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Here are the companies that will make sure you enjoy the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience

Sauna from Finland Sauna from Finland promotes the business of companies within the sauna field. We also assist hotels and spas all around the world to implement an authentic Finnish sauna experience – from beginning to end. With the quality work Sauna from Finland can provide, each sauna can be the world´s best sauna. Sauna from Finland network includes nearly 200 companies. The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate communicates that the quality of your sauna and sauna services are top-class. If you are planning or developing your current sauna service or building a new sauna, please, you can find services and all the planning help you can imagine through our contact persons, we look forward to your contact. For more information, please contact:

Carita Harju Executive Director Tel. +358 40 566 2481

Satu Freyberg International Marketing Tel. +358 400 966 112


The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience:





he Finnish sauna gives the whole body a much-needed sense of pleasure. The sauna has purifying, relaxing and health promoting effects giving you a comprehensive sense of wellbeing. It is easy to lose track of time in the sauna and to forget the pressing realities of everyday life for a moment. The sauna acts as a foundation for creative thinking, and after the sauna, you feel clean, beautiful and reborn on the inside. Sauna from Finland has redefined the sauna experience values: authenticity, multiple senses, presence, relaxation, cleanliness and well-being. Ideally, the authentic Finnish sauna experience combines all the traditional elements related to the sauna: wood, water, living fire and people and their stories. A high-quality sauna experience is created as the joint result of several senses. This means experiences linked to hearing, vision, taste, touch and smells. Presence and relaxation mean a possibility to


forget about time, worries and the surrounding world. In the ideal sauna, everything has been thought of from beginning to end: what happens before, during and after the sauna. The health benefits of sauna have been researched a lot and it has been noted to have multiple health benefits. Research evidence shows that the sauna has beneficial effects on various bodily disorders, such as skin, joint and cardiovascular diseases. According to the studies, visiting the sauna and cooling off are also excellent ways to reduce muscle soreness after a workout. THE SAUNA FROM FINLAND NETWORK EXPERTS WILL HELP YOU CREATE YOUR AUTHENTIC FINNISH SAUNA EXPERIENCE. WITH OUR HELP YOU CAN ADD A PIECE OF THE MOST AUTHENTIC FINLAND TO YOUR SERVICE SELECTION

Sauna from Finland has redefined the sauna experience values: authenticity, multiple senses, presence, relaxation, cleanliness and well-being.�



Table of contents The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience: WELL-BEING, pleasure AND HEALTH ..............................3 Cariitti: Let LIGHT bring luxury TO LIFE...............................................................................................................6 Harvia: From small artistic forge to WORLD’S LEADING sauna&spa company................................8 Helo: Top design and everyday well-being.....................................................................................................10 Hukka Design: Ancient soapstone pampers the body...................................................................................12 Sauna business in Finland......................................................................................................................................15 Huliswood: Kelo wood – nature’s very own antique...................................................................................16 Huone1: Modern yard saunas on nature’s terms............................................................................................18 Jokipiin pellava: Linen tradition meets modern design................................................................................20 Make sure your customer has the best possible sauna experience with a quality certification......................................................................................................................................22 Lahtiset: Finnish felt tradition is alive and well.......................................................................................26 Lapuan Kankurit: Top Finnish design at its best..............................................................................................28 Ledify: Sauna is from Finland and so is LEDIFY.........................................................................................30 Lumene: Beauty born of light..........................................................................................................................32 Mellis: The scent of wellbeing from PRISTINE Finnish nature..................................................................34 Narvi: Narvi sauna heaters offer an authentic FINNISH SAUNA EXPERIENCE.............................36 Taking a sauna is one of the keys to healthy life......................................................................................38 Osmia: Osmia’s sauna aromas, shampoos and soaps - the real feeling of Finnish nature...................40 Pine Art: Bring a genuine Lapland pine forest to you..........................................................................42 SaunaStore: A Finnish sauna in your own home..............................................................................44 Saunatour: SAUNATOUR - Guided Finnish Sauna Experiences............................................................46 Virtual stress makes people ill – a peat sauna could be the solution.............................................48 Better sleep, resistance and refreshed feeling - Cold therapy has many health benefits .......................................................................................................................................52 Sun SaunaWashable, sustainable and affordable: sauna benches for any environment...............54 Veico: Veico - design and joy from Finnish birch for everyday living.....................................56 Veto: VETO offers first-class SAUNA BATH.................................................................................................58 If you don’t have time to exercise, at least go to sauna - Research confirm many health benefits...............................................................................................................................................60

Editor & publisher: Sauna from Finland association Graphic design: HR Graphics Social media: #saunafromfinland



Let LIGHT bring luxury TO LIFE Cariitti is one of the industry leaders in optical fibre and LED lighting. With the experience of more than 20 years Cariitti’s product development is focused on designing functional and high-class products and services. Cariitti LED lights, fibre optic lighting systems and projectors are on top of the market. They are extremely durable and long-lasting, making them an excellent choice not only for homes but also for public premises. Cariitti’s product selection consists of sauna, bathroom and steamroom lights and also lighting solutions for other spa areas. We provide standard stock items and also


individually designed and custom-made lighting solutions. All products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Light affects us in many ways. Various lighting solutions of natural light kind stimulate good feelings and help us to relax. Light can be used to create new experiences and set pleasant atmosphere in all surroundings. Cariitti creates unique lighting experiences particularly for wellness lighting. Cariitti products are perfect for those who want to look after their wellbeing. We bring a touch of luxury to everyday life!


