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Savannah International

Trade and Convention Center

Savannah, Georgia Saturday, August 31

Welcome to the 6th Annual Savannah Craft Brew Festival Presented by Abita Beer. Red Mountain Entertainment is excited to be producing the Savannah Craft Brew Festival at The Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in historic Savannah! Thank you to Visit Savannah for this awesome opportunity and thank you to all the volunteers for helping make this amazing event a reality. So, wander around, sample a wide variety of world class beers, hang out with your friends, eat some great food and have a fantastic, safe afternoon. Remember to Drink Responsibly! All beer mugs must be emptied before leaving the Savannah Craft Brew Fest. If using the water ferry for transportation, your sampling mug must be in a bag.


Savannah Craft Brew Fest Sponsors

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of our 6th Annual Savannah Craft Brew Fest. Please show your patronage to these fine sponsors throughout the year.


welcomes you to enjoy beers from our below valued Breweries:


Get The Most Out Of Savannah Craft Brew Fest

An Introduction To Various Beer Styles

Welcome to the 6th Annual Savannah Craft Brew Fest presented by Abita Beer. With over 150 beers available for you to sample, there is no way to try them all, so here are some tips to make the most of your festival experience: MAKE A GAME PLAN Pick a theme to organize your tasting choice. • Pick one style of beer and compare samples from various breweries. • Taste a number of bitter beers: Pale Ales, German Pilsners, and India Pale Ales. • Taste a range of sweeter, malty beers: Scottish Ales, German and Czech Dark Beers, Porters and Stouts. • Taste beers of a certain region such as U.S. Pacific Coast beers, or beers from a certain country like Belgium. Regardless of your plan, always remember to pace yourself! HOW TO TASTE BEER LOOK: Raise the beer in front of you and marvel at its greatness before you drink. Note the beer’s color, head and consistency. SMELL: Sniff the beer - note its aroma and bouquet. TASTE: Taste is by far the most subjective and important factor when evaluating a beer. Try a sample and note the beer’s unique flavor. TIPS AND TRICKS • Start your day by sampling beers with a lighter flavor before moving on to heavier beers. • Rinse your glass between samples. Water and rinse buckets will be at each table. • Take notes and grade the beers so you can remember which beers you like and dislike. • Drink plenty of water. • Take some time to eat. There are numerous vendors on-site serving all types of food. • Know your limits and please drink responsibly. • Take a taxi if needed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

With numerous styles of beer available, it can be easy to get them confused. Here’s a quick look at some more commonly known styles of beer to bring you into the know:

e Freission Adm

Oceanfront Music & Fireworks 4VOEBZ 4FQUFNCFSTUs7pm-11pm Tybee Pier & Pavilion The Swingin’ Medallions & Fireworks at Dark

ALE BEERS showed up in England and the Netherlands around the 15th century. They have a sweet, full bodied and sometimes fruity taste. Ales are brewed from malted barley using a top-fermenting brewers’ yeast and are typically fermented at temperatures between 60 and 75°F. varieties of ales: Brown Ale Beer with a dark amber or brown color with subtle caramel and chocolate flavors. Scotch Ales A strong dark malty ale with toffee notes. India Pale Ales (IPA) Amber to copper in color with hoppy, bitter and sometimes malty flavor. Porter A dark brown beer with a toasty chocolate flavor. Stout Dark, almost black, beer which range from dry to sweet with a toffee espresso profile. Pale Ale A classic ale that is light in color, fruity and usually bitter with a hint of malt.

LAGER BEERS are a family of beers originating from central Europe that are smooth tasting, with less aggressive character, and little to no fruity flavor. Lagers are brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast at lower temperatures and for longer durations than those typically used to brew ales.

varieties of lagers: Pilsner Schwarzbier Bock Dunkel

Aromatic, pale lager with a prominent hop character. Dark, almost black, Lager that usually has a full chocolate or coffee flavor. This Beer can be dark, amber, or pale in color. Usually sweet, strong, and refreshing. Dark ruby brown German lager with a smooth malty flavor.

WHEAT BEERS are brewed with a large portion of wheat and typically a significant amount of malted barley, which produces a fresh taste. varieties of wheat: Weissbeir Wheat beer in its traditional unfiltered form. Usually has sediment with a citrus, nutmeg, and clove characteristics. Witbier A barley/wheat, top-fermented beer brewed mainly in Belgium. The taste is only slightly hoppish and is very refreshing in summer. American Wheat Invented by specialty brewers in the United States within the last 25-30 years. These beers display the creativity and diversity of America’s craft brewers. Usually golden to light amber in color with subdued malt character but more assertive hop character than their European counterparts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SCBF Rules Breweries are only allowed to pour one two-ounce sample of beer per patron at a time. Patrons must use official festival sampling mugs for tasting. No re-entry allowed. Beer is not available to be purchased and cannot be taken from festival site. Savannah Craft Brew Fest reserves the right to remove anyone who acts in a disorderly manner, violates the festival rules, or endangers the safety of other patrons. Items not allowed on festival property: chairs, backpacks, coolers, animals (except service dogs), food or beverages, glass containers or weapons. No unauthorized vending is permitted.


No one under age 21 is allowed on the festival site. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Where Can I Buy These Great Beers? You will sample some great beers today. Here is a list of some of the area’s best locations to buy these beers:

World of Beer

112 W Broughton Street Savannah, Georgia 912.443.1515

The Distillery

416 West Liberty Street Savannah, Georgia 912.236.1772

Johnnie Ganem

501 Habersham St. Savannah, GA 31401 912.233.3032

Molly MacPherson’s

311 W Congress Street Savannah, Georgia 912.239.9600

Habersham Beverage Warehouse Habersham Beverage Warehouse 7927 Abercorn Street Savannah, Georgia 912.916.6744

4618 Habersham Street Savannah, Georgia 912.354.6477

Green Truck

Dub’s Pub

2430 Habersham Street Savannah, Georgia 912.234.5885

225 West River St. Savannah, Ga 31401 912.200.3652

Churchill’s Pub

Crystal Beer Parlor

13-17 Bay Street Savannah, Georgia 912.232.8501

301 West Jones Street Savannah, Georgia 912.349.1000

Mellow Mushroom

Murphy’s Law Pub

11 West Liberty Street Savannah, Georgia 912.495.0705

409 West Congress Street Savannah, Georgia 912.443.0855


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World of Samuel Adams Savannah Craft Brew Fest Tasting Sessions

Live Music

Session I: “Samuel Adams History” — 1:30 pm

Beer Flight – Boston Lager, Boston Ale, and Octoberfest Boston Lager History of style: German lagers History with brewery: Jim Koch, Boston Beer Style: Amber Lager, family recipe Ingredients: Hops, malt, and yeast Boston Ale History of style: Stock Ale History with brewery: Opening of Boston brewery, family receip Style: Stock Ale Ingredients: Hops, malt, and yeast Octoberfest History of style: Marzen beers and Oktoberfest wedding/celebration History with brewery: First seasonal in 1989 Style: Marzen Ingredients: Hops, malt, and yeast

Session II: “Beer Ingredients”— 2:30 pm

Beer Flight – Latitude 48, Black Lager, and Tetravis Latitude 48 Focus Ingredient: Hops - from around the world Black Lager Focus Ingredient: Malt - roasted Tertravis Focus Ingredient: Yeast – Belgian-style

Session III: “Beer and Cheese” — 3:30 pm

Beer Flight – Cherry Wheat, Sam Light, Double Agent IPL Sam Light Paired with: Provolone Reasoning: Creamy/mild cheese compliments with malt texture of beer Cherry Wheat Paired with: Gorgonzola Reasoning: Complex/intense cheese contrast crisp/sweet/clean beer Double Agent IPL Paired with: Monterey/Pepper Jack Reasoning: Citrus hop character of beer stands up to zesty/spicy cheese

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The Train Wrecks 4:00pm-8:00pm A musical force from the moss-draped Old South, The Train Wrecks are a hard-working band of songwriters and performers who love nothing more than good songs and a good show. They deliver a dynamic, original blend of Americana- ranging from outlaw alt-country and bluegrass to rootsy rock and beyond, all with a distinctive Southern swagger. Born in the vibrant bar and club scene in Savannah, GA, The Train Wrecks released their debut album, “Whiskey and War,” in 2007. Rave reviews and a growing reputation as a must see live act helped the band to branch out to surrounding markets in the Southeast. They’ve since been steadily building a fanbase in clubs across the region, while also finding some bigger stages along the way. They’ve opened for legends like Jerry Jeff Walker and BB King, alongside an expanding roster of regular club and festival dates. Earlier this year The Train Wrecks released their second album, “Saddle Up.” Building on their unique mix of Americana and rock, “Saddle Up” showcases the band’s solid songwriting and astute musicianship- and some exciting new directions for their signature sound. On the strength of their latest recordings and growing regional presence, The Train Wrecks are poised and ready to significantly raise their profile as songwriters and performers by continuing to write and record great songs and win fans through relentless gigging.

