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Photography LESA AMOORE Model AMANDA Smith



Photography LESA AMOORE

S A T E L L I T E No. X VI

CONTENTS Tom Staar Goggle Desk Tire John Varvatos *USA Milgram Jeongok Prehistory Museum Alila Villas Vluwatu Bali Louis Verdad Portfolio Oraine Reign Narciso Rodriguez Resort Balmain The Sound Of Silence Stockists

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COVER Photography LESA AMOORE Stylist RobertA Wagner Makeup & hair MARKUS KOPP Models AMANDA SMITH at PHOTOGENICA

September 2011 | 1 | S



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September 2011 | 3 | S


s the sun sets on what has been an explosive Summer for the subject of this very script, the chill of Autumn seems the perfect context for Moda’s man of darkness. Having obliterated Space & Amnesia in Ibiza, Big Chill, Lovebox and countless other world stages, Tom Staar returns with three rounds of interstellar firepower. For ‘Death Staar’ Tom teams up with one half of globe trotting Techno duo Spektre, today deliver a frantic end-of-the-night monster that’s is, quite simply, mental. It’s backed by the equally brilliant and instantly contagious ‘Weekenders’ and ‘Galaxy’; all carrying the unmistakable hallmarks of one of the UK’s finest production talents. As one quarter of Moda, Tom is part of one of the most exciting club brands who are regularly throwing 2000 capacity warehouse raves and intimate basement parties, putting out records from Monarchy, Shake Aletti, Jaymo & Andy George and are on the cusp of everything that is exciting in dance music. In addition, Tom Staar is becoming the guy big pop acts go to when they want a slice of club credibility, both Example and The Saturdays have had the intergalactic treatment recently. S S | 4 | September 2011

Photography courtesy THIS IS MODA

Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet


oggle Desk is the new and innovative interpretation of the presidential office. Rounded shapes, imposing sizes and a rich selection of finishes and materials: Goggle Desk can be chosen in glossy lacquer both inside and out, glossy lacquer outside and matt inside both in finish with contrasting colours and in a third alternative, in the event that the containment option is preferred, with drawers, modesty panel and credenza doors in olive wood. Goggle Desk is a project designed for future oriented managers and executives, able to mix functionality and elegance. It is an elite presidential designed for those who love to set themselves apart from the crowd, which recognises the importance of having an object of design in their office, not a simple desk, but an article of furniture which leaves visitors and guests pleasantly surprised and breathless. S S | 6 | September 2011

S | 8 | September 2011



or his series titled “Pneu”, Belgian artist Wim Delvoye created a series of decorative objects by hand-carving intricate patterns and floral motifs on used car tires. Through his manipulation of found objects, Delvoye transforms things that seem useful in everyday life into sculptural pieces that carry a different value from their original intended purpose. Delvoye calls his own approach to art ‘glocal’, referring to ‘local’ and ‘global’, which is his own ironical way of describing art. S September 2011 | 9 | S

S | 10 | September 2011

John Varvatos HUSA


t’s always nice when a fragrance arrives in a bottle that looks as good as it smells, and John Varvatos Star USA Fragrance is no exception. Eschewing the designer’s traditional flask-like container for an upright bottle topped with a knurled metal swing top, it pairs perfectly with fall weather thanks to a mixture that blends fresh and clean scent. The new fragrance for your sixth sense. Star USA by John Varvatos opens the window on a brand new fragrance vision. A fresh and woody scent infused with a little swagger and a lot of soul. S September 2011 | 11 | S

Milgram by Enfants Perdus


spirited reworking of select pieces from the Milgram collection, incorporating luxurious 18 karat white gold, inky black onyx, and pale white sapphires. Inspiration drawn from stories of struggle and triumph. The interactions of man, his environment, and the history of five thousand years lend a rich tapestry that is transformed into wearable ideas through ink, paper, silver, and gold. S S | 12 | September 2011

Orchidaceae Skull Clutch Pin Brooch September 2011 | 13 | S

Orchidaceae Cross Necklace S | 14 | September 2011

Heavy Orchidaceae Curb Bracelet September 2011 | 15 | S

S | 16 | September 2011




By x-TU

September 2011 | 17 | S


arisian architectural firm X-TU recently completed the Jeongok Prehistory Museum, resembling a silver snake slithering through East Asia. The museum is built on a Paleolithic site in the Jeongok district, where the fossil-filled ground holds the story of the country’s first human inhabitants 300,000 years ago, and was the site of the discovery of the first hand axe in East Asia. The snake, like a piece of architecture, is finished with a shiny stainless steel, intended to reflect the natural surroundings. X-TU meticulously designed the museum to feel anything but ordinary compared to other natural history museums around the world. Instead of looking to the past, X-TU wanted to give the Jeongok Prehistory Museum a futuristic vibe! The interiors consist of smooth and curvy white walls with circular cutouts. Throughout the exhibitions white is the dominant color, letiting the prehistoric artifacts stand out. In non-exhibition areas, yellow and green hues are introduced in colored glass and accent walls. The elongated building has a huge circular opening in the architecture that acts as a window, with additional circular perforations on a smaller scale. At night the pattern of cutouts glow from the interior light, causing the entire building to shine in a magnificently. S September 2011 | 19 | S

Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali

S | 20 | September 2011

September 2011 | 21 | S

S | 22 | September 2011


co luxury does not get any better than this. The Singapore based Alila brand has a firm grasp of what it takes to do it right. It is a brand to watch in the coming years with 20 new properties launching in Asia as well as Portugal. We are most excited about Alila’s Alila Villas properties. Having just spent time at their sister hotel Alila Villas Soori, we were expecting the same level of luxury and care at Alila Villas Uluwatu. Uluwatu is only 30 minutes from the airport (depending on traffic) and does indeed have the same WOW effect as Soori. Stunning views, cliff-top balconies overlooking the ocean, beautifully designed villas with their own pool and decking, indoor and outdoor showers and just space, so much lovely space! This is one of the reasons why the Southeast Asian luxury is so incredible: They understand space. They design spaces that make you immediately feel you are not “in Kansas” any more. It is unlike anything we run into in our everyday lives, or even in our customary luxury moments. The service at Uluwatu is on a level you seldom see. You are greeted by

name throughout the resort. The staff at the restaurants knows you preferences, dislikes and allergies but makes no big show of it. It is like a great host, a close friend would treat you. Everyone was extremely well trained and that, we believe, comes from managing director, Sean Brennan, the Aussie who has spent the last 13 years in the hospitality industry in Asia and who is a force of nature on his own. Over our years of staying at hundreds of hotels, we have seldom, if ever, met a hotel manager like him. Sean is the type of hotel manager you would pouch for your own hotel if you had one. He is more hands-on with guests and staff than anyone we have observed. He greets guests personally on arrival, shows them around, offers drinks, and sits with them at lunch and dinner, literally moving from table to table making sure the guests are enjoying themselves. He is a pleasure to watch, as he clearly loves what he does. The images here show exactly what the resort looks like and these last three images were taken by my own camera. S September 2011 | 23 | S

S | 24 | September 2011

September 2011 | 25 | S



Photography Lesa Amoore

September 2011 | 27 | S

“Trip to Louis’ office, and the inspiration therein” ~ Lesa Amoore

collaboration for Love Sex Dance

collaboration for Love Sex Dance

collaboration for Love Sex Dance

Oraine Photography

Robert Mendolia

Stylist Inoisell Miranda

Groomer Greg Clark

Model Oraine Barrett

Digital Enhancement Raul Davadilla S | 40 | September 2011

previous page Blue shirt by Timo Weiland, orange tie & Jeans by Isaia, chunky sweater by Shiply and Halmos, brown boots by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau Grey pant by Bespoken, orange polo, Tie- turquoise with moon by Isaia, black fedora by Giovannio

Black Xavier pant by Cheap Monday, green and yellow check vest, pink tie & white dress shirt by Isaia, brown boot by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau

Burgundy peat coat, brown neutral slack & yellow carry-on bag by Isaia, yellow shoes by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau

Tan sweater by Chunky Monkey, Green pants by Billy Reid, Yellow chunky scarf by Isaia yellow shoes by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau

Lace two button tweed blazer by Timo Weiland burgundy corduroy pant & black snake skin belt by Isaia blue boots by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau

Red check button down, tan suede vest, jeans & red belt by Isaia, grey polka dot bow tie by Bespoken blue boots by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau

Knit plaid sweater, green leather with mink liner coat, jeans, red belt & green boots by Isaia

Photography LESA AMOORE



Gold necklace & crown by RODRIGO OTAZU, black leather belt, JAD GHANDOUR, gold and black sandals, LORIBLU, fur and chiffon dress by Louis Verdad

September 2011 | 55 | S


Crown by RODRIGO OTAZU, gold and black beaded top by MAGGIE BARRY, black leather opera gloves by SERMONETA GLOVES, black lace boots by LORIBLU, black tap tanks by Norma Kamali

Crown by RODRIGO OTAZU , black leather opera gloves by SERMONETA GLOVES

Black and gold rocker jacket by NINETEENTWENTYNINE, black spiked fingerless gloves by SERMONETA GLOVES, crown by RODRIGO OTAZU, pants and belt by JAD GHANDOUR, shoes by LORIBLU, vintage necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane


September 2011 | 65 | S

B Balmain

By Olivier Rousteing S | 71 | September 2011





Photography Jean-François Gschwindt Model Paul Boche at Bananas Hair & Make-Up Laurel


he Sound Of Silence is a poetic interpretation of a man’s life. Focusing on the turbulent emotions he feels while growing up. Intending to remind us the evolution of a human being from its birth to death, the construction of the collection and its shape emphasize the mans body and its movements. It applies to pants with curved shapes, around the body-turning knitwear or precisely placed cutouts on a jacket sleeve to accent the articulation and make movement more natural. The melancholic note of the collection comes from the sober color palette by using a strong and deep black intermingling with desaturated shades, washed out blue tones and contrasting with taupe and grey. The signature proportions – a perfect balance between tailoring and a slightly grungy look – is particularly expressed with this collection. S

S | 78 | September 2011

September 2011 | 79 | S


S | 80 | September 2011

Photography LESA AMOORE



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