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Inspired Health AUTUMN 2017


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Inspired Health AUTUMN 2017

4 SPORTS-SAFE SUPPLEMENTS For instant reassurance, ensure they’re batch-tested

Eva Karipidou

Welcome! Whether you’re looking for nutritional advice and fitness tips, or seeking something to boost your wellbeing, the autumn issue of Inspired Health is jampacked with everything you need. In this issue, we’re thrilled to chat with nutritional therapist and bestselling author, Amelia Freer, who shares her top tips for healthy eating, and introduces us to her new book. For all of your questions on whether it’s better to juice or blend, raw food chef and home cook Stephanie Jeffs has the answer. Also, personal trainer Charlene Black reveals how you shouldn’t let your hormones get in the way of your regular workout. And for those ladies who are in their 30s, 40s or about to go through menopause, nutritional therapist Angela Heap explains ways in which you can prepare for it, as well as highlighting your body’s key nutritional needs. Finally, in this edition we discuss the importance of incorporating essential fats into your diet, and we offer inspiration with some delicious recipe ideas.

5 MIND, BODY & OMEGA 3 How you can make your mental health a priority

6 NOURISH & GLOW Top tips and recipes from Nutritional Therapist and bestselling author Amelia Freer

8 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS Why EFAs are so essential in so many different ways

9 WONDER WOMEN Don’t let your hormones get in the way of a good workout

10 JUICES VS SMOOTHIES It’s the great debate

12 DEALING WITH MENOPAUSE The many ways in which you can prepare your body

14 GO GREEN! Two delicious and healthy recipes to try

15 Q&A Your questions answered by our nutritional therapist


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also now boast that they are “Tested Sports Safe”. To achieve this sports-safe certification, the brand owners work with Declan Murphy world-renowned sports doping control and research laboratory, LGC, to test the products within their sports-safe range for over 160 banned substances for elite athletes. LGC has vast experience working within the framework of the World Anti-Doping Association. By shopping “Tested Sports Safe”, elite and aspiring athletes have the instant reassurance that the health food supplements they are purchasing contain no prohibited substances under the WADA guidelines wherever they see the “Tested Sports Safe” logo on pack. For more info, visit

Cleanmarine and One Nutrition For instant reassurance are continually batch-tested. Key when searching for products within each range can supplements, ensure they’re batch-tested says The Tested Sports Safe Range Includes: Nutritionist Declan Murphy.


or most of us that take health supplements, it is as simple as walking into our local health food store or pharmacy and picking up the brand we want without having to put much thought into it. But for aspiring and elite athletes, this is a much more complex process. The demands that are placed on their bodies will often require supplementation of the highest standards and quality to support their strict dietary protocols. At elite level, athletes are continually tested for a list of up to 160 banned substances, and consuming a supplement with the slightest trace of a banned ingredient can lead to disastrous and career-ending outcomes. For this reason, brands such as


Inspired Health / Autumn 2017

Cleanmarine® For Women and Cleanmarine® For Men Both contain next generation, sustainable and non-repeat Omega 3 combined with multiple B vitamins to maintain nervous and cardiovascular health.

One Nutrition® Ocean-pH Ideal for those prone to cramps or spasms, this is an excellent source of magnesium along with 72 other nutrients and trace minerals. High-intensity exercise can deplete the body’s stores of magnesium making Ocean-pH a priority for athletes.

One Nutrition® Organic Power Greens Provides key nutrients for energy production and contains 58 times more iron than spinach, whilst its high quality spirulina provides all eight essential amino acids. It also contains broccoli, kale, wheat and barley grass juice powders and chlorella.

One Nutrition® P4-MAX A potent antioxidant formula that helps to protect the body from free-radical damage post-exercise. Containing vitamin C, it is ideal to take at the earliest onset of a cold so training schedules can stay on track.