Georgia versus South Carolina Sport Bar Tonight Georgia takes on Clemson but you can join in the fun right now. Visit the Sports Bar, sample some of the best beers from Georgia and South Carolina and catch up on some college ball. You decide who wins this match up.


Coastal Empire Moon River 3 Taverns Burnt Hickory

South Carolina Thomas Creek Westbrook River Dog

b r e we r y





Savannah’s only Resort, on tranquil Hutchinson Island, is a respite from the ordinary. Our Aqua Star Seafood Kitchen offers unrivaled views of the famous Savannah River and award-winning dishes by Executive Chef, Sir Roger Michel. Our golf course offers panaromic views of the Lowcountry and is host to the PGA CHAMPIONS TOUR Legends of Golf. We are home to the world’s largest Heavenly Spa by Westin where signature treatments and unparalleled service elevate your mood & delight your senses. Four Har-Tru tennis courts, beach excursions, the riverside Escape Pool, and wellness-centered activities encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. Personal service, renewing experiences, & elevating ambiance create inspiring atmosphere & long lasting positive memories.


That amazing new brew you just tasted?


We’ve got it.


MIXOLOGY GARDEN Savannah Distributing proudly presents the Savannah Craft Brew Festival's first Beer Mixology Garden. Sample beer concoctions developed by several of the City's best bartenders and see how to take your favorite craft beer to a new level.

1:00pm – 2:20pm

STRONG BLACK & WHITE – Wittekerke + St Bernardus Abt 12 RASPBERRY CIDER – Somersby Cider + St Louis Framboise

2:20pm – 3:40pm

112 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401 Phone:(912) 443-1515

LOOSE RITA – Heavy Seas Loose Cannon + Agave Syrup + Lemon/Lime CIDER MOHEETO – Original Sin Cider + Mint Syrup + Lime

HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon-Sat: 12pm-3am Sunday: Closed Monday: Service Industry Night Half off Select Drafts (9PM to Close) Tuesday: Loyalty Card Night 25% Off All Bottles (Open to Close) Wednesday: WOB University College Students and Faculty get Half Off Select Drafts (9PM to Close) Thursday: Ladies’ Night Ladies get Half Off Select Drafts and Wine (Open to Close) Sunday: Customer Appreciation Cookout One Sunday of Every Month

3:40pm – 5:00pm

BERRY WHITE – Allagash White + Lindeman's Framboise RAZZLE DAZZLE – Redstone Black Raspberry Mead + Redstone Traditional Mead + Finteman's Ginger Beer



World of Sam Adams Mixology garden Import garden 30 31 32 33 34

GA vs. SC Sports Bar

58 59 60


23 22 21 20 19 18 17

24 25 26 27 28 29 16

8 7 6 5 4 3

10 11 12 13 14 15



abita 1

VIP Area


Brewers Reception

Woodchuck cider garden

Chouffe Photo Booths


Beer Garden #3 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

Beer Garden #4

42 41 40 39 38 37 36


Southbound Brewing Cornhole Tournament

50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57

MCM Motors Stage

Hoyo de monterrey cigar lounge

Savannah river Abita Stand Alone

Dogfish Head Beer Garden

1. Abita

Beer Garden #1

2. Moon River 3. Westbrook 4. Mad River 5. Victory 6. River Dog 7. Kentucky Ale/Oskar Blues 8. Red Brick 9. World of Beer 10. Cisco 11. Boulder 12. Coastal Empire 13. Thomas Creek 14. 21st Amendment 15. O’Dempsey

16. Dogfish Head 17. Allagash 18. Anderson Valley 19. Stillwater 20. Bell’s 21. Blue Point 22. Burnt Hickory 23. Sam Adams 24. Heavy Seas 25. Founders Brewing 26. Three Taverns 27. Wyerbacker 28. Highland 29. Left Hand

Due to the unique and sometimes limited brewing process of many craft beers, certain beers may not be available at festival time or may run out during the event. Savannah Craft Brew Fest appreciates your understanding that particular beers may be substituted or unavailable.

Beer Garden #3

Beer Garden #4

Import Garden

Wood Chuck Cider Garden

35. Stay in Savannah 36. Unita 37. Back Forty 38. Bottle Tree 39. Brooklyn 40. Flying Dog 41. Anchor 42. Sprecher 43. Full Sail 44. Clown Shoes/Brash Brewing 45. Eagle Creek 46. New Planet/Wild Heaven 47. Dundee 48. Horny Goat 49. Harpoon 30. D+V 31. Duval Moorgot 32. Duval Moorgot 33. Chimay 34. Unibrou

50. Terrapin 51. Sweetwater 52. Sierra Nevada 53. Rogue 54. New Holland 55. Ficnhe’s 56. Boulevard 57. Mother Earth

58. Woodchuck/Magners 59. Crispin/Angry Orchard 60. Ace Cider/Crown

21st Amendment // San Francisco, CA // Location: 14 o Hell or High Watermelon (Wheat) This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing – summer in a can. o Hop Crisis (Imperial IPA) This Imperial IPA breaks all the rules with more malt, more hops and more aroma. o Brew Free or Die (IPA) This IPA starts big and finishes clean leaving you wanting more. o Bitter American (Session Ale) This extra pale session ale has lower alcohol but all the flavor and hop you expect from a much bigger beer. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Abita // Abita Springs, LA // Location: 1

o Purple Haze (Lager) A crisp, American style wheat beer with raspberry puree added after filtration. Therefore, you may see raspberry pulp in the beer. The raspberries provide the lager with a subtle purple coloration and haze, a fruity aroma and a tartly sweet taste. o Jockamo (IPA) A traditional India Pale Ale made with the best pale and light crystal malts that give the beer a copper color and malty flavor. This full-flavored beer is hopped and dry hopped liberally with Willamette and Columbus hops from the Pacific Northwest. o Restoration (American Pale Ale) Made with Pale, Lager, Crystal and Cara Pils malted barley. It is liberally hopped and dry hopped with American Cascade and fermented with California Ale yeast. The end result is brilliant gold ale with a rich body, mild bitterness and a snappy fresh citrus hop flavor and aroma. o Amber (Vienna Lager) A Munich style lager brewed with crystal malt and Perie hops. It has a smooth, malty, slightly caramel flavor and a rich amber color. Abita Amber was the first beer offered by the brewery and continues to be our leading seller. o Fall Fest Abita Fall Fest (September – November) is an Octoberfest-style lager brewed with pale, Munich and caramel malts. iI is hopped with German Perle and Hallertau hops. The result is a full-bodied, malty lager with a bright amber color. Cheese pairings include Gruyère and Swiss-style cheeses. o Andygator (Helles Doppelbock) A creature of the swamp, is a unique high-gravity brew made with pale, malt, German lager yeast, and German Perle hops. Unlike other high-gravity brews, Andygator is fermented to a dry finish with a slightly sweet flavor and subtle fruit aroma. o Strawator (Dessert Beer) A take on the popular Strawberry Harvest Lager. It is a strong golden lager made with malted barley and wheat. Strong but light in color with a delicate hop flavor. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ace Cider // Sonoma County, CA // Location: 60

o Ace Perry (Cider) Made from apple and pear juices, this cider is 5% alcohol by volume with a lovely pear nose and a smooth mouth feel with a dry finish. It is gluten-free, has 110 calories and pares well with all spicy foods, especially Asian food. o Joker (Dry Cider) Made from 100% apple juice, this cider has champagne characteristics, yeasty with an alcohol of 6.9%. It is popular with both beer and wine drinkers and makes a great base of Jomosas, fresh OJ on Joker over ice or Snakebites, lager and Joker or Black Stalins, stout and Joker. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Allagash // Portland, OR // Location: 17/Mixology

o White (Belgian Style Wheat) Brewed with a generous portion of wheat and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel, this beer is fruity, refreshing and slightly cloudy in appearance. o Tripel (Golden Ale) This strong golden ale is marked by passion fruit and herbal notes in the aroma, with suggestions of banana and honey in the complex palate. It has a remarkably long and smooth finish. o Dubbel This boasts a deep red color and a complex malty taste. The finish is dry with subtle hints of chocolate and nuts. The yeast asserts itself by leading a classic Belgian fruitiness. o Allagash White (Belgian Style Wheat) This is their interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer. Brewed with a generous portion of wheat and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel, this beer is fruity, refreshing and slightly cloudy in appearance. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Anchor Brewing // San Francisco, CA // Location: 41

o California Lager Made with two-row California barley, Cluster hops and their own lager yeast, this all-malt brew is kräusened and laagered in the cellars at Anchor in San balanced depth of flavor and a smooth finish. o Steam Another brew that is processed in their cellars through kräusening. It smells like a sweet malt with some mild floral hops. The taste is a malt treat with undertones of caramel with just enough bitterness from the hops to balance. The finish is crisp with a lingering bitter sweetness. o Liberty (American IPA) This beer is brewed with a natural process called “bunging” which creates gentle carbonation, and the practice of dry hopping creates its unique aroma. With the champagne-like bubbles and distinctive hop bouquet, this is a very good ale – flavorful, balance, pleasant and highly drinkable. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

beer fact: In 11th-century England, a bride would distribute ale to her wedding guests in exchange for donations to the newlyweds. This brew, known as Bride Ale, is the origin of the word ‘bridal.’ beer fact: One of the fastest ways to destroy a beer’s flavor is to expose it to sunlight. In fact, even the light from a fluorescent lamp is highly damaging. Every beer in the James Squire range is encased in brown bottles, the best protection for such a valuable drop.