Cariitti Oy Exports to: 30+ countries Certification: CE and EAC



Relaxing Moments and Natural Wellbeing - the Leading Sauna & Spa Company



Harvia is the leading one-stop-shop in global sauna market and an established player in the spa components. We have a world class offering, expertise and service in the sauna, infrared and steam. Established in 1950 Muurame Finland, Harvia is known all over the world as a designer and maker of functional and technologically advanced concepts and products. Harvia’s roots are in sauna heaters and stoves – today the extensive portfolio includes everything that is needed for the perfect sauna, infrared cabin or steam room. Our iconic products are available worldwide through a strong network of distribution

partners. For spa projects, we offer the whole package from design services to products and support – all from one address. Harvia is the best-known brand of its industry. For our partners, we are an agile and innovative company which inspires its customers and consumers. Social media: @harviaglobal



Helo − top DESIGN and everyday wellbeing Helo is one of the world’s leading sauna and steam bath companies. Our company was established in 1916, making us the oldest company in sauna business. Helo Deco brand is your one-stop shop for sauna equipment and interior decoration solutions, including benches, panelling for walls and ceiling, lighting solutions, glass doors and walls, and other furnishings. Our high-quality products provide an authentic Finnish sauna experience that improves your well-being and helps you relax amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Helo’s product range includes Helo and Kastor wood-burning and electric heaters and their control units, fireplaces, steam generators, sauna and steam rooms, steam suites, infrared cabins, and sauna and steam bathing accessories. In addition to consumer products, our range includes products for hotel spas, swimming baths, gyms and other businesses.


Helo Group Oy manufactures sauna rooms, heaters and steam generators in Finland, Germany and the United States. It invests in an extensive research and development programme for sauna and steam related products. Helo Oy




Ancient soapstone pampers the BODY Hukka Design, in Tuupovaara, eastern Finland, manufactures enjoyment stone products for various purposes of well-being. It has developed stone products into a wide range of sauna and wellness products. Hukka stones can also be used to cool drinks and prepare food, and to keep them hot or cold. The products are manufactured from a 2.8-billion-year-old, unique natural stone which retains heat or cold better than other natural materials.



Our eco-friendly and durable ‘enjoyment Soapstone massage products, based on stones’ are made of 100% natural materials. ancient Asian treatment techniques, draw Our sauna products improve both the look on relaxing heat. The use of the treatment and comfort of a sauna. Placing our sauna stones makes the sauna a more communal fountains on the sauna stove enhances and relaxing place. both the visual and audial experience while improving the balance of humidity in the Hukka Design sauna air. Exports to: 20+ countries, mainly France, Germany, Sweden, Japan and USA.





SAUNA IS THE PERFECT COUNTERWEIGHT TO A BUSY URBAN LIFE. The sauna relaxes the mind and body, and is one of the rare places where it is impossible to use mobile devices. Sauna concepts designed to meet today’s needs fit perfectly with urban environments and modern hotels. Various steam rooms, infrared saunas and sauna treatments are excellent for spas and beauty salons. Pampering treatments and products made with pure Scandinavian raw materials add the finishing touches to a sauna experience.

A SAUNA IN YOUR OWN HOME OR GARDEN IS TRULY AN EVERYDAY LUXURY. Finns are avid sauna goers, with a sauna in almost every home. A home sauna is a place to relax and recover after exercise. Taking a sauna can affect well-being in a number of ways, including improving sleep quality. There is a wide range of saunas encompassing solutions for a variety of needs. In a traditional Finnish sauna, you will experience a closeness to nature: the scent of wooden benches, feel of linen sauna textiles, heater stones, and sound of water all bring nature to mind. Sauna is at its most authentic in natural surroundings, such as on the shore of a lake. It is a truly stress-free zone and source of well-being.

NEW SAUNA BOOK: The way of Finnish life

The sauna is what Finland is known for. The sauna is a beloved way of life for the Finns, one embedded in the people’s DNA as a source of relaxation and well-being. Carita Harju - SAUNA the way of Finnish life

Carita Harju


the way of Finnish life

Everyone can enjoy the Finnish sauna experience in their own way. After bathing in the sauna and cooling off, you feel blissful: as if you have been born again. Because everyone feels better after the sauna, both physically and mentally, visiting the sauna makes the whole world a better place. This book opens the door of the Finnish sauna just for you. We present different customs related to the sauna and give tips on how to make your Finnish sauna experience even better. Do yourself and others some good and visit the sauna today! Publisher: Kirjakaari Languages: English, Finnish, German & Chinese More info:





inland is without a doubt the number one country when it comes to sauna expertise. On the international level, the sauna is seen as a more Finnish product than anything else. That is why it is obvious that there has always been an active sauna business in Finland. Finland is the country of sauna innovations, and the Finnish people are creative sauna innovators. The sauna is very important for the Finnish industry, tourism and employment. There are hundreds of sauna-related

companies in Finland, and the sauna sector employs thousands of people. The business and companies related to the sauna are multisectoral, ranging from companies that make bath products to manufacturers of saunas and sauna stoves and providers of sauna experience services. New entrepreneurs are constantly cropping up on the market, for example sauna designers, maintenance companies and various wellness service providers.

HEALTH, WELL-BEING AND BUSINESS Sauna from Finland is organizing the World Sauna Forum, a new international happening: health, wellbeing and business from sauna. The seminar gathers together all the Finnish sauna companies and offers a unique chance for networking with potential business partners such as hotels, spas and travel companies. Read more and check time for the next World Sauna Forum:



Kelo wood – nature’s very own ANTIQUE



Kelo wood is nature's very own antique: unique wood that is centuries old. A snag, or kelo in Finnish, is an old tree that has dried out and shed its bark. The outer surface becomes grey and inside is a reddish pine. Pine trees stop growing in the north around 300–400 years old. The process a tree undergoes to become a kelo takes several decades, after which time the tree may stand in place for centuries. The unique appearance and scent of kelo wood relaxes the mind. It is suitable for building all kinds of sauna.

furniture, wallboards, indoor saunas and outdoor hot tubs all made from kelo wood. Our customers include private interior design enthusiasts and builders, as well as construction companies and interior design professionals.

