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1. Post often a.k.a consistency This is key on social media, keep your followers hooked with frequent posts (but they should be interesting and catchy). Your posts should not miss out on their timelines but don’t over do it. This means, not 50 posts a day but say, 50 posts well spread out over a month. Yes, have at least a post or two a day. 2. Quality Photos- offer the best Pictures speak a thousand words, good quality pictures speak 1001. Endeavour to have great quality photos on your timeline that tell a story regardless of whether you have a caption or not. This will make your followers rely on you more so use your profile as a social standard of quality posts and some of whom will strive to emulate you in their own profiles.

3. Be social - moderate yo While selfies have taken ov space, even some psychol atrists have linked it to narc So tone down on the selfie MEDIA for a reason. Be so just you on your profile, no you think you are. Be Socia people you have in your ci your profile.

4. #Hashtag Perfection #Iwilldoallthisbymyself #Ido mylife #kasiimimininani We and some of us are victims hashtags listed above, are for your profile views or vis introduced as a way for peo ed thinkers/ posts. For exa

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you find all the images tagged under bluesky on any social media platform you search this under. No one is going to search #Idontneedthatguyinmylife. Learn how to use and apply hashtags and they will revolutionise your social media experience. 5. Give them what they want This is a slippery slope right here, you have to tow the line between fun, trendy and sexy and lude, extreme and “should be 18 to follow” this account. It’s a well known fact that sex sells, thus you see the half naked pictures of bootylicious socialites hitting the 1000 like mark in less than a few hours after posting. If that’s what you want to do, then go for it. No judgement here. But you can gather the following without that, know your audience and give them what they want.

The Mombasa Business awards have grown to become the epitome of business excellence in Mombasa. Last year’s edition of the awards saw participation from over 300 companies in Mombasa. The rigorous and well respected judging process has established the Mombasa Business Awards as one of the most sought after accolades in Mombasa. Representing your organization and being awarded brings respect and admiration from the business community. The Mombasa Business Awards does just that. The competition is FREE to enter and open to organisations of all sizes and from any industry sector. The Mombasa Business Awards programme serves three purposes for the Mombasa business community: It provides examples for the business community to aspire to. It celebrates and endorses individual and organisational success. It provides case studies and content for learning from these exceptional organisations The Mombasa Business Awards is a predominately self funding venture set up and run by the

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and industry, Mombasa County, with the support of forward thinking organisations like, Base Titanium, National Bank of Kenya, Pwani TV, RK Sangani, Jamii Telkom to mention just a few our supporters believe it is important to promote and endorse business success across Mombasa for our long-term prosperity. An Innovative, Strong And Thriving Business Community Makes A Successful And Prosperous Mombasa County. Guiding Principles of The Mombasa Business Awards: Success The demonstration of commercial success in the relevant market or sector. Innovation The pursuit of performance improvement and development, from products through to processes. Ethics Demonstration of conduct that respects legislation, the environment and the rights of all stakeholders

Sauti magazine Dec-Jan Issue 7  
Sauti magazine Dec-Jan Issue 7  

Set Your Social Media Apart, Mombasa Business awards and So Much more in the latest issue of Sauti magazine. Festive Edition