Anderson Valley // Boonville, CA // Location: 18 o Summer Solstice (Seasonal) A seasonal ale that is slightly sweet, malty session beer with a creamy mouth feel and clean finish. With hints of caramel in the nose and a touch of spice, it’s become affectionately known as “cream soda for adults”. The unique flavors and superior drinkability make for the ultimate refreshment on a hot summer day. o El Steinber (Dark Lager) This pours a really nice clear brown with a deep redness, a thick head with a good bit of nice lacing. Has a slight caramel to it with a hint of malt, which comes through as a solid dark brew. o Wild Turkey Stout (American Stout) Aged for three months in Wild Turkey barrels, this luxurious stout has deeply ebony hue and a beautiful mahogany head. The woody, vanilla-like notes imparted by the barrels mingle with aromas of fresh baked bread, toffee, and espresso and envelope the rich chocolate and roasted barley flavors with a fine bourbon character. o Boont Amber (Red Ale) Balance is what makes Boont Amber Ale so unique: rich, crystal malts give this beer a deep copper hue and contribute a slight caramel sweetness while the herbal, spicy bitterness from carefully selected whole-cone hops impart a crisp, clean finish. Hints of sun toasted grain, toffee, and fruit esters compliment the mellow, noble hop aroma. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Angry Orchard // Cincinnati, OH // Location: 59 o Crisp Apple A Crisp and Refreshing Cider, its fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor make it hard to resist. o Apple Ginger Apple Ginger cider is unlike any cider you’ve had before. The fresh ginger and apple flavors blend together for a sweet, yet slightly tart taste with a distinct ginger aroma. The result is a smooth, refreshing cider that goes down easy. o Traditional Dry This traditional English-style cider is bittersweet and slightly spicy with a bright apple aroma and a dryness that makes you pucker. o Cinnful A tasty cider perfect for fall, Angry Orchard’s Cinnful Apple is bursting with fresh, crisp apple flavors and a generous dose of cinnamon. The festive flavors blend together on the palate to create a cider that’s as delicious as apple pie. Enjoy! o Strawman Strawman combines a distinct blend of juices from traditional culinary and bittersweet apples, which is then aged in oak. The result is a full-flavored, complex and balanced cider with wine-like characteristics, rounded out by apple and citrus notes. Its lingering, earthy finish is a homage to the origins of this unique cider. o Iceman Iceman uses the process of freezing the juice from culinary and bittersweet apples to produce a rich, complex and unique cider with a crisp apple taste and notes of caramel and toffee. This cider is sweet but not cloying. The addition of oak-aging yields a smooth and pleasing vanilla character. The result is a perfectly balanced, full-flavored cider that delights the palate with clean apple notes and a lingering toffee finish. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tweet #bestbeer to @SAVCraftBrew to tell us your favorite beer beer fact: In the United States, a barrel contains 31 gallons of beer.

Back Forty // Gadsden, AL // Location: 37

Brash Brewing // Ipswich, MA // Location: 44

o Naked Pig (Pale Ale) A delightfully crisp, hand crafted ale. The German malts provide a perfect balance to the five hop additions that go into every batch. This American pale ale is tasty enough for any craft beer newcomer, while the complex character is sure to please even the most discerning craft connoisseur. o Freckle Belly (IPA) This full-bodied India Pale Ale is loaded with fresh hops for a powerful blend of citrus, pine and fruit aromas. The firm malt backbone works well with the bold hop finish that everyone expects from an IPA.

o Texas Exile (American Porter) There is a rustic comfort about this beer that is undeniable. This Exile beer is brewed with coldpressed coffee and has a flavor of chocolate, roasted barley, soft smoke and oatmeal – in addition to the espresso-like flavor of coffee. o The Bollocks (IPA) Big citrusy aromatics, solid bitter backbone, and candy-like finish.

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Brooklyn Brewing // Brooklyn, NY // Location 39

Bells Brewery // Kalamazoo, MI // Location: 20

o Oberon (Wheat) A wheat ale fermented with Bell’s signature house ale yeast, mixing a spicy hop character with mildly fruity aromas. The addition of wheat malt lends a smooth mouthfeel, making it a classic summer beer. o Amber This balances a mixture of toasted grain and light caramel notes with a range of floral, citrus and herbal hop notes, capped by a clean bitterness. o Two Hearted (Pale Ale) Its intense hop aroma and malt balance defines this ale. Hopped exclusively with the Centennial hop varietal from the Pacific Northwest, massive additions in the kettle and again in the fermenter lend their characteristic grapefruit and pine resin aromas. A significant malt body balances this hop presence; together with the signature fruity aromas of Bell’s house yeast, this leads to a remarkably, drinkable American-style India Pale Ale. o Midwestern Pale Brewed with barley from their farm in central Michigan, this Pale Ale stands apart from the model of completely hop-dominated pale ales, offering a noticeable degree of malt body to counter the hop bitterness. A blend of floral and herbal hop provides the aromatic and flavor highlights, alongside the distinctive contribution of our house ale yeast. A crisp bitterness finishes the experience without being harsh. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Blue Point Brewing // Long Island, NY 21

o Hoptical Illusion (IPA) This IPA is brewed with a generous amount of a selected hop that’s added five different ways for maximum hop flavor. This delicious, resiny, citrus-burst that you taste is the “Essence of the Hop” which is balanced by a malty backbone yielding an intense, golden ale. o Blueberry Ale (Fruit Beer) This fruity golden ale offers an unusual twist on brewing that turns out to be a wonderful blend of fresh blueberries matched with a distinctive, thirst quenching ale. They add 732 pounds of fresh, plump and juicy, handpicked, USA Northern Highbush Blueberries to every batch. o Summer Ale (Seasonal Ale) The delicious golden taste of this beer comes from a substantial portion of wheat malt added to a traditional barley malt mix which gives this delicious brew a unique tartness not found in many beers today. This light, thirst-quenching brew is best enjoyed on hot summer days. o Toasted Lager Copper in color, this popular and unique brew is made from six different malts, including English Pal, Crystal, Munich, Carapils, Wheat and Belgian Caravienna. It’s balanced flavor of malt and hops makes for easy drinking and the special lager yeast they use produces an exceptional, long-lasting smooth finish. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

BottleTree Beer // NC // Location: 38

o Red (American Amber) A really gorgeous amber. A super dark copper brown with giant, deep ruby reds throughout. It has a very nice malt presence with a big sense of chewy grains and a little bit of brown-spiced character. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Boulder Beer // Boulder, CO // Location: 11

o Hazed and Infused (Dry-Hopped Ale) This unfiltered amber is “Hazed” in its natural state and “infused” during dryhopping with Crystal and Centennial hops, creating a flavorful, aromatic brew unlike any before it. Tapping into the creative spirit that launched Colorado’s First Microbrewery, the brewers at Boulder Beer Company have blended together four different hop varieties to give Hazed a unique aroma, with just enough yeast for a full mouth feel and a smooth, easy finish. o Mojo (IPA) Pale in color but packed with flavor, Joho reflects the perfect balance of hop bitterness and malt character. The unique Amarillo hop creates a big citrus flavor with an ultra-crisp dry finish. o Hoopla (Pale Ale) This ale is dry-hopped with generous amounts of Glacier hops for a fruity, floralhop aroma and flavor that will have your taste buds dancing. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Boulevard // Kansas City, MO // Location: 56

o 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat With roots in two of today’s most popular brewing styles, 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer is the result of careful cultivation by our brewers and cellarmen. Their efforts to craft a hybrid yielded a bumper crop of flavor; a delightfully distinctive ale with the aroma of an IPA and the refreshing taste of a wheat beer. o Singlewide IPA (American IPA) This American India Pale Ale boasts a heady combination of six varieties of hops, some of which were employed for dry hopping. o Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale Beginning with a big surge of fruity aromatics and grapefruit-hoppy notes, the flavor of this complex, straw-colored ale tapers off to a peppery, dry finish. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

o Brooklyn Lager This lager is amber-gold in color and displays a firm malt center supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. Carmel malts show in the finish. “Dry-hopping” enhances the aromatic qualities of the beer, which is the centuries-old practice of steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation. o Oktoberfest (Seasonal) Brewed from the finest German malt and hops, this beer is true to the original style, full-bodied and malty, with a bready aroma and light, brisk hop bitterness. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Burnt Hickory Brewery // Kennesaw, GA // Location: 22/Sports Bar