Mind, Body

& Omega 3 If you suffer from anxiety or low moods you’re not alone. Psychotherapist Roisin Whelan reveals how you can make mental health a priority.


any of us think of our bodies and minds as completely separate systems, and that they Roisin Whelan function independent of each other. In actual fact, our physical and mental health is interlinked and each influences the other. Minding our mental health is vital as it’s an essential part of our overall health. If you suffer from anxiety, worry, stress or low moods, you’re not alone. I too have felt overwhelmed by life and its everyday stresses. I developed an interest in health and nutrition from working on the retail side of the health industry for many years. I began to see how

my diet played a massive role in my overall health, and how I was feeling emotionally. And today, as a qualified psychotherapist, I use this knowledge to support my own clients so they can help themselves move forward in life. There have been many studies conducted throughout the years on the role of nutrients and how they affect the brain. When we nourish our brain, we are more resilient to stress and anxiety. From this research, there is increasing evidence pointing to the beneficial effects of Omega 3. The two main Omega 3s we hear most about are the long-chain fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). EPA and DHA are both important types of Omega 3, with different roles and actions in the body. Omega 3 is a major component of the proper functioning of brain cells. It is important for optimum cell signalling and may aid in the proper function and utilisation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids can lead to symptoms such as depression, fatigue, memory problems and

mood swings. Therefore, increasing our levels of Omega 3 may keep our stress response regulated and improve our mood and cognition. And that’s not all: Omega 3 is a natural anti-inflammatory that may contribute to the optimum function of the heart, skin and eyes. Finding an Omega 3 supplement with the required high levels of EPA can be difficult and pricey. For the last number of years, I have been recommending krill oil to my clients; it’s a superior source of EPA and DHA. Cleanmarine Omega 3 krill oil offers a wide range of products to suit all the family, and they are great value too. Personally, Cleanmarine For Women is one I always go back to as it has a high dose of B and D vitamins, which means I don’t need to take lots of different tablets every day: I get it all in Cleanmarine For Women. My advice is to visit your local health food store or pharmacy to find the one that works for you! Living a healthy lifestyle is so important, so let’s start making our mental health a priority. For more information and advice from Roisin visit Autumn 2017 / Inspired Health


Nourish & Glow Nutritional Therapist and bestselling author Amelia Freer shares how she got healthy and her best advice to help you do the same.



Inspired Health / Autumn 2017

shingles, I was always run-down and I basically wanted to spend all of my time in bed. Not the exciting London life I had planned for! I went to see doctors, dieticians, healers, acupuncturists, massage therapists and I followed all of their advice, took the pills (even the antidepressants I was given for the IBS) – I so wanted to feel well and get on with my life. But nothing helped and I eventually ended up in a nutritional therapist’s office. I was pretty skeptical and incredibly reluctant. I loved the foods I ate and the idea of having to restrict anything made me feel angry and sad. However, what I learnt from the

Nourish & Glow: The 10-Day Plan by Amelia Freer published by Michael Joseph, 2017 £16.99 WIN! Two lucky winners can win Amelia’s new book. Email your name and contact number to mentioning the name of the book. Ends November 30, 2017.

nutritional therapist made sense and so I made a few simple changes. I started cutting out dairy, then reduced sugar (I used to add three teaspoons to my 12 cups of tea a day) and eventually wheat. I also avoided citric acid, sesame and almonds for a short time based on a blood test I had done. Test results revealed that I had parasites and a yeast overgrowth which meant I had to take various antibiotics and supplements for a period. I hated it all but I started to


n my teens I suffered with all kinds of unpleasant symptoms; from acne to digestive issues. When I moved to London in my early 20s, I was excited to begin a vibrant life and I really relished what I considered to be sophisticated food – croissants, baguettes, pastries and cakes – all things that I didn’t have access to growing up. But my acne got worse, so my doctor suggested I take a course of Roaccutane, which I did happily, and with great, but temporary results. However, my digestive health declined further – I used to be doubled up in pain, often with long bouts of diarrhoea or constipation. I got

