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How Do You Spell Service?


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3 St. Benedict High School Teens for Life following National March for Life in front of Supreme Court Building 4 Polar Bear Plunge for special olympics 5 Food Bank Top Performer award 2012-13 6 Club St. Jude 7 Canned food collection 8 Ave Maria Home 9 LifeBlood 10 Wolf River Conservancy Clean-up Day 8



From the President On Eagles’ Wings To our SBA families and friends -


Recently, our students participated in KIDS KAN, a springtime effort to collect much-needed food for the Food Bank. It took me back in time as I remember well the summer afternoon that Sarah, our youngest, was cleaning under her bed and came across a strange discovery. I remember not only because she was cleaning - unusual in itself - but also because of what she found. A can of corn and a can of tomatoes. Apparently, neither had made it to school for donation that year - or possibly some previous year. We could laugh about it because it was the perfect example of who she was. A girl with a wealth of wellintentioned plans, many of which just never came to fruition. She always ‘meant to’ do a lot of things. But think about it, how many of us are guilty of this every day? We think about it, pray about it, add it to the to-do list, but somehow just never get around to it. The St Jude radio-thon grabs at our heart strings while driving to work, but before making the pledge, the desk phone rings and we’re off to begin the day. We watch those horrific Feed the Hungry commercials and vow to call. Then the microwave buzzes and the food we have distracts the food we don’t. It’s Goodwill that will benefit from our Spring Break plans to clean out the closet, but the day and the energy never seem to arrive in the right mix. We are human. There will always be distractions. But wanting to serve and deciding to serve are so very different. After all, who doesn’t WANT to help? We all know the truth. Homeless people don’t warm up at night because we thought about taking clothes to Goodwill and the hungry don’t get dinner because we meant to take those cans to school. I’m proud of the many different ways our students have found to give service. You’ll get to read about many of them inside this edition. From their time, to their money, to their blood, they are finding ways to do His work. As many are aware, Nancy and I will be moving out of town at the end of the year to a school where I will have the opportunity to serve in a similar capacity. But we’ve met so many great people in our fourteen years here; picking up and packing up will not be easy. You’re not a part of our jobs; you’ve become a part of our lives. And so much has happened at SBA in that time, we’ve been blessed just to have gotten to be here for it. How many times have I ‘meant to’ say just that? How many times have I ‘meant to’ write, speak, text or tweet our appreciation? How many times have I ‘meant to’ acknowledge the kindness and generosity you have shown again and again? My daughter ‘meant to’ turn in those cans, she really did. I’m thinking she may have learned that from me. George Valadie President

From the Editor Yes, SBA is how you spell SERVICE! As we near the close of the 2012-13 school year, we wanted to highlight the very many service activities in which our students participated, but in a way that brings it full circle with our church’s teachings and those that impact our reason for service. Our school has been involved in a myriad of service opportunities (see front cover) over the year, as they are every year, not because it’s fashionable, but because we live the Faith. As we learn our faith, it’s only natural that service to others is something we do. I’m sure you watched as Pope Benedict left the Vatican and the election of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis. Pope Benedict, a man of great humility and service, during eight years, has made 28 pastoral visits around the world, personally authored three encyclicals, issued 28 apostolic letters, wrote and delivered approximately 50 homilies each year, 48 Wednesday audience talks and saw to the publication of all those homilies and addresses in books, all the while hosting bishops and heads of state at the Vatican. Pope Francis, a champion of the poor and marginalized, while in Argentina, proclaimed, “The great value of Catholic schools is that they are rooted in the truth of the Catholic faith. It is by the witness of faithful educators that young people will envision a more just and peaceful world.” How true is this and how true, then, is that SBA educates young men and women in Faith. The proof is in the pudding. Just ask – Ave Maria Home, Birthright, Catholic Charities, Club St. Jude, Diocese NFP Center, LifeBlood, Life Choices, Make-a-Wish, Mid-South Food Bank, Our Lady of Sorrows School, Project Outreach, Right-to-Life, Special Olympics, St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, St. Paul School, Wolf River Conservancy and many more. If you haven’t already, please read Mr. Valadie’s letter above and Khira Rotty’s article in “About Our Faith.” Every section of this magazine focuses on how we have served as leaders of the Church, as SBA alums and as SBA students, faculty and parents. As our new Pope Francis said in the homily of his installation Mass on the Feast of St. Joseph - who by serving the Holy Family, also served us, “…serve one another with love….” One final note, I want to extend my gratitude to Mr. Valadie, not only for what he’s done for SBA over the years, but for having trust in me to edit and publish this newsletter. He has given me full editorial jurisdiction and, leaving deadlines aside, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. Thanks, Sir, for the confidence and for YOUR SERVICE to SBA. Sharon Masterson, Editor Director of Communications & Sports Information


On Eagles’ Wings

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Catholic Schools: Educating Our Youth in Truth for the Honor and Glory of God and the Salvation of Souls.


St. Benedict at Auburndale High School is a diocesan, coeducational, college preparatory school committed to academic excellence through a comprehensive and challenging multi-level curriculum presented in an atmosphere permeated with the aims, values and teachings of the Roman Catholic faith. On Eagles’ Wings is a publication of St. Benedict at Auburndale High School Editor/Director of Communications & Sports Information Sharon Masterson President/Principal George Valadie Assistant Principal/Dean of Students Sondra Morris Director of Alumni & Development Lori Trew Regis ‘91 Director of Admissions Ann O’Leary Director of PLUS Program Robin Ciancioso Advisory Board 2012-13 Mindy Costabile, Chair Jon Bascom Madonna Bond Msgr. Peter Buchignani, V.G. Doug Byrnes Nick Griffin (’98) Chad Harrell John Hyden (’93) Joe Incardona Chris LeBlanc Paul Schuhlein John Schuman Duane Sell Phil Sisneros , Vice Chairman Mike Watermeier Don Williams Wanda Winnette Andy Wise Pat Wycoff Beth York, Secretary


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business director’s office every other day. Š‡”‡‹•‡˜‡”ƒ†‡’‘•‹–™‹–Š‘—–ƒ•–‘”›ǡ ƒ† –Š‡•–‘”‹‡•ƒ•—…Šƒ•–Š‡ †‡’‘•‹–•ǤŠ‡”‡™ƒ•ƒƒŽ—‹’ƒ”‡– ™Š‘…ƒ‡‹ƒˆ‡™™‡‡•ƒ‰‘™‹–ŠŠ‹• …Š‡…„‘‘–‘•ƒ›–Šƒ–Šƒ†‹–‘–„‡‡ˆ‘” ‘—”–—‹–‹‘ƒ••‹•–ƒ…‡ǡŠ‹••‘…‘—Ž†‘– Šƒ˜‡‰‘‡–‘Ǥ ‡‡š’Žƒ‹‡†–Šƒ–Š‡ ™ƒ•‘™‹ƒ’‘•‹–‹‘–‘Š‡Ž’ƒ†™ƒ–‡†  ‹”‡…–‘”‘ˆŽ—‹ƒ† –‘†‘Š‹•’ƒ”–•‘–Šƒ–ƒ‘–Š‡”ˆƒ‹Ž› ‡˜‡Ž‘’‡– …‘—Ž†„‡‡ˆ‹––Š‡™ƒ›Š‹•ˆƒ‹Ž›Šƒ†Ǥ ‡ Lori Trew Regis ‘91 ‡˜‡Ž‡ˆ–Š‹•„—•‹‡••…ƒ”†ƒ†•ƒ‹†–‘…ƒŽŽ ‹ˆŠ‡…‘—Ž††‘•‘‡–Š‹‰‘”‡•’‡…‹ˆ‹…ǤŠ‡–Š‡”‡™ƒ•–Š‡‘ ™Š‘†”‘’’‡†„›–‘‡š’Žƒ‹–Šƒ–•Š‡™‘—Ž†„‡‘—–‘ˆ–‘™–Š‡ ™‡‡‡†‘ˆ‘—” ƒ•Š‹‘Š‘™ˆ—†”ƒ‹•‡”ǡ„—–•Š‡™ƒ–‡†–‘ƒ‡ƒ †‘ƒ–‹‘Œ—•––‘Š‡Ž’…‘˜‡”•‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡‡š’‡•‡••‹…‡•Š‡™‘—Ž† ‘–„‡’—”…Šƒ•‹‰ƒ–‹…‡–‘”„‹††‹‰‘ƒ„ƒ•‡–ǤŠ‡”‡ƒ”‡ …‘—–Ž‡••’ƒ”‡–•‘ˆƒ–ŠŽ‡–‡•™Š‘™ƒ––‘Š‡Ž’–‘”‡ˆ‹‹•Š–Š‡ –‡‹•…‘—”–•ǡ‹’”‘˜‡–Š‡•‘ˆ–„ƒŽŽˆ‹‡Ž†…‘†‹–‹‘•ǡ‘”‡š–‡†–Š‡ football bleachers (things that they know probably aren’t in the •…Š‘‘Ž„—†‰‡–ሻǡ•‘–Š‡›™”‹–‡…Š‡…•–‘–Š‡‹”•’‡…‹ˆ‹‡†’”‘‰”ƒ•Ǥ You wouldn’t believe how manyŠ‡ƒ”–ˆ‡Ž–‡‘”‹ƒŽ•ƒ”‡‰‹˜‡–‘‘—” •…Š‘‘Ž‘˜‡”–‡ƒ”ˆ—Ž•–‘”‹‡•‘ˆŽ‘˜‡†‘‡•ǤŠ‡”‡ƒ”‡†‘ƒ–‹‘•ˆ”‘ ’”‘—†‰”ƒ†’ƒ”‡–•–Šƒ–…‘‡‹–Š‡ƒ‹Ž™‹–ŠŽ‡––‡”•‡š’Žƒ‹‹‰ Š‘™—…Š–Š‡‹”‰”ƒ†…Š‹Ž†”‡Ž‘˜‡ǤŠ‡”‡ƒ”‡‰‹ˆ–•‰‹˜‡‹ Š‘‘”‘ˆ–Š‡–‡ƒ…Š‡”™Š‘™‡––Šƒ–‡š–”ƒ‹Ž‡ǡ‘”–Š‡…‘ƒ…Š–Šƒ– ‰ƒ˜‡–Šƒ–‡š–”ƒ’—•ŠǤ†–Š‘•‡ƒ”‡Œ—•–ƒˆ‡™–Šƒ–…‘‡–‘‹†ǡ ƒ†–Š‘•‡ƒ”‡Œ—•––Š‡†‘ƒ–‹‘•–Šƒ–…ƒ„‡†‡’‘•‹–‡†ǤŠ‡ †‘ƒ–‹‘•‘ˆ–‹‡ƒ”‡Œ—•–ƒ•˜ƒŽ—ƒ„Ž‡ǡƒ•™‡ƒŽŽ‘™ǤWho hasn’t „‡‡ƒ’ƒ”‡–˜‘Ž—–‡‡”ǫ‘„‘†›ƒ”‘—†Š‡”‡–that’s for sure. ‡ Šƒ˜‡–Š‡„‡•–ƒ†‘•–™‹ŽŽ‹‰’ƒ”‡–•ƒ›™Š‡”‡Ǩ When we had the “Show Your Love for SBA” Valentines jeans day –‘”ƒ‹•‡‘‡›ˆ‘”–Š‡—ƒŽ —†––Š‡”‡™‡”‡ƒ—„‡”‘ˆ ’ƒ”‡–•™Š‘ƒ…–—ƒŽŽ›™”‘–‡‹–Š‡‡o of their check “Great

dea”! I don’t know when I will stop being surprised. 