o Big Shanty (Stout) Made with real graham cracker crumbs and honey, it’s sweetness is only challenge by it’s strong roast and hop bitterness. A world class stout with an extreme amount of local flavor. o Cannon Dragger (IPA) A piney/citrusy/danky IPA, Cannon Dragger is aggressively dosed with “C” hops all through its journey from the grain to the glass. o Ezekiel’s Wheel (Pale Ale) Grainy malty yet wonderfully hoppy ale. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chimay // Baileux, Belgium // Location: 33

o Red Cap (Dubbel) This Trappist beer possesses a beautiful coppery color that makes it particularly attractive. Topped with a creamy head, it gives off a slight fruity apricot smell from the fermentation. The aroma felt in the mouth is a balance confirming the fruit nuances revealed to the sense of smell. o Blue Cap (Belgian Strong Dark Ale) This is a dark Trappist beer with a powerful aroma, the complex flavor of which improves across the years. It was first brewed as a Christmas beer, explaining the presence of a “vintage”. o This authentic Belgian beer, whose tinge of fresh yeast is associated with a light rosy flowery touch, is particularly pleasant. Its aroma, perceived as one enjoys it, only accents the delightful sensations revealed by the odor, all revealing a light but agreeable caramelized note. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cisco Brewers // Nantucket, MA // Location: 10/VIP

o Whale’s Tale (Pale Ale) Slightly sweet and caramel malty upfront with a nice fruitiness. Leads into a medium bitterness and fair amount of citrusy hop flavors. Finishes a bit sweet and malty. o Indie Pale Ale (American IPA) Pours dark amber with a tan frothy head. Some citrus and fruity notes with a predominate taste of grapefruit and orange. o Pumple Drumkin (Spiced Ale) Sweet pumpkin pie aroma with zesty autumnal spices and vanilla. o Bike Path Blueberry Bleer (Fruit Beer) So new it’s not listed on their website yet. It pours a faded plum color with a fast-rising, pink-hued head on top. Tiny effervescent bubbles race upward, creating a spritzy, sparkling wine-type action. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Coastal Empire Beer Company // Savannah, GA // Location: 12/Sports Bar

o Savannah Brown (American Brown Ale) An American brown ale crafted with a rich malt flavor, balanced by a crisp hop finish. It has aromas of roasted nuts, chocolate and citrus. The flavors start with a blend of chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts and followed with a balance of resinous and citrusy hops. o Tybee Island Blonde (Pale Ale) This pale ale pours a clear amber color. It has big citrus aroma with a hint of herbal and spice notes. This is follow up with a big citrus hop flavor with undertones of earthy and spicy hops. The malt balances well with a slight caramel taste that is not present enough to detract from the bitterness. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Clown Shoes Beer // Ipswich, MA // Location: VIP/44

o *Chocolate Sombrero Roasted dark malts, extra chocolate malts, ancho chiles, cinnamon and vanilla extract is the recipe for this Chocolate Sombrero! o Blaecorn Unidragon (Russian Imperial Stout) Brewed with a monstrous amount of malt and combined with aggressive American hops, this beer is powerful and complex and designed to age. mokiness is subtle but present and blends nicely with the rich, dark flavors. o Clementine Witbier (Belgian-style White Ale) Light-bodied and crisp – hazy in appearance and healthily carbonated, it utilizes Chambly yeast to energetically shape its wheat malt base. Incorporated in the brewing process is Clementine, sweet orange peel, a hint of Coriander and Summit hops. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

beer fact: The United States two-dollar bill features three brewers: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams. In fact, George Washington installed a brewhouse on his grounds at Mount Vernon.

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Crispin Cider // Colfax, CA // Location: 59 o Honey Crisp (Hard Cider) Naturally fermented using a premium apple juice blend, not from apple juice concentrate, with no added malt, spirit or graph alcohol. Honey Crisp is smoothed with pure organic honey, with no added sugar, colorants or sorbate or benzoate preservatives. Honey Crisp’s apple juice is a fresh pressed blend of 3 to 5 different apples. o The Saint (Uniquely Debonair & Elegant Cider) Naturally fermented using a premium blend of fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate and fermented with Belgian Trappist beer yeasts, The Saint boasts a sweet floral bouquet that develops a yeasty, herbal complexity. o Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from pear juice concentrate or flavored hard apple cider. Naturally elegant, refreshingly adult with an authentic blackberry dark-fruit taste and a sweet-sharp fresh tang. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Crown Imports // Chicago, IL // Location: 60/Mixology o Somersby (Cider) Gluten free and made from real apple juice and natural flavoring for a unique and refreshing apple cider taste that true connoisseurs will love. It is best served ice-cold or poured over ice. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

D & V International // Juniper, FL // Location: 30/Mixology o Caracole Saxo (Belgian Strong Pale Ale) A very complex artisanal Wallonian blond ale with an unusual hoppiness, bitterness and a touch of spice. Bizzare grainy punch of taste preceding hops and waves of flavors whizzing over the tongue. o Duchesse de Bourgogne (Flanders Red Ale) This is a traditional Flemish red ale. This refreshing ale is matured in oak casks; smooth with a rich texture and interplay of passion fruit, and chocolate, and a long, dry and acidic finish. After the first and secondary fermentation, the beer goes for maturation into the oak barrels for 18 months. The final product is a blend of younger 8 months old beer with 18 months old beer. The average age of the Duchesse de Bourgogne before being bottled is 12 months. o St. Bernardus ABT 12 (Belgian Abbey Brown Ale) A traditional, abbey ale brewed in the classic style of Belgium’s Trappist Monks. It is almost ebony in color, smooth, creamy and full bodied with big richness of texture that is almost oily and very assertive, like a warming coconut brandy. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dogfish Head // Milton, DE // Location: 16/VIP

o Punkin Ale (Seasonal) A full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar. It is brewed with pumpkin meat, brown sugar and spices. As the season cools, this is the perfect beer to warm up with. o My Antonia (Pilsner) A continually hopped imperial pilsner. This lager for ale lovers is citrusy, sweet and refined. o Burton Baton A combination of an English-style old ale and an imperial IPA. After fermenting the beers separately in stainless tanks, they are transferred and blended together in a large oak tank. It then sits on the wood for about a month. o Birra Etrusca Bronze (Ancient Ale) The backbone of this beer comes from two-row malted barley and an heirloom Italian wheat. Specialty ingredients include hazelnut flour, pomegranates, Italian chestnut honey, Delaware wildflower honey and cover honey. A handful of whole-flower hops are added, but the bulk of the bitterness comes from gentian root and the sarsaparilla-like Ethiopian myrrh resin. o *Black and Blue (Golden Ale) A Belgian-style golden ale fermented with black raspberries and blueberries. The pureed berries are added as the beer leaves the brew house. In fermentation, the yeast feeds on sugars from the barley and the berries, giving Black & Blue a unique complexity. Produced in 2010. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

JW DUNDEE // Rochester, NY // Location: 47

o Dundee IPA Pale and Caramel malts give this beer a delicious flavor profile while a perfect mixture of four hops create a distinctive, spicy aroma and long hoppy finish. o Honey Brown (Lager) A delicious golden amber color, this lager has been brewed with premium barley, hops and pure Manitoba White Clover Honey to produce a great medium-bodied lager. o Oktoberfest (Märzen Style Lager) A traditional fragrant and full-bodied lager. A unique combination of specialty malts, including Vienna, Munich and Chocolate, produces this amber-colored brew with a rich, sweet, malty finish that makes a perfect transition from light summer beers to hearty winter brews. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Duvel Moortgat // Breendonk Belgium // 31

o La Chouffe (Spiced Golden Ale) Brewed with spices and bottle-conditioned, La Chouffe pours orange-yellow with a lush head. Fruit, hops and citrus aromas and tastes abound, with a spicy finish. o Houblon Chouffe (Dobbelen IPA Tripel) Crafted with the combination of the overwhelming aromas such as Tomahawk, Amarillo and Saaz, this beer has the sweet taste of peaches, citrus and banana along with yeast, spice, pine and even grass. o McChouffe (Brown Ale) A strong brown ale. A dark, earthy-hued and spicy strong sale. This is a full-bodied beer with hints of fruit, spice, plums and raisins. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

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NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY. PURCHASE OR PAYMENT WILL NOT INCREASE CHANCES OF WINNING. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and DC age 21+ (excluding MA, MI, RI, VA and WA). (1) prize per week: box of Hoyo De Monterrey Rothschild Cigars, ARV $160. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received per week. Ends at 5 PM ET on 9/30/13. Subject to Official Rules at Void in MA, MI, RI, VA, WA, and where prohibited.


SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Cigar Smoking Can Cause Cancers Of The Mouth And Throat, Even If You Do Not Inhale.