Our product range includes kelo wood in all its forms: from logs to sawn products and timber framing. Our Uhtua Design brand includes design

We are a leading marketer of kelo wood products

Huliswood Oy Exports to: Central Europe, Great Britain



Modern yard saunas on NATURE’S TERMS Design Pasu sauna designed by Ortraum Architects ( combines a modern Scandinavian look with age-old natural building traditions. The eco-friendly, elegant and functional sauna buildings are Finnish design and treated with traditional, natural materials (pine tar or charred surface). A Finnish sauna interior adds the finishing touch to an authentic experience. The computer cut CLT element Pasu saunas are easy to assemble on-site and suitable for yards and gardens. Sauna heater options include wood-burning, electric and gas heaters. Pasu sets an enjoyable and atmospheric scene for an authentic Finnish sauna experience. Our natural wood sauna creates a positive emotional experience with a soft, cosy and relaxing feel. Huone1 Oy





Linen tradition meets MODERN DESIGN Since 1920, Jokipiin Pellava Oy has been manufacturing linen textiles in its own factory in Finland. The sauna is an integral part of what it means to be Finnish, and we know what is required of sauna textiles. Our products make saunas more hygienic, beautiful, and more pleasant to use. The combination of modern design and linen’s excellent absorbent abilities make Jokipiin stand out from the crowd. Jokipiin sauna textiles are suitable for use in both private and public saunas such as hotels and spas. Our products increase well-being-enhancing properties of the sauna: a linen towel massages, exfoliates dead skin and invigorates circulation. Linen is the most absorbent of all natural fibres. Our products can be used before, during and after visiting the sauna. Our range includes washing mitts and back washers. All of our products are manufactured in Finland from high-quality natural linen and without the use of chemicals. Jokipiin Pellava Oy Exports to: Germany, Russia, France, Hungary, USA, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland




Make sure your customer has the best possible sauna experience with a QUALITY CERTIFICATION The Finnish sauna is a place where the mind rests and the body relaxes. Many enjoy their sauna quiet, but there will often be calm discussions while enjoying a pampering steam. The various spa and travel destinations in the world offer different kinds of spa and wellness services, but authentic Finnish saunas are still hard to find. What if your customer could experience the authentic Finnish sauna experience too? One where all the elements are present in highest quality: authenticity, multiple senses, presence, relaxation, cleanliness, and well-being.


ith the quality work Sauna from Finland has created, each sauna can be the world’s best sauna. The certificate can be awarded to a sauna that’s safe, rich in experiences, and pleasant. Everything has been thought of, from beginning to end: what happens before, during, and after the sauna. A quality handbook that helps with the development work gives advice on how to choose the sauna stove and materials, safety issues, pleasantness, and taking visitors of different ages into consideration. – If you are planning on developing your current sauna service or building a new sauna, ask advice from Sauna from Finland – the experts on the best possible sauna experience, advices

Carita Harju, Executive Manager of Sauna from Finland. Sauna from Finland has defined sauna experience values (authenticity, multiple senses, presence, relaxation, cleanliness, and well-being) that function as the basis for the criteria and quality classification. Once these criteria have been filled, any hotel or spa can apply for an Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience quality certificate for their sauna. The work that proceeds step-bystep helps the person building a sauna experience to consider the right things. The quality certificate can be awarded to different types of saunas (Urban, Spa, or Nature), whether it is a hotel sauna or a vacation home in the middle of nature.

If you are interested about the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience, please contact: Carita Harju Executive Director Tel. +358 (0)40 566 2481 Sauna from Finland


Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra is one of the sertified high quality sauna destinations in the Central Finland.

Pictures on the page: Tomi Tuuliranta



Authenticity and nourishment worries, and the surrounding for every sense world. As a contrast to the busy

Interested? This is how to get started!

What is a Finnish sauna experience like at its best?

The Sauna from Finland network experts will help you create your authentic Finnish sauna experience! With our help, you can add a piece of the most authentic Finland to your service selection. Contact us!

A high-quality sauna experience is created as the joint result of several senses. This means experiences linked to hearing, vision, taste, touch, and smells. The Finnish sauna experience connects authentic natural elements, such as wood, water, fire, and traditional natural materials. These can be a sauna whisk made of birch branches and its smell, or a tar-like aroma in the sauna stove water. In the Finnish sauna experience, presence and relaxation mean a possibility to forget about time,

world, going to the sauna is an ideal way to recover and to take care of your health. The health benefits of sauna have been researched a lot and it has been noted to have multiple kinds of health benefits. – Cleanliness is one of the cornerstones of a high-quality sauna experience. Even if the experience was well-done otherwise, bad hygiene will ruin even the nicest sauna experience. This is why correct material choices and maintenance are among the crucial points in the quality certification, Harju reminds us.