–‡ŽŽƒ–Š›ǡ‘—”—•‹‡••‹”‡…–‘”ǡ–Š‡•–‘”‹‡•‘ˆ‡ƒ…Š†‡’‘•‹–ƒ† ‡˜‡”›–‹‡ǡ™‡†‹•…—••™Šƒ–‹–‹•ƒ„‘—––Šƒ–…”‡ƒ–‡•–Š‹• ™‘†‡”ˆ—ŽŽ›‰‹˜‹‰‡˜‹”‘‡–Ǥ •‹–‘—”‹†•ƒ†’ƒ”‡–•ǫ •‹– –Š‡ƒ––‹–—†‡•‘ˆ‘—”ˆƒ…—Ž–›ƒ†ƒ†‹‹•–”ƒ–‹‘ǫ •‹–‘—”ƒ–Š‘Ž‹… ‹••‹‘ǫ‡…ƒ‘Ž›…‘…Ž—†‡–Šƒ–‹–‹•ƒ„”‹ŽŽ‹ƒ–…‘„‹ƒ–‹‘‘ˆ ƒŽŽ‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ„‘˜‡ǡƒ†–Šƒ–™‡ˆ‡‡Ž„Ž‡••‡†–‘„‡ƒ’ƒ”–‘ˆ‹–Ǥ Šƒ›‘—ˆ‘”–Š‡‰”‡ƒ–†‡’‘•‹–•Ǩ

SBA Moments Annual Fund for

The 2012-13

We couldn’t be more pleased with the •—……‡••‘ˆ–Š‡—ƒŽ —† ƒ’ƒ‹‰•‘ˆƒ”–Š‹•›‡ƒ”Ǥ

™‘‰‘ƒŽ•‘ˆ–Š‡…ƒ’ƒ‹‰ƒ”‡–‘”ƒ‹•‡ ̈́ͷͲͲǡͲͲͲƒ†–‘ƒ…“—‹”‡ͳͷͲˆ‹”•–Ǧ–‹‡ †‘‘”•Ǥ‡ƒ”‡ŠƒŽˆ™ƒ›–‘„‘–ŠǨ

Š‡‘‡–•—ƒŽ —† ƒ’ƒ‹‰—„‡”•ˆ”‘ —Ž›ͳǡʹͲͳʹ –‘†ƒ–‡‘ˆ’—„Ž‹…ƒ–‹‘„”‡ƒ†‘™ƒ• ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™•ǣ

”‡•–”‹…–‡†‘ƒ–‹‘•Ǧ̈́ͳͳͺǡ͸͵͹Ǥͺ͹ ‡•–”‹…–‡†‘ƒ–‹‘•Ǧ̈́ͳ͵͵ǡ͸ͺͷǤͻͻ

‘–ƒŽ—ƒŽ —† ‹˜‹‰Ǧ ̈́ʹͷʹǡ͵ʹ͵Ǥͺ͸ ‘–ƒŽ‘‘”•–ʹͺ͵ ‡™‘‘”•–͹͵

Šƒ›‘—•‘—…Š–‘–Š‘•‡™Š‘Šƒ˜‡ ƒŽ”‡ƒ†›…‘–”‹„—–‡†Ǩ ˆ›‘—ƒ”‡•–‹ŽŽ …‘•‹†‡”‹‰ƒ‰‹ˆ–ǡ™‡ƒ’’”‡…‹ƒ–‡›‘—” …‘•‹†‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒ†™‘—Ž†Ž‹‡–‘ ‡…‘—”ƒ‰‡›‘—–‘˜‹•‹–‘—”™‡„•‹–‡ƒ– ™™™Ǥ•„ƒ‡ƒ‰Ž‡•Ǥ‘”‰Ȁƒ—ƒŽˆ—†Ǥ

—”•–—†‡–•…‘–‹—‡–‘ƒƒœ‡—•ǡ ƒ†‘—”—ƒŽ —†‹•™Šƒ–ƒ‡• ƒƒœ‹‰–Š‹‰•’‘••‹„Ž‡Ǥ 


At a recent Advisory Board meeting, 2012/13 members gathered for their annual group photo Seated (from left) Don Williams, Madonna Bond, Secretary Beth York, Chair Mindy Costabile, SBA President George Valadie, Joe Incardona Standing (from left) Chris LeBlanc, Andy Wise, Nick Griffin (’98), John Hyden (’93), Duane Sell, Jon Bascom. Unable to be present for picture – Msgr. Peter Buchignani, VG, Doug Byrnes, Chad Harrell, Paul Schuhlein, John Schuman, Phil Sisneros, Executive Committee, Mike Watermeier, Wanda Winnette, Pat Wycoff.




On Eagles’ Wings

Home Field  Advantage

St. Benedict  at  Auburndale  High  School      Bleacher  Upgrade  and  Renovations  


The SBA  football  field  is  the  HOME  of  THE  EAGLES  for  our  football  and  lacrosse  teams.   Tully  Fieldhouse  accommodates  softball,  lacrosse,  and  football  locker  rooms,  a  concession  stand  and   public  restrooms  for  all  of  our  Eagle  athletic  programs.   However,  we  are  also  home  field  to  many  others.   Not  only  would  St.  Benedict  at  Auburndale  High  School  students  and  families  benefit  from  an   expansion  and  renovation,  the  entire  city  would  benefit.    Being  the  largest  Catholic  school  in   Memphis,  our  campus  is  host  to  many  Catholic  Diocesan  school  events,  as  well  as  the  Parochial   Athletic  Association  jamboree  and  playoff  games  and  all  of  the  SFA  Timberwolves  home  games.   A  new  look  to  our  stadium  would  be  a  source  of  pride  for  our  athletes  and  would  also  be  a  draw  for   potential  students  and  families.    To  correspond  with  the  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  facilities  around  the  rest  of   our  campus,  we  feel  NOW  is  the  right  time  to  upgrade  and  renovate  the  Eagle  bleachers  that  have   given  us  so  many  great  memories  for  over  twenty  years.  

Go Eagles!    Go  Timberwolves!    Go  Memphis!  

The future  SBA  bleacher  renovations  will  expand  our  home   bleachers  on  each  side  to  now  seat  900,  instead  of  the   current  500.    

We would  be  so  appreciative  if  you  would  please  consider  helping  us  with  these  renovations  to  our  Home   Field  bleachers.    Our  hope  is  that  this  project  can  be  completed  by  fall  so  that  our  2013  Eagle  football   season  can  begin  proudly.    If  you  would  like  to  donate  to  our  Home  Field  Advantage  Campaign  for  new   bleachers  and  renovations,  please  return  the  enclosed  envelope,  visit  us  at  or  scan   the  QR  code  with  your  SmartPhone.   If  you  have  any  questions,  please  call  the  Development  Office  at  260-­‐2892.  

THANK YOU  for  supporting  SBA,  the  SBA  Eagles,   and  the  community  teams  we  are  able  to  host  at  our  school.  



On Eagles’ Wings

Simple Ways to Help…. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the difference it makes!

SBA Eagle Bucks Gift Card Program The SBA Eagle Bucks Program allows you to earn money for our school programs while shopping! Just buy your gift cards from us! They will make GREAT Christmas gifts! To place your order, you can fill out the form on our website or you can stop by the office for a form. We have many gift cards in stock in the office, but orders are placed on a weekly basis. SBA receives a percentage of the sale of the gift card.

Kroger Community Rewards If you shop at Kroger, you more than likely have a Kroger Plus card on your keychain. If you go to and create an account using your Plus number, you can select St. Benedict at Auburndale as your Community Rewards Program organization of choice. A portion of every shopping trip you make using your Kroger Plus card will then go to SBA!

Target REDcard Program Target’s Take Charge of Education Program donates millions of dollars to education each year by giving 1% of your purchases at Target back to your eligible school. Please designate SBA as your school of choice for their Take Charge of Education program. It is easy and very effective. Apply in the store or go online to

Coke Rewards for Schools Program Purchase your favorite Coca-Cola products to get the codes. Go to and sign in or register to become a member. Enter your codes to get points and then search for our school to donate points. St. Benedict can accumulate points and then choose items for our classrooms from their online catalog.

For more information on any of these easy ways to help SBA, please contact the Development Office at 260-2892 or email Every bit counts and it all adds up, so thank you for your participation in any of these programs that benefit our school. 4


On Eagles’ Wings

We would like to thank everyone that participated in our 3rd Annual Fashion Show. We raised over $14,000 for the SBA Annual Fund! A special thank you to our Home and School volunteers, the models, bartenders, donors and sponsors. It was a great night and we look forward to doing it again next year!


Parent Connection

On Eagles’ Wings


(All Sports Schedules may be found on 21-24 24

APRIL 20 Prom 21 Mother/Son Dinner 22 Spring Choral Concert 29 Spring Band Concert MAY 3 6 10 11 15

1st Friday Adoration, Chapel Senior Awards Night, 6:30 pm Baccalaureate-Church of the Incarnation, 7:00 pm Commencement-Hope Church, 11:00 am Senior Project Graduation Party Underclass Awards, 10:00 am

Final exams Last day of classes

JUNE 1 2

Used Uniform Drop-off Used Uniform Sale

AUGUST 19 20

1st Day of School - New students only 1st Day of School - All students

OCTOBER 4 Homecoming & Block Party (see notice in this issue)

Admission & Guidance Information ADMISSIONS Parents Please Note: All siblings who wish to attend SBA must complete the Application for Admission. If you have questions, please contact Ann O’Leary, Director of Admissions, at 260-2875, o’ or scan your device on this QR Code. GUIDANCE Parents of seniors (Class of 2013) – if you would like a conference concerning college plans for your child, please E-mail Senior Counselor Mary Cox at to set up an appointment. Please see the following schedule for College Entrance Testing. ACT TEST DATES (


Test Date

Registration Deadline

Test Date

Registration Deadline

June 8, 2013

May 3, 2013

May 4, 2013

Apr. 5, 2013

June 1, 2013

May 2, 2013

SBA Code needed for registration – 430-451 DRIVER’S PERMIT ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION FORM The Driver’s Permit Attendance Verification Form is required in order for a student to get a Driver’s Permit. Students may pick up a form in the front office during regular office hours. Please have student Social Security Number to complete the form.