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: OmmegangB // Cooperstown,Cigar NY Smoking Can Cause Lung Location:Cancer Photo And Heart Disease. o Estrella (Lager) Taste is sweet and light, smooth and a bit spicy at the finish with the bit of hops. Aftertaste is of lingering malts. o Hennepin (Farmhouse Ale) Old world feel from the new world with a light hop, white pepper, earthiness, white flowers and celery seed. Light bitterness allows the palate to keep the deep earthy tones and still feel clean on the finish. SURGEON GENERAL o Ommegant Witte (Witbier) A traditional Belgian-style wheat ale with whispers of WARNING: sweet orange and a touch of tart lemon. Spicy and refreshing. Tobacco Use Increases The Risk Ofstyle beer. C o Abbey Ale (Dubbel) This is complex, super-tasty and an excellent American interpretation of Belgian

Infertility, Stillbirth, And Low Birth Weight.

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Eagle Creek Brewing Co.// Statesboro, GA // Location: 45 WARNING: SURGEON GENERAL o Low Country Pale Ale We’re tired of wimpy pale ales. Our pale Not ale is epicAandSafe ready to Alternative take flight. Three varieties of American hops Cigars Are provide this brew withDtons of citrus and pine flavors. Its moderate bitterness is complimented by subtle sweetness from Vienna and Pale barley. To Cigarettes.

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Finches Beer Co. // Chicago, Il //SURGEON Location: GENERAL 55 WARNING: Tobacco o Cutthroat Pale Ale A refreshing experience from the pop of the top. Its fresh and hoppy with justCancer enough supporting malt Smoke Increases The Risk Oftaste Lung E makes it easy to kick back more than justAnd once. Heart Disease, Even In Nonsmokers.

o Theadless IPA Gold Medal Winner at this year’s World expo of Beer! A true balance of hoppiness and true bitterness o Facist Pig A deep red, malt-forward ale brewed with plenty of caramel malts and a touch of rye for a hint of spice. A strong American blend that leans toward Amarillo, Simcoe and Cascasde varieties. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Finteman’s // U.K. // Mixology

o Traditional Ginger Beer A real ginger beer made using the finest Chinese ginger root. Fiery and full of flavor. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tweet #bestbeer to @SAVCraftBrew to tell us your favorite beer beer fact: One of the fastest ways to destroy a beer’s flavor is to expose it to sunlight. In fact, even the light from a fluorescent lamp is highly damaging. Every beer in the James Squire range is encased in brown bottles, the best protection for such a valuable drop.

beer fact: Samuel Adams Triple Bock is the strongest beer in the world with 17% alcohol by volume. The strength is achieved by using champagne yeast.

Harpoon // Boston, MA Location: 49 o UFO White Light, crisp, refreshing UFO White follows in the tradition of spiced wheat beers that have been brewed in Belgium for well over 300 years. Brewed with orange peel and a unique blend of spices, UFO White is the perfect choice for a summer’s barbecue, a night out with friends or any time you¹re thirsting for something a little different. o Cider This cider is crafted from only one ingredient: freshly pressed apples. They ferment it with their house yeast, yielding a clean but refreshing all natural cider. o UFO Pumpkin (Ale) Imagine a pumpkin vine wound its way in a field of barley, and a brewer harvested it all to make a beer. Add Northwestern hops and a blend of spices, and you’ve got UFO Pumpkin. The malt combination provides a smooth body and slightly sweet flavor, which balances perfectly with the earthy notes derived from the pure pumpkin. o IPA Dry-hopped with Cascade hops, it has a floral hop aroma and a finish that is bitter without being harsh or astringent. Combined with a malty sweetness and the fruity esters of their proprietary yeast, those hops create a beer that is wonderfully hoppy but clean and refreshing. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Heavy Seas Beer // Halethorpe, MD // Location: 24/Mixology

o Loose CANon (IPA) This beer’s nose bursts with notes of grapefruit, herbs and pine. A floral quality that pervades the taste. The color is burnished gold, and the mouth-feel is creamy. o Red Sky at Night (Seasonal) Fruity and bright, the straw-colored saison has a dry, somewhat tart finish from Strisselspalt hops. Notes of banana, apricot, clove and allspice make this a slightly honeyed, herbaceous beer. o Gold (Ale) This easy-drinking session beer pours a deep golden color. It smells slightly floral and herbal, thanks to a hopback full of Cascade and Centennial hops. o Davy Jones (Seasonal Lager) This lager is fermented using lager yeast at “ale” temperatures, then slowly lowered down to “lager” taking the yeast from the top down to the Davy Jones’ Locker. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Highland Brewing Company // Asheville, NC Location: 28

o Gaelic (Deep Amber Ale) A deep Amber-colored American ale, featuring a rich malty body. This ale is exceptionally balanced between malty sweetness and delicate hop bitterness. o Oatmeal Porter A unique Highland creation, this robust beer is black in color, very malty with hints of chocolate-roasted flavor and a well-balanced hop character. o Kashmir IPA A full-bodied IPA, this beer is golden in color with a moderate malty character will full hop flavor true to the classic ale that has traveled on sailing ships from England to India. Bold and brazen. o Clawhammer (Lager) Clawhammer Oktoberfest is a lightly colored, but toasty, rich and full bodied Marzen style lager, brewed with traditional German malt and the finest noble hops. A spicy finish and aroma balance out the abundance of malt flavor.

Flying Dog Brewing // Fredrick, MD // Location: 40 o Snake Dog (IPA) Big citrus (notably grapefruit) hop aroma and flavor with caramel malt notes. o Under Dog Underdog is light and refreshing with crisp hop character and pairs best with foods like simple salads, Provolone and Monterey Jack cheeses, seafood, and light proteins. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Founders Brewing Co. // Grand Rapids, MI Location: 25/VIP

o All Day IPA An all-day IPA naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains and hops. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish. o Centennial IPA Get ready to bask in the glory of the frothy head’s floral bouquet. Relish the citrus accents from the abundance of dry hopping. This one’s sweet, yet balanced. Malty undertones shake hands with the top character for a finish that never turns too bitter. o Double Trouble (Imperial IPA) This beer was brewed to turn your world upside down. Hops will get you coming and going. Pungent aromatics up front pair with a malt-balanced backbone and a smooth, bitter finish. o Pale Ale (Dry Hopped) A testament to Cascade hops in a bottle, this medium-bodied pale ale has a refreshing citrus flavor and a distinctive floral hop aroma due to the aggressive addition of hops during fermentation. You’ll notice a slight malty sweetness with a balanced hop finish. o *Rubaeus (Summer Wheat) Optimizing the flavor of fresh raspberries added at multiple stages during fermentation, this stunning berry red masterpiece is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Full Sail // Hood River, OR Location: 43

o IPA Generously hopped to 60 IBU’s in the classic style, this IPA is a real thirst quencher. It has a full, malty body and even a hint of fresh citrus. o Amber AleThis beer is a-sweet, malty, medium-bodied ale with a spicy, floral hop finished. It’s brewed with 2-row Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts. o Red (Seasonal Lager) When they decided to brew a special Session for the holidays, they colored it red (and full-bodied), with a bright white head. As for the label – it’s green. Brewed with a 2-Row Pale malt, Munich malt, Caramel malt and Wheat malt and hopped with a blend of Glaciers and Cascades. o *Session Black (Dark Lager) With just a hint of roasty chocolate character, Session Black is short, dark and total drinkable. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Global // Middleton, MA // Location: Mixology

o Wittekerke Framboise This uses Wittekerke Wit as its base and brewer adds fresh raspberries and all natural sweeteners to the liquid to produce this refreshing brew. The beer has a nice pink tint and is perfect for a hot summer day. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Horny Goat Brewing Company // Milwaukee, WI Location: 48

o Hoppy Up ‘N Horny (American Pale Ale) A Traditional Pale Ale brewed with malted Two-Row American malted barley and an inclusion of roasted caramel. Hopped Up ’n Horny is craft brewed using generous amounts of American Cascade Hops; both in a brew kettle and a dry hop in an aging tank. If this great ale doesn’t hop you up, nothing will get your juices flowing. o Exposed (Saison) Craft brewed with white wheat, Exposed is a Belgian-style Saison beer that incorporates malted barley and is spiced with the finest imported aroma hops. This style is noted for its refreshing light flavor and easy drinkability. o Blonde (Lager) Lagers are an American tradition, and so are blondes. You’ll find this pale lager both bright and crisp up front, and perfectly balanced by a hint of German hops on the end. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ipswich Ale Brewery // Ipswich, MA // Location: VIP

o *Ipswich Ale (Pale Ale) Named one of the World’s Ten Best Beers by Wine Spectator Magazine, Ipswich Ale has satisfied discerning craft beer drinkers since 1991. It is a medium-bodied, unfiltered English style pale ale with subtle hoppiness and a smooth malty favor. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kentucky Ale // Lexington, KY // Location: 7

o Bourbon Barrel Ale Subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla and oak are imparted to this special ale as it rests in the charred barrels. Pleasantly smooth and robust, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale may also be served as an aperitif or after dinner drink. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Left Hand Brewing Company // Longmont, CO Location: 29

o Milk Stout Strong roasted malt and coffee flavors build the foundation of this classic cream stout. The addition of milk sugar mellows the intense roastiness and gives this beer the most incredible creamy mouth feel. o Polestar Pilsner Light, crisp and elegant, pilsner is the true test of brewing prowess. o 400 Pound Monkey IPA They use hops of a different color, earthy and herbal, well balanced by bready malt. The result? An English-style IPA that separates itself from the ubiquitous bunch. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area. * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area. Tweet #bestbeer to @SAVCraftBrew to tell us your favorite beer

