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Wild Heaven // Decatur, GA Location: 45 o Invocation (Belgian-style Golden Ale) Belgian aromatic malts add hints of dried fruit, while generous Noble and West Coast hops deliver an earthy spiciness. It finishes semi-dry with lingering tropical fruits and spicy notes from Belgian yeast. o Ode to Mercy (Imperial Brown Ale) This beer overflows with bold flavors woven into a very balanced and approachable beer that finishes with creamy lingering hints of oak, coffee (specially blended by Athens, GA’s 1000 Faces), and roasted goodness. Bright citrus hops peek through from time to time, additional layers of complexity. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

White Birch // Hooksett, NH Location: VIP o *Rusalka (Multi-grain Extra Stout) Named for the Rusalka, deadly and beautiful water demons, their Multi-grain stout is brewed with barley, wheat and oaks to create a-dark ale that is both refined and inviting. Beneath the mellow roast, character, you will find a density of flavor that includes plumb, raisin, burnt sugar and the obligatory chocolate. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Woodchuck Hard Cider // Middlebury, VT Location: 58

o Amber The original Woodchuck. People liked it so much we made four more styles. The Amber is sweet (but not too sweet) with a nice golden color and crisp finish. o Granny Smith (Cider) Made from only Granny Smith apples, this one’s a lot more tart and quite a bit tangier than your average Woodchuck. If you’re a green apple sort of person, then this could be your Woodchuck. o Seasonal (Fall) There are a few things as spectacular as fall in the Green Mountains that surround their cidery. When you add cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of American white oak, you either have yourself some mighty fine cider or your standard Vermont tourism cliché. o Pear (Cider) To understand that Woodchuck Pear tastes like, take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine yourself floating down a cool crisp mountain stream in the middle of July. Ok, got it? Now put an entire pear in your mouth. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Savannah Craft Brew Fest 2013 Official Fuide  
Savannah Craft Brew Fest 2013 Official Fuide  

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