My inspiration for this book came from wanting to write a meal plan. But simply writing a 10-day meal plan alone felt like the epitome of an unsustainable way of eating! So I realised that this meal plan needed to come at the end of the book and that the beginning of the book needed to address the issues that people face when trying to eat more healthily. I would say that this book, and the dietary pattern that is promoted within it (based on a modified Mediterranean diet) is a great place to start for anyone looking to improve their nutrition. It’s also front-line intervention for people managing chronic symptoms or disease, as well as for those looking to optimise their weight. However, it covers lots of psychological and social aspects of nutrition too (so it’s great for emotional or stress-eaters as well). If people find that they need a little more than this book offers, I encourage them to seek out professional nutritional support.

COVER STORY feel much better in every way. That was 17 years ago and there weren’t all of the options or awareness that there is now. So I had to get into the kitchen and learn how to cook for myself and make food enjoyable and interesting. I wasn’t big on salads, so made things like shepherd’s pie, just with olive oil instead of butter, and I added in more vegetables. I stopped buying sandwiches and instead opted for baked potatoes, and I switched to eggs at breakfast. What initially felt pretty impossible soon became quite normal and easy; it was just a case of creating new habits. I think when you have experienced first-hand what a difference good nutrition can make to how you look, feel, sleep, your energy levels and your overall health, it is hard not to develop a passion for it. And that passion naturally went on to become my career. My tips for healthy eating are really simple – start with eating more vegetables in all their glorious shapes, varieties and colours. Almost everyone I have ever met would benefit from adding a few more portions of vegetables into their weekly diet, and particularly if you choose ones that are in season; they are also cheap and easily accessible. Eat 90% of the time for your body and

BEETROOT HOUMOUS SALAD I love the audacious colours of this salad, which (especially once you’ve made a batch of houmous) is a very quick meal. There are a million different combinations that you can try, so feel free to swap or change the suggested vegetables around according to what you have left in the fridge, or what’s best at this time of the year.

physical health, and eat the remaining 10% of the time purely for your social and emotional health. They are both equally important. Pay attention to the effect that food has on you. Eat more of what makes you feel vibrant and alive, and less of what makes you feel sluggish and uncomfortable. That’s a good place to start listening to the cues your body is trying to tell you about your nutritional choices. There is definitely no such thing as the perfect diet – we are

A handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered 1 spring onion, finely sliced 1 yellow or orange pepper, deseeded and finely diced 10cm cucumber, deseeded and finely sliced A handful of rocket leaves, chopped A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil A squeeze of lemon juice A pinch of sea salt 3 tbsp spiced seed sprinkle 2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped 2—3 gluten-free oatcakes 1 portion of Beetroot Houmous, defrosted

all utterly unique; with different genetics, microbiomes, environment, cultural influences and preferences. What works for one person will be completely wrong for the next. However, I do think that the fundamental principles of healthy eating are common amongst us all, such as eating a wide variety of colourful vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and high-quality protein sources. This would be my guidance for eating any time of the year.

METHOD In a bowl, mix together the quartered cherry tomatoes, finely sliced spring onion, a bright orange or yellow pepper, cucumber and rocket with a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. It’s best to leave the dressing off if you are making this ahead of time so the leaves don’t get too soggy. When you’re ready to enjoy, pour over the dressing and serve the salad mixture topped with a sprinkling of seeds and chopped herbs over the top. Serve with gluten-free oatcakes and a generous dollop of houmous.

Autumn 2017 / Inspired Health


ESSENTIAL GUIDE preventing dry eyes, and improving the condition of hair, skin and nails. What are the signs of deficiency? Common deficiency signs of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fats are: low energy, dry skin, joint aches and pains, sluggish metabolism and weight gain, PMS and menopause symptoms, fertility issues and impaired brain function.