Mad River Brewing Company // Blue Lake, CA // Location: 4

New Planet // Boulder, CO Location: 46

o Jamaica Red Ale (IPA) This is a unique malty red bitter ale. This mahogany hued ale brings an intense spectrum of hop flavors from the spicy aromatic to lingering bitter, all underscored by a full-bodied caramel richness. o Steelhead Double IPA Maltier, hoppier and more robust in flavor than regular IPA’s, Double IPA is dry hopped with Amarillo hops for a fresh citrus flavor and aroma. o Double Dread IPA (Seasonal) Pours a true ruby red of unexpected crystalline clarity. The Double Dread exhibits their devotion to a firm malt foundation. o Humboldt Haze (Imperial Wheat IPA) From the heart of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt Haze Imperial Wheat IPA is a flavor packed hop odyssey with the rowdy character of the west coast style.

o Raspberry Ale Formerly known as 3R Raspberry Ale, this delightfully drinkable ale offers a crisp, yet complex, balance of subtle fruit flavor and aroma, with a zesty, citrusy finish. Brewed with natural raspberry puree and orange peel. o Pale Ale (Gluten Free) Formerly Off Grid Pale Ale – is reminiscent of a classic American Pale Ale, offering bold hop character and rich caramel and grapefruit notes with a clean yet distinctly hoppy finish. o Amber Ale A truly drinkable amber ale with a balanced malt profile, lightly toasted caramel notes and subtle citrus hints on the finish.

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Magners Irish Cider // Clonmel, Ireland www. // Location: 58

o Original (Hard Cider) Unlike some other ciders, Magners® is made using fresh apples. Each one of our 17 carefully selected varieties are grown in our beautiful Irish orchards and local farms. We use only natural products. o Pear (Hard Cider) You will only find 100% premium quality pears in Magner’s Pear, which we filter to get rid of any impurities before fermenting slowly. That’s what makes this cider so fresh, fruity, and full of flavor. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Merchant Du Vin // Tukwila, WA // Location: Mixology

o Lindeman’s Franboise (Raspberry Lambic) Long before hops were common in most beers, various fruits and vegetables were used to season beers. The acidity of Lambic beers blends perfectly with raspberries. Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity; elegant, sparkling clean natural taste. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

O’Dempsey’s Brewery // Atlanta, GA 15

o Cold One (Pale Ale) Its everything you look for in a pale ale and then balanced to perfection. o Inukshuk (IPA) This IPA combines a bitter hop bite and light citrus nose with just enough of a malt backbone to support it’s 7% ABV all together achieving a balancing act for your senses. o Your Black Heart (Russian Imperial Stout) With 90 IBU’s and 8% ABV you might expect something else but with an Original Gravity of 1,092, balance is restored. Enjoy! notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Original Sin Corp. // New York, NY // Location: Mixology

o Hard Cider Original Sin contains no artificial flavors or colors allowing the natural qualities of the apples to speak for itself. Pale and light, complex and elegant. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Moon River Brewing Company // Savannah, GA // 2/Sports Bar/VIP

o Apparition Ale (English Pale Ale) This English pale ale features ingredients imported from the U.K. This beer is driven by malt flavors of caramel and toast with a fruity English ale yeast character. o Swamp Fox (IPA) Like its namesake, this ale is known for the sneak attack. Hopheads will enjoy its assertive bitterness and huge floral & citrus, dry hop aroma. o Wild Wacky Wit (Old-style Belgian Wheat Ale) This Old-style Belgian wheat ale is spiced with Curacao bitter orange peel and coriander. Light and exotic … a party in your mouth. o Slow-vannah (American Pale Ale) Slow-vannah is an American pale-ale with a medium to full body and pallet, an apparent caramel malt flavor, a low to moderate hop bitterness, though a pronounced fruity, juicy American hop aroma/flavor. We “dry-hopped” the Slowvannah to achieve that cask-conditioned hop profile so adored by fans of our Swamp Fox India pale ale, a stronger cousin of American pale ales.

beer fact: A study released in February 2010 in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture revealed that a couple of beers can provide a healthy daily level of silicon, which is important for bone health. Beers high in malted barley and hops had the most silicon, with Pale Ales topping the list. Wheat beers and lagers are less silicon-rich.

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Moonlight Meadery // Londonderry, NH // VIP

o *Wild (Fruit Mead) Pleasurable indulgence unprocessed wildflower honey and wild mountain blue berries from Alton Bay NH. o *Desire (Sweet) Enticing, complex blend of blueberries, black cherries and black currants balanced with basic elements of mead; honey, water and yeast. This mead won first place out of 353 entries at the New England Regional Homebrew Competition. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mother Earth Brewing Company // Kinston, NC // Location: 57

o Dark Cloud (Lager) Steeped in a long history dating back hundreds of years, this “old-fashioned” beer is again in vogue. Lager is the German word meaning, “to store,” so this beer ages three times longer than ales do. “Dunkel” means dark in German, but don’t let the color fool you, it is by no means heavy, overbearing or bitter. o Sunny Haze (Ale) “Hefe” means “with yeast” so expect to find our hefeweizen cloudy in appearance due to its unfiltered status. Fruity hints and slight spiciness of this hefeweizen will mingle in your mouth, creating a crispness that’s as energizing as the sun itself. Banana and clove-like aromas add interest and depth to an already impressively well-balanced brew. o Second Wind Pale Ale Uncomplicated and down-to-earth, the mild hop bitterness and gentle floral and citrus like character of this beer result in an invigorating experience that flawlessly celebrates the close of an idyllic day. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

New Holland Brewing Company // Holland, MI Location: 54

o Dragon’s Milk (American Strong Ale) Dragon’s Milk is a 17th century term used to describe the strong beer usually reserved for royalty. This strong ale was aged on oak for 90 days. The aging process extracts flavors from the wood, which contribute to its complex character. Hints of bourbon flavor perfectly compliment its roasted malts to produce a beer fit for a King. o Mad Hatter Ale (India Pale Ale) This Ale is insanely dry hopped with Centennial Hops. This pale copper colored ale has a flowery hop aroma and a bold hop bitterness. Hop Heads Only Please! o Ichabod Pumpkin (Seasonal) Ichabod combines malted barley and real pumpkin with cinnamon and nutmeg in a delicious and inviting brew. After dinner, try it with your favorite dessert. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

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* Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

21 W. Bay St., Savannah, GA 31401 • 912.447.0943 Sunday through Thursday: 11 a.m.–11 p.m. Friday and Saturday: 11 a.m. – midnight Happy hour specials (4-7 p.m. every day) Moon River beers, $4.00 (20-oz. pint) • House wines, $3.00

River Dog Brewing // Ridgeland, SC // Location: 6/Sports Bar o Pale Ale Like the river waters meeting the salty ocean tides, this unique blend of American malts and citrus hops join forces to create a flavor profile that’s as good as it gets. Quad-Hopped (El Dorado, Galena, Summit and Cascade) to the rim. o IPA This big brother to their American Pale Ale is loaded with flavors and aromas of tropical fruits, citrus peel and candied watermelon. Deceptively light for an IPA, it delivers a striking balance of bitterness with a smooth malt body. o Coastal Wit (American Style Belgian White Ale) Inspired by the coastal lifestyle of the Low country, this contemporary American Wit has a generous infusion of orange peel, coriander, chamomile and rose petal. o Chocolate Porter Rye notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ace Cider // Sonoma County, CA // Location: 60

o Ace Perry (Cider) Made from apple and pear juices, this cider is 5% alcohol by volume with a lovely pear nose and a smooth mouth feel with a dry finish. It is gluten-free, has 110 calories and pares well with all spicy foods, especially Asian food. o Joker (Dry Cider) Made from 100% apple juice, this cider has champagne characteristics, yeasty with an alcohol of 6.9%. It is popular with both beer and wine drinkers and makes a great base of Jomosas, fresh OJ on Joker over ice or Snakebites, lager and Joker or Black Stalins, stout and Joker. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Rogue Ales // Newport, OR Location: 53

o Hazelnut Brown Nectar A nutty twist to a traditional European Brown. Dark brown in color with a hazelnut aroma, a rich nutty flavor and a smooth malty finish. o Chocolate Stout Ebony in color with a rich creamy head. The mellow flavor of oats, chocolate malts, and real chocolate are balanced perfectly with the right amount of hops a bittersweet finish. o XS Dead Guy (Strong Ale) Deep amber copper color. Buttery peanut brittle, orange blossom tea aromas follow through to a rich chewy and fruity full body with nice notes of caramel drizzled dried apricot and roasted grains and spice. Finishes with a long, tangy grilled grapefruit and chocolate fade. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Samuel Adams // Boston, MA // Location: 23