Project Graduation 2013 There’s less than a month until our seniors say good-bye. But they have one last opportunity to share their excitement of graduation together – the annual Project Graduation All-Night Party at Incredible Pizza starting at 11:00 pm the night of graduation. We have over 75% of the seniors registered so far. Every attending senior gets lots of items to help them on their road to college and there will be lots of great door prizes, too. The fundraising efforts for this event have been very successful, with the two Trivia Nights sold out and loads of fun for all in attendance. cont. on page 7


Parent Connection

On Eagles’ Wings

News From Home & School Association           

Spring Greetings from Home and School! Hope everyone had a great spring break and got in a little relaxation before the craziness of the end of school year starts. The second semester started off busy and the schedule just keeps getting busier as we go. We have had two Honor Society receptions. Congratulations to all of our Honor Society students and to their families. Job well done by all! The annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon was a great success once again. The theme this year “Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon” made for a truly fun event. The faculty and staff seemed to be very impressed with the efforts of our Teacher Appreciation Committee. A HUGE thank you to Beth Jackson, Angie Valadie and Cynthia Shah. Great job, ladies! Also thanks to all our volunteers who helped set up, serve and clean up after the luncheon and those who sent in the delicious desserts that everyone enjoyed. I wish each of you could read the thank you notes we continue to receive from the faculty and staff. They are all truly grateful. The Third Annual Fashion Show benefiting the Annual Fund was an enormous success. This year’s theme, SWING AND BLING made for an exciting night of fashion and frivolity. Special thanks to everyone involved in putting together the event. To those who sponsored the event, donated items,

wrapped candy, put together baskets, set-up, cleaned-up, provided bartending services ... we couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU!!! Julie Bardos and team put together truly dazzling display baskets and Shannon Schuhlein and team provided the ‘bling’ with the beautiful decorations. A special thanks to our models. You ladies were all radiant! Be sure to check out the pictures in this issue. In our summer issue of On Eagles Wings in the Annual Report please take note of all the companies who donated or sponsored the show. Please patronize their businesses and thank them for their support of SBA. The Father Daughter Dance was held in early March at Colonial Country Club. A special thank you to Belinda Hurley and Karen Hamilton for their tireless efforts and great job putting this event on for us. For those who volunteered for the event, we appreciate you for making this evening special for our girls and their dads. Special memories to last a lifetime! More events on the schedule – April 14-Father/Son Outing and Mother/Daughter Tea and April 21-Mother/Son Dinner. Look for information in Monday Mail about the Used Uniform Sale (June 3 & 4) and other end of year events. Once again, thank you for all you do to help support our school. If you would like to volunteer or receive more information about Home and School, please contact Romy Schaaf at or 359-7821 or Dawn Lewis at or 262-5012.

Project Graduation con’t from page 6 Reservations are still being taken for $150. You don’t want your student to miss the opportunity to celebrate in a safe and fun environment one last time! For information contact David and Darla at Chairs David and Darla Boston were recognized at the last Trivia Night for their untiring service and for stepping up to chair PG for the second year in a row, with all their children already graduated.


About Our Faith

On Eagles’ Wings

The Joy of a Servant

joy in a world full of sorrow and deep wounds! Instead of being concerned with what we get out of serving others, we ought to focus on being totally in love with Christ. The joy that comes from loving Christ will naturally cause us to want to serve Christ in others who are miserable and have no joy.

By Khira Rotty Director of Spiritual Affairs You’re probably familiar with the cliché “misery loves company.” After reflecting on this for a little while, I realized something. All that this attitude does is to promote misery for all! We have a lot of misery in our culture these days.

“May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the center of your lives,” was Benedict’s last tweet. This single sentence was extremely powerful to me. As I watched him fly over the Vatican for the last time as Pontiff, I thanked him for being that witness of joy for me!

A recent and popular movie, Les Miserables (literally “the miserable ones”), provides a visual aid to make my point. Because of the circumstances in their lives, the characters were all miserable except one, the bishop. The bishop’s merciful act of generosity was a turning point for Jean Valjean, a man who knew nothing but misery. Then, Valjean’s actions of mercy and generosity began to bring hope, happiness and joy to settings that once were hopeless and miserable. To overcome misery, our culture needs courageous, merciful and joyful servants who seek out those in misery. Our culture needs people who bring the light of Christ to pierce through the darkness of our world. This is true service, and true service transforms individuals and communities from misery to joy. Christ knows that we can answer His call. Christ wants us to love Him and to bring his mercy, love and joy to our neighbors who might be in misery.

My husband and I were blessed to have the opportunity to meet Pope Benedict and have our marriage blessed by him in 2006. If I could put a title on the moment when he clasped our hands, it would be “The Gaze of Joy.” His face exuded joy, and of course we were ECSTATIC, but his joy in seeing us ignited something that has changed our lives. It was a true encounter with holiness. It was an encounter with a servant truly in love with his people and joyfully welcoming them. We knew that his “gaze of joy” was his simple way of serving us, his way of inspiring and encouraging us to be the faithful witnesses we were baptized to be. We hope and pray that we can be missionaries of joy everywhere we go, whether to our house, to our immediate and extended families, to our parish church, to Target, to a homeless shelter or to pray in front of Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

Two people in modern times are great examples of courageous witnesses who answered that call: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. They didn’t simply teach us how to serve. They taught us that service comes from joy and, as Benedict stated, “Whatever brings us joy…has its source in God.” Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is best known for her work of serving the poorest of the poor in slums. But, for those of us who can’t or don’t go to slums every day, she provided much simple wisdom on how to cultivate joy while serving others in our average daily settings. Here are some examples. About the importance of a smile, she said: “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” About world peace, she remarked: “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” About fighting poverty, she quipped: “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” On prayer, she wisely stated: “If we pray, we will believe; if we believe, we will love; if we love, we will serve.”

I had one hope for us during the Lenten journey of repentance. I hope that we have rejected our sinful ways and rediscovered the joy of being embraced by the merciful arms of Our Lord. Now in the Easter season, the season of joy, I hope that we can share that joy with the rest of the world and ignite the world on fire for love of Him, which will cause true service to others.

A year ago, Benedict XVI (as “servant of the servants of God,” which is one title of the pope) wrote a reflection on joy for World Youth Day 2012. “An encounter with Jesus always gives rise to immense joy,” he taught. It was a reminder to the youth and to the whole Church that are called to be missionaries of

To love Him, means we share Him with others, and bring them to Him.


About Our Faith

On Eagles’ Wings

Ash Wednesday offers Church traditions for students Following an all-school Ash Wednesday Mass celebrated by Father James Clark, Associate Pastor of Holy Rosary Church, blessed ashes were distributed for the students and faculty at St. Benedict High School. Campus Ministry Director Khira Rotty said, “This is one of the many opportunities our students and staff have to partake in the sacraments and traditions of our very vibrant church. Through Lent, we have Stations of the Cross, a Penance Service, First Friday Mass and Adoration and another all-school Lenten Mass. Every opportunity is afforded our students for worship and contemplative prayer.”

Assisting Father Clark as he blesses the ashes at the altar is sophomore Brittany Grisanti. Other servers are (from left) seniors West Covington, Alex Thompson and Kyle Anderson. Father Clark administering blessed ashes to senior Avery Black of Bartlett.

Student’s Lenten Penance is one of service to his peers. An anonymous SBA student wanted to do something special for his peers as he sacrificed and offered up his “pennies” for Lent this year. He approached the Art Department and asked them to sponsor an in-house art contest. He offered that he would provide the monetary award for the winner. He wanted students and faculty, alike, to have a vote in selecting the winner. The department selected several entries and provided two days for students and faculty to vote. The winning entry was provided by sophomore Jenna Fisher.

Faculty and students vote in the Art Contest

Winner Jenna Fisher

† In Memoriam

Jessica Motta, 28, sister of Amanda Motta McMillan (’01), passed away on December 23, 2012.

The faculty, staff and students of St. Benedict at Auburndale offer our most sincere condolences to all those families who have lost loved ones. We remember them and all our dearly beloved in our daily prayers and Masses.

David Stentz, M.D., 65, father of Kristen Stentz Fegly (’95) and Brian Stentz (’96), passed away on March 2, 2013. James “Jimmy” Thomas, 64, father of Layne Thomas (’14), passed away on March 19, 2013.

Raul Fletes, 28, Class of 2002 and brother of Cristina Fletes Boutte (’03), and his wife Michele passed away from injuries sustained from a car accident on January 19, 2013.

Aaron Vasquez, 19, Class of 2011 and brother of Annelise (’13), passed away on March 22, 2013.

Dr. Karl Anthony Guilian, Sr., 75, stepfather of SBA alum Jonathan Lindsey (2000), passed away on December 31, 2012. Ann Dorr Mortell, 79, mother of SBA Head Golf and Tennis Coach Barbara Hervey, passed away on January 6, 2013.


Headline News

On Eagles’ Wings

Mr. Valadie Announces 2013 Valedictorian and Co-Salutatorians Following a Lenten all-school Mass, Mr. Valadie (left) introduced the Valedictorian and co-Salutatorians for the class of 2013. Co-Salutatorians are Caitlin McCurdy and Colin Pitawanakwat. The 2013 Valedictorian is Kaitlyn Frierott. On hand for the announcment was Superintendent of Catholic Schools Janet Donato (right) who extended her congratualtions to these SBA scholars. Katelyn Frierott holds the highest cumulative grade point average and scored 33 on the ACT with a perfect 36 in English and a 34 in reading. Katelyn was named a National Merit Commended Student earlier this year. During her high school career, Katelyn received highest average awards in Biology, Anatomy, Spanish, Theology, Computer, Physiology, English, World History and U.S. History. She also earned excellence awards in AP English Language/ Composition, Honors Geometry and Honors Psychology. Katelyn holds membership in Mu Alpha Theta, the National Honor Society and the National Spanish Honor Society and

earned silver and bronze medals on the National Spanish Exam. She was selected a Commercial Appeal c Spire Academic All-Star for General Scholarship. Katelyn’s National History Day documentary, “Chinese in the Mississippi Delta,” was selected for state competition, placing third. She was selected as the school female representative for the Wendy’s High School Heisman for scholarship, athletics and character. Kaitlyn participated in the REAP internship program at CBU this past summer. Only five students in the Memphis area were selected for the honor. In the program she gained valuable lab experience doing research on the lichens of Overton Park. Katelyn is captain and two-year letterman for the varsity volleyball team and a scholar athlete. She is a Student Ambassador and vice president of the Key Club and was selected by her peers as an Honor Council member. She is the daughter of John and Jill Frierott.

Caitlin McCurdy holds the second highest cumulative grade point average and scored a 30 on the ACT with 33 in English and 34 in Reading. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta and Spanish National Honor Society. Before junior year, she was accepted to the Tennessee Governor’s School for International Studies. This past summer, she was chosen for Volunteer Girls State at Lipscomb University and attended the

Commonwealth Honors Academy at Murray State University. She was named an AP Scholar for her performance on AP exams. Through her involvement with Mock Trial she has been named “Best Attorney.” She recently received the prestigious Comcast Scholarship for academic excellence, character and community service. Caitlin has been elected by her peers to serve on the Honor Council for the last three years. She is a Student Ambassador and served as Junior Class treasurer. A student leader, Caitlin is the president of the Mock Trial team and the secretary of the Key Club. She is also a member of the track team and is a scholar athlete. Caitlin is the daughter of Mark and Carol McCurdy.

Colin Pitawankwat also holds the second highest cumulative grade point average and scored a 32 on the ACT with a score of 34 in both English and Math. Colin has received Highest Average Awards in Latin Honors, Geometry Honors, Theology, Physical Science Honors, Algebra II Honors, AP World History, English Honors, Pre-Calculus Honors and AP US History. He has been selected for membership in Mu Alpha Theta, the Latin Honor Society and the National Honor Society. He represented his school in the Tennessee Mathematics Teachers Association competition and is a Commercial Appeal c Spire Academic All-Star for General

Scholarship. Colin was selected a Germantown Exchange Club Student of the Month in February. He auditioned and was selected to play trumpet in the SBA Jazz, Soul and Concert Bands and has been selected to the All-West Tennessee Band. Displaying his leadership qualities, Colin is President of Mu Alpha Theta, Cross Country Team Captain for two years and Track Captain. He is a member of Bridge Builders, the Key Club and BenedicTeens. In Cross Country he has placed in the top 15 runners at the WTCCL Shelby County Jamboree each year he has competed, placing third this year. He has led the team the past three years in the TSSAA State Competition. He was selected by his peers as MVP for Cross Country. He has been named Best of the Preps All-Metro in both Cross Country and Track and is a scholar athlete. Colin is the son of Bryan and Dee Pitawanakwat.