Essential Fatty Acids Why are EFAs so essential, not to mention, good for us? Nutritionist Marianna Sulic has all the answers.


hat is the definition of essential fatty acids? Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are the types of fatty acids found within the Omega 3 and Omega 6 family that are “essential” because our body cannot make those particular forms of fatty acids. So we have to get them from food and they are only found in plant-based food sources. They are also known as the ‘parent’ Omega 3 and Omega 6 as they are found at the top of the family and will convert down into the longer chain Omega 3 and 6. The two essential fatty acids are called alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3) and linoleic acid (Omega 6). Why are they so essential to health? EFAs are important for our health as they have structural and metabolic functions to do around the body.


Inspired Health / Autumn 2017

A component of our cell membranes are made from alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA). Nourishing our cell membranes with EFAs will keep them flexible and permeable in order to allow nutrients and oxygen to enter the cell, and wastes and toxins to leave the cell. If our cell membranes are nourished, all the biological processing within the cell will function optimally. Unless we eat foods with EFAs, we could be compromising our cell membrane health. What health areas are they particularly important for? Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid critical for heart health (lowering cholesterol and controlling high blood pressure), brain development, for reducing inflammation and joint pain, for managing depression,

There are many different sources of essential fats – how much does someone actually need? The ideal consumption of Omega 3 and Omega 6 is a 2:1 ratio. The recommended intake is from 20g undamaged Omega 3 (Alpha Linolenic Acid) and 9g undamaged Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) on a daily basis. By consuming 30ml of the organic seed oil Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend you will get just under these amounts, and additionally eating a variety of plantbased foods such as nuts, seeds, avocado and green leafy vegetables, you will be consuming enough EFAs to nourish your cell membranes. What should people look for in terms of quality when buying an EFA supplement? First of all, your essential fatty acids should be part of the foundation of your diet, not taken as supplements. So for example, eat the whole foods of nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables and also incorporate a high-quality cold-pressed organic seed oil into your daily diet. The organic coldpressed seed oil should always be kept refrigerated as EFAs are very fragile and can spoil easily when exposed to light, heat and oxygen. The oil should be in an amber glass bottle and further packaged in a cardboard box, as this protects

BE MORE FIT Omega 3 fats is an added bonus. Cleanmarine For Women contains vitamin B1, B2 and B6 which work to support your normal energy yielding metabolism while vitamin B2 and B6 contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Wonder Women Don’t let your hormones get in the way of a musclebuilding workout says Personal Trainer Charlene Black.


ifferences in the sex hormones mean that women have to be smarter when it comes to working out. They have a serious shortfall in muscle-building testosterone compared to men, and their main sex hormones – oestrogen and progesterone – fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle. Cramping, bloating, headaches, irritability, and breast tenderness are just a few of the symptoms. The list is exhaustive but the root cause is the same: a monthly cycle of altering levels of the sex hormones oestrogen

and progesterone, typically over a 28-day period. Not all menstrual cycles are the same, and some women experience greater PMS symptoms than others. Make sure you keep on top of your B and D vitamin intake to help regulate your hormones and energy levels. Foods such as pork, fish, eggs, and soya beans all contribute, or you can use a daily multi-vit to help keep topped up. We’ve seen good results with Cleanmarine for Women; a krill oil with added vitamins. The combination with