Finnish felt tradition is alive and well Lahtiset felt footwear and other products are made from felted wool. Pure sheep’s wool is a sustainable material and so is the manufacturing process itself. The felted wool is soft and warm, yet light and airy to wear. Felt is fantastic in cold weather, but it works also well in warmer seasons because it is a breathable natural material. Our individual and high-quality products are made by hand and are suitable for people of all ages. We have manufactured felt products in Finland since 1921 and our felt boots are part of the Finnish folk tradition. Using designers we have created new product lines that have roots in the history, but a fresh look fit for the street. Our felt footwear is great for use before and after visiting the sauna, and our sauna hat can be worn while in the sauna. Huopaliike Lahtinen Ay

Partalantie 267, 42100 Jämsä, Finland Tel. +358 14 768 017





Top Finnish design at its BEST



Lapuan Kankurit is a jacquard weaving mill, where weaving skills and material knowhow have been refined into excellence for decades. Behind the succesful products are top designers, professional staff, the latest weaving techniques and a responsible attitude towards the environment and people. We use natural materials, weaving linen and wool into sauna, bathroom, table, kitchen and home interior textiles. Our spa and sauna textiles make saunaing an even more enjoyable experience. Wrap yourself up in a soft, warm wool blanket after bathing or enjoy a meal at a table set beautifully with pure linen. The Lapuan Kankurit products tell their tale of finished craftsmanship, user comfort, natural materials, technical product innovations, an ecologically sound approach and Scandinavian design. Knowing every step from thread to product is of utmost importance to us. It produces a result we can be proud of. We have a passion for learning and developing new products. Lapuan Kankurit’s product innovations have received several prestigious MUOTO design awards and TAITO-FINLANDIA award. Lapuan Kankurit Oy Exports to: approximately 30 countries Certification: Masters of linen – 100% European linen – mark, Association for Finnish Work Key Flag symbol Online store:



Sauna is from Finland and so is LEDIFY Our sauna LED lighting is made for all kinds of saunas from luxurious spas to private wood-burning saunas. As a Finnish family business, our operations are guided by traditional Finnish values; Reliability, authenticity, and perseverance with a close relationship with nature. Our main products have earned the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. SaunaLED lighting series is made to withstand the highest Finnish sauna standards, SaunaLED series can be even mounted in the ceiling of the sauna room. KUIVI LED sauna luminaire is a modern model of a traditional Finnish sauna lamp with alder shade and LED inside. Our passion is to create sauna specific lighting products. We can provide unique solutions for your specific needs. Let us light up your sauna experience. LEDIFY Nice-Trading Oy Tel. +358 40 550 8035





BEAUTY born of light INSPIRED BY NORDIC WOMEN. CREATED WITH FINNISH NATURE. BORN OF ARCTIC LIGHT. At the top of the world in the Arctic, where nature is at its wildest and the elements are at their most extreme, are found some of the most potent natural ingredients on the planet. This is where the story of Lumene begins. For over 40 years Lumene, with its heritage in wild Arctic nature has gently harnessed these rare Arctic and Nordic Elixirs combining them with pure Arctic Spring water and carefully selected skincare ingredients to create powerful radiance boosting skincare and makeup that work to restore the skin’s natural strength, beauty and luminosity. All of this, has been done with the ultimate intention of bringing balance and harmony to your skin, mind and soul. Lumene’s inspiration is the unmistakable radiance of Nordic women’s beauty. A beauty born of strength and resilience forged by a primal relationship with the extreme, yet generous Arctic nature. Our roots lie in the rituals of northern Finland, one of the last un-spoilt sanctuaries on earth. Our


formulas harness the power of this untouched Arctic wilderness. They combine exceptionally pure, oxygen-rich, skin pH-friendly Arctic spring water with hand-picked Finnish ingredients unlike any other. Berries, seeds, plants, tree saps and even mushrooms have evolved in the wild over thousands of years to survive and thrive under a unique and challenging annual light cycle: 8 months of constant purifying, unbroken winter darkness, save for the magical Northern lights, followed by an explosion of 4 consecutive bright months of intense life-giving light, 24 hours a day. The effects of this contrasted light phenomenon are further amplified by an unusually stable low ground temperature that stimulates Arctic plants to produce extraordinarily high and potent levels of nutrients and anti-oxidants. By capturing the power of these light-charged actives only Lumene channels this reviving light into what we call ‘Arctic Lumenessence’.


Lumene Oy, Main markets: Finland, Sweden, Russia and USA



The scent of wellbeing from PRISTINE Finnish nature Sauna and skincare go hand-in-hand. Relaxing on the benches of a sauna, the mind unwinds and your skin is cleansed. The treatment products in Mellis Oy’s SaunaArctica range are designed to be used in the sauna turning the sauna and wellbeing services into unforgettable experiences. Treatment masks in the Silva Arctica range and, for example, our strawberry exfoliating cream, are a perfect addition to the enjoyment and relaxing effect provided by sauna steam. High-quality raw materials from pure northern nature are the foundation of our products. Our productsinclude berries picked in Finland, wild herbs, birch sap, peat, tar, honey and vegetable oil. We only use vegetable-based raw materials. 34


Our products are neither tested on animals nor contain mineral oils or other petrochemical ingredients, parabens, sulphates or synthetically manufactured colours or aromas – or anything else that does not meet the criteria for natural cosmetics. We keep gentleness in mind when developing the composition of our products so that they are suitable for sensitive skin and can be used on the face. The products are easy to use and clean; just rinse with water. Packaging sizes range from treatments to consumer sizes.

Sustainable development, and the maintenance and restoration of natural diversity are important to us. Our products have been awarded the internationally respected NaTrue certificate. Mellis Oy Exports to: Germany, Austria, Poland, Sweden, USA, Costa-Rica, Hungary, and neighbouring countries, Estonia Certification: NaTrue

The products nourish, moisturise, cleanse and soften the skin. At the same time they relax the muscles and balance the skin’s action.