Headline News

On Eagles’ Wings

Katie Akin selected National Merit Finalist Senior Katie Akin is SBA’s National Merit Finalist for 2013. Katie, who is a Commercial Appeal c Spire Academic All-Star for Social Studies, advanced to the National Merit Finalist status following her selection as a Semi-finalist. She met all requirements to achieve the Finalist status with approximately 8,400 others from throughout the country. Because of this advancement, she is being considered for a National Merit Scholarship. As Editor-in-Chief of The Eagle’s Eye, Katie recently went to Nashville to receive the second place award for the staff (see story “St. Benedict school newspaper one of the tops in the state” in this section).

SBA has three more Academic All-Stars selections to introduce – Mariah Bamrick for English/ Literature, Will Comfort for Science and Colin Pitawanakwat for General Scholarship. They join Katie Akin, Brandon Brown, Aaron Cummings and Katelyn Frierott who were all introduced in the last issue. All these students will be honored at the annual C Spire Academic All-Stars luncheon in May sponsored by the Commercial Appeal.

Katie Akin

Mariah Bamrick

Will Comfort

Colin Pitawanakwat

St. Benedict school newspaper one of best in the state The school newspaper, Eagle’s Eye, staff reined in several prestigious awards in the Tennessee High School Press Association (THSPA) Award ceremony in March. The newspaper was recognized as the Second Best Overall High School Paper in the State of Tennessee. And for the second consecutive year, the paper received the highest ranking of All-Tennessee Newspaper. In addition, an editorial cartoon (pictured next page) appearing in the October issue about Halloween costumes available for girls and guys, received first place as the Best Illustration of an Editorial Subject. The editorial staff decided on the topic and cartoon slant and then sought out senior artist Chase Colling, as guest artist, to provide the illustration. Finally,

senior Editor Katie Akin received an Honorable Mention Award for Inside Page Design. The SBA Eagle’s Eye is a regular recipient of these awards and many staff members pursue college degrees in journalism because of their experience at SBA. Frequently, On Eagles’ Wings reprints articles some of the staff members have written (see Alumni Spotlight by Rachel Hofer in this issue). Dianna Cervetti serves as the newspaper sponsor and teacher. She is in her ninth year in guiding the staff. Newspaper is an elective subject that requires exams and grades. Along with meeting deadlines for print, staff members study and receive quarterly grades for their efforts.


Headline News

On Eagles’ Wings

The “Eagle’s Eye” staff (front from left) senior Ashley Koehler - Copy Editor, holds award for Second Best in the State for overall newspaper; senior Katie Akin - Editorin-Chief, Honorable Mention for Best Inside Page Design; senior Chase Colling, Best Illustration for his cartoon of Halloween Costume Choices. In the middle row (from left) Sponsor Dianna Cervetti, senior Lexie Heroux, senior Mariah Bamrick-News Editor; sophomore James Duffley; junior Amanda Slade-Features Editor; (Top from Left) senior Allie McNamara, junior Rachel Hofer-Graphics Designer, senior Sarah-Clare Parker and senior Kendall Tooker.

Mr. Valadie to leave SBA SBA President/Principal George Valadie recently announced that he would be leaving SBA following the culmination of this school year to take the job as Principal of his Alma Mater, Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga. In his announcement, Mr. Valadie said, “There’s no way to describe how difficult it will be to leave SBA, the kids, the parents and the whole of this incredible community. It hasn’t been just fourteen years of a job; it’s been fourteen years of our lives - and they could not have been better. It’s

a blur of memories, going back to the first day and that first great set of kids. And then, together, so many of us have lived through not only the construction of an entire campus but the continued improvement of it.” Many of Mr. and Mrs. Valadie’s family members live in Chattanooga and it will be a homecoming for them both, not only with family, but with their Alma Mater. SBA has experienced extraordinary growth under the tutelage and vision of Mr. Valadie. We are eternally grateful and wish him and Nancy, God’s blessings, always.



On Eagles’ Wings

Seniors Jessica Focht and Colin Pitawanakwat (pictured below) were selected as the Germantown Exchange Club’s February Students of the Month for leadership, scholarship and community and school activities. They recently were honored at the club’s monthly breakfast and are eligible for the Exchange Club Scholarship.

Mr. Valadie (standing at left) congratulates SBA’s All-West Band selections, seated (from left) junior Andrew Lee, Alternate All-West Orchestra for Flute; freshman Harley Chapman, AllWest Junior Red Band for Flute; sophomore Jason Cooper, All-West Trumpet Alternate; standing (from left) freshman Luigi Siligato, All-West Junior Blue Band for Tenor Sax and sophomore JR Jamora All-West Blue Band for Tuba. Senior Spencer Dahler received a Silver Key for his sculpture, “A Gentleman,” in the Mid-South Scholastic Art show at the Brooks Gallery. Freshman Courtney Melvin received an Honorable Mention Award for her pencil drawing, “Beautiful” and junior Mackenzie Nelson also received Honorable Mention for her pen drawing, “Agent of Chaos.”

Placing in the annual University of Memphis Foreign Language Fair were junior Kate Walsh (French III) for French Poetry; junior Miesha Williams (Spanish II) for Spanish song; sophomores Ryan Cobb and Brad Reber (German II) for German Music.

“A Gentleman” by Spencer Dahler The following SBA students participated in the annual CANstruction competition sponsored by the West Tennessee Branch of the American Society of Engineers, the Department of Civil Engineering and the University of Memphis Herff College of Engineering – senior Nathan Sun; juniors Jacob Aljundi, Ben Jackson, Garret Mitchell, Dominick Disalvo; sophomores Milissen Scruggs, Alexandra Wakefield, Makenzie White, Maryam Zaidi. The SBA team won the “Best Meal” award in their construction of the face of Abraham Lincoln and the American Flag (“Abe Lin’Can”) due to the type and number (1,706) of canned foods used for their construction. All the cans are donated to the Mid-South Food Bank to feed over 11,000 people following the competition.

SBA boasts of two first place winners and a second place winner from junior History in the Annual History Day competition at the University of Memphis. In front (from left) 2nd place for group web-site “Henry Ford and the Model T” are Theresa Stoddard, Olivia Parsels, Laura Meagher, Matthew Sena and Madeline Mahon; At top (from left) 1st place for individual web-site “Patches from the Past—Impact of the Sewing Machine on Women’s Rights” is Grace Davis and 1st place for group web-site “St. Jude Children’s Hospital” are Amanda Melvin, Rachel Paduck, Alex Garry, Andrew Wadovick.



On Eagles’ Wings

Junior Lucy Kaplan was chosen by her employer, The Ornamental Metal Museum, as their nominee for the National Shorty Awards recognizing the Best in Social Media Management for an organization. Lucy coordinates the museum’s Social Media Program.

For the second year in a row, senior McKenzie Wilkes won the school Shakespeare Monologue Competition and represented SBA at the Memphis competition in early March. Others participating in the school competition were sophomores Dalton Bailey, Meghan Brino, Bailey Coppedge and juniors Teresa Ferrante and Nikki Shah. This competition, sponsored by the English-Speaking Union, encourages students to develop a deeper relationship with Shakespeare and his works. Contestants must select, memorize and present a monologue from one of Shakespeare’s plays and must not be more than 20 lines.

SBA’s Knowledge Bowl Team has been invited to the National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) 2013 High School National Championship Tournament in Atlanta in late May. The team qualified because of its top-four performance at the White Station High School NAQT Invitational in December. SBA qualifiers are: seated (from left) juniors Daniel Sweat, Hunter Scrivener, Drew Hays and Sarah Timmins (not pictured), sophomores Ryan Cobb and Jake McClure; standing (from left) seniors Landon Thoss, Aaron Cummings, Holly Black and freshman Luigi Siligato.

Senior Peter Ruleman earned his Eagle Scout ranking in December. Junior Becca Siciliano (right) is a 2013 Germantown Charity Horse Show Princess representing Nashoba Carriage Association. She recently received a Tennessee General Assembly Proclamation from Senator Brian Kelsey (left). The annual Germantown Charity Horse benefits the Exchange Club of Memphis.

SBA’s Mock Trial Team members are: Red TeamAttorneys sophomores Dalton Bailey, James Duffley, Allie Evans, junior Chris Schuhlein, senior Carly Johnston; Witnesses freshman Carter Pruitt, sophomores Eli Jodeh, Clare Morris, Amanda Reeve, Maryam Zaidi, junior Hugh Lynch. Blue Team-Attorneys juniors Devin Jewell, Lucky Krog, juniors Sarah Timmins, Hailey Warriner seniors Caitlin McCurdy, Peter Ruleman; Witnesses freshman Jacob Timmins, sophomore Jon McCurdy, juniors Jodie Crocker, Gabbie Green, Breanna Pollet, Tara VanCleave. Best Attorneys and Witnesses from the Red Team – Attorneys Chris Schuhlein and Hailey Warrnier; Witnesses Clare Morris and Breanna Pollet. Best Attorneys and Witnesses from the Blue Team – Attorneys Allie Evans and Sarah Timmins; Witnesses Gabby Green (twice) and Amanda Reeve.

Senior Breonna Walker recently learned she has received a $48,000 scholarship from the Memphis College of Art. SBA had three winners at the annual Wordsmith Competition at the University of Memphis in February – sophomore Ryan Cobb, honorable mention in the 120-word dash; Kayla Williamson, honorable mention in the 80-word dash and Katie Akin, first place in the 80-word dash, third in the 400word dash and was the senior bronze medalist. The school also earned the bronze medal in the senior sweepstakes. Other students representing SBA were freshman Jennifer Vesey, sophomore Jake McClure, junior Lucy Kaplan and senior Aaron Cummings.

Senior Ben Sell won the school’s Poetry Out Loud competition for the second year advancing to the regional competition. Other finalists were freshman Jennifer Vesey placing second followed by a threeway tie between junior Grace Davis, sophomore Jake McClure and senior Ronnie Sakaan.

The 2011-12 Talon (SBA Yearbook) received an Honorable Mention rating in the Taylor Publishing “Yearbook Yearbook.”



On Eagles’ Wings

SBA STUDENTS EXCEL IN ESSAY COMEPTITIONS Memphis Board of Trade announces essay winners from St. Benedict

For the second year, SBA students have been recognized by the Memphis Board of Trade (MBOT) as winners in their High School Essay Contest. Mr. Valadie (left) joins Jim Bell, President of the Memphis Board of Trade in congratulating essay winners Will Comfort, Cullen Glasgow, who both won $250 for second place and Rhett Chism and Landon Thoss, receiving $100 each for third place.

Macroeconomics class. The essay topic was “Agriculture and its Relationship to Regional Commerce.” In presenting the winners with their checks, Memphis Board of Trade President Jim Bell said, “The High School Essay Contest is in keeping with our goal to promote trade and it is evident from the quality of the compositions that your students have a strong foundation for their future academic pursuits. The Board congratulates these students.”