Moderatehigh carbs Lower fat

High carbs Lower fat

Lowmoderate carbs Higher fat

High carbs Lower fat

Lowmoderate carbs Higher fat







Rep Range












THE THREE PHASES Made up of three main phases – Follicular, Ovulation, and Luteal – the changing hormone levels create distinct metabolic states that you can master to your advantage: The Follicular Phase Days 1-13 From day one of your period, your oestrogen levels start to rise, building faster from day seven where progesterone starts to fall. PMS symptoms are fading fast, and now is a good time to train. Improved insulin sensitivity means you can eat a higher carbohydrate load, which can help boost your lifts. You’ll respond well to high intensity interval training (HIIT) – e.g. cross trainer intervals/sprinting – for cardiovascular (CV) work. Ovulation Day 14 With peak oestrogen levels, your progesterone levels start to rise too, causing an increase in body temperature that coincides with ovulation. This is a great time to push out some really heavy weights; just be extra careful with form and technique. CV should be reduced to a low-intensity steady state (LISS) – e.g. walking/jogging – to reduce strain on your nervous system. Luteal Phase Days 15-28 As progesterone climbs, oestrogen falls. Drop down to lower weights and reduce carbohydrate intake in favour of more fats, and swap to LISS for your CV. Around a week in you will have a boost in oestrogen that you can use as a stronger day, with a carbohydrate re-feed, before returning to lower weights and fats as a fuel source. Be prepared for any PMS symptoms you usually present. Autumn 2017 / Inspired Health


Juice Vs Smoothie THE GREAT


Stephanie Jeffs

Ever wondered if it’s better to juice or blend? Artisan raw food chef and home cook Stephanie Jeffs has the answer.


hile working through some health issues, juices and smoothies played a huge role in my wellness, and they still do! Both helped me release 120lbs of weight and say goodbye to the symptoms of PCOS. Now, as a teaching chef and retreat host, I pride myself on whizzing up juicy recipes for others that will not only help them make better nutritional choices in the long-run, but recipes that will nourish, satisfy and taste great! The healing systems of the body go into overdrive when the body is fed the right stuff and getting the right kitchen kit for the job is absolutely essential. Whatever is in your glass should taste incredible – no point in holding on to your nose to get the medicine down! Where’s the satisfaction in


Inspired Health / Autumn 2017

that? I try to introduce others to juices and smoothies with flavours that will tantalise the tastebuds as well as nourish the body. If you’re not a fan of broccoli, juice it! Or blend it up in a smoothie – it’s a great place to hide those veggies that we need, but find a little tricky to eat. WHICH ONE IS BEST? There’s so much information out there from gurus, health warriors and ‘the science people’ it can perhaps be a little confusing, so let me share with you a perspective from my own personal experience. Both juices and smoothies are incredibly good for you! They are both a great way to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, and this is essential for good health, gut health and overall wellbeing.

Stephanie’s top tips • Juicing and blending are both great ways to increase the body’s intake of fruit and veg, especially leafy greens that can be hard to consume raw. • Juicing gets the nutrition in to the system faster and this can really help when on a detox. • Smoothies retain more insoluble fibre that slows down digestion and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. • Include greens in every juice or smoothie and hide them with a little fruit. • I always add healthy fats to a green smoothie as this helps with the absorption of nutrition from the greens. Try adding avocado or Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend to your smoothie to get your EFAs. • Getting the right kit for the job is essential for making quality juices and smoothies every time.


SO WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Essentially a juice is the result of breaking fruit and vegetables into two products – juice and pulp. The pulp extraction is made up of the insoluble fibre from the fruit or veggie (there is still soluble fibre left in the juice) and the result is a lighter drink. Nutrients not only get into the system faster, but the body absorbs more and you can pack way more produce into a juice. A blender, on the other hand, creates one product – a smoothie, from fruit, veggies and added water that retains the insoluble fibre that can be essential for gut movement and health. Smoothies slow down the digestion and help with feeling ‘full and feasted’ for longer. A very small amount of nutrition passes out with the soluble fibre so some of it is lost to us compared to juicing and less produce is used in making a smoothie. So with a smoothie we can feel fuller while consuming less. CHOOSE THE RIGHT KIT A great juicer will minimise the juice that is left in the pulp (we want to get all that good stuff out and into our tummies!) and for this job I recommend the Tribest Green Star Elite. No juicer I have ever used has been able to compare to the quality of pulp separation (wonderfully dry) and its ability to handle leafy greens. The bioceramic magnets embedded in the Jumbo Twin-Gear cores ensure that maximum minerals are “pulled” into the juice increasing the juice’s bioavailability, meaning that your body can more effectively absorb and utilise the dissolved minerals. It’s my kitchen essential! A true work-horse for the kitchen. A great blender will have enough power to whiz things up very quickly – minimising the time that the fruit and veggies will get bashed around the blender (and each other) which can cause some nutritional loss. The

