FAMILY Joshua Frager Michael Letts Roberto Erickson Rios Rozalyn Piper Morgan Landers

DANIEL P. HOGAN JR. Isabel Barichievich Ellen Schuster Paige Putnicki Caitlin Miller

Graduate Business Scholarships MBA SCHOLARSHIP Keely Anderson Kristen Bot Elizabeth Brewer Bradly Crandall Morgan Douglass Tysen Ficklin Mickias Getnet Michael Green Timothy Hill Sarah Love Dana McCullough Michaela McDermott Alyssa McDonald Timothy Przybyslawski Phillip Siemens Audrey Snyder Lisa Sprankle Casey Tucker Christella Vu Amanda Williams Bradley Young Joseph Applewhite Taylor Webb JOHNSTON-FIX HIGH GMAT Kevin Boercker Sarah Burruss Benjamin DuBois Erin Kaya Marco Magnotto Nicholas Olsen Daniel Ottis Brady Ryan Oliver Taylor

Daniel Turley Brody Cone Jake Dixon

Accounting Scholarships DANIEL BRAJCICH Christina Alexander Sofia Alvarez Emma Baldwin Alexandra Balkovatz Kacie Bell Joshua Bennett Jordan Boyle Alec Brummer Vincent Casareto Daniel Dato Ariel Evans Giovanni Flavel Allison Foster Megan Fraser Angelica Gianataassio Paul Girts Clayton Grisham Christopher Hartis Cinthya Ibarra Gavin Imes Anthony Kaskurs David Kelly Cody Kinghorn Jacob Kirschenmann Robert Lyon Caitlin May Kimberly May Austin Medina Bailey Mills Matthew Mortimer Karissa Pallagi Mark Parisi Emily Reid Claire Richardson Alyssa Rustik

Elise Scacciotti Emily Schmidt Kourtney Schott Sara Skornik Annika Steele Ali Swanson Tyler Tran Tanner Varin Megan Walsh Ashley West Amanda Whitesitt Claire Zollars SODEXO Quinn House Preston Froula JANICKI FAMILY Crystal Murray-Weston BOB AND STEVIE BURKE Iris Matulevich Madison Lingenfelder MOSS ADAMS SCHOLARSHIP Emily Welch KPMG SCHOLARSHIP Emily Schmidt Alexandra Grant PWC SCHOLARSHIP Sydney Ackerman DELOITTE SCHOLARSHIP Amanda Schaffer BDO SCHOLARSHIP FUND Eric Pendergraft BERNTSON PORTER SCHOLARSHIP Anna Hauge GRANT THORNTON SCHOLARSHIP Sydney Ackerman Emily Earnshaw TERESITA COOMBES TRINITY Austin Salvador Daniel Campobasso Reid Elliott Nicholas Mclain Morgan Landers


School of Business Administration Gonzaga University 502 East Boone Avenue, AD 9 Spokane, WA 99258-0009 509.313.5991 direct 509.313.5811 fax www.gonzaga.edu/Business

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Gonzaga University School of Business Administration Annual Digest  

Gonzaga University School of Business Administration (SBA) takes great pleasure to provide you with the 2017-2018 edition of our online Dige...

Gonzaga University School of Business Administration Annual Digest  

Gonzaga University School of Business Administration (SBA) takes great pleasure to provide you with the 2017-2018 edition of our online Dige...

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