Narvi sauna heaters offer an authentic FINNISH SAUNA EXPERIENCE For the last 80 years Narvi’s ethos has been simple and uncompromising, that a proper Finnish sauna should be Finnish-made and Finnish-designed, by skilled Finnish craftspeople, in the very heart of the Finnish countryside. Narvi is truly passionate about Finnish sauna and thus its mission is a simple one: to deliver the finest löyly in the world. The vast product range consists electrical sauna heaters, wood-burning sauna stoves and sauna accessories. Narvi heaters are highly energy-efficient and have markedly low-emissions. Narvi is proud to produce the wood-burning Narvi NC16 heater which has the lowest emissions of any sauna heater in the world! The perfect löyly, or sauna atmosphere, is as much about aesthetics as it is about feeling, so Narvi combine this durability, eco-friendliness and large stone capacity with attractive Nordic design. Narvi Finland produces sauna products under three well-known brands: Narvi, Aito and Kota. Narvi’s own range remains the steadfast master of the home sauna heater industry, creating the perfect fusion of every element required to make that perfect sauna experience. The Aito heater is the quintessential traditional Finnish heat-storing sauna heater: it has served even the most demanding Finnish sauna goers (including the Finnish presidents) for decades and continues to receive nothing but praise. Kota is designed around the offgrid, summer house or cabin aesthetic: durable, simple yet effective and available with water heating features. Narvi Oy Exports to: Worldwide All products bear the CE marking All heaters are 100% manufactured in Finland





Taking a sauna is one of the keys to healthy life The well-being effects of sauna are medically acknowledged as a part of a healthy way of life.



he health effects of sauna have been researched for decades. Findings have proven that sauna has a positive effect on many kinds of medical conditions, like some skin, joint and circulation organ diseases. However, the mechanism of the health effects of sauna remains partly unexplained, so totally precise explanations are still missing. The most important health benefits of the sauna are connected with the comprehensive relaxation it produces.

“Taking a sauna creates a counterbalance to the working life and everyday hassle by working as a place of relaxation. Taking a sauna could become the culmination of both everyday and holiday that brings an end to the day’s hustle and bustle in a peaceful moment of calming down. I hope the opportunities and pleasurableness of the sauna will not get in the way of other, for example technological, amusements in our modern world.

Taking a sauna is suited and beneficial to almost everybody with the exception of just a few risk groups. It is important to listen to oneself and the feelings of one’s body. Taking care of your fluid balance is also important, as well as peaceful and stress free surroundings.

Many people have a tendency of looking for miracle preparations and exotic diets in their search for improvement of their quality of life. In reality, the keys to a good healthy life are constantlywithin our reach and among our daily choices, like visits to the sauna.” Expert: Meri Linna M.D.



tips for the perfect sauna experience

1. Make sure the sauna and shower are clean. Did you know that cleanliness is what 92% of your customers most value! 2. Ensure safety above everything else. Even one slip or fall down the stairs is too much. 3. A sauna that’s too hot is never a relaxing experience. Make sure that the temperature doesn’t rise too high and that there is enough moisture. Always have fresh drinking water available.

4. Invest in the atmosphere. Set the mood with the help of lighting, textiles, and smells. Think about what kind of a view would make your customers feel relaxed in the sauna space. 5. Make an effort to have clear instructions and guides. The guiding must function throughout the entire service experience.

Picture by: Harri Tarvainen/Visit Finland 39


OSMIA’S SAUNA AROMAS, SHAMPOOS AND SOAPS - THE REAL FEELING OF FINNISH NATURE Osmia is a pioneering company of Finnish sauna aromas, shampoos and soaps. The world of scents in all our products is unique and endlessly rich, highlighting the pure nature and vast forests in Finland. All products are manufactured by Osmia from start to end. The scents of Finnish nature are accessible to everyone The inspiration for all Osmia products comes from Finnish nature and Sauna tradition. The visual design is characterized by simplified, yet elegant lines. For Finns, the Sauna has always been a sanctuary for refreshment and relaxation. Feeling and smelling natural materials - such as smoke, timber or fresh birch leaves - evoke warm memories and create the right mindset for silent relaxation. 40

For three decades already, Osmia Ltd has nourished it’s scientific expertise on fragrance development to create high quality cosmetics and other scent related products for unique Sauna and SPA experiences. Our scent selection offers a way to create the desired atmosphere at home, as well as in hotels or other wellness related businesses.


Become an expert on Finnish Sauna feeling If your aim is to develop a Sauna experience as authentic and rich as possible, learn how to benefit from Osmia’s wide selection of scented products. By using scented candles, soaps, shampoos, body scrubs and sauna aromas you can create different combinations to fulfill your guests’ expectations to a perfection, over and over again. Osmia Oy Sorvarinkatu 11 A, 00880 Helsinki, Finland Sales Director: Anne Mäkijärvi Tel: +358 50 5060624 Export: Germany, Sweden, Hungary and Austria






Pineart Production manufactures solid-wood design buildings which bring the primeval pine forests of Lapland within arm’s reach. Our customers appreciate authenticity and want calming elements in their busy, everyday lives. No-frills authenticity and eco-friendliness are close to our heart. We respect nature and emphasise natural beauty in everything we do.

Genuine Lapland forest therapy can help you get back in touch with nature. Real natural materials like solid wood and linen all speak for our products. They provide the basis for well-being. The mood is always the same in a Pineart building whether the building is located in a city centre or in the wilderness. It brings Scandinavian style, a dash of daring and a sense of the primeval to the environment. Pineart Production Oy



A Finnish sauna in your OWN HOME Saunastore has nearly three decades of experience in suppling prefabricated saunas to customers in the USA, Finland, Sweden, and many other countries. Our saunas are carefully designed to be of superior quality, style, and respectful of the Finnish sauna tradition. Our saunas can be installed in customers’ bathrooms or in other spaces without any modification work necessary. The saunas can be customised with various colours and furnishings. Our range of over 50 sauna models contains something for everyone. Our saunas provide a fantastic, relaxing experience amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We offer a simple concept allowing customers to enjoy a genuine sauna. Our range of sauna models is uniquely large. Different material and furnishing options are available for each sauna. The saunas are also designed with easy installation in mind – no need for special tools. A unique feature of our saunas is an air fan which supplies fresh air from the room into the sauna. This gives plenty of breathable air in small saunas, maintains even warmth and ensures sauna dries well after use. Northern Lights Saunas are suitable for all homes. Larger models can be placed in swimming baths or in a gym, while smaller saunas can be placed in bathrooms or small gyms. Saunastore Oy The source of high quality saunas and sauna accessories. Exports to: Anywhere, including Sweden, Spain, Germany, UK and USA