Golden Carrot Juice 6 carrots 2 apple 1 inch ginger 1 lemon 20ml Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend Serves 2

Prepare the fruit and veg by slicing lengthwise into roughly 2cm thick strips. Juice the lemons together with the peel if they are organic, otherwise use a citrus juicer. Juice all the produce by feeding it a slice at a time through the chute. Mix in 1 tablespoon of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend before serving if you wish.

Choconut Smoothie ½ cup cashew nuts 1 tbsp raw cacao

Tribest Dynapro Vacuum Blender is a terrific machine producing wonderful smoothies in a matter of just a few short seconds. Minimising blend time is ideal and exactly what I look for in a blender. Also, its vacuum lid includes a handheld vacuum pump, to reduce oxidation by removing air before blending. With less oxidation, you can enjoy more nutrients and enhanced flavours. A BIT ABOUT JUICING Juicing can produce a rather wonderful side-effect: abundant energy! This is not just because of the satiating effects of juicing or the ingredients itself. Removing the insoluble fibre rests the digestive system, allows for a smoother absorption of nutrition and uses up less of the body’s resources. Basically, it gets the job done faster! Juicing is nature’s fast food and is

1 frozen banana 1 tbsp ground flaxseed 1 tsp maca 250ml Rude Health brown rice milk or hazelnut milk 20ml Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend Serves 1

Transfer all the ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth. Add Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in at the end and blend again for a few seconds. a delicious way to stuff more goodness into your glass. A BIT ABOUT BLENDING I tend to consume more smoothies when I need more energy, more fuel and am on the go! A smoothie is a wonderful gift to oneself before or after a workout or simply to help you get through a busy day. Smoothies are another great way to increase the intake of greens. Kale and spinach in particular are super ingredients to include in every smoothie! They are probably my absolute essential ingredients as, like most people, I am not very good at chowing down on leaves. Find more recipes and blog posts from Stephanie Jeffs on Autumn 2017 / Inspired Health




How to go through YOUR MENOPAUSE Nutritional Therapist Angela Heap reveals ways in which you can prepare and focus on the body’s key nutritional needs during this transition.


enopause is a time many women dread and it can be with good reason: it may mean mood swings, tiredness, changes to periods and hot flushes. However, like anything in life the transition is always smoother when you give yourself some time to prepare and focus on the body’s key nutritional needs. Biologically, during the cycling phase of a woman’s life the ovaries are queen, producing the key hormone oestrogen. Many are unaware that phasing into menopause can take as long as five to 10 years, and during this time you move from perimenopause, where the cycle changes, to menopause (this is categorised as 12 months without a menstrual period). After this time, the job of producing the main female hormone is passed to the adrenal glands, and if you have spent the last 10 years in your 40s building at a gradient of 90%


Inspired Health / Autumn 2017

Angela Heap in terms of your career and family; surviving on coffee, alcohol and cigarettes (the three stooges), this will take its toll on the ‘second in command’; your adrenal glands, so to speak. This can lead to fatigue which has a huge impact on the body’s ability to cope emotionally and psychologically through an important time in a woman’s life. Progesterone, another hormone that starts to reduce from 35 (together with oestrogen), can be the reason why hot flushes start to appear. Progesterone also brings calm to a cycle, and many are unaware it can be the reason in menstruating women that PMS is prevalent as this drops drastically at the end of the cycle and can in some women help to increase mood swings. Lowered progesterone can in some women activate the ‘fight or fight’ hormone which may cause you