The four students are members of Karen Timmins’ (right) AP

Senior receives Saba Scholarship

(from left) SBA President George Valadie, Pamela Saba, Kendall and her family – mom Lori, sister Alexa and father Tim. The third annual Nabil “Bill” Saba Scholarship was awarded in December to senior Kendall Tooker. Kendall received the scholarship for her essay, “How my St. Benedict education will help me succeed in college.” In her essay, Kendall said, “….beyond the facts and data and even skills I need for college, St. Benedict has taught me that wherever I go in life, to college and beyond, I will never be alone. God is like oxygen! He is always there and is essential to get through life. I recall at my sister’s graduation from SBA, the choir sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ It clicked that this is what

St. Benedict has taught me for the past several years. I will always have God! In the end, through all of the tough moral decisions I will be forced to make in college and through the rest of my life, God will be there.” The Saba Scholarship was established in 2010 in memory of Nabil “Bill” Saba by his family following his untimely death in 2006 at the young age of 37. Each year the family honors a worthy SBA senior with the Saba scholarship. His niece, Pamela Saba, SBA freshman, represented the family in the presentation.



On Eagles’ Wings

2013 HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTEES Graham, Gabbie Green, Grace Hill, Rachel Hofer, Ana Hurler, Devin Jewell, Gabbie Johnson, Connor Jones, Lucky Krog, Andrew Lee, Adrienne Lewis, Rebecca Longoria, Madeline Mahon, Rosa Martinez, Stephanie McCarthy, Kaitlin McFarland, Michael McGuire, Laura Meagher, Amanda Melvin, Anna Miller, Chaney Morgan, Katie Morgan, Maddie Morgan, Emily Mott, Rachel Mundy, Michelle Murphy, Josh Newbern, Alanna Oliphant, Rachel Paduck, Morgan Patrick, Jamie Patterson, Erin Peel, Chris Petrilak, Breanna Pollet, Kathleen Riley, Hunter Scrivener, Nikki Shah, Rebecca Siciliano, Amanda Slade, Rachel Smith, Natalie Sowell, Jill Stark, Theresa Stoddard, AJ Sturdivant, Emily Summers, Grace Summers, Daniel Sweat, Eloiza Tecson, Sarah Timmins, Valeria Torres, Katelyn Turner, Sydney Valadie, Kyle Van Hoeck, Tara VanCleve, Caroline Vaught, Danielle Verhaak, Andrew Wadovick, Katherine Walsh, Nicole Wiederholt, Alyssa Williams, Kayla Williamson; Seniors Chelsie Allen, Kathleen Bray, Aleksandr Brown, Jeffrey Christiansen, Sarah Catherine Donlon, Madison Dunfield, Tucker Hanemann, Emily McClure, Jenny Meegan, Catherine Mitchner, Olivia Orsak, Cory Sheeks, Mallory Swanier.

French Honor Society (La Societe Honorairé de Français) Sponsor: Cheryl West Freshman Shannon Dunn; Sophomores Madelyn Arnold, Grayson Golightly, Katherine Migliaccio, Breanna Parker; Junior Sydney Valadie; Senior Changtian Yue.

International Thespian Society Sponsor: Cindy Wells Sophomores Hannah Jones, Malachi Marreo, JakeMcClure, Matt Peeney, John Prascak, Kirkland Schuler, Kyle Van Frank, Gabriela Velasquez; Juniors Marella Baccay, Kevin Rotzell, Natalie Sowell; Carley Johnston, Susanah Tovar, McKenzie Wilkes.

Mu Alpha Theta Sponsors: Burton Kirk, Blair Syemour Sophomores Jackie Banks, Mallory Barbier, Katie Barkley, Catie Blackwood, Meghan Brino, Tia Clorina, Ryan Cobb, Bailey Coppedge, Randon Dupont, Allie Evans, Jack Fletcher, Emily Gillenwater, JR Jamora, Sarah Kutas, Jake McClure, Clare Morris, Brad Reber, Easton Williams, Piper Ziebarth; Juniors Anna Arnold, Michaih Bayani, Hillary Briggs, Laura Cardona, Jodie Crocker, Grace Davis, Hallie Dunham, Madison Durkee, Kristin Fabian, Erica Gavrock, Grace Hill, Madeline Howard, Ana Hurler, Gabbie Green, Rosa Martinez, Stephanie McCarthy, Christie Moore, Chaney Morgan, Katie Morgan, Rachel Mundy, Michelle Murphy, Morgan Patrick, Erin Peel, Chris Petrilak, Breanna Pollet, Kathleen Riley, Rebecca Siciliano, Natalie Sowell, Jill Stark, Eloiza Tecson; Seniors: Ashley Banks, Holly Black, Michelle Borg, Grayson Taylor.

Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society Sponsors: Mark McDonald Juniors Jacob Aljundi, Hillary Briggs, Pauline Cabe, Katherine Camilleri, Gina Cianciolo, Henry Evetts, Jacqueline Glover, Grace Hill, Devin Jewell, Connor Jones, Lucky Krog, Rosa Martinez, Michael McGuire, Laura Meagher, Emily Mott, Michelle Murphy, Alanna Oliphant, Morgan Patrick, Erin Peel, Chris Petrilak, Nikki Shah, Emily Summers, Daniel Sweat, Sarah Timmins, Kyle Van Hoeck, Danielle Verhaak, Katherine Walsh, Kayla Williamson; Senior Kristen Haney.

National Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society (La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)

Sponsors: Paul Koziel, Erin Seboldt

Sponsor: MariaClara Villegas

Juniors Jacob Aljundi, Anna Arnold, Marella Baccay, Michaih Bayani, Michelle Boongaling, Hillary Briggs, Pauline Cabe, Katherine Camilleri, Tanishia Campbell, Laura Cardona, Gina Cianciolo, Jodie Crocker, Emily Cross, Caroline Cullum, Rachel Cummings, Grace Davis, Hallie Dunham, Henry Evetts, Kristin Fabian, Michelle Farler, Teresa Ferrante, Alexander Garry, Erika Gavrock, Mary Hannah Giddens, Patrick

Sophomore Bailey Coppedge; Juniors Michaih Bayani, Michelle Boongaling, Pauline Cabe, Katherine Camilleri, Rachael Cummings, Madison Durkee, Kristin Fabian, Gabbie Green, Ana Hurler, Gabbie Johnson, Madeline Mahon, Rosa Martinez, Stephanie McCarthy, Kaitlin McFarland, Chris Petrilak, Kathleen Riley, Kaitlyn Seaman, Rebecca Siciliano, Theresa Stoddard, Eloiza Tecson, Kyle Van Hoeck, Alyssa Williams.


Faculty Focus

On Eagles’ Wings

New Little Eagles

Theology faculty receive Certificate of Excellence The 2012-13 Theology faculty recently received the Certificate of Excellence for Faith Formation for professional studies and development from the Memphis Diocese Department of Catechesis.

SBA English teacher Kathleen Zeanah welcomed her new daughter Annie Goodwin Zeanah born on December 7, 2012, weighing 6 lbs, 3 oz and measuring 19 1/2 inches.

Proud grandparents are George and Nancy Valadie with the arrival of Emma Taylor Cottle on December 17, 2012, at 6 lbs, 14 oz. Emma is the daughter of George and Nancy’s daughter Katie and her husband Clint. Emma joins two-year-old brother Brady.

With Mr. Valadie (from left) are senior Theology Christine Giles, sophomore Theology Patrick Smith, sophomore Theology Lori Wade, junior Theology/Department Chair Eric Wells, senior theology Erin Seboldt, junior Theology Nick Brashier, freshman Theology Darlene Nevle, freshman Theology Bret Bilbrey and Director of Campus Ministry/Spiritual Affairs Khira Rotty.

Psychology teacher Nicole Chrestman welcomed her second son on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2012). Casen Brooks Chrestman who weighed in at 7 lbs, 13 oz and measured 20 inches.

Art Teacher pens tribute to her mom Shirley Lile, SBA art and photography teacher wrote an article about her 91 year old mother, Edith Miller, that appeared in the February 13, 2013 Commercial Appeal “MyLife” section. “What a sweetheart” is a tribute to her mother in which Shirley shares her mother’s many attributes particularly the newsletter she produces called “The Miller Newsletter.” Ms. Miller puts it together, decorates it by hand with colorful artwork, stickers and designs (could be where Shirley gets her artistic talent). Circulation for her newsletter is about 100 copies per month. The story is quite delightful and you can visit this site to see the whole article.

Communications and Sports Information Director Sharon Masterson welcomed her seventh grandchild, Josephine (Josie) Maria Fay on February 2, 2013. (See Alumni section) what-a-sweetheart/?partner=RSS Art teacher Robyn Delaney Pela (’02) and husband John Michael welcomed their first child, John Hopson Pela on February 4, 2013, weighing 7 lbs, 5 oz and measuring 21 inches.

Social Media Director Chris Truckner and wife Meriwether welcomed their first child, Sadie Marie Truckner, on March 28, 2013, weighing 6 lbs, 15 oz and measuring 19 inches.


Faculty Focus

On Eagles’ Wings

Library Staff Provides Opportunities for SBA Teachers January and February were busy months for new Library and Media Center Director Angie Gilland and her staff. In January, the library hosted an open house for all faculty and staff offering an opportunity to checkout all the innovative and new resources for students and staff alike. In February, Angie provided the Keynote Is So Simple (KISS) workshop using the iPad. Keynote is Apple’s equivalent to PowerPoint and her

workshop provided basic skills of Keynote so that teachers can teach their students to use their Ipads for class projects and presentations. The Library also began a new tradition of sponsoring a Library Open House for new parents.

Robin Ciancioso gets TV interest in her Math Cards PLUS Director and SBA math teacher Robin Ciancioso recently appeared on FOX 13’s newscast discussing her invention, “Moore’s Reminders for Math.” She created the math reminders note cards about 15 years ago using her maiden name (Moore) in the title. The cards are being used in other parts of the country and city as well as SBA. She came up with the idea for the cards to help students refresh their memories in solving various mathematical problems. FOX 13 became interested in the cards and visited Mrs. Sheila Cassady’s math class, where the cards are regularly used, in addition to interviewing Mrs. Ciancioso.


On And Off Campus

On Eagles’ Wings

SBA Show Choir and Band Members Shine in Christmas Concert In December, for the third year, the SBA Show Choir, some band members and alums were featured in the annual John Angotti Concert – Preparing The Way for Christmas – at the Cannon Center benefiting Catholic Charities. One of the highlights and most poignant moments of the evening was the solo by freshman Sophie Bougeois in honor of her Dad Lt. Col. Enrique Bougeois who was “Skyeped” in from overseas during the Military Salute segment. Following her solo, Bishop Steib and several priests from the Diocese of Memphis offered a blessing for Colonel Bougeois and all our military. Mr. Angotti’s daughter, SBA sophomore Dominica, also performed a solo for the nearly sold out crowd. The Angotti Concert has fast become the place to be in mid-December each year and SBA musicians and vocalists are proud and honored to be a part of it.

Sophie and Lt. Col. Enrique Bougeois

Dominica Angotti


On And Off Campus

On Eagles’ Wings

The 2013 Winterfest Court

Winterfest Court selections are (from left) freshmen Jack Visca and Emily Reber; sophomores Brad Reber and Catie Blackwood; seniors and selected Most Spirited Payton Powers and Mariah Bamrich and juniors Abbey Muffoletto and Henry Evetts.