SAUNATOUR - Guided Finnish Sauna EXPERIENCES The SAUNATOUR Programme was created by nine local companies: Finnish Sauna Experiences, always accompanied by a trained Finnish sauna guide. Take the Ultimate SaunaTour of 10 hours of different sauna experiences; or choose just one, two or three saunas. Combine your different saunas with pampering Sauna Therapy Treatments.

SaunaTour is unlike any other spa in the world: we carry out the spa treatments together with you in the sauna! We also have Saunayoga, Wild Food and nature adventures around the year. SaunaTour is suitable for


everyone from kids to grandparents, and can accommodate from 2 to 200 people! SaunaTour provides luxury in everyday life – even brief periods of relaxation improve well-being and help you to de-stress. SaunaTour is also a very social event! The SaunaTour package is put together in accordance with Sauna from Finland’s quality handbook. Remember: you always have a trained, Finnish sauna guide present.




VIRTUAL STRESS makes people ill – a peat sauna could be the solution V

irtual stress is a treacherous thing. Through technological developments, it has crept into our spines and muscles. In addition to sitting at a virtual device, such as a computer, phone and television, in a position that statically resists the earth’s gravitational force, I use the term virtual stress to describe the stress that occurs when we fear and worry about matters that are in the past or could happen in the future. We are still like primitive people living off the land; with our fight or flight mechanism meaning that we are constantly prepared to attack or run.

and it is treated as an intrinsic part of life”, says Gynaecology Specialist and natural healer Leena Larva, who specialises in peat sauna treatments.

In the past this primitive stress stemmed from actual hazardous situations and was relieved by using the muscles, which also activated the lymphatic circulation. Due to the muscle tension caused by virtual situations, body flow slows down, causing swelling and pain. “Only a few of us are so truly able to live in the moment that they feel no virtual stress. It is deeply ingrained in modern-day people

“After a shared peat sauna and a meal, you could see their body flow returning. The team started to talk more positively and their attitude to the future games became more normal”, she says.


Larva has witnessed the group effect of virtual stress by observing a football team after their game. A victorious game leads to euphoria, the stress of wellbeing. Smiles and laughter come naturally, the players talk loudly. When the game is lost, players hang their heads and the corners of their mouths are downturned, they talk in whispers or say nothing at all.

According to Larva, the quickest way to get rid of virtual stress and normalise your emotional state is the guided SUOMAA peat sauna, peat treatment, pumping breaths and stretching. After using peat

Picture by: Juha Laitalainen

in the sauna, body flow increases visibly, muscles relax and thoughts become clearer. “The sauna increases wellbeing through your skin. Combined with a suitable environment, beautiful art and sounds, as well as cleanliness, it also helps to balance your soul. This also helps to decrease pain and balance your sleep”, Larva says.


LICORICE Happy Reindeer brings organic into a cheerful and tasty world Happy Reindeer Organic range: Black soft licorice Filled licorice • Fruity Strawberry • Fresh Mint in a bag together with Genuine Cocoa

A clean Finnish natural product Treatment Peat is a clean Finnish natural product that is lifted out of the peatland without heavy machinery to prevent breakage of its composition. Only the best raw materials are accepted for Peat Care. The therapeutic effect of peat treatment is based on the activating effect of the contained biological components as well as the deep thermal effect. Peat contains a number of skin conditioning agents, such as iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc. The high temperature of the peat bath stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolism. It binds rheumatoid factors and toxins, improves the endocrine and cell renewal. Treatment Peat is suitable for all ages. It is not known to have an allergenic effect. Our products are available in our online store: We are also on Facebook: LehtoPeat LehtoPeat Ltd Meijeritie 13, 3700 Ähtäri Finland Tel. +358 400 267 401


Genuine Finnish sauna heaters

Mondex is looking for distributors! Please contact

Mondex – the soul of a Finnish sauna

Create your own unique sauna experience every single time just the way you like it. This easy to use, high-quality product channels the water directly down in to the middle of the stones. Therefore the evaporation starts from the bottom instead of coming from the top creating a much softer and humid atmosphere in the sauna. It still doesn’t stop you from pouring the water on the stones in a normal way. This product is made in Finland from recycled materials. Höyry Löyly Oy • Suurniementie 28, 08100 Lohja, Finland +358 (0)44 047 5373

23.– 26. Oktober 2018 Messe Stuttgart

Visions for water worlds


Be inspired! Whether you are a pool or sauna operator, planner or hotelier – experience with all the senses the latest sauna, spa and pool trends for your target groups. We’ll see you at interbad 2018!


RZ_interbad18_Anz_Katalog_Sauna_Finnland_185x134.indd 1

07.09.17 17:18

Sauna Region OF THE WORLD In September 2015, Central Finland received the title of the Sauna Region. With thousands of saunas to enjoy, the Sauna Village located in Jämsä and a large number of companies producing saunas and sauna related products, Central Finland is the best place to dive into the sauna culture.

Come to Central Finland to experience and learn more about the Finnish sauna!


