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The Prideinn Paradise Beach Resort is the newest addition to the prime hotel scene not only in Mombasa, but Kenya as a whole. It brings a whole new dimension to the business, and definitely sets standards for any new entries into the arena and even for the old boys to pull up their socks.

a capacity of 2,500 people, Hi speed wifi/video conferencing capacity, LCD projection, drop down screens etc. We listen and care about our customers and their needs so that we can create for them memorable experiences.This convention centre is going to transform Mombasa into a business hub in the near Located 25 mins from Momfuture. The PrideInn Convenbasa City and also accessible tion Centre is also proud to from the Vipingo Airstrip. The host the SKAL 2018 conferhotel offers a 5 star experience ence, which is a professional with a host of amazing ameni- organization of tourism leadties to suit any kind of traveller. ers around the world promotOne of the things most talked ing global tourism and friendabout, is its convention centre. ship. It is officially the biggest conThis is a major milestone for ference centre at the coast of Mombasa tourism that has East Africa. put the Kenyan Coast as a destination on the internationThe centre is equipped with al tourism map, as a meetOver 12 meeting rooms, a ings and congress destinabusiness centre and lounge tion. The congress comprises area, Two VIP lounges, Peokey international tourism ple with disability access, stakeholders and is a first to Meeting space on 2 floors with be held in Africa.

1. DONT BE LATE This goes for either party. But more so for the guy. If you said you were meeting at 8pm let that be true. Either party is allowed grace period of at least 10 mins and this should come with an explanation before being questioned. “Hey, sorry running a bit late be there in a few” This is not too much to ask. It is simple manners and proper etiquette. 2. DO NOT SHOW UP WITH BACK UP Ladies have a habit of showing up with their so called sisters & or cousins to a date, purportedly because they do not trust this guy enough. Well that right there is reason enough not to be out with this guy in the first place. But if you have to do it then have the manners to camouflage your team in the crowd. He does not need to know they are there, and you get to enjoy your date knowing you are covered. 3.DRESS AS YOU WANT TO BE ADDRESSED This was a lesson I learnt the hard way but in a different setting. People will perceive you as they see you. So if you show up looking skimpy and slutty do not blame him for thinking he is getting lucky tonight.

4. GUYS - PLAN THE NIGHT IN ADVANCE There is a certain flare that comes with spontaneity, but ladies also love to know that you took time and put some effort into the planning of the night. None of that Netflix n chill shit. Make sure that in your activities you must have a moment to have a conversation and actually get to know each other. Great opportunity to know if you are dealing with a psychopath and you can bail before it’s too late. PS. The club is not a spot for a first date. May be second or third but not first for sure. 5. DO NOT PRETEND There is a tendency that most of us have to simply agree and go along with things because we do not want to be abrasive on the first date. Be yourself, always; no one can be you better than you. Let the other party like you for you, because if you pretend you will have to maintain it, and when you fail you will have to have that “you have changed” conversation, and this time she will actually have a valid point.

Sauti Magazine Issue 5  

Sauti Magazine Issue 5, Featuring, King of Bango Mzee Ngala. Read About The New Convention Centre at PrideInn, & Learn how to nail that Firs...

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