PI Day offers some fun for students and staff Each year the math department celebrates Pi day by selling slices of pies for the Food Bank. Along with that is the annual “Pi in the Face” during the three lunch periods. Receiving the honors this year were Mrs. Morris, Coach Sebren and Mr. Valadie.

Junior Drew Raffanti after he “pied” Mrs. Morris.

Senior Ashlee Banks (left) and junior Vicki Stepherson get the pleasure of “offering” pie to their Basketball Coach Don Sebren.

SBA is well-represented by junior Ambassadors Lucky Krog and Alanna Oliphant, and Mrs. Ciancioso at the annual Catholic Schools Festival/Open House in January.


Sophomore Cole Richards steps back to view his “work” after he pies Mr. Valadie.

Mrs. Rush’s Honors Biology class demonstrates what can happen to objects on the day of the Vernal Equinox.

On And Off Campus

On Eagles’ Wings

Teens for Life members traveling to the annual March for Life in January stopped by the Reflecting Pool in front of the Washington Monument while visiting some of our Capital’s sites.

After the SBA Choirs and Bands visited Belmont University in February, The Belmont Show Choir Company came to SBA to visit, perform and give some pointers. The Show Choir and Belmont Choir posed together following their workshop on the SBA stage.

Several SBA actors, freshmen Mary Conroy, Baylee Thielemier, sophomores Matt Peeney, Kyle Van Frank and senior McKenzie Wilkes, appeared in the Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center (BPAC) production of “Guys and Dolls” in late February. SBA English teacher and play director Ryan Kathaman was the Director.

McKenzie Wilkes as Miss Adelaide and Kyle Van Frank as Nathan Detroit.


Senior Katelyn Frierott (right) and her mom Jill competed in the Disney Half-Marathon in February with Minnie Mouse ears and all. Great job, Ladies!


On Eagles’ Wings

Moonlight Madness kicks off winter sports Winter Sports kicked off with something new this year – the first annual Moonlight Madness. Fans came out to the Eagle’s Nest in November to get acquainted with the basketball and wrestling teams. Festivities began with team introductions, a basketball video and short

Khalifa Ndiaye runs through the cheer tunnel as his name is announced at Moonlight Madness.

Moonlight Madness Relay

scrimmages. Entrance for the fans was a $1 donation or two cans for SBA’s canned food collection and many were able to participate in a series of games and relays. The SBA Pep Bands performed along with the Cheerleaders and Dance Teams. Moonlight Madness looks to become a fun tradition for winter sports at SBA. Reality TV has its “Duck Dynasty” – SBA has its “Bowling Dynasty” The SBA Bowling Teams proudly show off their state trophies at half-time of the final home basketball game after the boys captured their second Division II State Championship in a row and the girls came in as State runners-up for the second year and for the 11th consecutive year of reaching the final match. The boys beat USN, CBHS and then MUS in the final match to get the championship. Senior Jay Stoll bowled an amazing 298 in his final high school match, for an SBA and State record. Senior Johnny Cordera finished fourth in the State Individuals. The Lady Eagles defeated Fr. Ryan and last year’s champs GPS to meet St. Agnes in the finals. Girls individual competition leaders were junior Monica Fillion with a fifth place finish and senior Susanah Tovar, who finished sixth. The Eagles bowlers are coached by Eric Wells and Johnny Cordera.

Jay Stoll (center) gets a big thank you from his classmates, as Mr. Valadie awarded a half day off school the Friday before spring break due to Jay’s record-breaking match (298) in the State Bowling Tournament.



On Eagles’ Wings

Dance and cheer teams among the Top Ten in nation The St. Benedict at Auburndale Dance teams recently traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the 20th Annual National Dance Team Championships. The competition capped off an already successful year which included State, Regional and Camp Championship titles. The talented SBA Varsity and Junior Varsity dance teams also achieved outstanding success at the 2013 National Championships. Both teams were finalists in

their respective divisions with the JV team placing fourth in the nation in Hip-hop, and the Varsity squad capturing the third place bronze medal in large varsity Hip-hop for the second consecutive year. The varsity dance team also brought home silver medal honors in the Open All-Star Hip-hop division. The dance teams are coached by Julie Henderson and Lindsay Bartholomew. 

Varsity Dance (front from left) Khadijah Muhammad, Capt. Alexa Armstrong, Capt. Morgan Baioni, Capt. Lizzy Wall, Capt. Rebecca Johnson, Olivia Betterton, Mallory Maddox and Grace Mitchell; (back from left): Abbey McCrory, Madeline Howard, Kendyl Jennings, Hannah Bingham, Connor Jones, Stephanie McCarthy, Katherine Migliaccio, Katherine Camilleri, Catie Blackwood, Coach Julie Henderson, Maggie May, Teryn Williams, Brittany Burns and Mallory Swanier.

Junior Varsity Dance (front from left) Gaby Rojas, Taylor Deller, Capt. Macie Zarshenas, Kristina Albonetti, Lily Newbern, Haley Kilpatrick and Lily Howard; (back from left): Abby Leathers, Shannon Davis, Capt. Maddison Stafford, Zoe Woods, Sarah McMahon, Cynthia DeOchoa, Alexa Von Bergen, Capt. Layne Powers and Nicole Hemme.

In addition to these honors, nine senior members of the Varsity Dance Team were recently invited to officially greet the Honorable Lord Mayor of Westminster, England at the offices of Memphis-based Varsity Cheerleading & Dance. These girls were invited because they were selected as All-Stars at Universal Dance Association (UDA) camp last summer and Nationals. Dance All-Stars (from left) Grace Mitchell, Rebecca Johnson, Khadijah Muhammad, Brittany Burns, Honorable Lord Mayor of Westminster - Angela Harvey, Morgan Baioni, Lizzy Wall, Alexa Armstrong, Olivia Betterton and Mallory Maddox.



On Eagles’ Wings

The Cheer Team held on to their national ranking with a seventh place finish at Nationals in the super Varsity Division and also took a first place trophy for the local Starz Competition in December in Super Varsity.

What’s goin’ on in sports! The Lady Eagles Basketball Team display their excitement after beating the Baylor Lady Raiders in over-time, 49-46, in the first round of the State Tournament.

St. Benedict junior forward Tyler Currie (#23, at left) and senior guard Robert Allen (#5, at right) bring it down the court in the third quarter of the Eagles annual varsity game against Marion (IL) High School at the FedEx Forum. The Eagles have played Marion for three years at the Forum and won this year’s match-up, 58-44. Before the season was over, the girls got together to host a baby shower for Assistant Coach Caitlin Doyle (’03) Motte (middle row-center). Joining in the fun were some former players.



On Eagles’ Wings

Swim and Wrestling have State contenders The SBA Swim Team finished fourth out of 21 schools in the County Championships. With the girls placing seventh and 217 points and boys placing fourth and 332 points, the combined scores gave them the overall fourth place finish. With the success of the season and the County Meet, the team advanced 10 swimmers to State action - senior Alex Gaffney, junior Josh Cartwright, sophomores Shannon Conway, JD Dudek, Erin Dromerhhauser, Sarah Kutas and Jessica O’Brien, freshmen Matthew Barczak and Regina Zipperer. Swim team members hoist their County Championship trophy. SBA wrestlers captured five medalist awards in the State Individual meet. Those that competed were sophomore Morgan Green (106), freshman Drake Conine (113), senior and 4th place medalist Kyle Jennings (120), senior and 5th place medalist Tanner Mosier (126), senior and 4th place medalist Andrew Herrman (132), senior Brad Linehan (138), senior Tim Maginn (145), senior and 3rd place medalist Ben Kurtz (152), senior and 5th place medalist Patrick Wallis (160), junior Robert Langley (170), junior Logan Reid (182), sophomore Trey Claus (195).

Soccer Coach is named Coach of the Year in his first year at SBA St. Benedict Head Varsity Soccer Coach Nick Dressman (left) was selected by the TSSAA Division 2-AA West Region coaches as Girls Soccer Coach of the Year in his first season at SBA. He was presented his Coach of the Year plaque by SBA Principal George Valadie and Athletic Director Greg Stiel. Nick also joins the Boys Soccer Team as Head Coach this year.


Alex Ashlock suits up for the Annual High School AutoZone Liberty Bowl AllStar Game in December.


On Eagles’ Wings

Three Sign to play in college

Carly Downing signs to play soccer for CBU Sophomore Bailey Coppedge (right) has already received invites and looks from several elite Division I colleges and others about her soccer abilities coupled with her academic abilities. Keeping in shape for soccer, Bailey and her brother Jacob, an eighth grader at St. Francis School, recently ran in the Germantown half marathon finishing together at 2:06:58.

Junior Grey Peevy finished third in the US Junior Golf Tournament at Quail Ridge Course in Bartlett in March. Grey shot 73 and 76 for a two-day total of 149. Jordan Whittington is a Preferred Walk-on for the Memphis Tigers Football Team. SBA has added Water Polo to its sports offerings for students. It’s currently in season, so check out their schedule on sbaeagles. org/ waterpolo and get out to see this exciting addition to SBA athletics. Ole Miss gets the talents of three-star running back Jordan Wilkins.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

Class Notes

Rena Masterson Fay and husband Chris welcomed their sixth child on February 2, 2013. Josephine Maria (Josie) Fay weighed in at 6 lbs. 14 oz and was 19 ½ inches in length. (see Alumni Christmas and Photo Album)

1977 Gwendolyn Tabb Graham works in sales and is the Special Events Coordinator for Chico’s Laurelwood in Memphis. She helped coordinate SBA’s 2013 “Swing and Bling” fashion show. 1981


Rozelle Henderson is an IT consultant and makes his home in Cordova, TN. 1986 Linda Barnes Snyder has been promoted to medical director of Youth Villages in North Carolina. (see Alumni Spotlight by SBA alum Channing Peeples)

Amber Reeves Williamson and husband Dave live with their two sons, Luke (7) and Logan (4) in Spring Hill, TN.

Bill Courtney is a 2013 Society of Entrepreneurs inductee. He was honored at a black-tie gala on April 13. (Please see Alumni Spotlight about Bill in this issue written by MBQ-Inside Memphis Business Editor Greg Akers. He granted On Eagles’ Wings permission to reprint it.) John Jackson Miller is an acclaimed author of books about the Star Wars phenomenon. He was in Memphis in March for a book signing at the M.R. Dye Public Library in Horn Lake, MS and the Mid-South Sci/fi Con. John visited SBA in March of 2011 to address a student assembly on his works which include several well-known fantasy, science fiction and super hero franchises, such as comics and graphic novels starring Iron Man, The Avengers, Mass Effect and Indiana Jones. But, he is best known for his writings on the expanded Star Wars universe.

1999 Melissa Cobb Marler is a physical therapist with Saint Francis Hospital in Memphis. She was named the December, 2012 “Employee of the Month” for the hospital. In an article in the hospital’s employee newsletter, Highlights, Melissa is described as, “One of those high performers who strives every day to make her work area the provider of choice for the patients and physicians she serves.” She has worked in the hospital’s Outpatient Rehab Services for over three years. Chris Martin and wife Roxy welcomed their second son Finn Martin, born November 15, 2012. He joins big brother Rowan (2). The family makes their home in Germantown, TN.