Better sleep, resistance and refreshed feeling

Cold therapy has many health benefits Cold exposure results in many health benefits. Cold showers and ice swimming affect mood, improve stress tolerance and relieve pain. Especially those suffering from chronic pains benefit from regular cold exposure and many have had help for insomnia. Research results confirm these health benefits.


ce swimming is a traditional way of improving the body’s defense system. Many Finns are convinced that swimming in icy water can conquer seasonal flu through regular cold exposure. Research results support this idea, although it is impossible to draw conclusions based on these experiences. However, it is true: cold exposure does improve resistance.

Hormones released in cold exposure are good for the body Human sympathetic nervous system is activated in the cold and nerve endings release noradrenaline, that has been noticed to have a pain-relieving effect. Cold also affects the brain’s neurotransmitters that have an effect on the mood. The endorphin released from the brain in the cold relieves pain and improves mood. Repeated


cold exposure also increases resistance to cold, improves stress tolerance and increases the pain threshold. Cold exposure should be implemented gradually, each individual at his own pace. On the first try, cold exposure, like a dip in freezing water, can cause an unpleasant reaction where breathing is uneven and heart rate escalates. However, when the cold exposure is repeated, the shock reaction will deteriorate or disappear altogether. -The cold exposure is always about getting used to the cold and it may be very individual. Only regular cold treatments have tested health effects, although even one swim in icy water is already a very refreshing experience, says docent Pirkko Huttunen, who has studied cold exposure.

First to the sauna, then to the icy water The Finnish sauna culture includes cooling off in between going into the sauna. Also, many who go ice swimming like to head to the heat of a sauna afterwards. Does cold exposure and sauna bathing together have proven effects on health? -That has not been studied yet, but it’s a very enjoyable habit anyway. Everyone can judge for themselves if the combination of cold and hot is the best for them. I personally recommend that after cold treatment, no more going to sauna, so that the health benefits of the cold would be realized. This also reduces sweating afterwards, says Pirkko Huttunen.


How is cold productized? Introducing Ice Swimming Shower A Finnish innovation, Amandan® cold therapy device enables a yearround, pleasant cold exposure. -The device is attached to a normal shower and it generates a water spray that cools the skin comfortably. The device has been clinically tested and has received a very good reception, says Panu Vapaavalta, the CEO of Amandan Healthcare Oy.

Amandan can be installed in your own bathroom and it allows for a daily cold exposure. Not many people can go ice swimming even in the wintertime and the health effects of cold exposure are only achieved through regular use. The internationally patented Ice Swimming Shower is made mainly of acid-resistant and stainless steel. Amandan® is designed by Harri Koskinen and docent Pirkko Huttunen has been responsible for the research work. For more information, visit:

A Finnish innovation, Amandan® - cold therapy device enables a yearround, pleasant cold exposure. Picture by: Harri Tarvainen/Visit Finland 53


Washable, sustainable and affordable: sauna benches for any environment Sun Sauna offers solutions for public and communal saunas. Our Swing Clean boards are durable and easy to clean, with lower operating costs than many current options. Simple structural solutions significantly increase the bench’s service life. Swing Clean sauna benches are attractive, durable and hygienic. They are easy to maintain; maintenance staff find them easy to handle. The benches are simple and mechanically easy to clean, so no strong cleaning agents are required. You can replace any wooden component, if necessary. Sun Sauna’s bench solutions are high-quality Finnish handiwork. The products are manufactured using various structures and according to the requirements of different usage environments. Sun Sauna Oy Saunas that meet the demands of their environment



Bench attached to tiles

Bench with steel body

Bench with wood body



Veico - design and joy from Finnish birch for everyday living Veico produces beautiful high quality design products for sauna, home and living since 2001. Veico products are made from Finnish birch wood and all these products are designed and made in Finland. The natural materials look living and the products bring a smile to your face. When you open the package you can get the feeling of a Finnish sauna. The wide product range covers sauna thermometers, towel racks, trays, coasters, tube presses, guest books, door signs and and towel clips which belong to a perfect sauna experience. You can find many different designs for different interiors and atmospheres. Veico Oy Tel. +358 14 720672 Certificates: Key Flag, Design from Finland Web shop:





VETO offers first-class SAUNA BATH



Warm your sauna with a handcrafted VETO sauna heater for an authentic Finnish sauna experience and first class steam. VETO is a 100% Finnish sauna heater brand and a family owned business in three generations, manufacturing both electric sauna heaters and wood burning sauna stoves. Timeless design, original sauna innovations and uncompromising material choices have been the key factors to premium humid heat and to high quality sauna bathing since 1949. Sauna will be bath-ready more quickly, more energy efficiently and more environmentally friendly, creating pleasant humidity and even heat. VETO electric sauna heater features an integrated humidifier that produces adequate humidity for the duration of sauna bathing. Due to its efficient air circulation the heater heats up quickly, efficiently and evenly. Long-lasting heating elements and

corrosion-free stainless steel make VETO heater a reliable, durable sauna heater. The made-in-Finland, handcrafted VETO wood burning sauna stove is of high quality. The sauna will be bath-ready in less than 30 minutes with one load of wood. The integrated humidifier creates pleasant humidity into the sauna. Carefully selected materials improve durability and lengthen the life of the stove. We are proud of our history of handcrafting highquality VETO heaters in Finland since 1949. Focus on moments that make you stronger! Have a high-quality sauna bath with VETO! Exports to: Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Hungary CE certification, Association of Finnish Work, Design from Finland, Key Flag symbol Handcrafted in Finland since 1949



Picture by: Harri Tarvainen/Visit Finland

If you don’t have time to exercise, at least go to sauna

-Research confirm many HEALTH BENEFITS Going to sauna has significant effects on cardiovascular health and reducing stress. This has been scientifically proved by the research of cardiologist Jari Laukkanen, published in the University of Eastern Finland. Even if you miss your workout on some days, you don’t want to skip going to the sauna, because it has partially the same health effects as light exercise. However, the best results are gained with combining sauna and a sporty lifestyle. Laukkanen is one of the speakers of World Sauna Forum in September, an international event organized by Sauna from Finland in Jyväskylä. His speech focuses on the new research results regarding the connection of sauna and cardiovascular health.


hat is it that happens in the human body and the cardiovascular system when going to sauna?