Oskar Blues Brewery // Longmont, CO // Location: 7 o Dale’s Pale Ale (American Pale Ale) Brewed with hefty amounts of European malts and four kinds of American hops, it delivers a blast of hop aromas, a rich middle of malt and hops, and a thrilling finish. It weighs in at 6.5 % alcohol by volume. Why squeeze such a big brew into a little can? Because we think fun in the great outdoors calls for great beer. Our cans go where bottled beers can’t, where flavorless canned beers don’t belong. And no matter where you drink Dale’s Pale Ale, our can protect it from light and oxidation far better than bottles do. o Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Czech Pilsener) Our first lager produced with the 20 bbl brewhouse. This pilsner is a clear golden color. Four additions of Saaz hops lend a spicy-floral hop component. o G’Knight (Imperial IPA) Our “Velvet M-80” is a hefty, dry hopped double-red ale with a nose full of aroma, a sticky mouthfeel, a malty middle and unctuous hop flavors. G’Knight sports a surprisingly sensuous finish for a beer of its size (8.7% ABV, 60 IBUs). It’s brewed in tribute to a fellow Colorado craft beer pioneer and Vietnam vet who died fighting a 2002 wild fire outside of our Lyons hometown. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Red Brick Brewing // Atlanta, GA Location: 8

o Hoplanta (American IPA) An easy drinking American style IPA that is hoppy without being overly bitter. Citrus, with hints of pine and malt sweetness, dominates the aroma. o Laughing Skull This newly reincarnated version of Laughing Skull is a full flavored amber ale with a crisp, clean finish that’s sure to clear out the cobwebs. o Brick Mason (Series #7 “New for the Savannah Beer Festival”) An Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels. This will be the strongest beer in brewery’s history. Sweet caramel malts balance rich chocolate and roasted flavors. Bourbon barrels provide big bourbon notes supported by flavors of oak and vanilla. notes:_______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Redstone Meadery // Boulder, CO // Location: Mixology

o Black Raspberry Nectar Black Raspberry Nectar mixed in a mead. Yummy! o Traditional Honey Wine Mostly orange blossom honey, this mead is medium in sweetness, slightly acidic and warming. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

beer fact: While beer has been made from many different grains through the ages, barley has proven to be the world’s most valued brewing ingredient. In fact, the word beer itself probably comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word baere, meaning barley.

o Boston Lager Samuel Adams Boston Lager® is the best example of the fundamental characteristics of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex. It is brewed using a decoction mash, a time consuming, traditional four vessel brewing process discarded by many contemporary brewers. This process brings forth a rich sweetness from the malt that makes it well worth the effort. Samuel Adams Boston Lager® also uses only the finest of ingredients including two row barley, as well as German Noble aroma hops. The exclusive use of two row barley not only imparts a full, smooth body but also gives the beer a wide spectrum of malt flavor ranging from slightly sweet to caramel to slightly roasted o Boston Ale When we opened our Boston Brewery in 1988, we created a special brew, Boston Ale, to mark the occasion. A “stock” ale with a distinctly American character, we use earthy English hops along with the sweetness of caramel malts, and ferment it as an ale and aged at cool temperatures. o Octoberfest In 1810, Munich celebrated the wedding of their Crown Prince with a special beer.  After 16 days the party ended, but the tradition continues. Our version of the classic Oktoberfest lager blends 5 roasted malts for a rich, hearty flavor while Bavarian Noble hops add a touch of bitterness. o Latitude 48 Samuel Adams® Latitude 48 IPA is a unique IPA brewed with a select blend of hops from top German, English, and American growing regions all located close to the 48th latitude within the “hop belt” of the Northern Hemisphere. The combination of hops in this beer creates a distinctive but not overpowering hop character. The beer is dry hopped with Ahtanum, Simcoe®*, and East Kent Goldings hops for a powerful citrus and earthy aroma. The hop character is balanced by a slight sweetness and full body from the malt blend. o Black Lager Careful, there’s a bit of mystery in this one - a dark, rich, and roasty beer that’s somehow smoother and less bitter than a stout. It was first brewed in the medieval forests of Germany.  Deep and full-bodied yet fresh and crisp. You won’t taste another dark beer like this one. o Tetravis Its deep complexity begins with a molasses sweetness with notes of dark fruits like raisin and fig and develop further with an undercurrent of tart spice from its distinctive Belgian yeast for a truly transfixing brew. o Sam Light Maybe every once in a while you have to drink your words. We swore we’d never make a light beer, but then we decided beer drinkers shouldn’t be punished by having to trade taste for calories. We decided to take on the challenge of a light beer, but it had to be on our terms. That meant starting from scratch. o Cherry Wheat Crisp and fruity with a hint of honey, this cherry brewed ale has surprising depth while being light on the palate. o Double Agent IPL Brewing innovation is about asking “what if?”. What if we gave an IPA a new identity and used some of our favorite West Coast hops, with their grapefruit, piney, & tropical fruit character, in a lager? The result is this boldly hoppy & and flavorful brew with the crisp smoothness of a lager. Cheers! o Dark Depths Dark Depths is an IPA or a hoppy porter brewed with a lager yeast for an interesting mesh of styles. Across the cold and brackish waters of the Baltic, the English Porter was transferred, from a mild ale to a dark and complex lager that confounds definition. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. // Chico, CA // Location: 52

o Tumbler Sierra Nevada uses malt within days of roasting at the peak of its flavor to give Tumbler a gracefully smooth malt character. Two-row pale, crystal 40, chocolate and smoked malts give it a malty complexity. Challenger hops in the boil add balancing bitterness, while more Challengers and some Goldings give just enough hop flavor in the finish to balance all that malt. o Torpedo Torpedo is a big American IPA; bold assertive, and full of flavor highlighting the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone American hops. o Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a delightful example of the classic pale ale style. It has a deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. The fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor are the results of the generous use of the best Cascade hops notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

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Sprecher Brewing Co // Milwaukee, WI Location: 42

Three Taverns Brewery // Decatur, GA // Location 26/Sports Bar

o Pipers Scotch Ale (Scotch Ale) This hearty red-brown ale has a slight smoky aroma of sweet caramel and lightly toasted malt. The flavor is malty, yet very smooth, with a delicate hop finish and a creamy head. o Abbey Triple (Abbey Tripel) We started with a Trappist Triple yeast culture and carefully blended Belgian pale barley malt with traditional malted wheat and oats to produce a delectable, golden ale. This special brew is aged 12 weeks creating a fruity and refined taste with a huge bouquet, light body, and a very smooth, non-bitter finish. o Russian Imperial Stout (Stout) Once brewed in Britain for the Russian Czars, this tremendously rich and thick ale uses a profusion of burnt and caramel malts. A massive mouthful of dark roasted malt and coffee flavors finishes with hints of chocolate, caramel & licorice.

o Single Intent (Belgian-Style Single) With a spicy, herbal aroma from French Strisselspalt hops, this crisp and complex ale is too good to keep cloistered. o A Night in Brussels (Belgian-Style American IPA) A pleasing marriage of old and new world beer cultures, this unique ale is best understood as an American IPA on the Belgian road trip.

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Southbound Brewing Company // Savannah, GA // Location: Cornhole

o Iron Lion Pale Ale Its strong citrus hop aroma and flavor is perfectly balanced with a medium body and unique malt bill. Sessional in nature, this beer is always good for the long haul. o Scattered Sun (Belgian Wit) A combination of coriander and citrus peel provides a pleasant tart lemon aroma and orange-citrus flavor. o Hoplin’ IPA This smooth, medium bodied American IPA will hit the spot. The intense citrus/pine aroma and taste is accompanied with a slight hit of caramel. o Day Trip’ler (Belgian Style Tripel) You will remember their Belgian Style Tripel for it’s hints of lemon. Once the luster of it’s golden hue catches your eye, you won’t be able to stay away. This Belgian style tripel is 9.5% and is almost too easy to enjoy. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stillwater Artisanal Ales // Baltimore, MD Location: 19

o Existent (American Farmhouse Ale) Deep & dark though deceptively dry, braced by a firm yet smooth bitterness and accented with an earthy hop and mild roast aroma. o As Follows (Belgian Strong Ale) This is an eschatological ale … big, bold, hoppy, and gold. Built sturdy enough to withstand the apocalypse. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sweetwater Brewing Company // Atlanta, GA // Location: #51