Renae Adcock McElwain is a Communications and Marketing Specialist with Lutheran Church Extension Fund in Cordova. Renae has four children, with her son being enrolled in the SBA class of 2017.

Cahryn Anderson obtained her BA from the University of Mississippi in 2004 and was accepted into their PhD program for psychology. She received her Masters in 2009 as she continued to work towards her PhD. She had a one-year internship at the North Chicago VA Hospital (Captain James A Lovell Federal Health Care Center) and received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2012. Cahryn currently holds a position as a staff psychologist in the Addiction Treatment Program, a residential substance abuse center, at the North Chicago VA Hospital and is engaged to be married to Andrew Mallette this coming September.

1995 Jim Bechard and wife Heather welcomed their new daughter, Anna Marie Bechard, on January 8, 2013, weighing 7 lbs, 4 oz and measuring 19 inches.

David Gillespie and wife Andrea Kronberg Gillespie (’96) welcomed their second daughter, Raimey Layne, on June 16, 2012, weighing in at 7 lbs, 10 oz and measuring 19.5 inches. (see Alumni Christmas Album)

Joey Cooley is married to Ashley Brock Cooley and the couple makes their home in Memphis. Joey is currently a senior accountant with Pinnacle Airlines.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings


Chris Rousseau and wife Tasha welcomed their daughter Vivienne Grace Rousseau on August 10, 2012. She weighed 7 lbs and measured 19.5 inches. Chris was promoted to Captain in the Air Force in June 2011 and is Chief of Leadership Studies at the Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL. He has a few months left at Maxwell. (see Alumni Photo Album)

Lee Campbell Sandberg married Zach Sandberg in November, 2011 at The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. Lee is working as a bookkeeper and tour guide at A. Schwab on Beale Street. Zach works at the University of Memphis Ned McWherter Library and is getting his Masters in Information Science. The two are currently living in downtown Memphis with their dog Sarge. 2002 Cami Chando Fields is a Marketing Consultant with TruGreen at Servicemaster. Steven Cobb married Megan Ashley Hopper on September 8, 2012, at Holy Rosary Church in Memphis. The couple honeymooned in the Bahamas. Steven is currently working for Elvis Presley Enterprises, a division of CORE Media Group, as a business systems analyst. Wife Megan received her Masters Degree in Business from the University of Memphis in May, 2012. The couple makes their home in Cordova, TN.

2004 Katey Arnold Usery is married to Justin Usery and the couple makes their home in Southaven, MS.

Erin Courtney is a Communications Consultant with OrgWide Services in Collierville.

Paul Brownd and his wife Nicole are making their home in Santa Rosa, CA.

Robyn Delaney Pela and husband John Michael welcomed their first child, John Hopson Pela on February 4, 2013. (see Faculty Focus)

Emily Steffan is assistant Principal at ReNEW Batiste Cultural Arts Academy in New Orleans and was recently quoted in the blog by Helen Williams about students from the school visiting the White House in February. Visit this link to get the scoop on this exciting trip for Emily and her students by_first_lady_students.html.

2003 Christina Babu recently moved back to Memphis from New York and joined A2H, Inc. as a Marketing and Communications Specialist. Christina received a BM in Music Business from Capital University in Columbus, OH and a MS in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from New York University. She was working in Public Relations in New York before joining A2H.

2005 Doug Taylor married Jessica Ponce on September 22, 2012 at Wild Dunes Resort near Charleston, SC. The couple makes their home in Memphis, where Doug is in his third year of medical school at University of Tennessee-Memphis. (see Alumni Photo Album)

Caroline Dennis is in her third year as an early childhood education teacher with the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado. Caroline has her undergraduate and graduate (2010) degrees in Early Childhood Education from Auburn University. She makes her home in Parker, CO and recently became engaged to Chris Roos.

2006 Sarah Marczynski will graduate with a Masters of Public Administration with concentration in Nonprofit Management from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. During graduate school, Sarah held an assistantship with the UTC Student Development Office and worked for the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera. Sarah also worked with the Chattanooga Boys Choir and will travel with the choir on a tour to Cuba this June. (see Alumni Photo Album)

Jessica Kronberg Govan and husband Thomas welcomed second daughter Emory to the family on September 18, 2012, weighing 7 lbs and measuring 19 inches. Emory joins big sister Finley (2) and the family makes their home in Montgomery, AL. Jessica owns her own photography business, Big Leaps Photography, and enjoys traveling back to Memphis to photograph SBA alumni families. Several of Jessica’s newborn and family photos appear in On Eagles’ Wings.(see Alumni Photo Album)

John Nichols graduated from Rhodes College in 2010 and is in his third year teaching 10th grade English at Soulsville Charter School in Memphis. Before coming to Soulsville, John completed his Teach for America commitment in Chicago, IL. During spring break this year, John took a group of his students to Italy in conjunction with their study of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

Lauren Stephens graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Memphis. She is currently finishing up on a Master’s in Criminology from the U of M and has been awarded a graduate assistantship. She has recently been notified that she is the primary candidate for an FBI internship and has accepted the position.

2009 An error on the following name appeared in the last issue of ON EAGLES WINGS. We regret the error and have reprinted the correct name and information here. Mikki Ferguson appears on the Dean’s List and is applying to Veterinary School. She works as an athletic tutor and Vet assistant. Allie Jones married Michael Reichert on December 29, 2012 at St. Mary’s Church in Memphis, followed by a reception at the Racquet Club. The couple has moved to Orlando, FL where Michael has taken a job. Allie graduated from the University of Alabama in three years with a Theatre Music degree. (see Alumni Photo Album)

2007 Amanda Alberti lives in Memphis where she is the TV Channel CW30 9:00 pm Newscast Producer. Kristen Crone is in her second year as a full-time volunteer in the Lasallian Volunteers program. She is a teacher’s aide and resource teacher at St. Cecilia’s School and Academy in St. Louis, Mo. Where she makes her home.

Michelle Peterson is a senior at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and hopes to graduate in May with a BS in Nursing. This summer she plans to team up with the Bike and Build organization, bicycling across the country in support of affordable housing. In this endeavor, she joins another alum, Gina Bargiachi (’07), who completed her commitment last summer. Michelle starts her journey in Providence, RI in June and ends in Moon Bay, CA in August. With a 3.99 GPA, Michelle holds the number one spot in her nursing class. After some additional education, she plans to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She is the Community Outreach Chair for the Student Nurses Association and is on the Academic Appeals Board for the College of Nursing. Please check Michelle’s personal profile for information on Bike and Build and donation opportunities at

Doug Johnson graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in 2011. While there he was very involved at WUTK.FM and hosted a couple of shows including one he created, wrote and produced - a news show that is called “The Week in Review.” Immediately after graduation, Doug went to work with the PBS “Newshour” program with Jim Lehrer based in Washington, DC. He left PBS about a year ago to take a position as a producer at CBS News Radio, also in Washington. Channing Peeples graduated from the University of Memphis in December 2011, with a Bachelor degree in Journalism with concentration in public relations. She studied abroad in January 2012 in Greece. Channing has been a public relations intern at Youth Villages for two years. (See Alumni Spotlight on Linda Barnes Snyder that Channing submitted)

Catherine Waddell, an accounting major at Mississippi State University, joined about 24 other seniors as new members of the university’s prestigious Society of Scholars in Arts and Sciences. At the end of each fall and spring semesters, the limited-membership organization recognizes the most outstanding upper-level undergraduate students in all majors. To be selected, one must demonstrate a sound foundation in language, math, science, oral and written communication, humanities and social sciences.

Kalli Powers graduated Cum Laude with a major in Mechanical Engineering, minor in Mathematics and Certificate in Packaging Engineering from Christian Brothers University in 2012. Kalli received the Presidential Award for academics and service to the university. In July, 2012, she accepted a position as a product engineer with Cummins, Inc. She makes her home in Cordova.


Garrett Wimberly is with the season ticket sales department with the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Team. Before moving to the Tampa/St. Pete area, Garrett, an SBA Lacrosse Team booster, helped coach the SBA Lacrosse Team last year and served as the University of Memphis Club Lacrosse Team Head Coach where he recruited two 2012 SBA alums to play, Murphy Hill and Cody Person.

Mary-Kate Cooke was selected the 2013 CBU Winter Homecoming Queen. Wes Hendren has been selected as a Nuclear Reactor Officer following graduation from Tulane University in May 2014. Michael Hogan was recently elected Student Association President at Mississippi State University. Matt Hotz, a student at the University of Memphis, was selected by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to be featured on the cover of the winter issue of The Journal, with seven other fraternity brothers, based on a GPA of 3.75 or higher. The Journal is the fraternity’s national quarterly magazine. A photo shoot and cover story took place in November in Atlanta, GA. Matt is also on the political action committee for the fraternity’s South-Central province. He also appeared on the 2012 fall semester Dean’s List and completed the First Tennessee Bank professionalism First Program. Matt was an intern with EDGE (Economic Development Growth Engine-Memphis) for

2008 Daniel Bamrick earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Memphis in December 2012. Morgan Murphy is working on a Masters in Sports Administration at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Brad O’Leary has moved back to Memphis from Fayetteville, AR and is working for Blue Streak Logistics, LLC.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

the 2013 spring semester. Matt volunteered with the Memphis Institute for Leadership Education (MILE) and Team MAX service organization to help with the Mid-South Food Bank collection in December. (see alumni Photo Album)

introductory courses in accounting and/or be majoring in accounting. Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, professor recommendation and leadership skills. Jonathan is a student at Christian Brothers University in Memphis.

Joseph Misenhelter recently graduated from the William E. Sheffield Part-time Law Enforcement Academy at the University of Mississippi. Joseph will work as a reserve police officer for the City of Oxford, MS while attending the University of Mississippi and majoring in criminal justice.

Leah Kiernozek is in her second year at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and has been a Dean’s list student each semester. She has recently been appointed News Editor of the school newspaper, The Echo. Rachel Schuman was named to the University of the South (Sewanee) Dean’s List for the 2012 fall semester. 2012

Sam Moll was selected to the Conference USA First Team Preseason Poll for the Memphis Tigers Baseball Team. He opened the Tigers’ 2013 season on February 15 and got his first win against Missouri on February 22.

Andy Cox, a freshman at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, became the first winner for Tennessee’s pitching staff for the 2013 season as the Vols rallied to beat UNLV 8-3 on February 16 in the first game of a doubleheader in Las Vegas. The game was Andy’s first start for the Vols.

Kaitlyn Stoddard has a wedding spread in the February 2013 issue of Memphis, The City Magazine. Kaitlyn is a model and has appeared in Memphis, as well as numerous other magazines.

Allie Cumings was named to the Dean’s List for the University of Notre Dame’s First Year of Studies for outstanding scholarship for the 2012 fall semester. Students who achieve Dean’s honors at Notre Dame represent the top 30% of students in their college. Allie was also on the Conference Committee for the Undergraduate Women in Business Club and worked as a freshman manager for the varsity football team.

2011 Victoria Darling is a biology major and chemistry minor at Murray State University. She is excited about recently receiving a BioMaPSII (Biology and Mathematics in Population Studies) research fellowship from Murray State. The fellowship takes representatives from the disciplines of biology and mathematics and unites them in a research project. It is funded by the National Science Foundation and grants students a $5,500 stipend for their time. As part of the opportunity Victoria will be traveling to the Virgin Islands this summer to collect data for the project on termites.