– There are many changes that happen in the body because of the heat: the temperature rises, blood circulation is stimulated and the blood vessels expand, and the heart is working more efficiently. Blood vessels also expand and become more elastic. In the sauna, blood circulation is directed towards the skin because of thermoregulation and the skin sweats. Sauna burdens the circulatory system, just like physical stress does, says Laukkanen.


So, going to the sauna is healthy similar to exercising, right?

positively to many things such as cerebral health.

– Yes, but the same rules apply: it must be repeated often enough in order to gain positive results. Our study revealed that for those who went to the sauna 4 – 7 times a week, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases was reduced by up to 63 %.

Heart rate variability increases, stress levels fall

According to Laukkanen, going to the sauna has the biggest effect on blood circulation and thus also the health benefits are targeted where the circulatory system affects. – Sauna lowers blood pressure for some time even after exiting the sauna. Lower blood pressure affects

Further research that will soon be published focused on the relation between going to sauna and lowered stress levels. In the research, autonomic nervous system activity and heart rate variability were measured after going to the sauna. The results show that heart rate variability increases with those going to sauna and thus lowers the body’s stress levels. The Western lifestyle is very performance oriented and stress-


related illnesses are killing more and more people. Could sauna be the solution?

impact on heart and circulatory Laukkanen is looking forward for organs has the most significance to the first World Sauna Forum in public health, Laukkanen states. September.

– Going to sauna is definitely one of the things that have positive effects. It treats the heart, reduces stress and improves sleep quality. Sauna bathing supports your wellbeing, but in addition, you need plenty of exercise, good nutrition and sleep, notes Laukkanen.

Relaxation and balance of mind

There are also other researches where sauna has been noticed to have positive health effects. – In some studies, it has been noted that symptoms of heart failure were improved and symptoms of asthma eased. In addition, some skin diseases, for example psoriasis, were alleviated as a result of sauna bathing. It has also been noted that sauna can relieve flu symptoms and different inflammations. In my opinion, the

Often the tone of health education is negative: you are told what not to do and what not to eat and how many times a week you must remember to exercise. Many people feel this causes more stress when your life is already hectic. – Sauna bathing is an exception to this, because there is no performance or pressure involved, only well-being, relaxation and balance of mind. Going to sauna is fun, yet healthy. It complements a healthy lifestyle and adds to your well-being on many levels. Even though you miss your workout on some days, a regular sauna ritual in the evenings can, for example, relieve stress efficiently and have a positive impact on your health.

– It is a new event, where different fields of expertise around sauna gather together. The seminar offers a chance to weigh sauna bathing and wellbeing from many points of view and enrich the understanding of the comprehensive effect. I am looking forward what the new international seminar can offer. Laukkanen has researched the health effects of saunas for a long time but what kind of sauna goer is he? Well he practices what he preaches. – I go to the sauna almost every day, depending on the situation. For me, the perfect sauna experience is in the gentle heat of my home sauna after a brisk run or exercise at the gym, Laukkanen summarizes. 61

FINLAND AT ITS PUREST Energy from tranquillity, unspoilt nature & sauna Sauna and a dip in the lake – an absolutely unbeatable feel-good combination which needs no further explanation. Something that should and can be experienced, time and time again. The heart of Finnish sauna lies in Central Finland and in Jyväskylä you also happen to be in the capital of the sauna region of the world. Here an authentic and unforgettable sauna experience is absolutely guaranteed! Read more:

Large photo: Tero Takalo-Eskola Small photos: Atacan Ergin, Revontuli, Varjola


Visit the sauna as many times as you feel like.

Cooling off is an integral part of the sauna experience. Take some time to cool off outside. Sit in the fresh air for a moment or go for a swim. Once your body has cooled off, you can go back to the sauna.

The temperature in the Finnish sauna is controlled by casting water (“löyly”) on the hot sauna stove. Löyly creates moisture in the sauna and affects its temperature. The amount of water you use can be a little or a lot – just stick to your own preferences and enjoy the hissing of the stove.


Sauna relaxes the mind and body, and is one of the rare places where it is impossible to use mobile devices, so please leave your mobile devises at the dressing room.



Sit on the top bench, on the sauna towel. Listen to your body and trust your feelings. Sweating, slightly increased heart rate and redness of the skin is normal. Everyone can stay in the sauna for just as long as they want to.


Make sure you have enough time for your sauna visit: hurrying is not part of the sauna experience. Enter the sauna with a curious and open mind.



Continue to relax after the sauna, either alone or with friends or family.

After the sauna, you feel clean, beautiful and reborn on the inside.

15. 14.


When you are finished, rinse the sweat off your skin and wash yourself in the shower room.

If the sauna feels too hot, lie down, move to the lower benches, or take a break and cool off.


Go into the sauna either naked, wrapped in a towel or even in a bathing suit. There are no strict rules that apply to every sauna – each sauna has its own set of house rules.


Breathe evenly and relax and remember to drink more water. Enjoy!



Take a shower and wash Yourself before entering the sauna.


If possible, you can use Sauna Whisk at the sauna. When the skin has warmed up a little, you can start lightly slapping it with the sauna whisk. (Slapping yourself with the whisk increases the circulation and metabolism of the skin.)


Always remember proper hydration in the sauna. The best way to do that is by drinking water. Drink water 1- 2 classes before entering to the sauna.


The ABC for the enjoyable Finnish Sauna Experience