• Reducing stress levels by cutting out caffeine, and taking time to enjoy your life. Meditation has also been proven to help ease cortisol spikes and calm a busy mind. • Supporting your body by using B vitamins which have been proven to help reduce stress and support hormonal production. • Replacing the oestrogen lost with a weaker plant-based oestrogen that will help give a natural boost to lowered levels. • Supporting the brain and cardiovascular function with a phospholipid source of Omega 3 which will help cognition and also skin and cardiovascular health. • Making sure you keep your bones and thyroid healthy by maintaining vitamin D levels. • Supplementation will help. Try Cleanmarine Menomin, which is a combination of krill oil in a phospholipid base, B vitamins, soy isoflavones, rosemary extract, folate, biotin and vitamin D that can provide women 35-onwards with the right nutrients to help you move towards this phase of your life.

to have disrupted sleep as cortisol coursing around the body making it hard to calm down and can affect melatonin the sleep hormone. The conventional medicine model is driven largely by symptoms. The nutritional model looks more closely at working with what phase you are in your life and supporting this. Menopause and perimenopause is where a nutritional model can really have a therapeutic effect! There are a number of nutrient and lifestyle suggestions that can ease the transition. Menopause or hormone change is something all women will go through and will affect 50% of the population, so it’s worth doing the prep now if you are in your late 30s.

A Natural Approach To Menopause

All In O n Omega e 3& Multivit amin

Designed for: Hormonal Support Energy Boost Healthy Skin Normal Bone & Muscle Function

Cleanmarine MenoMin is a unique combination of Omega 3 Phospholipids plus Folate, Biotin, B Vitamins and Soy Isoflavones that provides a complete natural solution for use during and after menopause. It maintains mucous membranes and contains Vitamin B6 that contributes to normal psychological function. Available from Health Stores, Pharmacies &

#LETSTALKMENOPAUSE Vitamin B1 contributes to normal psychological function and contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism. Vitamin B2 contributes to maintenance of normal skin and contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal psychological function, contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, contributes to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the regulation of normal hormonal activity. Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus, contributes to maintenance of normal bones and normal muscle function.


GO Green! Ultimate Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

The smoothie you can eat with a spoon! Bursting with superfoods, this fruit-rich bowl of health is a great and delicious way to start any day.

¾ cup frozen mango ¾ cup fresh or frozen pineapple 1 medium ripe banana, previously sliced and frozen ½ cup natural yoghurt 1 scoop Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens - certified organic fermented grasses, green vegetables, superfood algae and seaweeds 1 capsule Udo’s Choice Super 8 Microbiotics - live bacteria for your gut 10 ml Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend – organic seed oil Omega 3 & 6 Toppings: fresh fruit, shredded unsweetened coconut, raw pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, almond butter

Method Add all smoothie ingredients to

your Tribest personal blender and blend until creamy and smooth. Open the Super 8 capsule and sprinkle the microbiotics powder over the smoothie. Add Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend in at the end and blend again for a few seconds.

Green Bombs With a Raspberry Jam Centre

A great afternoon pick-meup to keep in the fridge for whenever a sugar crave strikes. ½ cup of oats ½ cup of ground almonds 1 tablespoon of Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens - certified organic fermented grasses, green vegetables, superfood algae and seaweeds 3 tbsp of agave nectar ½ cup of shredded coconut for coating A splash of vanilla extract For the raspberry jam: 1 cup of fresh or frozen raspberries 2 tablespoon of chia seeds 2 tbsp of coconut sugar (optional) Serves 12-14