Kristina Headrick led the Gulf South Conference in digs per set (4.72) with the 2012 CBU Lady Bucs volleyball Team. She was named Honorable Mention All-American by the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) in December. Kristina, a libero, earned GSC Freshman of the Year honors, was a Second Team All-GSC selection and a GSC All-Tournament team pick. She was the only libero and only freshman picked for the All-South Region team and was one of six freshmen to receive All-American honors. Kristina follows in the footsteps of another SBA alum, Kelsey Miles (’09), who also earned Honorable Mention All-America honors last year with the Lady Bucs.

Louis De Gruy was named to the University of Dayton Dean’s List for the 2012 fall semester. Jonathan Holliday was recognized among the outstanding accounting students in the state and awarded a scholarship by the Educational & Memorial Foundation of the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA), Memphis chapter at a recent luncheon. In order to qualify for a TSCPA scholarship, students must complete

Anna McCrarey was named to the 2012 fall semester President’s Honor Roll at Oklahoma State University. Paige Scrivener has been selected a Student Alumni Associate at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Molly Wagner has been named to the President’s Academic Honor List at Texas Lutheran University.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

WE NEED YOUR INFORMATION!!! Any Auburndale and SBA alumni can update database information by Emailing Sharon Masterson, Director of Communications at or logging on to We want to hear from you and help everyone stay connected! And, send us something about yourself, too.

If you have pictures you would like to share on our ALUMNI PHOTO ALBUM PAGES, Please E-mail them in JPEG format to

ALUMNI PHOTO ALBUM Annual Christmas Greetings from Alums

The Craig Carter (2000) Family

The Laura Bond Cheseldine (’96) Family

The Justin and Melissa Ackerman Brownlee (’96) Family

Suzanne Cornwell Phillips (’91) Family


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

The Matt Helms (’95) and Jenni Gillespie Helms (’97) Family

The David Gillespie (’95) and Andrea Kronberg Gillespie (’96) Family

The Danny Koban (2000) Family

The Kyle Kremser (’97) Family

The Jessica Kronberg Govan (’03) family


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

The Chris Masterson (’97) Family

The Rena Masterson Fay (’95) Family

The Rachel McGehee Revelle (’03) Family

Stephanie Thorne (’94)

The Caitlin Doyle Motte (’03) Family

Mallory (’05) and Hagan (’03) Schroder


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

Class of 2010 alum Matt Hotz (second right) joined Mr. Valadie, Ms. Freel, Ms. Seboldt and seniors Payton Powers and Jessica Focht at the WMC-TV Channel 5 Holiday Food Drive tent in early December when these SBA representatives were interviewed about SBA’s annual donation to the Food Bank. Coincidently, Matt was on hand with other students from the University of Memphis helping donors place their food products in bins during the day. Below, Matt is featured (seated at left) on the cover of the Winter 2012 issue of the “Kappa Alpha Psi Journal,” national publication of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. as a Kappa Scholar.

Class of 2008 alum Ashleigh Buyers (center-under banner) greeted SBA students in Washington during the March for Life in January.


Doug and Jessica Taylor, married on September 22, 2012. Some of Doug’s fellow SBA classmates from the class of 2005 served as groomsmen, Ryan Hailey, Joel Hargraves, Nick Namias and Brian Trautschold.

The Allie Jones Reichert wedding reception with a host of SBA friends. Allie’s Maid of Honor was fellow SBA classmate from 2009, Kelly Callahan.


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

2011 alum Katie Incardona (at left) plays “Carlie,” the Hotel Maid in Northwestern University’s staging of “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America.” This was Katie’s first role in a Northwestern production and she has been cast again in the upcoming “Wiley and the Hairy Man.” Although most of these roles usually go to juniors or seniors, Katie is only in her second year at Northwestern. 1996 alum and former Eagle football player Jay Hinrichs (left) congratulates his nephew Jordan Wilkins (’13) when Jordan signed his National Letter of Intent to play football for Ole Miss. Jay joined Jordan and other members of the family at a media –filled signing event on the NCAA National Signing Day, February 6.

Jeff Bogue (’07), Director of Youth Ministry for the Church of the Incarnation in Collierville, was a member of a panel addressing Theology students during Vocations Week in January.


Madeline Marconi ’12 (center) recently appeared as Alex in “On the Verge” at Belmont University. She and her co-actors were leads in the show about three Victorian women explorers who discover that, as they travel through the unexplored land, they are traveling through time and headed to the future. They encounter objects, phrases and strangers from the future that lead them on an even wilder journey than they had planned.

In March, the University of TennesseeChattanooga Mortar Board inducted 2009 SBA alum Kate Marczynski (right) into the Quandrangle Chapter. Her sister, 2006 SBA alum Sarah (left), is an alumna of the same chapter and 2009 SBA alum Manuel Bernal (center) was retired as Secretary and also became an alumnus of the chapter.

Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

Jordan Wells (’04) offered his vocal talents to SBA by stepping in to announce a couple of basketball games. His beautiful tenor voice was also called into action to provide the National Anthem before the games, receiving a huge applause.

The Chris Rousseau (’03) Family shares a quiet moment with their SBA friends.

SBA alums Michael Robinson (left) and Ryan Cobb, both from the class of 2012, performed solos in the annual Angotti Family Christmas Show. They joined the SBA choirs and some band members in this annual event and wowed the audience, as they have done each year, with their amazing talent.

On hand for Assistant Girls Basketball Coach Caitlin Doyle Motte’s (’03) baby shower given by the current girls basketball team were SBA basketball alums (from left) Julie Eckel (’11), Nicole Cianciola (’11), Rasie Turner (’10), Megan Van Eaton (’10), Allison Siano (’11), Caitlin (a basketball alum, as well), Elaina McCracken (’10), Nikki Benedetti (’11), Allison Hotz (’10) and Dee Blakely (’12).

A special thank you to the Auburndale and SBA alumni who participated or modeled in our 3rd annual SBA “Swing and Bling” Fashion Show! Pictured (from left) Cameron Russell ’07, Melissa Barnett ’10, Sherrie Overton Rojas ’89, Brittney Bond ’07, Megan Hurley ’07, Dustin Jones ’99 (provided food from Swankys), Jessica Taylor ’07, Katie Santos Valle ’07, Lindsey Tompkins McKinley ’04, Lori Trew Regis ’91 and Gwendolyn Tabb Graham ’77 (provided our fashions from Chico’s).


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings

(Reprinted courtesy of Greg Akers, MBQ)


Alumni News

On Eagles’ Wings


SPOTLIGHT Dr. Linda Barnes Snyder, Auburndale ’86 of Concord promoted to North Carolina medical director

By Channing Peeples (’07), Youth Villages Public Relations (Dec. 5, 2012) – Dr. Linda Snyder of Concord, N.C., has been promoted to medical director of Youth




psychiatric care of 403 children helped by Youth Villages’ programs in North Carolina. She previously served as a child and adolescent psychiatrist




Youth Villages is a private nonprofit with the mission to help children and families live successfully. Youth Villages produces lasting success for children and families through its Evidentiary Family Restoration ™ approach, involving intensive work with the child and family, as well as a focus on measuring outcomes,





and their families from offices in




Concord, Greensboro, Greenville, Pinehurst



through the state’s largest and oldest



program and a host of other effective services using its EFR approach. EFR

residential programs in Memphis,

consistently produces success rates


twice that of traditional services



programs in Nashville, Tenn.

at one-third the cost of traditional care.

Snyder holds a doctor of medicine degree from the University of

Named one of the Top 50

Tennessee Health Science Center in

Nonprofits to Work For by Nonprofit

Memphis and a bachelor’s degree

Times and Best Companies Group

in biology from Christian Brothers

in 2010 and 2011, Youth Villages

University. She is board certified in

has been recognized by Harvard

general and child and adolescent psychiatry. Snyder is a native of Memphis and is an alumna of the Auburndale School (1986). She is married to Chuck Snyder and has two children, ages 12 and 9.

Business School and U.S. News & keeping children in the community whenever safely possible and providing accountability to families and funders.

World Report, and was identified

In North Carolina, Youth Villages, a certified Critical Access Behavioral

For more information about Youth


by The White House as one of the nation’s most promising resultsoriented



Villages, visit

Alumni News

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SPOTLIGHT Elizabeth Hofer, SBA-Class of 2007 SBA alumna travels to promote public health By Rachel Hofer, Graphics Editor “The Eagle’s Eye” (student newspaper)

Walking the halls of SBA, one encounters quite the variety of people: your best friend, that guy in your math class, that girl that you see everywhere even though you don’t have the slightest clue what her name is. But where will these people end up after graduating? Elizabeth Hofer graduated from SBA in 2007 after attending the school since fourth grade. She is the oldest of four children who have all either attended SBA or are SBA bound. While at St. Benedict, she participated in school plays and was editor of the school paper. In high school, Elizabeth made many fun memories that stuck with her even after she graduated. “Mr. Valadie used to have an awesome mustache,” she said, “The mustache was the best. We used to pretend it was the one giving all of Mr. Valadie’s eloquent morning prayers and school assembly talks.” In addition to the fun experiences she had, Elizabeth also received valuable knowledge and encouragement that sparked her insatiable taste for adventure and variety. She said, “I think my teachers at SBA […] encouraged me to explore my interests and to do what interested me.”

After graduating, Elizabeth attended the University of Chattanooga as a member of their honors program. She studied abroad in the Czech Republic for a semester before receiving her bachelor’s degree in psychology. After receiving her degree, Elizabeth applied for a fellowship program with the Center for Disease Control despite her lack of any background in public health. Upon being accepted, she found out that she would be sent to Anchorage, Alaska for the two year program. “My program focuses on learning public health basics, such as disease investigation and surveillance skills, from the ground up. Right now I’m running the Lead and Mercury Biomonitoring Programs for the state. That’s just a fancy way of saying I’m helping the state keep track of how many people are being exposed to lead and mercury,” she said. In addition to embracing a career in public health, Elizabeth also embraced the Alaskan lifestyle when she moved. She said, “My personal goal when moving to Alaska was to live like an Alaskan as much as possible while I am here. I don’t think you can learn to appreciate a place without trying it on the


way the locals do. This led me to catching my first salmon this summer, learning how to crosscountry ski (no small feat for a girl from snowless Tennessee) and exploring rock climbing.” Because her fellowship program is coming to an end in the fall, Elizabeth is making plans for her future focusing both on fun and work. She said, “I’m planning on earning my Nurse Practitioner’s license at some point in the next five years and continuing to pursue my career in public health. I have a pretty horrible travel bug too, so I’m trying to figure out how to visit all seven continents. Three down so far, four to go!” From her semester spent in the Czech Republic to her fellowship program in Anchorage, Elizabeth discovered the importance of following her interests no matter which side of the globe they take her. “Embracing my curiosity for a variety of subjects gave me some of my best life experiences, from studying in the Czech Republic to working on a variety of psychology research projects and applying to my current public health fellowship program without having any public health background.”

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On Eagles' Wings - Winter/Spring 2013  

On Eagles' Wings Magazine for Winter/Spring 2013

On Eagles' Wings - Winter/Spring 2013  

On Eagles' Wings Magazine for Winter/Spring 2013

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