o Dank Tank Mean Joe Green (Imperial/Strong Porter) Rodger the Dodger and his Imperial Porter bone offense didn’t stand a bat wing’s chance when we dipped our Nicaraguan bean sack through his facemask! We blindsided his 8.5% Alc/Vol jock strap back to the fields to pick more beans, resulting in this Immaculate con-Catch-tion of intense forearm shivers of chocolate malt, a body like the Bus and blitzes of gridiron hops, all clotheslined by intense coffee overtones. So good that you’ll need your terrible towel to wipe the tears. o Waterkeeper (Hefeweizen) Perfect for a float down the Hooch or just grilling in the backyard, it is our go to summer brew. Picks up with notes of banana and clove and light enough to drink all day. o Georgia Brown A river of deep caramel and chocolate malts meandering through undercut currents of hop additions. o Low RYEder IPA A flame throwin’ Rye IPA ignited by a 25% shot of rye malt and capped by a booty hoppin’ blast of Mt Hood and Centennial hops that makes this IPA bounce! notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Terrapin Beer Company // Athens, GA // Location: #50/VIP

o Pumpkin Fest (Seasonal) Perfectly balanced pumpkin (real pumpkin) and spices are added to, without overwhelming, this German Style brew. Expect a pumpkin pie nose followed by a strong malt backbone, low hop bitterness and authentic fall taste, all wrapped in a light bodied beer. o Recreation Ale (American Pale Ale) This hopped up session ale is specially formulated to accompany you on all of your outdoor activities. Pack in this flavorful ale and pack out the memories while enjoying this quaffable brew. o Hopsecutioner (India Pale Ale) This Killer IPA earns its title by being brewed with six different hops to create an aggressive, yet exceptionally well-balanced beer. Expect citrus and pine on the nose with a beautifully bitter finish; a strong malt backbone keeps the bitterness in check. o *Moo-Hoo (Chocolate Milk Stout) They proudly use cocoa nibs and shells from Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company to give this beer its great taste. An appetizing cold weather treat this sweet stout is rich creamy and uniquely satisfying. o *Side Project 19 Mosaic Mosaic is the newest hops to come out of the Hops Breeding Company, LLC in Yakima valley. Prized for its complexity, look for this beer to have a wide range of flavor components. Like the label … this should be a three-dimensional tasting experience. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thomas Creek Brewery // Greenville, SC Location: 13/Sports Bar

o River Falls Red Ale (Irish Red Ale) Our flagship beer, this is a medium-bodied, extremely smooth Irish style red ale with an evenly roasted malt character from start to finish. o Up The Creek Extreme IPA (Imperial India Pale Ale) Up the Creek is mashed at a low temperature to increase the amount of fermentable sugars while reducing residual sweetness. This creates a hoppy behemoth of a beer with its alcohol well hidden. UTC is designed to be dangerously drinkable, so use caution or you’ll find yourself Up the Creek! o Deep Water Dopplebock (Lager) A full-bodied German-Style dark Lager with a rich creamy flavor, roasted nut tones and an easy finish with notes of coffee and toasted chocolate. o Pumpkin (Ale) Brewed with natural spices, their fall seasonal offers flavors reminiscent of brick oven-baked pumpkin pie. o Appalachian Amber Full-bodied, crisp and refreshing American Amber Ale with a malty flavor, rich caramel color, smoky notes and a smooth aromatic finish. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Denotes Beer Available in the VIP Area.

notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Uinta Brewing // Salt Lake City, UT Location: 36

o Hop Notch IPA Bold and refreshing, this IPA combines an abundance of hops with a smooth malt profile. o Dubhe (Imperial Bloack IPA) Toasted, chocolaty dark malts align with an astronomical amount of hops. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Unibrou // Quebec, Canada www. // Location: 34

o Blanche De Chambly (Belgian White Ale) The first refermented white beer brewed according to Belgian tradition in North America. It has a subtle bouquet of spice, citrus notes, aromas of yeast breads, coriander, and cloves with flavors of wheat and spices blanketed in citrus tastes reminiscent of orange and lemon. o Trois Pistoles (Abbey Style Strong Dark Ale) This Dark Ale has a strong malt flavor with roasted aromas of chocolate, brown rum, and spice. It is slightly sweet with accents of cocoa, ripe fruit and dark spices and ends with a smooth finish. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Victory Brewing Company // Downingtown, PA Location: 5

o Golden Monkey (Tripel) Strong and sensual, this golden, Belgian-style ale glows with goodness. A sparkling approach and overall light body temper the richness of imported malts and Belgian yeast. Considerable depth of character with abundant, herbal, fruity notes make this one to savor. ABV – 9.5% o Summer Love (Ale) German hops and pale malt blend beautifully to create this refreshing taste of summer. o Swing (Session) With its citrus swagger and spicy refreshment, Swing Session Saison offers you a jazzy jolt of joy. This Belgian-style ale is bracing but benign and enlivens any experience. o Hop Devil (IPA) Bold, spicy and Menacingly Delicious, this American hopped IPA offers an aromatic punch and then follows through with a lasting, full-bodied finish provided by quality German malts. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Westbrook Brewing Company // Mt. Pleasant, SC // Location: 3/Sports Bar/VIP

o White Thai (Belgian Witbier) This beer, inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine, is a twist on the classic Belgian witbier style. Instead of the traditional coriander and orange-peel spicing regimen, add fresh lemongrass, ginger root, and a dash of Sorachi Ace hops. The result is wonderfully refreshing ale with notes of lemon candy, citrus fruit, and a slight spiciness from the ginger. o One Claw (Rye Pale Ale) This is made with a heavy handful of malted rye and scoops of their favorite hop varieties. o Gose (Sour Wheat) This is their interpretation of Gose, a traditional German-style sour wheat beer brewed with coriander and salt. Once nearly extinct, this very refreshing style is making a comeback. o *Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Tripel A Belgian-style Tripel aged in apple brandy barrels for 5 months. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wetten Importers, Inc. // Sterling, VA // Location Mixology

o St. Louis Premium Framboise This Framboise has a simple and straightforward character, not unlike the humble summer fruit with which it is flavored. Erring not on the side of cloying sweetness of sugary saccharined tutti-frutti candies, this brew sticks to something more vial – the market-fresh taste and sweetness of ripened ruby raspberries. With a characteristic limbic funk midway, the St. Louis Premium is as stalwart and stoic as the king for it was named. Aiming not at pretense and frivolity, the raspberry flavor is neither overly sour nor sickly sweet, its body neither obtrusively heavy nor ephemerally light. It is in sort a perfectly concocted fresh fruit Belgian Lambic. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Weyerbacker // Easton, PA // Location: 27

o Merry Monks (Belgian-Style Tripel) Pilsner malt combined with an abbey yeast strain yields a remarkable and complex flavor packed with notes of spice, banana and pear. Nicely balanced, with a moderate to dry finish. o Double Simcoe (IPA) This is a full flavored ale with hints of pineapple and citrus up front, a good malt backbone in the middle and a clean finish. o Blasphemy (Ale aged in Oak Barrels) Aged but not over aged, so they’ve picked up gentle vanilla oaky notes which compliment rather than super cede the complex qualities that already make QUAD such an incredible beer. o Tiny (Belgian-style Imperial Stout) You will find big chocolate and roasted notes, balanced with the Belgian flavors from the Abbey yeast strain. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

beer fact: The United States two-dollar bill features three brewers: George Washington, Th omas Jefferson and Samuel Adams. In fact, George Washington installed a brewhouse on his grounds at Mount Vernon.

Wild Heaven // Decatur, GA Location: 45 o Invocation (Belgian-style Golden Ale) Belgian aromatic malts add hints of dried fruit, while generous Noble and West Coast hops deliver an earthy spiciness. It finishes semi-dry with lingering tropical fruits and spicy notes from Belgian yeast. o Ode to Mercy (Imperial Brown Ale) This beer overflows with bold flavors woven into a very balanced and approachable beer that finishes with creamy lingering hints of oak, coffee (specially blended by Athens, GA’s 1000 Faces), and roasted goodness. Bright citrus hops peek through from time to time, additional layers of complexity. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

White Birch // Hooksett, NH Location: VIP o *Rusalka (Multi-grain Extra Stout) Named for the Rusalka, deadly and beautiful water demons, their Multi-grain stout is brewed with barley, wheat and oaks to create a-dark ale that is both refined and inviting. Beneath the mellow roast, character, you will find a density of flavor that includes plumb, raisin, burnt sugar and the obligatory chocolate. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Woodchuck Hard Cider // Middlebury, VT Location: 58

o Amber The original Woodchuck. People liked it so much we made four more styles. The Amber is sweet (but not too sweet) with a nice golden color and crisp finish. o Granny Smith (Cider) Made from only Granny Smith apples, this one’s a lot more tart and quite a bit tangier than your average Woodchuck. If you’re a green apple sort of person, then this could be your Woodchuck. o Seasonal (Fall) There are a few things as spectacular as fall in the Green Mountains that surround their cidery. When you add cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of American white oak, you either have yourself some mighty fine cider or your standard Vermont tourism cliché. o Pear (Cider) To understand that Woodchuck Pear tastes like, take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine yourself floating down a cool crisp mountain stream in the middle of July. Ok, got it? Now put an entire pear in your mouth. notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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