Method 1. Start by making the jam. Place the raspberries in a pan with a splash of water on a medium heat. Cover and bring to the boil. Turn to a simmer once the fruit starts to bubble. 2. Add the chia seeds, coconut sugar and cook the jam on a low heat for about 20-25 minutes (until it becomes thick). Don’t worry if it’s slightly runny when still hot, it will thicken up during the cooling process. 3. To make the balls, blend the oats until you have a flour-like consistency. Transfer the oat flour into a bowl, add the ground almonds and Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens powder; combine everything well. Then add the agave nectar, vanilla extract and mix well. At this point you should have a sticky and solid dough. 4. Roll it into balls. With one of your fingers press down into the ball to make a small dent. Put ½ a teaspoon of raspberry jam in the hole and close back the ball with your finger. Roll all the balls in the shredded coconut, refrigerate them for a couple of hours and enjoy! You can find more recipes at


Inspired Health / Autumn 2017


Susie Perry Debice

Email your questions to editor@ Please note, that we reserve the right to edit or shorten questions. Inspired Health and our experts cannot reply individually to your questions.

Q. Can you suggest the best foods to buy this season? A. When it comes to wise autumn food choices, it’s a good idea to put green tea on your shopping list! Green tea helps boost metabolism and melt away abdominal fat which is handy for any autumn comfort eaters. Keep your fridge stocked with purple and red berries as these are naturally rich in anthocyanins and vitamin C which work with your immune system to ward off any threats from harmful viruses. Manuka honey is an absolute autumn store cupboard essential as this special honey from New Zealand not only helps to satisfy a sweet tooth but also contains methylglyoxal (MGO), which is responsible for the remarkable properties in manuka honey. Choose a good-quality manuka honey product by selecting one with at least 250550 MGO. I recommend you try

Manuka Health manuka honey, as great care is taken to ensure that the Methylglyoxal is maintained from the beehive to the finished product so you do not lose any of the valuable properties of this remarkable honey. Another manuka honey secret is that this clever honey helps to repair, replenish and re-hydrate dry autumn skin. Simply make a DIY skin mask by mashing up half an avocado with two teaspoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon of manuka honey and apply to your face for 15 minutes before washing off with warm water and then refreshing with cold water. Q. With a growing number of probiotic products on the market, I really struggle to choose one. What are the basic criteria that can help me find the right probiotics? A. Poor diet, stress, and drinking too much alcohol are all factors that can disrupt the delicate workings of your digestive system. One of the most important aspects of gut health is to make sure you have decent levels of probiotics. These

friendly gut bacteria are known to help contribute to a healthy immune system and offer protection against gut infections. There are a few clever tips for choosing the right probiotic – firstly you need to pick one that’s age-appropriate as different microbial strains of probiotics suit different life phases. Next is to make sure you choose a blend of at least five to eight different strains of probiotics and, of course, strength is important for effectiveness! Look for the ‘viable count’ and pick a brand that has a wide range of ageappropriate strains and contains over 1.5 million for infants, three billion for juniors, 10 billion for adults and 20 billion for age 50+. Taking a daily probiotic can help to support healthy bowel function and optimal digestion.

WIN! Udo’s Choice Super 8 Microbiotics Poor diet, antibiotics or simply the stresses of modern living can disturb the delicate microfloral environment in the digestive tract. Super 8 combats this effect, replenishing gut bacteria. It provides at least 31 billion cells and contains eight bacteria strains that reach the entire digestive system from mouth to lower bowel. Enter to win two Super 8 Microbiotics worth £52 Competition closes 1st November.

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Cleanmarine For Men

An innovative blend of Omega 3 and multivitamin formulated to support the nutritional needs of men.

Cleanmarine For Women

A unique all in one Omega 3 and vitamin blend designed to regulate hormonal activity, boost energy and maintain healthy skin.

Manuka Health 400+ 500g

Pure, high-strength MGO Manuka Honey, that guarantees traceability from hive to shelf.

Udo’s Choice Super 8 Contains at least 31 billion viable cells at expiry and has been formulated using 8 bacterial strains.

Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend A blend of 8 organic seed oils, providing Omega 3 and 6 in the perfect 2:1 ratio.



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Inspired Health Autumn Issue  
Inspired Health Autumn Issue